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It's obviously a tough political
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Oct 19 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Jeff Flake is associated, including Cubans and Americans. Most recently, Jeff Flake has been quoted saying: “I think on the budget deal it's in the bag.” in the article Budget deal is 'in the bag' but tax reform is still a question.
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Sep 13 2017

I don't see it. I don't see voting on doing it one more

Sep 12 2017

Ultimately I cannot support my colleague's effort to repeal the 2001 AUMF in six months because of the very real risk associated with repealing such a vital law before we have something to replace it

Sep 06 2017

There's a program, kids are protected by it, they are going to lose that protection if we don't

Sep 03 2017 - South Korea

I don't think that that would be good in any

Aug 26 2017

Regarding the Arpaio pardon, I would have preferred that the President honor the judicial process and let it take its

Aug 24 2017 - Trump Presidency

We don't need a government shutdown. That never ends well and we don't save money doing it. And with regard to border security, I think the president and all us of share the same

Aug 23 2017

I saw that part where he talked obviously about me and about Sen. McCain and you know I'm just focused on working for the state – doing my day

Aug 23 2017 - Immigration

If we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. We're going to have our wall. The American people voted for immigration control. We're going to get that

Aug 18 2017

We Need Immigrants With Skills. But Working Hard Is a

Aug 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

To carry on in the spring of 2017 as if what was happening was anything approaching normalcy required a determined suspension of critical faculties. And tremendous powers of

Aug 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

Just when you think he can't stoop any lower, he manages to do

Aug 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

Absent strategy, we are left with no theory, just the madman. It was we conservatives who, upon Obama's election, stated that our number-one priority was not advancing a conservative policy agenda but making Barack Obama a one-term

Aug 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

In good conscience, I could not. The stakes, for the future of conservatism and for the future of our country, are simply too

Aug 08 2017 - Trump Presidency

The talk of firing Jeff Sessions, the AG, is not going over well in the Senate, and I've been heartened to see so many of my colleagues stand up and say that's not going to happen, because we see it as a precursor to do something else, maybe with the special counsel, and that's not going to

Aug 08 2017 - Populism

What can we do on trade when supply trains get sent around us? Those have long-term ramifications. This is not something that we can flirt with for four years and then quickly snap back, so I do think there needs to be more

Aug 08 2017 - Trump Presidency

A conservative embraces our allies and recognises our enemies and the kind of chaos that has ensued in both in domestic and foreign policy is very

Aug 06 2017 - Republican Party

Republicans are not going to defeat Hillary Clinton in November by insisting that she belongs in prison any more than we defeated Barack Obama by pretending that he was born in

Aug 06 2017 - Republican Party

These jokes and bromides may play well in rare venues and limited circles, but they cheapen the very real arguments that need to be made to the broader public against a Hillary Clinton

Aug 04 2017

We've realized our limitations. I think we will work together to get more bipartisan legislation. We've just got

Aug 01 2017

There simply are not that many people who are in a position to do something about an executive branch in

Aug 01 2017

We pretended that the emperor wasn't

Aug 01 2017

As the first branch of government (Article I), the Congress was designed expressly to assert itself at just such moments. It is what we talk about when we talk about 'checks and balances.' Too often, we observe the unfolding drama along with the rest of the country, passively, all but saying, Someone should do something!' without seeming to realize that that someone is us. And so, that unnerving silence in the face of an erratic executive branch is an abdication, and those in positions of leadership bear particular

Aug 01 2017 - Trumpcare

That was decided by the voters. They

Jul 26 2017

I don't know how much further you can go this way before people recoil and say, Let's change

Jul 26 2017

I just thought, That should be us. That was us, and now it's

Jul 26 2017

Yeah! You always expect that there are going to be people out there who do it, but for politicians to join in, lead the charge, not condemn it–that's what's

Jul 26 2017 - American politics

I mean, you watch those rallies, Republican rallies, the 'Lock her up!' chants, the depictions of Hillary Clinton, the posters that are just–. It's beyond the

Jul 26 2017

This tends not to

Jul 26 2017

People here have legitimate concerns and are

Jul 26 2017

You can always find an excuse to not stand up for your principles. But if you don't risk anything, it doesn't matter as much. The deterioration of political discourse in general aids this. When we ascribe motives to our opponents, that they are evil, then we've almost given license to extreme

Jul 26 2017

It was a long day. Just–I'm just glad to be

Jul 26 2017

Trump is a traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It's Time to Destroy Trump &

Jul 26 2017

I grew up alongside migrant labor. I could never look at them and see a criminal

Jul 26 2017

I appreciate that. I've tried to do

Jul 20 2017 - Trumpcare

President Bush came and did a fundraiser for me. I [voted] with him most of the time, and that's how the White House usually works. They realize that no senator is there as a rubber

Jul 20 2017 - Trumpcare

I opposed No Child Left Behind, the president's signature initiative, along with Mike Pence; I opposed the prescription-drug benefit, the president's signature initiative, along with Mike Pence. I opposed the president's Cuba policy for eight

Jul 20 2017 - Trumpcare

I'm the other senator from Arizona – the one that wasn't

Jul 20 2017 - Trumpcare

I have no doubt I can make my life, as far as reelection, a lot easier if I was just a go-along-to-get-along guy. But, you know, it's not worth it. It's not worth it to be here if you're not going to try to accomplish something. Sorry you have to put up with this. Lots of wonderful people across AZ. You'll find them. If the president wants to recruit a primary opponent, that's his prerogative. He can do that. I've had issues with other Republican presidents on policy, maybe not as many. But anyway, that's what you do if you're a senator. That's what you should

Jul 19 2017

Mitch has a tough, tough job and frankly I cut him a lot of slack on this. He can only do so

Jul 19 2017

Hang in there @deedra2018. Sorry you have to put up with this. Lots of wonderful people across AZ. You'll find

Jul 16 2017

I have never known a man more tenacious and resilient than John McCain. I look forward to seeing him back at work soon. In the meantime, Cheryl and I extend our best wishes to John, Cindy and the entire McCain family and pray for his speedy

Jul 13 2017 - Trumpcare

I like the consumer freedom amendment in it, you've got to get relief to Arizonans that just don't have

Jul 12 2017

I would have liked to have gotten more done, certainly. Complex

Jul 11 2017 - Republican Party

I think it's a more efficient way to do it. It directly acknowledges if you're going to have a population that you going to have to subsidize. The question is how do we more efficiently do it?feedback

Jun 16 2017

Recognizing the inherent right of Americans to travel to Cuba isn't a concession to dictators, it is an expression of

Jun 15 2017

He just said, I hope that this does bring more unity,' and he wanted me to pass on certainly his regards if he wasn't able to get to Steve or others before me that he was praying for their good health. It was a nice

Jun 15 2017

We're just one day removed, so it still feels different, I think, for me. I hope it

Jun 15 2017

We were talking about that, that this was kind of déjà vu. One thing we can do is, ourselves, tone down our own rhetoric and not ascribe the worst motives to our

Jun 14 2017

I remember seeing some gravel, shots coming near

Jun 14 2017

Steve dragged himself about 15 yards off of near second base onto the field, and lay motionless out there. We couldn't get to him until the shooting had

Jun 14 2017 - Republican Party

50 would be an understatement. He had a lot of

Jun 14 2017 - Republican Party

I just didn't want her to wake up and learn the

Jun 14 2017 - Republican Party

We were doing batting practice. All of a sudden we heard a very loud shot. The gunman was over by the third base dugout with a clear view of the

Jun 08 2017

What I want is to make sure that everyone can realize the American

May 31 2017 - Trump Presidency

We're trying to find that balance and we aren't close yet,

May 31 2017 - Trump Presidency

If I wanted an easier path through the primary, then I would line up more with where the president is. But I think if you're an elected official, you've got to do what you know what's right. It'll be a tougher path than I could have had, would have had, but I think I'll get

May 31 2017 - Trump Presidency

We can't hold oversight hearings because we can't call anybody up to

May 31 2017 - Trump Presidency

The guy sitting in front of me finally leaned back and said, Hey lady, he's the OTHER senator from Arizona!feedback

May 25 2017 - Republican Party

The leader spoke about it yesterday pretty candidly. It's tough. We're working at

May 20 2017

C.B.P. has a big problem in not being able to hire agents because of the polygraph test. I'm not saying that we should get rid of the polygraph, but we want to make sure the process isn't an overall detriment to good

May 16 2017 - American politics

But I suppose it's going to continue, so we'll have to get used to

May 14 2017 - Mexico

In Arizona, we grow them independent. I expect people want someone who will say, I'm voting with Trump on the good stuff and standing up to him on the not good stuff. Our trade relationship with Mexico is a positive, and not just in an economic sense, but in terms of security as

May 10 2017 - Trump Presidency

I've spent the last several hours trying to find an acceptable rationale for the timing of Comey's firing. I just can't do

May 02 2017 - Republican Party

We won't always be in the majority and, if you like limited government, I think the filibuster is

Apr 29 2017

It's unclear whether some are actually allowed to renew or are afraid to renew or afraid to come forward. The president has said that he has a big heart and he'll fix this. We don't know what that

Apr 28 2017

I'm a supply-sider. I recognize the dynamic value of the nature of some tax cuts. Not all tax cuts are created equally. Corporate tax cuts should be very

Apr 19 2017 - Mar-a-Lago

I wasn't critical of the last president or the president before that, for what they do in their off time. . . . I'm not going to tell the president where he can or cannot spend his

Apr 19 2017 - Mar-a-Lago

I do wish that he would spend more time in Washington, D.C. That's what we have the White House

Apr 12 2017

The IRS has given a tax advantage to people who own

Apr 06 2017 - Wiretapping

I don't like the concept – I don't think it's needed – of a 2,000-mile wall as some

Mar 22 2017

Congress needs to repeal these privacy restrictions in order to restore balance to the internet ecosystem and provide certainty to

Mar 21 2017 - SCOTUS

I'm interested mostly in his view about the separation of

Mar 21 2017

This is nice, to have someone from the West with a Western

Mar 21 2017 - SCOTUS

That may change by the end of the week as

Mar 16 2017 - Mexico

I don't care at all as long as Mexico's paying for it – it's neither here nor there for

Mar 01 2017 - Immigration

Whether it's a path to citizenship or a path to legal status we can work with both of

Mar 01 2017 - Immigration

Only Nixon could go to China, I think there are parallels

Jan 19 2017 - Sundance Film Festival

Somebody said at one point when we burst through it looked like the saloon doors in 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance

Jan 06 2017

I won't rest until the inauguration, but that is big, good news if that is the case. They had not done the proper consultation with the local stakeholders here. It was opposed by most Arizonans, it violated the agreement that was made back in the 1980s that Sen. (John) McCain was very much a part of and Mo Udall, and Barry Goldwater and others to set aside wilderness areas but not shut off all economic

Dec 13 2016

I look forward to the

Nov 28 2016

Allowing more frequent and consequential ties between Cubans and Americans is more likely to accelerate the desired change in

Aug 31 2016 - NAFTA

I hope when he sits down with the Mexican president, that the Mexican president will tell him how important NAFTA is for both of our countries, to tell him how those crossing the border aren't Mexico's worst. That they aren't rapists. To tell him this is a complicated

Aug 07 2016

You can't just throw platitudes out there about a wall or about Mexico paying for it and then be taken seriously

Jul 07 2016

Listen, I'm not part of this never Trump

Jul 07 2016

With U.S. airlines now poised to unleash the power of American travelers and their frequent flier miles, the time has come for Congress to eliminate the archaic restrictions on U.S. travel to

Jun 24 2016

The immigration problem needs to be solved, but this problem needs to be solved by Congress through the legislative

Jun 08 2016

Let's face it, meet the old Trump, just like the new

Jun 06 2016

If this doesn't change we're in for big trouble. I hope to be able to support the nominee. I certainly can't

May 08 2016

If Republicans want to win, and we do, then we've got to change the approach because we're not going to win taking these

Mar 18 2016

This is the right policy. He's done the right

Mar 16 2016 - Travel ban

The travel ban is on life support here, because for all intents and purposes, anybody can

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