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Trump himself keeps freaking out whenever there are doubts about his political
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Jun 15 2017 Trump Presidency
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Feb 21 2017

Finally there is his escalating war with the media, something that Washington insiders consider useless and dangerous for

Jan 31 2017 - Travel ban

Some commentators compared Trump's firing of the Acting Attorney General for defying him on the controversial travel ban to Richard Nixon's monumental clash with the Justice Department leadership, commonly known as the Saturday Night Massacre. But the circumstances today are entirely

Jan 30 2017

Public opinion is almost unanimous: this was amateur hour. Trump is losing political capital while not directly addressing a more urgent law enforcement concern, that of homegrown violent extremists in the US who plot their attacks without any overseas connections at

Dec 14 2016

What Donald Trump's governing style will be is anybody's guess at this point. If his cabinet picks serve as any guide, the new administration will put a premium on outsider experience – to pursue a very conservative

Dec 08 2016

The blue-collar workers who were instrumental in Donald Trump's election victory now want action, and they want it fast. Trump needs to deliver to keep these workers in his camp or

Nov 09 2016

What do you make of all this Mark?feedback

Nov 03 2016 - CIA

Normally the Mormon state is reliably Republican, actually it's one of the most Republican states in the country. But here is this independent conservative candidate, who has emerged as a real threat to Trump. This guy Evan McMullin a Utah native, former CIA operative and investment banker is energizing the anti- Trump vote which is substantial in Utah. And if Trump loses Utah and its six electoral votes it will make his path to victory mathematically much more

Nov 03 2016

Well, Mark let me put it this way. There are more signs of erosion, but her flood gates seem to be holding. There are cracks, but we are not seeing signs of Clinton crumbling on a map that still favours her overall. She was hit big time by the FBI announcement last Friday and now polls have generally stabilised for her. There are other polls that suggest that Trump is gaining ground in New Hampshire, Colorado and even in Virginia. Will that be enough? Well, we will know next

Nov 03 2016

Absolutely, this is something that worries Democrats a lot and President Obama just alluded to it during his latest campaign appearances. We know from early voting returns in Florida and North Carolina, states that are absolutely critical to a Clinton win next Tuesday, that African Americans have turned out much less than they did four and eight years ago. On the other hand, we are seeing much stronger mobilisitation among Latino voters, but that might not be enough if African Americans don't turn out in massive

Oct 27 2016 - FLOTUS

The First Lady is beloved by a large majority of Americans and turned out to be the most popular, if not the most effective Clinton

Oct 27 2016 - American politics

The typically Republican state was won by Mitt Romney four years ago, but could flip this time. Knowing this, Donald Trump is spending a lot of time in North Carolina as well. If he loses here, it's game over for him – even if he carries Florida and

Oct 27 2016

It's the first time Clinton and Obama campaigned side-by-side, and the first time ever two first ladies shared the stage to drum up support for one of them running for president. And that stage was in North Carolina which was not picked

Oct 26 2016 - American politics

The latest schedule of the Trump campaign has many analysts scratching their heads. While the candidate himself took a break to concentrate on his real estate business in deeply Democratic Washington, DC, his running mate Mike Pence stomps in Utah and Nebraska this week – two heavily Republican

Oct 26 2016 - Wikileaks

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is fending off the fallout of bad headlines from Obama's health care law and of the daily WikiLeaks dump. So far the hacked emails have rather been embarrassing than damaging. But who knows what's coming next – there are still 13 days to

Oct 26 2016

On top of that, Trump is putting resources back into Virginia where he has virtually no chance of winning. So, is Trump desperate or is he cocky? Does he know something that we don't

Oct 14 2016

Following the most recent reports of women being sexually assaulting by Trump, he has resorted to more extreme denunciations of the press in general. Not only has he threatened the New York Times to sue for libel, he also accused reporters of participating in a vast global

Oct 14 2016

At a rally in Florida yesterday, he kept lashing out at journalists to the point that an angry crowd turned against the people in the press pen, calling them all kinds of insulting

Oct 14 2016

Trump's vilification of the media prompted the Committee to Protect Journalists to issue a warning that Trump is a threat to the freedom of the press, unknown in modern history. Meanwhile, Trump has already identified a culprit should he lose the election: a rigged system – and the

Sep 28 2016 - Saudi Arabia

The tide is turning against Riyadh as one analyst put it. The glorious days of the Saudi-American friendship are

Sep 23 2016

The creators want the museum to be a place where all US citizens can learn about the African American experience and what it means to their lives. Yet, the most recent police shootings of unarmed black men just add another chapter to that experience, one too fresh to be

Sep 21 2016

With 47 days until election day, the national conversation is turning, once again, to a politically fraught set of interlocking issues. Race, policing and urban crime. The ingredients are almost always the

Sep 21 2016

Legislative proposals to change at least the legal environment have gone nowhere. There seems to be no sense of urgency. Not surprisingly the presidential candidates have offered opposite,yet vague ideas to diffuse the crisis. They have a chance to be more specific in their first debate, just four days from

Sep 09 2016

If there is a North Korean crisis in the weeks ahead, Donald Trump will not hesitate to blame it on Obama and his former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. So, the stakes are high and could very well shake things up domestically here in the United

Sep 09 2016 - Sanctions

There's growing concern in Washington that it's just a matter of time until North Korea will be able to put missile development and nuclear technology together. The question now, of course, is can the Obama administration orchestrate new ways of inflicting more pain on North Korea, which is already under sweeping

Sep 09 2016 - North Korea

The key area is China and Obama hopes that North Korea can be one of the few issues on which he can produce some results in corporation with Beijing, even if the Chinese are frustrated by North Korea as well. Obama has very little leverage and probably less time as the country is totally distracted by the presidential

Jul 29 2016

I think Yes. What is clear now, is that America has a clear choice between two different visions of the country. According to the Republicans, the country is a crime scene, a place of doom and gloom and the best days are far behind. If you listen to the Democrats this is a beacon of hope, diversity, new ideas of energy and that's something Hillary will build on. Of course Republicans will bring up emails, but the election will not be decided by emails. People have been hearing about this for a year, and nothing really substantial came out of

Jul 29 2016

I think her lifetime speech may have changed the opinion of a lot of women. I have never seen so many women cry this week. First during President Obama's speech and then during Hillary Clinton's speech. She comes across as someone who is aloof, as part of the establishment…But when you saw the faces of many women delegates last night, with tears in their eyes, I think that historic achievement sank in for the first

Jul 26 2016

Bernie Sanders is now squarely in Hillary Clinton's camp, but his staunchest supporters are not. Some of them are threatening a floor fight over Tim Kaine's nomination as vice presidential candidate. So much for party

Jul 20 2016

Ironically, the Trump campaign borrowed from the hated Obamas and not, for example, from Ann Romney, the wife of the past Republican candidate. Maybe they just thought: do it like Obama – and win!feedback

Jul 19 2016

A nasty primary season has left the Party of Lincoln more divided than ever. Now, Cleveland is supposed to mark the beginning of a healing process. But with the insurgent candidate Trump at the helm, many Republicans fear that the rifts will only get

Jun 06 2016

At some point, Bernie Sanders will have to concede to Hillary Clinton, be it this week or at the Convention. The question is whether his supporters will accept defeat and rally around her. The longer Sanders waits, the harder it will be to unite the party for the general

Apr 15 2016 - IMF

Where is the US economy at the end of the Obama years and what will be the challenges for the next administration? We are hearing a lot on the campaign trail that the economy is rigged and that the situation is worse than the employment figures suggest. What is your assessment?feedback

Mar 18 2016

President Obama's dramatic changes of the US Cuba policy have come entirely through executive action. And he has widespread support among Americans, Cubans and in the rest of Latin America. What remains is hard-core opposition from Republicans in Congress – but that might change after the November

Mar 16 2016 - Republican Party

But because of the fact that Bernie Sanders is still hanging in that makes him the best friend of the Republican party because it drains away resources that could be used in a general election campaign, probably against Donald

Mar 16 2016

Well, absolutely. I think what the Republicans have learned on this second Super Tuesday is that they cannot stop Donald trump, they can only slow him down. You're right, Donald Trump lost Ohio, and that was a big prize for the anti-Trump forces, but then of course they're still not strong enough to prevent Donald Trump from getting the Republican

Mar 16 2016

What everybody's thinking here is that we're drifting towards a brokered convention which means that Donald Trump will have the plurality of the delegates before the Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, but not the majority. So, that leaves us with a whole variety of possibilities, even the possibility of a candidate who is not yet

Mar 16 2016

Well, it is. She obviously ran the table on this Super Tuesday, there are virtually no more chances left for Bernie Sanders of snatching the nomination away from her – although he issued a press release tonight saying that he will keep fighting on and take the fight to the Convention in

Mar 16 2016

Today the name of Paul Ryan was floated, the Speaker of the House of Representatives – and for the first time he did not particularly exclude the possibility of his running against Trump. But these are pure speculations, my guess is that Donald Trump will eventually be the Republican

Mar 16 2016

But, to be honest, Bernie Sanders is running out of time and he's running out of states: there are only very very few big states left where he could score big. But these are states like New York, like Pennsylvania or like California. But in those states Hillary Clinton is in the

Mar 16 2016

It was Hillary Clinton biggest night so far of the whole primary season. In her victory speech, she signaled that Bernie Sanders is no longer a threat. She can now set her sights on whoever ends up being the Republican

Mar 15 2016

In today's primary, Florida seems to be locked up by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But in a general election match-up between these two, this perennial swing state could tilt dramatically in Clinton's favor. Her strong showing with Latino voters could very well decide the

Mar 02 2016 - O'Reilly Factor

I don't think it's that simple. I mean, Hillary Clinton is not a flawless candidate. She has a lot of problems, and Donald Trump is probably her smallest problem. She has legal problems, she has to prove that she can bring about positive change while also running on Barack Obama's accomplishments. And then of course she has to walk a very fine line for the remainder of the primaries season, between attacking Bernie Sanders and presenting herself as presidential. She must not alienate Bernie Sanders' voters because she needs them in the general

Mar 02 2016 - Mexico

Well there's a simple answer to that: no. I cannot imagine anything like that. And if you listen to Trump's speech, after Super Tuesday, and if you think about the statements he made over the last couple of days, I think the contrary is true: he will double down on his positions, like building a wall between the United States and Mexico, and many other things. I don't see him becoming, you know, by magic, a moderate

Feb 09 2016

But one fourth of them is still open to changing their minds, according to surveys. And here lies the potential for big

Jan 25 2016

It will take a few days until the DC area will be fully operational again. Schools will remain closed on Monday and public transportation disrupted. At the same time, parking rules will be fully enforced with tickets of up to 750

Oct 06 2015 - Democratic Party

It was likely Sanders' last campaign rally. Earlier, he gave the strongest signals yet that he is ready to bow out of the presidential race – after the DC primary next Tuesday. It would be a win for the Democratic Party in its fight against

Oct 02 2015

Jeb Bush poured enormous resources into New Hampshire to jump start his White House bid. But despite all the money, his showing was weak. He might now face pressure from party leaders and donors to end his

Sep 30 2015 - IMF

Christine Lagarde gave a rather sober outlook of the global economy, with China and US monetary policy in transition. Once again, she urged all countries to speed up reform – a call that has not been sufficiently heard in the

Sep 29 2015

The US Department of Homeland Security has estimated that there are roughly 4000 Islamic militants who have infiltrated Europe, disguised as refugees. Is that more or less an accurate assessment? And do you fear a higher terror threat level in Europe?feedback

Sep 29 2015 - Russia

Washington is ready to cooperate with Moscow on Syria, despite the very harsh criticism Obama had reserved for Putin. Whether his awkward one-on-one with the Russian leader will yield any progress in the Middle East is too early to tell. But then, Obama does not have that many

Sep 23 2015 - Climate change

The pontiff's visit has not escaped the nasty divisions of political Washington. Democrats believe they now have a pope who is on their side on hot topics like Iran, Cuba, climate change and economics – which makes Republicans angry. The perfect setting for the papal address before Congress this

Aug 12 2015 - Drones

In the US, there are half a million drones expected to be purchased in this year's holiday season. But fans may not have a long-term fun with their Christmas presents. The US Federal Aviation Administration has just announced that there will be tough regulations to ensure the safety of the airspace

Jul 20 2015

The re-establishment of diplomatic relations does not change Cuba's economic problems, nor does it alter the US view that Cuba has a serious democracy deficit. But after a standoff that goes back to President Eisenhower, this day marks a new

Jul 15 2015

Republican presidential candidates have lost no time slamming the deal as irresponsible and dangerous. It's a foretaste of what the political debate here will look like in the months to come. But Obama's presidential veto power makes it very hard for Republicans to roll back the

Jul 09 2015 - IMF

But he also said not to panic. Greece only represents less than half of one percent of the world

Jul 09 2015 - Iran

It looks like an Iran deal will pass Congress. But if President Obama had to wield his veto power to forge ahead, that would put a deal on shaky political ground, and make Iran a prominent attack issue in the 2016 election

Jul 02 2015

The new approach to Cuba has been a huge diplomatic win for the Obama administration, accompanied by overwhelming support in both countries. Seeing the Cuban flag fly over the building behind me soon will be historic. What comes next is the lifting of the embargo – but that may take a

May 29 2015

The screening of 'Plot for Peace' here at the UN shows us that the memory of the Mandela legacy is still alive. And so is the spirit of those who worked secretly for his release from prison. A spirit that can serve as an inspiration for future peace

May 26 2015 - Iran

The outcome of the trial is totally unpredictable in a country whose judicial system is described by western experts as inefficient and corrupt. So far, the case has had no influence on the Iran nuclear talks, but the overall diplomatic atmosphere might be poisoned should any harm come to Jason

May 26 2015

I can barely imagine the harrowing experience it must have been for you. Tell us, please, how you and your family have gone through this over the last ten

May 13 2015

The old Eisenhower cruisers are a colourful reminder of Cuba being stuck in the past. Fascinating for tourists, but a hassle for Cubans. Many here would love to see them disappear – if Cuba were to embrace the 21st

May 12 2015 - French election 2017

Hollande's meetings with Raul and Fidel Castro highlight the French claim to be the number one partner for Cuba in Europe. It symbolises a new era in the relations between Havana and the West. But what Cubans are really longing for is a visit of Barack Obama – before the US president leaves

Apr 26 2015 - Sex

The marriage traditionalists might be fighting for a lost cause. A huge majority of Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage, as were multiple court rulings across the country. And the Supreme Court will likely do the

Apr 24 2015

Domestically, the Obama administration has more support for a trade agreement from Republicans than from Democrats. That puts the likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a complicated position and could make trade a major issue of the 2016

Apr 21 2015 - IMF

The Obama administration tried hard to de-legitimize and marginalize the AIIB – and failed spectacularly. This comes on top of the opposition of the Republicans in Congress to major reforms of the IMF, which would give China a greater voice in the Fund. It is not clear how the US could turn this major diplomatic defeat into something meaningful in the months

Apr 18 2015 - IMF

As John F. Kennedy used to say: A rising economic tide lifts all boats. But in today's reality, only yachts go up whereas too many rafts remain stuck in the

Apr 17 2015 - Ukraine Crisis

Let me start by asking you about the global economy. Growth remains slow because of some substantial risks. Some of them are: high debt, high unemployment and lacklustre investment. But there is also the aspect of global insecurity. We see violence, civil war and terror in the Middle East, Africa, Ukraine. To what extent does that threaten global recovery?feedback

Apr 15 2015 - Ford

President Lincoln is widely regarded as the saviour of the nation, the liberator of African-Americans and a great unifier across the partisan political divide. Many believe this is somebody that America needs

Mar 24 2015

Gone are the days when Washington grew exasperated with former Afghan president Karzai. More than once, Karzai had criticized the US publicly and challenged the Obama administration's good will. The unity government of Ashraf Ghani now seems to offer a new promise for a more effective partnership with

Mar 18 2015 - Israel

According to first reactions in Washington, the outcome of the election will not change the fundamentals. And that is: strong US support for Israel, no matter how messy the process of forming the next government there will be. After all, messy governing is something that America can relate

Mar 10 2015 - Russia

President Tusk was much more outspoken in his criticism of Moscow than President Obama, speaking of a Russian aggression against its neighbours that needs to be stopped. Washington has not yet committed to new sanctions, but that may well be in the

Feb 20 2015 - Extremism

There seems to be a newly-found sense of urgency among governments to fight violent extremism as a global scourge. The recent atrocities by ISIL and its supporters have certainly helped forging that determination. As Jordan's foreign minister has put it: 'Every one of us is a

Feb 19 2015 - Extremism

The Obama administration is hammering home the point that this fight goes far beyond the immediate threat by ISIL. It's about discrediting voices of hatred and extremism across the board in our cities and communities. This is a task for civil society that will certainly outlast all governments represented here at the

Feb 13 2015 - Egypt

As Chairman McCaul put it, the barbarians are at the gate, America needs to fight them. But no one here is in favour of sending US ground troops into the area. What Washington wants is that countries like Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia step up to the plate and do the

Jan 21 2015

President Obama challenged the Republican Congress on a lot of controversial issues, domestic and foreign. That indicates that he is willing to spend whatever political capital he has left. His last two years in office will likely be anything but

Jan 19 2015 - Democratic Party

On Tuesday night, President Obama is going to make a stand portraying himself as a European-style Social Democrat who is fighting for the middle class against heartless Republicans. Obama says he wants to work with Congress, but the battle lines are already

Jan 13 2015

There is a sense among Americans that the entire west is targeted by jihadist terrorists and that the US has been spared so far. But Americans also feel that this luck will not last

Dec 19 2014

Now that the Cuban American community has digested President Obama's move, some cracks are becoming visible. But there is overwhelming support for Obama among young Cuban Americans, 88 percent. That might give the President's party a strategic advantage going into the 2016

Dec 10 2014 - CIA

The FBI has warned that the report may spark a terror threat against American interests around the world. This is exactly what the Senate Committee wanted to counter – by telling the

Dec 10 2014 - CIA

We have a good idea of what happened, we know where the pitfalls were, we know where the mistakes, some of them, were made, and we do not want to see it replicated ever again. So the point of this is: never again!feedback

Nov 25 2014 - O'Reilly Factor

There are a lot of communities like Ferguson, Missouri, in this country. And, of course, the underlying problem won't go away anytime soon. And you've heard from President Obama, who alluded to

Nov 25 2014 - O'Reilly Factor

There is a deep-rooted feeling in minority communities of colour that things are stacked against them, that the law is being applied in a discriminatory fashion. Things like racial profiling, policing minority neighbourhoods and sometimes excessive police force are perceived as injustices in the existing criminal justice

Nov 25 2014 - O'Reilly Factor

Now some of this, of course, is the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country and all of this hatred comes back to the surface whenever there is a case like the Michael Brown case in Ferguson Missouri – that killing in

Nov 21 2014

In acting unilaterally just weeks after his party's crushing defeat, Obama is taking a huge risk. Americans generally don't like to see their presidents going it alone, even if they support a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. The Republicans are furious. Some of them want to take Obama to court to block his action or punish him otherwise. But that is risky as well, given the party's shaky standing with Hispanic voters. Whatever happens, the stage is set for an all-out political war that may last until the presidential election in

Nov 06 2014 - Inequality

Well, America is a divided country. And it is divided for a reason, and that is growing economic inequality. All the gains, almost all the gains, that have been produced over the last 30-plus years have gone to the top one percent of the population, while wages for the 99 percent have barely

Nov 06 2014

The day after the big spanking of the Democrats, America remains deeply divided and the political class utterly unpopular, and that includes Republicans. Both parties now need to learn how to compromise again, otherwise the country may become truly

Nov 05 2014

Oh, absolutely. The outgoing Congress was the least productive in modern American history. You know we still had divided government in the past under Obama, over the last four years. Now the Republicans will control the entire Congress but it's not going to change anything. They still need to compromise with Obama; they are unwilling to do this. So what we're going to see is some legislation, maybe on trade, maybe on immigration, maybe on foreign policy, that will reach the president's desk, but if he doesn't like it he can just veto it. And there are already heavy fights between moderate Republicans and right-wing Republicans in the Senate over the course that they should take facing Democrats in the White House. I predict that we're not going to see much legislation here, and my guess is that we're going to see a lot of gridlock heading into the 2016 presidential

Nov 03 2014

Despite strong economic numbers, there is a widespread feeling of uneasiness and insecurity in Virginia and the rest of the country. Many Americans believe that the Obama administration has underestimated crises like ISIL and Ebola, even the failings of the Secret Service. And for this, the Democrats may have to pay the price at the

Nov 03 2014

Bottom line: Don't expect much of the next Congress. Things will likely get worse, as the 2016 presidential campaign has already begun to suck oxygen out of the political

Oct 29 2014

If the US economy picks up, that should give Europe and emerging markets a big boost, but there are other important elements here as well, such as what happens to the dollar, what happens to oil prices, and finally how will things shape up within the

Oct 29 2014

That's the million dollar question, right? Let's remember, QE3 has swelled the Fed's balance sheet to unprecedented levels. The money the Fed created to buy bonds – that's more than three trillion dollars – could fuel excessive inflation when growth finally picks up. Or it could lead to asset bubbles that could cause financial instability and potentially another crisis. Then there is always the risk of a severe blowback that could be triggered by almost

Oct 28 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Joining me now at the Brookings Institution is former US Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer. Ambassador Pifer, let's talk about the major takeaways of these elections: A resounding triumph for the pro-European parties. At the same time, pro-Russian forces are nearing extinction. Was this the outcome that Washington was hoping for?feedback

Oct 11 2014 - IMF

, The virus is on virus

Oct 10 2014 - IMF

Mr. Lipton, the recovery in Europe hasn't really stalled, but it is pretty weak. And now the IMF forecasts that in 2015 growth in Europe will almost be worse, as in Japan. Why is that so and what is the picture country by country?feedback

Oct 06 2014

This has become a feature of American

Oct 04 2014

The chief negotiators also addressed the controversial issue of transparency, although not convincingly. The talks were held in secret, only a minimum of information was given to the media and neither one was willing to say how many more rounds of talks we should

Oct 03 2014

The meeting made clear once again that Paris is Washington's closest ally in the fight against the jihadists. But both governments seem to be struggling to shore up additional military support in the region, as the performance of the Iraqi army remains

Oct 02 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Christine Lagarde's outlook on the global economy is subdued. As potential risks, she cited the situations in Ukraine and the Middle East as well as the growing Ebola epidemic. None of these threats will go away any time

Sep 25 2014

Obama did not offer any of the 'with-us-or-against-us' rhetoric of George W. Bush. He made it clear, though, that American leadership is needed to create peace and stability in an unsettled

Sep 24 2014

The sudden rise of ISIL has thrust President Obama into the unlikely position as salesman for a conflict he did not want to pursue. But now America is in this for the long haul. This is Obama's message to the jihadists, the US congress and those who want to succeed

Sep 19 2014 - Sanctions

The nuclear issue is the elephant in the room. Without Iran giving up the bomb, there won't be any strategic partnership between the West and Tehran in the fight against ISIL, nor will there be the lifting of the sanctions. The stakes could not be

Aug 29 2014

President Obama's message to the European allies is twofold: First, Washington's commitment to collective security is ironclad. And second, Europe needs to do more, even if that means additional

Jul 17 2014 - Israel

For years and years, the United States has put considerable efforts into brokering a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. The results? Meagre, to put it politely. Today, there is widespread disappointment and even indifference in Washington. Israelis and Palestinians should be alarmed by

Jul 05 2014

At a time when America is struggling to fix its broken immigration laws, this group of new citizens has finally succeeded. For them, a dream has come true that they have been waiting for many, many

Jun 27 2014 - World Cup

Football in the United still has a competitive disadvantage against the other big professional sports, and that is money. Baseball, basketball, ice hockey and American football are multi-billion dollar operations that dominate the market. But maybe the World Cup enthusiasm is going to change

Jun 15 2014

It could be that more time is needed beyond the July deadline to strike a deal. But both Iran and the international powers may face domestic political pressures to argue for better terms during this extra time period – which would only complicate the negotiations

Jun 14 2014

The newly-established Obama doctrine stipulates less US involvement in the Middle East and elsewhere. And this is what the President emphasised again. Despite some US support, it's the Iraqi government that is in

May 15 2014 - Holocaust

Each step down the long staircase onto the center of New York City's heartbreak will be painful for many. It's going to be a very powerful and necessary experience. But troubling questions about the museum's financing remain. Officials in New York are asking Congress to subsidise the 9/11 museum as it does for museums memorialising the Holocaust and Pearl Harbor. This is a debate that is far from

May 02 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

What came out of Angela Merkel's visit to Washington was the willingness of Germany and the United States to work even closer together on issues like Ukraine, TTIP and surveillance. A challenging agenda given the most recent

May 02 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Today Barack Obama and Angela Merkel still need to rebuild trust and warmth. Whether issues like Ukraine and the NSA scandal can allow that, remains to be

May 01 2014 - NSA

Mr. President, let's talk about EU-US relations. We've had the NSA scandal that created a lot of repercussions in Europe, we have the TTIP trade talks that are very complicated and there is a lot of resistance in Europe and the United States, so where are we right now? Your

Apr 13 2014 - IMF

The IMF's global agenda is quite ambitious. Whether it can be successful, largely depends on the willingness of the US Congress to ratify the 2010 reforms. Washington has not done so yet. And in an election year this seems less than

Apr 09 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

On Ukraine. The financial support of the international community amounts to 27 billion dollars over the next two years, of which $14 to18 bn will come from the IMF – if Ukraine can put in place a very ambitious program of structural reforms. How realistic is this given the massive level of corruption in that country and the continuing military threat from Russia?feedback

Apr 09 2014 - IMF

You just mentioned that the euro zone economy is growing only very, very slowly, and the IMF forecasts are just north of one per cent for this year and next. If we have a major international crisis on our hands with potentially unpredictable energy problems, can even the small growth rate be sustained? In other words, is Vladimir Putin threatening the recovery in Europe?feedback

Apr 09 2014

The performance of the country will be a factor of the determination of its people and its authorities. Without that ownership, that determination, things will not happen. But if there is that collective drive to eliminate corruption, to establish good governance, to have good procurements, to have true prices for energy and to own their economic destiny, it will happen. And the international community will support those

Apr 09 2014 - Unemployment

Thank you for being with us today on the eve of the IMF Spring Meeting here in Washington, DC. Let me start by asking you about the global context of this year's talks. We have unbalanced growth, massive unemployment, deflation risks, monetary tapering in progress, and all of a sudden we have political instability, not at some distant place in the world, but right on Europe's doorstep. Give us a sense of how all that will shape the discussions at the Spring Meeting?feedback

Apr 09 2014 - Unemployment

In Europe, we see growing inequality and a high level of unemployment, especially youth unemployment, and you mention this in every speech. What are you telling youngsters who are worried? Is there hope that this 'low growth trap', as you have called it, will not slam shut?feedback

Apr 09 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

Following the annexation of Crimea, global markets reacted only moderately, if at all. Is it that global investors just don't care about Ukraine? And, if that is the case, who is paying the economic price for Russian aggression?feedback

Mar 20 2014

The foreign policy establishment in Washington is deeply troubled by Putin's action and by the Western response. The hope is that President Obama and the European allies at the EU summit in Europe next week will find a more muscular

Mar 07 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

You were National Security Advisor to President Carter when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. If you were National Security Advisor to President Obama now that the Russians have invaded Ukraine, what would be your advice?feedback

Mar 07 2014

We know the Russians are good chess players….feedback

Mar 07 2014 - Ukraine Crisis

But now it looks like Putin is throwing the chessboard against the wall. Does he know what he is doing? Does he follow a master plan for Ukraine?feedback

Mar 07 2014

What tools can the US and Europe bring to the table?feedback

Mar 01 2014 - Crimea

Americans and Europeans are seeing the unfolding events in Ukraine with grave concern, especially the situation in Crimea. But the overall message is: There is no reason to panic – at least for

Feb 11 2014 - French election 2017

Today the United States and France are enjoying a level of trust not seen in more than a decade. That's why this visit is a respite for both, for Obama battered by domestic gridlock and for Hollande, whose personal life is under scrutiny back

Feb 10 2014 - Libya

The foreign policy establishment in this town believes that the French have shown determination in stamina on issues Mali, Libya, Syria and Iran. More than any other European leader, Francois Hollande seems to be in sync with President Obama. And American-French relations are at their best in a

Jan 28 2014

With three more years in office, the president will start defining his legacy. By focusing on economic justice, he knows that he has a majority of Americans in his corner. But here's what worries the White House: is America still listening to President Obama?feedback

Jan 18 2014 - NSA

The general feeling here is that the president struck the right balance between national security and the need for

Jan 11 2014

Ambassador Ross, you have occupied top positions under presidents Bush Sr., Clinton and Obama, but more important, you have met Ariel Sharon many, many times. Give us a sense of who he was as a person, as a

Oct 25 2013 - Mexico

In a city that is obsessed with national security and the fear of terror attacks, everything seems to be tolerated, even among friends. The problem is that this sort of intelligence operation could severely damage the trust between the United States and Germany – and France, and Brazil, and Mexico and possibly

Oct 03 2013

In the political battle where so much is at stake it's hard to see an easy way out and there will be casualties. The first ones are the hundreds and thousands of federal employees and their families. They have bills, rents and mortgages to pay. Every passing day without salary pushes them closer to the

Oct 01 2013

Well, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are facing indefinite furloughs – that means they are sent home – without pay – until there is an agreement in Congress. National parks and monuments, from Yosemite to the Statue of Liberty, are closed now. And if the spending stand-off lasts until late October, veterans' benefit payments will trickle to a stop. So, the shut-down will have a very real economic impact on very real people, right

Sep 25 2013 - Sanctions

I think the speech was partly aimed at the international community and partly at Rohani's own domestic audience. He preached tolerance and understanding and, of course, reiterated his position that nuclear weapons had no future in Iran. But then he offered no specific proposal to reach a compromise on the nuclear issue. For domestic consumption, he criticized the Western sanctions, as they have led to Iran's economic isolation and

Sep 17 2013

The shooting represents the worst loss of life in a single incident in Washington in more than 30 years. Officials said they still do not know of a motive, but they do not have any evidence to think that it was related to

Sep 15 2013

Most observers believe that eventually the conflict will be solved the American way: by a last-minute short-term compromise that pleases nobody. But by then, the battle of the budget may have caused a lot of political

Sep 06 2013

Washington's foreign policy community is divided over the role Iran can and will play in the future Middle East. There is still deep-rooted mistrust towards Tehran. But some see an opening for a new relationship between Iran and the United States – provided, of course, Assad is defeated in

Jul 09 2013 - Obesity

Experts are ringing the alarm bell. Among America's children, obesity rates have tripled in a single generation. This may lead to an explosion of already high health care costs, putting America's very future in

Jul 08 2013

If successful, an agreement might represent the largest boost to the transatlantic relationship since the end of the Cold War. And it is seen by some observers here as a final attempt of the West to stay ahead in a world increasingly influenced by China, India and

Jun 29 2013

As Benjamin Franklin said, beer is proof that God loves us. And American presidents from George Washington to Barack Obama have dabbled in the brewing business. Brewing is crisis-resistant, stimulates the economy and – for Americans – is an expression of

Jun 13 2013

The Iranian American community is under no illusion as to the outcome of the election. Democratic change in Iran, if ever, might take years, if not decades. The people here only hope that a new generation of Iranians can one day live their lives in

Jun 13 2013

What is the biggest wish you would like to send out to your fellow Iranians in your own country?feedback

Jun 07 2013

Each year, more than 18,000 volunteers help to feed those who suffer from hunger in the capital of the richest country in the world. These volunteers put compassion and solidarity first. It is this attitude that makes America strong – when government

May 20 2013 - Homosexuality

America is still far from getting AIDS under control. Given that most of the victims are gay men or black women, it's a tough social issue as well. At least the funding of the federal AIDS programme has bipartisan

May 13 2013 - Manchester United

America has no football tradition whatsoever, they even call it soccer. For the real fans, Manchester United is a surrogate religion and Ferguson's farewell a very emotional

Apr 27 2013

The exhibition recalls Kennedy the man and the myth and his legacy. And of course, everybody remembering the moment when he or she learned about the shots fired in Dallas. It was the beginning of a new era: the first breaking news event on

Apr 24 2013 - Hezbollah

Twelve years after 9/11, America is entering a new era of terrorism. Lone wolf risks and financial and cyber terrorism mean a threat level that the country is just learning to cope with. And the most difficult part of it is how to manage

Apr 21 2013 - IMF

The main message of this year's Spring Meetings is: there not one silver bullet or one global solution to tackle the challenges. What is needed most is confidence and predictability. The markets need to know that policymakers are on the right

Apr 18 2013

Within 48 hours Boston has gone from shock to mourning to fear. The evacuation of the Federal Courthouse building put citizens and the authorities on high alert. And with police being unhappy about leaks that turn out to be false, the level of nervousness is

Apr 17 2013

The day after the deadly bombings, the city of Boston is still trying to come to terms with what happened. For many, the period of quiet after 9/11 is over. And America's society is once again asking why are we hated so much?feedback

Apr 10 2013

Right now, there are no plans to create a House-Senate budget conference, but both sides continue to discuss the possibility. Insiders from the President's party say they remain hopeful for reconciliation. Eventually, the Obama budget might push the parties on the path toward

Mar 26 2013 - Homosexuality

There has been a dramatic shift in public opinion in favour of gay marriages. And politicians from Hillary Clinton to leading Republicans have recently declared their support as well. It is now up to the justices to impede or strengthen the winds of

Mar 18 2013

Obama's trip is designed to boost his image in the region. The President has not shown much enthusiasm for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his first term. Now the people in the Middle East need to be reassured that the President is working on a solution that is good for all parties

Mar 06 2013 - Unemployment

Despite the country's oil reserves many Venezuelans live in shanty towns, unemployment is rife and around 60 percent of the population are described as

Feb 18 2013 - Climate change

This is not only the biggest climate change rally in US history, it also comes as a big boost for President Obama's second term agenda. The message of the protesters is clear: Obama has promised action, now he must

Feb 07 2013 - Gun control

The battle over stricter gun control is getting more intense. Fighting continues not only in the United States Congress, but also on the state level. And as the debate rages on, there are deadly shootings almost every single

Feb 01 2013

There is a lot of optimism, especially among European carmakers. Some executives told us they were well-prepared for the reawakening of the SUV market. Believing they have superior technology, they are confident they can increase their US

Jan 27 2013

Anti-gun America has spoken with force, and the Obama administration is determined to jolt the nation into action. But whether all this will resonate with Congress remains in

Jan 18 2013

President Obama's inauguration is the biggest political celebration of the year – and probably for the next four years, in a country that is essentially broke. When the party is over, the battle over debt ceilings and spending cuts will produce a sure

Jan 17 2013 - World Bank

Christine Lagarde sounded less pessimistic in her assessment of Europe than other observers, like the World Bank. She praised the Europeans for producing results, unlike other regions. She may have been thinking of the United

Jan 10 2013 - Venezuela

The Obama administration is already planning for the post-Chavez era, although the State Department has been very careful not to show it. On top of the wish list is an exchange of ambassadors. That would give the embassy behind me a real

Dec 22 2012 - Gun control

As America buries its fallen angels, the country remains deeply divided over stricter gun control. One half believes only more guns can provide security. For the other half, these are very troubling

Dec 17 2012

It was terrible, it was horrifying and meeting the people, you know the families of the victims, meeting the people who live there every day, who now have to cope with the very new reality. That's was pretty

Dec 15 2012

After one of the most horrifying days in recent US history, the night has finally taken hold of this small community. But tomorrow, when the country awakes, the same old demons that keep haunting America will be

Dec 13 2012 - Christmas

It's almost a no-win situation for the Republicans. If they give in on higher taxes for the rich, they'll be outmanoeuvred by President Obama. If they don't, they'll get crushed by public

Dec 12 2012 - Christmas

Michelle Obama remains one of the most popular public figures in the United States. By supporting this initiative, she makes sure that countless children in areas, devastated by hurricane Sandy, will have a merry

Nov 29 2012 - Social Democratic Party of Germany

The Obama administration might have strong feelings about Asia and the Pacific. But Martin Schulz reminded the Americans that when it comes to tackling the big issues of the future, the United States has no closer friend than

Nov 22 2012 - Thanksgiving

Consumer confidence rose to a five-year high in November, as the job market is slowly improving and home prices are up. But as Americans approach the holiday-shopping season they are worried that they will soon have less money in their pockets, if no deal is reached over the fiscal cliff by the end of the

Nov 14 2012

Whether the Republicans are serious about a compromise deal with the Democrats, we'll find out on Friday. That's when President Obama meets Congressional leaders in the White House. Failing to act will likely push the United States into recession. And this has serious repercussions for Europe as

Nov 07 2012

In the 20th century, only three Democrats were elected president and reelected. His biggest problem now is the fact that the country remains deeply

Nov 06 2012

After a long and bitter campaign, election day has finally arrived and the excitement is now mounting all across the country. What people fear now though is that the election will be so close that on Tuesday night, we won't know the

Oct 20 2012

Barack Obama is feeling that he has regained momentum. Latest post-debate polls in battlegrounds Iowa and Wisconsin see him in a comfortable lead. And get this: the Obama campaign tells us that the day after the second (TV)debate was the biggest campaign fundraising day for Obama in history, including

Oct 16 2012

The ugly exchanges over fiscal policies during the campaign are a reminder of the difficult task ahead. Across Washington, lobbyists, think-tank experts and officials at all levels of government are bracing for the year-end

Sep 21 2012

The Obama administration is now airing TV ads in Pakistan condemning the anti-Islamic film produced in California. Whether this can help to smooth the tension remains to be

Sep 07 2012

Democrats here in Charlotte are ready to go into the final stretch of the election campaign. They hope the excitement in this southern city will carry through November. Some even believe that Barack Obama can win this critical swing state of North Carolina

Sep 06 2012

Barack Obama now has a challenging task before him. In the next eight weeks, he must convince the nation that he deserves another mandate to complete his project of change. Democrats here in Charlotte believe that the country is ready for four more

Aug 31 2012

For many Republicans, Mitt Romney is the 'Great White Hope'. But that may not be enough. Polls suggest that he's likely to win support from less than a third of the Hispanic and virtually none of the African American communities. Romney will now need to make serious inroads with these minorities and that will be an uphill

Aug 30 2012 - Republican Party

If Mitt Romney doesn't win, there is going to be a battle for control of the Republican Party. And one man will have a sure shot at it: Paul Ryan. He is the darling of the right, and comes close to outshining Romney here in

Jul 27 2012 - Sex

Much progress has been made ever since. But the battle is not over. HIV is infecting 2.5 million more each

Jul 20 2012

The senseless killing in Colorado came at a time of highly charged political atmosphere in this election year. President Obama and Mitt Romney both interrupted the campaign that had become increasingly nasty during the last weeks. At least for the moment, the country is united in mourning. Americans have a remarkable ability to support one another in times of crisis. This is one of those

Jul 06 2012 - Unemployment

The White House fears it will compound the desire for a change among a sour

May 19 2012

The presence of some of the African heads of state on the second day has, to the disbelief of the residents here created some of the typical G8 atmosphere in the town of Thurmont. But chances are that the protests are too distant to be heard by the global

May 19 2012

Next to the euro debt crisis, Syria is the hottest topic at this summit. President Obama is actively trying to get consensus about ways to promote Syria's Assad resignation by avoiding a confrontation with Russia. But he told Medvedev that in the end, the issue could eventually be addressed without

May 19 2012 - French election 2017

Political decisions are not to be expected at this summit. The first day of talks was largely devoted to get to know the G8 first timers Hollande, Monti and Noda. Concerning the big subject of crisis combat, it is veteran summit participant Angela Merkel who is increasingly isolated. The question is: for how long will she stand the pressure of additional stimulus

Apr 17 2012 - IMF

We have seen calm return to markets, as eurozone governments have taken more steps on budget tightening and fiscal reforms. Is the worst of the euro crisis behind us or could the situation in Spain and Italy escalate the crisis again?feedback

Jan 23 2012

Let me start with the global economic outlook, now that 2012 has just started. In your latest statements, you were worried about growth prospects and rising uncertainty. But recently we have seen some rather positive economic data from the United States, from Germany, from China – aren't you a bit too pessimistic?feedback

Dec 07 2011

Mr Leinen, yesterday you severely criticised China and the US for being the biggest obstacles to a Treaty, today there are reports saying China is finally moving. Is that so? Do you really see some progress, even in the light of the EU proposals?feedback

Nov 03 2011 - Greece

Obama arrived with a smile and the demand that Europe and Greece do their homework, since the impact of the crisis is hitting the US economy more and more. Apart from that, Obama has not much to offer. He has massive problems at home and a Congress that is anything but cooperative now that the election campain is about to start. Nevertheless, Europeans and Americans have no choice but to succeed – otherwise the debt crisis will turn increasingly into a global economic

Oct 27 2011 - Greece

Trevor, the summit was the 14th in the almost two years since Europe pledged solidarity with Greece. Does the result live up to markets' expectations?feedback

Jul 13 2009

Not all of the problems have been completely resolved, but the signing ceremony today was an important moment for Europe and for Turkey. For Europe because Nabucco creates the conditions to reduce its energy dependence on Russia, and for Turkey because its demand to be a regional regulatory power is reinforced. But it remains to be seen whether the rapprochement between the EU and Turkey will continue at a political

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