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We call on all governments involved to refrain from using belligerent rhetoric and to strive for peaceful constructive dialogue.feedback
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Apr 27 2017 Japan
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Vladimir Putin is associated, including United Russia, Year, and terrorist. Most recently, Vladimir Putin has been quoted saying: “We call on all governments involved to refrain from using belligerent rhetoric and to strive for peaceful constructive dialogue.” in the article Putin and Abe in call to defuse tensions over North Korea.
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It reminds me of the events in 2003 when U.S. envoys to the Security Council were demonstrating what they said were chemical weapons found in Iraq. We have seen it all already.feedback

We have information that a similar provocation is being prepared ... in other parts of Syria including in the southern Damascus suburbs where they are planning to again plant some substance and accuse the Syrian authorities of using (chemical weapons). Then the US representative at the UN Security Council showed alleged chemical weapons found in Iraq. After that a military campaign in Iraq began, which ended with the destruction of the country, the growth of the terrorist threat and the appeararence if Isil.feedback

In our country, people know, and not by hearsay, about the atrocities of international terrorism.feedback

Callous quasi-freedom on the internet does not exist anywhere any more.feedback

We see that, unfortunately, the situation is not improving. The recent tragic events in St. Petersburg are the best confirmation of this. We know that each of our countries, practically every one, is a possible and potential target of terrorist attacks.feedback

Today we have no differences remaining. We will move ahead, we will strengthen our relations within the framework of the union state.feedback

We will give a full evaluation of what happened, and city and federal authorities will do everything possible to support families of our killed and injured citizens.feedback

I would like to express the words of sincerest condolences to relatives of the killed and wounded. I have already spoken with the chiefs of special services, FSB director, law enforcement bodies and special services are working. We will do everything to identify the reasons for what happened.feedback

Law enforcement agencies and intelligence services are doing their best to establish the cause and give a full picture of what happened.feedback

All possible causes of the blast in the St Petersburg metro are being considered, including terrorism.feedback

I have already talked to the chiefs of special services, the [Federal Security Service] director. The law enforcement agencies and special services are working, and they will do everything to find out the causes of the incident and make a full assessment of what has happened.feedback

Watch my lips, no. All those things are fictional, illusory and provocations, lies, he said. All these are used for domestic American political agendas. The anti-Russian card is played by different political forces inside the United States to trade on that and consolidate their positions inside.feedback

We feel that our US partners are interested in developing this cooperation and this is a very good signal. We hope that this (cooperation) will spread to other world regions, including the Arctic,'' the president said.feedback

This anti-Russian card is being played in the interests of some political forces inside the United States with an aim to strengthen and consolidate their positions.feedback

This is a big event in the opening up of the Arctic.feedback

We consider appeals of this sort to be purely politicized questions with the goal of putting some kind of pressure on the internal political life of the country.feedback

This tool was used at the beginning of the so-called Arab Spring.feedback

The President is barred from implementing his agenda on health-care or international affairs, relations with Russia and we will wait till things stabilise. At a certain point of time it will come to a close and we will decide when and where the meeting is held.feedback

This is a global problem: We shouldn't do this in just one place, in one country. We're willing to work together and we really look forward to having this kind of constructive cooperation.feedback

Our moves are of a local nature and their moves are of (a) global nature. They've been developing their missile defense system there, building it up, and this system is one of the overarching concerns of global security today. It's not a defense system, no, it's part of the nuclear forces of theirs, installed in the periphery. It's not on the defensive, it helps minimize our response. We have no intention of starting a war in the Arctic. We don't want to compete with the U.S.: We all know that the U.S. spends more on defense than the rest of the world.feedback

Only by pooling efforts can we efficiently combat terrorism. I hope that we will eventually come to constructive cooperation. There are many issues which long have come to a head in the economic and security fields and regarding regional conflicts. We are ready for that discussion. It's necessary for the other side to also show goodwill and readiness for constructive work.feedback

Isn't it nonsense? What is the ambassador there for? He's there to speak to people, to maintain contacts with the political elite, with businessmen, with members of the House and the Senate, with administration officials. They are now also taking up the issue of the meetings our businessmen and bankers had there. Don't American businessmen come here and speak to our representatives, including Russian government officials? Otherwise how can they work? Of course they do. We aren't obstructing it, just the opposite, we are helping it.feedback

All those things are fictional, illusory and provocations, lies. All these are used for domestic American political agendas. The anti-Russian card is played by different political forces inside the United States to trade on that and consolidate their positions inside.feedback

I don't think it's in the interests of the majority of the American people to bring the U.S.-Russian relations to absurdity for the sake of domestic politics. Do we want to completely cut diplomatic relations? Do we want to bring the situation to what it was in the 1960s during the Cuban (missile) crisis? Where do people behaving in such an irresponsible way want to take us all, including the American people. We aren't obstructing it, just opposite, we are helping it. Only by pooling efforts can we efficiently combat terrorism. I hope that we will eventually come to constructive cooperation.feedback

Climate change brings in more favorable conditions and improves the economic potential of this region.feedback

Ronald Reagan, debating about taxes and addressing the Americans, said, Watch my lips.' He said, No. Watch my lips. No.feedback

Helsinki would be an appropriate venue for organizing such events … If it happens we would be glad to participate and I would be glad to attend.feedback

Everybody should act in political processes within the framework of the law. All those who go outside this law should bear punishment in accordance with Russian law.feedback

Do we want to completely cut relations? Do we want to bring the situation to what it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s?feedback

Natural resources, which are of paramount importance for the Russian economy, are concentrated in this region.feedback

Leading Russian companies have achieved a series of important agreements about developing large oil and gas fields in Iran. Our countries cooperate in the framework of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF). We will coordinate our efforts to stabilize world oil markets.feedback

We're not trying to influence events. We are trying to maintain relations with the ruling authorities and opposition representatives too. We don't want to influence in any way the events underway.feedback

Of course I know that the election campaign in France is actively developing. We do not want to influence events in any way, but we reserve the right to talk to representatives of all the country's political forces.feedback

I've already said that this is the result of treason, and traitors meet their end the same way they got their start, either by drinking themselves to death, or by using drugs, lying in a ditch. One of them recently met his end about the same way. These are officers, you understand? Someone betrayed his friends, his comrades in arms, people who put their lives on the altar of the fatherland. And then you get some animal who is willing to betrays people like this. How will he look into his children's eyes after this? Pig!feedback

The "forces of terror are acting in an increasingly treacherous and cynical way. It's necessary to unite efforts of all members of international community to confront the terror threat.feedback

Some pro-Russian people might use the mistreatment of Latgale as a hook, you know? As an excuse. If Russia came and tried to invade Latgale I think there would be people who would welcome them. We can't really rely on NATO, we can't really rely on anybody else, just ourselves.feedback

We are looking forward to her visit to Russia on May 2.feedback

We can't allow splits, animosity, insults and the bitterness of the past to be dragged into our lives today.feedback

Russia has always been very firm against all forms of terrorism, whatever the guiding principle of that terrorism, whatever ideas are being championed by the people behind that terrorism. That is our fundamental position and it won't change, under any circumstances.feedback

Russia is not going to stand in a queue with other countries that don't matter.feedback

We need to listen to WADA's demands. Because we must admit that we do have proven cases of athletes doping. It's absolutely unacceptable and it means that the doping control system that was in place didn't work. And this is our fault.feedback

When we provided the test samples, there were no complaints.feedback

I think it's absolutely inappropriate now towards the Syrian government, using sanctions. Because it doesn't help, it wouldn't help the negotiation process but would only hinder it, and would undermine trust in the negotiation process. Russia won't support any new sanctions against Syria.feedback

I think it is totally inappropriate. It would undermine trust in the negotiating process. Russia will not support any new sanctions against the Syrian leadership.feedback

Our task is only to stabilize the legitimate authorities and deliver a final blow against international terrorism.feedback

It's absolutely clear that in the area of counter-terrorism all relevant governments and international groups should work together.feedback

What about Ljubljana, Slovenia? Of course, it is a great place to hold a dialogue of this kind. But it doesn't depend only on us, it also depends on a range of things, current issues. If these meetings ever happen, then I have nothing against Ljubljana.feedback

By joining our efforts, we could make a considerable contribution to settling these issues, including fighting international terrorism.feedback

As regards Ljubljana, Slovenia in general, it is of course a brilliant place to have a dialogue of such a sort. But it doesn't depend only on us, it depends on a whole series of circumstances. If these meetings ever happen, we don't have anything against Ljubljana.feedback

It depends not only on us, but we are naturally ready for it. We always welcomed that and we hope that relations will be restored in full in all areas. It relates to trade and economic ties, security issues and various regions of the world, which are suffering from numerous conflicts. By pooling our efforts, we naturally would be able to significantly contribute to solving those issues, including the fight against international terrorism.feedback

Doctors who work at the TSKB (Central Clinical Hospital) believe that the level of professional training, the financing, the equipment, don't meet modern standards. A lot needs to be reformed there.feedback

Trump arrives and straight away rushes to meet with Moscow prostitutes. This is an adult man first of all and, apart from that, is a man who for many years took part in organising beauty contests.feedback

People who order such fakes, fabricate them and use them in a political struggle are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral limits whatsoever. By the way, Russia deals with such people all the time, with our opponents. I find it difficult to believe that he ran to a hotel to meet with our girls of reduced social responsibility. Although here we do have the best ones in the world.feedback

People who are doing that are inflicting colossal damage to the interests of the United States. How can you do anything to improve U.S.-Russian relations when they launch such canards as hackers' interference in the election?feedback

They are also the best in the world.feedback

Firstly, it is to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect. Second, it is to tie the president's arms and legs to prevent him from realizing his promises to the American people, both at home and abroad. How is it possible to make steps toward improving Russian-American relationships while all those fake stories are being thrown in?feedback

People who order such fakes against the U.S. president-elect, fabricate them and use them in political struggle are worse than prostitutes. They have no moral restrictions whatsoever, and it highlights a significant degree of degradation of political elites in the West, including in the United States.feedback

I don't know Mr. Trump. I have never met him and I don't know what he will do on the international arena. I have no reason whatsoever to assail him, criticize him for something, or defend him.feedback

He wasn't a politician, we didn't even know about his political ambitions. Do they think that our special services are hunting for every U.S. billionaire?feedback

How can you do anything to improve U.S.-Russian relations when they launch such canards as hackers' interference in the election?feedback

It needs to be recognized that mutually beneficial ties with Russia deteriorated against the background of attempts to force a closer relationship with the European Union.feedback

If Putin likes Donald Trump, I consider that an asset, not a liability, because we have a horrible relationship with Russia.feedback

We think that this selection will be something that - with time - will straighten it out.feedback

We will not create any problems for U.S. diplomats – we will not expel anyone. It is regrettable that the Obama administration is ending its term in this manner. Nevertheless, I offer my New Year greetings to President Obama and his family.feedback

It is hard to imagine a more cynical crime than killing innocent people during New Year celebrations. However, terrorists don't share moral values. Our common duty is to combat terrorists' aggression.feedback

It wasn't easy, but the hardships that we have faced have brought us together, have motivated us to open huge reserves of our potential to move forward. The main thing is that we believe in ourselves, in our strength, in our country.feedback

Each of us may become something of a magician on the night of the New Year. To do this we simply need to treat our parents with love and gratitude, take care of our children and families, respect our colleagues at work, nurture our friendships, defend truth and justice, be merciful and help those who are in need of support. This is the whole secret.feedback

[Obama] did what he had to do in order to send the signal and hopefully deter more fooling around, if you could call it that way, in cyberattacks or cybermisuse to influence U.S. elections and perhaps other elements of U.S. internal politics.feedback

I would expect that the president-elect one way or another ought to be concerned about that.feedback

The Russian diplomats returning home will spend the New Year holidays with their relatives and dear ones. We will not create problems for U.S. diplomats. We will not expel anybody.feedback

Moreover, I am inviting all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas parties in the Kremlin.feedback

The agreements reached are, of course, fragile, need a special attention and involvement... But after all, this is a notable result of our joint work, efforts by the defence and foreign ministries, our partners in the regions.feedback

It is another very important solution for the long-term development of Crimea.feedback

To occupy Crimea and ... continues to threaten other nations in the region.feedback

I want to express my sincere condolences to the families of our citizens who died as a result of the air catastrophe over the Black Sea this morning.feedback

A Special Commission headed by the Minister of Transport will closely investigate the circumstances of the crash and everything will be done to support the families of the victims. A Day of Mourning will be observed tomorrow across Russia.feedback

Relations between Russia and the U.S. remain an important factor in ensuring stability and security in the modern world.feedback

The current administration and the leadership of the Democratic Party are trying to blame all their failures on external factors. (We are talking about) a party which has clearly forgotten the original meaning of its own name. They (the Democrats) are losing on all fronts and looking elsewhere for things to blame. In my view this, how shall I say it, degrades their own dignity. You have to know how to lose with dignity.feedback

State-sponsored doping system has never been created in Russia, it is simply not possible, and we will do everything we can to make sure such state-sponsored system of doping support never exists. That's first, and I want to say it once again. And the second – as in any other country, we have this problem and we have to admit it. But by admitting it we must do all we can to prevent use of doping.feedback

I hope that ... we will be able – by acting in a constructive and pragmatic manner – to take real steps to restore the framework of bilateral cooperation in different areas as well as bring our level of collaboration on the international scene to a qualitatively new level.feedback

It is absolutely transparent and all under the control of the government. We finance some things from there.feedback

In the next stage, an agreement on a cease-fire on the entire territory of Syria should be reached and practical talks on a political settlement should start immediately after.feedback

They are losing on all fronts, and are trying to find the culprits elsewhere. They are humiliating themselves. They must know how to lose with dignity.feedback

The most important thing is the substance of the information the hackers have presented to the public opinion. The current administration and the Democratic Party's leadership are trying to shift the blame for all their failures to external factors. Reagan would be happy that representatives of his party win everywhere, and he would be happy for the president-elect. We are just saying that we are simply stronger than any aggressor.feedback

It's not us who have been speeding up the arms race. We can only fight this threat efficiently if we pool our efforts together.feedback

It's not us who have been speeding up the arms race.feedback

Materials presented by police investigators were enough to remove him from his post on the grounds that he had lost our trust.feedback

If anyone is unleashing an arms race it's not us ... We will never spend resources on an arms race that we can't afford. Nobody is arguing with that. Trump understood the mood of the people and kept going until the end, when nobody believed in him. Except for you and me.feedback

This crime against peaceful civilians is shocking in its savage cynicism.feedback

I ask security services to take additional measures to ensure security inside Russia and outside it, to enhance the safety of Russian foreign missions and their staff. I ask you to step up work with secret services of other states through partner channels.feedback

This has nothing to do with Russia's interests. But hysteria is evoked only to divert the attention of the American public from the nature of the information that the hackers posted.feedback

In this hyperpartisan atmosphere, at a time when my primary concern was making sure that the integrity of the election process was not in any way damaged, at a time when anything that was said by me or anyone in the White House would immediately be seen through a partisan lens, I wanted to make sure that everyone understood that we were trying to play this thing straight.feedback

The next step is to reach an agreement on a ceasefire across the whole of Syria. We're currently in very active discussions with representatives of the opposition and there is also Turkish mediation.feedback

I believe that joint work in economic areas will help to establish the basis needed to move to a relationship of true partnership.feedback

That venue could be Astana. If that happens, it won't compete with the Geneva talks, but will complement them. Wherever the conflicting sides meet, in my view it is the right thing to do to try to find a political solution.feedback

The question of Palmyra is purely symbolic. Aleppo is much more important from a military-political point of view.feedback

The next step is to reach an agreement on a total cease-fire across the whole of Syria. We are conducting very active negotiations with representatives of the armed opposition, brokered by Turkey.feedback

My view is that this is not a partisan issue.feedback

Everything that is happening in Palmyra is the result of uncoordinated action. I've already said many times that to be effective in the battle against terrorism we need to unite our efforts.feedback

For me the most important thing is to sign a peace deal (with Japan) because that would create the conditions for long-term co-operation.feedback

You were right to take caution, Yume is a no-nonsense dog. There are many people here, with camcorders running, lights shining and cameras clicking. She is being a guard dog.feedback

The absence of a peace treaty between Russia and Japan is an anachronism left over from the past, and that anachronism should be removed. But how to do that is a difficult question.feedback

We understand it will not be a simple task considering the extent of degradation of the Russian-American relationship. But we are prepared to do our bit.feedback

It is the largest privatization deal, the largest sale and acquisition in the global oil and gas sector in 2016.feedback

If he is a smart man, that means that he will fairly soon become aware of a different level of responsibility. We expect that he act with these considerations in mind.feedback

The artists might not have wanted to offend anyone, but they did.feedback

There is a very narrow edge between dangerous buffoonery and freedom of expression.feedback

Any hooliganism, any attempts to thwart a theater performance or an exhibition are absolutely inadmissible and must be punished in all severity of law. Any freedom has another side: responsibility.feedback

We must bear that in mind and not to allow that, not to split the society.feedback

The future of our country depends on ourselves, on our hard work and the talents of all our citizens along with their responsibilities and successes we will achieve our goals.feedback

I certainly hope we can join forces with the US in fighting the real not imaginary threats which is international terrorism. This is exactly the task that our military is trying to solve in Syria. The terrorists have suffered great losses. The army and the navy of Russia has proved convincingly that they can work effectively far from home.feedback

We are prepared to cooperate with the new US administration. It is important to normalise and start to develop the bilateral relations, on the principle of equality and a mutually beneficial basis. The cooperation between Russia and US in solving local and global problems will be in the interest of the whole world.feedback

Russia does not need conflict neither do our partners or the international partners. Compared to others who see us as opponents, we do not seek and never look for enemies. We need friends.feedback

There is no doubt that there is a need to stimulate lending to the real sector. The key question is what methods and resources will be used to do it.feedback

It's inadmissible to bring divisions, malice, resentment and bitterness of the past into our life today.feedback

But we won't allow any infringement on our interests and neglect of them.feedback

Russia-U.S. cooperation in solving global and regional problems answers the interests of the entire world. We share responsibility for ensuring global security and stability and strengthening the non-proliferation regime.feedback

Our servicemen in Syria are fulfilling that task.feedback

We are observing a certain, quite obvious, degradation ... of how democracy is understood in Western society, in this particular case in the European Parliament.feedback

What should we do? We have, therefore, to take countermeasures, which means to target with our missile systems the facilities, that, in our opinion, start posing a threat to us.feedback

We are ready to freeze (oil) output at the present level. We see no harm in this for our energy sector. The energy minister is in constant contact with the leading (oil) companies, and they are ready for such work.feedback

It's clear that both the government and Rosneft's management will work out on Rosneft's shares sale.feedback

We will not revise our previously (made) privatisations plans.feedback

We will do everything that our partners from OPEC are expecting. To freeze crude production is not an issue for us.feedback

I told him that we would be happy to see him (Obama) in Russia anytime if he wants, can and has desire.feedback

I didn't like the Tyrannosaurus Rex.feedback

During the election campaign, we heard Donald Trump's speeches, which focused on rebuilding the relationship between Russia and the United States. We understand and are aware that it is not going to be easy given the degraded state of relations between Russia and the US at the moment, unfortunately. But Russia is ready and willing to restore fully fledged bilateral relations with the United States, because it will have a positive effect on global affairs in general, taking into account the special responsibility of Russia and the US to sustain global security and stability.feedback

We heard the campaign statements of the future U.S. presidential candidate about the restoration of relations between Russia and the United States. It is not an easy path, but we are ready to do our part and do everything to return Russian and American relations to a stable path of development.feedback

His hope to work together for removing Russian-American relations from their crisis state.feedback

Today it is our duty to jointly resist the threats of our times, leaning on spiritual commandments, and the invaluable traditions of unity and agreement, and to go forward, ensuring the continuation of our thousand-year-long history.feedback

Does anyone seriously think that Russia can affect the choice of the American people? What, is America a banana republic? America's a great power. Correct me if I'm wrong.feedback

He has chosen a method to get through to voters' hearts. He behaves extravagantly of course, we see this, but I think there's a reason for this.feedback

Bells should toll for all innocent victims. Not just in Aleppo.feedback

In Washington there were forces that did their best to ensure our agreements did not take off.feedback

New imaginary threats are being created all the time, like the so-called Russian military threat. It's of course very profitable because: people can ask for bigger military budgets in their countries, or allies can be made to bend down in some superpowers' interests, or see NATO spread to get its infrastructure: military units and weapons closer to our borders.feedback

I would like to reassure everyone, including our U.S. partners and friends – we do not intend to influence the U.S. election campaign.feedback

The only new thing is that for the first time the United States has recognized at the highest level ... that they themselves do it (cyber attacks).feedback

On the contrary, we would like to find common ground and cooperate in solving the global problems that confront both Russia and the United States.feedback

If it takes place, it will serve just as an interim step to make another one, towards its real privatization, including by attracting strategic investors, possibly foreign ones, under state control.feedback

This year, this way or another, the budget should receive money, and I think this is a very cautious, if not a fine-tuned plan approved by the government.feedback

Our cooperation in the military sphere is rather successful. Russia is not only selling weapons and hardware to India but also, through our joint ventures, producing the most modern examples of the latest technology.feedback

I don't know. Is that really the role of such serious countries which aspire to conduct independent policies and be called major powers. I don't know.feedback

The French foreign minister flew from Moscow to Washington, the next day he came out with (U.S. Secretary of State John) Kerry, accused Russia of all the deadly sins, no one spoke to us or discussed anything with us, and tossed the resolution into the Security Council obviously expecting our veto.feedback

It may sound strange to you but I personally was surprised by this government's position myself.feedback

This privatization is carefully crafted, keeping in mind the synergy effect for obtaining the maximal gain from the point of view of budget and fiscal interests.feedback

What for? To exacerbate the situation and to whip up anti-Russian hysteria in media under their control, and to deceive their own citizens.feedback

About a decade ago, they wouldn't mention Russia at all, because it was not even worth talking about, such a third-rate regional power and not interesting at all. Now Russia is problem number one in the entire election campaign.feedback

The only problem as of today is (getting) agreements between Saudi Arabia and Iran. (Their) positions have got significantly closer.feedback

It's not our partners who should be offended by our veto, it's us who should be offended.feedback

We expected joint, constructive work with France and with other permanent members of the Security Council. But what happened?feedback

Everyone's talking about who's done it. Does it really matter that much? What matters is what's inside this information.feedback

There's nothing there benefiting Russia. The hysteria is simply to distract the American people from the contents of what the hackers have posted.feedback

I am deeply convinced that it's our Western partners, and especially the United States, that are responsible for the situation in the region in general and Syria in particular.feedback

We are very glad that Turkey is recovering and wish it success.feedback

That's why in the current situation we think that (an oil output) freeze or even an oil production cut is likely to be the only right decision to maintain the stability of the global energy sector. Russia is ready to join the joint measures to cap production and is calling for other oil exporters to join.feedback

Russia is ready to join the collective measures to limit production and calls on other oil exporting countries to do the same.feedback

We support a recent OPEC initiative to fix production limits and hope this idea will turn into specific agreements at an OPEC meeting in November, giving a positive signal to markets and investors.feedback

Today's loss for us was like a stab in the back delivered by the accomplices of terrorists. I cannot qualify what happened today as anything else.feedback

It's an American card. Without al-Nusra, the Americans cannot have any real, let's say, concrete and effective card in the Syrian arena.feedback

We are talking about finding a solution where neither of the parties would feel defeated or a loser.feedback

(This election is) not a significant change in my mind.feedback

We can say with certainty that the party has achieved a very good result; it's won.feedback

People see the desire and urge of the country's leading force, which works and is widely represented in the parliament, to achieve good results. And so they believe in this desire to work and be useful to the country.feedback

It means that people see that United Russia members are really working hard for people even though it doesn't always work.feedback

We can see an attempt to revive the image of the so-called Evil Empire and use it to frighten the society.feedback

We (Russia and US) agreed that al-Nusra Front should be distanced from the opposition and that their location should be disclosed as well as that of the so-called healthy [moderate] forces. What do we see instead? We see no separation of terrorists and healthy forces, but rather attempts by terrorists to regroup…. and maintain its potential.feedback

Lots of questions arise. Healthy athletes legally take medications outlawed for others, while people, who obviously suffer from grave illnesses and disabilities, are barred from participation in the Paralympic Games on sheer suspicion.feedback

Russia didn't annex anything. Everything that happened in Crimea stems from the unlawful actions of certain political forces which led to the coup in Ukraine. Crimea joined the Russian Federation because it was the will of the people living in this territory.feedback

I'm really hoping that this agreement can be reached and I have grounds to believe it could happen in the next few days.feedback

Our economy has stabilised... We plan to reduce the budget deficit further, and to continue to work on cutting the budget's revenues dependency on the exports of hydrocarbons.feedback

You and me have several time expressed our position on the fight against terrorism. I am sure that you have already succeeded in fully normalizing the situation.feedback

I think that any actions that would provoke further escalation (of tensions) are counter-productive.feedback

The important thing is the content that was given to the public.feedback

I don't think they are setting the best example.feedback

At the state level, we certainly weren't involved in this.feedback

I think we should be aiming precisely for that type of investment. We are getting ready and are planning to do it this year.feedback

I think we will implement it eventually, at least its first part, related to expanding of transport capabilities and increasing supplies to the Turkish domestic market.feedback

Iran is starting from a very low position, connected with the well-known sanctions in relation to this country. It would be unfair to leave it on this sanctioned level.feedback

Rosneft, strictly speaking, is not a state company. Let us not forget that a part of it is owned by BP, a British company.feedback

We don't trade in territories, although the problem of a peace treaty with Japan is a key one.feedback

The decision to disqualify our Paralympians is outside the bounds of law, morality and humanity. It is simply cynical to punish those for whom sport became the reason for being, those who by their own example give hope and self-belief to billions of people with disabilities.feedback

It appears that our partner in Kyiv has decided to escalate the situation and it is clear why they are doing that. Because they do not want to – or cannot, for some reason – implement the Minsk agreements.feedback

I think it is obvious for everyone now that the current Kyiv authorities are not seeking a way to solve the problems through talks but choose terror. This is very concerning.feedback

The people who seized power in Kiev ... have switched to terror tactics instead of searching for ways for a peaceful settlement. Russia would not let such actions pass without a response. The attempt to provoke an outbreak of violence, to provoke a conflict is nothing other than a desire to distract (Ukrainian) society from its problems.feedback

We should be thankful to Azerbaijan's President, Mr Ilham) Aliyev, for organizing this meeting which gives us an opportunity to discuss the situation in the region in the three-party format.feedback

From what we know from information provided by the Defense Ministry, all those who were on the helicopter died.feedback

With all my heart, in the name of Russia, in my own name, I would like to thank Slovenia and the Slovenian people for what you are doing to keep alive the memory of all these victims that we sacrificed together to achieve victory, in both the First and Second World Wars.feedback

It's better not to argue with women. Mrs. Clinton wasn't known for an elegant turn of phrase before. When people cross certain boundaries, the bounds of propriety, it speaks of their weakness, not their strength. But weakness is not a bad quality for a woman.feedback

The deliberate campaign targeting our athletes was characterised by so-called double standards and opted for the idea of collective responsibility, which is not compatible with sport, justice in general, or the basic norms of law.feedback

She set the tone for some opposition activists, gave them a signal, they heard this signal and started active work.feedback

The Olympic movement, which is a tremendous force for uniting humanity, once again could find itself on the brink of division.feedback

With regards to our bilateral relations, I would like to begin with the question of tourism. While this comes at a time when terrorist cells are getting more active, we are, nevertheless, lifting the administrative restrictions in this area. And I ask the government of the Russian Federation to begin the process of normalising trade and economic relations with Turkey as a whole.feedback

The British people have decided to leave the European Union. We have never interfered with the process. Apparently, some formal procedures associated with this vote will follow. We will continue to carefully monitor the situation.feedback

There are common acceptable principles of rights, one of which is that responsibility should be personalised.feedback

If someone in your family has committed an offence, is it fair to prosecute all the family members … the people who have no relation to the violations – why should they suffer for others?feedback

The strategic balance used to guarantee peace in the world, it saved us from major armed conflicts in the past 70 years. It was a good thing. It was based on a mutual threat but this mutual threat has given us global peace for decades.feedback

We will judge by the deeds, not words of the new United States president and will seek ways to normalize ties and advance our cooperation in economy and international security.feedback

The current geopolitical tensions have been also caused by the economic uncertainty and the depletion of growth resources.There is a risk, that these tensions might even be artificially provoked.feedback

Following the recent meetings with the business representatives from Germany and France, the European business wants and is ready to cooperate with our country. Politicians should listen to business. Politicians should demonstrate how wise, far-seeing and flexible they are.feedback

Mr Trump said he is ready to restore Russia and American relations. What can be bad about that? We welcome that. He is a bright person.feedback

Politicians should meet the businessmen halfway, show wisdom, long-term thinking and flexibility. We need to bring back trust to Russia-European relations and restore the level of cooperation.feedback

We don't bear grudges and we are willing to meet our European partners halfway – this, however, must not be a one-way street.feedback

I have not seen what Medvedev said about it (but) you can always takesome phrase out of context. I know for sure that the government pays greatattention to the fulfillment of social obligations.feedback

From our side we will do everything to maintain the direction of our mutual development, to support the people of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek leaders. You can count on us, we are your true friends.feedback

These are not defence systems. It is part of the US nuclear strategic potential brought onto a periphery. And the periphery ,in this case, is Eastern Europe. Until now, the people making such decisions have lived in calm, comfort and security. Now as these elements of ballistic missile defence are deployed, we are forced to think how to neutralise emerging threats to the Russian Federation.feedback

Every individual and every country have the same rights, the right to be powerful, but we don't think that being a superpower gives us the right to tell people what to do and we don't do that.feedback

The Great Patriotic War will always be an outstanding, sacred deed of our people, a call to live honestly, hold high the bar of truth and justice and pass these values on from one generation to the next.feedback

I really hope that if we reach an agreement – and I have grounds to believe that it can happen in the next few days – we will be able to talk about significantly improving and intensifying our cooperation with the US on fighting terrorist organisations, including those operating in Syria.feedback

The main thing is that this launch pad is now working, it has been prepared well by you and it is functioning. We are now facing a second stage here, to accommodate a heavy rocket.feedback

The equipment overreached itself a little bit yesterday. In principle, we could have held the launch yesterday, but the equipment overdid its job and stopped the launch. This is a normal thing.feedback

But the fact is there is a large number of hitches. That is bad. There should be an appropriate reaction.feedback

This drug has never been seen as doping. It does not effect – and this is for sure – the results. It just supports the heart muscle, to keep it in good shape during very acute exercise. For some reason they decided to include it.feedback

But we are certainly ready to give a helping hand and offer friendship to any of our partners, if they are willing to accept it.feedback

If someone decided to get drowned, it is impossible to save them.feedback

The situation has not been fixed yet, but there is a positive trend. The gross domestic product declined by -3.7 percent in 2015. This year the government expects the economy to continue to decline slightly.feedback

I hope and I am almost sure that this economic crisis is a temporary situation and that with markets being filled with locally-produced foodstuff, prices will be going down as well.feedback

We do think the Turkish people are our friends …. but we have problems with certain leaders.feedback

After the main part of our military contingent was withdrawn from Syria we left the Syrian army in a situation which enabled it to mount serious offensive operations with the support of the part of our military which stayed there. And already the Syrian army has taken over Palmyra since our partial withdrawal.feedback

There was no element of corruption, in comments referring to the Panama Papers leak of financial documents.feedback

Thanks to the participation of Russian military grouping, the Syrian armed forces and patriotic forces in Syria have been able to achieve a fundamental turnaround in the fight against international terrorism.feedback

I want to thank you on behalf of myself for your work in this direction.feedback

Islam Abduganiyevich [Karimov]was a highly authoritative statesman and a true leader of his country. His name is linked to the milestone events in the history of contemporary Uzbekistani state.feedback

Relations between Russia and the European Union will get back to normal sooner or later.feedback

They are making the first steps in their careers and they are successful. I never discuss questions related to my family. They are not involved in business. And they are not involved in politics. They are not pushing for this.feedback

As for Joseph Blatter, he is a highly respected man. He has done a lot for the development of world football. He is the person who should have been awarded Nobel Peace Prize.feedback

On the level of bilateral state relations I don't see prospects to improve ties with the current Turkish leadership, but on a humanitarian level, I certainly do.feedback

You've asked whether there was a third party to this situation. I understand what you mean. We don't know. But if the Turkish leadership decided to lick some part of the Americans' anatomy, I'm not sure they did the right thing.feedback

What have they achieved? Maybe they thought we would run away from there, but Russia is not such a country.feedback

Of course, we need to know where exactly the jet was when it was shot down, but it won't change our attitude towards what was done by the Turkish authorities. We treated Turkey not just as a friend but as an ally in the fight against terror. No one was expecting this vile treacherous stab in the back.feedback

We will not forgive any support given to terrorists. Let those in Turkey who shot our pilots in the back know that, who hypocritically try to justify their actions to cover terrorist crimes. Only Allah knows why they did it. Allah relieved the Turkish elite of their senses.feedback

Every civilised state must now invest in the destruction of terrorism, to confirm its solidarity, not by mere words but deeds. That means giving no refuge to bandits, no double standards, no contacts with terror organisations, no attempts to use them for their own ends, no criminal bloody business with terrorists.feedback

If anyone thinks, after this war crime, murdering our people, that they'll get off with measures hitting their tomato exports or curbs on construction and other sectors, they are mistaken. We will remind them repeatedly of what they did. And they will regret what they did more than once.feedback

We have every reason to believe that the decision on whether to shoot down our plane was dictated by the desire to ensure the safety of oil supply routes to Turkish territory, to the ports where they put it into oil tankers.feedback

The terrorists and their illegal trade in oil, drugs and human trafficking were not only covered and are being covered, but some even made money out of that, hundreds of millions and billions dollars.feedback

We have not heard either an apology from Turkey's top politicians, or proposals to compensate us for the damage, or a promise to punish the criminals. The impression is that the Turkish leadership is willfully driving the Russian-Turkish relations into a deadlock. We regret it.feedback

You need to establish direct contact with the French and work with them as allies.feedback

I judge the actions of our pilots (in Syria) quite positively. Today I have informed our Iranian friends on these issues. We have exchanged (views on the) situation in Syria. I'd like to say one more time, there is no other way to reach a long-term settlement to the problems (in Syria) except through political talks.feedback

We should not apply any time limits, we should know them all by name. We will search for them everywhere – wherever they are hiding. We will find them in any spot on the planet and punish them.feedback

We won't wipe the tears from our hearts and souls. This will remain with us forever. But that won't stop us from finding and punishing the perpetrators.feedback

Channels of finance for terrorist activity must be cut off. I've given examples based on information we have on IS financing by individuals from various countries. This financing, as we found out, comes from 40 countries, including some in the G20.feedback

Ultimately, the final decision is up to the Syrian people.feedback

We are now thinking about this and are trying, if it works out, to reach these agreements.feedback

No we are not going to do that and our Syrian friends know it.feedback

The active phase of our job in Syria will be limited to coincide with the offensive operations by the Syrian army. Our task is to stabilise the legal government and create the right conditions for reaching a political compromise.feedback

I know that President Assad understands that and is ready for such a process. We hope that he will be active and flexible and ready to compromise in the name of his country and his people.feedback

Today, we provide military and technical assistance both to Iraq and Syria. We think it is an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the Syrian government. We should finally acknowledge that no one but President Assad's armed forces and Kurdish militia are truly fighting the Islamic State [movement] and other terrorist organisations in Syria.feedback

We do hope that we will be able to find common ground with our Arab partners, with Turkey, with the United States… with European countries, with a view to finding a common platform to fight terrorism.feedback

We found we had a lot of points in common, but we also have differences, it is nonsense to ignore that but it's possible to work on the common ground together.feedback

Russia will not take part in any field operations on the territory of Syria or in other states; at least, we do not plan it for now.feedback

There is no other way to settle the Syrian conflict other than by strengthening the existing legitimate government agencies, support them in their fight against terrorism.feedback

[The refugees] escape the radicals first of all. If Russia had not supported Syria, [it] would have been worse off than Libya, with an even bigger flow of refugees.feedback

We have supported the Syrian government as it confronts terrorist aggression. We have provided and will provide all the necessary military and technical support, and we call on other countries to join us.feedback

History teaches us that peace in our world doesn't happen on its own. Once again today we face unparalleled cruelty and violence. Terrorism has become a global menace and we must beat it. Russia is ready to use its power with other states to create an international security system outside the traditional blocks.feedback

Prejudice and discrimination, hatred and war can only cause disaster and pain.feedback

Inter-ethnic relations are a delicate matter. I see any speculation on any sort of special rights for one particular ethnicity as extremely dangerous.feedback

In these circumstances, the countries of BRICS have to more actively enable their own resources and internal reserves.feedback

I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO. I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people's fears with regard to Russia.feedback

These officers are not United States' citizens, and if anything did happen, it did not happen on the territory of the United States and the USA has nothing to do with it. This is yet another obvious attempt to spread their jurisdiction to other states.feedback

This is certainly, I have no doubt about it, an obvious attempt to prevent Mr Blatter's re-election as FIFA president.feedback

The current situation is not very simple, not to say difficult. The change in the rouble's exchange rate improves the cost competitiveness of Russian products and opens the door to possibilities of taking control of new niches in both national and international markets. But we should keep in mind, this is time limited. That's why we must take advantage as soon as possible to increase non-energy exports and to develop our own market.feedback

There's every reason, despite some difficulties, to believe that the Minsk peace process is moving forward. Since April 12, although there have been problems, the situation in the south-east of Ukraine has calmed down.feedback

In recent decades, we've seen attempts to create a unipolar world. We see how a military bloc mentality is gaining momentum. All this is undermining the stability of global development.feedback

In Ukraine, which pretends to be a democratic state and wants to be part of a democratic Europe, nothing like that is happening. Where are the murderers of these people? They are simply not there, neither those who carried them out nor those who ordered them, But Europe and North America prefer not to notice.feedback

We don't have to endure the sanctions, we have to use the circumstances surrounding the sanctions to develop. For example, we might not have replaced imports with local produce if there had not been sanctions, but now we must, and I hope this will lead high-tech industries to develop as well. But it does push up inflation on food products. That is true, and we'll have to put up with it for some time.feedback

I have told business leaders not to expect a lifting of the sanctions, because they are purely political. They are a strategic tool to force Russia to cooperate. Some countries want to contain our development. And, by the way, I believe this is not directly related to the events in Ukraine any more.feedback

We realised that the question of Crimea is not just a question of territory, even territory of strategic importance. This deals with the millions of Russian people, about the millions of our compatriots who need our help and support… Thank you for your support. Long live Russia!feedback

There is already famine there, and the OSCE has said that there is a humanitarian catastrophe, and now they're cutting off gas supplies. What is that called? That already smells of genocide.feedback

It would be to no end if those who make decisions fail to conclude that solving this (Ukraine conflict) militarily is impossible. It can be done only peacefully.feedback

We are calling on both sides to exercise restraint and to do everything to ensure the withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons happens without bloodshed and casualties, which nobody wants. We have agreed with President Poroshenko of Ukraine that we will give the order, which I am ready to do, to our military to observe what is happening on the frontline.feedback

We will aim to meet on Wednesday if by then we have managed to agree our positions, which we have been discussing very intensively in recent days.feedback

Unfortunately not only did we not get any distinct answer to our suggestion, but we saw contrary actions. That is Kyiv authorities gave an official order to start full-scale military actions along almost the entire battle line.feedback

This event will remain a very important moment in domestic history forever.feedback

The situation in the world is changing dramatically. New problems are appearing, as well as the old ones escalating. Unfortunately there is a deterioration of global security. Terrorist and extremist groups are already trying to spread into Central Asia. So with these conditions, the CSTO member states need to have adequate, preventive measures ready.feedback

We always get the same answer: 'this is none of your business, every country has the right to choose its ways of ensuring its security'. OK, but in that case, we will do the same.feedback

Who moves NATO bases and military infrastructure towards us? Not us. Does anyone listen to us? Is anyone having some kind of a dialogue with us on that? No, none.feedback

Under the most unfavourable external economic scenario, this situation may go on for about two years.feedback

The problems are difficult but nevertheless our discussions bring good results and I'm sure that your short visit here will without doubt help us to find a solution to the problem.feedback

I propose a full amnesty for capitals returning to Russia. It means that if a person legalizes his capital and property in Russia he will get firm guarantees that he will not be pursued or asked about the source of revenue, he will not be brought to justice or face taxation issues. Let us do it now but only once.feedback

On the matter of sanctions, they're not just a nervous reaction of the US or its allies to our position regarding the events and coup in Ukraine, or the so-called Crimea spring. I'm sure that if none of this had happened, they would have invented some other reason to contain Russia's growing power, to influence Russia or use Russia to their own ends.feedback

In spite of our unprecedented openness and readiness to cooperate on the most difficult questions, and even though we regard our enemies of yesterday as our closest friends and allies, we no longer have any doubt that they would happily see us disintegrate like Yugoslavia. We did not let that happen when Hitler tried it. Let everyone remember how those kinds of things end.feedback

The historical reunification of Crimea and Sebastopol with Russia finally happened. This has a special importance for our people, our country, because our people live in Crimea, and the territory is strategically important. It is a sacred source of our multi-faced but unified Russian nation.feedback

Every nation has the sovereign right over his own style of development, over the choice of its allies, its own political, economic, social and security policies. Russia has always respected and will always respect that. And this fully applies to Ukraine.feedback

We will not get into an arms race, which is expensive. No one can militarily dominate Russia. Our army is modern, strong and, as we say today, polite', but it is also feared.feedback

Europe will not get those gas volumes, at least from Russia. We consider that it doesn't suit Europe's economic interests and that it damages our cooperation. But that's Our European friends' choice. They are consumers after all.feedback

This tournament requires a huge amount of work that we have to complete. The scale of the work and the audience the event generates, equals that of the Olympics.feedback

If we observe that our Ukrainian partners, as in 2008, begin removing gas without permission from the export pipeline system, then we, as in 2008, will reduce the volume of exports in proportion to the volume of gas stolen by Ukraine.feedback

Attempts to pressure Russia by means of one-sided, illegitimate restrictive measures are not bringing us towards a resolution, and are complicating dialogue.feedback

Conditions for us became more complicated. However this is a stimulus for us. We need to mobilise resources and make good decisions. One of our priorities is to deepen business, trade and investment partnerships with Latin American countries as well as with Pacific Rim and BRICS countries like China and India.feedback

We do not intend to limit access to the Internet, to put it under total control, to nationalise the Internet, to limit legitimate interests and the opportunities of people, non-governmental organisations and business in the sphere of information.feedback

I don't even understand what these new sanctions are related to. Maybe somebody doesn't like that we have started to follow a peace process.feedback

The crisis in Ukraine, which was, in fact, engineered and developed by some of our Western partners, is now being used for the resuscitation of the NATO military bloc. But all this of course should be and will be taken into account in our decision-making about the safety of our country.feedback

This is a new pipeline, which allows us not only to increase export deliveries and let us expand the geography of our exports, but also will allow us to take another serious step – supplying gas to our own country, which is especially important for the eastern part of our country, for eastern Siberia and the Far East.feedback

There should be substantive, meaningful talks, concerning not only technical issues but also related to the issues of the society's political organisation and statehood in southeastern Ukraine. These talks should begin immediately in order to protect legitimate interests of people living there.feedback

If it looks like a war, sounds like a war and kills like a war, it is a war.feedback

Egypt has already increased (agricultural) supplies to our market by 30 percent (and) is ready to increase (supplies) by yet another 30 percent in the near future.feedback

Political instruments of putting pressure on the economy are unacceptable, they contradict all norms and rules, and in connection with this the Russian government has already proposed some retaliatory measures to the so-called sanctions imposed by some countries.feedback

No one has a right to use this tragedy for selfish political purposes. Such events should not divide, but rather unite people.feedback

We have to urge Kyiv to respect elementary norms of decency and introduce a ceasefire at least for a short period while the investigation is ongoing.feedback

Everything must be done to ensure the safety of international experts on the scene… For its part, Russia will do all that it can to make the conflict in eastern Ukraine move from today's military phase into the phase of negotiations, into the phase exclusively peaceful and diplomatic.feedback

I want to emphasise that we're creating new conditions for development between both countries, Which is why I have made the decision to forgive the old debt of the Soviet Union with Cuba to the value of $35 billion. We're going to forgive 90 percent of this total and use the remaining ten percent for investment projects in education.feedback

Our contacts with the United States of America are of huge importance for the whole world. We are ready for constructive dialogue but – I would like to underline again – on the basis of equal rights.feedback

Europe is our natural and most important trade and economic partner. We want to ensure that there are new opportunities for business cooperation. For this we need to modernise the legal base for our cooperation, and improve the stability and predictability of relationships, primarily in strategically important areas like energy.feedback

In Ukraine, as you can see, our compatriots, Russian people and people of other nationalities, saw their language, culture and civil rights threatened. What kind of reaction did our partners expect from us after how events unfolded in Ukraine? We certainly had no right to leave the Crimean people and Sevastopol citizens at the hands of militant nationalists and radicals.feedback

We stand for the complete termination of bloodshed on the whole territory of Ukraine, including along our borders. Ukraine should embark on the path of peace, dialogue and accord. The priority is to conduct substantial talks between the authorities in Kyiv and representatives from the south-east regions.feedback

If they have proof they have to show it. Everybody has seen the US Secretary of State showing at the UN Security Council the proof of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. He showed then a tube with a substance that could well have been washing powder. To say something is one thing, to provide proof is another.feedback

His hands are still clean, he can still stop this reprisal operation and start a direct dialogue with the citizens of the East of his own country.feedback

Our meeting today has truly historic importance for the future of Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia. We have completed colossal work to prepare the treaty of the Eurasian Economic Union.feedback

The mutual-benefit of the integration process is already proving itself in practice: the economic cooperation of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan is widening; the structure of trade is developing, the proportion of high-technical goods is expanding in the general structure; the competitive edge of our countries in the world economy is getting stronger.feedback

We should say unequivocally – everyone understands who we are talking about – it's the transiting country, Ukraine, who is to blame. This country abuses its status of gas transit country for Europe.feedback

It was our country that chased the Nazis into their lair, achieved their full and final destruction. We won and paid the price of millions of victims and terrible disasters. We will always protect this sacred truth and we won't allow anyone to forget or betray the heroes.feedback

This is the day of national triumph, of people's pride, of sorrow and of eternal remembrance. This is the holiday when we celebrate the all-mighty force of patriotism, when all of us have very strong feelings of what it means to be loyal to your motherland and how important it is to defend its interests.feedback

I want to underline that the planned presidential elections in Kyiv are a move in the right direction, but they won't solve anything if all of the citizens of Ukraine don't understand how their rights will be guaranteed after the elections are held.feedback

The means employed are not appropriate. In any case, we will move ahead and find alternatives. We will survive and our partners (he delivered this with irony) will fail.feedback

In the context of acute state crisis the Ukrainian defence industry is practically deprived of the state's support. We all understand very well that a possible break-up of cooperation ties may become critical for the defence industry of Ukraine.feedback

People jumped out of Jeeps and started shooting at us. They threw stun grenades. Our people started running in various directions when somebody shouted 'down'. A sniper was shooting those who tried to run into the village.feedback

Until today, these were just clashes with minimal losses, but now no-one can expect any mercy from us.feedback

The recent events in Crimea were a serious examination and they demonstrated the quality of the new abilities of our military personnel, as well as the high moral spirit of the staff.feedback

Demonstrated both the completely new capabilities of our Armed Forces and the high morale of the personnel.feedback

It is really too bad that certain companies have made a decision about some well known restrictions. I think this will simply cause them to lose certain segments of the market – a very profitable market. Well, this is not our decision. We have to protect our interests, and we will do it.feedback

Moving forward, we'll need to put a lot of work into adopting Crimea and bringing it in line with the Russian Federation's constitution, economy and social system.feedback

Our Western partners, led by the US, prefer to practice their politics guided not by international law, but the law of the strong. They have come to believe that they are exceptionally qualified and empowered to resolve the fates of the world. They bring power to bear against sovereign states and build coalitions based on the principle 'whoever's not with us is against us.feedback

We are grateful to the people of China, where the government saw–and sees–the situation of Crimea and of Ukraine in all its historic and political integrity.feedback

I believe the Europeans will understand me, and the Germans first of all. I would remind you that, during the political consultations held on the reunification of the two Germanies, the representatives of some of Germany's allies did not support the same idea of that reunification, while, in contrast, our country did support the sincere and unlimited desire of the Germans for national reunification.feedback

Don't believe all those voices that tell you to be afraid of Russia, who cry that after Crimea other regions will go. We don't want Ukraine to split up. We don't need that. Where Crimea is concerned, she was and remains Russian, Ukrainian and Tatar.feedback

It is primarily they who are deciding how Ukraine lives today. The so-called Ukrainian authorities introduced a scandalous law on the revision of the language policy, which directly violated the rights of the national minorities.feedback

Those who were behind recent events, they were … preparing a coup d'etat, another one. They were planning to seize power, stopping at nothing. Terror, murder, pogroms were used.feedback

They have come to believe in their exceptionalism and their sense of being the chosen ones. That they can decide the destinies of the world, that it is only them who can be right.feedback

I would like to stress that Russia was not the initiator of the circumstances that we are talking about….feedback

I very much hope the Paralympics will help us reduce the degree of passions around Ukraine.feedback

I know that you have taken a decision to run for presidency. It's a very responsible decision. I wish you luck, both from myself personally and from the Russian people.feedback

The whole world is already anticipating this grand sports event and is feeling the special atmosphere and positive energy. Russia is aiming to fulfil its Olympic project to the maximum, doing everything possible to ensure the Sochi Olympics is an unforgettable, bright event. We are sure this will be the case.feedback

We remember tragic situations which happened in the past during international competitions, including the one in the United States during the marathon. It's all quite recent.feedback

Assuring "our country will make the Olympics safe for its guests and participants.feedback

We have prepared a present for you and all tourists who'll come over, so if you will hold the Olympics, you'll get a present from us for the Muslim blood that's been spilled.feedback

We are not banning anything. We are not rounding up anyone. We have no criminal punishment for such relations, unlike many other countries.feedback

The meanness of the crimes committed here in Volgograd needs no additional comments. Whatever the motives of the criminals, there is no excuse for crimes against civilians, especially women and children.feedback

Now we see that Ukraine is in difficult straits… if we really say that they are a brotherly nation and people then we must act like close relatives and help this nation.feedback

One of the possible responses is to deploy Iskander complexes in Kaliningrad … but I want to draw your attention to the fact that we have not yet made this decision yet, let them calm down.feedback

We have all this work done to put Ukrainian economy and trade balance back to positive dynamic on the right track. And this underlines our strategic relations (with Russia).feedback

In GDP terms, Russia is among the top-five global economies, which is good. However, we lag developed countries by two-thirds to three-quarters on such a key indicator as labour productivity.feedback

One of the most important things that we have to discuss openly is the problem between the different ethnicities in our country. A lot of racial problems are because of the problems of economics and territorial development, corruption and mistakes in the work of governmental entities as well as the failure in the cultural and educational system.feedback

In my view this is an attempt by the opposition to shake the current and – I want to emphasise – legitimate authorities in the country. And what's more, what's taking place right now – it's absolutely not a revolution, but a well-planned protest, that in my view is not aimed at today, but is directed at the presidential election campaign in March 2015.feedback

In essence we have heard threats from our European partners toward Ukraine up to and including promoting the holding of mass protests. This is pressure and this is blackmail.feedback

We are doing everything, both the organisers and our athletes and fans, so that participants and guests feel comfortable in Sochi, regardless of nationality, race or sexual orientation.feedback

This is a blatant violation of the Vienna Convention. We are awaiting an explanation, an apology and also the punishment of those responsible. Depending on how the Dutch side conducts itself, we will react.feedback

One of the priorities is not only the liquidation of chemical weapons, but restoring the negotiation process between the conflicting parties, on the basis of the Geneva platform.feedback

It is perfectly obvious that they are no pirates. But they made a deliberate attempt to seize the oil platform. Our law-enforcement agents, our border guards didn't know who was trying to seize the platform under the guise of Greenpeace. Especially against the background of the bloody events that were taking place in Kenya – that could have been anything.feedback

It's because he lives with women. If he was a homosexual, no one would lift a finger against him.feedback

Syria has announced that it already considers itself a member of the Chemical Weapons Convention. There are practical steps the Syrian government has already taken.Whether it will be able to bring this process to an end, I cannot be 100 percent sure, but everything we have seen in the last few days gives me confidence that it is possible.feedback

We hear one another, and understand the arguments but we don't agree. I don't agree with his arguments, he doesn't agree with mine. But we hear them, try to analyse them.feedback

Our main task is returning the global economy towards steady and balanced growth. This task has unfortunately not been resolved. Therefore systemic risks, the conditions for an acute crisis relapse, persist.feedback

President Obama wasn't elected by the American people to be nice to Russia. And your humble servant wasn't elected by the people of Russia to be pleasant to anyone. We work, we argue about some things. We are human, sometimes one of us gets his back up. But let me reiterate that global mutual interests form a good basis for searching for joint decisions.feedback

We have no data that those chemical substances – it is not yet clear whether it was chemical weapons or simply some harmful chemical substances – were used precisely by the official government army.feedback

I don't rule it out, but I would like to draw your attention to one absolutely key aspect. In line with international law, only the UN Security Council could sanction the use of force against a sovereign state. Any other pretext or method, which might be used to justify the use of force against an independent sovereign state, is inadmissible and can only be interpreted as an aggression.feedback

As for the position of our American colleagues, our friends who insist that Syrian government forces used weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons in this case, and say they have evidence, let them present it to UN inspectors and to the Security Council.feedback

If Snowden wants to remain here, there is one condition. He must cease his activities aimed at inflicting damage on our American partners, no matter how strange it may sound coming from my lips.feedback

Any accusation directed towards Russia is ravings and sheer nonsense. We are only able to hand over citizens of foreign states with those countries with whom we have a corresponding international agreement on handing over criminals. I hope that our partners will understand that.feedback

Concerning his possible extradition, we can only extradite foreign citizens to those countries with which we have appropriate agreements.feedback

We think any decisions on providing arms to the opposition based on the unproven accusations of Damascus's use of chemical weapons could just additionally destabilize the situation.feedback

All my life and work is public, absolutely public. Some like it, some don't. There are people who are not very compatible with publicity. So, it was a common decision.feedback

We have a common understanding that if the armed conflict in Syria persists, it could have disastrous consequences for both Syria and the whole region. Only the quick ending of the armed conflict can prevent this negative scenario and this includes a political solution.feedback

We have a mutual interest in putting an end to the violence and the start of a peace process and the persistence of Syria as a territorial unity and sovereign state.feedback

Russia is a victim of international terrorism, one of the first victims. I urge strongly that this tragedy bring us closer together, in stopping the threats we have in common, the most dangerous being terrorism.feedback

The era demands a determined policy of strengthening the air and space defense systems (…) there can not be too much patriotism on this matter.feedback

We have a set of rules and regulations for NGOs in Russia, including rules and regulations about foreign funding. These laws, naturally, should be enforced. Any direct or indirect interference in our internal affairs, any form of pressure on Russia, on our allies and partners is inadmissible.feedback

I have known the Chinese president for a long time and we have had a very warm relationship during the last few years. Now Xi visits Russia for the first time as the leader of his state and it is his first foreign trip since becoming president. We are highly appreciative of this symbolic gesture.feedback

You're more than two years behind.feedback

If we want to be competitive, if we want to resolve the social problems, Russia's economy has to grow faster that the global economy. At the same time we have seen a slowdown of the Russian economy in the last two quarters of 2012. So, the rate of industrial output growth has fallen below two percent in annual terms, while fixed capital investment is slowing too.feedback

The tragic consequences of these events led to a terrorist attack in Algeria which took the lives of civilians, including foreigners.feedback

The government does not know what to do. They are playing their final card capitalising on anti-American feelings. And they are playing everything with this card, even children.feedback

The vast majority of Russian citizens are very negative about foreigners adopting our children. We need to do it ourselves. We need to start getting our families to take in those children who are orphans or who have been left without parental care.feedback

India and Russia show an example of responsible leadership in the international arena.feedback

We are concerned about outrageous facts of violation of rights of Russian speaking population in some countries of the EU, in the Baltic states we're concerned about the hero worship of scum bags who follow Nazi ideology.feedback

The overwhelming majority (of Americans) who adopt our children behave themselves. The Duma deputies are reacting not to this but to the position of the American state; that when a crime is committed against one of our adopted children, most often the American judiciary doesn't react, and they free those people who have clearly committed a crime against a child.feedback

Direct or indirect foreign meddling in our internal political processes is unacceptable. Individuals who receive money from abroad for their political activity and therefore serve foreign national interests cannot be politicians in the Russian Federation.feedback

I am asking you to support the project of law on the limitations for politicians and civil servants… This requirement has to apply to every person who takes key decisions, to state and government officials, to people working in the presidential administration, to their close relatives and to the members of the Federation Council and State Duma.feedback

A civilised dialogue is possible only with those political forces which propose, argument and formulate their demands in a civilised way, and which make their demands within the framework of the law. Changes and modernisation of the political system are natural and even necessary, nevertheless to pay for the thirst for change through the destruction of our state is unacceptable.feedback

The German Chancellor refers to the girls who sit in prison for their performance in a church. But is she aware that before, one of (the girls) hung a mannequin of a Jew and said that we need to get rid of these kind of people in Moscow? We can't support the kind of people who hold anti-Semitic views.feedback

The euro zone is expecting, maybe zero growth or even recession. Here, we have had growth, significant growth. This situation makes every regional leader here feel positive.feedback