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[Chipotle stock] is starting to form a base down at the $300
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Oct 18 2017 Chipotle
Matt Maley has been quoted in 63 different articles. Most recently, Matt Maley has been quoted saying, “The stock is seeing a 'death cross' today ... and it is testing its lows from May & June (just below $51)” in an article called This Dow stock just entered into a 'death cross'. This is only one of 87 quotes from Matt Maley. To see more examples Matt Maley’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Matt Maley's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Matt Maley said about Russell recently and in the past.
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Sep 07 2017

Gold has gotten quite over-bought on a near-term basis, so it has gotten ripe for a near-term pull-back … Once the yellow metal can work off this over-bought condition, we'll have to see if gold can rally

Sep 01 2017

My stance right now is that it's a small yellow flag on the economy, not a red one at all. So we're going to have to see more negative data before this becomes a serious issue. But it's something we'll be watching very closely in the next few

Sep 01 2017

The one concern is that housing starts data has been down in four of the last five months. It's a very good leading indicator on what's happening in a very important sector of our

Aug 21 2017

The further we move into the year, and the further we don't get anything on this, the more damaging that's going to

Aug 18 2017 - Amazon

The reason this could be an issue is because the XRT had been going down for quite some time, showing the retail stocks weren't doing well, but everybody was saying that's okay, the consumer is still doing well, because they're buying all their stuff through

Aug 04 2017

We saw it in 1928, when people were talking about how we were going to stay at never-ending high levels. We saw it in the late 1990s, when they said that we were in a new economy and that the tech stocks were going to go up forever. Now we're talking about … ETFs and how that is going to make sure that volatility stays low

Aug 04 2017

I get very nervous when people say, Oh, geez, the volatility is gone. It's going to be gone forever, so everybody just sit back and relax.' It will come back. It always does, and I think it always

Aug 04 2017 - Walmart

It's getting to the top end of its upward-sloping trend channel. So it might take a little bit of a breather here, but that's OK, it's had a nice run. To be honest with you, it's funny because the entire retail sector on a technical basis looks quite good. I mean, the XRT had made a double-bottom back in June and it started to move up highly, making a couple of higher highs and higher lows. If it could move above its early June lows, above $41.60-ish, that's going to give it real momentum that's going to get the group to move even

Aug 04 2017

I like the stock here, and especially if it breaks off from its current level, because it would give it a nice higher high. [But] as good as Activision looks, there is a yellow flag in the tech stocks overall because the SOX semiconductor index, which has been a key leading subgroup for the tech stocks, is starting to roll over a

Aug 03 2017

We have too many people on one side of the boat. That is the exact opposite of what we had at the beginning of the year, just before the dollar fell out of bed. I think the risks are that we see a multi-week and even a multi-month rally in the dollar. If that takes place, that is going to cause a pickup of volatility in certain

Aug 03 2017

We have seen a big move in both the dollar and the euro. We are coming to a point here where the euro has become very over-owned and very over-loved, and the dollar has become very under-owned and very

Aug 03 2017

It could have an impact not only on emerging markets but on our markets, as

Jul 21 2017 - IPhone

Let's face it. Apple still generates huge amounts of cash, and I just wonder if we will get a 'buy the news' situation, either when earnings come out or when they announce the iPhone 8, and see if they can break

Jul 20 2017 - Amazon

As we move forward, it's going to be really important that people look at the important numbers in the housing sector, whether it be housing starts, existing homes and interest rates, and not look about what's going on with Amazon. Amazon's an important company and what they do is very important, but it's not the entire

Jul 20 2017 - Amazon

Let's face it. People nowadays, whenever Amazon does something, they shoot first and ask questions later, and that's what we seem to be doing in Home Depot and Lowe's this week. As those stocks bounce back, so will the rest of the housing

Jul 14 2017 - Netflix

[Bank of America] hasn't been able to break above those March highs, and this is important because everybody is bulled up on the banks. We had the great stress test results, we've had big dividend increases and buyback increases are very positive. But we'll see what happens after

Jul 13 2017

If it can continue to widen out, that's going to be positive for the banks. So that, plus the earnings report should be important to see whether the bank stocks can break out over the near term. If they can do that, and if the earnings can be a catalyst of that breakout, it will give investors the kind of confidence in the financial system that has been lacking ever since the 2008

Jul 13 2017

Even though they've rallied a lot lately, they have not broken above their March highs – they've kind of been trading in a sideways range – and if they can break out to new highs, that's going to be very

Jul 11 2017

It's great when the whole market goes down, and they throw the baby out with the bathwater so you get some stocks that pay some high dividends and you get them at a good

Jul 11 2017

One of these days, it's going to break that moving average, and when it does it's going to take

Jul 10 2017

If we see a further lower low next week, it's going to be really

Jul 07 2017

If for some reason these stocks start to roll over in any significant way, that's going to be a warning signal that the consumer is starting to pull on their horns. As good as the transportation stocks look right now, the new all-time highs they're making are only slight ones. So, we'd like to see a little more upside follow-through before we jump in with both feet. It will be very positive for the rest of the

Jun 27 2017 - Wall Street

Unlike most people, I'm getting a little bit nervous about the European trade in general, and in Spain as well, because you can't open The Wall Street Journal or turn on CNBC without somebody talking about how you need to be long Europe. It's had a nice run here. I don't want to overstate this: Things look very good on the fundamental side. But when so many people are talking one side of the boat here, it gets me a little bit nervous. And if things roll over, we might want to look at the northern European countries, rather than

Jun 20 2017

That has only taken place one other time this year (in the first two weeks of April), but the decline in the XLK was only 1.76% back then … while it was twice as strong this time (-3.45%).feedback

Jun 16 2017 - Oil

There's been a lot of negative news on the supply and demand equation for crude oil. However, the XLE energy ETF, which has been a good leading indicator for crude oil, outperformed last week for the first time in

Jun 16 2017

So it will be important that it continues above this line. The tech stocks have attracted a lot of leverage with their uninterrupted rally this year. If the XLK breaks below this line, it will cause some of that leverage to be unwound. This, in turn, could lead to a larger than expected correction in the

Jun 16 2017

If the dollar continues to rally, this could cause the emerging markets ETF to break below its fifty-day moving average, which has been key

Jun 08 2017 - Federal Reserve

Unless Comey drops a complete bomb shell … or crude oil begins to crash … the odds are pretty good that the stock markets will remain quiet until we hear from Janet Yellen next

Jun 07 2017

And in one case, it rolled over quite severely. Having said that, if we went back three times, it got to a 44 percent premium before it rolled over. So I might be grasping at straws a little bit, but I think it's always important to talk about both sides of the story, because this one does look quite

Jun 07 2017

Sentiment and positioning hasn't gotten extreme yet. We've got a lot more room to run here. I think $1,375 is a good target

Jun 06 2017

We've gotten some weak data from the housing industry lately. The ITB housing ETF just bounced off its 50-day moving average, but if lumber continues to decline it could lead to some weakness in the housing group. Since this is a divergence that's only a few days old, this is not a big concern yet. In fact, the IBB is within shouting distance of its own key resistance level of $

May 24 2017

So if you want to get the pulse of the consumer, keep track of the

May 24 2017

There can be some opportunities on a trading basis here and there, but I'm more concerned that on a long-term basis, the group has some big trouble. The key to note, of course, is that just because the retailers are going down, it's no longer a good measure of consumer sentiment or consumer spending

May 23 2017 - Bull market

Crude oil has rallied back above fifty dollars; the problem is energy equities have lagged. Energy equities tend to be a leading indicator [for oil], so we want to see this group actually lead oil higher before we get back to it in a major way. The problem is the positioning in this trade has gotten very extended, and its recent level is usually associated with tops. That doesn't mean that the bull market is over, but it could signal a pullback of about 10 percent or more in the

May 23 2017

[T]he Treasury market is telling us a very different story about the big pickup in growth that the consensus is looking for in the second half of the

May 15 2017

Since the tech stocks are overbought on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, it could mean that both this group and the broader market will pull back

May 15 2017

If it bounces above the top end of that pattern, it's going to be quite positive for the

May 15 2017

Don't wait for the pullback to take place, as that can cause panic to set in. Instead, have a plan in place in advance so that you can take advantage of any disruption in the

May 15 2017

In fact, it's touched $300 six different times. If it can finally break above that level at any meaningful fashion it's going to be very positive on a technical basis. People are worried that maybe it won't be able to break out. But even if it doesn't that's okay. The S&P has pulled back every year since

May 05 2017

Silver's near-term oversold condition might be making it ripe for a short-term

Apr 10 2017

The thing is, there's a lot of plastics in the semiconductors, and whenever that moves, they tend to move in tandem. Every once in a while, you see a divergence take place, and usually the leading indicator is this Taiwanese plastics index. It's not a real problem yet, but a divergence has been

Apr 08 2017

On a technical basis, today's a disappointing day. The fact that it rolled back over and it's not going to hold that level by the close is disappointing. If we break above that level, it will give us a lot of

Mar 31 2017 - AT&T

Given the uncertainty that surrounds what's going on in Washington . . . we wouldn't be surprised if the market saw some

Mar 30 2017

If things finally got down a little bit, if [Congress] finally got the blame for a few things, they'd finally get off their duffs and make a few structural changes that we need, to take the place of the monetary stimulus we've been getting for so many

Mar 30 2017

I mean, if you've been a passive investor in the retailers over the last two years, you've done very, very

Mar 06 2017

When valuations get as stretched as they are now, we never grow into those valuations; prices have to come

Mar 06 2017

But in the last five nice rallies we've had in the [QQQ], it had to get to over 40 percent above its 200-week moving average, so you could still see some more upside

Mar 03 2017

People who think the world's coming to an end are still getting more long because they have no choice. Everybody's scared to death about their

Feb 24 2017 - OPEC

Energy stocks usually lead crude oil ... so if history is any guide, the decline in the XLE should be telling us that the recent bounce in WTI is not going to last. The Commitment of Traders data shows that the 'specs' are loaded to the gills in crude oil – they have their largest net long position ever. Similarly, the 'commercials' have their largest net short positions

Feb 16 2017 - Bear market

And it's been above its 200-day moving average for a while, but this week, or in the last four, five days, it's broken above its 200-week moving average. So it's got some nice momentum there and that's very positive. Now, there was a big divergence however, in 2012, 2013, when we were really right in the meat of that bear market in emerging markets. But that correlation in the last year and a half, two years has reasserted itself, and oil is really not breaking

Feb 16 2017 - Oil

If [oil] can break out, that's going to give it much more higher potential for it to have another good year. But with oil, the way it is right now, it might limit that

Feb 16 2017

On a technical basis, it's at kind of a critical juncture here, pointing to a chart of the ITB, which closed Wednesday at $29.74 per share. It got right up to it in 2015, got right up to it in 2016. Each time, it couldn't break above it. So if it can finally break above it, it should attract some of that momentum money that can fuel it

Feb 13 2017 - Indonesia

Indonesia is a very domestic driven economy, so it would be less impacted by a trade

Feb 13 2017

People always think that you've got to have the hot guy with the hot stocks, but the really good long-term investor is someone who also avoids the bad ones, and there's more of them out there than there have been in the

Feb 02 2017 - Oil

The yield on the high-yield market is getting low, getting down near where it was in 2013, 2014 ... right before it saw a pullback. One was only a 7, 8 percent [pullback] but the other one was the big 20 percent correction, of course, when oil went

Feb 02 2017

So I don't know if we get anywhere near that kind of pullback, but we could get a 5, 6 percent pullback at some

Feb 02 2017

We have to worry a little bit about what's going on with interest rates, of course, but it's not just the level of interest rates. We have to worry about the steepness of the yield curve, because that's really where they make their money, in the yield curve. And ... the yield curve has flattened a little bit more than the bank stocks have come

Feb 02 2017

We highlight the banks once again because after a VERY strong post-election rally, they have actually been range-bound for almost two months (just like the S&P). Given how closely correlated the KBE & the [S&P 500] have been since the election, how this group acts going forward is going to be very important. So there's a little bit of a gap there that may cause a little bit of a headwind in the bank

Jan 31 2017 - Oil

In other words, there are A LOT of people on the bullish side of the boat in crude

Jan 27 2017

The ridiculous bubble top in 2000 … was very similar to the crazy bubble top that took place in the DJIA in

Jan 20 2017

Right now, the Russell is testing the bottom-end of ITS range, so if it breaks down further, it will raise a lot of concerns for the S&P. This is especially true since the Russell was a leading indicator for the S&P (to the downside) in the summer of

Jan 20 2017

You got a lot of people betting a lot of money that just in the next month, you're going to see

Dec 29 2016

Some of the very crowded trades, like being short the bond market, being long the bank stocks, being long the Russell 2000, things like that, may be under some near-term pressure as we move into the new year and not just for a couple weeks, but maybe even for six weeks to two

Dec 29 2016

Buying some puts or buying some calls in the bond market can be very inexpensive and a nice way to hold on to those positions over the long term but still protect yourself at the beginning of the

Dec 29 2016

In other words, it took a while for the strengthening dollar to have a negative impact on the EEM, but there is no question that it is finally creating some

Dec 07 2016

You might want to take advantage, just buy a few puts out there, because they're going to be relatively inexpensive, as the VIX is

Dec 02 2016

A 'rally on higher volume' is usually quite positive, but when it jumps THAT much at a time when it is already getting over-bought, ... it frequently signals the kind of 'buying panic' that is usually followed by at least a near-term

Nov 16 2016

But so far, we've only really had a bit of a sideways

Nov 16 2016

If it starts to creep further up from here, and if the bond market finally bounces a little bit and rates pull back to get people to calm down a little bit, that could give us an impetus to the

Nov 13 2016

If the market can hold up well...and if certain issues like the ones facing the emerging markets lead investors towards U.S. assets...we could still see more upside movement between now & the end of the

Nov 13 2016

Whether you're behind and you're trying to play catch-up, but even if you're ahead, you've got to stay ahead of the

Nov 11 2016

The group is up incredibly in the last three months, and it's getting very

Nov 08 2016

The market should now pull back no matter who wins ... it will just pull back more if Trump

Nov 07 2016

In other words, no matter what the biggest detractors of both candidates try to say, the markets & the economy will not collapse this month (or even next month).feedback

Nov 01 2016

The euro's been weak, the yen has been weak – that's going to make them more competitive, and some multinational companies in these individual countries should do quite

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