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Carl Weinberg has been quoted 18 times. The one recent article where Carl Weinberg has been quoted is Trump's TPP pullout could hurt workers more than it helps. Most recently, Carl Weinberg was quoted as having said, “Consider the message delivered: Walk away from global trade if you wish, President Trump, but be wary of those who pick up the mantle of leadership as you throw it away.”.

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Don't worry about good old China. Its growth rate is still among the fastest in the G20, and China contributes more to global GDP growth than any other country by a quantum.

Consider the message delivered: Walk away from global trade if you wish, President Trump, but be wary of those who pick up the mantle of leadership as you throw it away.

Listening to President Xi step right up and say if the U.S. doesn't want to be the hegemon on trade and globalism, then we're happy to step up…that's a big change in the world economic order and I don't see how we can possibly benefit from that.

The drama being played out in the currency market reads like a Hollywood script.

This is unambiguously bad news for the United States. China has put a new chip on the table to counter trade adventurism by the Trump administration. This is not the turn of events the Trump administration is hoping for.

If Italy moves out of the euro zone and away from the European Union, the economic and financial implications will throw European economies into a depression.

Deflation and economic contraction are the inevitable consequences of depopulation.

I think that is going to be really uncomfortable and set off a process of much slower economic growth than anyone wants to see.

The timing is ominous. If there is going to be a market-upsetting sea change of Bank of Japan [BOJ] policy, it is best to announce it just as markets close for a an extra day or two and insecurity can settle down a bit.

No matter how you look at it, the economy is slowing. The economic trend is clear. It is not pretty.

We do not believe it will be possible for the BOJ to achieve its inflation goal, or any inflation whatsoever, while the nation is depopulating: We believe deflation is the natural companion of a shrinking population and economy, just as inflation is the natural consequence of a growing population and economy.

Britain's economy was headed down the tubes as foreign inflows faltered even before the Brexit referendum. Voting to leave Europe only added a new layer of uncertainty to an economy that was already faltering.

We have been wary of the risks of a global economic recession for some time. The drop in world trade we are currently experiencing – 10 percent on average in the first two months of this year – is the largest percentage drop we have ever seen in the postwar period other than during the global financial crisis of 2008-09.

This is a bigger issue by far than the separation of Britain from the EU alone.

We think the time has come to consider that a financial market crash today may push a world economy teetering on the verge of a contraction over the edge.

We anticipate (those problems) will prevail long after the Brexit vote has been counted.

Wonder, if you dare, where all the money to finance this deficit is going to come from.

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