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We will cooperate if their demands meet the rules of our constitution. But we will not succumb to impositions, and we will reject any conditions that we cannot
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Oct 20 2017
Mevlut Cavusoglu has been quoted 115 times. The one recent article where Mevlut Cavusoglu has been quoted is Iraqi Kurds ‘miscalculated’ with independence vote. Most recently, Mevlut Cavusoglu was quoted as having said, “They thought they would make further gains – they didn't. They thought they would unite the Kurds. On the contrary it has unfortunately divided Kurds in Iraq. There is huge chaos and confusion.”.
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Mevlut Cavusoglu quotes

Jun 07 2017 - Turkey

If they want to leave, it is up to them. We are not going to beg. They were the ones who wanted to come and we helped

Jun 05 2017 - Turkey

At the moment, a visit to Konya is possible but not to Incirlik. In the future, if the conditions are there and there is normalization (a visit to) Incirlik may be possible. If Germany takes positive steps, we will always take two (positive) steps. But we cannot ignore the current situation. They have started a trend in Europe, the intelligence agencies are using journalists. Why? So that if they are caught, they can start a campaign and press for their release by claiming 'a journalist has been arrested, journalists are being

Jun 05 2017 - NATO

German MPs can visit the Konya base. There is no problem to visit Konya where we have a NATO base. And we are working on the technical details. At the moment there is no decision for

Jun 05 2017 - Iran

We are saddened by the existing picture. We will provide every kind of support for the situation to be

May 18 2017 - Turkey

Brett McGurk is definitely giving support to PKK and YPG. It would be useful if this person was

May 10 2017 - Kurds

Every weapon that goes to Y.P.G. is a threat against Turkey. The United States knows our opinions well. In our Washington visit, we will share those reasons with Trump. Our president will meet Trump

Apr 09 2017 - Russia

We want to continue our efforts with Russia in the Astana process in terms of measures to increase trust and establish a

Apr 08 2017 - Syria conflict

If this intervention is limited only to an air base, if it does not continue and if we don't remove the regime from heading Syria, then this would remain a cosmetic intervention. This oppressive Assad needs to

Apr 07 2017 - Syria conflict

If he doesn't want to go, if there is no transition government, and if he continues committing humanitarian crimes, the necessary steps to oust him should be

Apr 07 2017 - Syria conflict

This regime must be removed from leading Syria as soon as possible and the best way to do that is by starting the transitional

Apr 07 2017 - Syria conflict

This regime should be removed from Syria right away. The best way to do this is to establish the interim government, an interim government without

Mar 30 2017 - Turkey

We want to see the details in concrete

Mar 30 2017 - Turkey

On this issue we are expecting concrete steps. At least some administrative measures should be taken and our request for a temporary arrest be carried

Mar 12 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

We have other steps in mind. We've already begun planning them. We will certainly take those steps and

Mar 11 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

We will give them the response they

Mar 11 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

So they cancelled it due to security concerns, what, so is the minister a terrorist?feedback

Mar 11 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

So they cancelled it due to security concerns, what, so is the minister a terrorist? We will give them the response they

Mar 11 2017

Unfortunately Europe and several countries in Europe, the Netherlands being in the first place, they are reminiscent of the Europe of World War II. The same racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, we see all the crimes against humanity in today's politics. What are you going to do? Are you going to kill them, burn them or what?feedback

Mar 11 2017

Wilders is racist, fascist, Nazi, like a

Mar 11 2017 - Sanctions

If the Netherlands cancels my flight permit, our sanctions to the Netherlands would be

Mar 11 2017

This decision is a scandal and unacceptable in every way. It does not abide by diplomatic

Mar 11 2017 - Turkey

The Netherlands should stop this faulty understanding and approach...If they think Turkey will take whatever they do, that Turkey is gone. I told them this, stop this boss-like attitude. If Europe keeps this up, they will lose many places, including Russia and

Mar 11 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

I sent them so they could contribute to your economy ... They're not your captives. If my going will increase tensions, let it be. What damage will my going have on them? I am a foreign minister and I can go wherever I

Mar 09 2017 - Dutch elections 2017

I will go to the Netherlands, of course I will. Everybody should know that no such implementations, no such obstacles can stop us. Nobody can stop us from meeting our citizens. We will not succumb to fascists and racists like Wilders. We will go and meet our citizens whenever and wherever they

Mar 09 2017

No one has said (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel is a Nazi or (German Foreign Minister) Signar Gabriel is a Nazi. We have not called anyone a Nazi. Our President made a comparison in reference to certain practices. The trend in Europe at the moment reminds us of pre-World War II

Mar 08 2017 - Turkey

Do we want to continue as two 'friendly nations' or do we prefer to cut our ties? As Turkey we favour continuing as friends but Germany must decide on this as well so that we can go forward according to that

Mar 07 2017 - Human Rights

Please don't attempt to give us democracy and human rights

Mar 07 2017 - Human Rights

You prevent us from meeting our Turkish citizens. Does this suit humanity? Does this suit democracy? Does this suit human rights? Does this suit people's right to meet?feedback

Mar 03 2017

This has become a systematic practice of the German deep

Mar 03 2017 - Kurds

It's our duty to destroy these terrorist organizations wherever they

Mar 02 2017

We will move towards Manbij after the al-Bab operation is completed, but the operation has not started yet. We know that the U.S. special forces are in that region, and we want the YPG to leave Manbij as soon as

Feb 08 2017 - Daesh

On the issue of fighting Daesh, we – that is Turkey and Saudi Arabia – will be cooperating with the United States. We believe that the fight from now on will be more effective and that we will be able to clear both Syria and Iraq of Daesh. We told the previous administration not to rely on or trust a terror organization to fight an organization like Daesh. We said it would be a mistake but we were not able to get them to listen. The operation in Raqqa should be conducted with the right (groups) not with terror

Feb 08 2017

The al-Bab operation must be completed immediately in the period ahead ... In recent days our special forces and the Free Syrian Army (rebels) have made serious

Jan 27 2017 - Greece

We demand that the eight soldiers be tried again. This is a political decision, Greece is protecting and hosting coup plotters. We are evaluating what we can do. There is a migration deal we signed, including a readmission deal with Greece, and we are evaluating what we can do, including the cancellation of the readmission deal with

Jan 15 2017 - Cyprus

We do not want this to drag on for months. We have to decide in a week or two whether this (solution for unifying Cyprus) will finally happen or

Jan 12 2017 - Cyprus

Continuing the security and guarantor arrangements, which have been the basis of security and stability on the island for the last 43 years, is a necessity given the situation in the region. We are expecting this issue to be evaluated with an understanding in line with the realities on the

Jan 04 2017

The identity of the person carrying out the attack in Ortakoy has been

Jan 04 2017

The identity of the person who carried out the attack on the Reina nightclub has been

Dec 29 2016 - Iran

Regarding the agreement that will be signed by the regime, there is nothing final on whether Russia will be the only guarantor to sign it or whether it will be signed by Iran as well. But it is agreed that Russia will be a

Dec 29 2016 - Hezbollah

All foreign fighters need to leave Syria. Hezbollah needs to return to

Dec 20 2016 - Turkey

In Russia as well as in Turkey it is well understood that the main goal of the attackers was to damage Russia-Turkey relations and the success we have reached in the recent

Dec 20 2016 - Turkey

Turkey and Russia have shown the world what they can achieve when they

Dec 16 2016

I spoke to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif a short time ago. Our officials are talking to their Russian and Iranian counterparts as well as people on the ground to resolve this without further problems, but our wish is to secure a ceasefire in

Dec 16 2016 - Aleppo

There were fewer evacuations – only six convoys left the city. And answering the question 'are civilians evacuated?' Yes at this point only civilians have been

Dec 14 2016 - Aleppo

We see that the regime and other groups are trying to prevent this [evacuation deal]. There are Russia, Iran and groups supported by Iran and the Syrian regime. Nobody should put the blame on others when dealing with a humanitarian

Dec 14 2016 - Aleppo

We are continuing our meetings. We will speak with (Russian Foreign Minister Sergei) Lavrov and the Iranian foreign minister again

Dec 14 2016 - Aleppo

This includes Russia, Iran, forces supported by Iran and the

Dec 07 2016 - Turkey

Our wish is the immediate extradition of these people to

Dec 01 2016

We know that Assad is responsible for the deaths of 600,000 people. We may at times have different views on Assad from Russia – that is natural. But in general, on a ceasefire, on humanitarian aid and a political solution, we are in agreement with

Dec 01 2016 - Daesh

If there is no political solution in Syria, if there is no national unity, if its territorial integrity is not ensured, you may clear it of Daesh today, but tomorrow another organization will

Dec 01 2016

We are in agreement that a cease-fire is needed so that the tragedy can come to an

Nov 09 2016

Make a decision, brother! If you want the negotiations to stop, then stop them. If you want them to continue we are ready. But you have to treat us as equal partners. We cannot advance as long as you see us as second-rate

Nov 08 2016 - Kurds

We hope that this will be the case and we expect that our partners keep their

Nov 08 2016 - Turkey

Germany thinks that they are a first class country, a first class democracy, and that Turkey is second class. We want them to treat us as equal

Nov 08 2016 - Turkey

The DHKP-C and PKK are carrying out activities in Germany, but they support those because they are against Turkey. Germany is the country that supports terrorist organizations against Turkey the

Oct 26 2016 - Daesh

This operation will continue until al-Bab. The operation needs to continue, and it

Oct 24 2016 - Iraq

We will ensure that the PKK is not able to organize itself in the north of Iraq. We will make sure this zone is a zone of

Oct 24 2016 - Daesh

Our aim is to remove Daesh (Islamic State) from both Syria and Iraq. Iraq is a neighbor and friend for Turkey and for us the territorial integrity and stability in Iraq is as important as our

Oct 24 2016 - Daesh

(Kurdish) Peshmerga forces we trained in northern Iraq are actively participating, and local forces that we support in Bashiqa, are actively fighting

Oct 24 2016

They want to make in Sinjar a second

Oct 05 2016 - Iraq

Bashiqa camp was set up within the knowledge of Iraqi

Sep 09 2016 - Turkey

The delivery process of the 3.3 billion euros promised by the EU (for Syrians living in Turkey) should be accelerated. Of course it should be transparent and everyone should know where it is spent, but in an extraordinary period we should advance quicker. I think we are like-minded on that and, we should provide more help to people living in very difficult

Sep 08 2016 - German elections 2017

They have understood what kind of approach they must display toward Turkey, that they cannot treat Turkey the way they

Aug 24 2016

Above all, this is important for our security. It is important that the terror organisations are cleansed from the region and for the region's

Aug 23 2016 - Kurds

We will give every kind of support to the Jarablus operation. This is important for our own

Aug 22 2016 - Daesh

We'll fight against Daesh and other terrorist organisations until the end. And we'll continue to support countries and forces who are (also) fighting (ISIL)… And of course our border needs to be completely cleansed of

Aug 15 2016

I don't want to talk about the worst case scenario - talks with the EU are continuing but it's clear that we either apply all treaties at the same time or we put them all

Aug 15 2016

Turkish security forces continue their ground operations and air strikes against them (PKK militants). Our people should not worry. Those traitors will pay for what they

Aug 12 2016

We have to fight together against these terrorist organisations. For permanent peace and a solution in Syria, we'll strengthen our

Aug 11 2016 - Wiretapping

On August 6, on the night from Friday to Saturday they embarked on a ferry from Igoumenitsa with their families and private cars and sailed to Italy. All the surveillance cameras on the border were examined upon our request and Greek authorities have confirmed

Jun 30 2016

New demands directed at Turkey would encourage terrorists. We cannot make any changes in our anti-terror

Jun 23 2016

We are under huge pressure from our people, who are asking what we are doing somewhere where there is so much anti-Turk

Jun 23 2016

Turkey could hold its own

Jun 07 2016 - Ramadan

They are cold-heartedly exploding bombs on a Ramadan

May 27 2016 - Daesh

Our suggestion to them is that they should also wear Daesh, al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda insignias during their operations in other regions of Syria. They can also wear the Boko Haram insignia when they go to Africa, but they don't see YPG in the same way as the other terrorist

May 04 2016

If there are shortcomings, this is a process like EU membership, and these shortcomings can be overcome with Turkey's determination in the period

May 04 2016 - European Commission

We are on the verge of completing the necessary technical work, including on passports. We want to see all that in the European Commission

Apr 21 2016

There are problems in releasing the €3bn that the European Union pledged to Syrian migrants. And I am underlining here, this money was pledged to Syrians, not to Turkey (..) This is not only Turkey's problem. Europe has to be more pragmatic (...) There are disruptions such as too much bureaucracy but there aren't any problems in implementing the deal

Apr 13 2016

We need to make every effort to bring peace to Syria. It is obvious that this change cannot be made with Assad, who oppresses his own people and triggers sectarian

Apr 05 2016

It should be removed from the Manbij region and cleared off towards the

Apr 05 2016 - Daesh

Daesh should be cleared from the region. This is the most permanent

Mar 14 2016 - Kurds

With the power of our state and wisdom of our people, we will dig up the roots of this terror network which targets our unity and

Feb 16 2016

One needs to be realistic. While bombs are falling from the sky and people are being massacred under the pressure of the regime or are being starved, the talks cannot be very

Feb 16 2016

If such an operation is to take place, it has to be carried out jointly, like the (coalition) air

Feb 16 2016 - Qatar

Some countries like us, Saudi Arabia and some other Western European countries have said that a ground operation is necessary ... But to expect this only from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar is neither right nor

Feb 16 2016

We may be thinking differently but both sides need to put in more effort to iron out these differences. Our American friends have openly told us that they understand our

Feb 13 2016 - Saudi Arabia

This is a wish, not a planned thing. Saudi Arabia is sending planes and says, I can send soldiers for a ground operation when it is

Feb 13 2016 - Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is now sending planes to Turkey, to Incirlik. They came and carried out inspections at the

Feb 09 2016

Recently more than 50,000 people came to the border with Turkey due to Russia's air attacks. We took in 10,000 of these migrants and we are building some camps at the other side of the border for

Feb 09 2016

We are allowing in those who want to come, in a controlled

Jan 25 2016 - Refugees

Regarding the delay of 3 billion euros for the refugees, we don't take it personal, it's has nothing to do with Turkey. It's the internal matter of the EU. But i have to remind that any delay of the amount of the money coming for the refugees is affecting the daily life and the living standards of the refugees in

Dec 14 2015

Opening a chapter after two years is quite a symbol, i think. How close and positive EU-turkey relations are essential. the challenges we are facing, like terrorism and migration require more forward looking constructive

Jul 27 2015 - Daesh

During the operations that we conducted against both Daesh (ISIL) and PKK in Syria and in Iraq we informed the UN Security Council, as well as the UN Secretary General and the members. (...). We expect solidarity and support from our NATO allies regarding the security threats and Daesh is our common

Jul 26 2015

We have always acted to bring stability to both countries, because we see them as part of the same picture. There have to be safe zones and no-fly zones in Syria. We always underlined that the solution of the Syrian problem is political. A solution without (President)

Jan 07 2015 - Islam

We should struggle against all forms of terror Unfortunately the struggle against terrorism in today's world is insufficient. Our religion is a religion of peace, its meaning is peace so connecting terror to Islam is absolutely

Apr 11 2011

Turkey was encouraged actually to contribute to European values and the work of European institutions more actively lately. The Council of Europe chairmanship is one example of this

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