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Jun 23 2017 Brexit
Angela Merkel has been quoted 746 times. The one recent article where Angela Merkel has been quoted is Good start, not enough: EU leaders mull May's Brexit offer. Most recently, Angela Merkel was quoted as having said, “We will conduct these talks in a good spirit. But the clear focus has to be on the future of the 27.”.
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Jun 16 2017

When a new spirit began to stir in eastern Europe in the 1980s, when, starting in Poland freedom was seized, when brave people in Leipzig, East Berlin and elsewhere in East Germany began a peaceful revolution, then Helmut Kohl was the right man at the right time. He stood fast to the dream and aim of a united Germany even as others

Jun 15 2017 - Brexit

We're ready on the European side. We'll see about the rest. The citizens have decided, and I assume that we will have to carry out these negotiations. The remaining 27 nations of the future European Union must represent our interests in a way that strengthens unity among the 27 and still maintains good relations with

Jun 14 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

It's inconceivable that one would do something on one side but not the other. We may have to pursue completely different paths in development

Jun 13 2017 - Climate change

For us, it is clear that the Paris agreement is a cornerstone for cooperation in the world. I believe we must take even more decisive action in Germany and Europe to join forces to combat climate

Jun 12 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

If we work together with you to help your countries, then we also create more security for ourselves and we can put a stop to people illegally profiting from the fate of

Jun 12 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

If the lack of hope is too great in Africa, then of course there will be young people who believe they have to seek a new life somewhere else in the

Jun 10 2017 - G20

There will be issues where not everyone gets what we want. Germany is looking for allies on issues that are important to us. Because if I talk with someone, I can no longer simply say he is

Jun 10 2017 - Mexico

When Great Britain is ready, we are ready to negotiate. We have finalised guidelines, the plan and I assume that Great Britain, from what I have been told today, will respect the negotiations calendar. We want to do it quickly, respecting the timetable and I don't see any obstacle in the way of finalising the

Jun 10 2017 - NAFTA

I hope these talks are a big success. And I'd like to offer thanks that the interests of German companies are also being taken into

Jun 10 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We want to negotiate quickly, we want to stick to the time plan, and so at this point I don't think there is anything to suggest these negotiations cannot start as was

Jun 10 2017 - NATO

Britain is a member of NATO, so we have a lot of shared challenges to deal with, and that's the spirit we want to carry out these negotiations in. But obviously while also asserting the interests of the 27 member states that will make up the European Union in

Jun 09 2017 - Homosexuality

I also spoke about the very negative report about what is happening to homosexuals in Chechnya and asked Mr. President to exert his influence to ensure that minorities' rights are

Jun 09 2017

I have a feeling that a few Britons are deluding themselves. That, however, is a waste of

Jun 07 2017

We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own

Jun 07 2017 - German trade

The finance minister will assess the ruling and implement it, but first we should wait for that assessment and then Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble will make his proposals. I don't think our main targets will be at

Jun 05 2017 - NATO

The times in which we could rely fully on others, they are somewhat over. We have to know that we must fight for our future on our own, for our destiny as

Jun 04 2017 - Terrorism

Today, we are united beyond all borders in horror and sorrow, but also in determination. In the fight against every form of terrorism, we stand firmly and with determination at Britain's

Jun 02 2017

That's putting it very

Jun 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

We need this Paris agreement to preserve creation. Nothing can and will stop us from doing

Jun 02 2017

The times in which we could totally rely on others are to some extent over, as I have experienced in the past two

Jun 02 2017

To everyone for whom the future of our planet is important, I say let's continue going down this path so we're successful for our Mother

Jun 02 2017

This decision can't and won't stop all those of us who feel obliged to protect the planet. On the contrary. We in Germany, Europe and the world will combine our forces more resolutely than ever to address and successfully tackle challenges for humanity such as climate

Jun 02 2017 - Japan

It's now necessary to look forward after last night's announcement by the U.S. administration. We need this Paris agreement to preserve creation. Nothing can and will stop us from doing

Jun 02 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I am so moved and enthused that so many states and enterprises in the United States of America want to travel this path with us. We will travel it

Jun 02 2017 - Climate change

We will gather all our strength – in Germany, in Europe and in the world – to meet the great challenges of humanity, like climate change, and to successfully master these challenges. For all for whom the future of this planet is important, I say: Let us continue along this path together, so that we are successful for our Mother Earth. What we began over 20 years ago and continued in Paris one and a half years ago with a historic quantum leap will lead to

Jun 02 2017 - Climate change

We will gather all our strength – in Germany, in Europe and in the world – to meet the great challenges of humanity, like climate change, and to successfully master these challenges. For all for whom the future of this planet is important, I say: Let us continue along this path together, so that we are successful for our Mother Earth. The path, there is no doubt about it, is rocky. I have known that ever since I started in politics. But I am also convinced, if I look back at these more than 20 years, that the path is

Jun 01 2017 - China

We are living in times of global uncertainty and see that we have a responsibility to expand our partnership in all the different areas and to push for a world order based on

Jun 01 2017

There is a common conviction that we cannot only deal with Britain's exit (from the EU), but instead that we must above all think about how we can deepen the existing European Union and especially the euro

May 31 2017 - Kabul

We're united in shock and sadness, but also in determination. All of us together who believe in law, freedom and human dignity in Europe, in America, in Africa and yes, of course also in Afghanistan, we will lead the fight against terrorism and we will win

May 31 2017 - Afghanistan

Today we're united in shock and sadness across all borders. We will lead the fight against terrorism, and we will win

May 31 2017 - World Trade Organization

The whole discussion about climate has been difficult, or rather very unsatisfactory. Here we have the situation that six members, or even seven if you want to add the EU, stand against

May 30 2017

The times in which we could rely fully on others, they are somewhat over. This is what I experienced in the last few days…that is why I can only say that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands. Let's not fool ourselves. From the point of view of some of our traditional partners…I'm convinced that Europe and the EU will have to learn to take on more responsibility in the

May 30 2017 - Trump-Merkel

Recent days have shown me that the times when we could rely completely on others are over to a certain extent. Europe must take its fate into its own

May 30 2017 - Trump-Merkel

Our trans-Atlantic relationship is of the utmost importance and the statement I made, or what I said recently, is due to the fact that, in the face of the present circumstances we have additional reasons for us to realise that we have to take our fate in our own hands in

May 30 2017 - Trump-Merkel

Recent days have shown me that the times when we could rely completely on others are over to a certain extent. We also know that we Europeans must really take our fate into our own hands. It became clear at the G-7, when there was no agreement with the USA, how long and rocky this path would be. I think it was good not to gloss over the

May 30 2017 - Trump-Merkel

That's of huge importance and in no way directed against any other relationships and certainly not against the trans-Atlantic ties, which have historically been very important for us and will remain so in future. For that reason it's important to us that we make progress on the German-Indian, or rather EU-Indian free trade

May 30 2017

The entire discussion about climate was very difficult, if not to say very dissatisfying. There are no indications whether the United States will stay in the Paris Agreement or

May 29 2017 - Trump-Merkel

Here is a situation where it's six, seven if you include the EU, against one. That means there are so far no signs whether the United States of America will remain in the Paris agreement or

May 29 2017 - Russia

The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days. And so all I can say is that we Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands. With change comes insecurity, skepticism ... and, not infrequently, the glorification of the supposedly good old days. Particularly in view of the complexity of global contexts, a wish for simple answers spreads. But anyone who puts on national blinkers and has no view of the world around him will ultimately get

May 27 2017 - Trump Presidency

Here we have a situation of six against one, meaning there is still no sign of whether the U.S. will remain in the Paris accord or

May 25 2017 - NATO

NATO will now also formally join the alliance against ISIL. After all, member states have done so, as well as the EU. I think this is a strong signal, but it's also clear this does not entail any further contribution by Germany beyond what we are doing at the

May 24 2017 - French Election Results

If the euro fails, Europe

May 23 2017

This suspected terrorist attack will only strengthen our resolve to work with our British friends against those who plan and execute such inhuman acts. I assure the people in Britain: Germany stands by your

May 23 2017

I assure people in Britain that Germany stands beside

May 23 2017 - Trump-Merkel

We are responsible for each other. I am trying to convince doubters. There is still work to

May 22 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

The euro is too weak ... due to the ECB's policy and with this, German goods are comparatively

May 22 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We need long-term horizons and companies that invest in the future. It is important that electric mobility is ready for the market as quickly as possible. This should be a lesson for technology policy. We don't want to experience that again. If we are involved in research and in prototypes, there is a better chance of bringing the production of the next generation of cells to Europe or to

May 20 2017

And if we are part of the research, also with regard to the prototypes, then I think it improves the outlook of bringing modern production of next-generation cells back to Europe and

May 17 2017 - Immigration

Currently, the 250,000 pets, cats and dogs, that travel from Britain to the continent or the other way each year are managed within an EU framework. Now they'll need hygiene certificates: things we don't even remember. What does it mean for the children?feedback

May 17 2017 - Immigration

If the British government ends the free movement of people, that will have its price in relations with Britain. That's not malicious. But you cannot expect to enjoy all the benefits and then say there will be an upper limit of 100,000 or 200,000 EU citizens, no more, or we'll only accept researchers, but nobody else. This will not work. We would have to think about what restrictions we could create from the European side to compensate for that. The British car industry relies on supplies from continental European countries. It is up to the British side, who say they want minimum

May 17 2017 - Immigration

We have to think about how we would react, because of course the competition field can

May 15 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

As it looks at the moment, we will not achieve this

May 15 2017 - Treaty of Rome

We each represent the interests of our own countries, but the interests of Germany are naturally closely tied to the interests of France. Europe will only do well if there is a strong France, and I am committed to that. First we need to work on what we want to change, and then if it turns out it needs a treaty change, then we're prepared to do

May 15 2017 - French Election Results

The election of new French President Emmanuel Macron offers an opportunity to bring new dynamism to

May 09 2017 - French election 2017

I don't see why – as a priority – we should change our

May 09 2017 - French election 2017

German support cannot replace French policymaking. I don't see why–as a priority–we should change our

May 08 2017 - French election 2017

Macron carries the hopes of millions of French people and of many people in

May 08 2017 - French election 2017

Emmanuel Macron carries the hopes of millions of people in France as well as people in Germany and across Europe. His election campaign was brave and pro-Europe. He stands for cosmopolitanism and social market economy and we know that Germany and France are bound together

May 08 2017 - French election 2017

German support can't replace French

May 07 2017 - French Election Results

Your victory is a victory for a strong united Europe and for the Franco-German

May 07 2017 - French Election Results

The decision of the French voters is thus also a clear commitment to

May 05 2017 - French Election Results

We see when we concentrate on Sunday and hope that the election goes as we would like that the cooperation of Germany and France in this context is of decisive

May 03 2017 - G20

We do not want isolation. We want open trade and to fight against protectionism. This will be a tough issue within the G20 negotiations, but when working on a political document, it would of course be a great support for us if the economies in all G20 countries supported

May 03 2017 - G20

We are 20 different countries, with 20 different political systems, with 20 different development levels. Everything must be unanimously approved. Anyone who tries to withdraw from international competition, can perhaps deliver short-term advantages. But over the medium- and long-term, their own capacity to innovate will be

May 03 2017 - G20

The existence of the G20 means that isolation and protectionism are dead-ends and not ways

May 03 2017 - Homosexuality

I asked President Putin to use his influence to protect these minority rights. I have in my talks with the Russian president indicated how important the right to demonstrate is in a civil society and how important the role of NGOs

May 02 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

I am not an anxious person, I will fight the election on the basis of my convictions. We know cyber criminality is an international challenge .. but we expect that the German election will go ahead unharmed and that we have enough different positions to tackle a range of

May 02 2017 - Russia

I have, in my talks with the Russian president, indicated how important is the right to demonstrate in a civil society and how important the role of NGOs is. I also spoke about the very negative report about what is happening to homosexuals in Chechnya and asked Mr. President to exert his influence to ensure that minorities' rights are

May 02 2017 - Homosexuality

It is important to have the right to demonstrate in a democracy, and the role of NGOs is very important. I asked Mr Putin to utilise his influence to protect these minority rights, as well as in the case of Jehovah's

May 01 2017 - Human Rights

Many people wish to be politically active and Germany must continue to insist on the importance of human rights, particularly concerning the death

May 01 2017

Dear colleagues perhaps you think this is obvious but I am afraid it has to be made very clear. I have the feeling that some in Great Britain have illusions about this. But that's a waste of

Apr 29 2017

For me, and I believe this is also the case for the Commission, what matters are the actual

Apr 29 2017

I have said nobody ought to harbour any illusions, because I have sometimes the feeling as if those phases, the first phase of separation and the phase of shaping the future relationship, that sometimes, some people in Britain, and don't necessarily mean the government, have not really understood that there is this clear distinction. So I have an opportunity to say that there's no conspiracy against

Apr 29 2017 - British elections 2017

The British prime minster thinks that a clear vote [in the general election] will strengthen her position in the negotiations. It will certainly give her a very credible platform. The election has removed this sword of Damocles over the

Apr 29 2017 - Feminism

To be honest the history of feminism is one with which I have common ground but also differences, and I don't want to claim a title I don't have. For example, Alice Schwarzer [a famous German second-wave feminist who helped make abortion legal ] or someone like that, they have fought so many hard battles, and then I come along seizing on their success and say I am a feminist. That's great isn't it. I am not afraid of [the label]. If you think that I am one - please, go ahead and have a vote over it, but I personally wouldn't want to wear the

Apr 28 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I don't rule out that the negotiations over a trade deal with the U.S. will be revived one

Apr 28 2017 - French politics

We will see, I can't anticipate the discussion with the next French

Apr 28 2017 - Israel

Yes, he has that. We were in close contact during his visit to

Apr 27 2017

Negotiations about Britain's EU exit will demand a lot in the next two years, not only from the European Union but also from Britain itself. I think there is no doubt about it. We can therefore assume a strong signal of unity from the European Council of 27 on the day after

Apr 27 2017 - Turkey

The time has come to talk very intensively about the relationship between the European Union and Turkey, but we must do that first among the 28 European Union

Apr 27 2017 - Turkey

The Turkish government must measure itself based on this report and answer the questions raised in it. We will very carefully follow how Turkey deals with reports of possible irregularities. We have to be smart and

Apr 27 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We can only do an agreement on the future relationship with Britain when all questions about its exit have been cleared up

Apr 27 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

In terms of substance and organisation, we are very well

Apr 27 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

We will follow very closely how Turkey deals with the reports. There is no question that the developments of the past weeks have strongly strained German-Turkish and European-Turkish

Apr 27 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We can only make a deal about Britain's future relationship to the EU once all questions about the terms of its exit can be clarified to a satisfying degree. That means the sooner the British government is prepared to find constructive solutions, the sooner we can engage with their desire to already talk during the exit negotiations about the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. But first we need to know how Great Britain sees its future relationship with

Apr 24 2017 - Single market

We want to continue good relations with Britain, while maintaining the advantages of the single market for

Apr 23 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

The conflict parties must also finally implement the long-agreed ceasefire. And there, the Russia-supported separatists, who are illegally and violently occupying parts of Ukrainian territory bear a particular

Apr 17 2017

The narrow result of the vote shows how deeply split the Turkish society is. This implies a big responsibility for the Turkish government and President Erdogan

Apr 13 2017 - Trump-Merkel

This naturally doesn't rule out that we have different opinions on some points, including on important

Apr 12 2017 - Borussia Dortmund bus attack

Our thoughts today are with the players ... with Borussia Dortmund, with the fans. And we hope that it can be a peaceful and good

Apr 02 2017 - Syria conflict

We expect the people who come to us to stick to our

Mar 31 2017 - Sexism

Yes, now little girls in Germany know they can become a hairdresser, or chancellor. Let's

Mar 31 2017 - Sexism

I have been speaking out now for almost 50 years, and it just can't

Mar 31 2017

I want us to be a secure, prosperous, tolerant country–a magnet for international talent and a home to the pioneers and innovators who will shape the world

Mar 30 2017

We have to find answers now ... We have problems to solve at the European

Mar 30 2017 - Refugees

Apart from all the criticism we currently have for Turkey, they did a lot for the 3 million refugees and it's right that Europe would assist Turkey in this

Mar 30 2017 - Refugees

We had done too little in the past, that is why we took in refugees – because it was the right thing to

Mar 30 2017 - French election 2017

In an increasingly unstable world, that collaboration is more, not less, important for us all. I want the UK's new relationship with the EU to ensure that – whether it comes to exchanging the information our security services need, or working together to protect Europe's borders – we have the closest possible

Mar 29 2017

The European Union is a historically unique success story. It remains one even after Britain's withdrawal. We will take care of

Mar 29 2017

For many people in Europe, Great Britain's intended departure from the EU is connected to very concrete worries about their own personal future. This goes especially for many Germans and European citizens living in Great Britain. Therefore, the German government will work intensively to make sure the effect on the everyday lives of those people is as small as

Mar 29 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

Maybe I've just become more hardened. The exposure to so many extreme situations tends to harden a person. You have to develop survival

Mar 29 2017

The negotiations must first clarify how we will disentangle our interlinked

Mar 28 2017

In order to maintain Europe in the long term, but above all to strengthen Europe in the long term, we must preserve and defend the achievements of European

Mar 27 2017

It is one result on a long path. We have our feet well enough on the ground to know that all the problems for 2017 are not solved with

Mar 26 2017

This time, every vote really

Mar 26 2017

We don't want the clocks to go back on Sunday; we want the clocks to be put

Mar 25 2017

We will, in the future, have to concern ourselves above all with the issue of

Mar 25 2017

The Europe of different speeds does not in any way mean that it is not a common

Mar 24 2017 - West Bank

As before, I see no reasonable alternative to the goal of a two-state solution. Both the Israeli and the Palestinian people have the right to live in peace and security and none of the other options can deliver that credibly. I am very concerned about developments in the West Bank, which are leading to an erosion of the basis for a two-state

Mar 22 2017 - Terrorism

Even if the background to these attacks has yet to be cleared up, I would like to emphasise on behalf of Germany and its citizens: we stand resolutely on Britain's side in the fight against any form of

Mar 20 2017 - Turkey

My statement stands that the Nazi comparisons coming out of Turkey need to stop. No ifs or buts. Unfortunately these comparisons have not stopped and we will not allow the excuse that the end justifies the means, leading to each taboo being broken without consideration of the suffering of those that were persecuted and murdered under the

Mar 20 2017

It makes absolutely no difference whether the notification comes one day earlier, or three or seven days

Mar 20 2017 - NATO

Not a single NATO member state pays its entire defense budget into

Mar 19 2017 - Japan

It is our obligation to explain to our citizens that the state is offering them the options of making use of digital potentials that we will empower them to do that. The task for us is to push digitization and move it forward and to explain to our people what value add is in all of

Mar 19 2017 - Internet of Things

It's very good that Japan says we want a free trade agreement ... Germany would love to be a propelling driver behind the agreement coming into being. We do want open markets … we certainly don't want any barriers … we want to link our societies with one another and let them deal fairly with one another and that is what free trade is all

Mar 19 2017 - Japan

Decision making in the EU is sluggish … it's not a blame game and I get often it's the individual member states … Often they can't

Mar 18 2017 - NATO

When we help people in their home countries to live a better life and thereby prevent crises, this is also a contribution to security. So I will not be drawn into a debate about who is more military-minded and who is

Mar 18 2017 - Trump-Merkel

The "success of Germans has always been one where the German success is one side of the coin and the other side of the coin has been European unity and European integration. That's something of which I'm deeply

Mar 18 2017 - Trump-Merkel

That is the spirit I think in which we ought to be guided in negotiating any agreement between the United States of America and the

Mar 17 2017 - Trump-Merkel

It is only fair that both sides profit from the treaties they made. So in this spirit I would be happy if we could resume discussions between the European Union and the United States of America. We signed a trade agreement with Canada and I hope that we might get into a situation here where we can reopen the talks. But this is something we will

Mar 17 2017 - NATO

I am deeply convinced that the trans-Atlantic partnership, based on common values, is in all of our interests, not only for us Europeans. I'll hold my talks with President Donald Trump in this spirit in the coming

Mar 17 2017 - Trump-Merkel

If I was able to, I would turn back time by many, many years, so that I could have prepared the whole government and the authorities for the situation which hit us out of the blue in the late summer of

Mar 17 2017 - World Trade Organization

The other option is we sue (Trump) at the

Mar 17 2017 - Trump-Merkel

Well, people are different. Sometimes, it's difficult to find compromises, but that's what we've been elected for. If everything just went like that without a problem, well, you don't need politicians to do these jobs. I am very glad to note that apparently the perspective on that has changed a little bit at least in Germany,

Mar 16 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

Furthermore, we're looking at the situation afresh every day and are not giving anyone a carte blanche for the

Mar 16 2017 - Dutch elections 2017

The Netherlands are our partners, friends, neighbours. Therefore I was very happy that a high turnout led to a very pro-European result, a clear

Mar 16 2017 - Islam

I was very glad, and I think many people are, that a high turnout led to a very pro-European

Mar 14 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I stand by a free and independent press and have great respect for

Mar 13 2017 - Trump-Merkel

The United States of America is a key trading partner for Germany and for the entire European Union. Trade is advantageous for both sides and I'm looking forward to the chance to speak to the newly elected American president about these issues. I believe that direct, one-on-one conversations are always much better than talking about each other. Talking together instead about each other - that'll be my slogan for this visit, which I'm really looking forward

Mar 13 2017 - NATO

These comparisons are totally misleading, they belittle the suffering, especially in the case of the Netherlands which suffered so much under the Nazis. This is completely unacceptable and that's why the Netherlands have my full support and solidarity, especially also my Dutch colleague Mark

Mar 13 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

Germany completely rejects rhetorical and any other comparisons with the National Socialists made by the Turkish president. This rejection is also valid for our allies, such as the Netherlands. These comparisons are completely misguided. They trivialize the suffering. Particularly in the Netherlands that endured so much agony through the National Socialists, it's just completely unacceptable. That's why the Netherlands can count on my complete support and solidarity on

Mar 13 2017 - Trump-Merkel

Talking with each other instead of talking about each other will be my motto for the visit, which I am very much looking forward

Mar 13 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I believe that direct conversation is always much better than talking about each

Mar 13 2017

Talking directly is always much better than talking about each other. That will be my motto on this visit, which I am looking forward to. I am deeply convinced that the trans-Atlantic partnership based on common values is in all of our interests, not only for us Europeans. I'll hold my talks with President Donald Trump in this spirit. Precisely because the nature of the trans-Atlantic relationship has changed, Europe has decided to take more responsibility in the future, both in our own neighborhood and

Mar 13 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I am deeply convinced that the trans-Atlantic partnership based on common values is in all of our interests, not only for us Europeans. I'll hold my talks with President Donald Trump in this spirit. Precisely because the nature of the trans-Atlantic relationship has changed, Europe has decided to take more responsibility in the future, both in our own neighborhood and

Mar 13 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

This rejection also fully applies, of course, to friendly countries such as the Netherlands. Especially with respect to the Netherlands, which suffered under National Socialism, that is completely unacceptable. And that is why the Netherlands has my full support and

Mar 12 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I have made it clear once again that the fight against terrorism does not justify a general advance against certain countries and people with a certain

Mar 11 2017

We will not allow the victims of the Nazis to be

Mar 10 2017

It's not just about big words in such a declaration, it's about the fact that you can say after one, two, three or five years: We have achieved, what we've written

Mar 10 2017

If the letter comes next week, the special summit will be on April 6. If it comes later than next week then we'll have to find a date after April 6. We are fully prepared and we will wait with interest. But on which day it will come in March is not of such great

Mar 10 2017

The motto is that we are united in diversity. We talked at some length of this so-called Europe of different speeds. Some people voiced concerns that this might mean that there are different classes of Europeans, first- and second-class citizens as it were. I said such a difference of European unity is laid down in the treaties. It is a lived reality now. Feeling that you belong to a certain nation but at the same time standing up for what Europe stands for, European values, are not contradictions. We always say in Germany that these are two sides of the same

Mar 09 2017

We will see how things develop. I hope that we can return to sensible

Mar 09 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

From our point of view, it is worth making every endeavour to advocate for German-Turkish relations but on the basis of our values and our expectations, and with

Mar 09 2017

I see his re-election as a sign of stability for the entire European Union and I look forward to continuing working with

Mar 09 2017

Even if in parts of the world we see protectionist and nationalist approaches on the rise, Europe may never isolate, seal itself off or

Mar 09 2017

I see the re-election of Donald Tusk as a sign of stability for the entire

Mar 09 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

We want to do everything in order to prevent conflicts emanating from the domestic situation in Turkey from being carried into our coexistence here. Let us continue, wherever possible, to promote and further improve our way of living together. This is a matter close to our

Mar 08 2017 - Volkswagen scandal

I only found out through media reports. Nothing that I didn't already know based on the information from the transport minister and the media. I don't have any explanation for

Mar 06 2017 - French election 2017

We must have the courage that some countries precede if not all want to participate: a Europe of different speeds is necessary, otherwise we will probably get

Mar 06 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

There are profound differences of points of view between Germany and Turkey on the state of liberty of the press and opinion in Turkey, on the destiny of many more than a hundred journalists in prison – also the destiny of our compatriot, the journalist Deniz Yü

Mar 06 2017

We must have the courage to accept that some countries can move forward a little more quickly than

Mar 05 2017

The Nazi comparison is a new high point of

Mar 03 2017 - Tunisia

We have agreed with Tunisia to send back 1,500 Tunisians to Tunisia who have been refused (permission) to stay in Germany. Those who want to return voluntarily will be eligible to receive

Mar 03 2017 - Egypt

We have reached concrete agreements on border control, Egypt has made suggestions on technical support. Further talks are needed on that, but on the point of border control, Germany is ready to offer further

Mar 02 2017 - Turkey

Independent journalism must be able to exist. Journalists must be able to do their work, and that's why we are thinking tonight of Deniz Yücel, who sits in custody in Turkey and requires being set

Feb 28 2017 - Die Welt

In our opinion there has been no reason to deprive Deniz Yucel of his liberty. We are now resting our hopes on the the court respecting principles in accordance with the freedom of the press and that Mister Yucel will be set free as soon as

Feb 19 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

The Minsk agreement is the only channel we have to bring a solution to this conflict. The Minsk agreement started on the assumption that there was a road map, but when it was enacted there was no continuous

Feb 18 2017 - NATO

Russia is a neighbour of the European Union. Russia is on our external borders. I won't let up in efforts to establish a better relationship with Russia despite differing opinions on many

Feb 18 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

The joint fight against Islamic terrorism is one area where we have the same interests and we can work

Feb 18 2017 - NATO

Acting together strengthens

Feb 18 2017 - NATO

Will we be able to continue working well together or will we all fall back into our individual roles? I call on us, and I hope we will find a common position on this, let's make the world better together and then things will get better for every single one of

Feb 18 2017 - Portugal

We have at the moment in the euro zone of course a problem with the value of the euro. The ECB has a monetary policy that is not geared to Germany, rather it is tailored (to countries) from Portugal to Slovenia or Slovakia. If we still had the (German) D-Mark it would surely have a different value than the euro does at the moment. But this is an independent monetary policy over which I have no influence as German

Feb 18 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

When you look around the room and see how many iPhones and Apple products are in play, I think the vice president can be completely satisfied, and Fifth Avenue is still underpopulated with German

Feb 17 2017 - Opel

We will do everything we can politically to secure jobs and sites in

Feb 17 2017 - Opel

With Opel, the talks are underway. The government has a coordination process

Feb 12 2017 - German elections 2017

I have faith in him to lead our country in these difficult

Feb 10 2017

There will be an EU with different speeds, that not everyone will take part in the same levels of

Feb 09 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We believe this is necessary and we should do this because we want to be able to maintain the ability to help those who are entitled to humanitarian protection, who have also been legally

Feb 09 2017 - Greece

For me it is not a matter of two speeds within the euro zone. The euro zone must remain together. And what we agreed on should be delivered together by all the euro member

Feb 06 2017 - G20

We have to see what the U.S. administration does and then we have to decide whether to react or not to react. I have often said that I support multilateralism and mutual trade agreements. I believe the world mastered the financial and banking crisis because we reacted together in the G20. It's in the German interest to ideally strengthen the similarities that both sides share from our side, from the cooperation of intelligence agencies to issues of

Feb 06 2017 - Trump-Merkel

We will try to find common ground wherever possible. We will see issue by issue where we can cooperate and where we have different opinions, but it's in Germany's interest to strengthen the common ground there

Feb 06 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We have to set out our policies well, and we must run together, and then we've gained a great

Feb 06 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We needed time to make sure about the question of whether what we have in common is viable, and I am convinced that it's better to take one day longer. I think we have enough time until Sept. 24 to set out this common ground to the

Feb 03 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I believe that the more we are clear on how we define our role in the world, the better we can manage our transatlantic relations, . That is why talking about Europe is on top of the agenda for me and not talking about other parts of the

Feb 03 2017

The more strongly we are clear about how we define our role in the world, the better we can tend our trans-Atlantic

Feb 02 2017 - Merkel-Erdogan

I have stated that the guilt must be individually identified. And we saw how the Turkish people defended democracy and democratic rule in Turkey. This is exactly why it is important in this critical phase to maintain freedom of

Feb 01 2017 - Trump-Merkel

So I can't and don't want to change anything about the

Jan 31 2017

Germany is a country that has always called for the European Central Bank to pursue an independent policy, just as the Bundesbank did that before the euro existed. Because of that we will not influence the behaviour of the ECB. And as a result, I cannot and do not want to change the situation as it

Jan 31 2017 - Refugees

The fight against terrorism does not justify such general action against particular countries and people of a particular

Jan 30 2017 - Terrorism

The necessary and decisive battle against terrorism does not in any way justify putting groups of certain belief under general suspicion – in this case people of Muslim belief or of a certain origin. In my opinion, this act runs contrary to the basic principles of international refugee assistance and international

Jan 28 2017 - Libya

At the moment we cannot sign an agreement like that concluded with

Jan 27 2017 - French election 2017

Europe faces big internal and external challenges which we ... can only master by working together. We need a clear, common commitment to the European Union, to what we have accomplished, and to the values of our liberal, democratic

Jan 16 2017 - Trump-Merkel

We've got to fight this battle, if for no other reason than

Jan 16 2017 - Trump-Merkel

I am personally waiting for the inauguration of the US president. Then, of course, we will work with him on all

Jan 16 2017

What will really count is what (application) is turned in to Europe. We will deal with the decision that Britain makes for itself ... We'll wait and see, and we'll take a look at it and will react to

Jan 14 2017 - Trump-Merkel

There are also international risks. We see protectionist

Jan 14 2017 - G20

The response to the financial crisis was not a response that was based on isolation, but a response that was based on cooperation, on common rules of regulation, including the financial

Jan 09 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

One cannot lead these (Brexit) negotiations based in the form of 'cherry picking'. This would have fatal consequences for the remaining 27 EU states. Britain is, for sure, an important partner with whom one would want to have good relations even after an exit from the

Jan 01 2017

My thoughts this morning are with the victims, their families and

Dec 30 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

Many attach to 2016 the feeling that the world had turned upside down or that what for long had been held as an achievement is now being questioned. The European Union for

Dec 30 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

And, yes, Europe should focus on what can really be better than the national state. But we Germans should never be led to believe that each could have a better future by going it

Dec 23 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We are going to check, with urgency, the extent to which government measures must be

Dec 23 2016 - Deportation

We can be relieved at the end of this that one acute danger has been ended. But the danger of terrorism as a whole remains, as it has for many years – we all know

Dec 22 2016

I am confident that we will master this crucial test we find ourselves in, because we have got professional personnel, who with all their means, will contribute to the successful outcome of the investigation; but also (I am confident) because we know, that the values of democracy and the rule of law are on our

Dec 22 2016

We have made great efforts in recent years to better prepare for terrorist threats. This makes me confident that we will withstand the test that we now

Dec 22 2016 - Afghanistan

We will continue to take resolute action...because it's about protecting people whether they are in Germany or in

Dec 20 2016 - Christmas

Twelve people who were still among us yesterday, who were looking forward to Christmas, who had plans for the holidays, aren't among us anymore. A gruesome and ultimately incomprehensible act has robbed them of their

Dec 20 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

This is a very difficult day. I am disappointed, shocked and very sad about what happened in Berlin

Dec 20 2016 - Christmas

I have no simple answers. We cannot live without these shared moments in public spaces. We must not be limited by fear of evil. We will live as we wish in Germany – free, together and

Dec 18 2016 - Refugees

We are trying to support Greece. ... We want a fair distribution of refugees throughout

Dec 16 2016 - Christmas

The Greek Prime Minister's view will play a role in our talks. our talks were not always easy, but our they were always honest and sincere with the goal of obtaining

Dec 16 2016 - Trump-Merkel

I'm sure I will speak with the Greek prime minister about this tomorrow, although I don't intend to get involved in the negotiations on the Greek

Dec 15 2016

We have worked out – this concerns all migrant partnerships – that development, security and the fight against human smuggling must always go together, so that people do not get in

Dec 13 2016 - Ukraine Crisis

It will be necessary to extend the sanctions against Russia again - although we would have wished for better progress in the implementation of this

Dec 07 2016 - NATO

Here we say 'show your face'. So full veiling is not appropriate here. It should be prohibited wherever legally

Dec 06 2016 - Burka

In my view, a fully veiled woman has almost no chance of integrating successfully in German

Dec 06 2016 - Sharia

German law takes precedence over Sharia. The full-face veil is not acceptable in our country. It should be banned, wherever it is legally

Dec 06 2016 - Sharia

We do not want any parallel societies, and where they exist we have to tackle them. Our laws have priority over honour codes, tribal and family rules, and over the Sharia… That also means that with inter-human communication, which plays a crucial role (here), we show our face. This is why the full-face veil is not appropriate and should be outlawed wherever it is legally possible – it does not belong to

Dec 06 2016

The Internet is not a lawless

Dec 06 2016 - NATO

Let us not be fooled into thinking that. That would be grotesque, absurd, condemned to failure. That's not how it

Dec 06 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

We must, in this situation ... first do everything so that Europe doesn't emerge even weaker from the crises than when it went

Dec 06 2016 - Sharia

Full veiling is not appropriate here – it should be banned wherever that is legally

Dec 06 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

The 2017 election will be more difficult than any election before, at least since German

Dec 06 2016

Who the people are ... is something that we will all determine, not just a few, however loud they may

Dec 06 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

I have asked a lot of you because the times have asked a lot of us – I am well aware of that. And I cannot promise you that there will be fewer demands in the future, because we must do what the times demand of

Dec 06 2016 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

That was and is our, and my, declared political

Dec 05 2016

If it turns out that (the perpetrator) was an Afghan refugee then that needs to be condemned, absolutely, just like with any other murderer. But that shouldn't be combined with a rejection of an entire group, just like we don't draw conclusions about an entire group from (the actions of) one person in other

Dec 05 2016

I am sad that the referendum in Italy did not turn out as the prime minister wished because I always supported his reform policies, but it is of course a domestic Italian decision that we must

Dec 05 2016

From my point of view, we will continue our work in Europe and we have set the right

Nov 30 2016 - Trump-Merkel

So, one has to try to find compromises with mutual respect, but also with a clear opinion. That's politics - always looking to find a common way

Nov 30 2016 - Trump-Merkel

Climate negotiations with American presidents ... were not easy in the

Nov 30 2016 - Trump-Merkel

Of course, I will then say that I believe that climate change is absolutely caused by people. We want to see how the positions

Nov 29 2016

Such attacks are a part of every day life and people have to get used to

Nov 29 2016 - Article 50

I told the British Prime Minister (Theresa May)very clearly during our talks that first Article 50, then common guidelines from the European Council, and then the negotiations, and I have no reason to doubt that this agreed strategy will be

Nov 29 2016

The EU 27 are united that it is in our interest to negotiate

Nov 26 2016 - G20

We must solve this problem together, so that we don't have a situation where one country wreaks damage on other

Nov 24 2016

In order to reach people, to inspire people, we need to deal with this phenomenon and - where necessary - regulate

Nov 23 2016

That doesn't justify curbing press freedom or arresting thousands and thousands of citizens. And that's what we have to criticise clearly, but at the same time we mustn't cut the thread of

Nov 23 2016

There are too many indications that hospitals and medical facilities are deliberately being

Nov 23 2016 - NATO

Our defense budget shows that we haven't reached the point where we should be if we talk about the expectations of our NATO

Nov 23 2016

I support efforts by Justice Minister Heiko Maas and Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere to address hate speech, hate commentaries, devastating things that are incompatible with human dignity, and to do everything to prohibit it because it contradicts our

Nov 23 2016 - Refugees

We cannot tackle all the world's hunger, nor can we solve the problems of 65 million refugees, nor can we change the political order everywhere the way we would like

Nov 23 2016 - Trump-Merkel

A little more than quarter of a century after the fall of the (Berlin) Wall and German reunification ... people are realizing that what we have taken as given is no longer a

Nov 19 2016

Security plays an important part and that is not just the case since the election of a new president in the United

Nov 18 2016

Our bilateral relations are very good, they are very close in the areas of business, of the economy. The European Union and the United States of America are the big important economic areas for us, which is why I always have come up strongly in favor of concluding a trade agreement with the United States of

Nov 18 2016

Algorithms must be more transparent, so that interested citizens are also aware of what actually happens with their own media behavior and that of

Nov 18 2016 - Libya

We both put emphasis on creating migration partnerships with African countries, we have to put all our efforts into getting a stable government in Libya as fast as possible. So, there was a high amount of agreement on our ambitions, our conceptions, and a strong commitment of both our countries to engage into making economicl development and creation of jobs a priority for both our countries, along with the control of

Nov 18 2016 - Article 50

We will not be able to discuss Britain's exit from the European Union very deeply as the prime minister has said she will submit the application to leave according to Article 50 at the latest by the end of

Nov 18 2016

We accept that, and we are waiting for this

Nov 17 2016

I have always been very committed to the conclusion of a free trade agreement with the United States, we have made good progress in the negotiations but now they cannot be

Nov 17 2016

I'm sure that one day we can come back. What unites us is the common conviction that globalisation must be organised humanely, politically, but that there is no return to the time before

Nov 17 2016

The parting is hard for

Nov 17 2016 - Trump-Merkel

Alliances are part of our destiny as a nation, part of our future as a nation, and this is what guides me in my policy and my government as a

Nov 17 2016 - Trump-Merkel

It's a tough rule: Eight years and that's

Nov 17 2016

This is not easy because we are all raised to think the older we become the wiser we become, and that we naturally climb up the hierarchy, and not that we find out at the end of our careers what we don't

Nov 16 2016

S goal to restrict immigration. However, she said she was open to discuss the framework of the free movement, the

Nov 15 2016

Free movement applies to me in the sense that the employee himself earns the money he needs for himself and his family in the other member

Nov 15 2016

First, however, Britain must explain in what manner it would like this

Nov 15 2016 - European Commission

I personally am of the view that we will have to discuss further with the (European) Commission when this freedom of movement applies

Nov 09 2016

On the basis of these values, I am offering to work closely with the future President of the United States Donald

Nov 08 2016

Then we'd come a little bit closer to a balance of women and men in leading

Nov 07 2016

That will be the basis on which we lead the

Nov 02 2016

We must keep the 27 [member states] together and shouldn't set standards, so that everyone can't cherry-pick in Europe what they want. This is going to be the

Nov 02 2016

That's why we should conduct these talks with Switzerland as if the Great Britain issue never existed. I can only say that the German position hasn't changed with Great Britain's decision. These are two completely different

Nov 02 2016

In negotiations with Britain, there should be as little friction as possible for the

Oct 21 2016 - Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

I am optimistic that one will maybe find a solution with regards to CETA. But I can't anticipate

Oct 21 2016 - Aleppo

If the intensity of the bombing that we've seen in recent days continues, then that would be a reason for us to think about what we do

Oct 20 2016 - Aleppo

There must be work as soon as possible on achieving a cease-fire – not just one over several hours per day, followed by many hours of bombing, but a lasting

Oct 18 2016 - Aleppo

She is "of the opinion that no options, including that of sanctions, can be taken off the table in view of the situation, but the priority is that we look at lessening people's suffering in some way, and that will be an issue

Oct 15 2016

To get from 1.2 percent to 2 percent, we need to increase it by a huge

Oct 11 2016 - Ethiopia

We are already working in Oromia to de-escalate the situation there by offering mediation between

Oct 11 2016 - Ethiopia

In a democracy there always needs to be an opposition that has a voice - in the best case in

Oct 06 2016

The good budgetary situation is having a positive effect. We will be able to bring about small tax relief, which will amount to 6 billion euros for 2017 and

Oct 06 2016

I think solid fiscal policy is important also because of the demographic changes we're facing. The 'Schwarze Null' is not a fetish of uninspired people as some critics suggest, but it is the statement that we don't want to burden the next generation with even more new

Oct 06 2016 - Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

(Being an) open society also means being open for global trade .. we have made good progress on CETA now and in the European context you can expect that we will get the signing and

Oct 06 2016

If we don't say that full access to the single market is linked to full acceptance of freedom of movement, then everyone in Europe will start doing what they

Sep 27 2016

She was sceptical that a no-fly zone could be enforced in Syria, given the situation

Sep 26 2016 - Deutsche Bank

I only want to say that Deutsche Bank is a part of the German banking and financial sector. And of course we hope that all companies, also if they face temporary problems, can develop in the right direction. I don't want to comment beyond

Sep 24 2016 - Greece

For this to happen, it is necessary to sit down with Turkey and discuss the final conditions, which have not yet been fulfilled. But, it is also necessary, for Greece, in particular, to enforce the implementation of the one-in-one-out system, to send back migrants who arrive

Sep 19 2016

I take my share of the responsibility that lies with me as party chairwoman and

Sep 19 2016

We can do this,' acknowledging that some may have objected to the

Sep 19 2016

If I could, I would turn back the time by many, many

Sep 19 2016

Much has been interpreted from this everyday expression and even secretly interpreted. So much so that… I am hardly inclined to repeat

Sep 16 2016

I think it's wise not to comment on this news from my

Sep 16 2016

Further efforts are needed to reach consensus on migration policy. We didn't specifically have a bilateral conversation with Viktor

Sep 16 2016

We are in a critical situation. I hope that Bratislava stands for the fact that we want to work together, and we want the problems that there are in Europe to be

Sep 16 2016

You can't solve all Europe's problems in one summit. What we have to do is show in our deeds we can do things better in the realms of security and fighting terrorism, and in the field of

Sep 15 2016

The point is not to simply expect a solution to Europe's problems from one summit - we are in a critical situation - but rather it is about showing through actions that we can be

Sep 15 2016

Many are in integration courses or waiting to get on them. So I think we will need to show some patience, but must be ready at any time to develop viable

Sep 13 2016 - Refugees

Terrorism is not a new problem that just arrived with the refugees. But because not each individual refugee arrives here with good intentions we will continue to strengthen security at home. People here are entitled to expect that we do all that is humanly possible to protect their

Sep 07 2016

All of us should realize the AfD is a challenge not only for the Christian Democrats ... but that they are a challenge for everyone in this

Sep 07 2016

The situation today is much better than it was a year ago. But there is still much to

Sep 07 2016

Change is not a bad thing ... Germany will remain Germany with everything that we love and

Sep 07 2016

We have behind us a year full of decisions.. to reduce the number of

Sep 05 2016

I'm very unsatisfied with the outcome of the election. Obviously it has something to do with the refugee question. But I nevertheless believe the decisions made were right and we have to continue to work on

Sep 05 2016

This is of extreme

Sep 05 2016

I hope that these negotiations soon reach a result, but we need a longer cease-fire to put in place the basic structure for humanitarian

Sep 04 2016

I will work for people to see that we will solve the problems, from security to integration to repatriation, step by

Sep 03 2016

On that weekend (in 2015) it was not about opening the border for everyone, it was about not shutting it to those who had made their way to us from Hungary, on foot and in great need of

Sep 01 2016

We're all in agreement that lawmakers must be allowed to visit our soldiers. I'm also trying to achieve progress through

Sep 01 2016 - German Politics

Neither vote will be pretty for the CDU. But we will move on. It won't distract her from the challenges we face in Germany and in

Aug 30 2016

There are political issues that one can see coming but don't really register with people at that certain moment - and in Germany we ignored both the problem for too long and blocked out the need to find a pan-European

Aug 30 2016

That goes as well for protecting the external border of the Schengen

Aug 30 2016

We didn't embrace the problem in an appropriate

Aug 28 2016 - Turkey

I keep saying that I'm their chancellor too and I think it's important to profess that and it's good if that is reciprocated by commitment to our country and not by bringing conflicts from Turkey to

Aug 28 2016

Danger exists, of fragmentation, of selfishness, of retreating into

Aug 25 2016

We have to think what this means for the rest of the 27 members. Do we have enough strength to go on the road of success for a better Europe? I think that we can overcome the departure of Great Britain, but we have to work hard for

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