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Kris can't go anywhere without getting recognized. He's got beautiful hair and being 6-foot-6 it's a little hard to stay hidden for him. But the beard for me kind of gives me away. I was able to fly under the radar for a couple weeks without facial hair but it came back pretty quickly.

The appreciation from the fans all across the country continues to pour in and that's a really good feeling. There's support in California to Florida, where I'm at in Texas. I'll randomly get, people will walk up and I'll get a pat on the back from lifelong Cubs fans or people that just had an appreciation for what we were able to do and just like to come up and say hello. It feels great to say you're a world champion, but to be able to try and repeat and do it all again would be a little bit more special for us.

You get the goosebumps and the positive nervous anxiety to start another year.

I think there's an open dialogue there and I believe we will have talks. It's not my No. 1 priority. I just wanted to focus on my health and coming into camp as well rested and in as good of shape as I possibly can. If we have those conversations, we'll sit down and hash some things out and see if we can get something worked out. If it happens, great, if not then I'll continue to move forward and take it day by day.

Financially it's not a big worry for myself individually. The less of a distraction that can play on the team and everyone in this clubhouse the better. I don't typically like to verbalize a lot of the things from an individual contract situation just because it can take some attention away from what we're trying to do here collectively. I don't mind addressing and talking about it if those things do come up. Again, my main focus is going to continue to be trying to help these guys as much as I can to prepare for our season this year.

Time flies really quickly. It feels like only a few months ago that I was traded over here and started my career as a Cub in 2013. I've had some incredible experiences with this organization. I owe a lot to this team and this organization and the ownership. I don't want to see that time come to an end, my time as a Cub. Unfortunately the business side of the game shows its head every once in a while. But I still think there's opportunity and chances that we can have good conversations as far as an extension's concerned.

I knew that was all we were going to need.

Last game of the year, Game 7 of the World Series. Everybody's pretty much available tomorrow.

That's really not the focus in a game like this. Whether they get a hit or not really doesn't affect the way you continue to approach that lineup, especially with a five-run lead.

But it's really not something we focus on at all. So we just kind of disregard it and go out and play.

I'm in a much better place. Going through that last year has prepared myself as well as the rest of the guys mentally for a longer run this year, and we've been able to handle the moments mentally a lot better as well as physically.

From a pitching perspective, you want to be aggressive early because of the fact that it is a little more difficult to pick up some rotations and spin on pitches when the shadow's kind of in between and then it starts to creep out to the mound.

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