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If you gave Google the choice of having a social network, even with everything that's happened. I think it would still like to have one.feedback
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Nov 02 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Jan Dawson is associated, including Samsung and Google. Most recently, Jan Dawson has been quoted saying: “The iPhone X is so important to Apple because – for now at least – it seems to be siphoning demand from the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models.” in the article Apple Report Expects New iPhones to Jump-Start Growth.
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Aug 30 2017

This is a classic example of where Apple's ownership of the whole widget including both hardware and software is a huge advantage over device vendors dependent on Android and the broader value chain of component vendors.feedback

Aug 30 2017 - Amazon

There's no reason Google or Apple would offer it because they're trying to drive their own ecosystems.feedback

Aug 29 2017 - Uber

He's relatively untested when it comes to some of the big issues facing the company.feedback

Aug 23 2017 - IPhone

The iPhone is still arguably the best phone for regular people who just want their device to work without having to worry about lots of technical settings or malware.feedback

Aug 10 2017 - Microsoft

The reality is that Microsoft has very little experience in some of the newer categories it's entering very rapidly, which may expose it to more risk of problems in manufacturing.feedback

Aug 01 2017 - IPhone

That doesn't necessarily mean all new models will go on sale then, or that they'll all be in abundant supply, but I would think it means that at the very least the successors to the current phones will be available.feedback

Jul 26 2017 - Microsoft

I think Microsoft has recognized over the last couple years that maybe the creative community isn't as locked into the Mac as many people think it is. There's this window of opportunity for Surface to get in there – and even if that window closes with some of Apple's upcoming devices, I don't think Apple has that market locked up.feedback

Jul 15 2017 - Snapchat

You've got to go to where your audience is.feedback

Jul 15 2017 - Facebook

What made Snapchat appealing is that it's raw and unfiltered and people feel very comfortable sharing in a very honest way – something they don't do with Facebook or Instagram.feedback

Jul 15 2017 - Snapchat

The unique reasons you went to Snapchat in the past are no longer unique. The value proposition of raw, personal sharing is something you can now do elsewhere with a bigger audience and more of your friends.feedback

Jul 15 2017 - Snapchat

If Snapchat gets stuck at 200m daily active users, it's still quite an achievement, but it's not what they or investors will have hoped for.feedback

Jul 13 2017 - Uber

It's like competing with Google in the U.S. They just weren't really making headway against the local competitors.feedback

Jun 21 2017 - Uber

Appointing a woman would certainly send a strong signal given the recent troubles, and that would be one of the easiest ways to cement a broad cultural shift away from the frat mentality that often characterized Travis Kalanick's tenure.feedback

Jun 08 2017 - Amazon

A one-off outage for a couple hours in the middle of the day is not going to have a major impact.feedback

May 23 2017

I think it's mostly important (because) it will finally allow far more of the key people at Apple headquarters to work in the same building rather than being spread all over the valley. That's a vastly underestimated problem at Apple. It's been running out of space, which has also constrained hiring at a time when it should have been expanding significantly.feedback

May 23 2017 - Microsoft

The external design isn't dramatically different, but there are lots of changes inside.feedback

May 17 2017

Google's always looking at new things it can do with the skill set it has, and particularly ways it can get deeper into search and deeper into enterprises. Jobs is a good fit for both of those, where it can provide a custom or deep search function for job listings on the consumer side and also offer businesses a system to hire workers on the enterprise side.feedback

May 16 2017 - Microsoft

People have extremely short memories when it comes to this. I think, realistically, people will move on pretty quickly.feedback

May 03 2017 - Driverless cars

Any big setback here would likely hit its valuation hard.feedback

Apr 18 2017 - Snapchat

Facebook has the resources to move fast in this area and the audience to spread those features much more widely than Snapchat.feedback

Mar 29 2017 - Samsung

That's a big bet that its phones will justify a higher price, whereas it could have used these new phones as a way to drive higher sales after a couple of years of stagnation.feedback

Mar 29 2017 - Samsung

Note 7 definitely did some damage to the Samsung brand, especially for people who had little or no personal experience with Samsung devices. But as long as the S8 does well and doesn't suffer from any of the same problems, the memories of the Note 7 issues will fade and Samsung will recover well.feedback

Mar 27 2017 - Samsung

If something were to go wrong it will wreck any confidence that they can produce a safe device.feedback

Mar 08 2017 - Wikileaks

In isolation, this would come and go without problems, but now it's another reason for Samsung to be in the headlines.feedback

Mar 08 2017 - Wikileaks

For the vast majority of us, this does not apply to us at all.feedback

Mar 08 2017 - Microsoft

The big challenge Google faces is that, for all the names it announced today, it's still miles behind Amazon and Microsoft in terms of scale. It has a long way to go, and a few more client announcements aren't going to close the gap.feedback

Feb 28 2017 - IPhone

You get to the point in any consumer electronics category where things just becoming good enough and the upgrades start to feel a lot less dramatic.feedback

Feb 26 2017

Some big manufacturers have decided to go their own way. But a lot of manufacturers simply can't afford to develop their own.feedback

Jan 07 2017 - Artificial Intelligence

To the extent that voice becomes more important and something other than Google's voice assistant becomes the most popular voice interface on Android phones, that's a huge loss for Google in terms of data gathering, training its AI (artificial intelligence), and ultimately the ability to drive advertising revenue.feedback

Jan 07 2017 - Amazon

It highlights just what a strategic mistake it can be for services companies to make their own hardware and give it preferential access to new services.feedback

Jan 06 2017 - International Consumer Electronics Show

If people have an Alexa-powered device in the home, buying things from Amazon is going to be one voice command away, which reduces friction and integrates Amazon even more into people's daily lives.feedback

Jan 06 2017 - International Consumer Electronics Show

It is worth noting that in all this, Apple's Siri is in two orders of magnitude more devices than Alexa, so we shouldn't get too carried away in terms of the scale and reach. Many of the devices being launched at CES won't sell in large numbers either.feedback

Jan 06 2017 - Huawei

Google's ecosystem for both AR and VR is in the very early days.feedback

Jan 05 2017 - Amazon

[Amazon] may well have walked away with almost all the growth in e-commerce again, as well as taking share from brick and mortar stores. Traditional retail definitely continues to struggle in the face of stronger e-commerce sales.feedback

Jan 05 2017 - Amazon

It's becoming increasingly clear that Amazon has built all kinds of very strong differentiators across logistics, brand, selection, and more that are making it very tough for others to compete on level footing.feedback

Nov 21 2016 - Samsung

Your own personal experience trumps what you read and what people tell you.feedback

Nov 01 2016 - MacBook

In smartphones as in PCs, the focus of competition at the high end is now moving to different approaches rather than hardware performance.feedback

Nov 01 2016 - MacBook

Apple clearly isn't selling hundreds of millions of iPhones solely to people that use Photoshop for a living. Even if you look at Mac buyers, they're much broader than the cliche of ad agency creatives and video editors.feedback

Oct 28 2016

Some investors thought the new era of higher margins was here to stay permanently, and this quarter has likely taught them (otherwise).feedback

Oct 27 2016 - MacBook

What they really need to do is get people buying Macs again, instead of upgrading old ones. They haven't had a new, powerful MacBook Pro in a while and the MacBook Air is getting old.feedback

Oct 27 2016 - MacBook

Touch ID for Apple Pay could be interesting.feedback

Oct 25 2016

It's inherently tough to know how things like new finishes and features are going to affect demand for a new model.feedback

Oct 25 2016

We cannot fulfill all the demand that is out there right now.feedback

Oct 23 2016 - AT&T

This creates massive strategic tensions that are almost impossible to resolve.feedback

Oct 12 2016 - Samsung

Ultimately they did the right thing, which was to announce a full recall.feedback

Oct 12 2016 - Samsung

They have that time to come up with a convincing story and a set of actions that will reassure customers that when they buy an S8, it's going to be safe.feedback

Oct 12 2016 - Samsung

Now they've got to demonstrate why potential buyers shouldn't worry about future Samsung devices.feedback

Oct 12 2016

It's just making Prime that much stickier.feedback

Oct 11 2016 - Samsung

Samsung has the premium end of the smartphone market pretty much sewn up on the Android side. This creates a slightly bigger opening.feedback

Oct 10 2016 - Samsung

What's happened in the last few days just complicates things enormously. It calls into question their ability to manage quality control and everything else that goes into that.feedback

Oct 05 2016 - Microsoft

Unlike Microsoft, Google made no attempt to justify its entry into first-party hardware in competition with its partners – there were no claims of merely showing OEMs the way, merely a displacement of erstwhile partners in the value chain. Google is building its own relationships with carriers and supplanting device partners.feedback

Oct 05 2016 - Samsung

Google's relationship with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) like Samsung has always been complicated, but today's (Tuesday) announcements made it even more so, especially given that Google appears to be aiming both at the premium smartphone and VR headset spaces which Samsung currently dominates when it comes to Android.feedback

Oct 05 2016 - Samsung

Obviously Google doesn't want to explicitly compete with its own partners, but this product is much more likely to compete with Samsung than Apple.feedback

Oct 04 2016

Amazon has the advantage of being able to put this on the home page of the biggest e-commerce site in the world.feedback

Oct 03 2016 - Samsung

A premium Android strategy is really a strategy to take market share from Samsung.feedback

Sep 28 2016 - Uber

Uber seems to be getting smarter about the mix of services they will offer in various parts of the world, in response to cultural differences, regulation, and competition. It seems to be less willing to simply barge into new markets while ignoring regulations or objections than in the past.feedback

Sep 20 2016 - Comcast

If Comcast is to make this a compelling offer, especially given their lack of history in wireless, they're going to have to offer some steep discounts in their bundles.feedback

Sep 15 2016 - IPhone

Based on everything I've seen it looks like demand is very strong.feedback

Sep 08 2016

Apple is responding to what has resonated with customers.feedback

Sep 08 2016

The problem is there are only so many people who want to wear a health and fitness device. If they want this to be really massive, they're going to have to go broader.feedback

Sep 07 2016 - IPhone

That's already quite a bit – now add in camera improvements and whatever else is new in the iPhone 7, and it suddenly becomes a pretty compelling upgrade. This is the way to think about the iPhone upgrade cycle and what Apple announces next week.feedback

Aug 03 2016 - Uber

Apple's investment in Didi likely spurred Uber to think harder about doing some kind of deal here. Uber and Apple have been partners in other markets, so for Apple to side with Didi must have been something of a red flag that things weren't going to go Uber's way.feedback

Jul 09 2016 - IPhone

It looks like part of the reason they are keeping the design the same this year is there are bigger changes they are working on for next year.feedback

May 10 2016 - Facebook

The specific case here isn't that damaging. I don't think it's going to cause any users to stop using Facebook – it now has so much power that it's hard for most people to contemplate giving up on it for principled reasons.feedback

Apr 27 2016 - WhatsApp

They haven't yet turned on the monetization spigot for Messenger or WhatsApp, so there should be significant headroom still.feedback

Apr 27 2016 - Facebook

Apple has settled into this annual upgrade cycle for hardware and software. That's quite different than the way that say Facebook pushes out updates to its app or Google makes changes to its search engine – they do that almost in real time.feedback

Apr 24 2014 - Facebook

The problem for Facebook is that user growth has actually started to slow down, so every quarter for the last three quarters now, the number of new users has gone down from the previous quarter, so that growth is slowing the number of users. Engagement is still increasing, so more monthly users are also becoming daily users and that's a good thing, although in Asia in fact that's lagging.feedback

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