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Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management
It's not frightening at the moment, but the driving force here, rising interest rates because of inflation and tightening fears...and the leadership among commodity stocks, that may be more or less a good description of the rest of this bull market.feedback
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Oct 25 2017
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Jodie Gunzberg

It is now in a bull market, Brent is up about 30 percent since June and we also had WTI up 23 percent.feedback

Doug Ramsey

At a major bull market top, we should expect to see most of these indexes lagging the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500. It's therefore very difficult to argue that the market has narrowed from either a thematic or capitalization perspective.feedback

Louise Yamada

The run from 2009 to 2015 was probably the completion of an entire part of the bull market. We had a pretty decent corrective trend, it wasn't a cyclical bear, but it was close. But we're running about 18 months without even as much as a 10 percent correction.feedback

Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management

Investors cannot ride the same winners to the end of this bull market. I think these shifts away from old leadership – like large caps, consumer sectors and bond-like stocks – is already starting to happen but will accelerate as inflation and yields start to move higher.feedback

David Bianco - Deutsche Bank

I do think we're going to have about a 5 percent pullback that puts the S&P at about 2,300. That would certainly get the market probably higher from here even by year-end if that's passed and all finished by the end of the year. If there are more doubts on the Fed hiking in December, people are not going to want to own banks going into year-end. We feel pretty comfortable that this is going to be a bull market with legs for the next year or two – and quite possibly three more years. Stay with growth stocks. Be careful on cyclical value which is energy, industrials and also financials.feedback

Marc Chandler - Brown Brothers Harriman

It really doesn't surprise me that in a big bull market in emerging markets, people are not buying the insurance. I would be surprised if it were the other way, really.feedback

Jason Pride

As long as the economic expansion continues, the markets are likely to recover from geopolitical related volatility. [T]his 8 year bull market has coincided with geopolitical events such as the Arab Spring, fears of a European Union breakup, annexation of Crimea and the Greek Debt Crisis. Conversely, some geopolitical events can have prolonged negative effects on the market; the key is to assess the probability of economic impact of each event.feedback

Jeffrey Saut - Raymond James & Associates

I think the market could pull back a little bit here, but it's still a secular bull market. I think you have another six, seven or eight years left on the upside. You could have a policy mistake inside the DC beltway. You could have crude oil go to $150 a barrel. But I don't think that's going to happen. I think you transition from an interest rate driven secular bull market to an earnings driven secular market.feedback

Jeffrey Saut - Raymond James & Associates

There's been some technical damage done. I don't think it interrupts the secular bull market, but I'm not sure the downside is over with.feedback

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

That was the first shaking of the tree. When you see these types of reversals it's a sign that investors are beginning to question valuations and fundamentals, and we all know the FANGs were the most overcrowded trade in this entire bull market, and that reached a pinnacle this summer.feedback

Doug Ramsey

It's sort of become almost a cliche that this has been the most hated bull market of all time, and I have a hard time buying into that.feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

I see a bull market. I think 10 up days ... that's consistent with what you see in a bull market. There's not a contrarian call to make here; this is a trend-following call. I think the key point is that this is an established uptrend, it's a healthy uptrend and we think it should continue.feedback

Will Rhind

When the dollar falls, gold typically rises. The dollar bull market over the last few years has been a major headwind for gold and commodities more broadly. With the dollar seemingly in decline again, this creates a tailwind for gold.feedback

Jim Cramer

Bottom line: the volatility index, as interpreted by VIX master Mark Sebastian, suggests that this sedate bull market might be in a little more near-term danger than we'd like to believe. My view? Nobody ever got hurt taking a profit and I'd love a short-term pullback that you and I could use as a buying opportunity.feedback

Bert Dohmen

We are seeing warning signs, but not enough to run for the hills just yet. We have said for a number of months that the final phase in the bull market should be a noticeable spurt to the upside, forcing all skeptics into the market. We haven't seen that yet.feedback

Jeffrey Saut - Raymond James & Associates

What's important is the directionality of earnings, and earnings are going up. We've transitioned from a interest rate-driven secular bull market to an earnings-driven secular bull market.feedback

Rich Ross - Evercore ISI

Lagging in a global bull market is not a great start. Then, you lay in the U.S. dollar. Typically the small-cap stocks are a strong dollar, U.S.-centric play, as you saw that rally coming out of the election. And what we've seen is the dollar is going straight down.feedback

Larry McDonald - Amazon.com

Getting out in front of the rotation is more important than valuation – as capital flows out of highly concentrated trades it has to go somewhere in a bull market. It's a growth into value tsunami.feedback

Robert Buckland - Citi

We expect all the major markets to report healthy EPS growth in 2017. That's the first synchronized upturn since 2010. That's a big change compared to recent years, when we had various regions and countries moving in and out of EPS recessions. This eight-year global bull market may be old, but we don't think it is finished.feedback

Mark Faber

We've had more than eight years of a bull market. The Nasdaq is being driven by very few stocks.feedback

Ed Keon

If you start to see signs of weaker data spreading that would be bad for stocks, good for price increases in the bond market and bad for yields on the other hand. If the Fed is right, and the economy is going to grow, then we might see this bull market in stocks last a bit longer. I'm rooting for them if that's the case.feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

What we're seeing is very consistent with healthy bull market behavior. This resiliency in the market – being able to rally through overbought conditions and all these political and geopolitical events – it's really consistent with an upcycle that we think continues.feedback

Jerry Castellini

That's really what sits behind really the value and the attractiveness of the market. What's really lurking out there is this phenomenal bull market that still hasn't happened for the majority of stocks and that's what we think you're going to see happen and evolve over the next six months.feedback

Matt Maley

Crude oil has rallied back above fifty dollars; the problem is energy equities have lagged. Energy equities tend to be a leading indicator [for oil], so we want to see this group actually lead oil higher before we get back to it in a major way. The problem is the positioning in this trade has gotten very extended, and its recent level is usually associated with tops. That doesn't mean that the bull market is over, but it could signal a pullback of about 10 percent or more in the near-term.feedback

Michael Shaoul - Marketfield Asset Management

The question now is whether the threat of an impeachment would be enough to change our current view of markets, and the answer right now is no. We have no way of knowing how much further this story has to run, but even if it turned into the sort of festering mess that bedeviled President Clinton and gripped the country's attention between 1998 and 1999, it is not clear that this would interrupt either the economic cycle or the current bull market.feedback

Julian Emanuel - UBS

To us, a correction in time morphing into a 7 to 10 percent pullback, like we've seen every seven or eight months over the course of this bull market, since 2009, is definitely something we think could be in the offing.feedback

Daniel Niles

The longer it keeps climbing and the higher valuations go, the more nervous I become. We're long overdue for a correction. This is the second-longest bull market since World War II. China's auto sales last year were really stimulated by the fact that they cut taxes down to 5 percent from 10. So that went ahead and really ramped up auto sales last year into the double digits. The most recent month, it went negative. In the U.S., we all know what is going on with Ford. This market is very concentrated to say the least. But I think you do have to look at the individual names within the market.feedback

Donald Selkin - National Securities

It's certainly a day when the chickens are coming home to roost. The (equity) bull market is not over by any means, but between the political stuff and the fact that the next earnings season is three months away, there's going to be a lack of motivation.feedback

Edward Yardeni

Seinfeld' was a show about nothing to a large extent, and there was one episode where they made fun of the fact – basically admitting – that the show was about nothing in particular. Since the start of this bull market, it has been pretty easy to scare the living daylights out of people simply because 2008 was so dramatic. When you have a traumatic shock, you're prone to anxiety attacks on a recurring basis, and we've had lots of those. I've counted 57 anxiety attacks for the market ... in an outright correction of 10 percent or more.feedback

Bruce Bittles - Robert W. Baird & Co.

This carrot that's out there is tax reform. I think markets are centered around the likelihood of a tax cut and after that's out, then markets are vulnerable because of high valuations and the fact that a lot of investors are loaded up after six years of a bull market.feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

We think you have to use these market pullbacks to add to your exposure; we think the bull market is intact. The numbers speak for itself; we think this pullback is an opportunity to buy.feedback

Leon Cooperman

It is time for the U.S. equity market to rest. Our core views remain that the in-place U.S. equity bull market should persist for quite a while longer and that U.S. fixed income securities are unattractive. As we will see, a principal risk to our expectation for a pleasant U.S. share landscape is a political one, an inability of President Trump and the Republican Congress to deliver on their pro-growth economic agenda.feedback

Todd Rosenbluth

Investors are getting more concerned about the U.S. equities, given political uncertainty and amid an increasingly aging bull market. Last week's flows were sharply impacted by rare outflows to U.S. equity ETFs. Investors have sought the relative safety of taxable bond funds.feedback

Jim Cramer

It's just that some portfolio managers just have been waiting and waiting and waiting for these stocks to come down, bidding underneath, as we say on the trading desk, and they aren't being hit, and they can't take it any more so they're reaching for all of them at once. The bid underneath, and the reach, are classic components of a true bull market. Another reason why this market, for all its flaws, is a lot more resilient than it looks to the naked eye.feedback

Todd Gordon

We look to be breaking a range in Tesla, and it looks like with this next leg up in the bull market, Tesla can get us done. Options markets are pricing a 68 percent chance that Tesla will be between $317 and $240 at the expiration of the [May options] we're looking at.feedback

Boris Schlossberg

We've had a massive move in equities over the last couple of months without any type of a correction. And the stall in commodities suggests to me that there's probably going to be a correction in equities. It's not necessarily the end of the bull market, but a 5, 10 percent move to the downside, which is being presaged by the fact that all of these commodities are really not moving up, is a very, very interesting possibility.feedback

Jasper Lawler - CMC Markets

It's not going to be the weakness of sterling -- we have seen the worst of the Brexit impact on the currency. It's going to be more that the U.S. markets are massively overvalued and we are still in a general global bull market for equities. People have been worried about the impact of Brexit and steered clear, so that relative underperformance will be redressed.feedback

Howard Shore

It was a bull market and we quickly found a niche dealing with high net worth individuals who were keen to actively trade in the market. We made money from day one.feedback

Peter Oppenheimer - Goldman Sachs Group

We think the trigger is probably not going to be so much politics … But more really the fundamental peaking of growth momentum which has been so supportive for the reflation trade in recent months, at a time when U.S. rates are starting to increase again, coupled with the very high valuations that we already have. A correction – if we're getting one – is not going to be the end of bull market. I think that will probably continue for some time.feedback

Jeffrey Saut - Raymond James & Associates

Secular bull markets tend to last 14, 15, 16 years. We're eight years into this one. It suggests there are years left to run. I would also note that we have transitioned in our opinion from an interest rate secular bull market where interest rates come down and price earnings multiples expand to an earnings driven secular bull market.feedback

Peter Kenny

Transports are the lifeblood of the economy; they are the unsung heroes of the bull market. They need to hold up in order to continue to provide validation to the broader trade, to the trade higher.feedback

Michael Arone - State Street Global Advisors

I think what happened was the bull market was largely based on the idea that monetary policy and fiscal policy would work together to boost economic growth, and I think that's what really pushed up stock prices. What we're finding out is monetary policy is getting tighter and fiscal policy is further down the horizon than we anticipated.feedback

John Stoltzfus - Oppenheimer Holdings

The economic environment has improved to such an extent that the Federal Reserve appears to have greater confidence and commitment to its process of interest rate normalization. After eight years of a recovery bull market, many investors (institutional and retail) who had stayed on the sidelines and away or light on equity exposure appear to be coming back into the market with some adding international exposure.feedback

Edward Yardeni

There have been pessimists and bears and skeptics and naysayers throughout this bull market, which has lasted 8 years, so it is an aging bull market but it seems to still have a lot of strength. The next bear market is going to be when we have the next recession, and right now it's hard to see what is suddenly going to create a recession.feedback

Jim Cramer

It's been 12 years since we started this one-man show about business, and it's been quite a run. I could say it's because we've always been trying to find that bull market, but truth is that you are the real reason we keep doing this, and we intend to continue for many more years to come.feedback

Shane Oliver - AMP Capital Investors

Solid U.S. employment growth of 235,000 in February, a fall in unemployment and a slight rise in wages growth keep the Fed on track to raise interest rates again this coming Wednesday. However, with U.S. monetary policy a long way from being tight, future rate hikes likely to be gradual and US economic data likely to be solid we don't see it derailing the bull market in shares.feedback

Michael Arone - State Street Global Advisors

For me the thing is this bull market is a bit of a mystery in that it's the second longest bull market in history.feedback

Peter Thiel

There's a technological determinism story you can tell where this is the future and China will eventually buckle under and cave and eventually adopt all of these things. But then you might wonder, maybe this doesn't happen at all, and maybe it's possible for the internet to actually fragment and not to have this historical necessity to it. That's so 2005, it feels so dated. A decade ago, this was a group of people who were running the world. And now, it's just a group of people who messed up the world. We're now in a bull market in politics.feedback

Peter Thiel

I'm not sure this is a good thing. But it is a fact that maybe politics is becoming more important, it's becoming more intense, the range of outcomes is becoming greater, and that we're in a world in which there's a bull market in politics that's getting started.feedback

Neil Hennessy

There's no euphoria on the upside, there's no hot buying going in. There's plenty of reasonable valuations out there. I think this bull market continues to go and there's plenty of good buys.feedback

Jim Cramer

If everyone is cowed and so few have the courage to say 'this is a bull market and it is hard to bet against,' then you are going to have moments like today where the whole thing just explodes higher.feedback

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

The S&P jumped 3.7 percent in February after rising 1.8 percent in January. In the 27 years since 1945 that the S&P rose in both January and February, the S&P recorded a positive full year return 27 out of 27 times, averaging a total return of 24 percent. In the subsequent March, the S&P gained 1.2 percent and was up 70 percent of the time. It was a nine year plus. We are now the second longest bull market since World War II. If it ended today, it would be the second most expensive. The bull market of 2000 topped out with a P/E of 30 times. This one is at 25 times trailing.feedback

Liz Ann Sonders - The Charles Schwab

I would be more of a buyer on a pullback. The bull market lives on. The fundamentals were already there to support the market. The problem now of course … is that the expectations bar has been set high. You are going to need some stronger top line growth looking out beyond this turn from negative to positive in earnings because valuation is stretched enough that I think earnings need to do more of the heavy lifting. But I think we're in decent shape in terms of earnings and the economy. I think the fiscal stimulus would be additive to that.feedback

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

I think the world has forgotten that this is a new secular bull market, and cyclical growth stocks are back in. When I look at a chart of Freeport-McMoRan here, what a great bottoming setup here. It's your classic inverted head and shoulders bottom.feedback

Jack Bogle - Vanguard

I don't think there's any point in getting carried away. This is a big rally in the market – clearly a bull market or a mini bull market – but when we look out in time, and I don't pay a lot of attention to the daily things that happen along the way, I look more in 10 years intervals, and in 10 years looks like our GPD might grow 2 percent, if we are lucky.feedback

Larry McDonald - Amazon.com

We're in the camp that the stocks are overbought, but they're in a multiyear bull market.feedback

John Stoltzfus - Oppenheimer Holdings

If that tax reform date looks like it's pushed too far in the future, the market reacts negatively to it. We don't think it kills the bull market, but it could pull the market down 3 to 4 percent near term. A trim, not a haircut.feedback

John Stoltzfus - Oppenheimer Holdings

The market is up 49 percent since that high, or 4.36 percent annualized. That's not a raging bull market. it's a recovering market and it's climbed a wall of worry. Now I think we're getting ready for a bull market because we're getting rid of the monetary policy stimulus. We're moving toward normalization and we're moving toward fiscal stimulus.feedback

Paul Hickey

I think it's somewhat encouraging to see there's a healthy level of skepticism on the markets. If we can get individual investors back into the market this year, you could see the bull market trade another leg higher.feedback

Ryan Detrick - LPL Financial

We do think bigger picture, this bull market, out into next year should continue. It took a little bit longer than I expected to get to 20,000, and the recent consolidation was nice to work off the overbought conditions coming into this year. You don't want it to make 21,000 too fast. That could be some sort of blow off equity top.feedback

Ryan Detrick - LPL Financial

We do think bigger picture, this bull market, out into next year should continue. But the bottom line, this is a very extended near-term market. You don't want it to make 21,000 too fast. That could be some sort of blow off equity top.feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

Our take is that the longer-term bull market is continuing. After spending six weeks consolidating sideways, which is often the case in a strong bull market, you see more time corrections than a correction through price. Presidents can magnify and potentially dampen the equity cycle and performance in some sectors and industries. But for the most part, I don't think that's going to be the key determinant. My take is any sort of bad news in that sector is probably already priced in. It's still a group that is down 26 percent from where it peaked back in 2014.feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

I don't think there's much significance about these round numbers. Surely they're psychological. It's closely watched. Our take is we're going to get there whether it happens today, tomorrow or next week. It's probably not very important. Looking through 2017, I think we go well beyond it. I think the market could be up 10 percent this year. Today is possibly signaling a resumption of the longer term bull market that we think is still in play.feedback

Henry McVey - Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

Inspired by the aforementioned catalysts, we have entered into ... a 'political bull market.feedback

Henry McVey - Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

From 2008-2015, this 'political bull market' took the form of more regulation, higher taxes and heightened industry scrutiny. Many governments also promoted fiscal austerity, multilateral trade and aggressive monetary stimulus. However, last year's U.K. Brexit vote and U.S. election of President Donald Trump likely presage a new chapter in this bull market story.feedback

Tom Lydon

It doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The appetite's there; 74 percent of advisors just told us two weeks ago that they plan on adding more money into ETFs as we go into next year, fueling the bull market in stocks and bonds.feedback

Ned Riley

This has been a bull market that everyone has learned to hate. If one looks at the asset allocation exposure that they have in the markets, that's the critical element. The public has been buying bonds to the tune of over a trillion dollars for the last four years. And that money is what I think is going to be the strong equity money which pushes this market up next year.feedback

Tom Johnson - Barclays

It might look like a bull market, but investors will still be selective. Market performance has been mixed this year so there is some caution and valuations have to reflect that.feedback

Christopher LaFemina - Jefferies

In a bull market, companies would not have been worried about incremental margins through marketing, but now everyone is focused on getting the maximum price and they can get a little bit of extra margin over a lot of tonnes. Small changes are important at the bottom of the cycle and it still matters, but it's not going to change the investment case.feedback

Hank Smith

What we've learned in the past year is that it has not paid to be with the consensus, so maybe this bull market surprises everyone in the beginning of the new year and continues moving.feedback

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

Even though only one other bull market since World War II has lasted this long, the things that would end up throwing us off track, meaning indicators for a recession, are just not there.feedback

Hank Smith

We could be at the very beginning of a so-called great rotation that may take several years and be a tail wind for this bull market.feedback

Hank Smith

Finally coming into the eighth year of a bull market, we're starting to see animal spirits, we're starting to see investor confidence.feedback

Mark Faber

In March 2017, the U.S. bull market will be eight years old. By any standard, this is a very aging bull market. By June 2017, the economic recovery will be eight years old. By any standard, a recovery that is very mature.feedback

Paul Hickey

Less than half of investors consider themselves bullish at this point. Even after these new highs we've seen postelection, individual investor sentiment as measured by the American Association of Individual Investors still hasn't even gotten above 50 percent. So, individual investors not only have been sitting out this recent rally, but most of the bull market.feedback

Jeffrey Gundlach

I think above 3 percent is a problem. If the 10-year goes above 3 percent, you would also have to say unequivocally you have seen the end of the bond bull market.feedback

Edward Yardeni

The lofty valuations and the vertical ascents in the major stock indexes strongly suggest that the mania phase of this bull market may be underway. It may have further to go once overseas cash actually does get repatriated and if retail investors start to pile into the market.feedback

Jim Cramer

All I can say is 'oops'... These guys totally missed eh fact that this market is seeing a wholesale re-rating of the financial sector, and all of the banks were ready to roar in advance of this week's Fed meeting … Turns out this market doesn't care about nitpicking when it comes to the bull market in the financials.feedback

John Jares

The big thing you have to look out for is inflation. What will ultimately land this bull market is inflation, and the Fed will be forced to act.feedback

Michael Hartnett

That day was the day that the greatest bull market ever in the bond market ended. Since then, yields have been rising. That without a doubt is the biggest event of 2016. Everyone was positioned for that to continue.feedback

Laszlo Birinyi - Birinyi Associates

We're looking at 2,250 [on the S&P 500] before the end of the year. I still think the bull market is intact. If we get to the end of the year, which it looks like it will be the longest bull market in the last 50 years or so.feedback

David Kelly - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

So long as rates move up slowly, the Fed raises rates slowly, the bull market continues on.feedback

Bob Doll - Nuveen Asset Management

We've had a long-term bull market in bonds, as interest rates have gone from double digits to 1.37 percent. That's a 35-year tailwind which I think is now turning into headwind.feedback

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

We think it's going to come down to the economy. As long as the overall economic picture continues to improve, this seven-year bull market can make it into year eight.feedback

Robert Pavlik

You're seeing some strength across the board. That's a healthy sign and indicates to me that we're in a bull market.feedback

Louise Yamada

The early stage of a bull market can be accompanied by the initial rising rate cycle. It isn't until you get to about 5 percent that you start having problems.feedback

Jim Cramer

Buyers just can't wait for this market to come down. They are stepping up each day for a host of stocks. The result? I always say there is a bull market somewhere and right now there are almost too many to count.feedback

Daniel Morgan - Ubs

I think we're out of a bear market and into a bull market for copper. I turned bullish about a month ago.feedback

Giovanni Staunovo - UBS

The technical picture for copper had already started to improve, signalling a switch towards a bull market, driven by speculative positioning.feedback

Peter Navarro

Everything Mr. Trump's going to do points in the direction of growth, and that will point in the direction of a higher bull market.feedback

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

Putting aside their personalities and policy proposals, it will likely not matter who the next president is when it comes to where markets go. As we are in the second-longest bull market of all time, and as we approach the eighth year of this economic expansion, odds are high that whoever the next president is, they will preside over a recession, a bear market and rising debts and deficits.feedback

Bill Miller - Legg Mason

Bonds are unattractive in my view. I believe we hit a double bottom in bonds in the summertime and we're in a benign bear market in bonds. The 35-year bull market in bonds is over, in my view.feedback

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

I think this is a positive sign, and why we still think this structural bull market probably has more room to work as we think over the next couple of years.feedback

Achintya Mangla

It's not a bull market but it's a constructive market with a lot of liquidity which investors are keen to deploy into the right equity story and at the right price. It's not a market you can take for granted. Volatility could return and investors will monitor the trading performance of deals.feedback

Philippe Gijsels

Nevertheless, this action will at least put a bottom under oil prices and the energy sector. Whether this will be the start of a new bull market will depend on the details of the deal.feedback

Jeffrey Saut - Raymond James & Associates

I think the U.S. stock market is transitioning from an interest rate secular-driven bull market to an earnings-driven bull market. I think that's going to become quite apparent as you go over the next 12 months.feedback

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

Typically, you have correlations approach 1 when you're in a bear market, and the first year of a bull market.feedback

Jake Dollarhide - Longbow Asset Management

Most people feel the most unloved bull market in recent memory will be cut off at the knees by higher interest rates, and the Fed is certainly threatening that in the near term.feedback

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

This thesis does seem to make some sense, but it works in a market that's sideways consolidating, and right now we're in a bull market, and we think there's going to be more upside ahead.feedback

Robert Sluymer - RBC Capital Markets

The bigger picture continues to look like a much bigger market cycle recovering from the February lows, very consistent with a new leg up in the bull market, and we think it has quite a ways to run. The bias is higher. We could see it ending the year at 2,350.feedback

Mark Matthews

We're in a global bull market for equities with interest rates this low and bond yields this low. That also means that equities everywhere in the world that have lagged, people will be trying to find things they like in them.feedback

Julian Emmanuel - UBS

When we look at VIX under 12, and out-of-the-money call options being priced historically high, reflecting this increased risk of missing out on a rally – after we already had a rally – we think people are being too complacent about risk. We're neither calling for a sell-off or an end to the 7-1/2 year bull market. We just think you have to step back and remember that this is a higher volatility environment.feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

That sounds like what we do in a bull market. What that speaks to is that it's been a broad-based rally. Usually the rallies that are led by many stocks are ... the rallies that continue. We've had these indexes make new highs. We've had the advanced decline line make new highs.feedback

Thomas Lee

In 1990, bond yields stabilized ? after huge declines from '82 to '90, and there were a lot of investors who thought the bull market would run out of steam in 1990, and they missed really the 10 years of the biggest returns in the stock market.feedback

Kate Warne - Edward Jones & Co.

The ride up there is going to be bumpy, not smooth and that may trigger alarms. The Dow reaching 20,000 will depend on several factors, including earnings and monetary policy. I think the Dow is headed higher; we're still in a bull market. Whether it [hits 20,000] between now and the end of the year, I don't know.feedback

Paul Hickey

So far, it's been pretty good. What we saw through the end of last week, it was the best beat rate for U.S. companies since the early quarters of the bull market, and even revenue beat rates have shown improvement. Companies have been meeting the numbers. Guidance has been split pretty evenly down the middle, where most quarters in the recent past have been much more negative guidance than positive.feedback

Stephen Suttmeier - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

This confirms that the cyclical bull market from March 9, 2009, has surpassed the length of the June 1949-August 1956 rally to become the second longest cyclical bull market in excess of 20 percent (without a 20 percent drop) since the December 1987-March 2000 advance. The March 2009-July 2016 rally of 215.90 percent is closing in on the 228.81 percent gain during the cyclical bull market from August 1982-August 1987.feedback

Jim Cramer

Nobody is going to say we have a bull market, let alone a new bull market with those kinds of numbers.feedback

Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management

I think we're going to have a pretty big cascade of change in the rest of this bull market. Up until now, across the globe, it's been led by three main themes: large cap, United States and consumer-oriented stocks. I think going forward, all three of those leaderships are in the process of changing.feedback

Sander Read - Lyons

I think we're set up for a long-term bull market. More sideways trading gives the bull market "a floor to stand on.feedback

Scott Shelton - Icap

I think we are still in bull market, but I also think the headwinds are increasing.feedback

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

You've seen oil rebound today, which people are viewing very much as a kind of a green flag in the short-term to take on risk again to a certain degree. To me, this continues to be a counter-trend rally in the context of an intermediate to longer-term decline in the stock market. Our view is that this is nowhere near the resumption of a bull market.feedback

Sam Stovall - Standard & Poor's

When you have the recouping of all of the losses from a prior bear market, which is what the S&P 500 did back on May 30th of this year, I think going forward it adds confirmation that this bull market is alive and well.feedback

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