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We have to be cautious about summoning people over acts that present no legal issue.
Mar 23 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Yoshihide Suga is associated, including Japan-South Korea and U.S.. Most recently, Yoshihide Suga has been quoted saying: “Toshiba's chip business is highly competitive globally and important in terms of keeping jobs in Japan. Flash memory is also expected to increase in importance from the standpoint of information security.” in the article Japan not considering support for Toshiba, sharing information with U.S.
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Robust trade and investments serve as the main source for a vibrant Japan-U.S. economic relationship. This is free trade, something that the United States advocates, and we believe [Trump] will continue to push forward these things. I think we can say that Japanese companies are already being recognized as good corporate citizens in the United States.

The installation of the statute near the Japanese consulate in Busan will not have a positive impact on Japan-South Korea relations, and it is strongly regrettable as we believe it is a violation of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.

I believe Toyota is a good corporate citizen for the U.S.

We need to develop an environment where treatment such as training for specialized treatment and consultation can be received when necessary.

I have received a report from the defense minister that the Japanese planes did not conduct any close-range interference toward the Chinese military planes ... or threaten the safety of Chinese military planes or its personnel.

The fact that China's military unilaterally announced something clearly different from the facts is extremely regrettable and harms the improvement of relations between Japan and China, and we have strictly protested to the Chinese side.

Then-prime minister Yoshida visited Honolulu in 1951 and at that time he honored the war dead at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

The scope of Pearl Harbor is broad and whether Prime Minister Yoshida visited there or carried out some ceremony cannot be confirmed. At any rate, the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor was not built then and Prime Minister Abe will be the first incumbent prime minister to pray for the war dead there.

We have been preparing so that we can respond to any situation because our stance is that our alliance with the U.S. remains to be the cornerstone of our diplomacy whoever becomes the next president.

In regard to the problem in the South China Sea, we are looking reach a diplomatic solution through cooperation between with the countries involved.

If the (regulator) finds reactors are in line with their standards, we will respect that opinion and, while working for the understanding of local residents, we will restart the reactors. There is no change in that.

It is extremely regrettable that China, despite our multiple representations, is carrying on with unilateral development in an area where no maritime border has been set. We protested to China through diplomatic channels right away.

The government is taking all possible measures in gathering information, exercising vigilance and taking surveillance activities to be able to respond to any situations.

Today's meeting is in line with our stance that the government and BOJ proceed with monetary and fiscal policies while coordinating with each other.

We will continue to strongly demand that China not escalate the situation and coordinate with the various ministries, including the coast guards, in order to deal with this resolutely but also with a cool head.

We believe that Okinotori meets the criteria under UNCLOS to be classed as an island and therefore to have an EEZ.

We have not confirmed any incoming missiles nor any direct effect on our national security.

Ensuring the safety of our nationals is the most important responsibility of our government and we are continuing to do our utmost by making use of the various information networks.

I believe we can confirm that Japan's economy is continuing on a moderate recovery trend and is escaping from deflation.

Private consumption is rebounding we believe, but admittedly at a slow pace.

Based on (the findings from) the raid, and a report from the company, we would like to reveal the extent of the inaccuracies as soon as possible. We will deal with the situation in a strict manner and would like to make sure that cars are safe.

We want the whole picture of the misconduct clarified as soon as possible, and want a strict response and the safety of automobiles to be ensured.

Japan would like to strengthen our cooperative relationship with Iran further and contribute to the peace and stability of the Middle East through our traditional friendly relationship with Iran.

The prime minister strongly believes G7 should lead the global economy with sustainable growth. The economy will be the most important item on the agenda, so we need to consider what policies are necessary.

The prime minister's comments were based on the G20 understanding that long-term manipulation of currencies is undesirable.

He will not be travelling to China shortly before or after Sept. 3. We will continue to seek out ways for our two countries to communicate with each other.

This ballistic missile launch by North Korea is an extremely problematic action for ensuring the safe passage of ships and aeroplanes.

And it violates the Pyongyang Declaration – an agreement between Japan and North Korea related to making joint efforts towards peace and security – Japan and North Korea agreed upon the joint declaration at the six-party talks and various United Nations Security Council resolutions. So, we swiftly lodged a stern protest with North Korea.

The video purporting to show the murder of Goto also included a message that the terrorists are now targeting all Japanese people.

Japan will continue to work in accordance with the decision taken by the International Court of Justice to propose a new Antarctic scientific whaling program that could be implemented from 2015.

I think they will conduct a reliable safety review in order to ease the worries of the public.

We will work with the international community and the surrounding countries to look into increasing the transparency of China's defence policies.

At this stage the relevant financial authorities, the police, the Finance Ministry and others are gathering information on the case.

I believe dolphin fishing is one of Japan's traditional fishing industries and is carried out appropriately in accordance to the law.

We are carrying out surveillance activity as before. We have no plans to change what we are doing out of consideration to China.

If our territory can expand then all the better. If this island can become a proper island, then that would indeed mean that our territory would get larger.

It is inappropriate and gives a wrong impression of the Fukushima contaminated water issue. It is extremely regrettable.

This cartoon hurts the feelings of those who suffered through the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Since the nuclear accident we are adopting the highest level of safety standards and implementing strict inspections and controls on food exports.

Regarding the issue of contaminated water, the government has made it clear that it will keep ahead of the issue and amass technology and know-how, so that it will be resolved swiftly.

I hear she is very close to President Obama. The ambassador will play an extremely important role in conveying matters directly to the president so we'd like to welcome that.

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