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Bryce Edwards
The Jacinda effect, also known as Jacindamania, has been looming for a long time because she is a politician who has been a rising star and someone with a strong X-factor and charismatic personality for a few years now. At this point the Labour party seems to have gone from a grey old party with a lot of doom and gloom about them, to a party of Corbyn-esque excitement and similar
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Sep 22 2017
“I'd like to thank Kezia Dugdale for her work as Scottish Labour leader and the important role she has played in rebuilding the party in Scotland. Kezia became Scottish leader at one of the most difficult times in the history of the Scottish Labour party and the party's revival is now fully under way, with six new MPs and many more to come. I want to thank Kez for her tireless service to our party and movement, and look forward to campaigning with her in future.” said Jeremy Corbyn speaking about British politics. It’s one of the 230 quotes about British politics you can find on this page. 120 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Theresa May and Tom Watson. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Pauline Latham

I've got an eight-year-old daughter at school, I never say this to anybody, I never put my family on leaflets, I keep them out, this is the first time I'm going to say this. She did not deserve what came from some comments, disgracefully from people calling themselves Labour party

John McDonnell

It was a wonderful announcement. The best thing she could have possibly done. It boosted support for the Labour party overnight and caused absolute disarray in the Conservative party. You can't walk down a corridor in this place without seeing a group of Tory MPs

Nigel Farage

His comments amount to a pig-headed denial in Brussels that Brexit is happening and a desire to be uncooperative at every step of the way. He is directly appealing to the Tory rebels and the Labour Party and doing his best to upset the Parliamentary

Keir Starmer

To suggest as some do that you can have as it were bespoke, special arrangements negotiated between now and March 2019 is nonsense and so this is grown-up politics from the Labour party in the public

Jonathan Freedland

Don’t bet on a Corbynite putsch – the left is a crowded marketplace in Scotland and it’s best not to make assumptions. The obvious way to read the surprise resignation of Kezia Dugdale as leader of the Scottish Labour party is to cast her as the victim of a likely putsch by forces loyal to Jeremy Corbyn. According to this view, Dugdale jumped before she was pushed, pre-empting the challenge she would have faced sooner or later as punishment for opposing Corbyn from the start – a position rendered unsustainable by the UK leader’s better-than-expected performance in June’s general

Jeremy Corbyn

I'd like to thank Kezia Dugdale for her work as Scottish Labour leader and the important role she has played in rebuilding the party in Scotland. Kezia became Scottish leader at one of the most difficult times in the history of the Scottish Labour party and the party's revival is now fully under way, with six new MPs and many more to come. I want to thank Kez for her tireless service to our party and movement, and look forward to campaigning with her in

Kezia Dugdale

I have thought long and hard about this. I care deeply about the Labour Party - I love it and I have devoted my adult life to serving it in a number of different capacities. And I have just come to the conclusion that the best thing for it, the Labour Party, this precious, precious thing that has done so much good in our country, and indeed for me, is to pass that baton on. I don't think Jeremy can unite our party and lead us into

Denis MacShane

Focusing on another vote means the real work of grassroots campaigning and persuasion hasn’t taken place. With a monotonous regularity, calls for a second referendum are now the default setting of those who oppose the Brexit line of the government, Ukip, and the official leadership of the Labour party. They began with a giant rally in London not long after the Brexit plebiscite. Since then, political leaders from Sadiq Khan to Vince Cable can always command a headline by calling for a second referendum. But right now, these calls are misplaced for three

Kezia Dugdale

I do think we are seeing a revival … The party with the greatest potential to grow is the Labour

Gideon Falter

Our research clearly shows that British Jews have pointed their fingers at the Crown Prosecution Service and the Labour Party. If British society can fight anti-Semitism, why are our world-renowned criminal justice system and some of our famous political parties still doing too little? There is not a moment to lose. Without urgent change, British Jews may start to leave, as has happened elsewhere in

Paul Mason

A proposed new anti-Brexit movement would attract neoliberals in thrall to flawed free market economics. In short, half the Conservative party. One Thursday night in the next couple of years we could go to sleep knowing that, by Friday morning, neoliberalism in Britain will be over. If a left-led Labour party comes to power, leading a coalition determined to scrap free market economics, that will be a good day for working people. It will be a bad day for Virgin Care, Portland Communications and Saudi

Ellie Mae O'Hagan

A quota system would redress the woeful under-representation of state-educated people in our establishment, and improve the quality of our government. British politics have seen many intriguing subplots in recent years, none more striking than the terrifying mediocrity of our establishment. Consider the facts: most commentators have been fantastically wrong about every major political event; we could end up with three prime ministers in the space of three years; and nobody thought it might be a good idea to put a plan in place in the event of Britain voting to leave the EU. And these are just the first things that spring to

Beth Foster-Ogg

[The last] election showed what a groundswell of ordinary people, knocking on doors and campaigning for the Labour Party can do. Now we want to skill up the hundreds of thousands of new Labour Party members so they can be better, more effective campaigners when the next election comes, and so they can campaign and organise in their communities outside of election time. If we are out talking to people, campaigning and making the Labour Party the heart our communities all year round, we will be ready to beat the Tories when this weak and unstable government inevitably calls another

Boris Johnson

Let's be clear, the election did not evolve entirely in the way the Government had hoped or would have wanted ... I'm going to put that out. But the Labour Party did not win, they were 50 seats behind. We have a workable system of getting stuff through the House of Commons ... we have a workable majority with our friends from Northern Ireland. It wasn't that people were hostile to immigrants, they weren't hostile to people with talents and energy coming to the UK, they just wanted to feel that the British government had a handle on

Larry Elliott

By leaving we can have the sort of radical socialist programme that would be illegal under EU law• Larry Elliott is the Guardian’s economics editor. Jeremy Corbyn is not the first leader of the Labour party to have form as a Eurosceptic. Hugh Gaitskell was so fearful of the drive for European political union that he warned about Britain ending a thousand years of history as an independent state. Clement Attlee was no big fan of what was then called the common market

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

My aim is that our party and I will occupy that space in British

Paul Kenny

Mary never lost her roots. She was hard working and treated everyone the same - from prime ministers to cleaners. She was a powerful figure in the Labour Party as well as the trade union

Paul Kenny

Mary never lost her roots. She was hardworking and treated everyone the same – from prime ministers to cleaners. She was a powerful figure in the Labour party as well as the trade union

Damian Green

Government ministers are fully transparent about such meetings, but I observe that the Labour party has still failed to publish any information about shadow cabinet members' meetings with senior media executives since Jeremy Corbyn became leader - including your own

Shabana Mahmood

If Labour doesn't help to develop and shape the rise of English national identity as a distinct force in British politics then there is a danger that this space is instead commandeered and land grabbed by those that cultivate grievance, who prey on fear and insecurity and who offer the simple certainty of the blame

Sam Tarry

Our history has a radical tradition – one that deserves more celebration, and recognition. It can be an English Labour party that demonstrates that a socialist vision is a patriotic one, because nothing is more patriotic than building a society for the many; not the

Tony Blair

If a rightwing populist punch in the form of Brexit was followed by a leftwing populist punch in the form of unreconstructed hard-left economics, Britain would hit the canvas, flat on our back and be out for a long count. The Labour party should be cautious in thinking 'one more heave' will deliver victory next time. The Corbyn campaign was a positive factor in the election result; but the determining factor was the Tory

Jon Lansman

There was a transformation of the Labour party through the New Labour years, which centralised the party enormously – in which there wasn't any internal democracy. That was true of all aspects of the party – policy-making, everyone had to be on message. It was all about message discipline. And the result of that was that there wasn't just no challenge from the party membership to anything, no criticism or dissent permitted or genuine debate – there wasn't even in the [parliamentary Labour party] or even in the

Damian Green

That is the sign of a practical, pragmatic Government getting on with work in the interests of the British people. What we would have, as we've seen, from the Labour Party is they've so far – I've counted – had nine different plans on

Sylvia Russell

We are very sorry that this has happened and she will be absolutely mortified for anybody to think she is a racist in any shape or form - she certainly is not that. You have to take it into account that a similar thing happened to Ken Livingtone in the Labour party and he was not suspended in this

Ben Caspit

The name Macron kept being mentioned by Gabbay supporters who arrived to hear his victory speech. The very same disgust with the political establishment, with the long-term politicians who control the establishment, that same thirst for something new, for someone less worn out, less well-known–propelled Avi Gabbay to the Labour Party leadership. Gabbai is the new

Ellie Mae O'Hagan

There are several theories as to why the prime minister is suddenly interested in cross-party ‘ideas’. None of them reflect well on her or her party• Ellie Mae O’Hagan is a freelance journalist. As a superficial and relentlessly idiotic 21-year-old, I decided to sunbathe at peak sunshine hours at the height of summer during a trip to Malawi. “I have such pale legs and they never burn!” I insouciantly declared to onlookers, a mere 12 hours before I began convulsing, shaking, sweating and finding myself unable to walk for three days. I might have called this the most foolhardy act of desperation I had ever known – until last night, when Theresa May trailed a speech in which she went cap in hand to the Labour party for “ideas”.feedback

Michael Gove

I despair of them. How can you criticise the Labour Party for borrowing too much if you're going to do the same?feedback

Owen Smith

At that point, I think the country may well find itself looking down the barrel of a Brexit that is going to leave us worse off, and some of the arguments that some of us have made in the past and will continue to make in the Labour Party respectfully with our colleagues may well feel a bit more relevant

Tom Watson

Leaders have to lead, chief whips have to instil discipline, and everyone knows how it works. I don't know where we're headed on that. What I do know is, there's no rush. It seemed to me that before the election there was a sense of urgency around some of the activists ... to try to rush it through. Well, I think everyone knows now, Jeremy's position is completely secure as leader. He has had a unified PLP [parliamentary Labour party] around him since his second election win, more or less, and now he has got a highly enthused PLP around him, to take him through the years

Jeremy Corbyn

To break away like that is politically unhelpful at a time when the entire Labour Party is buzzing because we did far better in the general

Darren Jones

This time the Tories were being brutally honest about what it means to be a Tory. Whereas the Labour party was saying it doesn't have to be that way. To be honest the manifesto that Jeremy and the team did is very, very good and sensibly

Derek Mackay

The Scottish government will take into account inflation in the future pay policy. Remember that what the Labour party proposed was basic-rate tax rises for the workers of Scotland, including public sector workers. We will take a reasonable approach that absolutely recognises that the time is up for the 1% pay cap. Not only will the SNP commit to that, but we will do

Jeremy Macleod

For the first time in my lifetime, the Labour party is showing the promise of becoming the party that I was told about as a child but never saw any evidence of. I never found a real political

Billy Bragg

Even if it wasn't the youth 'what won it', the engagement among young people has shot up. If it can be sustained, it's a sea change in British politics because it means that all parties will have to take their views into

Steve German

I now look forward to being able to spend my time more productively in building both the Socialist Party and TUSC and assisting in the process of defending Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party against the co-ordinated attacks of the Tories, the Blairites and the right wing in the Labour

Beat Wittmann

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn could potentially win such an election which would make matters worse still. The winners of that vote were basically selling taking control back and getting more prosperous at the same time. And now it will become clear step-by-step that that's not possible, that there's a price to be paid and that it's all about U.K. domestic policies and politics and

Owen Jones

The neoliberal right has never seemed weaker. With a massive push, Labour can seize the initiative. Britain’s old order is crumbling. Those who sense this most acutely, such as the rightwing press, are its defenders. This week, The Sun was reduced to begging its readers to see the evils of socialism. They are right to panic when 30% of its readers ended up voting for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Right to reflect that, according to a new YouGov poll, 43% of people believe a “genuinely socialist government” would make Britain a “better place to live” and just 36% say the reverse. Those who represent the future – younger Britons, particularly younger working-class voters – are decisively plumping for Corbyn’s new Labour

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

I am ready to commit my energy, enthusiasm and experience to the task of leading the Liberal Democrats through what will be a period of chronic uncertainty. With the prospect of another election looming large, we must be ready for the fight. With the economy approaching the Brexit iceberg, Liberal Democrats need more than ever to warn of the dangers ahead and the need for a new course. There are big opportunities ahead. The Conservatives are in disarray and in retreat. The Labour Party outperformed expectations but complacently believes that 'one more heave' will see it into

Diane Abbott

I am back to fighting fitness and I'm back to representing the Labour Party in the debates and the battles to

Michael Eavis

Social justice and elevating the status of working-class people, that's all an important exercise. Education, hospitals, social care – these are all huge issues that can't be swept under the carpet. The Tories have ignored them, and the Labour party as well – the Blairites. It's all changed

John Oliver

British politics has a proud tradition of having all candidates stand together on the stage when the results are

Jeremy Corbyn

Of course we're going to reach out. There's been one or two difficulties at times in the parliamentary Labour Party but let's put that behind us. The issue is the party came together and fought this election for a result that nobody else ever expected. Out there a lot of people said, hang on a minute, you are for the first time offering a real choice in British politics' and do you know what? It's

Tim Farron

You've got a Labour party that's moving to the Left, you've got the Tories moving to the Right. What's happened to the centre ground opportunity? Where's the vision and drive to challenge the party to move towards it? That's the kind of leadership that I'd

Ben Page - Ipsos

We adjusted downwards the turnout of the young using the British Election Study, which goes back to actual electoral rolls in town halls and checks that the people in its large sample did or did not actually vote. What that showed in 2005 and 2010 is that the young do disproportionately overclaim [about their intentions to vote]. We applied that thinking we would make our polls better and of course it had a net effect of understating the Labour vote this time because this time they did

Giles Kenningham

There has been repeated talk about getting young people out to vote, but clearly this time Labour's social media strategy worked. It energised people and got the base out. [The leftwing group] Momentum were pushing out slick attack ads which allowed the Labour party to stay above the fray and the Tories didn't have the equivalent third-party campaigning group in the rightwing space. That was really important for attracting floating voters [who were] not engaging with

Jessie Cox

Representatives from the Labour Party knocked on our doors and gathered us in groups, asking us about our problems and talking to us about solutions. They gave us a reason to

Jeremy Corbyn

We put forward our policies – strong and hopeful policies – and have gained an amazing response from the public. I think it's pretty clear who won this election. We're ready to serve the people who have given their trust to us. My party has had a huge increase in its vote, gained seats all over the country, in every region of this country and in Scotland and Wales. I think everyone in the Labour party, and everyone who supported the Labour party yesterday – young people, old people, everyone in between – I think they should be very proud of what we have

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

While some have argued that a softer Brexit might ameliorate the downside, there is still the prospect of the contents of the Labour party manifesto. This could well see the pound come under further pressure as well as having consequences for the FTSE100 and FTSE250 when European markets

Emily Thornberry

Labour offered voters hope and a fully costed commitment to public services, and that has altered the course of political debate. It has been extraordinary night for Labour and for British politics. When Theresa May called the election, the Tories were more than 20 points up in the polls and the media ridiculed anyone who challenged the idea of a landslide. Now that all seems like a very long time ago. Labour has made gains in England, Scotland and Wales. Our share of the vote looks set to be as high as in 2001. Whatever the final figures, I could not be more proud of the campaign we ran. Our policies to transform Britain have united our party and inspired millions of people across the

Jeremy Corbyn

I'd like to thank all our members and supporters who have worked so hard on this campaign, from door knocking to social media, and to everyone who voted for a manifesto which offers real change for our country. Whatever the final result, we have already changed the face of British politics. There is a very large question mark over whether the Tories will want Theresa May fighting the next election if the exit poll proves to be

Nick Clegg

There's just no meeting point between the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and the Labour Party. Whatever happens.. it's clearly a boomerang election for the Conservatives who started out in this election campaign treating it as something of a

Shashank Shekhar - Arcus

Slow yet steady movements in last few weeks have now brought the mortgage rates to their lowest level of the year. There are several geopolitical news [events] in the coming week that could have a substantial impact on the rates. There is British election results, Comey testimony, European central bank policy decision and even a possible Fed interest rate hike. With such market-moving news in the mix, it is very difficult to predict mortgage rates, but I am leaning towards a slight

Tom Watson

Every single Labour party member has given this election their all, from our indefatigable leader to our committed grassroots

Lee Hardman - The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

The pound is likely to stage a modest relief rally if the Conservatives secure a larger majority. The final polls support that assumption revealing that the Conservatives hold an average lead of around 7.5 percentage points, which compares to the 6.5 percent advantage they won over the Labour Party in the 2015

Roger Scully

If our final poll of the campaign is broadly correct, tomorrow the Welsh Labour party will score its twenty-sixth general election victory in a

Keir Starmer

Last year, we had the Investigatory Powers Bill, which was a bill bringing together all the powers of the security intelligence services in terms of surveillance and everything that they do. I led the Labour Party on that. And we supported that bill. As far as I know, Jeremy voted. Certainly the Labour Party had a three line whip on it, and I led for that on it and we worked with the Prime Minister. He was the leader of the party who imposed a three line whip on it. Well I mean I don't know. You know better than I do. I haven't gone through the voting

Tom Felle

It is true that Conservative voters tend to buy the Mail and the Telegraph, and the Mirror's voters are overwhelmingly Labour party supporters. However, the agenda setting impact of the news media is significant; they may not directly influence your vote, but they certainly set the agenda about what's being talked about. The reality is that elections are often won by just a handful of votes in each ballot box. If even only a tiny percentage of people are swayed, then newspaper endorsements still have

Kate Maltby

May has benefited from Corbyn’s flaws, but out on the doorsteps the Tory brand is still toxic. What happened to the positive vision in their manifesto?We are one day away from polling day. Theresa May called this snap election to capitalise on the lead of 24-point that some polls gave her, and crush Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Now, that lead has declined to the point where one poll even predicts a hung parliament. Why?feedback

Jonathan Portes

People had always known that they were there, but the referendum threw them into sharp relief in a way that was not clear before, because of the British political

Alastair Campbell

If you have both the prime minister and the leader of the Labour Party saying Brexit is going to happen, then it is very hard for voters to see how it is not going to

Gary Younge

His critics wrote him off with the certainty of scientists – but forgot that it’s voters who decide. At a drinks party in central London, not long after Jeremy Corbyn had been elected leader of the Labour party first time round, a young journalist talked me through the facts as she saw

Emma Rees

For the first time in many of our lives, we have a Labour Party that is committed to ending austerity and bringing about the structural change necessary to fundamentally rebalance wealth and power in

Theresa May

On Thursday the people of the UK have a very simple choice. The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police has said that the Met is well resourced, and they are, and that they have very powerful counter-terrorism capabilities and they do. We have protected counter terrorism policing budgets, we have also provided funding for an increase in the number of armed police officers and since 2015 we have protected overall police budgets - and that's despite the fact that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party in the House of Commons suggested that police budgets could be

Avrohom Pinter

But there are other issues out there, such as austerity. The policies of the present government are going to have a terrible effect on our community. We have people with large families and low incomes, and the natural party of the Charedi [ultra-orthodox] community should be the Labour

Theresa May

Our position on tax hasn't changed. We have set it out in the manifesto. What people will know when they go to vote on Thursday is that it is the Conservative Party that always has been, is and always will be a low-tax party. When people come to vote they know they have a choice between a Conservative Party that always has been and always will be a party that believes in lower taxes and a Labour Party whose manifesto we know will cost ordinary working

Joan Ryan

I am independent-minded and have always put Enfield first. I will also continue to work for a Labour party that once again can deserve your confidence and that of the country as a whole, so we may govern in the interests of the many and not just the privileged

Bernie Sanders

What has impressed me – and there is a real similarity between what he has done and what I did – is he has taken on the establishment of the Labour party, he has gone to the grassroots and he has tried to transform that party … and that is exactly what I am trying to do. I am also impressed by his willingness to talk about class issues. Too many people run away from the grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality that exist in the United States, the UK and all over the world. We will never make the kind of changes we need unless we take on the levels of inequality that

Nick Clegg

By setting the date that parliament will dissolve, our prime minister is giving up the right to pick and choose the date of the next general election–that's a true first in British

Theresa May

What we need to do is have proper control of our immigration and, of course, we are going to be able to put in rules for people coming from the EU to the UK once we leave the European Union. I want to ensure we control migration. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party want uncontrolled

Theresa May

There's a very clear choice at this election; there's a very clear difference between myself, and Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party. I want to ensure we are controlling migration because too high uncontrolled migration puts pressure on our public services, but it also lowers wages at the lower end of the income

Archie Brown

The idea of one person calling the shots in British politics has caught on. It fuels delusions of grandeur and isn’t necessary for good governance. Ever since the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, there has been a gradual acceptance in this country that we should be impressed by a strong leader, that there is something admirable about a power-maximising leader who dominates his or her party and takes all the big

Kezia Dugdale

It is very clear to me that we are 20 years on from that Good Friday Agreement and that transformed Northern Ireland. And we must do everything we can to maintain peace in Northern Ireland and that's a commitment in this manifesto and it's one that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't have a Labour government and it is exactly why we need a Labour government again. If, like me, you want to break the hold that nationalism has on our politics, vote for the only party that can defeat the SNP in most places in Scotland - the Labour

Murdo Fraser

That's hugely insulting to the people who've lost loved ones to terrorists over the years, and makes you wonder what on earth is going on at the heart of the Labour

Frank Field

In the event of a defeat on 8 June, Jeremy's manifesto must be the point from which a new parliamentary Labour party alone chooses a parliamentary leader who is able to build trust and legitimacy with the electorate. For the new parliamentary leader not to start from here, and to revert to Blairism, would miss the point of just how much Jeremy has changed centre-left politics. The test which must be passed in the new parliament is to combine a popular programme with a leader who possesses prime ministerial

Damian Green

If they are in genuine need of the winter fuel payment they will still get it ... That's what we're going to consult on after the election. That's the sensible way to do it. That is the way a grown-up government will operate. The difference between the Conservative party and the Labour party is that we produce realistic policies to deal with the real problems of this

Observer editorial

The Conservative proposals are full of promise but Brexit-related pitfalls are all too obvious. Theresa May’s election manifesto is a watershed moment in British politics. It defines Conservativism’s decisive and long overdue break with Thatcherism . The declaration in the statement of manifesto principles that Conservatives do not believe in the “untrammelled free market”, nor “selfish individualism and abhor social division, unfairness, inequality and injustice” is startling. No less arresting are the following paragraphs declaring a belief in the “power of government to do good” and that “nobody, however powerful, succeeded alone and we all have a debt to others”. Society, it proclaims, is “a contract between generations”.feedback

Ruth Davidson

Today, I want to speak directly to Labour party voters across Scotland ... The truth is, your party has left you, not the other way around. It may well find its way back. But you know, and I know, it won't be at this election. So let me do a job for you. In great swathes of the country, it is only the Scottish Conservatives who are strong enough to take on the SNP. And in many places we can only win, if you join with

Kezia Dugdale

Labour values must always run through any deals in local government. The hundreds of thousands of Scots who vote for us have the absolute right to expect us to defend local services against cuts and properly fund the services that so many people rely on, such as education and care for the elderly. Labour cannot do any deal with another party if it would result in further austerity being imposed on local communities. Tory austerity risks hurting so many families in Aberdeen, and the Labour Party simply will not stand for

Callum McCaig

They can no longer call themselves a party that supports public services, given this anti-democratic pact with a right-wing Tory party obsessed with austerity and cuts. People across Aberdeen and the rest of Scotland now know where Labour's priorities lie – they put jumping into bed with the Tories ahead of any principle. The SNP won this local election in Aberdeen decisively, yet we face being locked out of office by a Labour party that is now committed to cutting public services rather than engaging with our progressive programme to improve people's lives across

Jeremy Corbyn

Andrew Murray is a member of the Labour Party and he is an official at Unite, and he is temporarily helping us with the campaign. He is a person of enormous abilities and professionalism, and is the head of staff of Unite the union. To manage a very large union and a large number of staff takes special skills, and Andrew has them. I don't believe that Andrew is anything other than a democratic socialist and member of the Labour Party like

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

I think frankly then you will have a lot of bloodletting because it's clear that Jeremy Corbyn is not going to win, he's going to be trounced. There will be serious conversations about where British politics goes and how you create an alternative to the Conservatives which is centrist, centre left, pro-business, practical offering an alternative to what is potentially a very damaging form of

Jeremy Corbyn

I think 68, as they say, is too late. Ninety-five percent of people in this country will have no tax increase, no national insurance increase, no VAT increase … We want to make sure there is a redistribution of wealth. It can't be right that we live in a country where the richest 100 people have assets of £600bn. Andrew Murray is a member of the Labour party and he is an official at Unite and he is temporarily helping us with the

Neal Lawson

There is nothing we can do about the poor polling state of the Labour party. For this to work, this requires a Labour party that is doing creditably well, and clearly we haven't got that. That does not invalidate the principle for progressives to campaign, work and vote together, because that is going to reduce the Conservative

Tom Watson

I've run a lot of by-elections and elections in my time for the Labour party and I know what it is like. It is going be very, very difficult to turn the poll numbers around, but we are determined to do it. If we get to 8 June and [Theresa May] still commands the lead in the polls that she had at the start of the election, she will command a Margaret Thatcher-style

Kezia Dugdale

I support what John McDonnell is doing around using progressive tax powers. I'm very proud of what we did last year and I intend to stand by it because I want to be able to credibly demonstrate to people that we can make different choices from the Tories. I'm sticking to that because I think it is incredibly important for the long term progress of the Scottish Labour party that I can credibly point to an alternative to austerity. That's a very deliberate policy that raises enough money that stops the

Theresa May

We are a party who believes we are trying to ensure we have low taxes rather than the instinct of the Labour Party, which is to put taxes up. As a government, we will go into government with no plans to increase the level of tax. But as I say, what I would want to do, my instinct would be to find ways of reducing tax on working families. But of course in order to do that we need to ensure we've got the strength of economy and keep the economy going, a growing

Chris Prosser

The current state of British politics is very volatile. We've seen tactical voting before, where people have chosen the party most likely to defeat an unpopular government, but this is the first time we have seen such widespread cross-party tactical campaigning. Elections in Britain are getting more unpredictable, voters are changing their preference between elections more than ever. Data going back decades tracking people between elections shows switching between parties is going up and up with every election so there's more volatility – and more

Andrew Gwynne

It's not the exactly the morning I'd planned. On the plus side, we are all talking about the Labour party this morning and visions of how this country can be better. This is a draft version, there may well be

Noam Chomsky

If I were a voter in Britain, I would vote for him [Corbyn]. There are various reasons for that, Partly an extremely hostile media, partly his own personal style, which I happen to like, but perhaps that doesn't fit with the current mood of the electorate. He's quiet, reserved, serious, he's not a performer. The Parliamentary Labour Party has been strongly opposed to him. It has been an uphill battle. The constituency of the Labour party, the new participants, the Momentum group and so on ... if there is to be a serious future for the Labour party that is where it is, in my

Theresa May

Tuition fees will remain but the question you have to ask the Labour party is how do they actually pay for all of this they are proposing. I've talked about my personal story [in further education] because many politicians have talked about parity of esteem, but they've not touched FE. Because they've not felt the transformative effect that FE

Tim Farron

There will be a Conservative landslide. There is no point in pretending otherwise. The Liberal Democrats are the only opposition party basically left standing with a decent result in the local election results, in a place with fire in our bellies and a clarity of purpose to challenge what is the real vacancy in British politics – and that is for there to be a decent opposition. In the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn you now have an opposition which is not only not an alternative government, but not even an effective

Joe Anderson

Today, we are reminded the Labour Party is not always a meritocracy. But we will continue to campaign for the general election, after which there will be more to

Steve Rotheram

I believe that the failure of the Labour party to allow local representation on the panels to select candidates is a significant misjudgment. I have tried my utmost to convince the powers that be that the most acceptable solution would be a local representative on the ballot paper to succeed me as the next MP for Liverpool Walton, given that there are potentially some high-calibre candidates from which to

Simon Danczuk

The Labour Party is no longer the positive political movement that I joined nearly 30 years ago. Indeed, under its current leadership the Labour Party is more interested in serving its own ends rather than those of hard-working people for whom the party was originally established. With frontbench spokespeople, such as John McDonnell, continually obsessing about Karl Marx, the benefits of communism and celebrating the reign of Joseph Stalin, I feel the Labour Party has totally lost touch with its social democratic values and, indeed, with reality in 21st-century

Theresa May

We must make sure that we point out the nonsensical policies that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are putting forward. They simply don't add up. Because they would wreck the economy and render all their policies totally

Simon Danczuk

The way in which the party are treating … Rochdale as a 'safe seat' into which they can simply parachute a Corbyn-supporting candidate is deplorable. With frontbench spokespeople, such as John McDonnell, continually obsessing about Karl Marx, the benefits of communism and celebrating the reign of Joseph Stalin, I feel the Labour party has totally lost touch with its social democratic values and, indeed, with reality in 21st-century

Caroline Lucas

It is right that people on the left and centre left are talking together to see if in a handful of marginal constituencies they might be able to come to some arrangements to try to make sure that the person best able to beat the Tories and get back into parliament, and crucially to push for a change to our electoral system, to see if that could be possible. The Greens have already stood down unilaterally for the Labour party in places like Ealing Central and Acton, in places like Brighton Kemptown, in other place

John McDonnell

I believe there's a lot to learn from reading Kapital, yes of course it is. That's been recommended not by me but by many others - mainstream economists as well. I also believe in the long tradition of the Labour Party which involves people like GDH Cole, Tawney and others. You put that all together and you have, I think, a direction for our economy based upon sound principles and fairness. I'm going to be the first socialist in the tradition of the Labour

John McDonnell

Anyone earning below £80,000, we'll be guaranteeing you will not have increase in income tax or VAT or national insurance contributions. And for those above £80,000, we're asking them to pay a modest bit more. Why? To fund our public services. I think we've got a period of time in which we've not been able to get our policies across. Partly that's the media, I have to say, I have to be straight about that. I'm going to be the first socialist in the tradition of the Labour party. I'm in the strong tradition of the Labor party, which takes into account all of those thinkers, of course they

Tim Farron

The local elections proved that the Labour Party is finished and the Conservative Party is heading for a landslide. There is only one opposition party left standing after Thursday - not just standing but growing - and that's the Liberal

Nicola Sturgeon

Yes, by their standards, the Tories did well – and I take nothing away from them – but they did well entirely at the expense of the Labour party. As we go into the general election, the people of Scotland have a clear choice. It is pretty clear that Theresa May, on the strength of support in England, is going to win the general election. So for people in Scotland, if they want strong voices standing up for Scotland's interests and holding the Tories to account in Westminster, that can only come from the

Jack McConnell

I think with the current drift at the top of the Labour party, it is not impossible that the decline that happened in Scotland over the last eight years could also happen in parts of England and

Susan Aitken

It wasn't just that they campaigned with the Tories [in the referendum campaign] but the kind of rhetoric that they used. The message they sent to people was … if Scottishness is part of your identity and that matters to you, essentially there's no place for you in the Labour party. Not only that, we actually think you're a bad person because nationalism is bad. If we win this election, it will be on the back of how people feel about the Scottish government, and absolutely Nicola is the embodiment of

Caroline Lucas

The trouble is, I don't even know what the top is any more, and whether that's Jeremy's office or the NEC. So it's being blocked, but who knows where? I think it's even more frustrating for Labour party members who are sending us as many strong messages as they know how to the various elements of the top to say: this is barking

Tony Blair

A lot of the attacks on me are because I am the representative of that type of centre left politics. People on the right are desperate never to have my politics come back to the Labour Party because they know it can end in a Tory defeat. And then unfortunately it has always been the way of the left that it tends to attack its

Andy Street - John Lewis

Everyone is saying that it is all to play for, that it is close. But actually I think it is winnable. That, in itself, is very, very heartening in an area that the Labour Party has probably taken it for granted. I genuinely think that we as an employer could give people opportunities to improve themselves. I also think we did a decent job in the communities that we trade in and I thought we were very decent in terms of how we worked with our

Clive Lewis

The public had its say on whether we should leave the EU, it’s only right the public is consulted on how we do it. It may heal a few divisions, too. The decision by the Labour party leadership to rule out a “second referendum” in the form of a simple rerun of last June’s poll was correct. That ship has, for better or for worse, sailed. But as every nautical mile is notched up, the passengers aboard SS United Kingdom are increasingly questioning not just the new skipper (the old one jumped overboard before the anchor even came up) but the iceberg she now steers us

John McDonnell

I have real respect for Caroline Lucas, she is a good friend and incredibly talented. I'd like to see her recruited into the Labour party and I'm sure she'd rise through the ranks very

Caroline Lucas

Ukip's descent into the gutter of British politics is continuing. Their leadership and spokespeople have lurched even further to the right as the Tories do their Brexit work for them. The deep prejudice within this hollowed out party is being exposed – and the Green party will continue to challenge this bigotry every time it rears its ugly

David Gauke - Treasury

Jeremy Corbyn's weak and floundering Labour Party have again shown what a risk they pose to our economy by blocking new measures to tackle tax avoidance and clamp-down on nom-dons using tax loopholes. Corbyn and his team claim to support our crackdown on tax dodging but are so chaotic that they stopped it from happening. It's shows they are either incompetent or hypocrites. Voters have a clear choice between the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May to lock in the economic progress we have made together, or fewer jobs and more debt under Jeremy Corbyn and his coalition of

Andrew Gwynne

Theresa May is going to extraordinary lengths to blinker the British public and make this election about anything other than her record in government. The people of Leeds won't be fooled: the only party of working people is the Labour Party. Under the Tories, working people have picked up the bill while those at the top have received tens of billions of pounds of tax breaks. Wages have stagnated, public services have suffered huge cuts and our NHS is in

John McDonnell

The Tories pose a clear threat to working people's living standards. Under Tory proposals cuts to in-work support will leave working families with children an average of £2,500 a year worse off. This General Election is a choice between a Labour Party who will stand up for the many and a Tory Party which only looks after the privileged

Frances Ryan

From the botched universal credit scheme to a housing policy that puts people on the streets, Conservative policies are a masterclass in incompetence. One of the greatest falsehoods of modern British politics is that the public purse is safe in Conservative hands. As George Osborne slopes off from public office, he leaves the stain of a government that imposed a decade of gruelling austerity in the name of “deficit reduction”, all for nought, as he missed his own targets again and

David Cameron

Obviously I regret the personal consequences for me. I loved being prime minister. I thought I was doing a reasonable job. But I think it was the right thing. The lack of a referendum was poisoning British politics and so I put that right. And that was to me the biggest problem with President Trump's travel ban. It would be seen, could be seen, as labelling whole countries as extreme and dangerous because they were predominantly Islamic. It's not a clash between civilisations that we face. That is what the extremists want us to think. This is, if you like, a war within

Keir Starmer

I am not prepared now for the Labour Party not to accept the result. The Labour party cannot spend all its time trying to rub out yesterday and not accept the result. We accept it, we respect it. We recognise that immigration rules will have to change as we exit the EU, but we do not believe that immigration should be the overarching priority. We do not believe that leaving the EU means severing our ties with Europe. We do not believe that Brexit means weakening workers' rights and environmental protections or slashing corporate tax

Robert Griffiths

The maximum possible Labour vote is necessary not only to secure the election of a Labour government. The higher the Labour vote and the number of Labour MPs elected, the more secure will be the position of Jeremy Corbyn and his left allies in the Parliamentary Labour

Jeremy Corbyn

Yes ... The Labour Party will never ever put the defence of the realm at the back of the

Martin Boon

It indicates significant losses for the Labour Party, and puts the Conservatives on course for around 400

Andrew Gwynne

The Labour party is very clear. We're committed to a credible nuclear capability at the minimum end of the scale, delivered through continuous at-sea deterrent. That is Labour party policy and it will be in the manifesto. We are committed to renewing the Trident system. We would not be in a position where the first choice would be to press that red button. We believe in multilateralism. We believe in sitting down and negotiating away our nuclear weapons systems to create a nuclear weapon free world. We also need to make sure no other countries develop or get nuclear weapons as

Tony Blair

The point is whether I'm Labour or I'm not Labour - even if there's Conservatives or Liberal Democrats - I will work with anyone to get this argument across in the country. I look at the British political scene at the moment and I actually almost feel motivated to go right back into it. We're just allowing ourselves to be hijacked by what is actually quite a small group of people with a strong ideology. As the terms become clear it is their right to change their mind. Our mission is to persuade them to do

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour party will always cherish, sustain and protect our relationship with the trade union movement and the working people you represent. You are our DNA, you are our family, and we will never, ever apologise for the closeness of our relationship with you. The truth is that the Tories and SNP are obsessed with their power struggles against Brussels and Westminster, when the energy should be used to change and transform our economy to ensure no one and no community is left

Andrew Gwynne

Yes, it's Labour Party policy. We are committed to renewing the Trident

Jeremy Corbyn

The issue has to be that we want a secure and peaceful world. You achieve that by promoting peace and also promoting security. Security comes from that process. We haven't completed work on the manifesto ... We are less than 100 hours into this election campaign. We are having this discussion within the Labour party. Nuclear weapons are not the solution to the world's security issues. They are a disaster if ever

Jeremy Corbyn

We haven't completed work on the manifesto. We are less than 100 hours into this election campaign. We are having this discussion within the Labour

Tom Harwood

The silent majority of today's students are moderates and Conservatives. There are parallels between how the Labour Party and the NUS have declined recently. The NUS has become an introspective organisation that doesn't connect with the wider audience of students; the Labour Party mirrors

Patrick McLoughlin

There are decisions which prime ministers have to take and those people in authority have to take (which) are sometimes very uncomfortable. If they don't take them, we're at danger ... I know that with Theresa May, she would take them. I'm not sure that Jeremy Corbyn would. The man is not suitable to become prime minister of this country. He has been a rebel without a cause in the Labour

Tim Farron

There is no way we can countenance any kind of arrangement or coalition with the Conservative party and likewise with the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn. He [Corbyn] accepted hard Brexit, he voted for it. He enabled it. It has put us in the situation we are now

Ellie Mae O'Hagan

In 2015 the party’s millions of activists were wasted. This time, with the right strategy, we foot soldiers – pro-Corbyn or not – can have a real impact. Those who orbit the Labour party – either as MPs, pundits or affiliates – have become so obsessed with the fate of its leader that they have neglected one important fact as we enter this election: the party has half a million

Theresa May

I will be asking the British people for a mandate to complete Brexit and to make a success of it. What do we know that the leader of the Labour party, the leader of the Liberal Democrats and the leader of the Scottish nationalists have in common. Corbyn, Farron and Sturgeon want to unite together to divide our country, and we will not let them do it. Every vote for the Conservatives will make it harder for those who want to stop me getting the job done. Every vote for the Conservatives will make me stronger when I negotiate for Britain with the European

Angus Robertson

If the Prime Minister is so confident of her hard-Brexit, pro-austerity, anti-immigration case why won't she debate opposition leaders? Most people in the country know that the Prime Minister wants an early general election because the Labour Party is in such an awful state. We look forward to the straight fight between the Tories and the SNP in Scotland, but can the Prime Minister tell people why she is running scared of a televised debate with Nicola Sturgeon?feedback

Nigel Farage

The certainty of a large Conservative majority and knowing that the Remainers have been trounced, will see Ukip voters coming home. Ukip have had a huge transformative effect on British politics, but the job is far from done. We may have helped to win the war with the referendum, but winning the peace is of equal importance. I will help and support Paul Nuttall through this time and I expect him to emerge as a strong voice for what many millions

Jeremy Corbyn

It is the Conservatives, the party of privilege and the richest, versus the Labour party, the party that is standing up for working people to improve the lives of all. It is the establishment versus the people and it is our historic duty to make sure that the people prevail. European Union negotiations are going on and we have set out out lines - primarily it is about gaining and retaining tariff-free access to the European

Theresa May

People will have a real choice at this election. They will have a choice between a Conservative government that has shown we can build a stronger economy and a Labour party whose economic policy would bankrupt this

Tim Farron

The issue is not about who might work with who, it's about whether she can be defeated – at all. It seems to me the Labour party is in a position where they are going to go backwards. I don't think that's an arrogant thing to say, I think it's a reasonable assumption based on all the available

Nicola Sturgeon

But it's very clear that the prime minister's announcement today is one all about the narrow interests of her own party, not the interests of the country overall. Clearly she sees the opportunity given the total disarray in the ranks of the Labour party to crush all opposition to her, to get rid of people who disagree with

Jim O'Neill - Bruegel

But she's looking at the weakness of the Labour Party and thinking it is a low-risk

Nicola Sturgeon

This announcement is one of the most extraordinary U-turns in recent political history, and it shows that Theresa May is once again putting the interests of her party ahead of those of the country. She is clearly betting that the Tories can win a bigger majority in England given the utter disarray in the Labour Party. That makes it all the important that Scotland is protected from a Tory Party which now sees the chance of grabbing control of government for many years to come and moving the UK further to the right – forcing through a hard Brexit and imposing deeper cuts in the

Martin Sorrell

It obviously comes as a surprise given what Mrs May has said about not calling an early election. But when you think of the difficulty she faces in negotiating with the EU and the apparent divisions and weakness in the Labour Party you can see the logic. A snap election increases uncertainty for businesses but only until June 8 if the polls are to be believed. She has clearly calculated that, with the polls as they are, it is worth sacrificing seven weeks of negotiations with the EU to strengthen her

Kerrie Hudson

I think he's mis-sold in the media. I've got a friend who is in the Labour party locally and she's been to his rallies and says he is actually very

Diane Abbott

In both cases, the Dutch Labour party and the French Socialist party had talked about opposing austerity but then implemented it. Trying to shore up their electoral base they turned to anti-immigration and Islamophobic rhetoric and policies. France under Hollande also repeatedly intervened militarily in

Gerard Coyne - Unite

Len has said that he's got 15 months to prove himself. I don't think it is for the general secretary of the biggest trade union in the country to be telling the leader of the Labour party his

Gerard Coyne - Unite

Unite, in my view, should be about focusing on its members, on their pay and their pensions, on their working conditions, and protecting them in a very insecure job market. That's what a trade union election should be about, not the extreme politics of the left. He's rattled, he can see it slipping away from him, and he's lashing out with allegations about involvement in this campaign. That's absolutely not the case. Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour party, and unlike Len McCluskey I've not put a shelf life on his

Emily Thornberry

I was surprised to say the least, frankly I was bewildered he wasn't suspended from the Labour party as a result. And then I was surprised that he wasn't thrown out. I think that he should have

John McDonnell

I was surprised to say the least, frankly I was bewildered he wasn't suspended from the Labour party as a result. The other (part of the) tragedy is we are now led by someone who is possibly one of the foremost anti-racist campaigners that we have had in our political

Len McCluskey - Unite

That is precisely what the media want it to be, and what the rightwing of the Labour party want it to be, and they have a puppet in Gerard Coyne that they can use. Remember, those people who are running Coyne's campaign are skilled masters of the dark arts. It is in their DNA and, though it is normal in political elections, it's quite unique that they have brought this into a trade union election. I am not seeking for the Labour party to do any heavy-handed review. I am just bringing it to the attention of the party that things have happened that should not have

Len McCluskey - Unite

This will all be resolved by the union once this election is over. The union will be seeking answers from the Labour party on how this has been allowed to happen in this

Theresa May

Or the chaos and disarray of the rest - political parties motivated not by what is best for local areas, but what best for their own partisan political interest, and without a plan for our country or our local communities - just a recipe for chaos and failure. A Labour Party totally out of touch with the concerns of the British people, which ignores the priorities of local communities and instead indulges its own ideological

Tom Watson

This shames us all. When I read the words of Chief Rabbi Mirvis, who says that 'the Labour Party has failed the Jewish community, it has failed its members and it has failed all those who believe in zero-tolerance of anti-Semitism', I can't disagree with him. I wish I could, but I can't. I am ashamed that we have allowed Mr Livingstone to cause such distress. This shames us all, and I'm deeply saddened by

Ephraim Mirvis

This was a chance for the Labour Party to show that it would not tolerate wilful and unapologetic baiting of the Jewish community, by shamefully using the Holocaust as a tool with which to inflict the maximum amount of

Tom Watson

I find it incomprehensible that our elected lay members on the disciplinary panel found Ken Livingstone guilty of such serious charges, and then concluded that he can remain a member of the Labour party. This shames us all, and I'm deeply saddened by it. I am ashamed that we have allowed Mr Livingstone to cause such distress. It is hard not to conclude that his use of inflammatory language to dismiss the fully justified outrage of the Jewish community and others will incite further distortions of the Holocaust in our public

Ephraim Mirvis

This was a chance for the Labour Party to show that it would not tolerate willful and unapologetic baiting of the Jewish community, by shamefully using the Holocaust as a tool with which to inflict the maximum amount of offense. Worryingly, the party has yet again failed to show that it is sufficiently serious about tackling the scourge of anti-Semitism. The Labour Party has failed the Jewish community, it has failed its members and it has failed all those who believe in zero tolerance of

Nick Clegg

No one can beat the Conservatives on their own so it's not that complicated - we're condemned to work together. I would welcome and embrace more thinking and writing and talking and speaking amongst liberal Conservatives, one-nation Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, centre-ground Labour folk who want to mount a proper ideological response to that. What lurks behind Brexit is an ideological coup, in many ways a domestic one. Brexit is a means by which a low-state, low-protection, low-welfare, libertarian approach to governance is seeking to take over the commanding heights of British

Nick Clegg

[Starmer] has got a fine legal brain but I think the way that the Labour party is handling the politics of this is nothing short of catastrophic. They could be true to their convictions which is they reject the kind of Brexit we are heading towards. Time is our friend, and time is their enemy. It was one of the most short-sighted self-harming things for the left to decimate the centre-left party in the coalition. Because for them why you wield power is secondary to the act of wielding power. No, God

Nick Clegg

What lurks behind Brexit is an ideological coup, in many ways a domestic one. Brexit is a means by which a low-state, low-protection, low-welfare, libertarian approach to governance is seeking to take over the commanding heights of British politics. You can see it – look at the commentariat in large parts of the Brexit press, look at Tea Party thinktanks in America that are the intellectual inspiration for Brexiteers, look at what they said about Brussels being the fount of all problems because of regulation. I just went and asked him a dweeby, legal question. Can't you do that?feedback

Matthew d'Ancona

EU ‘red tape’ has been the Conservatives’ favourite excuse for 40 years. Now, after the great repeal bill has done its work, the buck will stop with them. You Brexit, you own it. Or to put it another way: once the repatriation of pooled sovereignty from the EU to these shores is under way, MPs will no longer be able to moan about Brussels and its diktats. No more will the shadowy Eurocrat be the reliable fall guy of British politics. The buck will emphatically stop

Iain McNicol

The Labour Party has not and will not divulge the personal data of Labour Party members to any third party without the express permission of the individual concerned. We have not shared any data with any campaign associated with internal Unite the Union

Phil Maynard

Anushka Asthana is joined by Alex Salmond, Ian Duncan, Gina Miller, Natalie Nougayrède and Graham Brady at the end of an historic week in British politics in which Britain triggered the EU exit clause and the Scottish parliament voted for a new independence

Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi

Ken Livingstone is being pilloried because he is a prominent figure on the left of the Labour Party who has actively defended it from attacks based on false allegations of anti-Semitism. As a Jewish person who supports Palestinian human rights, I reject the notion that criticism of Israel and Zionism is necessarily anti-Semitic. Those who allege anti-Semitism against Ken Livingstone discredit the term. His track record in public office is a clear testament to his commitment to supporting the Jewish community and fighting racism in all its forms, including

Walter Wolfgang

As a Jewish member of the Labour party, who escaped Nazi Germany in 1937, I take the issue of antisemitism extremely seriously. Ken Livingstone has an outstanding record of fighting against racism and antisemitism. This hearing into Ken's actions is a

David Cameron

I thought it right to hold the referendum because this issue had been poisoning British politics for years. The referendum had been promised and not held. I made a promise to hold a referendum, I think it was the right thing to do. I hope we will be out of the European Union, but As Mrs May triggered Article 50 yesterday, and other forms of cooperation to recognise that while we are leaving the European Union, we are not leaving Europe, we are not giving up on European values. We were in the EU for reasons of utility rather than

Boris Johnson

They are now basically captured by the old Livingstonian mafia, the machine, the London Labour Party- that's who's running the Labour Party now. That's what the Corbynistas

Jeremy Corbyn

The party membership is the biggest it has been in my lifetime. There are 400,000 individual members, there's 100,000 affiliated supporters, there are three million affiliated trade union members. It's a very big organisation and I suspect that much of this criticism that you are saying about a crisis in the party actually comes from those who are nervous of the strength of the Labour Party at local

Keir Starmer

It is a sad day because I campaigned to stay in the EU, but I and the Labour Party have accepted the result and therefore we are resolute to get the best deal for our country and to shape the future. So we're not looking back, we're looking forward but of course it's tinged with sadness, I wanted to stay in the

Ben Bradshaw

[Exeter Labour party] members will be mourning #Article50 triggering tomorrow by lighting #candles4EU outside the Guildhall [at] 6pm. Do come

Anne Perkins

He treated politics as a game of chance and allowed the referendum vote to become a virility contest about whether or not Britain could stand alone. Sometime before the 2015 general election, an aeon ago in the history of British politics but less than two years ago in ordinary time, David Cameron told the Financial Times that he wanted to be judged on his success in resolving the two big questions that had overshadowed British politics for nearly a generation. This is how he described them: “One is, does the United Kingdom want to stay together? Yes. Secondly does the United Kingdom want to stay in a reformed European Union? Yes.”.feedback

Paul Nuttall

I want him to be on the telly and radio selling Ukip's message because he is one of the best communicators in British politics today. I am relaxed about my own position, trust me. We will be the guard dogs of Brexit and woe betide Mrs May, woe betide the Conservative Party if they begin to backslide. I've read the obituary of Ukip over the years more times than I've had hot dinners and they have always been wrong. Let's be clear, Ukip doesn't need representation in the House of Commons to be able to influence the political

Paul Nuttall

No, I don't think there's any threat and I'm sure he'll back me up on that. If they do backslide, I can guarantee Ukip will be there and Ukip will be the guard dogs of Brexit and there is only one way Ukip will go in the polls, which is up and up and up. Nigel is one of the best communicators in British politics, so why wouldn't you utilise an asset like that. It its not as if I'm paranoid. I'm really relaxed about the whole situation. I want him to be on the TV, on the airwaves because when he goes out there he pushes on Ukip's

Jon Lansman

I see no reason why they should not carry on. On the basis that most people who have been expelled have been expelled unfairly, – the [Labour party] compliance unit has been trying to kick them out – there is no one in Momentum who wishes to exclude people. We won't allow non Lab members to hold office or vote (unlike Coop party or Fabians) but we won't exclude them from activities/

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

We should not pretend that Europe alone can solve all problems. Brussels' should not have been constantly blamed in British political discourse for things for which the EU is not responsible: we now know the result of such rhetoric. For example, the EU has few powers in three of the four areas of policy that are usually most controversial in UK elections: healthcare, education and

Ken Livingstone

I think the other thing that Jeremy should do is re-introduce automatic re-selection. It's really ridiculous that MPs in safe seats have a job for life. I'm particularly talking about Chuka Umunna, Wes Streeting - basically it's the same group of MPs who were screaming that I'd said Hitler was a Zionist and I was anti-Semitic. The moment that issue went on hold, they were then blaming Jeremy for Britain voting to leave (the EU). Just endless criticism. It's only about a dozen of them. The simple fact is they are consciously undermining Jeremy and damaging the Labour

Ken Livingstone

The simple fact is they are consciously undermining Jeremy and damaging the Labour party. I'm afraid we'll have to be off to a judicial review in the courts and in the court the issue will be, what was actually said and what is the truth, and the Labour party has got no chance of winning a judicial review. I'm basically retired. I'm not seeking office. I haven't asked Jeremy or didn't ask Ed Miliband to send me to the House of Lords or anything like that. I'm a house husband, but I'm not having my political career defined at the end that I'm

Ken Livingstone

It's the legacy of Tony Blair, because it used to be the case that a party could select whoever it wanted as an MP. Tony Blair bought in the rule changes, you had to choose from approve lists. We have got to get a party that's democratic again, [where] any local Labour party can select the candidate they want for parliament and anyone can stand for the leadership when we have a leadership election. This is more like something out of a dictatorship, not a democracy. Jeremy's inherited a Labour party in Parliament skewed to the right, the legacy of Tony

Jeremy Corbyn

Sometimes spirits in the Labour party can run high. Today has been one of those days. That's because we're a passionate party. So I'm going to send a message to all party members: I want to make it absolutely clear, members are an asset, as a party we must do more to involve and empower them. From the smallest branch right up to the leader's office, our whole party must focus on the challenges and opportunities ahead for us in our journey to fundamentally transform this country in the interests of the people of this

Jon Lansman

For 20 years the left was denied a voice. We will deny a voice to no-one. We face big challenges and we need our mass membership to win again. I think there is a democratic deficit in the Labour Party where the structures of the party don't reflect the support for Jeremy Corbyn which has been shown by the mass of the members. This is about democratising the Labour Party, which will strengthen the Labour Party. It's no threat to the position of the Labour Party and the strength of the Labour

Tom Watson

I thought that Momentum were changing, that they were becoming an organisation that were sort of sharing ideas, and trying to create a debate. What Jon Lansman has outlined is a plan with Len McCluskey, the leader of Unite, to take control of the Labour party. We could do with him trying to understand how important this

Tom Watson

I regard this as a battle for the future existence of the Labour party. This is high stakes, and I hope my fellow members are going to understand that. That's why I decided to speak out. I think this is so serious, I think it's vital that ordinary members of Unite are made aware of this plan, that they know what's going on inside their union and they take action to block it. But it's also important for Labour party members to understand that there will be votes at our conference on this, this year, and they have to intervene as well. I'll be raising it with him

Tom Watson

You've revealed your plan. If you succeed you will destroy the Labour Party as an electoral force. So you have to be stopped. I warned last year of entryism and no one can now doubt that threat is a real one. For Unite to affiliate to Momentum it would require the approval of its executive committee. I hope Len McCluskey hasn't made promises without clearing them through the democratic structures of our

Gerald Coyne

This shocking revelation reveals a secret hard left plot by Len McCluskey to seize control of the Labour Party in perpetuity using cash taken from hard-working members of Unite the

Jon Lansman

Assuming that Len McCluskey wins the general secretaryship, which I think he will, Unite will affiliate to Momentum and will fully participate in Momentum, as will the CWU [the Communications Workers' Union]. And it won't unless it is agreed through the proper process. It was important to require Labour party membership in the rules but it is down to enforcement. No one from the centre is going to tell you to kick people

Angus Robertson

The Labour party is not in a position to deliver a pizza at the

Michael Russell

Gordon Brown is lining himself up with the Tories to deny the people of Scotland a choice about their future. This is Brownhog day all over again. Gordon Brown has made this same stale speech numerous times over the years – but it is beyond parody for him to put forward proposals which have already been rejected by both the Labour party and the Tory

Gerard Coyne - Unite

This shocking revelation reveals a secret hard-left plot by Len McCluskey to seize control of the Labour party in perpetuity using cash taken from hard-working members of Unite. As far as Len McCluskey is concerned, Unite's members' money is his to play with as he chooses, from taking out a loan to allow him to buy a luxury London apartment to propping up the ultra left. This is not what trade unions are for. It is time for a

Nic Vrieselaar - Rabobank

While Jeroen Dijsselbloem has been a good finance minister – he had a pivotal role the past four years in taking some tough but necessary decisions – the chances of him returning in an upcoming cabinet are slim. His party, the Labour Party (PvdA) has lost more than 75 percent of support from its voters compared to the 2012 elections. It therefore seems unlikely that the PvdA will again take part in a

Mark Rutte

We do not rule out any party, not even … no party at all. At the same time there are huge differences between my party and the Labour Party and the Freedom

Jeremy Corbyn

There was a bit of mischievous misreporting going on there. I was asked if in Westminster we would block the holding of a referendum. I said no, if the Scottish Parliament decided they wanted to have a referendum then it would be wrong for Westminster to block it. There is no ambiguity whatsoever and those that are seeking mischief better go and seek it elsewhere. If a referendum is held then it is absolutely fine, it should be held. I don't think it's the job of Westminster or the Labour Party to prevent people holding

Nicola Sturgeon

If Scotland is to have a real choice - when the terms of Brexit are known but before it is too late to choose our own course - then that choice must be offered between the autumn of next year, 2018, and the spring of 2019. If the UK leaves the EU without Scotland indicating beforehand - or at least within a short time after it - that we want a different relationship with Europe, we could face a lengthy period not just outside the EU but also the single market. Yes I do. Absolutely, I believe that. LABOUR PARTY WON'T OPPOSE CALL FOR REFERENDUM IF SCOTTISH PARLIAMENT WANTS

Jeremy Corbyn

If a referendum is held then it is absolutely fine, it should be held. I don't think it's the job of Westminster or the Labour party to prevent people holding referenda. No, we're not in favour of a referendum. We've been looking at that and thinking about it, and talking to a lot of people about it. I'm looking at pay-ratio levels within organisations and companies and I think that is a good way forward. That, in turn, would ensure or help to encourage the development of fairer pay within

Willie Rennie

It was the same kind of casual indifference that he seems to have about our fate with the European Union. He just doesn't seem to care about the United Kingdom sticking together. I know that's not the view of my colleagues in the Scottish Labour Party – they must be tearing their hair out this

Nick Clegg

This is a breach that is entirely of their own making. I didn't win. I was completely between a rock and a hard place on this [tuition fees]. The Labour party had introduced the damn things on their watch. It was the Conservative party that wanted to whack them up. The honest thing to do for Phil Hammond – and knowing him it is what I suspect he would like to do – is to dump on his predecessors and say Osborne and Cameron were

Nick Clegg

This is a breach that is entirely of their own making. I didn't win. I was completely between a rock and a hard place on [tuition fees]. The Labour party had introduced the damn things on their watch. It was the Conservative party that wanted to whack them up. The honest thing to do for Phil Hammond – and knowing him it is what I suspect he would like to do – is to dump on his predecessors and say Osborne and Cameron were

Jeremy Corbyn

If a referendum is held then it is absolutely fine, it should be held. I don't think it's the job of Westminster or the Labour party to prevent people holding

Tony Blair

The debilitation of the Labour party is the facilitator of

Philip Hammond

This demonstration politics isn't helping to create a better atmosphere in British

Nigel Farage

I suspect there is another big seismic shock in British politics, perhaps going to come at the next

Suzanne Evans

There's a desperate need in British politics for that third party that sits at the centre ground, which both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have completely abandoned. I will ditch the right wing, Trump-style rhetoric and appeal to the common sense

Ian Murray

I just wish the party would take half a step back and realize that if the public are running in this direction, the last thing the Labour Party should be doing is running at speed in the other direction because that's not going ... to win us the

Jeremy Corbyn

I will do everything I can to repay the trust and the support, to bring our party together, to make it an engine for progress in our country and the people who depend on the Labour party to protect their interest, to get power and deliver real change in this country. Let's wipe that slate clean from today and get on with the work we've got to do as a party

Angela Eagle

We have a Labour Party at the moment that is not working, we have got a leader that doesn't have the confidence of his members of parliament and isn't reaching out to the

Angela Eagle

It is in the best interests of the Labour Party that we now come together so we can have one

Angela Eagle

Today I am announcing my decision to stand for the leadership of the Labour

Nigel Farage

Whilst we will now leave the European Union the terms of our withdrawal are unclear. If there is too much backsliding by the government and with the Labour Party detached from many of its voters, then UKIP's best days may be yet to

Steven Fielding

Johnson "wasn't trusted enough by the people who really wield power in British politics ? Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre. Gove, as Rupert Murdoch's representative in politics, basically knifed

Jeremy Corbyn

I was democratically elected leader of our party for a new kind of politics by 60 percent of Labour members and supporters, and I will not betray them by resigning. Today's vote by MPs has no constitutional legitimacy. We are a democratic party, with a clear constitution. Our people need Labour party members, trade unionists and MPs to unite behind my leadership at a critical time for our

Jeremy Corbyn

We can't duck the issue of immigration, clearly it was a factor. What I'm totally amazed by is that in the past 24 hours 140,000 people have said they do not want the Labour Party to spend the next two months debating the

Ben Bradshaw

There is no leadership challenge, there is no other leadership candidate. The public and Labour party supporters expect us to get on with the job of reforming parliament, getting us through the economic

Gordon Brown

I am truly humbled that so many of my colleagues have nominated me for the leadership of the Labour Party… and I formally accept the nomination, the responsibility it brings and the opportunity to serve the people of

George Osborne

The Labour party is in an open civil war, if they can't govern themselves they can't govern the

Phyllis Starkey

Even if it worked, I don't think it would protect Britain against the sorts of risks we face over the next two decades. As to views within the parliamentary Labour party, obviously this issue hasn't been discussed for some time, but I would guess that those concerns are

David Cameron

I'm absolutely determined to win this seat back at the next general election, because anything other than a Conservative government will put our recovery at risk and mean Ed Miliband [leader of opposition Labour party] in Downing Street and I'm more determined than ever to make sure that we deliver security for

Olaf Bruns

In the election halls of the two big parties, people are rejoicing. A government coalition without the Liberals and the Labour Party working together is thinkable. But this cooperation might prove to be difficult, after an polarising election campaign between the right and left, the like of which the Netherlands hasn't seen in a long

Wendy Alexander

The truth is that this issue will continue to dominate the headlines. I can't take it off the agenda, and in those circumstances it is not possible for me as leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, to put on the agenda the real issues that should

Nick Clegg

It's good that the prime minister is now talking the talk of reform. The problem is that he's had 12 years to sort out British politics, so people simply don't believe that Gordon Brown is the man for change, and both David Cameron and Gordon Brown as leaders of the old established parties talk the talk of reform but they seem to wish to kick it into the long

Gordon Brown

My constitutional duty is to make sure that a government can be formed following last Thursday's general election. I have informed the Queen's Private Secretary that it is my intention to tender my resignation to the Queen. In the event that the Queen accepts, I shall advise her to invite the leader of the Opposition to seek to form a government. My resignation as leader of the Labour Party will take effect

Ed Milliband

She was controversial, we disagreed with much of what she did as a Labour Party but we can disagree and also hugely respect her extraordinary achievements and her extraordinary personal

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