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I believe we do. We had 50 votes to proceed. And that was with three people
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Oct 18 2017
John Cornyn has been quoted 153 times. The one recent article where John Cornyn has been quoted is Hours after trashing Democrats on taxes, Trump says he wants their help on a tax bill. Most recently, John Cornyn was quoted as having said, “The president made clear his preference for a bipartisan bill. We're going to give this a try and do the best we can.”.
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John Cornyn quotes

Sep 06 2017 - Trump Presidency

Senator Grassley, who has been a master of oversight – and he's very aggressive – I think he's a little frustrated that the Judiciary Committee hasn't had a more expansive

Sep 06 2017 - Trump Presidency

We're going to try. We're going to start in the Finance Committee, try to do a bipartisan markup, we'll also pass a budget resolution to get reconciliation instructions as a fallback, but we're going to

Sep 06 2017

None of this is easy, so I guess the answer is

Sep 05 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think what President Trump did is appropriate, which is to kick it to Congress, and so we will take that up. But there's no way that it will stand

Sep 01 2017

We'll be working on a supplemental appropriation bill to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Most of this is done according to federal formulas that already exist. This is not just money that's doled out for any purpose. This has to be targeted for disaster relief and recovery from Hurricane

Aug 30 2017 - Trump Presidency

What I would personally like to see is some emergency upfront funds to help with the temporary expenses, but as you can imagine, it is going to take a while to assess the

Aug 01 2017 - Democratic Party

I'm happy to work with Senator Schumer to figure out what his concerns

Aug 01 2017 - Trumpcare

I don't think he's got much experience in the Senate, as I recall. And he's got a big job. He ought to do that job and let us do our

Jul 30 2017

He came into the office with a clear agenda and ideas about what he wanted to do as attorney general. There's a lot of work to do, and there's not a lot of support there for him yet. He expressed his frustration with being distracted from that mission that he had so clearly in

Jul 27 2017 - Obamacare

The one thing that unifies our conference is the repeal of the individual mandate and the employer mandate, because those are two of the biggest overreaches of Obamacare and are essential to Obamacare's

Jul 25 2017 - Republican Party

Initially there was some thought maybe the House would take up the bill we passed, but that may not be the case. So what we need to do is make

Jul 25 2017 - Republican Party

We're trying to maximize the number of votes. What we're trying to do is convince everybody that if they'd like to get a vote on their amendment, then they need to vote to proceed to the House

Jul 24 2017

I don't think anybody has determined what the exact sequence will be, but it's not like anybody is going to get any favorable treatment, everybody's going to get a chance to get a vote on everything they want to get a vote on. Including

Jul 20 2017

He's not afraid of anybody or anything,

Jul 20 2017 - Trumpcare

I don't think that's productive, particularly right

Jul 20 2017

I don't think there is a gang to solve a problem he hasn't been a part

Jul 19 2017 - Obamacare

Democrats are strongly committed to Obamacare and are unwilling to admit structural problems, which create the problems we are having in the individual market today. But we'll do the best we can with the hand we've been

Jul 17 2017

We became pretty good at it

Jul 16 2017 - American politics

There's uncertainty about what the final outcome will be. I assume we'll keep trying. But at some point, if Democrats won't participate in the process, then we're going to have to come up with a different

Jul 13 2017

That's why it's important that we go ahead and schedule the

Jul 12 2017 - Republican Party

I don't know exactly what happened, I'd like to know the whole

Jul 12 2017 - American politics

Now some people may say we're going to take this bogus argument of, you know, you're giving tax cuts to the rich and cutting Medicaid to the poor. It's a bogus argument, but [we're] trying to take one sharp stick off the table in that

Jul 12 2017

I think it is admission of the fact that Senator Schumer has been very effective at slowing things down to a crawl and blocking the confirmation of President Trump's cabinet and other sub-cabinet level officials and making it hard to get things done. I think it is important we demonstrate we are productive starting next week with the health care bill, and that is what I'm focused

Jun 30 2017 - China

We'll try to enable Cfius to take a tougher line against certain investments emanating from those nations that pose a clear threat to our national security, focused particularly in the area of advanced

Jun 27 2017 - Republican Party

He's having some phone calls with people, but nothing too specific right

Jun 27 2017

I don't think we're just going to be able to solve border security with a physical barrier because people can come under, around it and through

Jun 26 2017 - Trumpcare

Some people have been more public about concerns but said they want to get to

Jun 26 2017

I am closing the door. We need to do it this week before double digit premium increases are announced for next

Jun 21 2017

Nobody can really tell us how many of these children are being trafficked, become recruited as gang members or anything of that nature, can you? You could use some help from the policymakers, in my

Jun 20 2017

But, failing that, I've always said we need to get it done

Jun 15 2017 - Republican Party

There's going to be trade-offs. We're trying to do this in a careful, thoughtful sort of

Jun 14 2017 - Trumpcare

I'd say give us a little more time. The end of July by the

Jun 09 2017 - Republican Party

It's no secret to anybody that this president is not experienced in the ways of Washington, of how these investigations work. When you have the FBI director telling you three times you're not the subject of an investigation and you ask him, would you please announce that publicly' and he refuses, I can understand why the president would be frustrated by

Jun 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

He said there was no investigation of the president by the FBI. He said that three

Jun 08 2017

This is sort of a new world with Russian involvement in one our most democratic of institutions, that is the election. People can make allegations. They can guess, they can gossip but none of that really matters. What we need to do is get to the bottom of it and get the facts, and that's what we're going to

Jun 06 2017 - Republican Party

We have to get this done by the end of the July because then we need to get on to taxes in the

Jun 05 2017

We've been talking about this for seven years, so now is the time to start coming up with some tangible alternatives and building

Jun 03 2017 - Republican Party

We'll get it done by the end of July at the

May 29 2017 - Trump Presidency

Director Mueller, as special counsel, is doing this investigation, and we don't want to do anything to get in the way. That is a train wreck waiting to

May 23 2017

Almost every president's budget proposal is basically dead on arrival, including President Obama'

May 22 2017

I just think it's the prerogative of Congress to make those decisions in consultation with the president. But almost every president's budget proposal that I know of is basically dead on

May 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

Lieberman "may be the only potential nominee that could get 100 votes that I know of. Everybody likes and respects Joe

May 16 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

I don't know the facts, so I really want to wait until I find out what the facts are before commenting. You know, that's a very serious charge. I wouldn't want to answer a hypothetical

May 16 2017

The best way I can serve is continuing to fight for a conservative agenda in the U.S.

May 16 2017

He enjoys the broad support of our conference. And so I think a lot depends on what his decision is going to

May 14 2017 - Russia

The president has a chance to clean up the mess that he mostly created. He really I think did his staff a disservice by changing the explanation. So I would encourage the president to pick somebody we can all rally around, including those who work in the

May 14 2017

I have the distinct privilege of serving 28 million Texans in the United States Senate, and that is where my focus

May 09 2017

I don't think we're going to be talking about much else other than healthcare at least three days a week with all members of our conference present. If we have to make modifications in order to pass it, we'll make those modifications and work out the differences with the

May 09 2017

Ds were against Comey before they were for

May 05 2017 - Republican Party

We're not under any deadline, so we're going to take our

Apr 24 2017

I think there's a lot of desire to keep that power within the

Apr 09 2017 - Syria conflict

Congress needs to work with the president to try and deal with this long-term strategy, lack of strategy, really, in Syria. We haven't had one for six years during the Obama administration, and 400,000 civilians have died and millions of people have been displaced internally and externally in Europe and

Apr 08 2017 - Syria conflict

We … need a strategy to figure out what is our goals in Syria. Is our goal just to defeat Isis or is our goal to change the regime, and if there is policy to change the regime what comes next?feedback

Apr 08 2017 - Syria conflict

We don't have the benefit of a larger strategy. [For] the same reason I think the administration [has] difficulty coming up with a strategy, because it's very, very

Apr 04 2017 - SCOTUS

If Judge Gorsuch is unacceptable to our Democratic colleagues, there will never be a nominee by this president that you will find acceptable.

Apr 03 2017 - SCOTUS

If they filibuster Neil Gorsuch, they are going to filibuster everyone that this president might

Apr 03 2017 - US, Russia relations

Sometimes I think this is a distraction from what we should be

Mar 30 2017

My hope has always been that there would be a few people who would say, Look, I'm going to vote to give the judge an up-or-down vote, and that would start a landslide - or at least

Mar 30 2017 - SCOTUS

It's sort of like the Hatfields and McCoys; the feud's been going on for so long that people have forgotten what the initial causes were. But it did start back in the George W. Bush administration when this whole idea of filibustering judges with requiring 60 votes was cooked up. And, unfortunately, we've been through 15 years of that, and this is just the latest incarnation of that

Mar 29 2017

We can't pass anything without them. I'm not there yet, but it could

Mar 28 2017

I think they're becoming very aware of how hard the legislative process is. I look at it as a

Mar 27 2017 - Republican Party

I don't think we can give up, but it's clear it needs to be done on a bipartisan

Mar 23 2017

We are basically running out of time. We can't get to tax reform or other things until we get this

Mar 22 2017 - SCOTUS

It's hard to find anything to criticize Judge Gorsuch about in terms of his record, his demeanor, his temperament, and his

Mar 21 2017

Justice Scalia was unique. His wit and style brought the Constitution to life, for lawyers in their first year of law school and for the American public at large. He led the most important legal revolution in our lifetimes, tethering judicial interpretation to the written text. What a

Mar 20 2017

You're not a politician running for election, judge, as you know. I would encourage my colleagues to carefully consider the nominee on the merits and nothing

Mar 20 2017

Let the American people

Mar 20 2017 - SCOTUS

I think the best thing the White House could do is just let the Senate do its

Mar 16 2017 - Mexico

It may not be possible to do everything we want to do by April

Mar 15 2017

Deductibles are

Mar 09 2017

There have been six or seven years of input. We have to pass it because the alternative is the status

Mar 07 2017 - Wiretapping

I think all of that is part of the investigation. It needs an investigation so we can find out what the facts are. We'll follow the facts wherever they may

Mar 01 2017

I think you're going to see a lot greater coordination, much better communication, because I think that's the key to our

Feb 28 2017

If you're talking about disrupting business models that people have come to depend on, there's a lot in play and a lot at

Feb 17 2017

The hard reality is the border tax is on life support, and given the imperative of 51 senators and 218 House members and one president, I think we need to look for other

Feb 14 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

We have standing committees in the Senate that have all the appropriate clearances to do the investigations. We'll follow the investigation wherever it

Feb 08 2017

They know we're going to be successful, so stunts like staying up all night and making speeches, I'm not sure who they're trying to impress other than their dysfunctional base by stopping and slowing down these confirmations which will be successful eventually. Everybody just needs to get a good night's

Feb 06 2017

I have zero concerns about his independence being

Feb 04 2017

The question is, who is going to pay the tax? Is it going to be our citizens?feedback

Feb 03 2017 - Trump administration

They're putting office numbers on the internet and social media. In some part this is a protest against the Trump administration and confirmation of some of the

Feb 01 2017 - Ukraine Crisis

Our country is no longer respected by many of our friends around the world because we have withdrawn from international leadership. We are no longer feared by our adversaries, who are all too quick to fill the leadership vacuum around the world … Russia being perhaps the most obvious example, not only in Crimea and Ukraine but obviously, in Syria and now in Libya. And it's dangerous, it's

Feb 01 2017

So I'm really pleased that we'll have a new secretary of state, and a new national security leadership team. If there's one thing that I think President Trump has done right is select good

Jan 24 2017

I'm not going to re-litigate that. It's time to move

Jan 24 2017

Today's news is a breath of fresh air, and proof that President Trump won't let radical special-interest groups stand in the way of doing what's best for American

Jan 24 2017

They thought that was an area maybe to find common ground, and then Sen McConnell made the important point it needs to be paid for because we've got $20 trillion in

Jan 20 2017

It ain't gonna happen. Nobody's going to lose

Jan 11 2017

Tax reform is the one that I hear mentioned most often, but that hasn't been finally

Jan 06 2017

Senator McConnell made clear that people needed to delay their trip home in order to be here in case there was a need to vote. That's why we were all in

Jan 05 2017

The Senate operating at warp speed is still nothing compared to what the House can

Dec 12 2016

We're not going to let anybody fall through the

Dec 09 2016

Working all night and into the weekend won't change the inevitable

Dec 08 2016

They're not going to get what they want. They ought to actually be grateful for what they

Dec 02 2016

And right now, we've got a lot on our

Dec 02 2016

Paul Ryan, who I admire tremendously, he's a big thinker. He's a big idea guy. I'm actually trying to figure out, How do we get it passed? The first test would be, Can it pass the House?feedback

Nov 29 2016

This is a failed piece of legislation and it's coming apart at the seams, but it's going to take us a while to make that transition from the repeal to actually replacing it with more affordable

Nov 22 2016

The question is whether we do it now or whether we send it to our kids and grandkids and make them pay for it. So that's an important point that we need to achieve some consensus

Nov 01 2016

AG Lynch has authority to unravel Clinton email mess by appointing a special counsel who can convene an impartial grand

Jul 01 2016

An attorney cannot represent two parties in a dispute and must avoid even the appearance of

Jun 28 2016 - Zika

I wonder what the senators who voted against this bipartisan Zika funding bill would tell the mother of this

Jun 20 2016

Any time you are denying an American citizen their constitutional rights it ought to be with

May 12 2016

I think you will see people unifying behind the nominee ... people don't want four more years of this administration under Hillary

May 12 2016

The issue of tone did come up. he gave some advice to Trump on "the importance of the Hispanic vote and the whole idea of distinguishing between illegal immigration and legal

Apr 21 2016

We should use every means available to prevent the funding of terrorism, and the victims of terrorism in our country should be able to seek justice from people who do fund that terrorist

Mar 01 2016

I'll support the

Mar 01 2016 - Ku Klux Klan

You will find candidates who will have to separate themselves from the party's nominee if somebody like him is the nominee. Some of the controversial statement he's made, for example, not disavowing David Duke when he had the opportunity to do so, he seems like he would be a lightning

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