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It's a new challenge but I am strong mentally and when I focus on an objective nothing can stop me.feedback
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This page is completely dedicated to what Zlatan Ibrahimovic has to say. All of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s quotes are organized here by date and topic. The most recent quote attributed to Zlatan Ibrahimovic came from an article called There is no vacation’ - Ibrahimovic vows to be 'better' on Man Utd return: “It's a new challenge but I am strong mentally and when I focus on an objective nothing can stop me.”.
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes

Aug 26 2017 - Manchester United

And then you have the other guy that has made a career in a short time, but he made himself a big name.feedback

Aug 26 2017 - Manchester United

To those who did not believe: now suck my **** - I'm sorry ladies for my words - and keep on sucking it. I am either white or black. I will never be grey in my life. You treated me as you did. Now keep on sucking *****. I am grateful to my players and to the Argentinian people. I thank no one but them. The rest, keep on sucking *****.feedback

Aug 25 2017 - Manchester United

I said: 'I'm not on that level that I will make it difficult for you, I just want you to feel happy and feel welcome, so I give you the No. 9 but I will take the No. 10.' That's the way we do it.feedback

Aug 25 2017 - Manchester United

He is a powerful guy and he brings extra qualities in a game.feedback

Aug 25 2017 - Manchester United

We took three new players and with these three new players the team is stronger.feedback

Aug 25 2017 - Manchester United

From the first year going to United, the team has been winning trophies and learning the sacrifice it takes to win a trophy, and the mental part, and that is where I think the coach brought the team, the mental thing and me as a player.feedback

Aug 25 2017

And I think Lukaku was a quality signing, like physical signing of force, but the important one is Matic. He brings stability to the whole team and that is what the team needs, and to have a player who is consistent at the top level.feedback

Aug 25 2017

Now there is no numbers and his transfer, now it is about his numbers on the pitch. I think he has one or two goals [already this season] so that is the numbers that will talk for him.feedback

Aug 25 2017

He just needed to play and get his game to focus on the football.feedback

Aug 25 2017

I think Paul's first season was a lot about the transfer fee and this season now about the football matches and now he can play out free because in the first year he won his trophies.feedback

Aug 24 2017 - World Happiness report

It's not always about the sporting thing. I'm in a situation I have to think 360 degrees around me. Happiness has no value.feedback

Aug 24 2017

We had a great season – we won three trophies, fantastic guys, a coach that I know from before. My family were happy.feedback

Aug 24 2017

I feel good. There are some people, without even knowing my injury, talking about a year or nine months. When I'm ready, I'll be ready.feedback

Aug 24 2017 - Manchester United

I am back to finish what I started. It was always mine and the club's intention for me to stay.feedback

Aug 17 2017 - Manchester United

I was not interested in just releasing another football game onto the market - it's important that the game felt unique and was built from scratch.feedback

Jun 29 2017

The symbol of Sweden is almost done #mystatue #proud #lifework.feedback

Jun 26 2017

Mafioso sounds good. I didn't want another 'nice' boy [for an agent]. I wanted to be transferred and to get a good contract.feedback

Jun 10 2017

Is he good enough for United? I think he's good enough for the big clubs out there. It's up to him what he wants. Whatever he chooses will be good for him.feedback

Jun 10 2017

I know he is hot on the market so let him make the right choice, what fits him good.feedback

May 24 2017 - Manchester United

You win and lose together. Now we raised another trophy, which is the third this year of the five available.feedback

May 24 2017 - Manchester United

In a few weeks I'll be back in the field. When you win, you are always good, you don't feel even more pain. I regret not being able to play this game. It is normal, I wanted to be on the pitch but the situation is this.feedback

May 11 2017

Don't let your spirit grow old and you will be like Benjamin Button!!! #foreveryounggoodcrazy.feedback

Apr 25 2017 - Manchester United

I'm hoping for your speedy recovery and hope to see you soon, charming us with your football.feedback

Apr 24 2017 - Manchester United

Of course he can [play again]. First, because he is privileged physically. His physique, his body, is one of the best I have ever seen, so I think it will be easier for him to get back than others. But of course he is 35, he will have to work very, very hard and be very patient, but I have no doubt he will be back because he loves football, he loves to win, he loves to score goals. He loves to train every day. Every day, he wants to win, every box, every game of football tennis, everything in training, so I have no doubt he will be back.feedback

Apr 23 2017 - Manchester United

It's no news I got injured so I will be out of football for a while. I will go through this like everything else and come back even stronger. So far I played with one leg so it shouldn't be any problem. One thing is for sure, I decide when it's time to stop and nothing else. Giving up is not an option. See you soon.feedback

Apr 21 2017 - World Cup

Herrera plays [against Burnley]. He didn't play on Thursday – one yellow card and he would have missed the semi-finals. I was thinking about him and [fellow substitute Marouane] Fellaini both at the same time but, because I made a change with Marcos Rojo, I couldn't do that and he didn't play. So Herrera is fresh to play. Ashley Young is fresh to play and who else? Nobody else is fresh to play! Now we need absolutely everyone and I don't have to think about Axel Tuanzebe going to the Under-20 World Cup in Korea because maybe Axel has to come now. We need everybody.feedback

Apr 15 2017 - Manchester United

I think our unbeaten league run is nothing we focus on. I would prefer to be first in the league and not having this record. It does not give us anything, this record.feedback

Apr 15 2017 - Manchester United

I think they are a good team. Overall a good team and then of course they are playing once a week which makes a difference also because at the end of the season, I do not know how many games we have in total but I think we have much more than them. They have not been playing in Europe this season and they went out from the League Cup early. But they have a great team, or else they would not be number one.feedback

Apr 15 2017 - Manchester United

When you are 26, 27 you think about time to develop and time to improve. When you get to 34 and 35 it is not about improving. It is about the physical condition and the mental strength to stay at the top as much as possible. If Zlatan manages to keep these levels for the next season it would be great for him.feedback

Apr 10 2017 - Manchester United

The older [you get] the more experienced and intelligent [you get]. You don't waste so much energy on things you don't need.feedback

Apr 09 2017 - Manchester United

It was a good win and we have to keep focus and keep working and keep believing we can reach the top four. We believe in it and we will do everything we can to reach the top four. At the end the best team will win so the game was good and we got the 1-0 and the red card. I couldn't see if it was a red card or not but he gave it and then we played with one more. Sometimes it's more difficult but sometimes it gives you the advantage because you have one more. I train hard. I believe in myself and I know what I am able to do. I'm not worried.feedback

Apr 08 2017 - Manchester United

I think [Mourinho] is doing the absolute maximum with the team he has. Two hundred per cent. If we were good enough to be number one, we would be number one in the table. Even top four is a disappointment, because the last time I didn't win a title was 2012 when Milan came second. The last time before that was at Ajax in 2003. I am not used to being where I am now.feedback

Apr 08 2017 - Manchester United

So this is something new for me, a situation I learn from. I don't accept we are sixth, but I accept that I am here and I have to work through it. That's the way it is.feedback

Apr 04 2017 - Champions League

I have probably one, two or three years. Everything depends on what you want, what the club wants and what the vision of the club is.feedback

Apr 04 2017

I've been winning but if you want to win bigger you have to create bigger.feedback

Apr 04 2017

I think we deserved a little bit more. I mean we conceded a goal by mistake, the first mistake by missing Williams I think [it was who] headed it and then the goal came out of nothing. We need to keep focus, we cannot afford these mistakes, especially now in the end [of the season] because it's very important points especially when the table is like it is. We are close, but still we don't get the points that we need. But at the end we equalised, we were attacking for most of the game and we had good chances – we hit the post one time I think – but we have to do more.feedback

Apr 04 2017 - Manchester United

I think we will make it and we will be there. We have gained the points we need to be in the Champions League, though we are on the limit now. A little bit more and we will reach the top four, I believe.feedback

Apr 04 2017 - Manchester United

Sometimes you are out for injuries or suspensions like in my case or for other reasons. You learn from everything. I feel good. I missed Old Trafford and the games with my team, but finally I am back and hopefully I come back with positive vibes. First is too far away, second probably also. But otherwise it's very tight and if you succeed in winning two or three games in a row then you're in the Champions League spots.feedback

Apr 04 2017 - Manchester United

One game can change a lot – suddenly you can be third, fourth, fifth, sixth.feedback

Mar 29 2017 - Manchester United

I have an option for another year, I want to do great as long as I'm here, so let us see, there is a lot of time. I'm enjoying being at a fantastic club, without doubt, one of the biggest clubs in the world, with a great coach. I know him before, he's a winner, he's the perfect coach for this club. Being a Manchester United player, I don't know how many people have that possibility, but I am a Man United player, people wanted me here, I chose the club, I chose the best English club, that's the way it works.feedback

Mar 29 2017 - Manchester United

I always go in, do my job, and in the way that is a fair play, a fair deal, that is what I do.feedback

Mar 27 2017

The game is back and front and I don't think any team controls the game in the way other top teams [in other leagues] control most of the game and they win with their control. Here anything can happen… you can be winning a game 2-0 and then at the end crazy things can happen and it goes 2-2 or you can lose 3-2.feedback

Mar 27 2017

This time I'm the boss!feedback

Mar 18 2017 - Manchester United

When I play against his team, it's something that motivates me, it gives me adrenaline. It's not personal what I have. It's part of the game.feedback

Mar 15 2017

He wouldn't have done it otherwise. If he feels his body couldn't do it, he wouldn't go because he is extremely proud and he is training very hard. He is very fit. The day he can't do it anymore, he will be the first to say stop because he doesn't want to be a failure and he won't be. He is a great player. He can play in any team in the world. The only pity is that he doesn't play for Sweden anymore.feedback

Mar 06 2017 - Manchester United

The players were involved in two separate incidents in or around the 44th minute which were not seen by the match officials at the time but caught on video. Furthermore, The FA has submitted a claim that the standard punishment that would otherwise apply for the misconduct committed by the Bournemouth defender is 'clearly insufficient'. Both players have until 6pm on Tuesday 7 March 2017 to reply to their charge.feedback

Mar 05 2017 - Manchester United

What happens on the field, stays on the field. I am not a player who will stand here and blame a player. He jumps into my elbow. Nothing on purpose. I am not here to attack anybody. It had nothing to do with the situation before, because I didn't even know who had stepped on me. It is the game. The game is hard.feedback

Mar 04 2017 - Manchester United

We will keep working, keep going and keep our heads up. I mean if you create so many chances, you should score. You expect to score, you want to score. We missed a lot of opportunities, only took only one point and it should have been there with the situation we had, the advantage of playing with one more [player]. We should have closed the game already in the first half. We learn from every game. I learned something, everybody learned something. The next game is the cup [the Europa League match at Rostov] and let's hope we don't repeat what we did.feedback

Mar 04 2017 - Manchester United

You can see the TV and the images. In my situation, I jump up, I jump high, at the same time I protect myself and it's unlucky he jumps into my elbow. On many occasions these things happen and I hope he didn't get injured. What happens on the field stays on the field, I'm not a player who will talk afterwards or attack somebody.feedback

Mar 04 2017 - Manchester United

Of course when you don't win the game with the opportunities we had but I take the blame, I should have scored, absolutely, I had a good chance with the penalty. I give myself the fault.feedback

Mar 03 2017

Hopefully I can continue and keep making you happy, and keep doing good. Thank you very much and keep voting for me... because that is the right thing to do!feedback

Feb 28 2017 - Manchester United

What I bring, I bring a package. I bring my experience from the other clubs I've been in, I bring what I have achieved, I bring the person that I am. I'm an animal. I feel like a lion. The lion is born a lion. It means I'm a lion. I have an objective every season I go into. And to reach that objective I need to train hard and I need to suffer when I train that is how I achieve what I achieve.feedback

Feb 28 2017 - Manchester United

I feel in good shape. I train hard. People who know me from the locker room know that I train very hard.feedback

Feb 28 2017 - Manchester United

I'm from the old school where they work hard and get what they get from doing the hard work not like the new school where it is easy to get what you want.feedback

Feb 05 2017

Fixed, done and stronger. Once again thank you for the support. We will enjoy my game together soon.feedback

Dec 29 2014

Thank you, but to finish second is like finishing last.feedback

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