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I know what my job is and this is my job right now. I'm looking to 2021 and I'm not looking past it because there's quite a few in the in-tray right
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Oct 08 2017
Ruth Davidson has most recently been quoted in an article called A Scot could 'absolutely' become Tory leader. Ruth Davidson said, “Goddammit she's the prime minister of a G7 country, she didn't get there by luck or by default. She has got grit, determination, dignity, she believes in service and diligence and she absolutely has my support.”. Ruth Davidson has been quoted a grand total of 136 times in 81 articles.
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Sep 05 2017 - Scottish independence

We would be concerned if we thought anything would ever come of it beyond trying to write today's headline and the bone she's throwing to the Greens. Because of the new financial powers, Scotland needs to raise closer to what it spends. Dragging Scotland down with ever more punitive taxes is not the way to do

Sep 05 2017 - Scottish independence

If the Scottish government is to earn back the trust and respect of people in Scotland, which it has squandered in the last year, then it must change – and change fast. Given what we know of this Scottish government, we will wait to see whether today's warm words are backed up by action before making a

Sep 01 2017 - Scottish independence

So while we in the Scottish Conservatives have rightly complained that the SNP has failed to focus on the day job, we need to demonstrate our wish to set our sights on that task

Sep 01 2017 - Scottish independence

We are already seeing some beautiful new villages and towns springing up in Scotland which have put high quality design, affordable homes, and community values at the heart of their development. That's the way to

Sep 01 2017 - Scottish independence

We now need to find the same courage to address today's needs. Market failure is depriving thousands of young people one of the most basic opportunities in society: the ability to buy and own your

Aug 16 2017 - Trump Presidency

The President of the United States has just turned his face to the world to defend Nazis, fascists and racists. For

Jul 23 2017 - Inequality

It's not working for everyone, however, and some people are enriching themselves through the kind of restrictive practices that Adam Smith warned us about two centuries ago. Nationally and internationally, capitalism needs a reboot. It is not inequality that bites deepest, but injustice. People expect that the CEO of a corporation will be the highest paid person on the

Jul 23 2017

It is not enough simply for an Amazon to bring down the cost for consumers, the public expect it to pay a fair share of taxation and grant workers a decent wage as

Jul 23 2017

What they don't accept is that FTSE 100 bosses are paid 174 times the average worker's wage in this decade – compared to 13 to 44 times in

Jul 01 2017 - Twitter

Right, I'm off for a fortnight. In the mean time, here's @GillianA just sitting round the house in stilettos & seamed stockings. As you

Jun 27 2017 - Scottish independence

On the one hand, Nicola Sturgeon tells parliament she's resetting her referendum plans. On the other, she and her party launch a new referendum campaign to mobilise support for independence. Nicola Sturgeon could have used today to show she had listened to people across Scotland. Instead, she has shown she is determined to press ahead with her referendum no matter what people

Jun 27 2017 - Northern Ireland

It's absurd for the SNP to criticise UK government spending on top of Barnett in Northern Ireland, when the exact same thing happens in

Jun 23 2017

I loved my time in uniform and am so grateful for everything it taught me. I am delighted to have been asked back to my former regiment to act as its Honorary Colonel for the next five

Jun 23 2017

I will work hard to support and encourage the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of 32 Signal Regiment during their training and service, as well as seek to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the Army Reserve as a

Jun 22 2017 - Scottish referendum

Instead, we now learn that the SNP has once again failed to deliver on time for Scotland's rural economy – risking another huge fine and further delays for hard-pressed farmers and crofters. Instead of confronting this issue when I raised it with her today, the First Minister tried to duck

Jun 15 2017 - Scottish referendum

The SNP's message on its referendum plan so far appears to be hunker down, attack anyone who asks for a bit of clarity, then hope none of us notice it pressing ahead

Jun 12 2017 - Brexit

The country has told us that they want us to be the government, behind the prime minister, but what they've said is that they want us to work with others - that's what not having a majority means. But I do think there can be changes in the offer of Brexit as we go forward. What's clear is that there is going to be a real imperative on the economic impact of

Jun 12 2017 - Brexit

We must, in my view, seek to deliver an open Brexit, not a closed one, which puts our country's economic growth

Jun 12 2017 - Brexit

There was a real understanding that we will be united as a group we will work well with others and that is exactly what we will

Jun 12 2017 - Brexit

The Prime Minister is focused on getting the right deal with Brexit and I give her my full

Jun 11 2017 - Brexit

I think what's really clear is that the Conservative party, having failed to win a majority, now needs to work with others. And that means we can look again at what it is we hope to achieve as we leave the European Union – and I want to be involved in those

Jun 10 2017 - Northern Ireland

It's an issue very close to my heart and one that I wanted categoric assurances from the prime minister on, and I received (them).feedback

Jun 09 2017 - Northern Ireland

As a Protestant Unionist about to marry an Irish Catholic, here's the Amnesty Pride lecture I gave in Belfast. I was fairly straightforward with her (Mrs May) and I told her that there were a number of things that count to me more than the party. One of them is country, one of the others is LGBTI

Jun 09 2017 - Scottish independence

What people do expect is that, right now, the SNP gives Scotland a break. Simply put, Scotland has had its

Jun 09 2017 - Northern Ireland

We need to ensure the processes of government continue but we also need to make sure that we listen to the message the people of the UK have sent in the last 24

Jun 09 2017 - Homosexuality

One of them is country, one of the others is LGBTI (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex)

Jun 09 2017 - Northern Ireland

What's clear is that we need to ensure that as the parliament reconvenes in Westminster, the Government brings forward a Queen's Speech on the 19th and I support all efforts to do

Jun 09 2017 - Northern Ireland

As a Protestant Unionist about to marry an Irish Catholic, here's the Amnesty Pride lecture I gave in

Jun 09 2017 - Scottish independence

I am under no illusion that everybody who voted for me in that seat is a true-blue, dyed-in-the wool Tory, and neither are they in places up and down Scotland. They are people who want us to do a very specific job, and that it is to hold the SNP to

Jun 09 2017 - Scottish independence

We had a very clear message in this campaign and there wouldn't have been so many SNP losses tonight if Nicola Sturgeon hadn't tried to force through an unwanted second independence referendum in

Jun 07 2017 - Scottish referendum

I've thought an awful lot of things about Nicola Sturgeon in the past few years but I never thought she was a clype. And I never thought she was a woman you couldn't have a private conversation with. If somebody will tell a private conversation that happened at a really important time of Scotland's political history a year later on the eve of an election to score a cheap political point, people will make their own mind

Jun 07 2017 - Labour Party

The SNP's reason for being is independence. A fireside chat with Jeremy Corbyn is not going to stop 90 years of what they've been after. It's naïve and dangerous. There is a hundred miles between what Jeremy Corbyn says when he is asked about doing deals with the SNP about allowing a second independence referendum, where he seems equivocal at best, and at worst he seems quite receptive to it, and all the clarification statements that are made after he's opened his mouth

Jun 07 2017

The patience of the Scottish people is wearing terribly thin for

Jun 07 2017 - Scottish referendum

Who do you think will stand strong against Nicola Sturgeon? That's the question that you can ask yourself before you go into the voting booth. I think that is the big prize at this election. Depending on the results, the choice facing her could be a loss of face or a loss of power. And we know that the SNP are relentless in their pursuit of

Jun 06 2017 - Scottish independence

Northern Irish politics is totally different. Over there politicians defend their own areas which is very, very

Jun 02 2017 - Scottish independence

There are some benefits that are means tested and others which are not. I think that when it comes to heating for the elderly, this is an area that I personally do not wish to see means tested so I'm not going to make that

Jun 02 2017 - Scottish independence

The argument that my colleagues have made down south, and it is their right to do so because this is a devolved issue, is that they would rather spend that money in the social care

Jun 02 2017 - Scottish referendum

I think that people that have the experience need to hold their nerve, put your head down, keep working, because there is no substitute in an election for hard work. I haven't seen an election yet – and I've fought six of them as leader, plus two referenda – where it hasn't been the media's job to start creating expectation about the result by saying that the polls have narrowed and, funnily enough, two weeks out, they started that narrative, and it is continuing through to polling

Jun 01 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

I've seen Theresa May work. I've seen the application she puts in, the hard work she does, the diligence that she has in Number 10. I think she will absolutely rise to the challenge. There's a question about what you want in a Prime Minister and if you want a reality TV star then look America because that's what you've got in Donald Trump. If you want a serious person of government, you've got one of the longest-serving Home Secretaries on record, who has faced down terror threats in this country and has done again just in the last

Jun 01 2017 - Scottish independence

No, absolutely not and she certainly hasn't been when it's come to

Jun 01 2017 - Scottish independence

This is a case of making sure we have the right person at the table. I'm not sure what Jeremy Corbyn's priorities for Brexit

Jun 01 2017 - Scottish independence

Instead of spending their time on yet more constitutional division, every Scottish Conservative MP will instead focus on ensuring Scotland's voice is heard where it

May 30 2017 - Scottish independence

Strip away the bluster and it's written down in black and white - she wants to drag Scotland back to another referendum by as early as next autumn. That would cost jobs, risk our economy, and distract us all from the real job in hand – improving our schools and public

May 28 2017 - AT&T

Scotland cannot be dragged back to another independence referendum when we don't know what the options look like, because we don't know what Brexit looks like, and we don't know what independence looks like because Nicola Sturgeon won't even tell us if we would be in or our of the EU or Efta (European Free Trade Association), or something else. Nor should we dragged back there when the people of Scotland don't want

May 28 2017 - Scottish independence

I am absolutely not going to advocate for this to be held within the next while. I am not going to advocate for this to be held within the next generation, which is what the people of this country were

May 28 2017 - Scottish independence

Before the 2016 election I was standing next to her on a platform doing one of these television debates when she said time and time again that if the people of Scotland didn't want a referendum there won't be one. I say it is a weak mandate. With the current trajectory of support in this country going down for another independence referendum I don't see it happening any time

May 26 2017 - Labour Party

If you don't want Jeremy Corbyn to be the prime minister of this country, if you don't believe he's equipped to be the prime minister of this country, there's no safe way to vote

May 21 2017 - Scottish referendum

You looked down the camera and you looked at the audience and you promised people that if there was no change in support for independence, there wouldn't be another independence referendum. Everyone remembers you standing there before the election saying 'oh, don't worry, it's safe to vote SNP. If there's no change in support for independence, there will be no

May 21 2017 - Scottish independence

Nicola Sturgeon says she wants a seat at the Brexit table but she wants Scotland to be out of the UK and into the eurozone. I ask myself, which side of the table does she want to be sat on?feedback

May 20 2017 - Scottish independence

We've made a different choice in Scotland in our Scottish manifesto today. We believe there shouldn't be means testing for the winter fuel

May 19 2017 - Labour Party

Today, I want to speak directly to Labour party voters across Scotland ... The truth is, your party has left you, not the other way around. It may well find its way back. But you know, and I know, it won't be at this election. So let me do a job for you. In great swathes of the country, it is only the Scottish Conservatives who are strong enough to take on the SNP. And in many places we can only win, if you join with

May 19 2017 - Scottish independence

The SNP has failed a generation – and it is time they were held to

May 19 2017 - Brexit

This isn't about timings, dates, parliaments, whatever, this is about the

May 19 2017 - Scottish independence

Within our United Kingdom today, great disparities exist. So a unionist government will take action to close these gaps and bring our nations and people

May 19 2017 - Scottish independence

A vote for any other party is a vote to weaken our union, to weaken our negotiating hand in Europe and to put our future prosperity and security at risk. If we fail, the consequences for the United Kingdom and for the economic security of ordinary working people will be

May 19 2017 - Scottish referendum

The PM says she is a bloody difficult woman, well you ain't seen nothing

May 17 2017

She really is lost. No wonder Scottish Labour is continuing its death

May 15 2017 - Scottish independence

My hope is that, in Scotland, our decades-long obsession with the constitution may soon be coming to an end - and we can start using the enormous powers of our Parliament to improve the actual fabric of our

May 10 2017 - Scottish independence

Nicola Sturgeon is treating Scotland's fishing communities with utter contempt. The SNP cannot have it both ways. Scotland's fishing communities will not be fooled by them. Fishermen see great opportunities after Brexit so the most important thing for their industry is to secure the best deal for Scotland and the whole of the UK when we leave the

May 10 2017 - Scottish referendum

The SNP's scaremongering has been exposed for the trash it is. Scotland's fishing leaders have directly contradicted her to make it clear they are satisfied with the UK government's approach. If Nicola Sturgeon has even a shred of decency, she will retract her absurd

May 08 2017 - Scottish independence

We're in the mix or ahead of the game in the Borders, Dumfries and Galloway, bits of Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, Edinburgh, Perthshire, Stirlingshire, Angus, right the way up to Banffshire, Aberdeenshire and across to Moray. But we are the underdogs in this. We're taking nothing for granted. We know we've got to work really, really hard to take first-past-the-post seats at the next election. They stopped English people buying things in shops on a Sunday and then they talked about English people hunting foxes. What else have they done in legislative terms to bring back as a success for Scotland?feedback

May 08 2017 - Scottish independence

I'm not sure what Scotland has gotten out of 54 SNP MPs for the last two years. What policy triumphs have they got to talk about?feedback

May 08 2017 - Scottish independence

We go into this election with one seat. They go into with 54 – and most of them with large majorities. Even to challenge the Nationalists in some of these seats is going to take a Herculean effort. Make no mistake – we are the underdogs going into this campaign. But we also know this. The SNP is not Scotland. And people across this country don't take kindly to Nicola Sturgeon pretending the opposite is

May 08 2017 - Scottish independence

It's to bring the SNP down to size; to show they can't take Scotland for granted; to show that we, the Scottish Conservatives, can lead Scotland's fightback against the

May 05 2017 - Scottish referendum

Only the Scottish Conservatives have the strength to fight back against the SNP. We will stand up for everyone who doesn't want a second referendum on

May 02 2017 - Scottish independence

I think should Angus Robertson's seat fall, I think that's a real Ed Balls moment for

May 02 2017 - Scottish independence

It's a very pro-Union part of the country, and it was the most pro-Brexit area of Scotland. I also think for those people, the 50.1 per cent of people in Moray who voted Remain, similar to thousands of people across Scotland who voted Remain that are also pro-Union, they are really angry. I don't think anybody has cottoned on to how angry pro-UK Remainers are that Nicola Sturgeon, Angus Robertson and others have hijacked their Remain vote to be a proxy vote for independence. People are furious about

Apr 27 2017 - Scottish referendum

Nicola Sturgeon is treating the electorate like fools. She thinks she can face both ways on fishing, the EU and independence, promising all things to all

Apr 25 2017 - Scottish independence

The First Minister risks turning herself into a laughing stock here. For the last few months, everyone in Scotland has seen her do nothing else but campaign for an unwanted second independence

Apr 20 2017

If the first minister does not like the two-child tax policy, she can change it. But the truth is that the first minister is always happier complaining about the UK government than she is doing anything herself. The way that the SNP is readying itself to pour negativity on this country at this election is

Apr 18 2017 - Labour Party

We know the SNP will use this campaign to try and manufacture a case for separation. And with Jeremy Corbyn having already said he is 'absolutely fine' with an immediate referendum, we also know that Labour can't be relied to stand up to them. By contrast, the Scottish Conservatives have the strength right across Scotland to stand up for people who oppose the SNP's

Apr 18 2017 - Scottish independence

Make no mistake – the SNP is still the dominant force in Scotland, and it will be a massive challenge for my party to take the fight to them ahead of June 8. But this is a much more vulnerable party than it was in 2015. And it is now a rejuvenated Scottish Conservative party which is prepared to lead the

Mar 28 2017

It matters not the question; the answer is always

Mar 21 2017 - Scottish referendum

Five times in six months the will of the Scottish parliament has been clear and five times in six months this SNP government has chosen to ignore it. Will the SNP explain [to the public] why votes on crucial issues such as health and education funding and enterprise and energy should be wilfully ignored by the SNP government, but when it comes to independence and only when it comes to independence, Holyrood is sacrosanct?feedback

Mar 21 2017 - Scottish independence

Most people in Scotland are sick to death of the SNP's games. They don't want another referendum any time soon, just three years after the last one. It was about a well-rehearsed game to put forward unworkable proposals, wait for Westminster politicians to point that out, then rush to any nearby microphone – angry face attached – to trot out the same old tired complaints. How different things are

Mar 21 2017 - Scottish independence

Most people in Scotland are sick to death of the SNP's games. They don't want another referendum any time soon, just three years after the last one. It was about a well-rehearsed game to put forward unworkable proposals, wait for Westminster politicians to point that out, then rush to any nearby microphone – angry face attached – to trot out the same old tired complaints. This bulldozer approach is completely at odds with the way the 2014 referendum was

Mar 19 2017 - Scottish independence

There are people right across Scotland, many, many thousands of them, that are so thankful for the Prime Minister to say let's take a pause on

Mar 19 2017

I spent 10 years as a journalist and I've now spent six years as a politician and I'm not sure I could combine them both. I work a pretty busy week as it is and ... I'm not sure I could do both at the same time, if I'm

Mar 16 2017 - Scottish referendum

And that is because there is no clear political or public consent for this to take place. The country – and our parliament – is divided not over just the question of independence, but over whether we should even hold a referendum or

Mar 16 2017 - Scottish independence

We reject conclusively the timetable for a referendum set out by the Scottish government. For a key reason – because it is unfair to Scottish voters. We have just come through a referendum campaign when a key complaint among many people was that they did not have the necessary information to help them make an informed decision. If we were to keep to the first minister's timetable, this is exactly what would happen in Scotland, too. On the most important political decision a country can make, we would be voting

Mar 16 2017 - Scottish independence

Is it not true, though, that independent forecasts suggest independence would put Scotland £11bn in the red? So I issue a direct challenge. If next Wednesday, the Scottish parliament votes for a second referendum, will the Tories respect the will of this parliament?feedback

Mar 16 2017 - Scottish independence

The Scottish Conservatives reject the proposals set out by the first minister on Monday. A referendum cannot happen when the people of Scotland have not been given the opportunity to see how our new relationship with the European Union is working. And it should not take place when there is no clear political or public consent for it to happen. Our country does not want to go back to the divisions and uncertainty of the last few

Mar 15 2017 - Scottish independence

The SNP's plans to impose a referendum on independence in Scotland have unravelled within 24 hours. Nicola Sturgeon is demanding that people are forced to make another choice on their future in as little as 18 months. And yet faced with reasonable questions about what independence means, she and her ministers cannot

Mar 14 2017 - Scottish referendum

These are surreal comments. How can he say the SNP is focussed on negotiations with the UK government when Nicola Sturgeon has just broken off those talks to unilaterally declare another divisive referendum on independence? Everyone knows where the SNP has invested all its attention since the EU referendum – in trying to break up

Mar 14 2017 - Scottish independence

The SNP is trying to have it both ways. It is demanding a referendum because of our decision to leave the European Union. But, in order to keep leave voters on board, it won't say whether Scotland would seek to get back

Mar 13 2017 - Scottish referendum

Nicola Sturgeon has today chosen the path of further division and uncertainty. We will vote against any request for a section 30 next

Mar 09 2017 - Scottish referendum

Nicola Sturgeon has just admitted what everybody already knew - that the SNP is hell bent on taking Scotland back to another divisive independence referendum and will use any excuse to do so. She knows that a referendum would inflict further damage on Scotland's economy. It is therefore deeply irresponsible for the First Minister of Scotland to cast this cloud of uncertainty over our

Mar 04 2017

It is time to get rid of the waffle, and the theories that have failed – and restore Scotland's reputation as providing the best education in the

Mar 03 2017

We must take this opportunity to bring our United Kingdom closer together because the Union which we all care about is not simply a constitutional artefact. It is a union of people, affections and loyalties…The existence of our Union rests on some simple but powerful principles: solidarity, unity,

Mar 02 2017 - Scottish independence

I would be confident of victory. By the end of the last campaign Yes had already crossed over to be in the lead in the polls and we won by 10 points. At the moment they are polling way below what they were doing then. I think the arguments are weaker and I think the people of Scotland are just as switched on as they were three years ago so I think there's every chance that we would win by a wider margin. Folk aren't daft – they can see through

Jan 17 2017 - Scottish National Party

[The] Scottish National Party should have the good grace to accept that many of its own demands – including the protection of workers' rights, and the protection of rights for the EU citizens in Britain and cross-border cooperation on tackling crime – have been recognised by the UK

Jul 09 2016

I am childless. I have nieces and nephews. I believe I - like everyone else - have a very real stake in our

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