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If we are not careful, we may wake up one day to find our central bankers have instead become our central
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Oct 19 2017
Jeb Hensarling has been quoted 76 times. The one recent article where Jeb Hensarling has been quoted is Hurricanes be God's way of telling folks to move, says GOP Texas congressman. Most recently, Jeb Hensarling was quoted as having said, “We have these repetitive loss [of] properties. So for example, we have one property outside of Baton Rouge [Louisiana] that has a modest home worth about $60,000 that's flooded over 40 times. The taxpayers have paid almost half a million dollars for it. At some point, God is telling you to move. If all we do is force federal taxpayers to build the same home in the same fashion in the same location and expect a different result, we all know that is the classic definition of insanity.”.
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Jun 06 2017

It goes to the quality of how robust this tax package will be. It can be done without passing the health-care package. [But] at a bare minimum, I think you're going to see a reduction in corporate tax rates [and] a significant stab at

Jun 06 2017

I've got to be an optimist. I have this job. I've got a reason to crawl into a fetal position and weep every

May 25 2017 - Republican Party

I've said before that repeal of the Durbin amendment was the most contentious part of the bill among Republicans. I believe it belongs in the Financial Choice Act, but I recognize and respect that many members of Congress feel differently. We won't let this one provision hinder passage of an important priority bill that will end bank bailouts and help renew healthy economic growth for all

May 11 2017

It's about checks and balances. American consumers need competitive markets and a 'cop on the beat' to protect them from fraud and deception. They don't need Washington elites trampling on their freedom of choice and picking their financial products for

May 05 2017 - American politics

Taxpayer bailouts of financial institutions must end, and no company can remain 'too big to

May 04 2017 - Dodd-Frank Act

I can't do a good James Brown, but I feel good. This economy is poised to take off, but it's not going to take off as long as Dodd-Frank in its current form remains on the book. It's important that we get tax reform done. It's important we get health care reform done, but it's also important we pass the Financial Choice Act

May 03 2017 - Dodd-Frank Act

It's about checks and balances. This is part of what we do. No wonder entrepreneurship is at a generational low in America. Regrettably, thanks to Dodd-Frank, too many garages in our nation are full of old cars instead of new startup small

May 02 2017 - Dodd-Frank Act

Regrettably, thanks to Dodd-Frank, too many garages in our nation are full of old cars instead of new startup small business. It's time for the bailouts to end. It's time to help small businesses on Main

May 02 2017

I know that we have members on both sides of the aisle that may be a little conflicted on the issue. ... We're still

May 02 2017 - Republican Party

I do not consider this to be an exercise in futility. I think it is important to move this bill forward, and I think at the end of the day, end of the Congress, we will see major portions of the Choice Act enacted into

Apr 27 2017

I know that we have members frankly on both sides of the aisle who may be a little conflicted on the issue. We are still listening carefully to both sides, so we'll see what happens as we progress through the

Apr 25 2017 - Dodd-Frank Act

I believe repeal of the Durbin Amendment belongs in the Financial CHOICE Act, but I recognize many Members of Congress are studying this issue and are listening to both

Apr 25 2017 - Wall Street

Supporters of Dodd-Frank promised it would lift the economy, end bailouts and protect consumers. Yet Americans have suffered through the worst recovery in 70 years, Dodd-Frank guarantees future bailouts for Wall Street, and consumers are paying more and have fewer

Apr 20 2017 - Wall Street

Dodd-Frank failed to keep its promises to the American people, but we will work with President Trump to follow through on his promise to dismantle

Apr 17 2017

With Ex-Im so captured by special interests, the president was right to choose principled leaders like these to safeguard the agency against further mission creep, fraud, waste and

Apr 12 2017

Richard Cordray should be dismissed by our president. Not only must Mr. Cordray go, but this CFPB must go as

Mar 24 2017

We will free you to be the best bankers you can be, free you to help rebuild our economy and free to be successful. Yes, we will honor your success, not vilify it, and let freedom ring

Mar 09 2017 - Dodd-Frank Act

It is encouraging to have a president who is listening to the concerns of community bankers who have been buried under an avalanche of burdensome regulations as a result of Dodd-Frank. We are losing, on average, a community financial institution a day because of the sheer size, weight and complexity of these regulations that prevent community banks from serving their

Feb 17 2017

We have set up, basically, a dictator. I'm not offended by having consumer financial protection in one agency, but not an agency that is unaccountable to the

Feb 16 2017

No person in America, particularly an unelected person, should have the power, unilaterally, to decide what credit cards should go in our wallet, whether or not we can have a mortgage, and whether or not, if we like our banker, we can keep her. This agency is just out of

Feb 16 2017

I'm not offended by having consumer financial protection in one agency, but not an agency that is unaccountable to the president, unaccountable to Congress, unaccountable to the courts, unaccountable to the American

Feb 16 2017

We have set up, basically, a dictator. We would be derelict in our duty if we didn't do something about it. And Senator Cruz's plan is certainly a valid plan, and that is simply get rid of it and start over. [The CFPB] is damaging the most important consumer protection there is, and that is competitive, innovative, transparent markets that give Americans the freedom of choice. And so it has got to either be done away with [or] it's got to be functionally reformed and taken care

Feb 15 2017 - Federal Reserve

We must be vigilant to ensure that our central bankers do not one day become our central planners. There is zero evidence that zero interest rates and a bloated Fed balance sheet lead to a healthy

Feb 15 2017 - Federal Reserve

After eight years there is zero evidence that zero interest rates and a bloated Fed balance sheet lead to a healthy economy. Clearly, American have a newfound expectation that our economy will grow healthier with different policies coming out of

Feb 09 2017

The senate can achieve this with a simple majority

Feb 08 2017 - Dodd-Frank Act

Dodd-Frank broke all its promises. I certainly hope to do my part on Capitol Hill to return us to a healthy economy and unclog the arteries of

Feb 07 2017 - Dodd-Frank Act

Too many small businesses, too many entrepreneurs can't find lending because of the sheer weight, volume and control of Dodd-Frank. Dodd-Frank clogs the arteries of capitalism in our system. It hurts working people. It hurts consumers. It needs to

Jan 23 2017

It seems the Obama administration's parting gift to hardworking taxpayers is to put them at greater risk of footing the bill for yet another bailout. Just three years ago the taxpayers had to spend $1.7 billion to bail out the FHA. Lowering premiums to below market rates now only puts the FHA in a more precarious financial

Jan 05 2017

I prefer carrots over sticks and I prefer tax reform over taxes. What we need to do is make America the most attractive place to site a business, to grow a business, to create a

Jan 05 2017

I do not favor a border tax, let me be clear. I do not wish to

Dec 13 2016

Such midnight rulemaking is neither conducive to sound policy nor consistent with the principles of democratic

Dec 01 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

The most urgent need we have is to throw a life preserver to community banks that capitalize our small

Nov 17 2016

I stand ready to help the president in any capacity possible. I've got a great position in public policy today. If he wants to talk to me obviously about serving somewhere else, we'll look at serving somewhere

Nov 16 2016 - Federal Reserve

Reform of the Federal Reserve remains a top priority. It has to give the American people a greater accounting of its

Nov 15 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

I would strongly urge you to respect the results of last week's election and resist the temptation to finalize any regulations, including Dodd-Frank ...

Nov 14 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

I remain troubled that the Fed may have added items to the Stress Test that were conceived, negotiated and approved in closed-door international

Nov 11 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

It's nice to be mentioned, and I certainly want to help our new president make America stronger and more prosperous, but serving in his Cabinet is not something I've indicated an interest in and it's not something I am

Nov 10 2016

But I'm not anticipating the telephone call. It is not something I've indicated interest in. It is not something I am pursuing. ... I think I'm in a pretty good position now to advance the

Nov 08 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

It puts government bureaucrats between consumers and their credit cards and their

Nov 08 2016

I think under our speaker Paul Ryan, Republicans have put forward the most detailed plan for economic growth, for personal freedom, for constitutional government. I think I'd start off and go home and drink a cold beer if the election didn't go my way. And then once we get past that, we're never going to ... end trying to find some common

Sep 29 2016

The bottom line is we want to know how did this take place; why did this take place; who is being held accountable?feedback

Sep 26 2016

As a member of Congress, our business is applying the law. Our business is making sure that the remedies of fines and penalties and, where necessary, criminal prosecution - if the facts warrant - that's the business of

Sep 26 2016

I'll tell you this: if I was a shareholder, I would be outraged if there weren't

Sep 22 2016

Hopefully have a more thorough, in-depth hearing and start getting some answers to the American people because theft is theft, fraud is

Sep 22 2016

We're probably only in the third inning. There's lots more to go here and we're only starting investigation

Jun 09 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

Here's something we both agree with, and that is Dodd-Frank is impeding economic growth. I think he well received the message. I think he was interested in the

Jun 09 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

Those on the left who gave us Dodd-Frank believe in the principle that human nature is self-destructive and that people - except themselves, of course - are fundamentally

Jun 07 2016 - Dodd-Frank Act

Not unlike many Republicans, I've certainly had my disagreements with Donald Trump. But at least one thing is I know – he's working on a very solid tax plan and he also realizes that Dodd-Frank has hurt working Americans and that it's broken its

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