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This page is completely dedicated to what Neil Saunders has to say. All of Neil Saunders’s quotes are organized here by date and topic. The most recent quote attributed to Neil Saunders came from an article called Straggling behind Wal-Mart and Amazon, Target needs to make a bold move: “The Whole Foods-Amazon deal does nothing to help Target. In fact, Target is much more at risk from [the deal] than Wal-Mart because it shares many more customers with both Whole Foods and Amazon than rivals.”.
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Jun 08 2017 - Nordstrom vs. Trump

Even though Nordstrom is doing better than others, department stores are under pressure so the value of the assets they've got against their debt could decline. Flexibility is one of the key thoughts behind the family wanting to bring the company back into private

Jun 06 2017

It's a smart move by Lidl. It raises the profile of the chain, especially for non-food and fashion. It also underpins Lidl's value position, which is focused on quality products at low prices. This is especially helpful in the U.S. at a time when Lidl is early in its

Jun 02 2017

While there is some demand for athletic wear for younger girls, the level and frequency of that demand is insufficient to support a network of expensive

Jun 02 2017 - Snapchat

This is definitely a big concern. Anything that can damage [shoppers'] spending power can have a serious impact on the amount stores take in ... food stamps does have a big effect on the amount they can spend and on the frequency of their trips to

May 31 2017

Not going into delivery does prevent Little Caesars from accessing a growing part of the market. That said, the delivery market is already crowded and competitive so the company would have to work hard to attain growth there, and may have to increase spend on advertising and marketing to do

May 31 2017

In my view, the company considers its brand [to be] strong and unique enough to pull people into collecting from its

May 31 2017

Michael Kors' precipitous drop in sales does very little to reassure that the company's nascent recovery program is on track. Indeed, if anything it raises a question mark over whether management can win back custom as it tries to reinvigorate the

May 25 2017

There is little doubt that the delayed arrival of tax refunds provided buoyancy to the [electronics] market later into this

May 18 2017 - Aldi

Looking in more detail at the various strands of Walmart's initiatives, a sharper focus on price is cutting through – especially on grocery. The response to Walmart flexing its price muscles has been good, and we expect further small gains over the rest of this year. A more disciplined focus on low prices is also important as Aldi, and now Lidl, expand into the

May 18 2017

While Ralph Lauren is supposed to be a premium brand, it has become far too ubiquitous and in so doing has become less special. It simply isn't credible for a high-end brand to simultaneously showcase itself in a glitzy store on Madison Avenue while at the same time hawking a random assortment of sweaters thrown in a ragtag way on a table in Macy's. The two are incongruous and, ultimately, cheapen the image of the brand. We see some early signs of Ralph Lauren pulling back from less favorable channels, but it needs to work much faster if it is to rebuild its

May 18 2017 - Walmart

I think it's fair to say that Walmart is coming from behind online. It has underperformed in that area, so what we're seeing now is really a catch-up to where it needs to be in order to more seriously compete with the likes of

May 15 2017

The impact of having a popular beauty player as part of the offer cannot be underestimated. Without it, customer traffic and sales would have tumbled far further and faster; and JCP would have attracted far fewer younger

May 15 2017

It will take time for these initiatives to reach maximum potential ... there is much more work to do here if JCP is to turn this into a winning

May 11 2017 - Nordstrom vs. Trump

As much as we can see the logic for this from the perspective of trying to make space more productive, we believe the strategy will ultimately fall

May 11 2017

We question whether the company is bold, nimble or healthy enough to cover such

May 02 2017

Now that Coach is on a clear path to recovery we believe it is right for the company to explore options for future growth. Some of this will come from the core brand which has the potential to become more of a lifestyle destination. However, Coach needs to be conservative in this push, if only to avoid the previous pitfalls of ubiquity ... This is one of the reasons why the company is exploring options to buy other

May 02 2017

There are plenty of indications that the (turnaround) strategy is

Apr 27 2017

We believe that a push to more direct sales, including via e-commerce, will dilute margins. We also think that more marketing will be necessary to keep the brand on the consumer radar, which will likely have an impact on

Apr 27 2017 - Nike

We do not believe that the travails of the U.S. sports market are solely responsible for Under Armour's lackluster performance. Especially as a number of other sporting brands and retailers have done relatively well over a similar period. A step up in competition from players, including Nike and Lululemon, is one of the reasons for Under Armour's slower growth. Unless North American growth gets back on track, earnings will remain under

Apr 22 2017

Looking ahead, productivity is a big issue in the US and the UK. Profit margins are under pressure from the constant discounting and price reductions which are needed to cope with stiff competition. On top of this, costs are problematic, thanks to increases in business rates in the UK and minimum wage hikes in both countries. All of this adds up to a perfect storm which means retailers are rethinking and reconfiguring their business

Apr 22 2017

In terms of online penetration, the US is where the UK was five or so years ago. What we are seeing is large US retailers scrabbling to

Apr 22 2017

There is certainly a parallel between BHS and players like Sears and Macy's. All of them fall into the trap of lacking differentiation and having an offer that is very middle of the road. This doesn't cut it in today's cutthroat market, where the consumer has so much choice. Generally, UK retail is at a much later evolutionary stage than the US. There has already been quite a lot of adjustment in terms of the closure and adaptation of physical space. That said, the sector remains highly pressured which makes further shocks, like the closure of BHS,

Mar 24 2017

Despite the gloomy numbers, there was one bright spot for Finish Line: its sales within Macy's stores increased by 35 percent over this quarter. Given Macy's general troubles with customer traffic over the past few months, this is an impressive performance that shows the shop-in-shops Finish Line has opened are apparently

Mar 17 2017

Although the business is making some progress, it is fair to say that that progress is patchy and does not indicate a company that is back to full health. Tiffany still has issues in a number of regions, including the Americas and

Mar 17 2017 - Christmas

While [Thanksgiving to Christmas] remains the most important single period for purchasing, it accounts for a much smaller share of annual sales than it once

Mar 10 2017

In our view this is little more than a short-term survival tactic, where funds raised are used to prop up a failing business rather than generate long-term

Mar 08 2017

Anthropologie, is still a brand in search of a clear

Mar 07 2017

Some pruning should remedy this, and we believe it will reduce costs as well as deepening relationships with strategic partners, which will allow it to create differentiated

Mar 02 2017

Not only is the message confusing and opaque, but the promise of change that it suggests is not entirely delivered on by stores, which look and feel the

Feb 28 2017 - Walmart

Part of [Target's strategy] is a sensible recognition of heightened price activity in the market. However, we would also caution that Target should not chase Wal-Mart on price, as it is a battle that cannot easily be won. We also believe that many of Target's issues are not solely price

Feb 24 2017

Although JCP ended its fiscal year with a shrink in sales, it can take some comfort from the fact that the decreases are modest and that it managed to outperform its main department store

Feb 23 2017 - Nordstrom vs. Trump

Nordstrom ends is fiscal year as a company of two halves: the mainstream business, which is struggling to grow; and the off-price business which, overall, is motoring along

Feb 07 2017

As much as we believe Michael Kors is headed in the right direction… we maintain our view that it has much more work to do in reconnecting with customers who have been alienated by overexpansion of the

Feb 02 2017

This sudden departure gives the impression of a brand in crisis, and we believe it signals significant internal wrangling over the future direction of the firm. It also demonstrates the founder's continued dominance over the business. As much as Ralph Lauren should be respected for his significant achievements and his undeniable design talent, we are concerned by the orthodoxy of his leadership, under which questioning and fresh thinking are relatively rare. This, in our view, is not the way to reinvent a brand that has clearly lost its

Jan 26 2017 - EBay

The various improvements the company is making are not, as of yet, generating significant traction with consumers. They are really about correcting deficiencies rather than putting eBay on an innovative

Jan 23 2017 - McDonald's

These changes were supposed to drive a steady and sustainable uplift in (consumer) spending rather than a one-off spike in sales, but it is increasingly clear that this strategy is not

Jan 20 2017

Sales are not impressive, but investors are most concerned with profitability and long-term value. These companies have done a better job keeping the business running on the operational side and delivering on

Nov 29 2016

The 1 percent uplift is modest, but it is far better than the string of poor numbers the company has been posting for well over a year. That said, the figures do not show that all the problems at Tiffany have been

Nov 22 2016

We believe that these results demonstrate the Family Dollar acquisition is paying dividends and remains firmly on course in terms of the savings and benefits Dollar Tree promised

Nov 18 2016

You do have to be quite sensitive about

Nov 18 2016

All in all, it is safe to say that A&F's recovery program, which showed some signs of promise at the start of this year, is now firmly off

Nov 18 2016

Not only are total sales sequentially worse than last quarter, but revenues at Abercrombie have slumped and net income is down by over 80

Nov 15 2016

This will help restaurants and will lift spending moderately. That said, the end of the election does not spell the end of all uncertainty: This is a time of change for many and quite a number of consumers are concerned about the impact of a Trump presidency. This may well create a ceiling of

Nov 11 2016

Meal kits have become more popular over recent years, but their rise has been far from meteoric and they remain a relatively niche part of the food

Nov 11 2016

Given the perishable nature of the products, this type of operation is complex and costly to run – especially so when you factor in the free delivery often offered. This is one of the reasons why the services are not very profitable. However, the providers are limited as to how far they can increase prices because consumers won't pay above a certain level per

Nov 11 2016

To a certain extent you can tailor the meals to your tastes, but they do not allow for the 'I fancy this tonight' type flexibility that consumers like and can enjoy with regular grocery

Nov 01 2016

While this first quarter outcome is somewhat soft, it does show that Coach remains on the right path to rebuilding its brand image and enhancing

Oct 28 2016

That said, over the longer term Amazon's investment in physical should help it get a tighter grip on fulfillment costs. Amazon is playing the long

Oct 04 2016

Thanks to good cost control, and some lower food input prices, Darden has managed to translate its meager sales uplifts into healthy profit

Oct 04 2016

Darden isn't immune from wider trends, however we believe it will continue to buck them in the quarters

Sep 20 2016

Against this backdrop of subdued growth and potentially lower margins it is not surprising that the big retailers are being cautious. They do not want to over commit on the cost front and that means keeping tight control of inventory and of

Aug 18 2016

The assortment is at the heart of Banana's issues and symbolizes a brand that has simply lost its

Aug 09 2016

While the sales uplifts may seem somewhat anemic, it is important to note that they are being delivered against the backdrop of a falling number of doors through which Coach

Aug 04 2016

The softness in the U.S. market is disappointing given the initially positive reaction to menu changes and the introduction of hot dogs. Restaurant Brands needs to up the pace of innovation if it is to grow

Jul 26 2016 - McDonald's

There is no doubt that in the United States the market as a whole was weak across the reporting period, with lower growth in consumer expenditure on fast food and casual

Jul 25 2016

It's a very difficult business model to make work

Jun 08 2016 - Lululemon

Lululemon begins its new fiscal year in very much the same way it ended its last one: with strong overall sales growth fueled by the rise of online and the opening of new

May 26 2016

...While a marked improvement on past collections, early spring and summer ranges were fairly lackluster - especially at Abercrombie (brand).feedback

May 17 2016

Constantly changing assortment, the excitement of finding a bargain, and the sense of urgency associated with having to secure a product before it is sold out, all give consumers a reason to regularly visit

May 17 2016

TJX is one of the reasons that U.S. department stores cannot succeed at the discount

May 11 2016

Fortunately for Macy's, while net income has declined the group remains in the black. This gives it some room to maneuver – a luxury that other players, like Sears, don't have. However, this does not mean that Macy's has time on its

May 10 2016

This has been a disastrous quarter for Gap and one during which all of its main engines stalled and went into reverse. While the (Old Navy) brand has been the star of the show for many quarters, the past few collections have been dull and

May 04 2016

Aeropostale will likely emerge from Chapter 11 as a leaner entity with a smaller, but largely profitable, store base...but it does not solve the issue of relevance to the market. Rethinking the brand proposition is key to improving prospects. Chapter 11 buys Aero time and space to undertake this rethink. In itself does not provide a long-term

Apr 26 2016 - IPhone

Apple needs to come up with a radical new innovation or product rather than just the current incremental improvements to existing products. This is the only way in which it will reinvigorate sales

Mar 03 2016

The company's Nook business continues to be an unmitigated disaster. It remains clear that Nook is a business in terminal

Feb 24 2016 - Walmart

Given the toughness of the market and the much worse performance from Walmart and department store rivals, the comparable sales uplift is very

Feb 24 2016

We believe that Target performed somewhat above the market (in apparel) thanks to its more fashion-savvy shopper demographic and its strong marketing efforts around holiday looks and outfit

Feb 04 2016

The worry is that the winter stock is not being sold even with deep discounts. Unfortunately, it looks like retailers will have to write-off their winter

Jan 28 2016

By comparative retail standards, Amazon's level of profitability is still painfully weak. For every dollar the company takes, it makes just 0.75 of a cent in

Jan 25 2016 - McDonald's

In a sign that its turnaround efforts are paying dividends McDonald's latest results show continued

Jan 19 2016 - Christmas

Prior to the economic downturn of 2008 the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas was key for jewelry buying. Jewelry is no longer at the top of the Christmas

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