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Right now we should be working together not pulling apart. And that's, that's why I say, every vote for me and my team in this election will be a vote for strengthening our hand in the Brexit
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Theresa May has been quoted 401 times. The one recent article where Theresa May has been quoted is British PM May sets out plans to protect pensions during takeovers. Most recently, Theresa May was quoted as having said, “Today I am setting out our plans, if elected, to ensure the pensions of ordinary working people are protected against the actions of unscrupulous company bosses. Safeguarding pensions to ensure dignity in retirement is about security for families.”.
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The vote for any other party would be a vote for a weak and failing Jeremy Corbyn, propped up by a coalition of chaos which would risk our national

We want to get votes and support here in Wales because that would strengthen my hand in the Brexit

Remember the opinion polls were wrong in the 2015 general election, they were wrong in the referendum, and Jeremy Corbyn himself has said that he was a 200-1 outsider for the Labour leadership in 2015 and look where that got him. We have been working on a long-term solution, we need to stop ducking the

Every vote that is cast for me and the Conservatives will strengthen my hand in the negotiations with the presidents, prime ministers and chancellors of Europe. We've already seen the other parties lining up to prop up Corbyn, we've seen it from the Liberal Democrats, we've seen it from Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Brexit isn't just a process, it's an opportunity … to make sure this really is a country that works for everyone and not just the privileged few. But to do that we do need the certainty that this election will bring over the next five

When the tuition fees came in, a lot of people said that what they thought might happen was actually young people from less advantaged families might be less likely to go to university. In fact, that's not the case - the reverse has happened. So I think we have seen [people] crucially still being able to to take those university

The election campaign has only just begun. I'm not taking anything for granted. The result is not

I'm asking people to put their trust in me as prime minister so I can get the best possible deal for Britain, but I'm only the prime minister because I'm a member of parliament because the people of Maidenhead have put their trust in me and that's something I don't forget. I wanted to be here back in the constituency that has shaped me and guided me over the years to explain why this election matters so

I am … clear that no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for

What we need to do though is to look at how that money is spent and make sure that we are able to spend that money in the most effective way. I'm very proud of the record that we have of the children around the world who are being educated as a result of what the British government, the British taxpayer is doing in terms of its international

Now it is not the time for second Scottish independence referendum because it will weaken our hand in negotiations on Brexit. Strength and unity with the Conservatives, division and weakness with the Scottish

Had the election been in 2020, we would have been coming up to the most crucial part of the negotiations at the end of the negotiations in what would be starting to be the run-up to a general

That would be in nobody's interest. Brexit isn't just about the letter that says we want to leave. It's about ... getting the right deal from Europe. We won't be doing television

Every vote for the Conservatives will make it harder for those who want to stop me from getting the job done. Every vote for the Conservatives will make me stronger when I negotiate for Britain with the European

People will have a real choice at this election. They will have a choice between a Conservative government that has shown we can build a stronger economy and a Labour party whose economic policy would bankrupt this

If the Parliamentary arithmetic lends itself to the SNP being part of a progressive alliance to keep the Tories out of Government then the SNP will seek to be part of that as we said in 2015. Now we are not sure that there are many people who think Labour will be in a position on their own or with anyone else to form a Government. There will be many people across England who will see that as a matter for regret. My job first and foremost is to stand up for Scotland. Only the SNP will stand between Scotland and an increasingly hardline and right wing Tory

I genuinely came to this decision reluctantly, having looked at the circumstances, and having looked ahead at the process of

I have concluded the only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead is to hold this election and seek your support for the decisions I have to

I believe in campaigns in which politicians actually go out and meet the

There are three things that a country needs: a strong economy, strong defence and strong, stable leadership. That's what our plans for Brexit and our plans for a stronger Britain will deliver. Whereas the right honourable gentleman opposite would bankrupt our economy, weaken our defences and is simply not fit to

That's what I have always believed in, it's what I still believe and I still do it - as prime minister, as a constituency MP, I still go out and knock on doors in my constituency. That's what I believe in doing, that's what I'm going to be doing around this

At this moment of enormous national significance there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division. The country is coming together, but Westminster is

At this moment of enormous national significance there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division. I have concluded the only way to guarantee certainty and security for years ahead is to hold this

The country is coming together, but Westminster is not. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit. That means we will regain control of our own money, our own laws and our own borders and we will be free to strike trade deals with old friends and new partners all around the world. This is the right approach, and it is in the national interest. But the other political parties oppose

We need a general election and we need one now. Division in Westminster will risk our ability to make a success of Brexit and it will cause damaging uncertainty and instability to the country. Our opponents believe that because the government's majority is so small, our resolve will weaken and that they can force us to change course. They are wrong. They underestimate our determination to get the job done and I am not prepared to let them endanger the security of millions of working people across the

The country is coming together but Westminster is

At this moment of national significance, there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division. The country is coming together. But Westminster is

Of course, the referendum laid bare some further divisions in our country – between those who are prospering, and those who are not … those for whom our country works well, and those for whom it does not. As the fantastic MP Jo Cox, who was so tragically taken from us last year, put it: 'We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides

The atrocious violence that is being shown against civilians in Syria is at the hands of the Assad regime, and no one should forget

I am a practising member of the Church of England and so forth – that lies behind what I do. We must continue to ensure that people feel able to speak about their faith, and that absolutely includes their faith in

This year, after a period of intense debate over the right future for our country, there is a sense that people are coming together and uniting behind the opportunities that lie ahead. For at heart, this country is one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future. And as we face the opportunities ahead – the opportunities that stem from our decision to leave the EU, and embrace the world – our shared interests, our shared ambitions and, above all, our shared values can and must bring us together. Our Christian heritage is something we can all be proud

I'm not just a vicar's daughter, I'm a member of the National Trust as

Easter is a moment to reflect, and an important time for Christians and others to gather together with families and

We believe it is highly likely that the attack was carried out by the Assad regime. Apart from anything else, we believe it's only the regime that has the capability to make such an

Boris Johnson did an excellent job in bringing together the G7, bringing together international opinion and enabling [US secretary of state] Rex Tillerson from the United States to go to Moscow with a very clear message – a consensus from the international community. Russia is on the wrong side of this argument but we are willing to work with Russia to bring an end to the conflict in Syria, to bring about a political solution in Syria, but that political solution has to be without

That was the clear message the foreign secretary took to the G7 and the G7 gave to secretary

We will continue to keep the UK's drug laws under review and look at new ways to reduce the demand for drugs, restrict supply and support individuals to recover from

Walking in Wales is an opportunity to get out and about and see scenery and clear your mind and your thinking. We stay in a hotel and try to walk every day. Walking is about relaxing, getting exercise and fresh

If you're a keen walker, Switzerland is a wonderful summer destination: the views are spectacular, the air is clear and you can get some peace and

Asylum seekers are housed where there is appropriate accommodation available, and where councils have agreed, and the aim is to ensure there is a reasonable spread across the UK. What I would add to that is that we are working to encourage more local authorities to participate in accommodating asylum seekers and ensure that the duty is shared across the

I prefer not to use the term of divorce from the European Union because very often when people get divorced they don't have a very good relationship

On the chemical weapons attack, obviously the OPCW needs to investigate soon and establish clearly all the facts. It is a despicable attack. If it is the case it has been conducted by the Assad regime it shows the barbarism of that regime. What I would say is, all those backing that regime including Russia need to use their influence to stop Assad from bombarding and dealing with his people in such a

We will be talking about the start of the negotiations and how we are going to be taking those negotiations forward. I have obviously sent the letter to invoke Article 50, we have said very clearly we want to maintain a deep and special partnership with the EU and I think that has been reciprocated. I'll be talking with President Tusk about how we can ensure, within the timescale we have got, that we can deliver a deal that is going to work for the people of the United Kingdom, but I believe that will also be a deal that will work for the EU as

We will be talking about the start of negotiations, how we are going to take these negotiations forward. We have said very clearly we want to maintain a deep and special partnership with the EU and I think that is reciprocated. And I will be talking to President Tusk [about] how we can ensure within the timescale we have got that we can deliver a deal that will work for people in the UK but I believe that will also be a deal that can work for the EU as

It's common sense, it's pragmatic for people, it's pragmatic for businesses, and I believe that's what we will be working for and it's what both sides will be working

MPs throughout time and continuing now have often had other roles and responsibilities and jobs as well as being an MP. We have doctors, dentists, nurses; we have reservists, special constables in the House of Commons. That brings a breadth of experience into the House of Commons. I think generally a breadth of experience in the House of Commons is a good

We want to create a fairer society by cracking down on unscrupulous practices which target the most vulnerable. This new, targeted scheme is the latest step in the government's fight against nuisance calls, protecting those who are most at risk, including those with dementia. We have seen people tricked out of thousands of pounds by scam callers and this government is determined to clamp down on their activities once and for

I'm very conscious of the fact that past governments have encouraged people to buy diesel cars and we need to take that into account when we're looking at what we do in the

I'm very clear there can be no future for Assad in a stable Syria, which is representative of all the Syrian people and I call on all the third parties involved to ensure that we have a transition away from Assad. We cannot allow this suffering to

We have no difficulty in raising hard issues with those that we meet with, be it in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere around the world. The strong British tradition of standing up for human rights is there, the strong British tradition of standing up for British national interest is there. I want to see the United Kingdom as a truly global Britain. A good continuing deep partnership with the European Union, but also trading and working with others around the

You've used the phrase transitional phase; I have used the phrase implementation period. If you think about it, once we've got the deal, once we've agreed what the new relationship will be for the future, it will be necessary for there to be a period of time when businesses and governments are adjusting systems and so forth, depending on the nature of the deal, a period of time during which that deal will be

What do I believe in? I suppose if I could sum it up: in opportunity, freedom,

I know I'm not a showy politician. I don't often wear my heart on my sleeve. I just get on with the job in front of

Yes, we will be raising the humanitarian issue. We believe it is important that we recognise the threat that there is in terms of people's lives. We will be supporting that through the aid and support that we

The May doctrine of foreign policy is that everything we do is in our British national interest. It is in our British national interest to have good relations around the world so we can trade around the world. It's also in our national interest to ensure that we are working with others around the world to maintain our safety and security. And, yes it is in our national interest to ensure that the values that underpin us as Britons are values that we promote around the world and that's what we

No, we are not doing that [selling out principles]. What we are doing is continuing the links that we have had for a long time with countries that are important to

I hope that people see me as a woman leader, [and] will see what women can achieve and how women can be in significant positions. I've talked to the Saudis on a number of occasions now and I raise issues of this sort. I think we have already seen some

We've been working with their armed forces, helping with training for some time now and we will be enhancing

It "was an absolutely abominable attack, completely

It's important for me as a woman leader and as leader of the government of the United Kingdom to maintain the relationships that are important to us as a country, for our security, and our trade for the

I think what is crucial - and where we have been working, and will continue to work through the United Nations Security Council, through resolutions which we have supported there, and with the United States - is to encourage China to look at this issue of North Korea and to play a more significant role in terms of North Korea. I think that's where our attention should

I was very clear in my statement in the house of the continuing support we show to

As the United Kingdom leaves the EU, we are determined to forge a bold, confident future for ourselves in the world. We must look at the challenges that we, and future generations, will face and build stronger partnerships with countries that will be vital to both our security and our

Continues to inspire the battle against the injustices of

I believe that what we'll be working for and what I believe we can get is a comprehensive free trade agreement. We are looking, we would like to see as friction-less free trade as possible, tariff free across borders so we can continue that trade with the European

This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning

There may be some particular programmes that we wish to pay to be members of because it is the national interest - and that will drive us. It will be a different relationship, but I think it can have the same benefits in terms of that free access to trade. There are some people in Europe who talk about punishing the UK and I don't want to sign up to an agreement which is based on

We're a law-abiding nation. We will meet obligations that we

This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back. We should aim to strike an early agreement about their

The best result to ensure the voice of a devolved administration in Northern Ireland can be heard within these negotiations is for the parties to come together and for us to see that strong and devolved government which will provide us with that

Today the government acts on the democratic will of the people. The United Kingdom is leaving the European

What we are going to do is be ambitious in our

Now is the time for us to come together and be united across this house and across this country to ensure that we work for the best possible deal for the United Kingdom and the best possible future for us

I choose to believe in Britain and that our best days lie

Today the government acts on the democratic will of the British

This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back. Today the government acts on the democratic will of the British

More than ever, the world needs the liberal democratic values of Britain. My constituency voted

My plan for Britain is not just a plan to leave the EU but a plan to build a stronger economy and a fairer society, underpinned by genuine economic and social reform. To make Britain a country that works for everyone, not just a privileged

When I sit around the negotiating table in the months ahead, I will represent every person in the whole United Kingdom – young and old, rich and poor, city, town, country and all the villages and hamlets in between. And, yes, those EU nationals who have made this country their home. It is my fierce determination to get the right deal for every single person in this

We are one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future. And, now that the decision has been made to leave the EU, it is time to come

We seek a new and equal partnership – between an independent, self-governing, global Britain and our friends and allies in the E.U. Not partial membership of the E.U., associate membership of the E.U., or anything that leaves us half in, half

The Government is clear in its aims: a deal that works for every nation and region of the UK and indeed for all of Europe – a new, positive partnership between the UK and our friends and allies in the European

June 23 was not the moment Britain chose to step back from the world. It was the moment we chose to build a truly Global

We need to find a solution that addresses the concerns of the British people about free movement while getting the best possible deal on trade in goods and

We must leave the European Union – and forge a new role for ourselves in the

Now is the time when we should be pulling together, not hanging

We stand on the threshold of a significant moment for Britain as we begin the negotiations that will lead us toward a new partnership with Europe. We are going to take this opportunity to forge a more global

Democracy and the values it entails will always

A couple live there with their four children, they are a nice family. I saw the man [Masood] from London visiting here. My little sister was in his son's class. His children used to visit next door and he [Masood] used to pick them up

An act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy, he took out his rage

He was not part of the current intelligence

The police heroically did their job. But, as is routine, the police, together with the House authorities, are reviewing the security of the parliamentary estate, coordinated with the Cabinet Office, which has responsibility for the security measures in place around the government secure

His identity is known to the police and MI5 and, when operational considerations allow, he will be publicly identified. What I can confirm is that the man was British-born and that – some years ago – he was once investigated in relation to concerns about violent extremism. He was a peripheral figure. The case is historic – he was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent or of the plot. Intensive investigations

The case is historical – he was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent – or of the

In addition to twelve Britons admitted to hospital, we know that the victims include three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one German, one Pole, one Irish, one Chinese, one Italian, one American and two

It is believed that this attacker acted

Beyond these walls today – in scenes repeated in towns and cities across the country – millions of people are going about their days and getting on with their lives. The streets are as busy as ever, the offices full, the coffee shops and cafés bustling. As I speak, millions will be boarding trains and aeroplanes to travel to London and to see from themselves the greatest city on earth. It is in these actions, millions of acts of normality, that we find the best response to

It is still believed that this attacker acted alone and the police have no reason to believe that are imminent further attacks on the public. He was a peripheral figure. The case is historic. He was not part of the current intelligence picture. There was no prior intelligence of his intent or of the

We are not afraid. Yesterday an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy, but today we meet as

It is Islamist terrorism. It is a perversion of a great

But we will remember the

In addition to 12 Britons admitted to hospital, we know the victims include three French children, two Romanians, four South Koreans, one German, one Pole, one Irish, one Chinese, one Italian, one American and two

We will never allow evil to drive us

Tomorrow morning parliament will meet as normal. We will come together as normal, and Londoners and others from around the world who have come here to visit this great city will get up and go about their day as normal. They will board their trains, they will leave their hotels, they will walk these streets. They will live their lives and we will all move forward together, never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us

The location of this attack was no accident. The terrorist chose to strike at the heart of our capital city, where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech. These streets of Westminster, home to the world's oldest parliament, are ingrained with a spirit of freedom that echoes in some of the furthest corners of the

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who have been affected, to the victims themselves and their family and friends – who waved their loved ones off but will not now be welcoming them home. For those of us who were in Parliament at the time of this attack, these events provide a particular reminder of the exceptional bravery of our police and security services who risk their lives to keep us safe. Once again today, these exceptional men and women ran toward the danger even as they encouraged others to move the other

McGuinness "understood both its fragility and its precious significance and played a vital part in helping to find a way through many difficult

We don't comment on private conversations that take place. All I would say is, I've been very clear: I'm not afraid to raise issues. And the nature of the relationship is such that we should be able to be frank and open with each

While we certainly didn't always see eye-to-eye even in later years, as deputy First Minister for nearly a decade he was one of the pioneers of implementing cross community power sharing in Northern Ireland. He understood both its fragility and its precious significance and played a vital part in helping to find a way through many difficult moments. At the heart of it all was his profound optimism for the future of Northern Ireland – and I believe we should all hold fast to that optimism

First and foremost, my thoughts are with the family of Martin McGuinness at this sad time. While I can never condone the path he took in the earlier part of his life, Martin McGuinness ultimately played a defining role in leading the Republican movement away from violence. In doing so, he made an essential and historic contribution to the extraordinary journey of Northern Ireland from conflict to

I have set out my objectives. Those include getting a good free trade deal, they include putting issues like continuing working together on issues like security at the core of what we are doing. We are going to out there negotiating hard, delivering on what the British people voted

People have described it as a lucky suit. I think I'm going to stop wearing it now. I think I'd want to make sure everyone in the world had access to clean water and sufficient food, so we didn't see people

And I also think it's important to be able to show that a woman can do a job like this and still be interested in

As we saw when Cadbury's – that great Birmingham company – was bought by Kraft, or when AstraZeneca was almost sold to Pfizer, transient shareholders, who are mostly companies investing other people's money, are not the only people with an interest when firms are sold or close. Workers have a stake, local communities have a stake, and often the whole country has a

This bill is the biggest power grab since the days of Henry VIII. The Liberal Democrats will not sit there and let the government say all the right things while eroding vital rights and protections that makes Britain what it is. We will, if needed, grind the government's agenda to a standstill, unless proper and rigorous safeguards are given over the Great Repeal Bill. The ball is now in the Prime Minister's

To build a stronger economy that works for everyone, Government must also support competitive markets and an open economy. That means recognising where markets are not working for customers, and being ready to step in on their behalf, so that consumers get a fair deal. One market that is manifestly not working for all consumers is the energy market. Energy is not a luxury, it is a necessity of life. But it is clear to me – and to anyone who looks at it – that the market is not working as it

So we are looking very closely at how we can address this problem, and ensure a fairer deal for

Our party did not end the unjust and inefficient monopolies of the old nationalized energy corporations only to replace them with a system that traps the poorest customers on the worst

We have seen that tunnel vision on display again this week. The SNP argue that we should break up the UK because we are leaving the EU. It is muddle on muddle. One market that is manifestly not working for all consumers is the energy market. The vast majority of consumers, especially those with the lowest incomes, are on the most expensive tariffs. Relying on switching alone to keep prices down is clearly not

As we leave the European Union, I am determined that we will seize the opportunity to forge a bold new role for a global Britain as the most outward-looking, free-trading nation in the

All our energies should be focused on our negotiations with the European

Now is not the time. All our energies should be focused on our negotiations with the European

History may look back on today and see it as the day the fate of the Union was

The Union is more than just a constitutional artefact. It is a union between all of our citizens, whoever we are and wherever we're from. So our Plan for Britain will put strengthening and sustaining that Union at its heart. The coming negotiations with the EU will be vital for everyone in the United Kingdom. It is essential that we get the right deal, and that all of our efforts and energies as a country and focused on that

This is just wishful thinking by a group of arch-Eurosceptics who have never got over the fact they cocked up the leadership

I have absolute faith in the chancellor. We made very clear yesterday, he and I, about the tax lock, that we recognised the spirit of the manifesto and the change has been

To look at this issue at this time would be unfair because people wouldn't have the necessary information to make such a crucial

We made a commitment not to raise tax and measures we put forward in the Budget last week were consistent with those [tax locks]. As a number of my Parliamentary colleagues have pointed out in recent days the trend towards greater self-employment does create a structural issue within the tax base on which we will have to act. We have to maintain fairness within the tax

We will bring forward further proposals but we will not bring forward increases in (national insurance) later in this Parliament. As a number of my parliamentary colleagues have been pointing out in recent days, the trend towards greater self-employment does create a structural issue in the tax base on which we will have to act. We want to ensure we maintain fairness in the tax

One of the driving forces behind the union's creation was the remorseless logic that greater economic strength and security come from being united. Politics is not a game, and government is not a platform from which to pursue constitutional

It is not right to have a border poll at this

This is not a moment to play politics or create uncertainty and division… It is a moment to bring our country together, to honour the will of the British people and to shape for them a brighter future and a better

I prefer not to use a term of divorce from the European Union because very often when people get divorced they don't have a very good relationship

There is much that binds us and I don't want to see anybody doing constitutional gameplaying with the future of the UK. The most important single market for Scotland is the single market of the United

The tunnel vision that the SNP has shown today is deeply regrettable. It sets Scotland on a course for more uncertainty and division, creating huge uncertainty. Politics is not a

Next week I will seek the approval of the Scottish Parliament to agree with the UK government the details of a section 30 order - the procedure that will enable the Scottish Parliament to legislate for an independence

If Scotland is to have a real choice - when the terms of Brexit are known, but before it is too late to choose our own course - then that choice must be offered between the autumn of next year, 2018, and the spring of

It will be decided by the people of Scotland. It will be Scotland's

The tunnel vision that the SNP has shown today is deeply regrettable. It sets Scotland on a course for more uncertainty and division, creating huge uncertainty. And this is at a time when the evidence is that the Scottish people, the majority of the Scottish people, do not want a second independence referendum. So, instead of playing politics with the future of our country, the Scottish government should focus on delivering good government and public services for the people of Scotland. Politics is not a

Ours is not a marriage of convenience, or a fair-weather friendship, but a true and enduring Union, tested in adversity and found to be true... We are four nations, but at heart we are one people. That solidarity is the essence of our United Kingdom and is the surest safeguard of its future. The devolution of powers across the United Kingdom must not mean we become a looser and weaker Union. We cannot allow our United Kingdom to drift apart. For too long the attitude in Whitehall has been to 'devolve and

What they can say is the parliament will have a say at the end of the negotiations. David Davis and everybody else knows that parliament will find a way to have a vote – isn't it better that the government acknowledges that today, recognises that MPs will have a say at the end of this. But if the prime minister wants a united party behind her, then this is a simple reassurance that can be given by ministers at the despatch box that will have the effect of me and my colleagues supporting the government in

Over time we will extend this to the sponsorship or establishment of more than one school, so that in the future we see our universities sponsoring thriving school chains in every town and city in the

I'm not setting a quota for the number of schools that are suddenly going to become grammar

The prime minister has made clear along that the UK is seeking the right deal for financial services as Britain leaves the EU and she made that point to the

It's time to get on with leaving the European Union and building the independent, self governing, global Britain the British people have called for. And so, as I have said, we will trigger Article 50 by the end of this month. This will be a defining moment for the UK, as we begin the process of forging a new role for ourselves in the world, as a strong country with control over our borders and over our

I'm interested in all these terms that have been identified. Hard Brexit, soft Brexit, black Brexit, white Brexit, grey Brexit–and actually what we should be looking for is a red, white and blue

People will be able to look at the government paper when we produce it showing all our changes and take a judgement in the round. Of course the chancellor and his ministers will be speaking to MPs, business people and others to listen to their concerns. This is a change that leaves lower paid self-employed workers better

The process which is article 50 sets out is for the withdrawal but also setting the framework for a future relationship, which actually should take the two years. That is the timetable we're working to and the EU is working to. I am optimistic we can achieve a good and comprehensive trade deal with the

The substance of what he is asking is, has there been a particular deal with Surrey county council that is not available to other councils. And the answer to that is

For too many children, a good school place remains out of reach, with their options determined by where they live or how much money their parents have. Over the last six years, we have overseen a revolution in our schools system and we have raised standards and opportunity, but there is much more to

We all know that the SNP will never stop twisting the truth and distorting reality in their effort to denigrate our United Kingdom and further their obsession of independence. A tunnel vision nationalism, which focuses only on independence at any cost, sells Scotland short. As I have made clear repeatedly, no decisions currently taken by the Scottish Parliament will be removed from them. I am determined to ensure that as we leave the EU, we do so as one United Kingdom, which prospers outside the EU as one United

Located close by the beaches where they began the liberation of Europe, the Normandy memorial will be a fitting tribute to them and a place where people can gather to reflect on their extraordinary achievements. Its unveiling on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in 2019 will provide a timely reminder that we should never take our freedom for

India, our Commonwealth partner, is one of the world's largest spirits markets. But within the EU, Scotch whisky faces a tariff of 150 percent for selling to India. And Scotch whisky, the world's preeminent spirit has just a one percent share of the Indian market. I am determined that we should do better than that for our key

The days of Britain making vast contributions to the European Union every year will

As we bring powers and control back to the United Kingdom, we must ensure that right powers sit at the right level to ensure our United Kingdom can operate effectively and in the interests of all of its citizens, including people in Scotland. As I have made clear repeatedly, no decisions currently taken by the Scottish parliament will be removed from them. While the SNP propose that decision-making should remain in Brussels, we will use the opportunity of Brexit to ensure that more decisions are devolved back into the hands of the Scottish

We must avoid any unintended consequences for the coherence and integrity of a devolved United Kingdom as a result of our leaving the EU. Ours is not a marriage of convenience, or a fair-weather friendship, but a true and enduring union, tested in adversity and found to be true. The essential common standards which underpin the operation of a single market were provided at the European

It took time for me to come to some sort of peace with myself about it. It's something I struggled with. I didn't want to be gay – I'm not sure how many people do….feedback

You have to look after that cat and not let Donald Trump anywhere near your

We have got, I think, a good relationship… I know her media persona is quite reserved, but she's got quite a quiet wit about her. I think she'll be a good prime minister. She takes everything very seriously, and will always do the right thing. To serve through Brexit is going to be a bloody tough shift, and I take my hat off to her that she wanted to take it on. Labour is still fumbling with its flies while the Tories are enjoying their post-coital cigarette. After withdrawing our massive

My first visit as Prime Minister was here to Scotland. I wanted to make clear that strengthening and sustaining the bonds that unite us is a personal priority for me. I am confident about the future of our United Kingdom and optimistic about what we can achieve together as a country. I would suggest that macho, beer-swilling, posturing at the golf-club bar isn't going to get us

We've been very clear we are not going to take powers from the Scottish parliament. What we do need to look at is are these powers which currently reside in Brussels, how should we deal with those? There will be some areas where we do need to ensure there is a UK framework to make sure that this very important single market of the United Kingdom, which matters so much to Scotland, is working properly. But what we are talking to all of the devolved administrations about is when we bring powers back from Brussels, what should stay at a UK level and what should be further devolved?feedback

This investment is a vote of confidence in our modern industrial strategy and our determination to cement the UK's position as a world leader in high-tech engineering. Dyson's exporting strength and commitment to creating jobs in Britain is a real success story that demonstrates the opportunity that our plan to create a truly global Britain can

We thought that was wrong, that was divisive, it is not a policy that the United Kingdom would

We do expect and intend that that will happen before the European Parliament debates and votes on the final

She "agreed to continue my efforts to persuade my fellow European leaders to deliver on their commitment to spend 2 percent of GDP on defense, so that the burden is more fairly

Our European partners now want to get on with the negotiations. So do I, and so does this

We remain committed to a two-state solution as the best way of brokering stability and

I want to be clear. What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single

, We will not be a member of the single market and we will be seeking a broad new partnership with the EU including a bold and ambitious free trade

I do not mean that we will seek some form of unlimited transitional status, in which we find ourselves stuck forever in some kind of permanent political purgatory. That would not be good for Britain, but nor do I believe it would be good for the EU. Instead, I want us to have reached an agreement about our future partnership by the time the two-year Article 50 process has

I have issued that invitation for a state visit for President Trump to the United Kingdom and that invitation

I am proud that the U.K. stood with you on the 15th of July last year in defense of your democracy. And now it is important that Turkey sustains that democracy by maintaining the rule of law and upholding its international human rights obligations – as the government has undertaken to

We believe the sanctions should

On defence and security cooperation, we are united in our recognition of NATO as the bulwark of our collective defense, and today we've reaffirmed our unshakable commitment to this alliance. Mr. President, I think you said, you confirmed that you're 100 percent behind

The days of the UK and US intervening in sovereign countries in an attempt to remake the world in our own image are over. But nor can we afford to stand idly

We're joined by our Washington correspondent Stefan Grobe. The prime minister has gone to the US to lay the foundations of a possible future trade deal, but she's also spoken about a new non-interventionist UK-US approach to global conflicts. Yet she's also signalled a tough line against Russia if one is needed. How has that been received by the Trump administration?feedback

The leadership provided by our two countries through the 'special relationship' has done more than win wars and overcome adversity. It made the modern world. It is through our actions over many years, working together to defeat evil or to open up the world, that we have been able to fulfill the promise of those who first spoke of the special nature of the relationship between us. The promise of freedom, liberty and the rights of

When it comes to Russia, as so often it is wise to turn to the example of President Reagan who – during his negotiations with his opposite number Mikhail Gorbachev – used to abide by the adage 'trust but verify.' With President Putin, my advice is to 'engage but

America's leadership role in NATO – supported by Britain – must be the central element around which the alliance is

It is my honour and privilege to do so at this time as dawn breaks on a new era of American renewal. As so often it is wise to turn to the example of President Reagan who during his negotiations with his opposite number Michail Gorbachev used to abide by the adage 'trust but verify'… with president Putin my advice is to 'engage, but beware.'.feedback

Some of these organizations are in need of reform and renewal to make them relevant to our needs today. But we should be proud of the role our two nations – working in partnership – played in bringing them into being, and in bringing peace and prosperity to billions of people as a result. When it comes to Russia, as so often it is wise to turn to the example of President Reagan who – during his negotiations with his opposite number Mikhail Gorbachev – used to abide by the adage 'trust but verify.' With President Putin, my advice is to 'engage but beware,'.feedback

As we renew the promise of our nations to make them stronger at home, in the words of President Reagan as the 'sleeping giant stirs' – so let us renew the relationship that can lead the world towards the promise of freedom and prosperity marked out in parchment by those ordinary citizens 240 years

I think there is much that we can do in the interim in terms of looking at how we can remove some of the barriers to trade in a number of areas so that we are able to see an advantage for both of us even if we haven't actually been able to sign that legal free trade

We condemn torture and my view on that won't change – whether I am talking to you or talking to the

The UK is leaving the European Union, not

We will be looking for a UK-U.S. trade deal that improves trade between our two countries. And I can assure … that in doing that we will put UK interests and UK values

The Obama administration obviously signed up to the Paris climate change agreement, we have now done that, I would hope that all parties would continue to ensure that that climate change agreement is put into

I set out that bold plan for a global Britain last week and I recognise there is an appetite in this house to see that plan set out in a white paper. I can confirm to the house that our plan will be set out in a white

This is all about driving our economy for the future. This is important anyway, but as we leave the European Union we want to ensure that we are that truly global Britain with an economy that is in the right shape for the

I have absolute faith in our Trident missiles. When I made that speech in the House of Commons, what we were talking about was whether or not we should renew our

When I sit down, I think the biggest statement that will be made about the role of women is the fact that I will be there as a female prime minister, prime minister of the United Kingdom, directly taking to him about the interests that we

I've already said that some of the comments that Donald Trump has made in relation to women are unacceptable, some of those he himself has apologized for. When I sit down (with Trump) I think the biggest statement that will be made about the role of women is the fact that I will be there as a female prime minister ... Whenever there is something that I find unacceptable I won't be afraid to say that to Donald

Where are the successful sectors that we can help to encourage to grow? But also, what are the sectors that we need to look to for the future too?feedback

The forces of liberalism, free trade and globalization that have had, and continue to have, such an overwhelmingly positive impact on our world ... are somehow at risk of being

We have seen different movements in the pound over the last six months. But what we have also seen through the other economic data ... is the strength of the UK

We are looking specifically at the question of critical national infrastructure and at the question of national security but in this area as in other areas we will be publishing proposals in due

What we're doing is setting out very clearly for people what the position will

But it must accept that some people they do feel like they have been left

It remains overwhelmingly and compellingly in Britain's national interest that the EU as an organisation should

I want the U.K. to emerge from this period of change as a truly global Britain – the best friend and neighbor to our European partners, but a country that reaches beyond the borders of Europe,

If we are to make the case for free markets, free trade and globalization, as we must, those of us who believe in them must face up to and respond to the concerns people

Mainstream political and business leaders have failed to comprehend their legitimate concerns for too

The good news is, in security matters which I am standing up for, we will still be with our British friends in

No deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for

But I do want us to have a customs agreement with the

I want Britain to be able to negotiate its own trade agreements but I also want tariff free trade with Europe and cross border trade there to be as frictionless as possible. But I want to be clear. What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single

I know there are some voices calling for a punitive deal that punishes Britain and discourages other countries from taking the same path. That would be an act of calamitous self-harm for the countries of Europe and it would not be the act of a

You will still be welcome in this country as we hope our citizens will be welcome in

I want this United Kingdom to emerge from this period of change stronger, fairer, more united and more outward-looking than ever before. I want us to be a secure, prosperous, tolerant country, a magnet for international

We do not seek membership of the single market. Instead, we seek the greatest possible access to it through a new, comprehensive, bold and ambitious free-trade

We seek a new and equal partnership, between an independent, self-governing, global Britain and our friends and allies in the

We want to buy your goods, sell you ours, trade with you as freely as possible, and work with one another to make sure we are all safer, more secure and more prosperous through continued

I know there are some voices calling for a punitive deal that punishes Britain and discourages other countries from taking the same path. That would be an act of calamitous self-harm for the countries of Europe. And it would not be the act of a

Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Europe – and that is what we will

When it comes to parliament, there is one other way I would like to provide certainty. I can confirm today that the government will put the final deal that is agreed between the UK and the EU to a vote in both houses of parliament before it comes into

We have 12 objectives that amount to one big goal: a new, positive and constructive partnership between Britain and the European

It is absolutely clear that the individual who produced this dossier has not worked for the UK government for

I join (Corbyn) in expressing condolences to the family and friends of little Katie who died so

What I am talking about is getting the right relationship for the UK with the EU. We mustn't think about this as somehow we are coming out of membership but we want to keep bits of

I think it's wrong to look at this as just a binary issue, as to either you have control of immigration, or you have a good trade deal. I don't see it a as a binary issue. We will, outside the European Union, be able to have control of immigration, and be able to set our rules for people coming to the UK from member states of the European Union. But we also, as part of that Brexit deal, will be working to get the best possible deal in the trading relationship with the European

Ll set out Brexit strategy over coming weeks: British PM May. Over the coming weeks, I'll be setting out more details of my plan for Britain, yes that's about getting the right deal for Brexit, but it is also about economic reform ... It's about getting the right deal internationally but it's also about a fair deal at

We do not believe that it is appropriate to attack the composition of the democratically-elected government of an

But as part of the negotiations, we will have to address this question of the practicalities of adjustment to the new relationship once that new relationship has been

As we are going to invoke Article 50, trigger the negotiations by the end of March next year, it's right that the other leaders prepare for those negotiations as we have been preparing. We will be leaving the EU, we want that to be a smooth and orderly process. It's not just in our interests, it's in the interests of the rest of Europe as

It means there will be one definition of anti-Semitism – in essence, language or behavior that displays hatred toward Jews because they are Jews – and anyone guilty of that will be called out on

We have been very clear that setting out the terms of our negotiation before we need to do so is the best way of getting the worst possible

This access to labour is essential as it underpins the UK food chain's timely delivery of high-quality, affordable food to

I've also reiterated my plan to guarantee the rights of Poles and other Europeans currently living in the UK, so long as the rights of British citizens living across the EU are guaranteed. And I hope we can reach an early agreement on this issue, providing certainty for Polish citizens here and British people living in

We will commit to substantial real term increases in government investment in R+D, investing an extra 2 billion pounds a year by the end of this parliament, to help put post-Brexit Britain at the cutting edge of science and

Now we want to go further and look at how we can make our support even more effective because my aim is not simply for the UK to have the lowest corporate tax rate in the G20 but also a tax system that is profoundly

When a small minority of businesses and business figures appear to game the system and work to a different set of rules, we have to recognize that the social contract between business and society fails – and the reputation of business as a whole is

Our work is on track. I want to see this as a smooth process, as an orderly process, working towards a solution that is in the interests of both the United Kingdom, but also in the interests of our European partners

Our work is on track, we do stand ready to trigger Article 50 before the end of March, or by the end of March

The employment figures show the strength of the fundamentals of our

We are not going for an off-the-shelf

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by this terrible incident that has taken place on the tram in

We have a visa system for countries outside the European Union which ensures the brightest and the best are able to come to the United Kingdom. We have, I believe, a good system. We will be talking about trade

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, I am determined that Britain should become the global champion of free trade, and that means boosting trade with fast-growing economies like

What we want to see is the best possible arrangement for trade with and operation within the single European market for business in goods and services here in the United

After decades of delay we are showing that we will take the big decisions when they're the right decisions for

I have been clear ... (about) the importance that we place on being able not just to trade with but to operate within the European market, and that is for both goods and services. I say that precisely because I am aware of the importance of financial services to the United Kingdom as a whole, to our economy as a

We are going to be ambitious for what we obtain for the United Kingdom and that means a good trade deal as well as control of

Obviously, we have got negotiations ahead of ourselves. Those negotiations will take time, as I say, there will be some difficult moments, we are going to need some give and

We want to have the best possible deal for trade in goods and services with, and operation within, the single European

We are not looking to adopt another model that somebody else has in relation to their trade with the European

The UK is leaving the EU but we will continue to play a full role until we leave and we'll be a strong and dependable partner after we have

It's vital that we work together to continue to put pressure on Russia to stop its appalling atrocities, its sickening atrocities in

That is what the government will be aiming for and we will be ambitious in that. Parliament will have its say. These are going to be lengthy negotiations over the course of two years and more - parliament will have its say in a whole variety of

The government is very clear that the vote on the 23rd of June was a vote to ensure that we had control of movement of people from the EU into the UK, but also we want to see the best possible access for businesses for trading in goods and services with, and operating within, that European

Let's state one thing loud and clear. We are not leaving the European Union only to give up control of immigration all over again. And we are not leaving only to return to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. That's not going to

It's not something I have had reason to ask, it's not something that has been served up by other European countries when we have been conducting these various bilateral relations. So I don't have that

But we also believe this should be done in a way that respects the decision of the people of the UK when they voted to leave the EU on 23 June and does not undermine the negotiating position of the

The only real solution to peace and stability in Syria is a political transition, and it is time Russia accepted

A change has got to come and we are going to deliver

We will repay them with gratitude and put an end to the industry of vexatious claims that has pursued those who served in previous

Businesses and people here in the UK want some degree of clarity as to when that timing is going to be. I want to give people more certainty so we will see a much smoother process as we enter those

We will invoke Article 50 no later than the end of March next

We will introduce, in the next Queen's speech, a Great Repeal Bill that will remove the European Communities Act from the statute

So this is not the time to turn away from our United Nations. It is the time to turn towards

Every working day in the United Kingdom one million people wake up and go to work for an American company. And every day in the United States one million people wake up and go to work for a UK

In terms of the negotiations with the European Union, we will be getting the right deal for the United Kingdom and that is the right deal in terms of trade in goods and services because we recognize the importance of

From our home grown start-ups to international fashion houses – every business in the industry will play a major role in ensuring we make a success of

I know many people are keen to see rapid progress and to understand what post-Brexit Britain will look like. We are getting on with that vital work but we must also think through the issues in a sober and considered

We want to be even more outward looking around the whole of the world, and Australia, with our long-standing ties and our close relationship, will be one of the first countries we will be looking

I am very clear also that the British people also don't want the issue of Article 50 just being kicked into the long

And while I recognize there will be some differences between us, there are some complex and serious areas of concern and issues to discuss, I hope we will be able to have a frank and open relationship and

There will be no second referendum, no attempt to turn the clock back or get out of this. (Britain) will be leaving the European

The message for the G20 is that Britain is open for business as a bold, confident, outward-looking country and we will be playing a key role on the world stage. My ambition is that Britain will be a global leader in free

This is not something the Prime Minister would agree with … The British people think that borders are important, having more control over our borders is important, and that is an issue we need to

This is a big infrastructure decision and it's right that a new prime minister and a new government take the time to make sure that they are fully informed before they take that decision. The government will make a decision in

What we need to do in negotiating the deal is to ensure that we listen to what people have said about the need for controls on free movement, but we also negotiate the right deal and the best deal of trade in goods and services for the British

We benefitted from a common travel area between the UK and the Republic of Ireland for many years before either country was a member of the EU. There is a strong will on both sides to preserve it and so we must now focus on securing a deal that is in the interests of both of

Britain stands shoulder to shoulder with France.' Meanwhile the Tour De France race Director Christian Prudhomme says that the race will not be cancelled by, people who want to change our way of

It is not anti-business to suggest that big business needs to

Crucially I had huge support in my husband and that was very important for me. I mean, he was a real rock for me, he has been all the time we've been married, but particularly then of course being faced with the loss of both parents within a relatively short space of

There will be no attempts to rejoin it by the back-door, no second referendum. The country voted to leave the European Union and as prime minister I will make sure we leave the European

Following last week's referendum, our country needs strong clear leadership to steer us through the uncertainty following the Brexit vote. The next leadership needed to unite the Conservative party and the

Our good budgetary situation is having a positive effect and we will be able to bring about a small measure of tax relief, amounting to six billion euros for 2017 and

What the British people voted for on the 23rd of June was to bring some control into the movement of people from the EU into the UK. A points-based system, does not give you that

No one should have to endure what the families and survivors have been through. No one should have to fight year after year, decade after decade in search of the

This is obviously an ongoing investigation, and we are working very closely with the Belgian authorities to ascertain as much information as possible about the individuals

I want the right deal for trade in goods and services and what we are doing at the moment … is listening to businesses here in the UK, listening to different sectors, finding out what it is that is most important to

That's why we've already agreed measures like hotspots. They now need to be

We are working very hard with the French authorities and with Eurotunnel to ensure we increase security at Coquelles so we don't see people coming through the tunnel…We all want to see the channel tunnel operating fully, the port of Calais being able to operate fully so people can go about their journeys without this kind of

President Essebsi is the first democratically elected president of Tunisia. Tunisia is a symbol of what is possible and we've had a meeting this morning with my Interior minister colleagues which has shown the determination that we all have to fight against this perverted ideology that is causing this death and

We need to do everything we can to help this community feel safe and secure in our country. I would hate it for British Jews not to feel that they have a home here in Britain – safe, secure and a vital part of our

It is right that where people failed in their duty they should take responsibility. The police and local council failed the victims of these awful crimes and failed the people of

The public rightly want answers to how victims' voices were ignored for so long. While we can never right this wrong, we must learn the lessons to prevent the same from ever happening

I hardly need to tell the House, (that) the government strongly disagrees with this ruling. Qatada is a dangerous man, a suspected terrorist who is accused of serious crimes in his home country of

Let me say here and now, in this house and on the record, that as Home Secretary I will do everything in my power to ensure that the families and the public get the

I would ask the public to remain vigilant. The decision to change the threat level is taken by Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre independently of Ministers and is based on the very latest intelligence, considering factors such as capability, intent and timescale. Substantial continues to indicate a high level of threat and the threat level is kept under constant

The suspect package originated in Yemen. It was removed fro examination by forensic experts. I can say at this stage that it did contain explosive material but it is not yet clear whether it was a viable explosive

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