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The giver approach extends a broader reach, and in doing so enlarges the range of potential payoffs, even though those payoffs are not the motivating
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Oct 13 2017
Adam Grant has been quoted 52 times. The one recent article where Adam Grant has been quoted is Can Two Headquarters Still Equal One Culture?. Most recently, Adam Grant was quoted as having said, “The people make the place.”.
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Jul 28 2017 - Tesla

Evidence shows that minority opinions improve decision-making even when they are incorrect. Your probability of making a smart decision or coming up with a creative solution to a problem actually goes up, and the reason for that is that dissenting opinions force us to reexamine our criteria, to reconsider our processes and all the options available. Instead of leading to convergent thinking they stimulate divergent thinking and really increase diversity of

Jul 28 2017 - Tesla

That's such a powerful way to create a culture where voice is not something to be feared and it's not an exercise in

Jul 28 2017 - Tesla

We know that that kind of leader response can have two effects. One is that every other boss in the organization sees that happen and starts to think, You know I need to be a little more open to being criticized than I was before. If Ray's going to do it, we should all do it.' And two, it's a clear signal to everybody at Bridgewater that voice is valued and that if you speak up – even to criticize people at the very top – you're going to be heard and your opinion is going to be taken

Jul 28 2017 - Tesla

I don't know about you, but I don't think I'd send that e-mail to the billionaire founder of my company. Ray's response a striking though: He writes back and says, I'm sorry I let you down,' and then he copies the management committee of Bridgewater and asked them to investigate his history to see if this is a pattern so that he can learn from

Jul 25 2017 - Facebook

If you look at trends, it is really clear that there are two kinds of work that are almost impossible to automate, at least right now. One is creative work and the other is care

Jul 25 2017 - Facebook

There is going to be an art form around, Can you serve other people better than another organization? Those of you who are Danny Meyer fans – if you go to Shake Shack or Union Square [Cafe], any of [Union Square Hospitality Group's] restaurants, part of what you are paying for is really high quality human service. I think that is going to go up. I think we are going to see more and more of a premium on, Are you an organization that puts your employees first? [It] is, ironically, the only way to be a customer-first

Jul 25 2017

It's easier to relate to your former self than someone in another country. Look back and say, I've gone through something worse in the past. This is not the most horrible thing I have ever faced or will ever face. I know I can deal with

Jul 25 2017

There is a naturally learnable set of behaviors that contribute to

Jul 25 2017

Telling yourself that a situation is not personal, pervasive or permanent can be extremely useful. There is almost no failure that is totally

Jul 24 2017 - Facebook

When they tell a story, then you can start to see a pattern. She started hearing these horror stories. If you do this over and over again, the culture comes to

Jul 24 2017 - Facebook

Ask them to tell you a story about something that happens in the organization that would not happen anywhere

Jul 12 2017

But if authenticity is the value you prize most in life, there's a danger that you'll stunt your own development… Be true to yourself, but not so much that your true self never

Jun 24 2017 - Buddhism

Combine warm-heartedness and this brilliant brain. Combine these two. Then, firstly, individuals themselves [will] be happier, more calm, more relaxed. And then, others also. You see, that kind of attitude automatically bring more

Jun 24 2017

Look, I don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with trying to create experiences that are calming. But I'd like to spend a bit more time figuring out what's causing those

Jun 22 2017

A lot of people try to run away from [fear]. The evidence says it's much more effective to embrace it and try to figure out, OK what are all the factors that are causing me to feel concerned, to feel anxious in the situation and then which ones do I have control over?feedback

Jun 22 2017

And so what you see with a lot of these tech entrepreneurs that we could probably all do a little more of is – there's a little bit of mental time travel where they fast forward into the future and they imagine themselves having never tried pursuing the idea, speaking up with a suggestion that they believe in, and the anticipated regret of saying, I might never give this a shot' is incredibly motivating. And then you say, Yeah it might fail, but I'd rather fail than fail to

Jun 22 2017 - Tesla

Everyone I know feels fear sometimes – you don't always see it, especially when you're looking at very senior leaders and innovators. But fear is a natural emotional response to an uncertain situation where you don't know how it's going to play out, you really care about the outcome and there's a real probability of negative consequences. One of the most important lessons that I've learned about managing fear comes from conversations I've had with some some great innovators in the tech world. So I had a chance to sit down with Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, Larry Page and a bunch of other

Jun 22 2017

This tracks with what we know from psychology about how people experience regret. In the moment it often feels like we're going to embarrass ourselves if we fail, but in the long run, our biggest regrets are not our actions, they're our inactions – they're the moments where we didn't take a chance or take a

Jun 22 2017

They all said, You know I was actually kind of terrified that it wouldn't work and I don't want to stick my neck out for an idea that's going to just fail dramatically. I want to accomplish something really meaningful and that means

Jun 15 2017 - Disney

But that's only half the story. For every J.K. Rowling and Walt Disney and Lennon and McCartney, there are thousands of writers and entrepreneurs and musicians who fail not for lack of grit, but because of how narrowly they apply

Jun 15 2017 - NBA

Grit doesn't mean keep doing the thing that's failing. It means define your dreams broadly enough that you can find new ways to pursue them when your first and second plans fail. I needed to give up on my dream of making the NBA, but I didn't need to give up on my dream of becoming a halfway decent

Jun 15 2017

If you're too obsessed with any of these virtues, you might undermine your own resilience. Virtues can be a little bit like vitamins. Vitamins are essential for health. But what if you get more than your body needs? If you take too much Vitamin C, it won't hurt you. If you overdose on Vitamin D, though, it can do serious harm: you could wind up with kidney problems. Sometimes resilience comes from gritting your teeth and packing your

Jun 15 2017

Don't give up on your values, but be willing to give up on your

Jun 15 2017 - Harry Potter

Persistence is one of the most important forces in success and happiness. There's the author whose novel was rejected half a dozen times. The artist whose cartoons were turned down over and over. And the musicians who were told 'guitar groups are on the way out' and they'd never make it in show business. If they had quit, Harry Potter, Disney and the Beatles wouldn't

Jun 15 2017

Never give up is bad advice. Sometimes quitting is a

Jun 12 2017 - World Happiness report

I think about resilience as the speed and strength of your response to adversity. So when you encounter a difficulty, a hardship, a challenge, how quickly and how effectively are you able to marshal strength and either overcome that challenge or persevere in the face of it?feedback

May 18 2017

The feedback was was pretty – what's the right term for it? – soul

May 18 2017

I think about resilience as the speed and strength of your response to adversity, so when you encounter a difficulty, a hardship, a challenge, how quickly and how effectively are you able to marshal strength and either overcome that challenge or persevere in the face of it?feedback

May 18 2017

Every resume and bio that you put together is basically just stringing one success or accomplishment next to another, and we kind of erase all the failures in between. We should all be more open about the challenges we faced. I don't think there's any skill more critical for success than

May 05 2017 - Facebook

It's OK to ask for help. It's a sign of strength, not

Feb 01 2017

At a typical company, sending an email this critical of a boss would be career suicide. During training, when employees learn the principles, they're constantly asked: Do you agree?feedback

Jan 12 2017 - Uber

Let's face it, you all know you can learn a lot about character by watching how someone treats their restaurant server or their Uber

Jan 12 2017

Disagreeable givers are the most undervalued people in our organizations, because they're the ones who give the critical feedback that no one wants to hear but everyone needs to hear. We need to do a much better job valuing these people as opposed to writing them off early, and saying, Eh, kind of prickly, must be a selfish taker.'.feedback

Jan 12 2017

I always assumed that agreeable people were givers and disagreeable people were takers. But then I gathered the data, and I was stunned to find no correlation between those

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