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The world must know that the electoral process was impeccable, incredible. The opposition said these elections were like a referendum against me? Here it is – we won it with 54 percent of the vote. You were wrong, once
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Nicolas Maduro is associated, including Venezuelans and OPEC. Most recently, Nicolas Maduro has been quoted saying: “We have a surprise for next week. . . . We have a right to fight against unfair social media.” in the article Maduro defends election results, claims opposition by U.S. is aiding him.
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Aug 25 2017 - Sanctions

We'll have to endure sacrifices but we must safeguard the country and sovereign motherland in order to break the

Aug 22 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

Unfortunately we are in the worst moment of the relationship with the government of the United

Aug 22 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

You and I should talk. Only by speaking can we understand each

Aug 21 2017 - Venezuela

We have drawn up a plan to call a worldwide solidarity with the people of Venezuela, against Donald Trump's threat and in defense of the constituent assembly. This world summit will have a combination of preparatory events in various countries around the world, and it will start this

Aug 16 2017 - Venezuela

Anyone who goes out into the streets to express intolerance and hatred will be captured and will be tried and punished with sentences of 15, 20, 25 years of

Aug 15 2017 - Iran

Everyone has to join the defense plan, millions of men and women; let's see how the American imperialists like

Aug 15 2017 - Trump Presidency

No one should be allowed to decide on a military action on the Korean Peninsula without South Korean

Aug 11 2017 - Sanctions

If he (Trump) is so interested in Venezuela, here I am. Mr Donald Trump, here is my hand. We will never cede to foreign

Aug 11 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

As head of state I subordinate myself to the powers of this constituent assembly. I come to recognize its plenipotentiary powers, sovereign, original and

Aug 04 2017 - Venezuela

Today we begin to write the history of the heroic Venezuela of liberty and

Aug 04 2017 - Venezuela

Let there be no provocations, nor should people fall into

Aug 03 2017 - Sanctions

Sanction anyone you want! The Venezuelan people have decided to be free, and I've decided to be the president of a free

Aug 03 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

The stupid president of Smartmatic pressurised by the gringos and the British said there were over seven million voters. I believe there were more than 10 million Venezuelans who came out onto the streets and more than 8 (million) voted. The rest had to face the

Aug 03 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

That stupid guy, the president of Smartmatic, pressured to the neck by the gringos and the Brits, said there were 7.5 million [voters]. I think there were 10 million Venezuelans who went

Aug 02 2017 - Venezuela

We going to see if it also passes the test to become

Aug 02 2017 - Trumpcare

Why the hell should we care what Trump says? We care about what the sovereign people of Venezuela

Jul 31 2017 - Venezuela

Let's close ranks so the national constituent assembly is a space of national dialogue for all Venezuelans, of honest people who want

Jul 31 2017 - Venezuela

It's been and it is a successful day with large participation. We don't care about the oligarchy's opinion. We care about the people's

Jul 31 2017 - Venezuela

The people have delivered the constitutional assembly. More than 8 million in the middle of threats ... it's when imperialism challenges us that we prove ourselves worthy of the blood of the liberators that runs through the veins of men, women, children and young

Jul 31 2017 - Sanctions

Some of them will end up in cells facing justice, while others will end up in a psychiatric ward because they have shown clear signs of insanity. We must impose

Jul 30 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

The 'emperor' Donald Trump wanted to halt the Venezuelan people's right to vote. A new era of combat will begin. We're going all out with this constituent

Jul 30 2017 - Venezuela

The right wing already has its prison cell waiting. All the criminals will go to prison for the crimes they've

Jul 30 2017 - OPEC

We have stood strong during this global campaign and we have stood strong when dealing with the terrorist and criminal violence and here we are, a country at

Jul 30 2017 - Venezuela

On 30 July, the constitutional assembly will happen. I've been loyal to Chávez's legacy. Now it's your

Jul 30 2017 - Venezuela

I said rain, thunder or lightning, the 30th of July was going to

Jul 29 2017 - Venezuela

We need order, justice. We have only one option, a national constituent

Jul 27 2017 - Venezuela

Mr. Trump, go home! Mr. Trump, go home!feedback

Jul 26 2017 - Sanctions

Who do these imperialists in the United States think they are, the government of the world?feedback

Jul 26 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

We are going to decide between war and peace, the future or the past, the sovereign power of the people or the imperialist, oligarchical

Jul 25 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

What do you think, eh? Is this video approved? My music is for all of those that want to listen to it and enjoy it, not to use it as propaganda that tries to manipulate the will of the people that are crying out for their freedom and a better future. With this nefarious marketing plan, you only highlight your fascist

Jul 24 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

The imperial right wing believes it can give orders to Venezuela. The only ones who give orders here are the people. Foreign imperial governments and foreigners don't give the orders

Jul 20 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

I've ordered the capture of all the fascist

Jul 18 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

Mogherini, you messed with the wrong country. You can't give us orders because Venezuela is a free and sovereign country where Venezuelans rule. It's not a colony of the European

Jul 18 2017 - Venezuela

Our nation does not take orders from any foreign government. The people rule

Jul 17 2017 - Venezuela

I just want to say what I've already said, that the right-wing parties' internal poll took place in peace. I guaranteed it and it took place peacefully ... now they should respect the feelings of the country, which is that there's a right to

Jul 17 2017 - Venezuela

I'm calling on the opposition to return to peace, to respect for the constitution, to sit and talk. Let's start a new round of talks, of dialogue for

Jul 11 2017 - Venezuela

What we couldn't do with votes, we would do with

Jul 09 2017

God willing this decision … will be understood, and Mr. LL, after almost four years in Ramo Verde, will give a message of rectification and

Jul 06 2017 - Venezuela

If Venezuela was plunged into chaos and violence and the Bolivarian Revolution destroyed, we would go to combat. We would never give up, and what couldn't be done with votes, we would do with

Jul 05 2017 - Venezuela

I want peace for Venezuela. I don't accept violence from

Jul 01 2017

They have defended the peace of the republic and have all my

Jun 28 2017 - Venezuela

Sooner rather than later, we are going to capture the helicopter and those behind this armed terrorist attack against the institutions of the country. They could have caused dozens of

Jun 28 2017 - Venezuela

I demand that the MUD (opposition coalition) condemns this eminently coup-mongering attack. If Venezuela was plunged into chaos and violence and the Bolivarian Revolution destroyed, we would go to combat. We would never give up, and what couldn't be done with votes, we would do with weapons, we would liberate the fatherland with

Jun 28 2017 - Venezuela

You would have to build 20 walls in the sea, a wall from Mississippi to Florida, from Florida to New York, it would be crazy ... You have the responsibility: stop the madness of the violent Venezuelan right

Jun 28 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

We will never surrender. And what we couldn't accomplish through votes we will with

Jun 27 2017 - Venezuela

It could've caused a tragedy with several dozen dead and

Jun 27 2017

They could have left several dozen deaths. Sooner or later, we will capture the helicopter and those who have committed this armed

Jun 27 2017 - Venezuela

Listen, President Donald Trump. You have the responsibility: stop the madness of the violent Venezuelan right

Jun 26 2017

He puts on that dumb face and behind it, he's ordering them to kill and burn. Pizarro, you're listening to me; you'll carry this with you all your

Jun 25 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

Desperation, hatred, and fury thrive among the enemies of the

Jun 23 2017

I have ordered an investigation to see if there was a conspiracy behind

Jun 11 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

I am going to ask Pope Francis to help us so the opposition end the violence, but more than anything to stop looking for children to involve in violent

May 30 2017 - Venezuela

Something worse and more horrifying than the government of Barack Obama has arrived, it is the government of Mr Donald Trump […] and They have given an order to US supporters to destroy Venezuela however they can, to hand it over on a silver platter to foreign intervention, which we reject. We will reject it with our very lives if needed, for the future of our

May 24 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

Votes or bullets, what do the people want?feedback

May 22 2017 - Venezuela

We've never, ever seen a person set on fire here, like the way ISIL terrorists do it in the Middle East. That a person was set on fire, beaten up, they stabbed him four times. They hit him and nearly lynched him, just because someone shouted out that he was a 'Chavista', or because someone else shouted out that he was robbing

May 22 2017 - Venezuela

A person was set on fire, beaten up, stabbed ... They nearly lynched him, just because he shouted out that he was a '

May 22 2017 - Venezuela

Burning a person because he seems a Chavista is a hate crime and a crime against

May 12 2017 - Venezuela

Venezuela demands that the rioting and the coup d'etat

May 03 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

I see congress shaking in its boots before a constitutional convention. You wanted your elections. Here are your

May 02 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

This will be a citizens' assembly made up of workers. The day has come brothers. Don't fail me now. I am no

May 02 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

This will be a citizens assembly made up of workers. The day has come brothers. Don't fail me now. Don't fail (Hugo) Chavez and don't fail your

May 01 2017 - Venezuela

The controversy is

May 01 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

I have decided to increase the minimum wage, the pensions and the labor rates of all public administration workers – doctors, nurses, soldiers, police, firefighters, teachers by 60 percent the

Apr 21 2017 - Venezuela

The State Department announces a coup d'etat in

Apr 20 2017 - Venezuela

I want the people to prepare to win it peacefully and with votes. I want us to prepare to have a prompt, total electoral

Apr 20 2017 - Venezuela

Today they attempted to take power by force and we defeated them

Apr 19 2017 - Venezuela

The U.S. government, the State Department have given the green light, the approval for a coup process to intervene in

Apr 19 2017 - Venezuela

All military police and civil structures of the state of Venezuela are activated in Plan Zamora which, in the initial Green phase will defend internal order and defend peace, and defeat the coup called by Washington and by the National Assembly President Julio Borges. I sign this document so this is immediately

Apr 19 2017

I want to us prepare ourselves so we have a total electoral

Apr 17 2017 - Venezuelan protests 2017

Now is not the time to hesitate. A gun for every militiaman!feedback

Apr 12 2017 - Venezuela

The latest offensive by Venezuela's right wing has chosen the path of violence, coup-mongering, power-grabbing that reflects new extremist tendencies directed and governed by the United States. The reality is the order has come from Washington for zero dialogue in Venezuela, to make our country explode and give way for a foreign

Apr 11 2017 - Venezuela

The only way to reach peace is through words, through dialogue. But the reality is the order has come from Washington for zero dialogue in Venezuela, to make our country explode and give way for a foreign

Apr 11 2017 - Venezuela

We are facing a coup at the moment and we are defeating it in Venezuela, of course. But it comes from the oligarchical right which is subordinate to the interests of the United

Apr 09 2017 - Nuclear weapons

Venezuela never in its history has had biological, chemical or nuclear

Apr 07 2017 - Venezuela

The right wing's treason of our national interests is cause for

Apr 05 2017 - Venezuela

From the north (the United States), they give the order to the defeated fascist right of Venezuela to fill the streets with violence and

Apr 03 2017

By force they want to achieve what they can't at the ballot

Apr 01 2017 - Venezuela

We're brotherly people, who are there to be together and show respect for one another in trying

Apr 01 2017 - Venezuela

I think today we can find a coherent, clear and constitutional solution that clears up doubts and disarms internal and external aggressions. It's all a plan to intervene in Venezuela, provoke national chaos and impose a coup d'etat. Venezuela has a powerful democracy ... the constitution is fully

Apr 01 2017 - Venezuela

April is starting on a good step. Constitutional victory! I'm ready with whoever is

Mar 31 2017 - Venezuela

Like all controversy this should be resolved with

Mar 31 2017 - Venezuela

I believe in dialogue and constitutional paths to resolving our

Mar 25 2017 - United Nations

I have asked them for support to continue making permanent progress in the regularization of medicines for

Mar 16 2017 - Russia

We must thank life that Russia and the world have a Vladimir

Mar 03 2017 - Venezuela

(We must) solve this very delicate issue that has been affected by the economic

Feb 16 2017 - Venezuela

I don't want problems with the Trump administration. We want respectful relations with the new

Jan 29 2017 - Venezuela

That's why I have asked Eulogio del Pino ... to lead this new leadership team and focus one hundred percent on the industry this

Jan 22 2017 - Venezuela

I want us to begin a new phase in the development of the Central Bank of

Jan 20 2017 - Venezuela

In a year we have raised minimum wage five times, and I say today that (those increases) are well above 2016

Jan 15 2017 - Venezuela

Venezuela, as of next week, will circulate a letter with a new proposal, a new formula for the stability of real and just prices so that it can be studied and debated by all the governments that have signed this

Jan 09 2017 - Venezuela

You accounted for 60 percent of imports for the first time in 100

Jan 09 2017 - Venezuela

2016 was the hardest, longest and most difficult year we have

Jan 08 2017 - Venezuela

To start the year, I have decided to raise salaries and

Jan 08 2017 - Mafia

In times of economic war and mafia attacks … we must protect employment and workers'

Dec 29 2016 - Venezuela

I want to announce that I have decided to publish a decree extending the validity of 100-bolivar notes until Jan.

Dec 28 2016 - Venezuela

I am proposing a new system, a new formula to fix markets and oil prices to enable stability, harmony, continuity. I aspire to at least 10 years of stability with realistic, fair prices of oil, and I am going to achieve

Dec 19 2016 - Venezuela

We reached an historic accord. In the next few days, I will go to the oil nations and leave everything ready for a consensus formula for market stability and the fixing of prices for the next 10

Dec 19 2016 - Venezuela

Don't come and tell me they are political prisoners ... They are the two parties of the 'gringos' in

Dec 18 2016 - Venezuela

I have decided to extend the validity of the 100 bolivar bill for circulation, commercialisation and legal economic activity within the Venezuelan border until January 2, 2017, as of this

Dec 18 2016 - Venezuela

I am extending the closure of the border with Brazil and Colombia until January 2, reinforcing all the security measures and calmly establishing a humanitarian and family

Dec 18 2016 - Venezuela

Another was refused flyover

Dec 16 2016 - Mafia

This is a big effort we're doing to tackle so many evils and tricks. ... We're burning the hands of the

Dec 13 2016 - Venezuela

To the people of Venezuela, especially pensioners, drivers, business people, housewives and workers ... I tell you that you don't need to

Dec 11 2016

I have decided to take out of circulation bills of 100 bolivars in the next 72 hours. We must keep beating the

Dec 03 2016 - Venezuela

Several million bills of 500 bolivars and then several million bills of 5,000 bolivars will enter circulation very

Dec 03 2016 - Venezuela

Today we suffered an international cyber attack on our base platform, the internet's technological platform. We've already detected where the attack came from. It affected the entire capacity for internet exchanges to...provoke a state of collapse and

Nov 26 2016 - Mexico

Sixty years after the Granma sailed from Mexico, Fidel sails toward the immortality of all those who fight their whole lives. Onward to victory, always!feedback

Nov 23 2016 - OPEC

An agreement is imminent by OPEC countries to freeze and reduce production, balance the market, and raise prices in a realistic, fair and responsible manner. A complete success. I trust in God and his blessings. I trust in the efforts we have

Nov 23 2016 - OPEC

I have given new tasks to comrade Eulogio Del Pino so that in the next few days he goes to Russia to finish the agreement with Russia, the non-OPEC nations and

Nov 22 2016 - Venezuela

The least JPMorgan can do is apologize to the Venezuelan

Nov 18 2016 - Oil

Many thanks for all the support you have given Venezuela in 2014, 2015, and especially 2016. Our older sister China has not left Venezuela alone in moments of

Nov 14 2016

This is a program full of energy and

Nov 01 2016 - Venezuela

What is the alternative to dialogue?

Oct 31 2016

There is no alternative to dialogue and meeting in search of the nation's common

Oct 28 2016 - Venezuela

Venezuela has faced situations even more difficult than the one we are passing

Oct 27 2016 - Venezuela

That is our response to sabotage and

Oct 27 2016 - Venezuela

(U.S. President Barack) Obama is leaving and wants to destroy Venezuela

Oct 27 2016 - Venezuela

The one who calls for violence and has legal responsibilities that he may or may not have not assumed, he should face the country, he should ask for forgiveness (…) and justice and would be wise to seek

Oct 26 2016 - Venezuela

They won't return! The revolution will continue!feedback

Oct 25 2016 - Venezuela

This is Obama swiping his tail before he

Oct 19 2016 - Russia

(Russian) President (Vladmir) Putin has been very clear: He agrees with the strategy of freezing oil production at this year's average and even, if necessary, making

Oct 19 2016 - OPEC

I'm going to make a lightning visit, lightning but also deep, to several oil-producing countries, OPEC and non-OPEC, to bring a proposal and finally close an agreement between OPEC and non-OPEC countries to stabilize the oil market and allow prices to bounce back in a stable

Oct 14 2016 - Venezuela

We've put the oil barrel's price between low and moderate, although we know it's going to

Oct 09 2016 - OPEC

At this energy congress petroleum producers, both OPEC and non-OPEC members should reach an agreement and should work for the stability of the petroleum industry. To achieve realistic and fair prices, that allow for investment to be made into the industry and for investment into new technologies, and that will allow us to set fair prices for the most important energy source of our economies and of the world –

Sep 19 2016 - OPEC

We had a long bilateral meeting with Rouhani. We're close to a deal between OPEC producer countries and

Sep 01 2016 - Venezuela

Today we've defeated a coup attempt that sought to fill Venezuela and Caracas with violence and death. We're still looking for several criminals that paid to massacre the

Aug 28 2016 - OPEC

We continue to build common ground and a new consensus on stabilising oil markets, strengthening industries, strengthening OPEC, to strengthen the closeness and alliance with the production countries of

Aug 03 2016 - Venezuela

I told him to rest for five or six days, I have given him a new mission, we will announce it

Aug 03 2016 - Venezuela

I offer all my support ... he has been attacked by the U.S.

Jul 22 2016 - Venezuela

The path was opening ... for a political dialogue about all Venezuelans' fundamental

Jun 21 2016 - Venezuela

I think it is very good that we are taking these steps with the U.S.. I only wish the Venezuelan opposition would engage in serious, transparent dialogue in the same

Jun 11 2016 - Venezuela

If the requirements aren't met, there will be no referendum and that's

May 31 2016 - Venezuela

I suggest you put this democratic charter in a very thin tube and find a better use for it, Mr. Almagro. You can shove that democratic charter wherever it

May 27 2016 - Venezuela

They (Spanish politicians) have gone beyond ridiculous. They are making fools of themselves. Rajoy, you are a coward, come to Venezuela and hold your debate, I will participate, maybe I will even stand for president in Spain and

May 13 2016 - Venezuela

I have no doubt that behind this coup is the label 'made in USA'. Powerful oligarchic, media and imperial forces have decided to finish with the progressive forces, the popular revolutionary leaderships of the left in the

May 13 2016 - Venezuela

The coup in Brazil is a grave and dangerous sign for the future stability and peace of all the continent. I know they're coming for Venezuela

Apr 29 2016 - Venezuela

Any plant that is shut will be recovered, it is a serious crime against

Apr 13 2016 - Venezuela

These are almost war-like pressure on governments, on heads of

Mar 30 2016 - Venezuela

Rest assured that the law will not get past me. Laws to protect terrorists and criminals will not get past me, no matter what they

Mar 30 2016 - Venezuela

They are passing a law to protect murderers, criminals, drug traffickers and terrorists. Rest assured that the law will not pass

Mar 19 2016 - Venezuela

This strength of Marti, of a dignified and steadfast Cuba that stands tall, I will take with me to the people of Venezuela in recognition of their

Mar 08 2016

…If the opposition legally obtains the signatures, we will go to elections next year and I am sure that the Venezuelan people will hand us a victory of the fatherland, a victory of peace. I am sure that next year, in February, March or April, we will win that

Feb 17 2016

This is a necessary measure, a necessary action to balance things, I take responsibility for

Feb 09 2016 - Venezuela

We captured top members of the right wing who wanted a coup and who had plans to place bombs, had weapons, who had plans to attack their own

Dec 07 2015 - Venezuela

With no warning, Citibank says that in 30 days it will close the Central Bank and the Bank of Venezuela's accounts. Do you think they're going to stop us with a financial blockade? No, gentlemen. Noone stops

Dec 06 2015

The Bolivarian Revolution will respect the results of the elections that arise from the will of the people, whatever they are, in the most strict and impeccable

Jul 12 2015 - Venezuela

Looking at these results, we are here, with morals and ethics, to recognise these adverse results, to accept them and to tell our that our constitution and democracy have triumphed. We accept

Mar 10 2015

President Barack Obama, in the name of the US imperialist elite, has decided to personally take on the task of defeating my

Feb 20 2015 - Venezuela

On the orders of state prosecutors, he was captured and will be processed by the Venezuelan justice system for crimes committed against the peace of the

Feb 07 2015 - Greece

I invited have Alexis Tsipras, comrade Alexis, to visit us as soon as he can here in Venezuela. He plans to come to Latin America. He mentioned all the pressures that he is under. Because of a savage, savage neo-liberal system that has been applied in

Dec 13 2014 - Iraq

It's not enough that they destroyed Iraq, 1,200,000 were killed in Iraq because of Aznar, the murderer of Spain, the bloodthirsty murderer of Spain, the former Spanish president Aznar. I call him a murderer because he is responsible for the deaths of 1,200,000

Sep 07 2014 - Venezuela

We see a hate toward Chavez from them. They (Catholic bishops) have not given up on their hate toward

Mar 13 2014 - Venezuela

I am obliged by my constitutional responsibility to take special measures, which I will take to the heart of this attack by fascists. I'm obliged and nobody is going to bully

Mar 10 2014 - Venezuela

For those bitter people on the right who have come out to say Venezuela has no healthcare for the people, I recognise that there are problems. Of course there are. But we're working on them and will announce the delivery of resources and plans to continue to make progress, mostly at a hospital

Mar 06 2014 - Venezuela

Never before has there existed a defender that gave the poor and working people their rights. That gave them education, culture, work; that gave them dignity; that gave them conscience. Hugo Chavez has passed to history as the defender of the poor of Venezuela and the defender of the poor in

Feb 25 2014 - Venezuela

It's not a conspiracy, no, it's not a protest, Venezuela is facing a fascist coup d'Etat, continued imperial aggression, which wants to put an end to the revolution and

Feb 21 2014 - Venezuela

I asked the Communications Minister to notify CNN to start the administrative process of removing them from Venezuela if they don't rectify their story. CNN, go from Venezuela and stop your propaganda war. I don't accept a propaganda

Nov 20 2013 - Venezuela

We have already started inspecting all the car dealerships in the country. All of them must lower their

Oct 31 2013 - Venezuela

Look at the figure, a face. This picture was taken by the workers. Chavez is

Jul 09 2013 - CIA

The United States does not govern the world nor does it govern us. We are a free country and sovereign and no one governs us, just the Venezuelan people, the legitimate government elected by the

Jul 02 2013

He deserves the world's protection…We think this young person has done something very important for humanity, has done a favour to humanity, has spoken great truths to deconstruct a world that…is controlled by an imperialist American

Apr 26 2013 - Venezuela

We have captured an American who was financing violent groups. I have ordered the arrest of this man and we will try him. I have ordered the interior minister to arrest anyone seen in the video he filmed and any person involved in fascist violence against

Apr 19 2013 - Venezuela

Security has failed totally. I could easily have been shot. And a comrade, however many ideas he may have, must understand that this is an event that has rules that should be

Apr 16 2013 - Venezuela

If you want to topple me, come for me, I am here with the people and the armed forces. Do what you have to do, little petty

Apr 16 2013 - Venezuela

You, the yellow candidate Henrique Capriles, are the one that has provoked all of this for not respecting the results because of your

Apr 16 2013

It wasn't an election campaign, it was a war, and they fed hatred to a large part of the sector that voted for them, who are now ready to

Apr 09 2013 - Venezuela

I have ordered security forces to view CCTV footage and investigate what happened. I am determined to guarantee the security of the

Apr 05 2013 - Venezuela

They are organising a general blackout in the country, these reckless right-wingers. If that were to happen, I will respond in a responsible manner by calling on the national armed forces and the people to the street, to resist, to

Apr 03 2013

A bird was looking at me and it started singing. It sang and I responded with a song. The bird took flight, circled around once then flew

Apr 02 2013 - Venezuela

The Presidential Palace window is exactly opposite the door of Hugo Chavez's tomb. The people in charge of this country for the next 500 years will have Chavez's whip right in front of them. He is going to be watching them every

Mar 09 2013 - Venezuela

I swear in the name of absolute loyalty to Commandante Hugo Chavez that we will fulfill this Bolivarian constitution with the tough hand of a people that is committed to be being free, I

Mar 02 2013 - Venezuela

Stop the attacks against the commander. Stop the rumours. That's enough of using a situation that is sensitive for all of us to try to create instability. We tell our people: don't give in. In the face of the rumours, maintain your revolutionary strength, trust and

Mar 01 2013 - Venezuela

Our Commander is sick because he gave his life for those who don't have anything and never had anything. He's battling for his life and for his health. And we are there with

Feb 19 2013 - World Happiness report

The whole team of commander Hugo Chavez is here. He is good, he is conscious, and is very happy and motivated to be here in his Venezuelan homeland, as he has said in his twitter message. We are all sharing this immense happiness and great motivation with the

Jan 24 2013

Today we want to make an important accusation. For several weeks we've been following groups that have infiltrated the country with the aim of making attempts on the life of assembly leader Diosdado Cabello and my

Jan 09 2013

The President is currently functioning as the Republic's president, head of state, head of the government, so at no point in time has he been absent. On the contrary, it does not even qualify as a temporary absence, nor permanent absence. On the contrary, it opens the opportunity for flexibility because the popular will of the people – the general will of the nation – is being

Jan 04 2013

President Chavez is conscious of all the circumstances he's living through, which are complex. He's conscious of the battle he is fighting and as always he has a fighting spirit, with the strength he always has, with the energy he always has, with confidence and security. And that's what he has told us to tell our

Jan 04 2013

Sooner rather than later, we will see Commander Hugo Chávez here, in his fatherland, with us, and we will hand him part of that

Jan 02 2013

He is fully aware that his post-operative condition is complex, and he asked us specifically, he gave us his approval to keep the people informed, always with the truth, however harsh it could

Jan 02 2013

He is completely conscious of the complexity of his post-operative state and he expressly asked us keep the people informed, always with the truth regardless of how hard it may be. He is in a complex situation and we are at all times waiting for his positive

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