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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which John Mozeliak is associated, including Carlos Martinez and Cardinals. Most recently, John Mozeliak has been quoted saying: “I do feel, from an organizational standpoint, our system is about as strong as it's been in awhile.” in the article The Cubs captivated the nation. The St. Louis Cardinals aren’t that impressed.

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I do feel, from an organizational standpoint, our system is about as strong as it's been in awhile.

I'm hopeful that our depth will support having this type of setback, but ultimately these are never good stories.

This type of contract is all about the future. This is about future earnings, and when you have someone at 25 years old who can hit free agency at 28, his leverage is far different than someone hitting free agency at 32 and not having to earn much at that point. Carlos felt it was important to get something done now.

It's not easy to get in touch at sea. Obviously this past week has been full of some ups and downs for us. I think getting to this point, at some level we're at a finish line. But we'll get back upstairs, we will focus on the arbitration hearing with Mr. Wacha and see if there's any other business down the road.

Our focus was to find a way to get a multiyear deal done. We were able to bring this to a head and obviously felt good about where we are on this, and ultimately had this gone to a hearing, I don't know what the next step would have been. But when I think back to the timing of this, it comes back to trying to keep Carlos in a Cardinals uniform as long as possible.

Carlos has demonstrated that he is ready to take his position among the game's top pitchers for many years to come. We are pleased to announce that he will be anchoring our starting rotation into the foreseeable future. Carlos felt it was important to get something done now; so did the Cardinals. When you look at the future now, knowing that Carlos Martinez can anchor this rotation for the next five years, that feels and sounds pretty good to me.

This has been a long and challenging process for all of us, especially those within our baseball operations department. We have learned a great deal along the way and we have taken additional steps to ensure that something like this doesn't ever happen again.

There's always the baseball angle in all decisions, but there's also the human element. We think about him as a leader. He wants to have a voice in that clubhouse. When you think back to wanting to change the culture of what we have going on – we like what we have, but now it's even better.

He was always someone we were hoping to sign, but after this past week at winter meetings ... we certainly wanted to get this done. And we're excited we got this done.

Brett was the one person we thought if we were going to make a splash in the bullpen, he was the one we identified. There was a lot of demand for him and it was moving.

I think it's a way we envision keeping a fresh bullpen.

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