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It's a big construction project, and all large projects can be a bit of a nuisance to the existing
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Oct 19 2017
Amazon wants to be welcomed by the community. If there are people protesting or objecting, I would think it would have an impact on Amazon's location decision. They want to make sure the community wants them as much as they want to be there.” said Mark Zandi on this article: Why Amazon’s New $5 Billion Headquarters May Ruin Your City. This page contains 80 articles quoting Mark Zandi. Main topics on which Mark Zandi is quoted are Christmas and sector. In addition you’ll find 102 quotes there. All these quotes are mentioned on this page and you can filter them by date and by topics.
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Sep 13 2017

The evacuation of much of the Sunshine State alone would have accounted for billions in lost output alone, even if the storm changed course and avoided Florida altogether. Combine that with evacuees' inability to return to work due to road closures and the widespread power outages roiling Florida, and the economic disruption will prove

Sep 05 2017

The Dreamers are on track to be a highly educated group, and losing them will be a significant blow to businesses already struggling to find educated and skilled young

Sep 04 2017

We already spent the money. Now, all we're doing is simply paying for

Sep 01 2017 - Unemployment

At this pace, unemployment, which is already low, is going to fall lower and it's on track to go below 4 percent by this time next year. I think that's slowly picking up – it just takes time. Workers are out of practice asking for pay

Sep 01 2017

I'm sure that's going to go higher, but that's our current

Aug 30 2017

The job market continues to power forward. Job creation is strong across nearly all industries, company sizes. Mounting labor shortages are set to get much

Aug 30 2017

The economy is powering ahead and we're getting 200K. We will see this slow, it's just a matter of

Aug 28 2017

This is going to be disruptive but the Houston economy will overcome it very quickly, just like other

Aug 25 2017

If he talks about the euro rise more in the context of 'this isn't going to have that big an impact on growth,' then that might suggest he's preparing markets for the likelihood he'll announce some winding down of the QE as we move into next

Aug 25 2017

The Fed will have to do some work here. I think, though, they'll probably wait until the September meeting to start doing that jawboning, to lay the foundations to try to get market expectations more consistent with what the Fed is

Aug 25 2017 - Federal Reserve

I think there's a lot of pressure on the Federal Reserve to normalize monetary

Aug 02 2017 - Unemployment

The American job machine continues to operate in high gear. Job gains are broad-based across industries and company sizes, with only manufacturers reducing their payrolls. At this pace of job growth, unemployment will continue to quickly

Jul 31 2017

This is an administration that has shown it can't get anything done. Absolutely

Jul 25 2017

Asset markets are very highly priced and investors are complacent,'. The pre-conditions for a significant correction in markets are coming into

Jul 24 2017

The valuations in financial markets are very high right now. This has got to be making Fed officials

Jul 17 2017 - Immigration

Limiting immigration to the U.S. is a grave mistake. The only way to meaningfully increase U.S. economic growth on a sustained basis anytime soon is to increase

Jul 07 2017 - Unemployment

The job market continues to power forward. Abstracting from the monthly ups and downs, job growth remains a stalwart between 150,000 and 200,000. At this pace, which is double the rate of labor force growth, the tight labor market will continue getting

Jul 06 2017

People are out of practice when it comes to asking for higher

Jul 06 2017

It just takes time. A tight labor market will lead to greater wage

Jul 06 2017

The job market continues to power forward. At this pace, which is double the rate of labor force growth, the tight labor market will continue getting

Jul 06 2017

This is going to be the biggest problem businesses will face in the foreseeable

Jun 07 2017 - NAFTA

If you look at Indiana's economy, it makes sense that Pence would develop a pro-trade stance. Slightly more than half of the state's metro areas have exports accounting for more than 10 percent of gross metro product. Moreover, Indiana's automotive industry, which helped power the state's strong recovery after the Great Recession, relies on a seamless North American supply chain, provided for under NAFTA. Therefore, I assume that he would hesitate to create any NAFTA-related uncertainty, based on his experience in

Jun 01 2017 - Unemployment

I think 4 percent unemployment is dead-ahead, and we'll probably go past

Jun 01 2017

Job growth is rip-roaring. The current pace of job growth is nearly three times the rate necessary to absorb growth in the labor force. Increasingly, businesses' number one challenge will be a shortage of

Jun 01 2017

Labor shortages are quickly becoming businesses' number one problem_and that problem is only going to get

May 17 2017

It is not an existential threat to households and the economy. It is an area where there is some

May 14 2017

We are coming out of deep, dark hole called the housing bust, but we are a long way from normal, and we may never get back to normal, if normal was the average person stayed in their home for four or five years. We're at eight-plus now, and even under the best of circumstances, maybe we get to

May 14 2017

People aren't moving from weak economies to better economies. They aren't moving from jobs that aren't as suited to them to jobs that are. When moving becomes more difficult financially, the economy becomes less

May 07 2017 - NAFTA

The Mexican economy has its problems, but it has arguably been the best-performing Latin American economy in recent years. It has become less dependent on the ups and downs in oil prices, and more integrated into the global supply chain. Given its young population, Mexico has a bright economic future, particularly if it is able to address its problem with crime and

May 07 2017 - NAFTA

Those apparel, textile and light manufacturing jobs will simply go to other lower-cost producers in other parts of the

May 07 2017 - NAFTA

Even if NAFTA should be changed in favor of the U.S., it is very unlikely that this will mean that the jobs the U.S. lost to Mexico in the decade after NAFTA was passed will ever come back to the

May 05 2017 - Unemployment

Job growth slowed in April due to a pullback in construction and retail jobs. The softness in construction is continued payback from outsized growth during the mild winter. Brick-and-mortar retailers cut jobs in response to withering competition from online

May 03 2017

Fundamental job growth is still

May 02 2017

They'll work to reaffirm. They'll say effectively they're looking through it [economic weakness,].feedback

May 02 2017

They got to 17.5 million by pulling forward sales. This year they've given up on that, particularly on the lending side. Delinquencies rose and loan quality eroded, and so they pulled back. This has more to do with the dynamics in the lending market than it does to have anything to do with the strength of the

May 02 2017

There's one conceptual difference between BLS and ADP. With BLS, you have to have been paid during the survey week. ADP is simple. You have to be on the payroll. ... The bar for BLS is higher. For BLS, you have to be on the payroll and you have to have been paid during the survey week. You saw a big decline in the BLS number and in the number of industries that were sensitive to weather. Construction is the best

Apr 28 2017 - Unemployment

There are a lot of tailwinds behind consumers going into the spring, including low unemployment, better wage growth, high consumer confidence and record stock

Apr 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

The reality regarding the economy's performance is not nearly as good as Trump supporters believe nor as bad as claimed by Trump detractors. Trump detractors who believe the new president will quickly drive the economy into a ditch are overly pessimistic. Sustained economic growth is possible, but will require that Trump supporters and detractors find a way to work together. There are budding imbalances today, of which we should be watchful, but none appear close to being an existential threat to the current

Apr 15 2017

This is creative destruction at its best. We are downsizing a part of the economy that is uncompetitive. While painful for those in the middle of it, this is how we grow and wealth is

Apr 07 2017 - China

I actually think it's going to be over 200,000. I think it's going to be a good number. The trade balance is stabilizing and we're starting to export a bit more. The global economy is on firmer ground. The value of the dollar is more stable. Manufacturing took it on the chin when China stumbled and the dollar rose. The economy has stabilized, and the dollar found its footing. That's reflected in better exports, better trade balance, and that's been a big plus for

Apr 07 2017

That is a big turnaround. Goods-producing [industries] were losing lots of jobs a year ago. They're adding jobs. That's why the [government] jobs numbers are holding up as well. The services numbers have been doing what they're

Apr 06 2017 - China

I think we're probably seeing the best of the growth [in manufacturing] right now. We had a really good past three months and probably have a good solid three months to go. I think by the end of the year, it will be softer. The trade balance is stabilizing and we're starting to export a bit more. The global economy is on firmer ground. The value of the dollar is more stable. Manufacturing took it on the chin when China stumbled and the dollar

Apr 06 2017

The economy has stabilized, and the dollar found its footing. That's reflected in better exports, better trade balance, and that's been a big plus for manufacturing. They're weakening now, so as we move through the year, that's not going to be the source of growth. It's not going to be the source of new jobs, as it has been. Sales have

Apr 05 2017

Job growth is off to a strong start in 2017. The gains are broad-based but most notable in the goods producing side of the economy including construction, manufacturing and

Mar 10 2017

This is still largely an Obama economy. In the year ending in January 2017, job growth averaged 195,000 per month. That is a good estimate of Obama's contribution to the February employment gain. Unseasonably mild winter weather likely added another 50,000 to the February gain. An improving global economy is responsible for about 15,

Mar 08 2017

Confidence is playing a large role. Businesses are anticipating a lot of good stuff – tax cuts, less regulation. They are hiring more

Mar 02 2017 - American politics

I think the Trump rally is very vulnerable. It's about corporate tax cuts and lots less regulation. Stock investors are attaching a high probability to both this year. It's almost a done deal in their minds. I doubt it. The odds that the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress get it sufficiently together to pass tax reform and make big regulatory changes are dropping. This is interesting. And a reasonable question. Pence would be an establishment Republicans' dream come

Feb 22 2017

The only way we're going to create more manufacturing jobs, more factories here in the United States is if we make it more attractive to be here in the United States. That means a good infrastructure, that lowers transportation costs. If you're a manufacturer and have to move stuff around, you've got to be able to do it more cheaply. It means an efficient and fair tax code, so corporate tax reform would make it much easier to operate

Feb 15 2017

You layer that on top of a full-employment economy, that means higher inflation. That means they're going to have to raise rates more

Feb 15 2017

Are we going to get fiscal stimulus, ... finance tax cuts, deficit increases? Because that really matters for the path of future monetary policy. There's just a boatload of uncertainty here, so that's complicating

Feb 14 2017 - Federal Reserve

A lot of what the Federal Reserve will do this year will depend on what President Trump and Congress do, and at the moment we have no idea what will emerge from Congress. Until there is some clarity about what President Trump and Congress have in mind, I think the Fed is going to be

Feb 02 2017 - Christmas

If we get over 200,000, it's pretty much across the board. Construction, because of the weather. Manufacturing was pretty good. Retail and temp help because they didn't hire in the Christmas buying season so they're not laying off. The most positive news is the job losses in the energy sector are

Feb 01 2017

2017 got off to a strong start in the job market. Job growth is solid across most industries and company sizes. Even the energy sector is adding to payrolls

Jan 03 2017

At the end of the day, the strategy is to create more jobs here in the United States. I think it's a failing strategy. It's not going to work. It's not going to make a difference. I don't think this changes the number of jobs that are in the vehicle industry four years from

Jan 03 2017

It's truly a global supply chain. Things are produced in lots of different places and assembled in lots of different places. It's hard to know what the foreign content of a car is, what percent of a car assembled here is produced somewhere

Nov 30 2016

The labor market feels very good. Mr. Trump is inheriting a very strong

Nov 09 2016

It raises the odds that the Fed will not move in

Nov 04 2016

This is clearly a boost to the Clinton campaign. The economy is solid and most importantly wage growth is accelerating. And most people think of their financial world through the prism of their paycheck. Now they can say it's bigger than last

Nov 02 2016

The labor market continues to close in on full

Nov 02 2016

However, there is some weakness in construction, education, and

Oct 28 2016 - Unemployment

The consumer should continue to power the economy. The job market is very strong, unemployment is low and wage growth is picking up. I don't see any constraints on the

Oct 17 2016

It means people who want to work are able to find

Oct 06 2016

With regard to the 2014 paper, it is difficult to distinguish between the information from ADP and the consensus in the past several years given that monthly job growth has been remarkably stable. The real test will occur when job growth slows significantly or actually declines in a consistent

Oct 05 2016

Job growth has moderated in recent months, but only because the economy is finally returning to full

Sep 01 2016

If the jobs number is enough to have markets attach a more than 50 percent probability, that would be enough to get them to

Aug 31 2016

I think they can wait. I think they're very cautious. This FOMC is particularly cautious, and I don't think they'll move. I think they could have a window where markets are very calm, volatility is low. They have an opportunity. They should, but I just sense they are very cautious and will

Aug 31 2016

Subtracting from these technical issues, I think job growth is somewhere between 175,000 and 200,

Aug 31 2016 - Unemployment

I think you need something like 200,000 and a 4.8 percent unemployment rate. I think if you got those numbers, that could be enough to convince enough people to

Aug 31 2016

Broadly speaking, the labor market feels really good. All of the internals of the labor market are

Aug 24 2016

The economy continues to perform well and its near-term prospects are good. The most serious threat is the persistently slow potential

Aug 04 2016 - Deloitte

I'm sure it will create its own riddles. It always does. I think it's going to be a solid report. I think broad-based growth across industries. Energy will still be laying off. Manufacturing will be flat. Otherwise, I expect a solid report. I expect to see solid growth in health care, professional services, leisure and

Aug 04 2016 - Deloitte

It will be pretty hard for businesses to fill some

Aug 03 2016

This isn't about actually what will happen [politically], it's about what they say they want to get done. In the case of the Clinton campaign, they are very transparent. The problem modeling the Clinton economic policies is that there's a lot of policies. And there's a lot of moving

Jul 29 2016

It is amazing how resilient the U.S. economy has been in the face of all these uncertainties and shocks. The job market is just incredible, and those gains will boost incomes and support stronger consumer spending in the second half of the

Jul 12 2016

The market is actually leading the way here, but I think there's also a recognition among CEOs that there's this sentiment, probably reasonably placed, that the gap between their pay and other senior executives and those at the bottom of the rung has widened, so they're sensitive to that. There's some benevolence, but I don't know that it would have happened without the job market leading the

Jul 12 2016 - Unemployment

It's nice to try to lead the way. The labor market is tight and going to get tighter. Our biggest problem going forward is not going to be unemployment, it's going to be a lack of labor. It's not surprising that companies are trying to get out ahead of this and trying to raise wages. He's not the first. You had McDonald's, Wal-Mart, Target and

Jul 08 2016

There are pockets of weakness in North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Global competition has hurt manufacturing dependent parts of these states, and the recent slump in energy prices is also

Jun 26 2016

The key thing is the very large budget deficits which would ensue under his

Jun 26 2016

Only a small part of that is paid for so you get very large budget deficits and much higher government debt–on top of an economy that's already at full

Jun 19 2016

That would have serious implications for Europe, and also for the global economy. It's quite easy to construct scenarios where this plays out very badly over

Jun 03 2016

There's no other data that's available that would suggest job growth has slowed, certainly to the degree this number would suggest. You can't dismiss it. It's an important report, but there are times when the data, for whatever reason, are not representative of the reality of what's going

May 06 2016

I do expect wage growth to continue to

May 04 2016

The job market appears to have stumbled in April. Job growth noticeably slowed, with some weakness across most sectors. One month does not make a trend, but this bears close watching as the financial market turmoil earlier in the year may have done some damage to business

Mar 30 2016

The job market continues on its amazing streak. The March job gain of 200,000 is consistent with average monthly job growth of the past more than four years. All indications are that the job machine will remain in high

Mar 02 2016

At the current rate of job growth – 250K plus per month – we are absorbing any remaining slack in the labor market very rapidly. We're closing in on full

Feb 03 2016

Job growth remains strong despite the turmoil in the global economy and financial markets. Manufacturers and energy companies are reducing payrolls, but job gains across all other industries remain robust. The U.S. economy remains on track to return to full employment by

Feb 03 2016

Outside of that, job growth is very

Jan 26 2016

I still see four Fed rate hikes this year. I believe the market turbulence will abate. The labor market has not been damaged by the turmoil, and job growth will be sufficient to achieve full employment by the middle of this

Jan 06 2016

Strong job growth shows no signs of abating. The only industry shedding jobs is energy. If this pace of job growth is sustained, which seems likely, the economy will be back to full employment by mid-year. This is a significant achievement, given that the last time the economy was at full employment was nearly a decade

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