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We have got to begin to think more logically and stop trying to stir up controversy and start concentrating on the issues that really threaten us and threaten our
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Aug 17 2017 Trump Presidency
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Ben Carson is associated, including Trump and Ryan. Most recently, Ben Carson has been quoted saying: “Let me put it this way. I'm glad that Trump is drawing all the fire so I can get stuff done.” in the article Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears.
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Apr 03 2017

There is no one – Section 811, 202 – no one is going to be thrown out on the street. What would that accomplish? That doesn't make any sense and is certainly not going to happen while I'm around. We do have a

Apr 03 2017

We shouldn't be looking for handouts, but we should be looking for things where everyone involved in the situation

Mar 09 2017

It's unfortunate that preliminary numbers were published out but please take some comfort in knowing that starting numbers are rarely final

Mar 09 2017 - Slavery

The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and against their will after being sold into slavery by slave

Mar 08 2017

There is nothing in this universe that even begins to compare with the human brain and what it is capable

Mar 07 2017

I think people need to actually look up the word immigrant. Whether you're voluntary or involuntary, if you come from outside to the inside, you're an immigrant … slaves came here as involuntary immigrants. But they still had the strength to hold

Mar 07 2017 - Slavery

There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great-grandsons, great-granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this

Mar 07 2017

The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences. The two experiences should never be intertwined, nor forgotten, as we demand the necessary progress towards an America that's inclusive and provides access to equal opportunity for

Mar 06 2017

Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will after being sold into slavery by slave traders. The Immigrants made the choice to come to America. They saw this country as a land of opportunity. In contrast, slaves were forced here against their will and lost all their opportunities. We continue to live with that

Mar 06 2017

It remembers everything you've ever seen, everything you've ever heard. I could take the oldest person here, make a little hole right here on the side of the head, and put some depth electrodes into their hippocampus and stimulate and they would be able to recite back to you verbatim a book they read 60 years ago. It's all there. It doesn't go

Mar 06 2017

She only had a third-grade education but she was an extremely wise person. For my brother and me, the rules of the house – she always had us sit down and make them up. Therefore we couldn't really complain about them. And it worked pretty

Mar 06 2017 - Slavery

There were other immigrants who came here on the bottom of slave

Mar 06 2017

We recognize that when we treat people fairly, the need to regulate their lives … becomes much, much smaller because people don't feel that they're being treated

Mar 06 2017

The way I look at it, all the things that have happened leading up to this point are steppingstones to allow us to get to that next place in our society. There's always a lot of different perspectives and one of the things that I have found is when you have divergent perspectives, if you can get those people to sit down and talk to each other, they will frequently be able to come up with extremely good solutions. I believe in always giving the first pass to the people who are actually involved as opposed to imposing upon them from

Mar 06 2017

[My mother] worked so hard, two, three jobs at a time. She didn't like the idea of being dependent. She always made it clear to us how much of our future was within our own hands, no matter what anybody else said. This is America. This used to be known as the can-do society, not the what-can-you-do-for-me society. And there is a lot that we can do if we are simply willing to reach outside of ourselves and recognize that each person, all of our fellow many, all of our fellow Americans, we are

Mar 02 2017

What has happened too often is that people who seemingly mean well have promoted things that do not encourage development of any innate talent in people. Hence we have generation after generation living in dependent situations. It's not that they're bad people, it's that this is what they've been given, and it's all they know in some cases. I think the Fair House Amendment in 1968 was one of the best pieces of legislation that we've had. It was modified in 1988. LBJ said nobody could possibly question this; I agree with

Jan 23 2017

I, too, was surprised to see something of this nature done on the way out the door. Certainly if confirmed, I'm going to work with the FHA administrator and other experts to really examine that

Jan 12 2017

I will not play favorites for anyone. ... I will manage things in a way that benefits the American

Jan 12 2017

We don't want it to be way of life. ... We want it to be a Band-Aid and a springboard to move

Jan 12 2017

I can assure you that the things that I do are driven by a sense morals and values, and therefore I will absolutely not play favorites for

Jan 12 2017

I am passionate about health as you may have guessed, and where one lives should not cause health problems. So I look forward to working with HUD's Safe and Healthy Homes program and others on these issues. We cannot have social mobility without a strong healthy foundation in the

Jan 12 2017

We do have to have a mechanism, a backstop of some type; otherwise when someone comes in and buys up the loans, securitizes them, we're probably not going to be able to sell them to the entities that buy

Jan 12 2017

I see HUD as part of the solution, helping ensure housing security and strong communities. HUD has several different ways it helps people, through insuring financing for that first home to helping those in poverty, which has been an intractable problem for

Jan 12 2017

A good CEO doesn't necessarily know everything about the business, but he knows how to pick people and how to use them, and that is one of the markets of good

Jan 12 2017

Safety net programs are important, I would never advocate abolishing them without an

Jan 12 2017

Logic and common sense probably would be the best

Jan 12 2017

I understand housing insecurity. Simply put, it's difficult for a child to learn at school if he or she doesn't have an adequate place to live. These government-engineered attempts to legislate racial equality create consequences that often make matters

Jan 11 2017

"These government-engineered attempts to legislate racial equality create consequences that often make matters worse,". "There are reasonable ways to use housing policy to enhance the opportunities available to lower-income citizens, but based on the history of failed socialist experiments in this country, entrusting the government to get it right can prove downright dangerous.".feedback

Dec 15 2016

I know there are a lot of people who say 'overwhelming science', but then when you ask them to show the overwhelming science they never can show

Dec 05 2016

I'm interested in getting rid of dependency, and I want us to find a way to allow people to excel in our society, and as more and more people hear that message, they will recognize who is truly on their side and who is trying to keep them suppressed and cultivate their

Dec 01 2016

We must bring back the compassion and the unity that empowers us and banish the divisiveness that weakens us. We have much work to do in strengthening every aspect of our nation and ensuring that both our physical infrastructure and our spiritual infrastructure is

Nov 22 2016

You know our inner cities are in terrible shape and they definitely need some real attention. You know, there have been so many promises made over the last several decades and nothing has been done, so it certainly is something that has been a long-term interest of mine and I'll be thinking and praying about it seriously over the

Nov 22 2016

My decision not to seek a cabinet position in the Trump administration has nothing to do with the complexity of the job as is being reported by some news outlets. I believe it is vitally important for the Trump administration to have many outspoken friends and advisers who are outside of the Washington

Nov 06 2016

There's the one you see on the stage and there's the one who's very cerebral, sits there and considers things very

Oct 13 2016

I'm surprised you haven't heard that, I really

Oct 08 2016

Trump "did the right thing in immediately and unequivocally

Oct 02 2016

You know it's going to be so much better when he begins to focus on the real

Aug 25 2016

There's no question that he will be in the communities. He will be talking to African-American leaders around the country in different cities to find out what they believe is important, and what they think has

Jul 18 2016

You have to give to people the raw meat that they

May 06 2016

I hope Speaker Ryan and many others, as time goes on, realizes

Apr 26 2016

The people have sort of risen up and they've said we don't want all this stuff that is going on, all this intricate, backroom

Apr 23 2016

He's trying to moderate. He's getting

Apr 21 2016

In honor of that we kick him off the money?feedback

Mar 31 2016 - Abortion

Well, bear in mind I don't believe that he was warned that that question was coming" and didn't have a chance to really think about it a former Trump rival who has since endorsed him, in an interview with

Mar 24 2016

The reason, again, that i'm endorsing him is because i recognize that we are heading down the exact same path that we have been on all

Mar 24 2016

When you're very nice, respectful…it gets you where it got me, nowhere. My point is he and some of the other politicians, they do what people want. they say what people want to

Mar 01 2016

I trust that the American people will soon wake-up and realize that leadership is not about how one speaks, but rather the life one

Feb 23 2016 - Indonesia

Anybody who is sensible knows that the way that he was brought up is very different from the way most black people in this country are brought up. I don't think anyone would deny that someone who was raised in Hawaii by his white grandparents and then spent formative years in Indonesia with his white mother does not have the typical black

Feb 19 2016

The thing that leads me on is not so much what the vote tally is, it's a matter of how many people you have supporting you. And we still have millions of people supporting

Jan 20 2016

I do so filled with the inspiration of Braden's life story. He poured his heart into this campaign knowing this election is about something bigger than ourselves - it's about returning this country back into the hands of we the people and He who guides our

Dec 10 2015

I'm doing good for the Muslims. Many Muslim friends of mine are in agreement with

Nov 20 2015

We must balance safety against just being a humanitarian. For instance, you know, if there's a rabid dog running around your neighbourhood, you're probably not going to assume something good about that

Nov 11 2015

What I do have a problem with is being lied about and having that put out there as

Sep 21 2015 - Islam

No, I don't, I do not. I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation. I absolutely would not agree with

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