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Republicans have been unable to unite under the Trump agenda and do not have enough of a majority to pass meaningful reform of any kind so
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Oct 18 2017 Trump Presidency
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Gina Sanchez is associated, including U.S., Clinton, and market. Most recently, Gina Sanchez has been quoted saying: “We have heard more and more CEOs expressing doubt over the ability of Congress to pass meaningful tax reform, and this has been cited in recent earnings reports as a concern.” in the article Tax reform failure could cost the market anywhere from 4 to 10 percent, strategist says.
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Aug 24 2017

If recent Washington drama is the new normal, then we might see heightened volatility in early

Aug 24 2017

The Treasury would likely prioritize interest payments over other federal obligations. However, even a brief interruption in government payments could be very

Aug 21 2017

You throw into that mix a dysfunctional government and the kind of political drama that we continue to see, and I really think that begins to unravel

Aug 14 2017

If you see a reversal in the dollar, which continued soft inflation could get us, that could actually buoy the equity

Aug 14 2017

You have over $400 billion that have been on the sidelines waiting for the A shares market to open up. MSCI, including it in the MSCI index, all of a sudden has just opened up a flood of capital, and that's probably here to

Aug 11 2017

We could expect heightened volatility in markets, to a level we have not seen since the crisis. The biggest impact will likely be to multiples as the real economic impact is fairly

Aug 07 2017 - Amazon

They definitely have a lot of room to grow. And if you look at the way the economy continues to go, I think that that plays into the hands of Amazon, who has been massively taking share in the retail space. You might not be very excited about buying Amazon today, at this price. But if you are willing to sit this through, there is definitely more room to grow in this

Aug 07 2017

We think, given the outlook for growth, earnings could under-deliver at the end of the year. That, in combination with what we think is a high [price-to-earnings ratio] relative to all the external risks to [price-to-earnings ratio], could create a situation where investors should be considering consolidating their positions and getting into wait-and-see mode for the end of the

Aug 07 2017

I'm specifically looking at the divergence between the soft data, like consumer confidence, and the hard data, like retail sales. Consumer confidence was pacing well above retail sales for many months now, and we are starting to see that start to slow and come back to the reality that retail sales numbers never picked up

Aug 07 2017

We believe that expectations have, as usual, gotten ahead of reality. We think that we are still in 2 percent growth mode, going through the rest of the

Jul 17 2017

We're finally starting to see, in the last month, some steepening with the 30-year [Treasury note yield] going up more than the short end [of the yield curve]. Part of that is the markets pulling back on their expectations for Fed hikes. At the end of the day, it's not just rising rates but that steepening of the yield curve. And JPMorgan has absolutely had a bang-up year in terms of profitability. We think, as the yield curve continues to steepen, that should help that in terms of increasing that interest

Jul 17 2017

We would make sure you temper your expectations because one of the assumptions that underlies that 3,000 point is that multiples basically stay where they

Jul 14 2017

Manufacturing data is a bellwether for the health of the manufacturing sector and the entire economy. We have seen manufacturing data pick up in June, and analysts are very positive of manufacturing data going

Jun 27 2017

But the outlook has also been pretty bright for Europe in terms of the economic outlook, and that means the [European Central Bank] will be able to potentially start to raise rates at some point. That's huge for

Jun 27 2017

Long Europe/underweight U.S. trade has really been the gift that keeps on giving. But when you look at the fundamentals, there is reason for this. We have seen country after country dodging the populist bullet – from the Dutch, to the French, now the Italians, and will go straight through to the Germans at the beginning of fall. Those will continue; I think there is a reason that this momentum will

Jun 26 2017 - Oil

Consumer expectations peaked in March and have been falling ever since, and that could raise red flags for the SPY, the S&P 500 index ETF, as well as other broad stock market index ETFs. Oil prices have been sliding since the end of May and have edged closer to the lower end of the $40 to $55 trading range. With supply continuing to remain high and disappointing demand this driving season, oil could continue to trade down to $40 and remain weak all summer until we see real supply cuts or an increase in

Jun 12 2017 - Brexit

The future outlook for small businesses took a hit in April when Congress was unable to address the concerns of small businesses, particularly the high cost of health care to small companies. We might start to see a reversal of that optimism

Jun 12 2017 - Brexit

The FTSE 100 has been trading sideways with all the political uncertainty. And continuing questions around the U.K. hung parliament, and the postelection turmoil, could send the stock index deeper into the red, along with the

Jun 12 2017 - Brexit

This matters to the markets in many ways, but the most direct is to banks, whose earnings are being hurt as the short end of the curve moves

Jun 09 2017

Banks have been under pressure, because we've seen a bear flattening of the yield curve for several months

Jun 02 2017

We've lately seen a trend of slightly higher jobless claims. However, labor markets remain tight and Americans are spending more, factories have increased outputs and home sales are strong. This is consistent with the beginning of a

Jun 02 2017

Manufacturing and construction have been showing some signs of slowing. April manufacturing slipped, lowering their overall year-end growth

Jun 02 2017

Mortgage rates have been higher than they were a year ago. However, they have been falling recently along with the long end of the retail

May 19 2017

Brazil is already under so much attack. Especially after the last government, this isn't a good time. It will be a blow to EM

May 17 2017

The bigger they are, the more they're going to fall. They've each proven to be defensive in some way, which doesn't make any sense, but here it is. Technology is the core of everything we're looking at, going forward. Each of these stocks has an individual positive result, and what it's telling you is that the rest of the market doesn't have a good story. That's the bigger

May 17 2017 - OPEC

If you look at it, Saudi Arabia is over 100 percent of the compliance, and everybody else is kind of cheating a little. And that's the story with OPEC – supplies just aren't coming

May 17 2017

It's an interesting data point. People do sell for different reasons, but when you get some sort of mass corporate selling where everybody's sort of doing the same thing, you have to ask yourself: Why aren't people investing with their company or keeping their money with their company?feedback

May 11 2017 - Trump Presidency

Right now, companies are focused on the fact that they're doing pretty

May 11 2017 - Oil

If we start a big currency rally in emerging markets, this could be a positive time to be buying into the EEM. That's probably the weakest story here because we're seeing oil still struggling to maintain its strength. However, you are seeing an uptick in trade, and trade is definitely something that is very beneficial, particularly for Chinese

May 03 2017

I think the long-term trends are against it, but there are some short-term places for gold to still continue to be in a portfolio right now. We have an economy that is recovering, we're going into an interest rate-hiking cycle, volatility has been very low, and the dollar has been

May 03 2017 - OPEC

I do think it's going to be a challenging road for oil, and we seem to just continue to be on a roller coaster that bottoms at $40, and tops out at $55. And we can't seem to get off of this roller-coaster ride. We are probably going to see OPEC cuts hold, but we are seeing less and less compliance, and that's going to be a

Apr 10 2017

There is definitely a strong relationship between the semiconductors and the overall market, and if you look right now at the trends underlying the semiconductor index, you've seen rising earnings, and that … has really been the result of some tremendous sales, I mean the sales numbers in the semiconductors space has been really rock solid over the last

Apr 08 2017

The long-term economic trends are against gold – it is a strengthening recovery, you do have firming labor markets, and you also have rising interest

Mar 31 2017

A lot of people were ticking the boxes, saying 'Yes, this is a very bullish story, it's stacking up to be a very bullish story'. These are for very short-term moves for short-term traders in a very high conviction trade. This is not a long-term

Mar 31 2017 - OPEC

The energy slump that we saw really was about natural gas, not about oil, because oil was actually doing reasonably well, and we had very a high compliance within OPEC. So everybody was reasonably positive on oil stocks, while natural gas got hit by the double whammy; they went into the winter with huge stockpiles, and then the winter was very warm, and so we had very low demand, and that's what really killed the energy

Mar 16 2017

On the flip side, however, you have a hardware industry that has largely not really been going anywhere in terms of innovation and in terms of new

Mar 02 2017

The reality could come a year from now, so this [rally] could go for a

Mar 02 2017

And the reason for that is that the curve should naturally steepen as the Fed rate hike probability goes

Feb 23 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

If you look at the status of most [campaign] promises, those that would be the most expansionary, things like tax reform and deregulation et cetera, those have largely been delayed. Whereas if you look at the status of promises that would likely dampen growth, cause inflation or both: You are looking at pulling out of the TPP, exiting negotiations with China and Mexico. All of those are not only on track but moving very quickly. The equity markets are largely expecting most of the positives while completely discounting the

Feb 23 2017

Remember their place in the capital structure; these guys are the last to get paid so they are naturally

Feb 19 2017 - Federal Reserve

I think the trend is still going to be for dollar strength, but I think that this dollar weakness is interesting and telling, because Yellen was really out talking the dollar up. I mean, she was making fairly hawkish comments, and that should lead to a stronger

Feb 17 2017

But if you look at the rest of the XLK, it is literally around 5

Feb 10 2017 - IPhone

Apple has been really undervalued for most of 2016. Apple has had high dividends, it has had good growth, and it has also had a great buyback program that has been buoying stocks. The problem going forward is that now that the move is done, now that you've gone from 10 times to 15 times earnings, where do you go from here? We don't think it's certainly overvalued, I mean it's maybe a little overbought, but it's certainly not overvalued where it is, but we need to see a reason to get excited for the next leg of

Feb 10 2017 - IPhone

You really have to continue to see growth in Apple revenue, and the problem is they haven't really unveiled anything really beyond new

Feb 10 2017

But we think that big bounce is going to be a huge driver because of a lot of the retail sector is largely

Jan 26 2017

We still don't know how we're going to pay for it, we don't know who's going to build it and we don't know what it's going to be. So those are a lot of questions that need to get answered before

Jan 23 2017

I think the first part of this year is going to be entirely emotionally driven and determined on execution – whether that execution is done

Jan 23 2017

After having a pretty strong rally, they've started to move sideways and are questioning what's going to happen, and so at this point we have to see Trump come in and start to execute on his

Jan 06 2017 - Coal mining

I think the retail stocks right now are the canary in the coal mine. And I'm not sure that we'll necessarily see a

Nov 16 2016

There's still too much uncertainty left in the market. While there was definitely a response after the election just to finally get it done and over with, I think that that response is largely done. From now until the end of the year, the market is going to be looking for clues as to what's happening going

Nov 07 2016

On the whole … we're setting the stage for global rotation that will take the U.S. out of bottom and toward the

Nov 07 2016

It would just be that uncertainty that would feed market

Oct 28 2016

People have underestimated that pool of

Oct 26 2016

We actually think that this is going to continue to put pressure on earnings, and if that continues I think at some point we are going to have to reconsider the valuations that are put on this

Oct 26 2016

Valuations are really priced for a much more optimistic outlook, and if we continue to slug along at earnings that are very pressured not only by energy, but also by the dollar, we think that could cause the market to reevaluate those multiples and we think that could take some real froth off the

Oct 26 2016

It's more of a retail story, and that's where the issues are. The spending's just not coming in, and we're starting to see

Oct 05 2016

We still think earnings expectations are a little

Oct 05 2016

Now depending on the outlook, we could grow into that, but we'd have to see some pretty serious growth to grow into the expectations that we have. I do think the market is well ahead of

Oct 05 2016

Just looking at their economic proposals, Clinton's proposal argues for higher revenues, for boosted tax revenues that are then cycled into fiscal spending that pushes into spaces where we really need investment, for example, infrastructure

Sep 22 2016

You could also see high-yield continue to perform. But basically, anything that will give investors the much-needed yield that they're desperate

Sep 12 2016

While this has been a very good year for a lot of asset classes, a few things make me

Sep 12 2016

Market complacency is waking up to the fact that it's going to be one or the

Jul 21 2016

I do think they will go higher. The fundamentals support them; the fundamentals are rather scary fundamentals. ... We have seen an increase in conflict around the world, and that has not only increased U.S. defense spending, but it's also increased spending by its

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