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Maysam Berhavesh
Trump doesn't have to become Moscow or Tehran's best friend, but he should be considering measures like offering to de-list Iran as a "state sponsor of terrorism" and easing sanctions against Tehran and Moscow in return for their withdrawing support from anti-American forces in Afghanistan. Those measures aren't going to end Afghanistan's internal conflict, but they might de-escalate it enough for Trump to work on a new exit strategy for U.S.
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Sep 21 2017
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Donald J. Trump

We appreciate India's important contributions to stability in Afghanistan, but India makes billions of dollars in trade with the United States, and we want them to help us more with Afghanistan, especially in the area of economic assistance and

Rand Paul

I think that's one of the reasons he got elected–he told people he would take care of the people at home here in America, and that America would be first before Afghanistan, first before all the money we spend overseas. I think he still believes that. It's just a matter of, I think, his supporters need to be loud and remind him of what he said and see if we can get him to harken back to it. But in Congress, we have our own responsibility to try to assert ourselves and say 'hey, we need to be involved in this war-making

Rand Paul

After 16 years, it's difficult to determine the purpose in Afghanistan. These wars are costing trillions of dollars. I think it's time to start thinking about the problems we have here at home. It's time to think about the $20 trillion debt we've

Alexander Gauland

We can only block the way for refugees from Asia and Afghanistan trying to get here by working with Russia. We need Russia as a Christian bulwark against an Islamic

Jack Reed

The headlines in Baghdad and the headlines in Kabul and the headlines in Damascus would be 'U.S. moves to end engagement,' . Unless we could do something literally next week, we would be running into the reality of American military commanders wondering whether they should begin to plan for the extraction of our

Rand Paul

Tonight, the Senate is attempting to move forward with the Defense Bill. I am seeking an amendment to end the AUMF in Afghanistan and Iraq. I will object to all procedural motions and amendments unless and until my amendment is made in order and we vote on these

James B. Linder

I sincerely apologize. We have the deepest respect for Islam and our Muslim partners

Donald J. Trump

My original instinct was to pull out – and, historically, I like following my instincts, But all my life I've heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office; in other words, when you're president of the United

Abdul Razaq Qaderi

He fired only one bullet. After the first bullet, people and the guards tackled him and didn't allow him to fire

Monica Zanarelli - International Committee of the Red Cross

Energetic and full of laughter, Lorena was the heart of our office in Mazar. Today, our hearts are broken. The violent fluctuations of life seem particularly cruel

Lorena Enebral Perez

I believe that the quality and warmth in the work I do is essential and one of my most important

Alberto Cairo

People losing a leg, a limb – sometimes they lose much more than that. They lose this self-esteem, they don't consider themselves complete person anymore. That's something we have to work very hard for. Its essential. You can give a leg, you can give an arm, but if you cannot put together heart and mind and dignity, the job is not

Abdul Razaq Qaderi

He was a polio victim and he was under treatment in the hospital since he was 2 years old. He was always coming to the hospital and had visited the day before as

Hugo Llorens

Today we remember how this conflict began but let us also remember how this must end, with Afghanistan never again serving as an ungoverned space, sanctuary or base for those who are bent on attacking us and our

Abdul Waheed Wafa

She would say, Look, a lot of your young generation don't know how beautiful this country is, how beautiful the countryside of Afghanistan

Omara Khan Massoudi

There is a line which I learned from her, and I added it in the calendar when I was the head of the National Museum, and we later inscribed it on a stone at the museum. The line reads: A nation stays alive if its culture stays

Wahid Wafa

Despite the 40 years of war in Afghanistan she was always hopeful of the future and hopeful for the future of the new generation in

Wahid Wafa

She called herself an old monument and a lot of Afghans called her the 'Grandmother of Afghanistan'. She understood and knew Afghanistan much better than anybody

Wahid Wafa

It was Nancy's aim to preserve Afghanistan's heritage. She was a very funny, interesting person who loved to talk to anyone coming to visit. She was kind, she was very giving with the information she had and she was always lobbying for the Afghanistan she first

Peter Hardisty - Rheinmetall

The protection they offer troops is key in my mind. I don't believe the British Army should sacrifice lessons learnt the hard way in Afghanistan with 'Snatch' Land Rovers. It would be morally wrong to put young servicemen and women in less well protected

Javid Faisal

Our priority was to prevent clashes and casualties. This year we did a lot of work, and if we hadn't it could have been

Abdul Naser

I saw Massoud supporters slapping police officers two or three

Reese Witherspoon

I started a production company five years ago to create more roles for women onscreen and behind the scenes. Today I have something like 23 projects in the works driven by great female characters of different ages and races. There is a film about an astronaut, a film about the entrepreneur who invented Barbie, and a film about the young, brave American girls who were the first women to serve alongside Special Ops in 2010 in

Zabibullah Mujahid

American invaders are enemies of religion and our word. You may well understand that our mujahedeen are defending Islam and our

Mikhail Gorbachev

We have been fighting in Afghanistan for already six years. If the approach is not changed, we will continue to fight for another 20-30 years. . . . What, are we going to fight endlessly as a testimony that our troops are not able to deal with the situation? We need to finish this process as soon as

Jason Brownlee

If members of Congress were forced to take an affirmative stance in favor of intervention, for many of them that would be a tough vote to cast, given what the country has been through in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you actually started debating the perpetual state of conflict post-9/11, you would immediately run into the question of what the boundaries should be. The hawks don't want to put any constraints down on paper, and why ask permission when nobody's going to stop you?feedback

Mohammad Zaman Mamozai

It is a very serious violation. The people are very angry. It is a major abuse against Islam. Why they do not understand or know our culture, our religion and history? We lost several million, became refugees, lost our country and government just because of our

Mohammad Asim

The Americans made a big mistake. The youths and the religious scholars are all upset. They were about to react, and we tried to stop them because if they make a protest the enemy will use it against us. The coalition forces don't know our culture very well, that's why they made this

Ken Stiles

We are going to be fighting this war for a very long

Ken Stiles

That's going to be one of the challenges for the government. How do we maintain the level of experience and expertise in a war that is going to last for another 20 or 30 years or longer?feedback

Mohammed Uzbeki

If I knew who was the enemy, I would have just avoided

Dawlat Waziri

As much as we provide support to our disabled, it is nothing to what they have suffered. The ministry is working day and night to find a way to increase the amount our soldiers are paid. But Afghanistan does not have the money to solve this issue on its

Sanna Vestin

The reasoning from the migration agency is that it's not unsafe enough in

Mohammed Uzbeki

My sisters were crying. My grandmother asked, Why are you crying?feedback

Jacob Westberg

What is happening right now is a consequence of the redirection of the Swedish Armed Forces that begun in 2014 and was cemented in the 2015 defence bill. From that point, there was an increased focus on developing military capabilities that can be applied in and around Sweden. By contrast, the 2009 defence bill had prioritised international military crisis management, with Sweden contributing military forces to foreign conflicts, for instance in

Mohammed Hafiz

I bought two melons – 30 afghanis each. I heard it's cheap this year, so I came to buy for my

Mohammed Ayar

I start the fire an hour before the sunrise, and the tea is boiling by the time the sun comes

Siamuden Pasarly

If you transport melons from Kunduz to Kabul, the shipment gets stopped and extorted up to 41

Ahmad Bashir

When we woke up in the morning, the farmer had disappeared – and the truck driver was left with the fruit. We gave his address in Kunduz to the driver and said, You can try to find him there. Maybe he will have some wheat or rice at home to sell and pay you the rest of your

Abdul Wahab

In Baghlan, the formal government tax on a truck is 100 afghanis, but the militia commanders ask for 2,000. And when you say, Why, for God's sake, be a little fair,' they say, Don't move your lips, I will smash your

Laurence de Nijs

These preliminary results of our pilot study suggest that miRNAs might indeed be candidates as predictive blood markers to distinguish between persons at high and low risk of developing

Laurence de Nijs

Most of our stressful experiences don't leave a long-lasting psychological scar. However, for some people who experience chronic severe stress or really terrible traumatic events, the stress does not go away. They are stuck with it and the body's stress response is stuck in 'on' mode. This can lead to the development of mental illness such as

Khan Mohammed

We will keep these for another few days, so people can have a chance to come get their shoes. After that, what are we going to do with these? We can't take them to people's homes, we can't sell them. We will just take them to the garbage and

Ghulam Sakhi

These weren't my nephew's. It must be some other poor dead or alive person'

Saleem Ahmed

Today, we are here to offer Eid prayers. The security arrangements were very good. May Allah approve our

Richard Langley - Royal Air Force

Our job is to protect the Royal Air Force, that means getting out into the villages, and the streets, of where the local population around our airbases are, and preventing insurgents and terrorists from trying to launch attacks against our airbases. That means actually connecting with the local population, really getting through with the hearts and

Ashraf Ghani

It is time for the armed opposition of Afghanistan to choose whether they are fed on the milk of the mothers of this country, and are inspired by this nation, or whether they are the tools for disunity, chaos, used by

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

When you go into Afghanistan and you are carrying a gun, you are going into a combat zone. By and large, this is to enable the Afghan force to fight more effectively. It is more advisers. It is more enablers – fire support, for

Donald J. Trump

From now on victory will have a clear definition: Attacking our enemies, obliterating ISIS, crushing al Qaeda, preventing the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan, and stopping mass terror attacks before they emerge. We'll ask our allies and global partners to support our new strategy with additional troop and funding increases in line with our own. We are confident they

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

Yes, I have signed orders but it is not complete. In other words I have signed some of the [orders for] troops that will go and we are identifying the specific ones. It is more advisers, it is more enablers, fire support, for

Kavel Raffety

Sam is not just a number, not just a statistic. He's a shy, lovely, funny, polite and harmless young man who needs our

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Our country is going to go forward with a more robust effort to assure that there are no terror cells that are fermenting in Afghanistan and the surrounding

Kay Bailey Hutchison

We need to be more productive in anti-terrorism. I think there are a lot of real threats and I think we need to beef up the activities to address those common threats. I think our allies are ready to say and actually have said already that we are going to deter nuclear activities, we're going to speak with one

Dana White

We are reviewing Iraq and Syria and the same guiding principles will govern how we roll out those numbers as

Michael Silver

China controls the supply of rare-earth and critical

Dana White

The secretary has determined we must simplify our accounting methodology and improve the public's understanding of America's military commitment in Afghanistan. This was something that [Mattis] took upon himself when he was looking at the accounting practices. He wanted greater managerial integrity and he has the concerns of commanders who didn't have as much flexibility to deploy troops and then this is also about the American people. We're the Department of Defense. We owe the American people as much transparency as possible while still protecting sensitive

Khwaja Asif Asif

Afghanistan, the U.S. and its allies should close their borders to leaders of terrorist, militant groups carrying out acts of terrorism against

Kenneth McKenzie

This is not an attempt to bring more forces in, but it is an attempt to actually clarify a very confusing set of reporting rules that has the unintended consequence of forcing commanders to make readiness trade-offs. So what it does is, it actually lets the American people know what their sons and daughters are doing in

Mac Thornberry

I am pleased to see that as we prepare to execute a new strategy in Afghanistan, President Trump and Secretary Mattis have chosen to put the facts on the

Hawas Khan Kochai

Three families were living in the house which was bombed; 11 people, including eight women, were killed. We recovered all the bodies with an excavator after several hours, but two children are still

Toby Lanzer

This latest in a series of attacks targeting members of the Shi'a community at worship has no possible justification. Such attacks directed against congregations and places of worship are serious violations of international law that may amount to war

Ghulam Farouq Hajizada

The Taliban had left the area three or three and a half hours before the airstrikes. Not a single person from the Taliban died – all of the casualties were civilians. The Taliban already knew that an airstrike would come in Zer Koh, that is why they

Abdul Basir Mujahid

After some five to 10 minutes, I understood it was finished and I started

Abdul Basir Mujahid

I heard gunfire, when I turn my head, I saw the suicide attacker – he was wearing a white Afghan robe with a scarf. I dropped to the ground, he had a pistol in his hand and he was firing on the policeman who was getting money from the machine. He fired four or five bullets and then he blew himself

Mikhail Evstafiev

As the years passed, numerous military installations grew up on the territory adjacent to the palace. A compound covered several square kilometers. It was guarded assiduously against the Afghans and, as was to be expected, Soviet power reigned supreme in that one specific part of

Mikhail Evstafiev

The distance between the Afghans and the Soviets was measured in centuries. A man felt safe and secure only inside the garrison, surrounded by barbed wire, tanks and machine guns; fate had strewn Soviet military divisions all over Afghanistan, they were like islands in an ocean, lonely, far from the

Masih Rahimi

If my company won't give me a steady job after my apprenticeship, I will look for another company which does. I always see the glass as half

Michael Petry

We are more aware of death than ever now. A generation of young artists has grown up in the last two decades in the shadow of endless killing, nonstop war in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq – and now we have two mad men with their fingers on the nuclear

Fatima Akbari - United Nations Environment Programme

People know about climate change even if they don't call it that. They know all about change in water and

Mostapha Zaher

Terrorism is not going to be lingering here for ever. But climate change is an ongoing death

Mostapha Zaher

In the region, Afghanistan is the most vulnerable country facing the ravages of climate

Andrew Scanlon - United Nations Environment Programme

Soldiers and engineers were on six-month contracts and needed to quickly win hearts and

Andrew Scanlon - United Nations Environment Programme

I still speak to high-ranking officials from the World Bank, EU and other UN agencies who think Afghanistan is a desert, absolutely devoid of ecological

Donald J. Trump

Regrettably, outside of yourself, the individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will 'Make America Great Again,' have been internally countered, systematically removed, or undermined in recent months. This was made patently obvious as I read the text of your speech on Afghanistan this

Lilo Schuster

He has a child and he's in Afghanistan and he's fighting the terrorists and he's a pilot, and I thought my prayers had been

Ghulam Nabi

Go, father, go. This is our last visit. You did a lot for

Abdul Razaq Sakha

This attack could have been avoided. Our government is guilty in this

Jennifer Rubin

Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and the senior U.S. Embassy official, special charge d’affairs Hugo Llorens, spoke at a joint news conference about the importance of reaching a settlement with the Taliban in an attempt to end the nearly 16-year

Donald J. Trump

Let's get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense! Rebuild the

Sayed Pacha

At first a suicide bomber opened fire and martyred two security guards at the entrance of the mosque and then they entered inside. Some people escaped out of the mosque including women, but there were four attackers who managed to enter the

Donald J. Trump

The dishonest media, right there section 40, you know what to do. They won't tell you about my accomplishments. But I've done so much. First off, last night I solved Afghanistan. Solved!feedback

Donald J. Trump

Sat down with our military. We looked at the map and I asked the hard questions like 'which one is Afghanistan?' Is that blue thing an ocean?feedback

Alec Baldwin

Wow, how about that eclipse, folks, huh? Now a lot of people don't know this but you can damage your eyes while looking at the eclipse. No one predicted this, they couldn't have, I figured it out all by myself. People ask me, why are you doing a rally only eight months in? Folks, it's never too early to campaign for 2020. Mike Pence is already doing it. The dishonest media ... they won't tell you about my accomplishments, but I've done so much. First off, last night I solved Afghanistan. Solved! I sat down with our military and asked the hard questions, like: which one is Afghanistan?feedback

Zabihullah Mujahid

We are not involved in today's attack on a mosque in the Khair Khana area of

Eidi Muhammad Akbari

Half of the mosque was full of worshipers – women upstairs and men downstairs, hundreds of men and women. They threw a grenade inside and then

Daniel Lindsey

The Taliban is often embedded in the community, but nobody likes the Islamic State, so they are often

Daniel Lindsey

Some guys can complain about it, but most I know don't seem to have any problem finding Islamic State or Taliban to kill. If you use the rules smartly, you'll get the bad

Donald J. Trump

But we will no longer use American military might to construct democracies in faraway lands or try to rebuild other countries in our own image, Instead, we will work with allies and partners to protect our shared

John Nicholson

The Taliban cannot win on the battlefield, it's time for them to join the peace process. We will not fail in Afghanistan, our national security depends on that as

Imran Khan

We must reject being made scapegoats for the policy failures of the U.S. and

Rasul Bakhsh Rais

There are very difficult choices to be made for the Pakistani security establishment. They will have to be very careful. There are some dark and dangerous clouds hovering over Pakistan's security

Barkha Dutt

His Fort Myer speech was possibly his most coherent public address

Kevin Hulbert

I think it's going to be very difficult to simultaneously be punishing the Pakistanis, and withdrawing aid, and financing, [while] at the same time … saying, We really would like your help with Taliban reconciliation and supplying our troops in

Sher Mohammad Karimi

I have watched him from when he was a colonel, to now that he is a general. Even then, like he does now, he would meet elders in Khost and in Nangarhar, for lunch, for tea, for

Amrullah Saleh

I was not only surprised, I was shocked – to me it showed how Washington was detached from reality of Afghanistan, the reality of the U.S.

Sayed Jan Khakrezwal

He promised us the situation would not get worse, and the U.S. was here to stay. Then after some days we heard in the media that Trump is firing General

Amrullah Saleh

He understands he is operating in a fragmented society, and that the cohesion within the state is fragile. The very fact that he is reaching out to various persons who matter in the political landscape shows his

Donald J. Trump

…Nearly 16 years after September 11th attacks, after the extraordinary sacrifice of blood and treasure, the American people are weary of war without victory. Nowhere is this more evident than with the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history. I share the American people's frustration. I also share their frustration over a foreign policy that has spent too much time, energy, money, and most importantly lives, trying to rebuild countries in our own image, instead of pursuing our security interests above all other

Hugo Llorens

The Taliban has a choice: they can continue to kill fellow Afghans and terrorize communities in a conflict they have no possibility of winning. Or they can seek reconciliation and put an end to the

John Nicholson

There will be additional capabilities, some of that is already arriving. But we are not going to talk about the specific numbers. We are not going to telegraph to the enemy what it is we are going to do and how we are going to influence the

Rex W. Tillerson

All of that can be put on the table. But at the end of the day Pakistan has to decide what is in Pakistan's best long-term interest from a security standpoint for themselves and for their people. If I were the Pakistan government I would have growing concerns about the strength of the

Romain Malejacq

I don't think they would be strong enough to take control over the entire

Romain Malejacq

There's a vicious cycle. Eventually, the conflict keeps on going, these fractures become more

Romain Malejacq

I'm not saying that state formation will never work in Afghanistan, but externally building, as we're trying to do it, cannot work. The more we go on, the more fragmented it gets. I'm getting more and more pessimistic. I don't really know how Afghanistan is going to get out of it, to be truly

Anthony Cordesman

The unit costs per man is extremely high but that's because you have large and expensive bases and very few people. Putting more people in doesn't raise costs by the percentages you'd

Linda Bilmes

The crazy budgetary dissonance in the president's plan is that he is trying to cut the State Department budget by at least 20 percent at same time he is laying out a plan that calls for extremely delicate diplomatic negotiations with Pakistan, India and NATO. How is that achievable? That just doesn't add

Linda Bilmes

Historically, the bill for these costs has come due many decades later. The peak year for paying disability compensation to World War I veterans was in 1969 – more than 50 years after

Abdul Salam Afghan

Next to the bombing site we have a mosque in which children are studying religious subjects, they suffered casualties from the powerful

Khawaja Asif

They should not make Pakistan a scapegoat for their failures in Afghanistan. Our commitment to the war against terrorism is unmatched and

Roger Cohen - The New York Times

The new Afghan strategy is a mess because it has no diplomatic

Joseph Votel - Army

What's most important for us now is to get some capabilities in to have an impact on the current fighting

Moeed Yusuf

The elephant in the room remains the troubled India-Pakistan relationship, that has remained untouched for years and I don't think this is any

Joe Collins

How many times have we said we're going to put more pressure on Pakistan, and then we don't?feedback

Khawaja Muhammad Asif

We can survive without that. We're not fighting this war with their

Hassan Akbar

As long as the U.S. keeps failing in Afghanistan, almost nothing would be enough to get Pakistan to change its calculus. The U.S. can't win in Afghanistan with 4,000 more

Jarrett Blanc

We've tried this in every conceivable way. We've withheld funds in the past, and it doesn't have any particular

Jarrett Blanc

It's implausible to me that that would be done to officials at a high enough level that would actually be decision

Moeed Yusuf

Taking away assistance...a drone strike here or there, all of these are coercive and won't change behavior on Pakistan's part, but can still get Pakistan to react in a way, such as closing supply lines or increasing American costs in Afghanistan. Such tools can be

Rex W. Tillerson

The fighting will still be borne by the Afghan forces, by their military and their security forces. We believe that we can turn the tide of what has been a losing battle over the last year and a half or so, and at least stabilize the situation and hopefully start seeing some battlefield

Lindsey Graham

I'm proud. I'm relieved. I'm proud of the fact that President Trump made a national security decision, not a political decision. I'm proud of the fact that he listened to the generals, and I'm most proud of the fact that he showed the will to stand up to radical Islam. I'm relieved he did not take the advice to withdraw, which would have been disastrous, or create a mercenary army, so I'm very pleased. Very thoughtful, very inspiring speech, and I can assure you a lot of people in Congress will be behind the

Nancy Soderberg

She believes it will take more than military action to win the war. Right now the Taliban are making a comeback so a strategy that focuses on denying them the ability to come back and gain more territory is

Nancy Soderberg

We're not going to end up getting at an end to this war until we get at the root cause of the terrorism which is the abject poverty and corruption in the government. And that's a long-term

Ashraf Ghani

I am grateful to President Trump and the American people for this affirmation of support for our efforts to achieve self-reliance and for our joint struggle to rid the region from the threat of terrorism. The U.S.-Afghan partnership is stronger than ever in overcoming the threat of terrorism that threatens us

Mohammad Omar

We are happy about this new strategy of U.S. We are the people who have suffered bloodshed, war and murder for long time. We are agree with Trump's strategy for war against terrorism by killing the terrorist and extremist groups. But we have witnessed 16 years of war, of U.S. in Afghanistan, and we haven't seen a positive impact for the life of Afghans ... However we are still optimistic for this

Isfandiyar Pataudi

Vilifying Pakistan appears to be a convenient pillar in the new U.S. policy for

Isfandiyar Pataudi

Pakistan's sacrifices, and the cost paid in blood and treasure, have been trivialized by the repetitive 'havens and sanctuaries' mantra that is the excuse of choice for failure to bring peace to

Donald J. Trump

The American people are weary of war without victory. I share the American people's frustration. In the end, we will fight and we will win. A core pillar of our new strategy is a shift from a time-based approach to one based on conditions. I've said it many times how counterproductive it is for the United States to announce in advance the dates we intend to begin, or end, military options. A hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists – including ISIS and Al Qaeda – would instantly fill, just as happened before September

Donald J. Trump

I share [Americans'] frustration over a foreign policy that has spent too much time, energy, money, and most importantly lives trying to rebuild countries in our own image instead of pursuing our security interests above all other consideration. Ultimately it is up to the people of Afghanistan to take ownership of their future ... We are not nation building again. We are killing

Steve Bannon

For 16 years, from neocons to progressives to Obama's people, they all thought they were making great decisions. Why are we any smarter than they are?feedback

James Downie

Before becoming a presidential candidate, Donald Trump called for a “speedy withdrawal” of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. During the campaign, he backed off the “speedy” part of that phrase, but he still touted his opposition to “nation building.” On Monday night, though, Trump became the latest president to prolong what is already the longest war in American history, announcing that more U.S. forces would be deployed there even though “my original instinct was to pull out.” For once, Trump should have stuck with his instincts. The United States has no long-term strategy for winning the war, and there is no voter interest in the troop levels that would be required to win anyway. It’s past time to get out of

Zabibullah Mujahid

If America doesn't withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, soon Afghanistan will become another graveyard for this superpower in the 21st century. As long as there is one US soldier in our land, and they continue to impose war on us, we, with a high morale, will continue our

Jon Adams

I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these

Ali Vitali - National Broadcasting Company

The U.S. Secret Service is facing money problems – but that's not President Donald Trump's fault, the agency's director said Monday, in response to a report that the First Family was straining protective

Eliot Cohen

The president doesn't know anything about war or anything about Afghanistan. He has a lot of angry instincts, but nothing more than that. So he is to some extent corralled by McMaster, [Chief of Staff John] Kelly and [Defense Secretary James] Mattis. . . . He is going along with what the generals

Rex W. Tillerson

There's been an erosion in trust because we have witnessed terrorist organizations being given safe haven inside of Pakistan to plan and carry out attacks against U.S. servicemen, U.S. officials, disrupting peace efforts inside of Afghanistan. Pakistan must adopt a different approach, and we are ready to work with them to help them protect themselves against these terrorist organizations ... We are going to be conditioning our support for Pakistan and our relationship with them on them delivering results in this

David Rothkopf - Foreign Policy

Both are culpable for extending the United States' longest war and will share the blame for its

Donald J. Trump

The consequences of a rapid exit are both predictable and unacceptable. A hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists – including ISIS and Al Qaeda – would instantly fill, just as happened before September

Hamid Karzai

For us it means more war, destruction and loss of life. There was not a single word about the peace effort. It was all talk of war, and we have had enough of that. Afghans want an end to this conflict. We don't want to be in a war of U.S. and regional interests. What we need is for the United States to help us find peace, rebuild our country and institutionalize the Afghan

Ghulam Farooq

The people of our country have become hostages in the hands of both terrorists and corrupt officials. All their promises for a better life, security, fighting corruption and creating jobs are just cheap talk. If the U.S. does not put pressure on this, it can bring down all our

Donald J. Trump

Our troops will fight to win. We will ask our NATO allies and global partners to support our new strategy, with additional troops and funding increases in line with our own. We are confident they

Abdullah Abdullah

I'm sure that the announcement of the policy and implementation of it will affect the situation in favour of the Afghan National Security

Jason Ditz -

Ultimately, an escalation of 4,000 troops and a re-commitment to the status quo likely would've been much milder than what Trump appears to be proposing. Trump's determination to keep troop levels secret leaves the door open to a series of endless escalations down the road, which the American public are liable to never hear

Rod Dreher

Everybody who voted for Donald Trump hoping that he would reduce the US military's involvement in foreign wars has been made a fool of. I'm sorry, but there it

Donald J. Trump

Ultimately, it is up to the people of Afghanistan to take ownership of their future, to govern their society, and to achieve an everlasting peace. We are a partner and a friend, but we will not dictate to the Afghan people how to live or how to govern their own complex society. We are not nation building again. We are killing

Jan Zalewski - Verisk Maplecroft

Many terrorist groups in Pakistan maintain an overtly anti-Indian agenda, [so] a significantly increased Indian role in Afghanistan would likely increase terrorism risks against Indian targets in Afghanistan and in India

Charlie Spiering

Obama 2009: 'The days of providing a blank check are over.' Trump 2017: 'Our support is not a blank

Mitch McConnell

I commend the President and his national security team for a thoughtful review of our engagement in the

Donald J. Trump

Conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables, will guide our strategy from now on. Ultimately, it is up to the people of Afghanistan to take ownership of their future, to govern their society, and to achieve an everlasting peace. In doing so, he echoed a president George W. Bush speech in 2002 (paywall) that set the stage for dramatic increases in US spending and troops

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