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Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management
I think we're going to have to get above 3 percent on the [10-year yield] and maybe inflation before we really start thinking of a bear market. In part because we have a much broader based recovery. We have more animal spirits and confidence in place to a certain
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Oct 25 2017
Jim Cramer, Peter Boockvar, Sam Stovall and James Stack, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Bear market. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 34 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 47 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Jim Cramer is: “What I am saying is that when you are faced with a bear market … it probably makes more sense to start buying most stocks, rather than selling them, as long as you are willing to take some short-term pain.”.
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Jim Cramer

Just to be clear, Williams does not believe we're headed into a bear market, I want to make that point. But there's a very important pattern that makes him think that a meaningful decline could be looming in the not too distant future. Williams insists this decline will not mark the start of a bear market even though it's pretty hideous. Eventually he expects we'll get oversold, which will ultimately lead to a bounce. That's because the real cause here is the 10-year

Leon Cooperman

The market outlook is OK, but I think the market for now is fully priced. With all the technology and all these (exchange-traded funds) and quantitative systems that have been introduced, I do have concern that technology has outpaced the market's ability to handle it. When we get into the next bear market, it could be a messy

Thomas Druitt

It is the nature of markets to fluctuate in price. That is what they do. It is what they have always done. We might not be certain in which direction they will fluctuate in the future, but we can be sure that the U.S. stock indices will continue to fluctuate in price. Sometimes there is an identifiable reason. Other times there appears to be no reason at all. More often than not the reasons behind serious and sustained market price fluctuations like the 2007-09 bear market are only identifiable to us months after the fact and with the benefit of perfect 20/20

James Stack

Stocks dropped 15 percent in less than two months and we were on the brink of a bear

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

I don't think Watergate is the appropriate comparison. In 1974, [stocks] were already in a bear market that ultimately almost fell 50 percent. It's the uncertainty that's causing investors to sell out of stocks right

Jim Cramer

On previous occasions, Garner notes that oil eventually rallied out of holes like this one. When crude gets ... this oversold, she says it's typically the kiss of a death for a bear market, although oil generally retests its lows or even makes slightly lower lows before rebounding. That's crucial. Garner suspects this time will be no different. I think that if we had an actual poll of hedge funds we'd find overwhelming negativity ... about this market because it's too high, the valuation's too expensive, it needs to come down. The hedge fund VIX is probably off the charts after this

Jim Cramer

On previous occasions, Garner notes that oil eventually rallied out of holes like this one. When crude gets ... this oversold, she says it's typically the kiss of a death for a bear market, although oil generally retests its lows or even makes slightly lower lows before rebounding. That's crucial. Garner suspects this time will be no different. Remember, this is how it's been for months. We sell off to the $40s then we bounce right back to the $50s, over and over and

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

The unpredictability of geopolitics is making it so hard. It's causing people to say maybe I'll shoot first and ask questions later. I think depending on the severity of it, we have a pullback or a correction but because of the economic indicators I'm looking at, I'm not worried a recession is around the corner, and as a result, I don't think we're heading for a bear

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

I have a bridge to sell you if you think a rate hike cycle combined with a shrinking balance sheet will go smoothly. If the exit process ends up turning messy – defined as a recession and bear market in stocks – was all this easing worth it? Be bullish if you think both news stories will turn out just fine. Be very worried if they don'

Mitch Goldberg

I see the interest in equities rising now. It doesn't necessarily mean a bear market is right around the

Edward Yardeni

There have been pessimists and bears and skeptics and naysayers throughout this bull market, which has lasted 8 years, so it is an aging bull market but it seems to still have a lot of strength. The next bear market is going to be when we have the next recession, and right now it's hard to see what is suddenly going to create a

Mark Hulbert

This week represents the 17th birthday of the longest equity bear market in U.S.

Matt Maley

And it's been above its 200-day moving average for a while, but this week, or in the last four, five days, it's broken above its 200-week moving average. So it's got some nice momentum there and that's very positive. Now, there was a big divergence however, in 2012, 2013, when we were really right in the meat of that bear market in emerging markets. But that correlation in the last year and a half, two years has reasserted itself, and oil is really not breaking

Bill Gross

I think fiscal policy is the dominant trend in the United States. But let's not forget other central banks and the minute that they stop buying bonds is the minute that the bear market in bonds may

Russel Kinnel - Morningstar

After a bear market, investors tend to buy bond funds. In a great stock market, they tend to buy more stock funds. Investors chase fund performance and

Hank Smith

Bull markets ... don't die because of geopolitical or exogenous events. They die and cede to a bear market almost always in anticipation of a recession. And I think that is a fairly safe forecast for 2017 that there is not going to be a recession materializing, even well into

Jonathan Barratt

OPEC's message has to arrest the thought process that we are going back into a bear

David Bianco - Deutsche Bank

We think the market is under appreciating the likely big boost to S&P EPS from a lower corporate tax rate and the boost to bank profits from rising yields (and lower pension expense) and the much higher chance now of a long-lasting economic expansion that rivals the 10-year U.S. record. We're more confident now that the S&P will reach 2,500 in 2018 before suffering its next bear

Didier Saint-Georges

Is this D-Day, is this the beginning of a major bear market for bonds? Are we going to see 10-year rates at 4 percent at the end of next year?feedback

Daniel Morgan - Ubs

I think we're out of a bear market and into a bull market for copper. I turned bullish about a month

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

Putting aside their personalities and policy proposals, it will likely not matter who the next president is when it comes to where markets go. As we are in the second-longest bull market of all time, and as we approach the eighth year of this economic expansion, odds are high that whoever the next president is, they will preside over a recession, a bear market and rising debts and

Bill Miller - Legg Mason

Bonds are unattractive in my view. I believe we hit a double bottom in bonds in the summertime and we're in a benign bear market in bonds. The 35-year bull market in bonds is over, in my

Jeff Kleintop

I don't think there's going to be a big bear market, because there's other supporting factors. I do think we could see a run of

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

Typically, you have correlations approach 1 when you're in a bear market, and the first year of a bull

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

In our world, a 0 to 5 percent drop is noise, 5 to 10 percent is a pullback, 10 to 20 percent is a correction and 20 percent or more is a bear

Tobias Levkovich - Citi

In the past, such a depressed zeitgeist did not generate a new bear market but provided the basis for a recovery. Trading on emotions generally is not a smart reaction to unexpected developments and the U.S. has shown itself able to grow its economy even when Europe slipped into recession, which is not the Citi forecasts in any event, though risk premiums are likely to climb in the short

Andreas Clenow - ACIES Asset Management

We're already in a bear market in Europe and fears over Brexit are adding further pressure and uncertainty to

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

There is no smooth way out of this monetary cycle. We either get the rate adjustment out of the way now or stay on the path that is Japan. I'm for the former even though the odds of both a recession and a bear market are the likely outcomes in the short

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

To me we just saw a bear market rally over the past month. Very likely the Fed and Bank of Japan next week caps the end of that bear market rally. Central banks are really the most important thing in terms of their

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

I think what we've seen over the past month is a bear market rally and what we hear from central bankers over the next week could mark the end of

Bert Lourenco - HSBC

A bear market across multiple risky assets will be positive for high-quality government bonds, inclusive of gilts. In a developed market context, gilt yields still stand out. It does seem as though we have entered a period of structurally lower inflation and real rates. We think investors should target 1 percent for 10-year gilt yields by end Q3

Jawaid Afsar

In the short term, the FTSE's commodities-led rally has legs and we cannot rule out a move towards 6, 000 in the coming sessions. However, its medium and longer-term remain uncertain as some serious damage has been done to its technical outlook. The FTSE is still flirting around its 'bear market' territory and a fall below 5, 800 could lead to a slump towards the 5, 200-5, 300

Ben Gutteridge - Brewin Dolphin

Markets have been trading in a volatile range and I expect that to continue, but I don't think we are on the edge of a bear

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

When you have the recouping of all of the losses from a prior bear market, which is what the S&P 500 did back on May 30th of this year, I think going forward it adds confirmation that this bull market is alive and

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