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Rather than probe the North Koreans by empowering a high-level envoy to meet with them, President Trump is chiding his top diplomat and mocking the very notion of talks on
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Oct 11 2017 Trump Presidency
The latest quote from John Delury is: “There's no logic in the North Korea context, so we can conclude this is not really about North Korea. This is not part of real North Korea policy at all.”. It comes from the Almost no North Koreans travel to the U.S., so why ban them? article. You’ll find on this page 32 articles with John Delury quoted on topics such as North Korea, China and stamp. John Delury has been quoted 50 times in 32 articles.
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Sep 03 2017 - US, China relations

They are barrelling ahead on their nuclear and missile programmes and we need to find an

Aug 29 2017 - North Korea

I think what's most distressing about this new test is the fact that it flew over Japan and landed near the islet of Hokkaido. But we need to contextualize it. This is not new. North Korea is playing with some of the domestic politics in Washington, in Seoul, and maybe in Tokyo. On both sides you've got people who are arguing harder positions and more moderate positions. And actions like this obviously strengthen the hand of hardliners

Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

Convincing Kim to hand over his last bomb could take decades, and the world may never reach the perfect outcome of complete, verifiable, and irreversible

Aug 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

North Korea will start focusing on its prosperity instead of its self-preservation only once it no longer has to worry about its own destruction. And North Korea will consider surrendering its nuclear deterrent only once it feels secure and prosperous and is economically integrated into Northeast Asia. What's more, the world can best help most North Koreans by relieving their deprivation and bringing down the walls that separate them from the outside

Aug 12 2017 - Olympic Games

The whole point of the Olympics is to use sports as a way to bridge even the most acrimonious political divides. Given President Moon Jae-in's underlying belief in the need for dialogue, reconciliation and cooperation between the two Koreas, it certainly makes sense that South Korea would try some form of co-hosting. Whether Pyongyang is capable of being engaged is a question that can only be answered by

Aug 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

It's a shame [Secretary of State] Rex Tillerson was in the same room as the North Korean foreign minister, who is a reasonable person, and that discussion didn't occur. Both sides need to probe to find a way to step back from the cliff and change these

Aug 09 2017 - North Korea

If the red line he drew today was 'North Korea cannot threaten the U.S. anymore,' that line was crossed within an hour of him making that statement. Certainly, the president cannot back up a red

Aug 09 2017 - Trump Presidency

Every single day, there's a [North Korean] threat on the U.S. or its allies. We haven't really seen any spectacular new level of

Aug 09 2017 - China

What he literally did is he threatened war if North Korea continues to threaten the US – that's what is wild about this comment. That is not a good move if you are trying to keep the Chinese on your side because they give credence to the North Korean view that the reason for the nuclear deterrent in the first place is the American threat. And they would not see military action as being justified by any North Korean

Aug 09 2017 - China

Trump, after running a victory lap, now unleashes this verbal tirade, heightening all the tensions … It does not play well with

Aug 09 2017 - China

From a Chinese perspective, [Trump] is the one who has

Jul 06 2017 - China

It requires nothing on China's part, so it's easy for them to make such a

Jul 06 2017 - China

There's been a lot of wishful thinking on the U.S. side that China was coming around in its

Jun 21 2017 - North Korea

What Trump is saying is, I don't need you on North Korea now, and therefore maybe we should have it out on these other issues, like

Jun 20 2017

I'm sure there are high-ranking North Koreans who regret what happened to Warmbier and who think this was a mistake. You've got to capitalize on this, and influence their internal debates to get them to recognize and acknowledge what

Jun 20 2017

The treatment of Otto Warmbier is beyond the pale of North Korea's usual standards. It's worth a forceful response. The U.S. government should not just throw up its hands and say, This is just how North Korea is.' But how do you do that in a smart way where there is some modicum of accountability?feedback

Jun 20 2017 - Trump administration

Perhaps his condition deteriorated and the authorities decided it was better to release him in a coma than as a corpse. North Koreans might have feelers out to see if there is a deal to be made with the Trump administration, and releasing Mr. Warmbier is a way to move that process along, while also removing what could be an obstacle down the

May 31 2017 - THAAD

There is a search for a face-saving trigger. During the review, the Thaad equipment would stay there but would be turned

May 10 2017

The baby stroller per capita numbers were

May 08 2017 - North Korea

It's hard not to relate it to what's going on in U.S.-North relations right now and we are at a peak. If there is some political motivation, it's that the detentions could be a pretext for President [Donald] Trump to send a high-level envoy to Pyongyang to get them

May 08 2017 - North Korea

PUST was sort of a breakthrough. They are people who probably really believe in a cause … this very basic level type of North Korea engagement with a society that is extremely

May 05 2017 - North Korea

There's the wild card factor. It takes us back to one of Trump's first statements about North Korea where he said why don't we talk to the guy. He shares a premise there with South Korean liberals. Are these two guys really so out of joint?feedback

May 04 2017 - South Korea

Washington has grown used to conservative governments in Seoul that back a hard-line approach to the North, so it could be an awkward and painful period of adjustment in getting used to liberals' very different philosophy of inter-Korean

Apr 27 2017 - North Korea

There is no way to hit North Korea without being hit back harder. There is no military means to 'preempt' its capabilities – nuclear and otherwise – with a 'surgical' strike. Any use of force to degrade its weapons program would start a war, the costs of which would be

Apr 26 2017 - THAAD

There's a sense in Seoul that THAAD deployment has been rushed based on the timetable of South Korea's presidential election rather than North Korea's threats. To some extent, the acceleration of THAAD deployment has 'worked,' limiting the next South Korean leader's room for maneuver. But there's the danger of a backlash among the South Korean public feeling like a pawn in the game of 'America

Apr 15 2017 - Russia

Kim Jong-un can be expected to continue his country's progress toward a robust nuclear deterrent until such point as he sees another path that better serves his

Mar 10 2017

A political vacuum like this in a key ally that borders a major nuclear threat is not good for the U.S. I think it's been underestimated as a danger and as a destabilizing factor. The role of a South Korean president, whether liberal or conservative, is to be the person who gently takes that option off the table. The South Korean president has to be saying, If you take out their missile pad, they take out our capital.' But that hasn't been

Mar 10 2017 - North Korea

Now is a critical transition moment. Starting tomorrow, the question is, where does all this energy go? The unifying factor was a focus on getting rid of a problem. Now, they have to figure out, how do you turn that energy into something more constructive than destructive?feedback

Mar 08 2017 - North Korea

If the U.S. really hopes to achieve peace on the Korean peninsula, it should stop looking for ways to stifle North Korea's economy and undermine Kim Jong Un's regime and start finding ways to make Pyongyang feel more secure. This might sound counterintuitive. But consider this: North Korea will start focusing on its prosperity instead of its self-preservation only once it no longer has to worry about its own

Mar 08 2017

Wang Yi is putting it out there for Trump, saying 'here's an off-ramp to the current

Jan 26 2017 - North Korea

North Korea is already pretty far along, they've got momentum. In technical terms, they're pretty self-reliant at this point and don't need to buy things 'over the table' from

Aug 21 2015 - North Korea

North Korea is a constant font of generalised threats, but putting a time stamp on it is a little bit

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