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Here's what's really at stake, patients and families across the country are looking ahead to next year and they are realizing they are about to pay the price for the uncertainty and partisanship we've seen – especially from the Trump administration – on health care over the last nine
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NEW Oct 19 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Patty Murray is associated, including Republicans and Zika. Most recently, Patty Murray has been quoted saying: “It sends a powerful message that when members of Congress decide to get past our talking points and take a few steps out of our partisan corners, there is a lot we can agree on and a lot we can get done.” in the article Will Mitch McConnell Help His Friend Get a Health Care Deal?.
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Sep 07 2017

While this budget is not what I would have proposed on my own, I am pleased we are continuing to invest in our students and educators, and I will continue to hold Secretary DeVos accountable if she tries to undermine our public

Sep 07 2017

Because no matter what any of us think about government in general – and no matter what we may think about programs or investments in particular – surely we should be able to agree that we should all do everything we can to make them work as well as possible. Not just by wishing for it, and not just letting blind ideology or partisanship guide the way or undermine policies that help people – but by using evidence … facts … science – making sure our policies are aligned with what we know works – and what we know doesn'

Aug 03 2017

This is really a great example of how Congress can actually work together on health issues and solve

Aug 02 2017

I hope that we have a common ground of understanding of what is creating the increase costs and

Jul 19 2017

It would send a very strong message to the market, if Congress passes a bill. ... I think that would do a lot to create some stabilization that is much

Jul 18 2017 - Obamacare

We know that's what needs to be done. It would send a very strong message to the

Jul 12 2017 - American politics

Democrats are here any day that he tells us we are in session to fight for our constituents against their health care plan. I don't care if that's August or

Jun 30 2017 - Trumpcare

Our country makes a promise to take care of the men and women who serve, but Trumpcare would do just the

Jun 28 2017 - Trumpcare

No matter how they try to spin their massive cuts to Medicaid to make the Senate version look less 'mean,' it is clear that Trumpcare would mean massive cuts to schools and districts and massive pain for students and

Jun 23 2017

But women are generally the

Jun 22 2017 - Trumpcare

Don't be fooled. Senate Republican leaders are going to spend this weekend doing everything they can to cut backroom deals and get the 50 votes they need to jam Trumpcare through the Senate–and that's why it's so important that Democrats and patients and families across the country keep fighting back and making clear any senator who votes for this mean, heartless bill will own the

Jun 21 2017

You're defending this budget, but your job is to defend veterans. It seems to me if the administration makes the request, it will be better

Jun 15 2017

I am extremely disappointed that Secretary DeVos has decided, once again, to side with special interests and predatory for-profit colleges instead of students and

Jun 15 2017 - Obamacare

We're not in the majority right now, and our whole focus right now is to keep them from sending us back to a time when insurance companies could sell plans that provided nothing and people found themselves just in a terrible

Jun 07 2017 - Sex

It's disappointing that President Trump continues to make appointments that put partisan ideology ahead of public health and

Jun 07 2017

We have not been included in any of these discussions. Clearly, they want to move forward and get this monkey off their backs, but it is a monkey, and they're going to pay the price if they go that

May 22 2017 - Trump Presidency

Trump may be profiting from the retirement plans of millions of our nation's public servants. This looks like exactly the type of monetary flow prohibited by the

May 09 2017 - Republican Party

We know it makes a difference when women are in the room, and we know it makes a difference when women aren't in the room on what is brought up, how it's seen and how it's put

May 09 2017

He has not convinced me he can withstand political pressure from this administration, or that he will be truly committed to putting our families's health first. I've grown increasingly concerned about whether he can lead the F.D.A. in an unbiased way, given his unprecedented industry

May 07 2017

It matters to have women at the table – and it matters when they aren'

May 03 2017 - Trump Presidency

If President Trump truly wanted to help low-income students succeed he would stop trying to privatize public education, stop trying to push taxpayer dollars to private schools – and work with Democrats to make sure every student has access to a high quality public

May 02 2017

Moving forward parity isn't an

May 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

President Trump may not like what he sees in this budget deal, but it's dangerous and irresponsible to respond by calling for a

Apr 05 2017

What I'm concerned about is how your involvement with so many companies shapes your

Apr 01 2017 - American politics

I think it's clear that putting border money into this without a plan for how it's spent is

Mar 31 2017

A rare look inside the GOP's women's health

Mar 30 2017

Republicans didn't listen to us. They didn't listen to women across the country who made it clear that restricting women's access to the full range of reproductive care is

Mar 30 2017

Women and men are watching what is happening here, watching what Republicans are trying to do and they are paying

Mar 30 2017 - Trumpcare

While Trumpcare was dealt a significant blow last week, it is clear that the terrible ideas that underpin it live on with Republicans in

Mar 30 2017

When workers are automatically enrolled, they are more likely to save simply because it's

Mar 30 2017 - American politics

It will take one Republican this afternoon on the final vote to say yes for the women in their state. That's all we're asking. For the women of this

Mar 22 2017

This goes against everything President Trump promised workers on the campaign

Mar 22 2017

You, at best, ignored an extraordinary politicization of the work of this critical division – and at worst, actively facilitated

Mar 22 2017

Political views on the hiring of career attorneys for staff should not be used. If I am asked to do that I will not allow

Mar 22 2017

I have serious concerns about his ability to be a strong champion for workers' basic rights, including critical anti-discrimination protections, and to stand up to political

Mar 22 2017

The only true student and family agenda is one that delivers on the idea that every child, parent, and family should have the choice to attend a high-quality public school. Without this information about whether students are learning to read, write, do arithmetic, and scientifically reason, schools and parents do not know whether the school is delivering on its end of the

Mar 13 2017 - SCOTUS

You can find example after example of Judge Gorsuch siding against workers even in the most dire

Mar 11 2017 - Trumpcare

If Republicans think they can get away with offering workers window dressing in response to huge problems like the astronomically high cost of child care or the fact that so many parents still can't take a day to care for a sick child without losing pay, they are sorely

Mar 10 2017

You buy it thinking you will be covered, but there is no

Mar 09 2017

It will give Secretary DeVos a blank check to promote her anti-public-school

Mar 08 2017

It helps make sure students can make informed decisions about the quality and preparedness of their

Mar 04 2017

It doesn't just happen because you decide to write something on a wall and put it on a piece of paper. It's called catching the car if you're the dog. Saying something as a campaign slogan is easy. It wasn't just going in a room and write it. We had to actually go and talk to people, work it, make sure we had the votes from each side. It was a lot of

Feb 24 2017

The deeply harmful path House Republicans have laid out would spell disaster for families nationwide. President Trump, who promised families he would provide insurance for everyone, should be the first to oppose

Feb 15 2017

Workers and families across the country spoke up loud and clear that they want a true champion for all workers in the Labor

Feb 15 2017

It was important for us to know all of the information about any candidate that comes before

Feb 07 2017

We may not have won this fight today, but people across the country have stood up and made their voices heard on the importance of strong public education in America, and we are not going to stand

Feb 07 2017

We are just within one vote of sending this nomination back and asking the president to send us a nominee that can be supported by members on both sides of the aisle, that can set a vision that can fight for public schools, that can be that

Feb 07 2017

What we have heard is story after story about how he spent his career squeezing workers for profit, leaving many with lost wages, no financial security, and no retirement. If Mr. Puzder ever does come before our committee, he's going to have a lot of explaining to

Feb 03 2017

Betsy DeVos is committed to privatizing public schools, and diverting public funds into private taxpayer-funded vouchers that would leave far too many students

Feb 02 2017

We don't want our country going backward when it comes to women's

Jan 27 2017

President Trump has said that he will put American workers first, but it increasingly appears this was just empty campaign rhetoric – and we saw this so clearly in who he nominated to lead the Department of Labor. This filing showing jobs being outsourced overseas is yet another troubling example of workers being squeezed by companies under Andrew Puzder's

Jan 18 2017

Do you believe it is appropriate for a senior member of Congress, actively involved in policymaking in the health center to repeatedly personally invest in a drug company that could benefit from those

Jan 18 2017

Tom Price is one of the most extreme and partisan Washington insiders. We have to consider what he would do to impact people in every corner of this

Jan 17 2017

I take that as not be willing to commit to not privatizing public schools or cutting money from

Jan 17 2017

I continue to have serious concerns about her long record of working to privatize and defund public education, expand taxpayer-funded private school vouchers, and block accountability for charter schools, including for-profit charter schools. I also continue to have concerns about her extensive financial entanglements and potential conflicts of interest and I hope that more information and transparency on this front is

Jan 17 2017

I have major concerns with how you have spent your career and fortune fighting to privatize public education and gut investments in public

Jan 12 2017

Premiums will skyrocket. Out-of-pocket prescription drug costs will rise. And overall health care costs will increase. It's a perfect storm to make America sick again – and absolutely the wrong direction for families and for our

Jan 12 2017 - Affordable Care Act

Ripping apart our health care system – with no plan to replace it – will create chaos. If Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, it's women, kids, seniors, patients with serious illnesses, and people with disabilities who will bear the

Jan 11 2017

There are real questions that need to be answered about (Price's) financial

Jan 05 2017 - Twitter

I would ask the president-elect to Twitter very loudly tomorrow morning – when he does this – that he stands behind women and that he wants the House to back

Dec 02 2016 - Wall Street

After running on the idea that he was going to stand with the common man and fight Wall Street and big business, President-elect Trump is putting together a gold-plated and mahogany, Trump Style Cabinet of Wall Street bankers, billionaires, millionaires, friends, insiders, campaign contributors and

Jul 15 2016 - Zika

Republicans chose to put their ideological battle against Planned Parenthood ahead of their responsibilities as legislators to help fight

May 24 2016

Some financial advisers have lined their own pockets by steering clients toward complicated investments. Some have recommended that retirees make transactions that come with hidden fees. And some get commission when they sell a financial product, even if it doesn't make sense for a

May 18 2016

We are going to need to keep the pressure on House Republicans to set aside their partisan bill and actually get the administration the emergency resources they

May 13 2016 - Zika

I am very glad that Chairman Blunt and I have been able to work together on an emergency funding bill to quickly respond to the Zika

May 12 2016

I have pushed for the $1.9 (billion) since the beginning. I think it's the right package. But I have reached an agreement with Blunt on what we can put into a package, and we'll have a vote on

Apr 20 2016

I am very hopeful they are coming to the table and we'll see what happens in the next 24

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