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In places where there are many Muslims, why can't we think about introducing a Muslim public holiday?feedback
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Oct 16 2017
Thomas De Maiziere has been quoted 101 times. The one recent article where Thomas De Maiziere has been quoted is EU sticks to Libya strategy on migrants, despite human rights concerns. Most recently, Thomas De Maiziere was quoted as having said, “I'm happy that the number of people sent across the Mediterranean by the smugglers to Italy has really fallen in the last two months ... These developments need to be carried on. We really need to work to ensure that many people simply do not make the trip across the desert to Libya. The neighborhood policy with Africa is very important for a sustainable decline in migrants coming to Italy.”.
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Thomas De Maiziere quotes

Jul 10 2017 - G20

The events surrounding the G20 summit must be a turning point in our view of the leftwing scene's readiness to use

Jul 09 2017 - G20

These are not demonstrators, they are

Jul 08 2017

Any criticism of the location of the meeting misjudges cause and effect. These were unbounded violent excesses out of a desire for destruction and

Jul 06 2017

No demonstrator can decide whether or where heads of state and government meet in Germany on the chancellor's

Jul 04 2017 - G20

Peaceful protest is welcome and allowed in our democracy. Violent protest, however, cannot invoke the basic right of freedom to assemble as written in our constitution, and will be

Jun 22 2017

I therefore proposed that we first focus on those parts in which agreements are

May 24 2017

We mustn't focus exclusively on access controls. The Manchester events have shown that the situation at the end of the event have to be looked at carefully, when people leave the hall or

Apr 30 2017 - Burka

We are an open society. We show our face. We are not

Apr 30 2017 - Burka

We attach importance to certain social habits, not for themselves, but because they are expressions of a certain

Apr 27 2017

Integration also means that we should make clear and impart our values and where the boundaries of our tolerance toward other cultures lie. The draft law we have agreed on makes an important contribution to

Apr 25 2017

This is not something to gloss over. Those who commit serious offences here forfeit their right to stay here. The proportion of foreign suspects, and migrants in particular, is higher than the average for the general population. We cannot allow all refugees living among us to be put under general suspicion. The vast majority live with us and adhere to our rules and

Apr 03 2017 - Turkey

Foreign information gathering through the intelligence services is one thing. But if they have spied behind our back with agents who are not registered that is

Mar 28 2017 - Turkey

This report does not come as a complete surprise to me. We have repeatedly told Turkey that something like this is unacceptable. No matter what position someone may have on the Gulen movement, here German law is applied and citizens will not be spied on by foreign

Mar 28 2017 - Turkey

That holds true for any foreign state and for every intelligence

Mar 28 2017 - Espionage

Germany will not tolerate foreign agencies spying on its territory. Espionage activities on German territory are punishable by law and are not tolerated. That applies to every foreign state and every intelligence agency. We have already told Turkey several times that such things don't work. Independently of how one stands on the Gulen movement, it is German law which applies here and citizens who live here are not spied on here by foreign

Mar 15 2017 - Iraq

Internet propaganda from the Islamic State can be very tempting. And they are targeting young Muslims in Western Europe, regardless of who they

Mar 14 2017 - Turkey

Any leads from Turkey on such activities in Germany that are usable in court are very welcome – but we don't need extra tuition on how to deal with fighting PKK terrorism that is supported and organized from Germany. Turkey itself remains an important partner for us in the fight against international terrorism. We will not tolerate it if representatives of other states try to position whole groups of the population against the country in which they have lived freely for many years or since their birth, where they work, go to school, bring up their children, in which they are at

Mar 14 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

We should not endanger the integration successes of the last decades for a short-term, questionable

Mar 13 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

A Turkish campaign has no business being here in

Mar 12 2017 - Syria conflict

There were indications or orders from someone who had traveled to the region (Syria) from Germany. That shows how close the connection is. So it is good that the federal and regional security authorities were

Mar 12 2017 - Turkish-Dutch relations

Anyone who insults Germany or its constitutional order and derides it in a malicious way is liable to prosecution. That, at least, would be a

Feb 23 2017

The new German passport reliably protects against forgery and misuse and makes it possible for all passport holders to identify themselves quickly across the whole world. The newer your passport is, the more likely it is that you can travel without a

Feb 18 2017 - Terrorism

In a way we are dependent on each other because we are, in a way, in the same focus of international terrorism: we are together the

Feb 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

"To ban whole countries perhaps could create more collateral damage, and perhaps does not produce more security,". "The more precise you do it, the more effective you are.".feedback

Feb 18 2017

To ban whole countries perhaps could create more collateral damage, and perhaps does not produce more security. The more precise you do it, the more effective you

Feb 09 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

There were a lot of shifts in responsibility. The federal level said the German states should do more. The German states have said the federal level should do more. I think, this must end, we need a joint effort. Everyone has to take

Jan 26 2017 - Refugees

The people taken up by the smugglers need to be saved and brought to a safe place, but then from this safe place outside Europe we would bring into Europe only those who require

Jan 25 2017 - Terrorism

Rising right-wing terrorism is being thwarted by the security authorities. This is demonstrated by the measures taken today and this is shown by bans on these organisations last year. The rule of law also remains determined and

Dec 24 2016

Convicted criminals from all countries need to be listed in a European database so that we know when and where they are when they cross our borders or ask for

Dec 23 2016 - Terrorism

I'm very relieved that this attacker poses no risk

Dec 23 2016

Now the time has come to talk about

Dec 22 2016

We can tell you today that there are additional indications that this suspect is with high probability really the perpetrator. Fingerprints were found in the cab, and there are other, additional indications that suggest this. It is all the more important that the search is successful as soon as

Dec 21 2016

We have a new suspect. We are searching for him. I want to add that he is just a suspect and not necessarily the actual

Dec 21 2016

This is a suspect, not necessarily the perpetrator. We are still investigating in all

Dec 20 2016

One person was arrested following the events of last night. He is denying any involvement in what happened. Our investigation is continuing in a transparent

Dec 20 2016 - Christmas

Whatever we find out going forward about the exact background motive of the perpetrators, we must not and will not allow our free life to be taken

Dec 20 2016 - Christmas

I don't want to use the word 'attack' yet although a lot points to

Dec 20 2016

There is a psychological effect in the whole country of the choice of words here, and we want to be very, very cautious and operate close to the actual investigation results, not with

Dec 06 2016 - Burka

We all reject the full veil – not only the burka but also other types of full veil that only leave the eyes visible. They have no place in our

Dec 06 2016

The truth remains the truth, and lies remain

Nov 30 2016

This involves a fair distribution of loads. This appears to me not always to be a given in the area of end products for the user. Customers, at any rate, need to be able to rely on the security of IT products on the

Nov 18 2016

We are looking for compromises but at the moment they are not

Nov 08 2016 - Terrorism

We don't want terrorism to take place in Germany. We don't want terrorism to be exported from

Oct 18 2016

I don't see any additional threat to Germany from the fight against ISIL. The threat is already high and it's right that we should combat ISIL

Sep 26 2016 - Islam

Aggression, including that against practicers of Islam in Germany, is on the rise, so it is even more appalling that an explosives attack took place yesterday evening in Dresden at a mosque and a congress centre, just one day before the tenth anniversary of the German-Islam

Sep 21 2016

Of course we want to have the goal of a Schengen zone free of border controls but a requirement for this is the lasting and sustainable protection of our external

Sep 21 2016

This special situation shall not and will not be repeated and this will only happen with joint efforts on the European and also national

Sep 13 2016

Indications are that their travel documents all came from the same workshop in that

Sep 13 2016 - Refugees

That suggests that IS was determined to send these kinds of people to blend in with refugees in order to cause uncertainty in Europe and

Sep 13 2016

We are investigating whether there are links to more people and terror cells. It shows that the Islamic State is not only targeting France or Germany or Italy or Belgium and Great Britain but the entire

Aug 24 2016

The growing vulnerability of our modern infrastructure and the dependence of modern society on supra-regional resources – for example electricity, water, IT supply, nutrition – indicates that there are varied points of attack in such modern societies and that requires a diverse

Aug 10 2016

We are living in difficult times. The terror threat is high and both the federal and state police are under

Jul 26 2016

I understand that many people are particularly troubled by the attacks in Nice, Wuerzburg and now Munich happening so close together. I am too. But we must investigate and evaluate the background, the circumstances and the motives of each attack

Jul 25 2016

Each of these cases is one too many. I understand, that many people are unsettled and worried. I can assure you: our state is strong and will remain strong, on a federal level as well as on a regional level. Our security agencies are well prepared. They will continue to do whatever is necessary to ensure, that this kind of act will not happen

Jul 23 2016

Concerning the motive of this deed, there are no conclusive findings yet.However, we do know that at his apartment, material was seized indicating that he was interested in rampages. So far, there are no clues linking this crime with international

Jul 20 2016

When you see that the victims are people from Hong Kong and China, who don't outwardly represent the German, western way of life, that shows how excessive this violence

Jul 08 2016 - Turkey

The implementation of the agreement between the EU and Turkey is working so far, but I wouldn't guarantee that this will remain the case in the coming months, and also developments on the Balkan route could worsen

Jun 02 2016

Germany, just like other European countries, finds itself in the crosshairs of international

Apr 08 2016

The actual number arriving is going

Feb 23 2016 - European Commission

Until now, the systematic control of the Schengen borders was forbidden. And if you wanted to control borders, then you needed a special consultation process. The proposition by the European Commission regarding terrorism suggests that these systematic controls should become the rule and that you can make exceptions in certain cases. That is an important point and we support

Jan 13 2016 - German-Turkish relations

Those talks will now also address "the determined fight against

Jan 01 2016

I cannot exclude any terror attacks in Germany in the future. I keep repeating myself saying, that we do all we can to not let it happen. But the security authorities also deserve support in their difficult duty, in the process of weighing up how seriously to have to take these warnings. One should never get used to

Dec 09 2015 - Refugees

It is clear that this procedure will take longer than the one we have right now, but it offers a variety of possibilities to use the data in other fields so that it will speed up the entire process of registering and integrating

Nov 17 2015

There were good reasons why we decided to call the match off. There is no need to go into all the details now even though I understand your

Nov 09 2015 - Refugees

We need to put European solidarity into practice, including the distribution of 160,000 refugees. It is going very slowly, it has to be better. We're also fighting for a permanent distribution mechanism, after the one off measure of 160,

Oct 23 2015

Those who must leave our country and have been given a deadline for doing so will have their benefits reduced to nothing, only receiving what is immediately necessary until they have

Oct 02 2015

Until this summer, the refugees were grateful to be here with

Oct 02 2015

They asked where the police were, where the authorities were, where they would be moved to. Now there are many refugees who believe they can reassign themselves, they leave our facilities, hail a taxi and, astonishingly, spend money travelling hundreds of kilometres through Germany, protest because they do not like the accommodation and cause trouble because they do not like the

Sep 15 2015

I think we must talk about ways of exerting

Sep 15 2015 - Refugees

The situation is as follows: countries that resist quotas – nothing happens to them. The refugees just pass on through and that is why we have to talk about consequences. These are often countries, that receive lots of structural aid from the European Union. Juncker suggested – and I think he is absolutely right – that they should get less aid from the structural aid

Sep 14 2015

It will help reduce numbers, and re-establish order at the border. It shows that Germany needs and deserves European

Sep 13 2015

The Dublin Rules and the regulations on registration are still in force. And I ask all EU member states to maintain them. That means, the responsible member state has not only to register the asylum seeker but also to conduct the follow-up of any asylum

Aug 20 2015

We are not questioning Schengen, we are working on keeping Schengen. And one of the prerequisites is that a lot of things in Europe have to

Jan 29 2015 - Europol

We also want to improve the exchange of information via Europol and we are really pressing for the implementation of the Passenger Name Record

Nov 12 2014 - Doping

The aim of this law is to maintain the integrity of sport and to fight doping. We are presenting an effective law, a short law, a clear law but also a tough

Oct 09 2014

We need to make sure … that every border official on the EU's external borders knows if the person leaving is a foreign

Oct 23 2013 - Afghanistan

We are waiting for the US decision on the dimension and scale of the American soldiers operation in

Oct 06 2013 - Afghanistan

We have great trust in the strength and courage of Afghan soldiers and the Afghan police. Of course problems will continue to exist. We prepared well for this

Nov 19 2010

This bag has been described as 'real-test' luggage, a case produced in America to test security measures. We're now checking who bought this luggage and when, and we'll know more

Nov 17 2010

There will also be a variety of measures that will not be visible. There is reason for concern, but no reason for

Nov 03 2010

The investigators' initial assessment showed that it was an explosive device, which not only had a Greek sender, but was sent from Greece two days

Aug 26 2010

This law protects employees in Germany more than the existing law. At the same time this law protects the rights of the employers on necessary operating procedures, the fight against workforce violations and

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