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In the next three months after I am elected, there will be a decision on Poland. You cannot have a European Union which argues over every single decimal place on the issue of budgets with each country, and which, when you have an EU member which acts like Poland or Hungary on issues linked to universities and learning, or refugees, or fundamental values, decides to do nothing.feedback
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Emmanuel Macron is associated, including UK, EU, and euro. Most recently, Emmanuel Macron has been quoted saying: “In the next three months after I am elected, there will be a decision on Poland. You cannot have a European Union which argues over every single decimal place on the issue of budgets with each country, and which, when you have an EU member which acts like Poland or Hungary on issues linked to universities and learning, or refugees, or fundamental values, decides to do nothing.” in the article France's Macron wants sanctions on Poland, others, for violating EU principles.
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The challenge from tonight is not to go and vote against whoever it might be; the challenge is to decide to break completely with a system that has been incapable of dealing with our country's problems for more than 30 years. They're taking the French for idiots. The French are consistent. That's why, six weeks later, they will give us a majority to govern and legislate.feedback

My dear fellow citizens, there are not many Frances, there is only one. France, ours. France of patriots in a Europe that protects and that we will have to renew. The task will be immense. I'm ready, by your side. The fight to be worthy to lead our country begins tonight, and we will win it. Long live the Republic, long live France.feedback

I am attached to a strict approach to Brexit: I respect the British vote but the worst thing would be a sort of weak EU vis-a-vis the British. I don't want a tailormade approach where the British have the best of two worlds. That will be too big an incentive for others to leave and kill the European idea, which is based on shared responsibilities. The best trade agreement for Britain ... is called membership of the EU.feedback

The power of the momentum behind me will be the key to my ability to lead and govern.feedback

The challenge is to open a new page of our political life.feedback

I've seen the emptiness of our political system from the inside...I reject this system.feedback

I think we must once and for all have a spirit of responsibility at this extreme time and not give in to panic and not allow it to be exploited, which some might try to do.feedback

There's no such thing as zero risk. Anyone who pretends (otherwise) is both irresponsible and deceitful.feedback

We must not yield to fear today. This is what our assailants are waiting for, and it's their trap.feedback

She won't be able to protect our citizens.feedback

Don't yield to fear, don't yield to division and intimidation. Our generation must rise to this challenge. Our moral challenge, today and for the years to come is, on the one hand, to not divide us, but it's also to prepare our future. What they want is a collapse in morality, what they want is to watch us fall into ruin. I will not give in to this, do not play with fear.feedback

In such circumstances, the role of the president of the Republic as the army chief and guardian of our institutions is to protect the French. I am ready. What our attackers want is death, symbolism, to sow panic (and) to disturb a democratic process, which is the presidential election. No one knows. She won't be able to protect our citizens.feedback

A vigorous offensive will be taken to fight Islamic radicalisation, especially on the internet.feedback

It was her and my grandfather who for years and years led me to live in Bagnères-de-Bigorre, to walk there, to run there, to learn how to bicycle, to ski, to be rooted in our country.feedback

Since only the radicalized youth goes to vote, the FN wins.feedback

This event serves as reminders that the terrorist threat is still very high on our territory.feedback

The world around us is changing. War, terrorist threat, the uncertainty on the other side of the ocean (a reference to Trump), the threat at our borders of several authoritarian regimes. Yes, we will have to be strong, uncompromising.feedback

Some would like France to become Cuba without the sun or Venezuela without the oil.feedback

I've always paid all my tax in France and I've always had all may accounts in France. It's false, totally false. I've heard it all, that I have a hidden inheritance, that I've got offshore accounts. All sorts of things. Why? Because in this campaign there are two candidates with their own real legal problems.feedback

Some want us to believe ... that France will isolate itself. We feel everywhere the temptation of barbarism ready to surge in other guises.feedback

Everywhere, we feel the temptation of barbarism ready to surge in other guises ... No, we will not let them do it. I've heard it all, that I have a secret hidden inheritance, that I've got offshore accounts. Why? Because in this campaign there are two candidates with their own real legal problems … It's all false, totally false.feedback

I've always paid all my tax in France and had all my accounts in France.feedback

We are the only binding force today for the country because we are the only ones who don't want to break it up.feedback

If I get elected, France will as of this summer undertake a major initiative aimed at the big internet companies so that they accept a legal framework for requisitions of encrypted services in the context of counter-terrorism efforts.feedback

Some had forgotten that Marine Le Pen is the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen.feedback

Nationalism is war. I know it. I come from a region that is full of graveyards. Sorry to tell you this, Madame Le Pen, but you are saying the same lies that we've heard from your father for 40 years.feedback

Madame Le Pen, sorry to tell you, but you are using lies we hear for 40 years and we were hearing in your father's mouth.feedback

I want us to kick far from this campaign and from the country the party of hatred and contempt and all those who make us so ashamed. We are going to be ahead in the first round and we're going to beat them.feedback

I'm suspicious of the hidden agenda of politicians.feedback

The question is not to punish the UK for a vote made by British people. My deep wish is to have Britain with the EU in another relationship … [But] my priority will be to protect the European Union, the interests of the European Union, and the interests of European citizens.feedback

I wish for women and men who come from the private sector, who have competences in this sphere and who agree to put these competences for a few years at the service of the public.feedback

My first response is a call for calm, because blocking the airport runways and takeoffs – and sometimes even blocking off the function of the island itself is not the response to the situation.feedback

No, no, please, play nice Mrs Le Pen, I'm not putting words into your mouth and I don't need a ventriloquist. I can assure you everything's fine and clear for me and when I have something to say, I'll say it clearly, as I always do.feedback

Not behind, not hidden ... she will be by my side. Since she shares my life from morning to night, her only question is how, physically, I would manage.feedback

The traditional parties, those that have for decades failed to solve yesterday's problems, won't be able to do it tomorrow either.feedback

The trap you are falling into, Mrs Le Pen, through your provocations, is dividing society. It is making enemies of the Republic out of the more than four million French men and women whose religion is Islam, the vast majority of whom are absolutely not leading ethnically separate lives but instead living in our Republic. Well I won't do that!feedback

I don't need a ventriloquist. You are lying (to voters) by twisting the truth.feedback

We're going to start seeing the results (of their departure). Because it's other Conservatives who are going to have to deal with it, and by the way we're going to have to be incredibly rigorous (in negotiating with Britain about its exit by not giving them any undue concessions).feedback

Those who were responsible for Brexit, who said everything is possible and it will be wonderful have all scampered off. They have all gone into hiding.feedback

I'm not putting words in your mouth. I don't need a ventriloquist. The trap you are falling into, Madame Le Pen, with your provocations, is to divide society.feedback

I don't need a ventriloquist. When I have something to say, I say it clearly. You'd be bored without me.feedback

I want each young French person to be able to experience military life, even briefly.feedback

I insisted during my discussion with the (German) Chancellor about my willingness to reform our labor market, to reform our vocational training system, to reform our education and to deliver a sensible fiscal trend. Now the key question is to deliver (proposed reforms) so for me is first to be elected, and second to deliver but for sure, for me one of the key elements was to repeat my willingness to restore a strong confidence between France and Germany and to build on this basis a new pro-growth environment and a broader cooperation between our two countries and at the European scale.feedback

The Netherlands is showing us that a breakthrough for the extreme right is not a foregone conclusion and that progressives are gaining momentum.feedback

The Netherlands shows us that the breakthrough of the extreme right is not inevitable and that European progressives are growing stronger.feedback

Those who live ... where social and economic difficulties or migration are concentrated, do not receive the same chances as elsewhere to succeed.feedback

What I want is that bank and insurers' main solvency and capital rules are discussed at the European level of Ecofin each year and that we set the main rules with targets for financing the economy.feedback

Mr Trump would be making a grave mistake by going back on his predecessor's commitments towards the climate.feedback

We are not proposing to reform our country. We're proposing to transform it.feedback

The step that was taken, our common decision on an alliance that we took together is, in my opinion, a real turning point not only for this campaign, but also for the French political life, because it shows the capacity to go beyond classical divisions of our political life.feedback

Unlike Francois Fillon, I don't believe in a purge and in fixing the country against the people's will. And unlike Benoit Hamon, I don't accept defeat on the jobs front. France must carry out structural reforms: it's good for us and will reassure our partners, and chiefly Germany. If we don't have a brave plan of structural reforms, the Germans won't follow us.feedback

It is the preservation of Europe, of the common market, of the European Union, which are in play at this moment. If we don't negotiate this 'Brexit' well, everyone will be weakened. And then, of course we will defend French interests.feedback

Please, come to France. You are welcome, it's your nation. We like innovation, we want innovative people, we want people working on climate change, energy, renewables and new technologies. France is your nation.feedback

I do know how your new president now has decided to jeopardize your budget, your initiatives â as he's extremely skeptical about climate change.feedback

If you're told I lead a double life with Mr Gallet, it's because my hologram has escaped.feedback

I am thinking about our British friends who chose to leave Europe (…) I am thinking about the withdrawal operated for several years by our American friends who may be deciding to abandon their historic mission, which is, by our side, to ensure peace around the globe. We cannot praise the European project without offering at the same time a new vision for Europe.feedback

I don't want a new wall. I can reassure you, there will be no wall in my manifesto. We have European borders… and that is our real security.feedback

They don't speak in the name of the people, they speak in the name of their bitterness, they speak for themselves, from father to daughter and daughter to niece. They betray liberty by shrinking our horizons, they betray equality by stating that some are more equal than others, they betray fraternity because they hate the faces that don't look like theirs. Some jobs will have to disappear, just like candlers, coach-builders and water sellers disappeared.feedback

The truth is that we must collectively recognise that the euro is incomplete and cannot last without major reforms. It has not provided Europe with full international sovereignty against the dollar on its rules. It has not provided Europe with a natural convergence between the different member states. The euro is a weak Deutsche mark, the status quo is synonymous, in 10 years' time, with the dismantling of the euro.feedback

I've witnessed from the inside the vacuousness of our political system, which prevents the majority of ideas on the grounds that they weaken the political machinery, the traditional parties and acquired interests, which no longer pursue the common good, but rather their own interests.feedback

I think that's a big mistake. The best possible trade deal is the one you have and especially the one just renegotiated with the rest of the EU.feedback

Do you think you will be in a situation to protect your steel industry tomorrow if you are alone as the UK economy facing the Chinese one? I do believe it's much more efficient to be part of the EU.feedback

So for sure, you can renegotiate a trade arrangement, but this trade deal will be less favourable to the UK than being part of the club.feedback

So those who pretend that passporting will be preserved exactly following the same rules without any contribution to the budget, are making a big, a big mistake because it's completely wrong.feedback

The British have managed to negotiate long-term guarantees for nuclear newbuild with the European Commission, at a high price level, which opens perspectives.feedback

We need to understand that a delay would create a strong risk that we would lose the contract.feedback

What we are very clearly demanding is that Mr Ghosn live up to his responsibilities with regard to his compensation for 2016.feedback

Failing which we would be compelled to legislate.feedback

We will divest these shares only when they have returned to their normal price.feedback

We can decide each day to spread bad news and say that France is lost. We remain a big economic and industrial power. We are in a difficult situation, we shouldn't deny it, we should fight it. But that won't be done against part of our own side, or against part of the French people. It will be done using all our energy.feedback

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