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So the Islamic State has lost its capital of Raqqa. So has everyone. The imperfect anti-Islamic State policy of President Barack Obama succeeded just in time for President Trump to take credit for it. But a strange credit it
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Oct 20 2017
Tom Toles has most recently been quoted in an article called How many lies can you add to the atmosphere in Washington before wildfires burn it to the ground?. Tom Toles said, “Members of the Trump administration understand climate science perfectly well. They are using it as a model. They understand that if you introduce enough pollutants into a system, you can derail or destroy the system.”. Tom Toles has been quoted a grand total of 56 times in 52 articles.
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Aug 16 2017

That was quick. Six months from neo-Nazis being the most disreputable and incomprehensible fringe group to being about the same as people who vehemently oppose

Aug 07 2017 - Trump Presidency

While President Trump is out there wheezing his way through 18 holes, we are reading that he feels entitled to take golf mulligans at his pleasure, befitting his status as an entitled

Aug 03 2017

I’m not going to try to make the case for affirmative action because everybody is their own expert on this subject and has already made up their mind about

Jul 31 2017 - Iran

With such little hands, President Trump has all kinds of room up his sleeves. He has made an entire career of pulling things out of them, and as with a waning fireworks display, the grand finale is still

Jul 27 2017 - American politics

Such a dilemma Republicans find themselves in. They look at President Trump and wonder what, if any, good they can get out of him. They are so looking in the wrong direction. They need to spend a little more time in the morning

Jul 26 2017

I recall an old Gahan Wilson cartoon of an annoyed-looking king standing on his balcony looking out at the sun hovering low on the late-day horizon. The caption, as I remember, was: “All right then, go ahead and set!”.feedback

Jul 21 2017 - Trump Presidency

President Trump is entertaining scenarios for his endgame, and ours. Let’s recap the last 30 seconds. Trump has tacitly asked his attorney general to resign for insufficient personal loyalty, mused about coming up with firing offenses against the special counsel who is investigating him, said that his family’s finances are behind a “red line” and cannot be investigated, and asked his lawyers about his powers to pardon aides, family members, and, oh yeah,

Jul 20 2017 - Russia

President Trump continues to go out of his way to make public the case to impeach him. He has just said that if he had known that Jeff Sessions, the attorney general of the United States, would recuse himself from an investigation of the Trump campaign, he never would have appointed him. This is a virtual replay of former FBI director James B. Comey’s testimony of Trump asking for a loyalty pledge. And then firing him because of his investigation into the Russia

Jul 17 2017 - Russia

The one thing you can count on in the Trumpland House of Mirrors is that they will tell you what they are up to. They won’t tell you directly, of course, but their method of signaling is so consistent that I think we can now reliably count on

Jul 13 2017 - American politics

Is President Trump furious? Is he lumbering about the West Wing screaming at staff between long bouts of television-watching?feedback

Jul 12 2017

What do we know and when did we know it? And now what do we do about it? Those are the important questions we need to be asking

Jul 11 2017

President Trump maintains his solid base of support, we continue to read. Those voters weren’t going to sit back and allow Hillary Clinton and her two-bit shadiness into the White House. No, they demanded a thoroughly-gold-plated, 2-billion-bit, midnight-at-noon shadiness to blanket the entire

Jun 22 2017 - Russia

The Washington Post’s newish motto, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” received a mixed response. Naturally most of the response was snark. The name of a “Batman” sequel? A heavy-metal album?

Jun 16 2017 - American politics

The latest outrage against the American people is that Mitch McConnell’s Republican Senate is drafting a vast health-care bill in complete secrecy and plans to rush it to a vote without hearings or scoring. There is

Jun 15 2017 - Facebook

A few better-informed-than-me colleagues told me the gunman in the latest mass shooting, at a baseball diamond where Republican lawmakers and others were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game, had shared at least one of my cartoons on his Facebook page last year. And a commenter here at The Post asked Wednesday: “Tom Toles A direct question. Do you recognize your hate speech and recto-rate results in a violate response from those you incident. I truly wonder if you have the integrity to respond. Probably not. The public awaits.”.feedback

Jun 14 2017 - Trump Presidency

If nothing else, President Trump is putting it in stark, clear terms for us. He is out to destroy the independent press in the United States and replace it with some sort of information system that is subservient to him personally and his version of

Jun 08 2017 - Trump Presidency

Here’s a simple test. How about this statement? “We have nothing to hide and therefore will cooperate in every way with all investigations, because we are eager for all the facts to be known in order to ensure transparency, accountability and clean government.”.feedback

Jun 06 2017 - Trump Presidency

What, in fact, did Donald Trump prove by becoming president? The lessons are

Jun 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

It is no longer difficult to put your finger on the single most dangerous, foolish and knowably wrong decision in contemporary American

May 23 2017 - Russia

Has President Trump learned that the coverup is worse than the crime? At first glance, no. He reportedly has done just about everything possible to derail any investigation into whether his campaign colluded with the Russian government to subvert a U.S.

May 22 2017 - Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is beating all the other presidents in at least one category. American presidents start out with an ambitious domestic agenda, and after some long, hard years of fighting for it with a stubborn Congress, eventually turn to a focus on foreign policy, where they have greater autonomy. Trump has arrived at this point after a few brief

May 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

When we get rid of President Trump– and one way or another, he will eventually be gone — we will never be quite rid of him. People have always said “anything can happen,” and anything finally did. Some stains can be

May 16 2017 - Republican Party

As White House disarray spirals quickly into meltdown, Republicans are dividing their time between trying to persuade us that everything is fine, really, and trying to persuade

May 15 2017 - Trump Presidency

Every time President Trump kicks the anthill, everyone floods out and scampers every which way, and the swarm is described as chaos. Pundits say no one knows what Trump will do next. But we do

May 12 2017 - Republican Party

We’ve been waiting to see what it takes to get the GOP to recognize that Donald Trump is not just unfit for the presidency, but is wildly, alarmingly, dangerously

May 11 2017 - American politics

You may think you see chaos. But the White House is not disorganized. It is, as President Trump said, a finely tuned machine, a perfect replica of Trump’s mind. It is chaos of a special kind. It is strewn garbage arranged for a photograph in a gilded room; his brain under a hat of spray-gold

May 10 2017 - Russia

President Trump wrote a letter explaining the reason he fired James Comey, and it was the last nail in the coffin — against himself. Comey, who just happened to be in charge of the investigation into any links between Russia and Trump’s presidential campaign, was a threat, and now he’s gone. Just like

May 08 2017 - Pollution

In another display of bare-knuckled, unprincipled ruthlessness, Scott Pruitt of Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency has a solution to the stubborn nature of facts: Replace the scientists who assess those facts with people who will tell you what you want to hear. That’s right — the agenda now is to begin removing actual scientists from the EPA’s Board of Science Counselors and replace them with non-academics. The idea is to replace “the academic scientists with representatives from industries whose pollution the agency is supposed to regulate.”.feedback

May 05 2017 - American politics

We’re in the “Twilight Zone” now. President Trump gathers House Republicans at the White House, and they bring in beer and celebrate for having passed perhaps the worst piece of legislation, both substantively and politically, in anyone’s memory. Trump summed it all up in his special way when he asked, “Hey, I’m president, do you believe it, right?” Yes, that is the question we’ve been asking ourselves every morning when we wake up and discover that it’s not merely all a bad dream. Cue the “Twilight Zone” theme

Apr 20 2017 - American politics

Some of the norms that are rapidly vanishing from government were ones that we never really thought

Apr 19 2017 - Nordstrom vs. Trump

In a breakthrough trade agreement, President Trump agreed that China is no longer a currency manipulator in exchange for China opening its markets to Ivanka Trump merchandise. China will also grant trademark rights to Ivanka Trump in exchange for the opportunity to actually manufacture all of her merchandise and then sell it back to the United States at variable discount rates denominated in

Apr 17 2017

The English language has some weak spots. The word “flammable” means capable of being set on fire. The word “inflammable” also means capable of being set on

Apr 13 2017 - American politics

President Trump definitely has one big accomplishment to show so far for his first 100 days. He has completed the transformation of the American media into a blubbering pile of

Apr 12 2017

How do you follow up on a first 100 days of disarray, dysfunction, incoherence, incompetence, infighting, failure, stupidity, lying, backstabbing, upheaval, firings, confusion, nepotism, anger, ignorance, vengefulness, amateurism, policy reversals and blame-shifting with so few accomplishments to show for it that even Donald Trump’s tiny hands are still empty?feedback

Apr 07 2017

It was not difficult to surmise that President Trump would get around to military “solutions” eventually. Just about every president does. In fact, now military operations are basically continuous. Declaring, fighting and ending wars are a relic of a simpler time. To predict a Trump rendezvous with military action was not ballistic rocket

Mar 30 2017

Eventually, and it seems to be taking even less time than expected, Americans are going to realize the immeasurable depth and breadth of the mistake we somehow made in letting Donald Trump hang his golden drapes and slide into the president’s chair in the Oval Office. And to get around to realizing that, we are going to have to get him

Mar 21 2017

The President’s Statement Has No Basis In Fact And Appears To Have Been Entirely

Mar 14 2017 - Obamacare

Exceeded my expectations!” yelped Paul Ryan, at the news that the Congressional Budget Office had scored the Republican Obamacare Plan a

Mar 08 2017 - Trumpcare

Well, who could see that coming? The Republicans have been promising the impossible, and they have delivered. Their health-care bill is impossibly

Mar 06 2017 - Wiretapping

How low can he go? What’s the opposite of the sky’s the limit? Should we have been surprised that President Trump has now accused former president Barack Obama of wiretapping him? Of course not. Were we surprised anyway? Somewhat. Any new crossing of a former national norm causes a noticeable twist to the stomach. We feel this twist because we are weak and Trump is

Mar 03 2017 - Trump-Putin

If the Trump administration hopes to get ahead of the Russiagate story, it better

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