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Alan Andrews

It is high time that the government kept up its end of the bargain and helped ordinary people and small businesses make the shift away from diesel towards cleaner forms of transport. There are children in this country growing up in areas with levels of pollution that could stunt their lung growth. We don't think this is acceptable. If the government continues to fail in its duty to ensure legal levels of air pollution, then we will be left with no choice but to go back to

Shelagh Whitley

The air pollution crisis in cities across Europe and the recent diesel emissions testing scandal have rightly led to increased pressure for governments to act, yet our analysis shows European countries are providing enormous subsidies to the transport sector. This study shows how governments in Europe and the EU continue to subsidise and finance a reliance on oil, gas and coal, fuelling dangerous climate change and air pollution with taxpayers'

Penny Woods

Air pollution effects everyone, hitting the most vulnerable the hardest, including the elderly, children and people with lung conditions. We need strong national policies to support local

Wynne Herron

The coast is the only place without fire pollutants and with fresh

George Thurston

What they're considering doing is using some math manipulations to discount the value of health effects that happen from particulate matter, and the way they want to do this apparently to say that there's some magical level below which there are no effects of air pollution. That assumption is analogous to and as specious as saying passengers in automobiles are at absolutely no risk of being hurt in a car accident if they're traveling below the legal speed

Rosie Rogers - Greenpeace

Tackling the air pollution crisis that's threatening the health of so many Londoners, especially children, will require a far-reaching and ambitious

Karen Harbert - 21st Century Energy

We have always believed that there is a better way to approach greenhouse gas emissions reductions. We welcome the opportunity for business to be at the table with the E.P.A. and other stakeholders to develop an approach that lowers emissions, preserves America's energy advantage, and respects the bounds of the Clean Air

Ziyad Al-Aly

In our analyses, the risk of chronic kidney disease and its progression was most pronounced at the highest levels of fine particulate matter concentration. This suggests further study is needed for a broader assessment of the global burden of kidney disease attributable to air

Ziyad Al-Aly

Data on the relationship between air pollution and kidney disease in humans has been scarce. However, once we analyzed the data, the link between air pollution and the development of kidney disease was clear. The beauty of using both EPA and NASA data is that the agencies used two distinct techniques for collecting data, yet the results were similar. This constellation of findings suggests that chronic exposure to air pollution is a significant risk factor for the development and progression of kidney

Ziyad Al-Aly

Air pollution is a previously unrecognized factor for kidney disease and kidney disease

Achim Dittler

We have no lead and no sulphur dioxide in the air any more. All those air pollutants, those neurotoxic substances have disappeared, today. That's why I can't understand why we are having this fierce debate

Saul Billingsley

Children from some of London's most socially deprived areas are not only affected by unacceptable levels of air pollution around their schools, they also face compounding health

Scott Pruitt

If Chancellor Merkel… really cares about reducing CO2 in this world, why is she going away from nuclear? It's so hypocritical for countries to look at the United States and say, You need to do more.' Really? So, we've reduced our pollutants under the Clean Air Act [criteria pollutants and CO2].feedback

Paul Morozzo - Greenpeace

Instead of wasting more time and money hiding behind tests that still don't reflect what's happening in the real world, car companies should switch from diesel to electric and hybrid technology. Ministers cannot rest on their laurels either – these tests do not solve the problem of air pollution, which makes a ban on new diesels long before 2040 even more

Anant Sudarshan

Right now we spend very little on air pollution reduction, certainly not enough given the costs to society of

Luke Metzger

If people are cleaning up and trying to begin the repair of their homes, they may still be encountering contaminated water and potentially getting sick. With floodwater spreading these poisons to broader communities… there's fear that more people could get sick, either from direct exposure to the water or even down the road from eating contaminated

Anna Heslop

This damning report with regard to air pollution is unsurprising but no less shocking for that. The UK has illegal levels of air pollution and successive governments have fought us in the courts rather than tackling it

Hanna Boogaard

The benefits of active travel outweigh the health risk of air pollution exposure and accident risk by far. The benefits of physical activity are just so overwhelmingly large. However, as a cyclist, if you want to reduce the air pollution exposure and accident risk and you have the possibility, we always recommend to avoid busy roads, and taking smaller roads, even if that would prolong the trip a little

Maarten Wetselaar - Royal Dutch Shell

We'll not squeeze out coal overnight, but air pollution is becoming a political problem in China. The priority has been jobs and cheap electricity but, when you cannot go outside for 30 days because of smog, environmental factors count for

Fred Jones - Uber

Air pollution is a growing problem and we're determined to play our part in tackling it with this bold plan. Londoners already know many cars on our app are hybrids, but we want to go much further and go all electric in the capital. Our scrappage scheme will also take polluting vehicles off the road and encourage Londoners to get into a shared car to connect with public transport

Elena Craft

These are cancer-causing compounds, like benzene and butadiene. We're very concerned about people's long-term health in the

Luke Metzger

There's just dozens of varieties of chemicals, all of which are hazardous to human health. Some of these sites were just protected by a tarp covered with

Chris Large

The speed of Uber's commitment to move away from diesel reflects the urgency of action to address our air pollution health

Richard Dixon

Phasing out new petrol and diesel vehicles is a big step forward for tackling air pollution and climate change emissions. Setting a date of 2032 puts Scotland among the most ambitious countries in the world on vehicle electrification, and the announcement of an A9 electric superhighway also sends a very important signal on the future of motorised transport in

Axel Friedrich

Seventy per cent of air pollution problems in cities are down to diesel

Shaye Wolf

It's unsafe and unacceptable for the petroleum industry to be releasing these massive quantities of air pollutants when storms

Elena Craft

Our general concern is the fact that these are relatively unseen environmental threats that don't normally get

M. Sam Mannan

We are not out of the woods yet, not the entire industry. Every piece of equipment, every tank, has been battered by the flooding. You have to go through and check every piece of equipment. A lot of hard work is still left, and a lot of potential for incidents is still

Oliver Hayes - Friends of the Earth

Encouraging the sale of electric VWs is clearly welcome, but knocking £10K off a £32K Golf still puts it beyond the reach of many people driving the oldest, most polluting cars that urgently need taking off the roads in order to protect our children from growing up with lungs damaged by air

Benjamin Barratt

Air pollution has moved from being seen as an environmental concern to a health concern but it's both, of course. As a health concern people are more worried about their own families and their neighbourhoods so that has led to a rise in people monitoring air pollution for those

Elena Craft

The extra pollution from the shutdowns and storm damage is a threat to the air we breathe. By industry's own estimates, we've seen months' worth of harmful pollution released in less than a

Gareth Redmond-King - World Wide Fund for Nature

To ensure the UK doesn't miss out on the jobs and investment opportunity in clean, modern vehicles, the UK should up its ambition. Cleaning up transport and boosting home energy efficiency must be priorities for the UK government in the forthcoming clean growth plan. Both measures will create jobs for UK businesses and reduce costs to the NHS caused by noxious air pollution and cold, leaky

Anjali Mahto

Air pollutants include the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), volatile organic compounds (VOC), oxides, particulate matter (PM), ozone, and cigarette smoke. Prolonged and repetitive exposure to these agents can have negative effects on the

Yoshitaka Oishi

If the air pollution is severe, the purity is also evaluated by moss ... the change of the moss is very diverse according to the environmental

Doug Parr - Greenpeace

Trees can help deliver a whole suite of public benefits simultaneously by absorbing climate-warming CO2, helping to combat air pollution in towns and cities, contributing to flood prevention by trapping more water on hilltops and slowing run-offs, and providing habitats for

Nicola Rivers

Australia's air pollution laws are weak, outdated, poorly monitored and inadequately

Neena Modi

These new data provide further evidence that current policies are not merely failing to tackle health, but are making matters worse. Incremental improvement in population health and wellbeing requires clear, sustained focus and determination. Yet perverse fragmentation of healthcare, growing diversion of funds into for-profit providers, and seemingly deliberate alienation of the health workforce, have been plain to see in recent months. There has been a failure to tackle the scandal of junk food, curb air pollution, and deliver preventive

Eric Schaeffer

If this drop-off in environmental enforcement continues, it will leave more people breathing more air pollution or swimming in waterways with more

Oliver Hayes - Friends of the Earth

Electric cars are critical in the fight against climate change and deadly air pollution, but they're not a panacea. We must now build the infrastructure that reassures ordinary people that cycling and walking is safe, and invest in public transport that is consistently clean, cheap and

Bob Bullard

For too long, a lot of the climate change and global warming arguments have been looking at melting ice and polar bears and not at the human suffering side of it. They are still pushing out the polar bear as the icon for climate change. The icon should be a kid who is suffering from the negative impacts of climate change and increased air pollution, or a family where rising water is endangering their

Dieter Helm

Everyone is repeatedly surprised at how fast electric cars are coming forward. But the political pressure to adopt this technology is increasing all the time. It's not due to concerns over climate change – it's city air

Fred Krupp

California is once again showing Washington DC and the rest of the world that fighting climate and air pollution is the right thing for our health, economy and

Arnold Schwarzenegger

There are around seven million people dying from air pollution every year. It is government's responsibility to protect the people. It doesn't make any sense to be all worried about, When is ISIS going to come to America?' or all those kind of things, when in fact you are killing in America over 200,000 people every year, when you think about the health care [related to air pollution]. No one talks about

Chirag Shah

Air pollution is a major risk, and unless we have data we cannot devise ways to control it and minimise its effect. But what good is collecting data if we just keep it in the office and don't use it?feedback

Steven Chillrud

Our preliminary data shows that many bicyclists are getting a bit over half of their daily air pollution dose in only 6 to 8 percent of their day during their daily

Chirag Shah

Air pollution is a major risk, and unless we have data we cannot devise ways to control it and minimise its effect, . But what good is collecting data if we just keep it in the office and don't use it?feedback

John Maggs

Most large ships burn heavy fuel oil. It's a residual product from the refining industry, so after the refiners have produced the petrol and diesel we put in our cars, they're left with what is essentially a waste product. It's called residual fuel, or heavy fuel oil. From an environmental point of view, it's bad because of the air pollution caused by the very high sulphur content. The shipping industry, however, has traditionally liked it because it's much cheaper than other

Daniel Rieger

The shipping sector is lagging far behind what's going on on land [in terms of regulating emissions]. Air pollution from ships is damaging global climate and human

Matt Loxham

If the cruise ships are complying with the law and there is still this level of pollutants, the question really is: are these laws fit for purpose?feedback

Penny Woods

These guidelines bring into sharp focus the reality that air pollution is one of our most important public health issues. We welcome the recommendations to introduce no vehicle idling areas, which will help to protect the most vulnerable in our

Paul Lincoln

Air pollution is a major risk to our health, and so far suggested measures have not managed to tackle the problem sufficiently. This guidance is based upon the best evidence available. It outlines a range of practical steps that Local Authorities can take, such as the implementation of no-idling zones, to reduce emissions and protect the

Paul Cosford

We need a concerted effort to address the health impacts of air pollution and this report shows there are steps we can all take to help tackle it. Many of us can walk or cycle instead of using the car, particularly on short journeys. We can all avoid idling our engines and drive more smoothly to reduce

Paul Lincoln

I hope that this guidance will prove influential in reducing the amount of air pollution we are exposed to every

Francesca Dominici

When you have a large study that shows that the current level of air pollution is toxic – I hope that's something we can do something

Brian Christman - American Lung Association

It is clear from this study that there is not really a safe level of air pollution. The Clean Air Act and the Environmental Protection Agency have done great work, but the data indicates that additional effort to reduce PM2.5 and ozone would save lives. As a matter of fact, further reduction in PM2.5 below the (federal standard) of 12 micrograms per cubic meter are likely to be even more effective than previous

Alexander Dobrindt

We want emissions to fall across Germany. The goal is to agree effective measures to reduce the emission of pollutants from diesel

Eiman Kanjo

Repeated human exposure to environmental pollutants such as noise, air pollution, traffic or even crowded areas can cause severe health problems ranging from headaches and sleep disturbance to heart

Sadiq Khan

It has been an incredibly difficult few weeks for London, but we must carry on as a city and that means pushing forward our work to keep Londoners moving around our city. We have to make not using your car the affordable, safest and most convenient option for Londoners going about their daily lives. This is not only essential for dealing with congestion as London grows, but crucial for reducing our toxic air pollution, and improving the health of all

Simon Birkett

The government is clearly failing to warn people about the threat posed by air

Neil Thomas

Air pollution reduction should be the goal of everyone for their own health and that of future

Neil Thomas

There is increasing evidence that particulate air pollutants can lead to early death from cardiorespiratory disease as well as a range of cancers including liver

Sandrah Eckel

Our study suggests that liver cancer patients may be another susceptible group that could benefit from reductions in air

Sadiq Khan

The government must urgently get a grip on this health emergency and introduce a new Clean Air Act that takes air pollution seriously, plus a national diesel scrappage fund and reforms to vehicle excise duty. But given that much of the toxic pollution today in London is being blown over from the continent, we must continue to work closely with our neighbours to reduce emissions across Europe, even after

Jonathan Elkind

That program will lead to massive savings in terms of avoided carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution. Unfortunately there is an incredible dissonance between the declared interest of this administration to continue to lead on clean energy, and their

Wai-Keung Leung

We already knew that air pollution exposure may alter intestinal immunity, increase gut permeability and influence intestinal microbial composition, which may contribute to the development of various intestinal diseases. This is the first time that the association between air pollution and peptic ulcer bleeding, one of the most important complications of peptic ulcer, is being

Gilaad Kaplan

Air pollution is a modifiable risk factor that is linked to diseases throughout the body from the respiratory system to the cardiovascular system, with growing evidence that it may influence the gastrointestinal

Kathleen Sgamma

Both rules vastly exceeded federal authority. In the case of the BLM rule, the bureau tried to assume authority that resides with the states and EPA to regulate air quality. In the case of the EPA rule, the agency attempted to regulate methane without conducting a methane endangerment finding, as required by the Clean Air Act. The actions today by the agencies are a first step to correcting that federal regulatory

Oliver Hayes - Friends of the Earth

Our analysis of the government's own data shows the scale of this public health crisis. It is not acceptable that air pollution is predicted to go on damaging people's lungs for years to come. People in Birmingham and Leeds would be breathing toxic air for nearly another decade, unless more is done without any more delay. The current plans for cleaning up our air are just not enough. With 40,000 early deaths each year from air pollution, and children's young lungs especially vulnerable, this is a sickening amount of suffering that is

John Sauven - Greenpeace

Michael Gove is about to find an in-tray loaded with urgent problems, from tackling the air pollution crisis to reforming our broken farm subsidy system and protecting our oceans from overfishing and plastic waste. He should move swiftly to prove that he's better than his record

David King

Children sitting in the backseat of vehicles are likely to be exposed to dangerous levels [of air pollution]. You may be driving a cleaner vehicle but your children are sitting in a box collecting toxic gases from all the vehicles around

Stephen Holgate

Air pollution hasn't been taken seriously. There is a very strange situation where the government has to make laws by being taken to court repeatedly. In my view it is really quite appalling that we haven't started to deal with this properly and put children's and adults' health

Peter Zalzal - EDF

It delivers almost half of the smog reductions and more than half of the methane reductions and 90 percent of toxic air pollution reductions. There's absolutely no assurance to the public, who stand to benefit from these protections, that this will happen in the absence of enforceable safeguards. It's something that states like Wyoming, California, Colorado and Ohio are already

Kellyanne Conway

President Trump believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of the

Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis

As you can imagine, we are extremely disappointed. Back in the day we were known as 'hell with the lid off', and we had air pollution that impacted the entire region. But this is a region that's thriving and growing, and to depict it by its antiquated industrial past is really not a true reflection of what's

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

The real drivers for clean energy in China are much closer to home than Paris. The air pollution and the need to reinvent the economy are much bigger

Manish Arora

Much of the research so far has identified genetic factors that cannot be changed. Our study is an important step towards understanding modifiable risk factors such as exposure to environmental pollutants and dietary deficiencies. It is too early to make clinical recommendations. By uncovering information from teeth, we can reconstruct what an individual experienced in utero and in

Lauren Berlingeri

The most profound thing it does is detoxify. Because it detoxes heavy metals, radiation, and environmental pollutants. That's almost unheard of, especially with heavy metals. There's actually no other really good heavy metal detoxifier, other than the infrared sauna. And then radiation, we're exposed to so much radiation and we don't even know it, like from airplanes, to computers, to outlets. So to be able to come in and detox from that is a

Tiganus Catalin

We have to modernise because otherwise we're out of the market. Our vessels have to fulfil all the new EU regulations concerning air pollution, noise, nitrogen oxides, and so

Gao Hongzhi

Some enterprises are reckless and they use the cover of night to emit

Steve Berman

GM sold its Duramax line as a powerful diesel that magically emitted lesser amounts of harmful NOx pollutants. But as our firm's testing revealed, GM could not accomplish what it promised consumers. Instead, it used complex devices to mask its vehicles' output of emissions, cheating emissions test, cheating purchasers, and putting all of us at risk of increased respiratory

Edward J. Markey

The more the public understands about what the Trump administration is trying to do to net neutrality, they'll understand that it's the same thing they're trying to do to the Affordable Care Act, to the Clean Air Act, to gun safety laws – and net neutrality is just another part of the very same

Martha Billings

Your nose, your sinuses and the back of your throat can all be irritated by those pollutants so that can cause some sleep disruption as well as from breathing

Scott Weichenthal

There is certainly increasing evidence that air pollution affects our body in ways that we didn't appreciate

Joe Dennett

It is an issue which Londoners are becoming more aware of, and which we have become increasingly concerned about. But we realised a lot of people were not aware of where pollution levels are high because you cannot see the pollution, it's quite nebulous. We wanted to try and create awareness and anger about it at grass roots and to come up with something that would identify the air pollution. The English Heritage blue plaques highlight the invisible past of a building and this is trying to highlight the invisible danger of the pollution in the areas where the grey plaques are being put

Paul Jepson - Zoological Society of London

We urgently need a similar approach in Europe. It's been done mainly to protect human health, but there's a wonderful side-effect. A lot of wildlife is now slowly coming back including seals, seabirds and bottlenosed dolphins and harbour porpoises. On both the east and west coasts, the great white is also recovering. Only killer whales are still doing badly but if the US carries on the way it has been doing, then I think killer whales will make a recovery as

Mark Simmonds

If we go back to the late 70s or early 80s, there were major campaigns from organisations such as Greenpeace focused on what they called toxics – which included PCBs. There was a tremendous effort to get them under control and banned and those bans were effective – the levels of PCBs being detected have clearly declined and so the campaigning organisations packed up their tents and went off to look at something else and we all kind of rejoiced and thought this was a major environmental

Mark Simmonds

You'd put it (PCBs as a problem) up there alongside the hole in the ozone. Something that can knock the top marine predators out – that's a pretty major problem. As an old toxics campaigner, this is something that I thought we'd fixed. And, to some extent we did, but it turns out it wasn't fixed well enough. There are lessons to be learned from this. We have to maintain vigilance about environmental problems and not rest on our

Paul Jepson - Zoological Society of London

We should have great white sharks around the UK. There's no reason not to have them. Our seal population has been growing for years, there's plenty of food and they used to be here; they were almost as widely distributed as killer whales, historically but, when did anyone see a great white shark in recent years off the UK or the north east Atlantic?feedback

Mark Simmonds

It's a difficult problem. The PCBs are coming from two places – from buildings and materials that are still being destroyed and dumped, resulting in a new release of PCBs into the environment. And PCBs are also getting recycled into the wider environment through activities such as dredging programmes in

Paul Jepson - Zoological Society of London

In the US there is a lot of scientific evidence showing the toxic effects of high PCB human health but this approach has yet to be replicated in Europe. We are winning this argument. Papers (identifying the problem) have only come out in the last few years in Europe and are new to a lot of people but in the US this is very widely accepted. They've been dealing with PCBs for decades. Americans have been spending billions and billions of dollars to clean up rivers and

Henry Pryor

Home buyers used to have a blaze attitude to air pollution but now this has completely changed. People are very concerned and they are suddenly discovering that they can look at two homes at different ends of a street, and one will be more polluted than another. I get asked about pollution levels so regularly that I now check it as standard before suggesting a property to clients. If a house is in a highly polluted area, such as near a train line, it might go for a 15 per cent less than a similar property in a less polluted

Paul Jepson - Zoological Society of London

Only Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland have established procedures for secure disposal or destruction of highly contaminated PCB in joint sealants (a major PCB source in buildings) in

Mark Simmonds

As we look around the UK historically, we would have expected to see bottle-nosed dolphins in any of our estuaries. We have them in Cardigan Bay and the Moray Firth and a few around Cornwall and Devon – but it's very much a reduced population from where it should be. There are many different factors affecting them but one of the key things is probably PCBs repressing their reproduction and making them more vulnerable to

Paul Jepson - Zoological Society of London

PCBs on land eventually get into the water course. Then they get into rivers, then into fish, then into sediment, then into estuaries then to ocean, the ultimate dump. Then they get into crabs and moluscs, then into fish, then into bigger fish and finally into apex predators such as sharks and killer whales at the top of the food

Caroline Lucas

The government is standing idly by while Britain chokes. This feeble plan won't go anywhere near far enough in tackling this public health emergency. We needed a huge investment in public transport, serious taxation changes and a new Clean Air Act – but none of these solutions are in the

Angelika Nelson

Noise pollution doesn't yet receive the attention other pollutants do. Hopefully the analysis in this new paper will help to increase people's awareness of the effects it can have on us and other organisms, and change how we think about protected

Frances Lawson

The public has had seven years of excuses from government while the medical evidence about the health impacts of air pollution strengthens all the time. The government has not addressed this issue with the requisite urgency and people are suffering as a result. We are looking to provide at least some of those affected with a means of

Claire Holman

I believe there is good, strong evidence that exposure to nitrogen dioxide, both in the long and short term, causes adverse health impacts, particularly on children. The evidence is strong that nitrogen dioxide pollution causes asthma as well as exacerbating the symptoms where asthma is already

Frances Lawson

We are looking to bring a state liability claim against the UK government on the basis that it is in breach of an EU directive and that people have suffered as a result of that breach. The fact that the UK is in breach of the air quality directive is well established. We believe we can show that people in polluted areas like London are suffering from the symptoms of asthma in part because of excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air they are forced to

Susanna Rustin

The environment secretary has made much of being a mother. So what will she do about the UK’s air pollution – so toxic, experts advise plastic covers on prams?Theresa May has never struck me as much of a joker. But was it with a secret snigger that she offered former banker Andrea Leadsom the cabinet seat of environment secretary last year? Leadsom, you will remember, sparked a short-lived but almighty row, and handed May the premiership, when she told an interviewer that she thought motherhood made her a stronger candidate for the Tory

Andrew Brownlow

Once PCBs get into the marine environment, they are difficult if not impossible to remove. There are still many PCB stockpiles in Europe, and it is absolutely essential that these toxic reserves do not reach the marine

Andrew Brownlow

Given what is known about the toxic effects of PCBs, we have to consider that such a high-pollutant burden could have been affecting her health and reproductive fitness. Lulu's apparent infertility is an ominous finding – with no new animals being born, it is now looking increasingly likely that this small group will eventually go extinct. One of the factors in this groups apparent failure to reproduce could be their high burden of organic

Mike van Keulen

The more insidious aspect of the toxicity is the ever-increasing pollution load in the world's oceans. They're all connected, and background levels of pollutants are becoming a major concern in even very remote locations. This means that reefs are weakened and can't bounce back from the global events, like bleaching, acidification,

Enrico Brivio - European Commission

Air pollution is the prime environmental cause of premature death in the European Union. The European law does not require the closure of Bulgarian plants and will not increase the price of

Darek Urbaniak - World Wide Fund for Nature

It is about time Europe quits its dirty coal addiction for good and invests in energy efficiency and renewables

Jeremy Pearson

There is no doubt that air pollution is a killer, and this study brings us a step closer to solving the mystery of how air pollution damages our cardiovascular health. More research is needed to pin down the mechanism and consolidate the evidence, but these results emphasise that we must do more to stop people dying needlessly from heart disease caused by air pollution. Crucially, individual avoidance of polluted areas is not a solution to the problem. Government must put forward bold measures to make all areas safe and protect the population from

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Ministers have had months to come up with a robust plan to tackle illegal air pollution. They have no excuses to delay its publication any further. The Cabinet Office guidance makes it clear that essential consultations can still be launched during purdah, and even mentions safeguarding public health as a ground for

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Air pollution is a full-blown public health emergency, linked to thousands of premature deaths and a host of health problems. If the government intends to use the election as a pretext to buy more time, that would only be a sign that they just don't get the gravity of the

Griffith Bell

We're still not totally sure why air pollution might lower HDL, but it's possible that inflammatory responses to air pollution might change some of the proteins in HDL, making it less effective at protecting the body from cardiovascular disease. This is still an ongoing area of research,

Martin Barstow

One of the biggest problems in the UK is that air pollution is getting worse. You can monitor it from space over large areas and get a really detailed picture of what is going on across the whole city. Monitoring the earth from space also allows you to look at populations, to look at the environments and how they affect people's health. For example, we know that when people live near trees it is good for their spiritual

Dieter Helm

Everyone is repeatedly surprised at how fast electric cars are coming forward, but the political pressure to adopt this technology is increasing all the time. And it's not due to concerns over climate change – it's city air pollution. Suppose you're sitting in Saudi Arabia: until now you've been reasonably confident in assuming that if you don't pump the oil today it will be worth more tomorrow. But if you believe in my view that oil will be worth even less tomorrow, then what do you do? You pump even more now which will take the price down even

Neil Parish

I know there are concerns about the costs of any scheme. That's why any proposed scheme should be targeted and proportionate. It should be a key weapon in the armoury of the Government in tackling air pollution problems. Instead the Government should particularly consider targeting a scrappage scheme at poorer households or those earning less than 60 per cent of the median UK household income. If the Government ear-marked £500million for this scheme, it would take nearly 10 per cent of the five million dirtiest diesels off our

Julie Morrissey

They'd looked at the effect [of air pollution] on the immune system, like human cells, but never on the actual bacteria themselves. We thought, well, this is really

Seth Johnson

We will continue to fight to protect public health under the Clean Air Act and for the continued implementation of the more protective 2015 smog standards. The EPA has no justification to weaken anything about these key pollution reduction measures, and we'll fight against that. We look forward to having our day in court in the future to fight for stronger

Tamzen Isacsson

Industry has invested billions into reducing emissions and has drastically reduced or banished pollutants such as particulates, sulphur and carbon monoxide, while the [latest] diesels are delivering vastly lower NO2

Anna Heslop

Car manufacturers have consistently failed to hit air pollution limits for diesel cars – it is about time prime minister Theresa May put the interests of people's health above the interests of the car

Sam Hall

Most Conservatives do care about climate change and the natural environment. They support ambitious environmental policies, including closing Britain's remaining coal-fired power stations to introducing new low-emission zones in air pollution hotspots. There is a clear mandate from its own voters for the Conservative Government to adopt a more ambitious, conservative agenda on the

Greg Archer

The polluter should be paying, not the consumer and not the taxpayer. But the UK is doing nothing. If the car industry was required to recall those vehicles and upgrade the after-treatment system that would make a sizeable difference to the air pollution problems in our

Sadiq Khan

The air in London is lethal and I will not stand by and do nothing. Today I'm announcing bold proposals which are critically needed to safeguard Londoners from our air quality health crisis. Now I urge the government to step up and match my ambition to transform the appalling air we breathe. Ministers need to deliver a national vehicle scrappage fund, reform fiscal incentives like vehicle excise duty and pass a powerful new Clean Air Act to end the toxic smog in London once and for

Sadiq Khan

The air in London is lethal and I will not stand by and do nothing. Now I urge the Government to step up and match my ambition to transform the appalling air we breathe. Ministers need to deliver a national vehicle scrappage fund, reform fiscal incentives like vehicle excise duty and pass a powerful new Clean Air Act to Act end the toxic smog in London once and for

Janet McCabe

We know that a little bit of cheating can mean a lot of air

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Most people don't realise that all across the country toddlers are being exposed to invisible air pollution caused by diesel vehicles. We were told diesel vehicles were the cleaner choice but car makers lied about the toxic pollution they emit. The only way to make our communities safer is to tackle air pollution head on. To fix this problem we need wholesale transformation on our roads away from diesel towards hybrid and electric vehicles. Both the government and the car companies need to work urgently to fix

Marg Randles - Busy Bees Childcare

Air quality is a concern for many communities in the UK. Undoubtedly the levels of pollution across many parts of the country have reached unacceptable levels and we understand that everyone is affected by high levels of nitrogen dioxide. Reducing the levels of pollution especially around homes, schools, hospitals and nurseries where levels are high is hugely

Frederic Speidel - IG Metall

China is developing whole cities to develop only batteries. The battery will be 40% of the whole value of the car in the future world. Air pollution is dangerous. Dieselgate was the industry's Chernobyl and it has to do something. The classic internal combustion engine will sooner or later

Kim Shin-do

The government is sitting idly by while passing the buck to China. Only after we handle our own air pollution problems can we grasp the extent of air pollution or fine dust [coming from] the deserts in China and

Kim Dong-sul

Most of the pollutants come from our living environment but the government has been blaming cars, China and even cooking mackerel fish for

Dabo Guan

For greenhouse gas emissions we have a global agreement. People can argue about whether its been effective or not – but at least we have a global framework. People have thought air pollution was a local

Scott Pruitt

I think what comes next is a much more humble view of what the EPA's response to CO2 is within the Clean Air Act. We're going to focus on clear air, but we're going to do so in a way that's fair and equitable to all forms of energy in this

Yuhang Wang

In the long run, emission reductions of both pollutants and greenhouse gases are needed to mitigate the winter haze

Sarah Wollaston

Poor air quality is affecting on the health of millions of people across the U.K. because of the impact of invisible particulates and other pollutants. Our joint inquiry will include an examination of the scale of the harm caused and the action necessary to tackle

Folkard Wittrock

The truck provides a unique set of different instruments. On one hand we have instruments which are just sucking in the air around us, which means that we are able to analyse the air for pollutants. On the other hand we have remote sensing instruments using more of less the same type of analysis as the space born instruments, to having a broad idea of pollutants around

Yuhang Wang

When you look at haze reduction, it is not just about reducing emissions of air pollutants, it is also about reducing emissions of greenhouses gases from China and all the other countries in the world, so we can possibly slow down the rapidly changing Arctic

Joseph Stanko - Hunton & Williams

Essentially, it's a mandate that EPA rules follow the Clean Air Act, instead of creating their own new

Vicki Arroyo

While it's painful to watch a rollback of standards that took significant effort and input to put in place, the Trump administration will need to follow laws and regulations such as the Clean Air Act and Administrative Procedure Act before knocking down regulations. It's not as simple as kicking over toy building

Tom Pyle

The president has worked diligently to fulfill his promises and I am confident he will do so. The Clean Air Act was abused by the previous administration to fit their agenda. It's up to Congress to make a decision on

Janet Sanz

The people of Barcelona have told us clearly in surveys that they want to fight against air pollution because it is a health problem of the first

Paul Monks

This research has significant potential to initiate a global research effort to understand a hitherto unknown effect of air pollution and provide significant additional impetus to the control of

Steven Barrett

It ends up being about a one percent extra risk of dying early in a given year, per microgram per meter cubed of fine particles you're exposed to. Typically that means that someone who dies early from air pollution ends up dying about a decade early. It seems unlikely that Volkswagen is the only company with issues with excess

Penny Woods

The chancellor must take bold action to reduce the number of diesel vehicles on UK roads. We also need a new Clean Air Act, with fair targets to work towards. Few things are as precious as our children’s health. That’s why the research commissioned by the mayor of London on the amount of schools in areas with illegal levels of toxic air is so troubling. The findings expose the severe problems with air pollution in

Jing Kang

These pathological changes are very important because they are the fundamental mechanisms for the common chronic diseases we have today. I can anticipate the same things [that happen in mice] would happen in humans, because many other inflammatory diseases in humans can be treated with OFAs. We feel very confident OFAs can do something very good. I would definitely recommend taking OFAs to counter air pollution problems. OFAs are well known to have many other healthy benefits and the key thing is they are not like a drug, but a nutrient with so many

Bill Becker

Any of these programs where they've cut air pollution or water pollution is going to have a direct effect on inner

Paul Monks

The lead investigators have brought together their expertise in genetics, microbiology and air pollution chemistry to provide truly multidisciplinary, ground-breaking

Julie Morrissey

This work increases our understanding of how air pollution affects human health. It shows that the bacteria which cause respiratory infections are affected by air pollution, possibly increasing the risk of infection and the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment of these illnesses. Our research could initiate an entirely new understanding of how air pollution affects human health. It will lead to enhancement of research to understand how air pollution leads to severe respiratory problems and perturbs the environmental cycles essential for

Ulrich Vogt

We do not have good ventilation and hence no way of diluting the air

Ulrich Vogt

Combustion residues, mainly from diesel engines, as well as the abrasion of brakes and tyres, are the main reasons for these high PM10 values. Another reason we have such a high concentration [of air pollution] is that everything is very, very densely populated. Stuttgart west has the highest population density in Europe. There are no broad avenues here, only narrow street canyons. Every microgram per cubic metre of PM10 is unhealthy. So there is no threshold value or lower limit [of acceptability].feedback

Jan Lutz

I wanted to build cost-effective sensors, given the less than reliable government data and coverage regarding air pollution. But I think in five years Stuttgart will be like Detroit or something, because there is simply no innovation. The automobile industry continues to produce more cars, which is basically two tonnes of steel transporting a 70kg human. It's an overkill, and not sustainable in the long

Peter Erben

We wanted to highlight the bureaucratic apathy of the city administration. There is a pressing need for more proactive measures to combat air pollution. The existing ones are

Khem Bahadur Karki

It is a very serious problem, which poses a threat to people's health. Around 30 percent of respiratory illnesses are contributed by outdoor air

Sophie Power

Recent studies show that even if we managed to reduce diesel from over 50 percent, what it is now in London, to just 10 percent there will still be hotspots in London that are over the WHO guidelines for nitrogen dioxide. It's a long time coming, we've trailed the technology for many years and it's not getting so much better. This technology can be a really good tool in reducing key exposure in hotspots, for example, by the roadsides, in schools, hospitals and across the transport network where people are just absorbing too many pollutants in their

Alan Jamieson

In fact, the amphipods we sampled contained levels of contamination similar to that found in Suruga Bay, one of the most polluted industrial zones of the northwest Pacific. What we don't yet know is what this means for the wider ecosystem and understanding that will be the next major challenge. The fact that we found such extraordinary levels of these pollutants in one of the most remote and inaccessible habitats on earth really brings home the long term, devastating impact that mankind is having on the planet. It's not a great legacy that we're leaving

Dan Greenbaum

We are seeing increasing air pollution problems worldwide, and this new report and website details why that air pollution is a major contributor to early death. The trends we report show that we have seen progress in some parts of the world - but serious challenges

Dan Greenbaum

(India) has got a longer way to go, and they still appear to have some ministers who say there is not a strong connection between air pollution and mortality in spite of quite a lot of

Alan Jamieson

Pollutants were there in every single sample, regardless of depth, regardless of

Henrik Poulsen - DONG Energy

When you look at climate change and air pollution from fossil fuel production, it is no longer some abstract discussion about a future threat to the planet, it is quite real. This is something which is changing the lives of millions of people around the planet already

Mark Z. Jacobson - Navy

I believe that it is fantastic that a boat powered by hydrogen and electricity will travel the world. It is an important step forward and consistent with this proposed path to 100 percent clean, renewable energy worldwide for all purposes to solve energy security, job creation, air pollution, and climate

Dong Liansai

The scale of the red alert measures show that the Chinese government is taking air pollution seriously. However, the ongoing 'airpocalpyse' is further evidence that China must implement far stricter limitations on coal consumption and accelerate the restructuring of the economy away from the heavily polluting

Anne Hidalgo

Today, we also stand up to say we no longer tolerate air pollution and the health problems and deaths it causes – particularly for our most vulnerable citizens. Big problems like air pollution require bold action, and we call on car and bus manufacturers to join

Marion Le Mouroux

It's worrying for our future. If we are generating this much pollution, what's going to become of

Amelie Fritz

We've noticed that the measures haven't been followed that much. We've noticed only 5 to 10 percent less

Sophie Vigourous

A nice day like this makes you want to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. You can't really feel it, the

Roberto Fernández del Castillo

If we can get good data on air pollution itself, and we can combine that with data on things like exacerbation of asthma attacks. We can get a better understanding of how we can ameliorate the effects of air pollution, how we can motivate people to reduce pollution, and how we can reduce healthcare costs and improve

Denes Honus

We're commercializing more than 10 years of academic research… (about) specific moss cultures which you can find in the woods, and they have the ability to literally eat up air

Sunita Narain

There is lax action on the court's directives. There is little recognition of the urgency of toxic air pollution, particularly in the winter

D.S. Rawat

Environment and air pollution-related issues might hurt Brand India and hit sectors like tourism and outdoor recreation, as people tend to stay away from polluted

Anthony Lake - UNICEF

Air pollution is a major contributing factor in the deaths of around 600,000 children under five every year – and it threatens the lives and futures of millions more every day. Pollutants don't only harm children's developing lungs – they can actually cross the blood-brain barrier and permanently damage their developing brains – and, thus, their futures. No society can afford to ignore air

Bill Hemmings

This is a landmark decision and we are very pleased that the world has bitten the bullet and is now tackling poisonous sulfuric fuel in 2020. This decision reduces the contribution of shipping to the world's air pollution impact from about 5 percent down to 1.5 percent and will save millions of lives in the coming

Erik Solheim

People are risking their lives every time they leave their homes. But it isn't just about accidents. Designing transport systems around cars puts more vehicles on the road, increasing both greenhouse gas emissions and deadly air pollution. We must put people, not cars, first in transport

Maria Neira

This new model is a big step forward towards even more confident estimates of the huge global burden of more than 6 million deaths – 1 in 9 of total global deaths – from exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution. More and more cities are monitoring air pollution now, satellite data is more comprehensive, and we are getting better at refining the related health

Jerry Brown

That's real stuff and it goes from some machine into the air and into your

Jerry Brown

We're protecting people's lungs, their health by cutting out a poisonous chemical that comes out of diesel trucks. It goes from some machine, into the air and into your

Rajasekhar Bala

Air pollution, especially that caused by atmospheric fine particles, has grave implications for human

Jerry Brown

Cutting black carbon and other super pollutants is the critical next step in our program to combat climate change. We're protecting people's lungs, their health by cutting out the poisonous chemical that comes out of diesel trucks that comes out of many sources in what is known as black

Jerry Brown

California's combatting climate change on all fronts and this plan gets us the most bang for the buck. It directs hundreds of millions where it's needed most – to help disadvantaged communities, curb dangerous super pollutants and cut petroleum use – while saving some for the

Bill Magavern

It's important that we reduce emissions of these super-pollutants

Marcie Keever - Friends of the Earth

People should not have to choose between mobility and a healthy climate. The EPA's nine-year delay on regulating aircraft emissions failed the American people. Now it's time for the Obama administration to issue a strong rule, to hold the aviation industry accountable for its significant contributions to climate disruption, and to act immediately to curb air pollution

Sara Rasmussen

Residents of communities undergoing (fracking) and those nearby can be exposed to noise, light, vibration, heavy truck traffic, air pollution, social disruption and

Gina McCarthy - United States Environmental Protection Agency

Using the power of the Clean Air Act, we're getting VW's polluting vehicles off the road and we're reducing harmful pollution in our air – pollution that never should have been emitted in the first place. It should send a very clear message that when you break the laws designed to protect public health in this country, there are serious

Alison Mochizuki - Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's looks forward to working with the EPA in its mission to reduce air pollution and protect the ozone layer, and, with this agreement, has committed to reducing its emissions to a rate that matches the best of the

Sanjay Narayan - Sierra Club

MATS offers tremendous benefits for the American people by protecting their health, at reasonable costs to industry. The Supreme Court correctly rejected the latest industry challenge to these vital protections against dangerous, toxic pollutants–pollutants which have, until these Standards, put the health of young children across the country at

Kiros Berhane

I think we can safely say this is one of the clearest pieces of scientific evidence to say reduction of air pollution can lead to improvement in respiratory health for

Leo Trasande

Air pollution-associated preterm birth contributes direct medical costs in the first few years of life due to associated conditions, such as in the newborn intensive care unit, as well as lost economic productivity due to developmental disabilities and lost cognitive

Zhang Gaoli

(We) will use greater determination, greater vigour and better moves to prevent air pollution in Zhangjiakou, the Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin region as well as the Yangtze River Delta area and the Pearl River Delta. Using concrete actions to bring down the PM 2.5 and PM 10 (air pollutants) will gain the trust of the

Dana Loomis

Processed meat has been classified as carcinogenic along with other well-known substances, including tobacco smoking, and asbestos, even air pollution, but it's important to recognize that those classifications relate to the strength of scientific evidence for carcinogenicity and not to the level of risk. So even though they are all on the same category, the level of risks for tobacco smoking is much larger than the risk associated with eating meat, ten times larger than the risk for processed meat, for

Tian Weiyong - Emergency Response Unit

Judging from the test results and the data collected, the overall air pollution at the core zone is controllable and pollution outside that area has not exceeded the level set

Sebastien Pant

This means that the number of premature deaths due to air pollution – which we already suspected – is higher than we

Simon Birkett

These estimates will send shockwaves around the world. It's hard to grasp the scale of a public health problem that is responsible for… one in five of all deaths. There can no longer be any doubt – air pollution affects us all and the vulnerable the

Sebastien Pant

I think any kind of study like this will increase the pressure on national politicians and it will have been noted by people across the European Union. It's the first time that there has been such a study on the number of deaths from nitrogen

Bas Eickhout

So yes, we have better tests, but we are even doubling now the emission target. So more or less, we are legalising cars to pollute more, while it's a loss for democracy, air pollution and our citizens

Jan Procházka - Advanced Materials

The industrial solutions can very efficiently clean high concentrations of pollutants but there is a certain level which is very hard to remove So this is a field where photocatalysis actually is very

Terje Grøntoft

The new thing about this memory dosimeter is that it's a combination of two existing dosimeters: one that was sensitive to acids in the environment and one that was sensitive to traffic pollutants. It combines the measurements of these dosimeters in one new, small, developed

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The relationships between health and climate change are complex and volatile. Extreme weather threatens lives – many dangerous diseases are sensitive to climate conditions and air pollution adds greatly to the global burden of death and

Dana Loomis

Our task was to evaluate the air everyone breathes rather than focus on specific air pollutants. The results from the reviewed studies point in the same direction: the risk of developing lung cancer is significantly increased in people exposed to air

Christopher Wild

Classifying outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic to humans is an important step. There are effective ways to reduce air pollution and, given the scale of the exposure affecting people worldwide, this report should send a strong signal to the international community to take action without further

Matthias Beekmann

Aerosol is dust, very fine particles which float in the air and which man breathes in. That is why it's bad for one's health. Organic means this aerosol is made up of chemical elements like carbon, oxygen and

David Bookbinder - Sierra Club

The importance is that the federal government will now begin setting limits for the first time on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollutants, something the Bush administration refused for eight years to do, as the problem grew worse and

Jens Hjorth

There's quite a high level of air pollution over the Mediterranean. And there's a lack of data about this, we don't know enough. So we need more observations. And this ship is a very good platform for making observations, because it covers a large area, particularly around the coast where we often have air pollution

Krzysztof Kapusta

This is where we analyse the different chemical compounds present in the gases created underground. We use chromatography to perform those chemical analyses. A pipeline coming directly from the reactor brings the gases to this system. The computer reads the data and displays them in graphic form. So we can easily identify the different gases produced, in this case, mainly carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and some pollutants, like sulphur

Roberto Verri

We can consider this technology entirely ecological because it works exclusively with high pressure water. There is no air pollution or ground or underground

Thomas F. Mentel

We have basically focused on reducing air pollution for a long time, but it seems climate change is much more complex than that

Lisette van Vliet

What we see is that very high risks both for the environment and for human health because of climate change contributions, because of ground water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, land use issue, workers

Du Shaozhong

From the 1st of July, pollutants have been reduced by 15 to 20 percent. We have had 23 days of clean

Angela Benedetti

Among the various pollutants that we study, there is, for example, dust from the desert. We can see here a beautiful image of a dust plume coming from the desert, wrapping around and going towards southern Europe and affecting air quality in this region. How do we get a forecast from this data? The data is elaborated on super-computers using sophisticated algorithms that mimic the laws of physics. The forecast for yesterday is then compared with the observations for today to produce the forecast for

Richard Engelen

You can think of citizens who are sensitive to high levels of pollution like people with asthma, who need to know what the conditions will be for the next few days. There are authorities and cities or regions that need to change, for instance, traffic control based on air quality measurements that can use our forecasts to anticipate the situation. There are authorities in regions or countries who want to be aware of the trans-boundary transport of pollutants so they can adjust their measures based on that

Benito Mogedas

Microalgae eat some of the pollutants in the waste water to take in nutrients during photosynthesis. These are substances such as nitrates, phosphates or phenolic compounds. So microalgae biologically clean that waste

Carlos Brais Carballeira Braña

Three different samples are exposed for three weeks in order to accumulate all the pollutants in the area, in this case from passing cars or industrial plant, but primarily it'll be general road

José Angel Fernández Escribano

These contaminants can affect rivers, which then flow into the sea, and pollute the marine environment. It will be possible to develop these tools and to discover all the pollutants that are affecting the whole

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