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Steve Ellis - Common Sense
The idea that this is all going to be paid for by generating solar energy is preposterous. It's just another piece of snake oil to help sell this
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Oct 26 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Clean energy. 326 people are quoted and you can read 378 citations of them about Clean energy. Barack Obama, Michael Brune, Tim Cook and Al Gore, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Barack Obama said: “It's not as if Wal-Mart is now going to suddenly reverse itself – they're going to continue to build on the clean energy they've already invested in because it turns out it saves them money.”.
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David Cherney - PA Consulting Group

We are likely to see (and have seen) the banner of climate leadership taken up by the clean energy inclined states – we are likely to continue to see more movement

T.J. Kanczuzewski

A red state like Indiana has a lot to show the current administration on how solar energy is valuable and economical. There's been a groundswell of interest and curiosity from utilities. We're anxious to fill that

Richard Harrington

We've shown beyond doubt that renewable energy projects are an effective way to cut our emissions, while creating thousands of good jobs and attracting billions of pounds worth of investment. Provided that it goes through a reasonable local planning system, I see no reason why it should not be on the same level playing field as everything

Tim Cook - Apple

Steve's vision for Apple stretched far beyond his time with us. He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come. The workspaces and parklands are designed to inspire our team as well as benefit the environment. We've achieved one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world and the campus will run entirely on renewable

Andres Isaza - General Electric

This partnership with Microsoft expands GE's considerable presence and investment in Ireland, where we already employ over 1,500 people and, in particular, in the renewable energy sector. Wind is now one of the most competitive sources of electricity on the market today, and we're excited about the capability to use data generated from these wind turbines, using the Predix platform, to maximize the output and value of this

Peter Caluwaerts - Parkwind

We are confident we can play a vital role for the emerging Irish offshore wind industry. It is our ambition to finalise the construction of the Oriel Wind Farm in 2020, thus assisting Ireland in reaching its 2020 renewable energy

Irene Rummelhoff - Statoil

Brazil is a core area for Statoil where our ambition is to deliver safe and sustainable growth in a significant energy market. As part of Statoil's strategy to actively complement our oil and gas portfolio with profitable renewable energy sources, we have so far focused on offshore wind, where we have a unique competitive advantage building on over 40 years with oil and gas activities. The Apodi asset is a sensible first step into the solar industry and can demonstrate how solar can provide Statoil with scalable and profitable growth

Caroline Lucas

Like any major project there has been some disturbance, and I definitely believe the scar on the Downs should be re-turfed as soon as possible. But let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater here by buying into the idea that offshore wind is anything but a technology that's working effectively, and set to become the backbone of British energy. The real threats to the South Downs are drilling of oil and gas - and to focus attacks on clean energy really does miss the

Ramon Luis Nieves

We cannot waste the opportunity of this crisis and federal aid package. We need to focus on not only getting the grid back up, but improving it so it can tolerate more renewable

Emma Pinchbeck

We're in the middle of this fantastic industrial revolution, from more electric vehicles on our streets or smart technology in our homes through to different kinds of energy generation in our electricity system. Wind isn't just about a clean energy source – it's going to be the engine room of our future

Gareth Redmond-King - World Wide Fund for Nature

Green energy forecasting could be a game changer – making the connection between the weather and energy and helping people use electricity when it's greenest. This is not just good news for reducing the effects of climate change but could also help us cut our home energy bills and it's vital the UK Government bring in time of use tariffs quickly to maximise these

Henrik Poulsen - DONG Energy

When you go 10 years into the future and you look back, I think we will look at these years, 2016, 2017, 2018, as the inflection point. I think we'll look back and say wow … Something happened for wind and solar energy during those years that completely changed the dynamic. Without the UK government and what they have done for the past five or six years, we wouldn't have been where we are today. I'm glad to see that it's paying off because we're creating a lot of jobs right now and building a local supply chain. So they'll get their rewards, which they

Vibhu Kaushik - Southern California Edison

The Mira Loma battery storage project demonstrates that energy storage is part of (the) energy mix now. These projects can be built very quickly, scaled as needed, (and) they're really good at integrating renewable

Leonardo DiCaprio

There exist today many proven technologies in renewable energy, clean transportation, and sustainable agriculture, that we can begin to build a brighter future for all of us. Our challenge is to find new ways to power our lives, employ millions of people and turn every individual into an advocate for clean air and drinkable water. We must demand that politicians accept climate science and make bold commitments before it is too

David Victor

There was already heavy political pressure in these states to move forward on clean energy. But just because these states demonstrate that it can be done doesn't mean the politics suddenly shift in places like Kentucky or

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

We're really seeing a groundswell of activity. The U.S. is moving strongly and irreversibly forward to transition to clean energy and to take on the climate crisis seriously, even if there is an absence of leadership coming from the White House. Because of the president's and Congress' intransigence when it comes to climate change, local governments are looking to do

Steve O'Neil

There's no doubt that costs are going to continue to come down. Now, around the world, solar energy costs about 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That's down 70 percent since 2010, and those costs are going to continue to come down as we develop the

Tony Abbott

We need to get right away from talking about renewable energy targets and clean energy targets and start talking about a 100 per cent reliable energy target, cause nothing else will do. I welcome these signs that we are moving away from a clean energy target to a reliable energy

Tim Cook - Apple

The workspaces and parklands are designed to inspire our team as well as benefit the environment. We've achieved one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world and the campus will run entirely on renewable

Sam Altman

When we learned to split the atom, we were able to make huge destructive bombs and also very cheap, clean energy. We got Twitter and Facebook, which let us connect with loved ones but also makes us unhappy because we read crap all day. Any really powerful technology has huge good and huge

Jonathan Watts

In the wake of hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the market has finally bought into the business case for renewable energy. The price of change is getting cheaper. Like the debate over gun control, the public discussion in the US about whether to take action on the climate has often been characterised as a struggle between powerful lobbies and violent

Antonio Cammisecra - Enel Green Power

The construction of Enel's first wind farm in Peru furthers our presence in the country and demonstrates our strong commitment to the Peruvian renewable energy market. Our aim in Peru is to become the leading player in renewable energy, which we consider to be essential for a sustainable development at the local and national

DJ Pandian - The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Investing in clean, renewable energy is a big part of our strategy to promote a sustainable and low-carbon future for Asia. We are supporting this project because it contributes to Egypt's renewable energy capacity, and it will help position the country as a regional energy hub, which will have economic benefits for the entire

Josh Frydenberg

The Coag Energy Council has agreed to implement the recommendations of the Finkel review except for the clean energy target, which includes the national electricity market emissions trajectory which the federal government is currently

Andrew Stock

Every state and territory, with the exception of Western Australia, is taking energy and climate policy into their own hands, with strong renewable energy targets or net zero emissions targets in place. States and territories previously lagging (NT, NSW and WA), are now stepping up the pace, joining the enormous progress we're seeing across the

Abigail Ross Hopper

The report did not [...] lay the demise of coal at the feet of renewable energy, and that is an important

Felix Creutzig

I think the most important risk is that the regulatory environment does not adapt in time to a rising share in solar

Larisa Zelkova - Norilsk Nickel

It is of strategic importance to us as a key player in the supply chain that is enabling the growth of electric vehicles and clean energy

Mark Kresowik - Sierra Club

With the current disastrous policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration, we're pleased to see these states step up, listen to their constituents, and come together to increase clean energy in the

Nick Aberle - Victoria

It's one thing to want more renewable energy but it's another thing to create a mechanism to make it happen. The federal government does not have the monopoly over energy policy and if they are going to continue to not take climate change seriously then states are going to step

Jonathan Bartley

The completion of this sale is disastrous news for everyone who cares about the future of renewable energy. This was a bad deal for the taxpayer and a bad deal for the planet. In 2016, the GIB started to make a profit and it was set to deliver an annual return of 10 per cent. The Government was repeatedly warned that selling the GIB to Macquarie could result in asset-stripping and leave the bank unfit for purpose. The sale means taxpayers no longer have a say if this turns out to be

Mark Dooley

We have an excellent energy and infrastructure business in the UK. But we could have a much bigger business. We want to step it up. [In the Green Investment Bank] we see a group of people with decades of experience in renewable energy investment and a fantastic brand, which resonates extremely well with public and private

Daan Berkouwer

When everybody is doing this, then the oil companies can quit with their production. Why take out all the oil and demolish the planet if you can do it with clean energy?feedback

Phil Mihlmester

The total solar eclipse is a test case for renewable energy generally and weather events. As solar energy reliance becomes increasingly common, we'll want to know how to ramp up fast and switch to an alternative power supply from solar quickly during an

Claire Feaver

A significant amount of renewable energy will be generated by this solar farm over the next 30 years. The opportunity to continue grazing on the land, together with the habitat management plan, will maintain and enhance the diverse range of species in and around the site. I see this as a

Paul de Clerk - Friends of the Earth

This clear ruling by the advertisement standards board is of great importance. Time after time we see how oil and gas companies are misleading citizens and politicians. They want us to believe that gas is clean and they support the transition to renewable energy. Behind the screens we see how the same companies lobby against this transition. To prevent catastrophic climate change we need to end the dependency on all fossil fuels – including

John Franklin Broyles

Maybe our feeling for a playoff is ahead of its time, like solar energy is right

Caroline Russell

It would also provide a massive opportunity to reinvest profits from the sales revenues in generating more renewable energy and addressing fuel poverty with energy efficiency

Laura Hill

For all the bold words, Sadiq is dithering on the single boldest step he could take in the fight against fuel poverty, missing his best opportunity to cut bills for hard-up London households. London doesn't need yet another branding exercise, we need our own public company, controlled democratically by and for Londoners. Sadiq says London can lead on climate; this announcement shows there is no intent to be a clean energy leader – or even a peer – with other European

Jose Moran

We are working hard to build the world's #1 car – not just electric, but overall. Unfortunately, however, I often feel like I am working for a company of the future under working conditions of the past. Just as CEO Elon Musk is a respected champion for green energy and innovation, I hope he can also become a champion for his

Nick Boyle

There is no doubt that batteries completely and utterly metamorphose the market in that they make the uncontrollable controllable. It makes the arguments against renewable energy fall

Peter Dickson

It was highly attractive: a fixed income type investment with equity level returns. The institutions are very hungry for opportunities after years being satisfied by the renewable energy industry. And there's no shortage of

Behyad Jafari

The energy industry is decarbonising and, without a shift towards electrification of vehicles, leaves the benefits of that on the table – we'll produce more green energy but leave our cars powered by fossil

Michael Polsky - Invenergy

Obviously what it shows, that proliferation of renewable energy continues despite of what's going on in

Jeremy Leggett - Solarcentury

This kind of litigation is a vital tool in the spreading effort to force oil companies to change their business models. No company has admitted the game is up yet. Some have taken out substantial hedged bets in the form of significant investments in clean energy, notably Total and Statoil. Others have dug in, seemingly for a fight to the

Valerie E. Caproni

The New York program is constitutional. Fatal to plaintiffs' argument is their failure to offer any cogent explanation why ZECs are preempted but other state incentives to generate clean energy - such as tax exemptions, land grants, or direct financial subsidies - are

Nina Skorupska

It shows real progress that there were nearly 126,000 jobs in renewable energy in 2015/16. This is in addition to over 16,000 in energy storage and in electric vehicles, which is the first year we have reported on these sectors. What is deeply frustrating is that this growth could have been greater. Policy instability in Westminster has slowed growth. Our member companies are helping build a system that is reliable, low-carbon and more affordable than the previous

Greg Clark

We know that in the future the potential for renewable energy is often limited by its intermittency. So we know the ability to store the energy ready for when it is needed is key to its deployment. Its work will quite literally power the automotive and energy revolution, where the UK is already leading the

Julien Vincent

Right now, several key countries supporting the Paris climate change agreement are actively undermining it by trying to expand the polluting coal-power sector in other countries. We wouldn't have this massive spread of new coal-fired power if public finance institutions weren't making them bankable. As early as 2015, private capital investments into clean energy were already double those into fossil fuels. Private investors are vacating the field in terms of coal and putting their money into renewable

Giles Redpath - Hive Energy

This subsidy free solar farm will generate a level of renewable energy which will make a significant contribution towards meeting national renewable energy targets and will help to increase the security of the UK's energy supply. The project will also deliver positive social benefits for local people and support the development of innovative energy saving

Rick Bender

It's important to look at everything on the energy-efficiency side, even before looking at solar. [Energy efficiency] is our cheapest resource out

Jackie Trad

So that is what it is. The "whole future of Adani is actually 100% leaning to what India does in terms of its energy generations of the future. The cost of solar energy in India actually came in at much less than coal-fired energy recently when they put out the

Jackie Trad

We've seen in places like India for example, the price of solar renewable energy generation dropped, significantly, below coal-fired generation power. It's that sort of economic imperative for industry, consumers and large scale corporations that are going to drive

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

Coal-mining is not the nicest of jobs, I'd suggest that the government should help coal-miners move into alternative jobs, such as clean energy. Clean energy needs hundreds of thousands of people. That would be good for the coal-miners, good for America and good for the world. Now is the time to get massive investments into alternative energies. The vast majority of governments in the world are all still going in the right direction and companies in America are stepping into the

Jason Ballard - Treehouse

The big number that keeps me up at night is 100 million, the number of homes in America. Every single one of them needs to be running on renewable energy and needs a meaningful detox for the health and good of the people. I don't think we have 100 years to figure this

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

I was told 10 years ago it wasn't possible to get across the Atlantic with a plane carrying a battery powered by clean energy before 2050, because of the weight of it and so on. But the way things are moving, it's quite possible that a battery driven plane could carry a plane full of passengers across the Atlantic by 2030. The airline industry could tick that box [on reducing emissions] before some other

Al Gore

This is the largest tram network in the entire world, and is now going to be running entirely on solar energy. That's fantastic, and I predict that it will become a symbol of the renewable energy revolution

Lily D'Ambrosio - Victoria

This funding represents the most significant government investment in renewable energy in Victoria's history. We need to ensure that the new energy technology sector is equipped to create jobs, attract investment and grow the economy for the benefit of all Victorians – and we're doing just

Hannah Martin - Greenpeace

Dieter has a well-known preference for gas and has historically failed to grasp the full potential of renewables. At a time when the costs of offshore wind and solar are plummeting this review needs somebody with the vision to grasp the opportunities offered by clean energy to provide jobs, lower bills and slash carbon

Brian Sandoval

I'm proud that Nevada is a leader in the clean energy conversation. The state has a history of collaboration and thoughtful discourse, which results in effective policy-making, and the summit will provide a platform for energy leaders to come together to discuss new ideas and share best

André Veneman - AkzoNobel

We're convinced that embracing renewable energy is an excellent way to create both short- and long-term value that will enable a true business

Thomas F. Farrell II - Dominion Resources

Virginia is now positioned to be a leader in developing more renewable energy thanks to the Commonwealth's committed leadership and Dong's unrivaled expertise in building offshore wind farms. While we have faced many technological challenges and even more doubters as we advanced this project, we have been steadfast in our commitment to our customers and the communities we

Don Hillebrand

Renewable energy sources are just not always going to be where you want them and how you want them. Cheap battery sources enable all of those technologies and allow them to work

Mark Bailey - Toll Brothers

The clean energy target is considered normal policy by most other countries in the world but the Turnbull government is in absolute contortions over this. Industry just wants a decent integrated climate and energy policy and that's what we want to see, but I don't think we are going to get it from Josh Frydenberg this

Erik Stannow - Apple

We're thrilled to be expanding our data center operations in Denmark, and investing in new sources of clean power. The planned facility in Aabenraa, like all of our data centers, will run on 100 percent renewable energy from day one, thanks to new clean energy sources we're adding. The reliability of the Danish grid is one of the main reasons we will operate two sites in

Andrew Steer - World Resources Institute

In the end, it was a landslide victory for countries voicing support for global climate action. Chancellor Merkel demonstrated deft leadership in rallying 19 of the world's largest economies to deliver an unmistakable message behind climate action. The direction of travel toward clean energy is loud and clear. The question remains how quickly the world will surge forward and how far behind the Trump administration will let the United States

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

Not only is it morally risky, it's economically risky. The world is moving away from fossil fuels towards clean energy and is doing so at an accelerated pace. Those left holding investments in fossil fuel companies will find their investments becoming more and more risky over

Jay Weatherill

SA (South Australia) has been leading the nation in renewable energy – now we are leading the world in battery

Jay Weatherill

South Australia has been leading the nation in renewable energy – now we are leading the world in battery storage. I'm thrilled with the selection of Neoen and Tesla, whose experience and world leadership in energy security and renewables will help South Australia take charge of its energy future. Battery storage is the future of our national energy market, and the eyes of the world will be following our leadership in this

John Torrance

Right from the outset when Celtic Renewables approached us we could see the game-changing potential of a new fuel created from our by-products. We're a forward-thinking distillery and we're happy to support what promises to be a groundbreaking first for renewable energy, for transport and for the Scottish whisky industry

Don Harwin

Clean energy performed as forecast. Thermal generation did not. That day, I acknowledged the role played by all generation technologies in meeting the peak, including the effort of the 350,000 households with rooftop solar. This new paradigm is about better forecasting demand, factoring in intermittent sources, and then balancing the rest through dispatch and demand

Cindy Crane - Rocky Mountain Power

We are very excited to begin the stakeholder review process for these projects that will significantly increase the renewable energy that serves all our customers. These investments will provide significant long-term benefits to our customers and bring substantial economic benefits to rural communities where the facilities will be

Angus Emmott

It's too big a danger for the future. We need clean water. We need good soil. We need food security. And we have the potential to be a leader in renewable energy in Queensland. We don't need to be reviving an outdated

Michael Ottaviano - Carnegie

I think we're at a point now – and maybe this point has only been reached in the last 12-18 months – where it is now just so apparent that renewable energy is the pathway forward. It's no longer just an environmental reason, which is a very good reason, but it's also an economic reason as

David Konisky

This new framing of energy policy around the idea of dominance is a thinly-veiled attempt to justify unfettered development of fossil fuels and rollbacks of environmental protections. The Trump Administration continues to give lip service to clean energy, while simultaneously rescinding the very policies intended to hasten its

Malcolm Turnbull

I am sorry that the largest pumped hydro storage project in the southern hemisphere has lost your interest so quickly. Do we have more questions on energy? What about Snowy FM? Let me just remind you that the renewable energy target was recently renegotiated and legislated in 2015. That was while Mr Abbott was prime

Rick Perry

Instead of preaching about clean energy, this administration will act upon it,'. I don't think the administration is going to be wildly supportive of government subsidies for sectors of the energy

André Borschberg

I'm also thankful for the Chinese to have invested so much efforts in the world of solar energy. The Germans developed the technology, but the Chinese made it very competitive. And that's the reason why we reached this point of no return because now they're very

Chaoyong Wang

We are excited to participate in the development of the RapidE and to make a contribution to Sino-British clean energy and green environmental strategy. We feel confident that there are significant opportunities for electric cars in China and the

Patrick Lee

I am speaking with confidence. . . . We have a solution now to adjust the intermittency of solar and wind energy that is no longer a technology challenge. Now it is an economic

Olivia Kember

Even as the public discussion of energy mix has got a lot more complicated. It's really striking that people have come out the other side of that discussion with really strong support for renewable energy and a strong sense that we need to go towards a cleaner energy

Gina Hanrahan - World Wide Fund for Nature

Scotland's growing tidal industry is hitting new milestones. With a third of Europe's tidal potential, Scotland's powerful seas have a significant contribution to make in the fight against climate change. The renewable energy transition is happening globally at a pace many thought impossible only a few years

Claire Perry

The UK Government is committed to leading the world in delivering clean energy technology and today's investment shows that we are prepared to support innovation in this critical area. Our aim is for the UK to be a global leader in innovation, science and research and our Industrial Strategy will help us to deliver our ambitious CO2 reduction targets while, creating jobs and opportunities for people across the

Bertrand Gautier

The Irish renewable energy market, with Ireland's abundant wind resource, offers a compelling opportunity for investors. The consolidation of a high quality portfolio of operating assets will allow us to create long term value for

Willem Schoorstra

It's all about money. We had one talk with NAM and they constantly repeated that they would help us make the clean energy transition. But it's crap. We don't buy it. They only want to invest in it when they are drilling. They hold on to their old ways and destroy everything for the sake of

Maria Kamma

Tilos has many loyal 'fans' who've come every year for 30 years. Now we're getting a lot more interest from young people who have heard about Tilos because of the renewable energy project. They like what we are doing and want to support the

Jonathan Elkind

That program will lead to massive savings in terms of avoided carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution. Unfortunately there is an incredible dissonance between the declared interest of this administration to continue to lead on clean energy, and their

Mark Butler

You can't rig the definition of clean energy to include new coal-fired power stations just to placate Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce. That would make a complete mockery of a very serious process that the chief scientist and his panel followed over

Bill Shorten

What we are saying is we are prepared to compromise from an emission intensity scheme to a fair dinkum clean energy target. Mr Turnbull needs to step up and show some leadership. He needs to stare down the recalcitrants who have held back climate policy in this country for 10

Alan Finkel

It's designed as an incentive mechanism. You're putting an incentive on low emissions and you can interpret it however you wish. I'm quite serious. We live in a world of carrots and sticks. The clean energy target is all about the rewards – the carrots. All I care about is lowering prices and lowering emissions. It shouldn't matter what the technology is. We should use what's there. We've got to do that in the most effective way possible. If [CCS] becomes economically viable, then why not?feedback

Josh Frydenberg

Tony has – everyone would love to be a fly on the wall for those – what Tony has said (Monday), he set himself two benchmarks for a future mechanism in this space, whether it puts downward pressure on prices and weather it would allow coal to continue. And I think the clean energy target does that. My colleagues have been dealing, especially the ones that have been in the parliament for decades, they've been dealing with this issue for a very long time. They've got strongly held

Jennifer Morgan - Greenpeace

Paris is non-negotiable and the leadership shown by the G6 countries, along with the cities, states and businesses in the US in moving the agreement forward swiftly is fundamental. Real leaders can and should deliver on clean energy promises in a way that is equitable and strengthens communities. Now it's time for G6 countries to match their words with actions and announce how they will increase their climate ambition going into the G20

Richard Di Natale

We've got a huge challenge ahead of us ... and this does not deal with that challenge in the time frame that's required. If under this plan we follow it through to its logical conclusion, the reef's gone. The great tragedy here is if we lifted our level of ambition ... we would have a framework that allows us to drive the clean energy transition away from coal and

Ed Husic

A clean energy target that would envisage more not less coal-fired power generation seems to be a bit of an

Dave Touhey - Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Sustainability is at the core of our operations across all of Monumental Sports & Entertainment. We are excited to expand our energy relationship with WGL Energy by entering into this new partnership to bring more renewable energy to Verizon

Tony Abbott

My anxiety, based on the reports we have seen, is that the scenario which the Finkel report is recommending gives us not 50 per cent, but 70 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and coal, which is by far the cheapest source of base load power, and in most years is our biggest single export, coal goes from currently 65 per cent to 25 per cent of total energy generation. Anything that makes it impossible for us to bank new, efficient coal-fired power stations I think is a big

Adnan Z. Amin - International Renewable Energy Agency

Texas is the biggest wind state in the U.S. and what Texas has been able to achieve with renewables is remarkable and I hope [Perry] brings that leadership to the U.S. in terms of [its] clean energy

Abigail Ross Hopper

The solar market clearly remains on a strong upward trajectory. Solar is delivering more clean energy, adding jobs 17 times faster than the U.S. economy and creating tens of billions of dollars in investment. With its cost-competitiveness, we know solar will continue to play a growing role in America's energy

Barack Obama

It's not as if Wal-Mart is now going to suddenly reverse itself – they're going to continue to build on the clean energy they've already invested in because it turns out it saves them

Tara Reid

These flying tornado sharks would all be dead if we worked to combat climate-change-fuelled extreme weather by increasing our focus on renewable

John Hickenlooper

We worked very hard to reduce red tape, to try to attract young entrepreneurs. We have over 2,000 companies that do either renewable energy or clean tech. In the short term, more than 60, 000 employees. We have always been the world leader in, not just business, but all kinds of issues. We don't see more people doing more marijuana in Colorado after legalization. It's through a regulated process now. But we haven't seen a big spike in teenage consumption, we haven't seen a big spike in any

Bramley Murton

It goes much further than that. To make a low-carbon future, we need these [metals] to make the technologies for green energy production. We need these raw materials to enable civilisation to become more sustainable. I don't think anyone would think of mining active hydrothermal systems. Mining in 400C water is not going to last long, especially when the water has a [highly acidic] pH of one. Every now and again they are obliterated by a lava flow and the vents also explode from time to

Andrew Liveris

Look at our renewable energy already, with how many jobs it has. The solar, wind and bios. We're going to keep supporting that. This is advantage America. America has to stand tall. We will stand tall as a business community. I'm very compelled to represent all my stakeholders across the world, and if I have the privilege of this position – I could get fired – but if I have the privilege of this position, I will definitely keep putting that viewpoint into the White

Kate Larsen

It gives China and others a chance to jump into that leadership role. That's a huge loss for the U.S. It will effect U.S. competitiveness and our ability to produce technology that the rest of the world will be using to transition to a clean energy economy. That is a tremendous lost

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

China and the European Union are aligned on the need for international solutions. Nowhere is that more important than in leading the global clean energy transition and the implementation, the full implementation without nuances, of the Paris Climate Agreement. There is no reverse gear to the energy transition. There is no backsliding on the Paris

Tim Cook - Apple

I spoke with President Trump on Tuesday and tried to persuade him to keep the U.S. in the agreement. But it wasn't enough. We power nearly all of our operations with renewable energy, which we believe is an example of something that's good for our planet and makes good business sense as

Bill Hare - Climate Analytics

The increase in employment in solar energy alone over the past three years is more than twice the total number of jobs in the coalmining industry in the United States (which are declining).feedback

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

The real drivers for clean energy in China are much closer to home than Paris. The air pollution and the need to reinvent the economy are much bigger

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

Generations from now, Americans will look back at Donald Trump's decision to leave the Paris Agreement as one of the most ignorant and dangerous actions ever taken by any President. Trump's decision to ignore the vast majority of the American public and the scientific community will harm our country, costing us lives, jobs and our role as a world leader. Trump has isolated our country on the world stage, ceding our leadership position and our economic advantage on clean energy to India and China, and justifying it all by chanting a slogan from a baseball

Peter Kiernan

The U.S. withdrawal from Paris may slow down global progress on climate change, but will not reverse it, leaving the U.S. in catch-up mode regarding the clean energy

Kate Gordon

China is taking a very internationalist stance, so taking the leadership on climate fits in well to that and they will be able to dramatically expand clean energy investment and markets overseas. That's all opposed to a very nationalist stance from the United

Kate Gordon

There is no question that China will show leadership on climate, including putting a cap and trade system in place, investing in renewable energy, ramping down carbon emissions, ramping down coal. Those are all things they are committed to for environmental reasons, but also just for economic

Kevin de León

This decision won't bring back coal jobs in the United States. That train has left the station. Clean energy is the

Ilona Jedrasik

I think it will be a signal for coal miners and the local community to transform our coal mining sector into one based on low emissions and green energy. Those in the coal industry know we need to do this, but don't get any direction from the government to make the

Meg Whitman - Hewlett-Packard

Please do not withdraw from the Paris climate accord. This is not in the best interest of Americans. We need to own the next generation of jobs, whether that's clean energy or 3-D printing or immunotherapy. This is an arena that America should lead and must

Rhea Suh

If true, this is a reckless and foolish mistake, and our kids will pay the price. The Paris climate accord is a triumph of American leadership. It's about doing what's best for our people at home–spurring clean energy innovation and creating millions of good-paying jobs, while protecting our children and communities from pollution. And we got the whole world to join

Michael Bennet

This would be yet another example of President Trump's 'Putting America Last' agenda -- last in innovation, last in science, and last in international leadership. The Paris agreement has wide support from global oil and gas companies to coal generators in our Western states. We should not be moving backwards as the rest of the world races forward to compete in the clean energy

Craig Kelly

Look at the Renewable Energy Target, we have simply spent a lot of money with not a lot of

Edward J. Markey

President Trump is ceding the future to the Germans, the Chinese, the Indians, and other nations rather than having the United States continue to lead the world on clean energy solutions. By creating the clean energy technologies here at home and then deploying them around the world, we can have job creation that is good for all

Nick Akins - American Electric Power

Specific customers are looking specifically for renewables and to what degree you are moving toward a new clean energy economy. Shareholders are more interested in sustainability going forward and improvements from a climate change perspective and carbon emissions perspective. We are trying to make our company long-term sustainable regardless of

Bjorn Lomborg

The carbon-cutting treaty approach has failed politically and economically for two decades. It is an incredibly expensive distraction from the green energy R&D investment that is needed to solve climate

Imogen Zethoven - Marine Conservation Society

It's not too late to save our reef but the federal government must stop the Adani coalmine, reject all new coalmines and switch to 100% renewable energy as a matter of

Faiza Oulahsen - Greenpeace

As you can see there is this transition towards cleaner and renewable energy taking place and it's real and it's happening and it's something that Trump may considerably slow down but it's not a development that he can

Michael Garland

Most investors are starting to realize that the federal government is limited in its impact and the risk to (green energy subsidies) is relatively

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

Trump has abandoned the standard of American leadership, turned his back on the what the public and the market demand, and shamelessly disregarded the safety of our families just to let the fossil fuel industry eek out a few more dollars in profits. This is a decision that will cede America's role internationally to nations like China and India, which will benefit handsomely from embracing the booming clean energy economy while Trump seeks to drive our country back into the 19th

Amanda McKenzie

It is truly bizarre to use funds earmarked for clean energy to prop up polluting coal. The CEFC is a highly professional independent body investing in renewable energy and generating a return for taxpayers. Why the government would intervene to put public money into a technology that even the coal industry only minimally invests in beggars

Tim Buckley - Vanguard

There is no financial investment to fund coal in the Indian market because they're simply not competitive against solar energy prices right now. If Trump backs out of the Paris Agreement, which [is] a very likely scenario, he would be ceding America's leadership in energy markets to China and

Kane Thornton

While total investment in large-scale renewable energy was $2.56bn last year, $5.20bn worth of projects have secured finance in just the first five months of 2017 and have either started construction or will begin this year. While the latest available employment figures show an industry contraction to 11,150 direct jobs in the 2015-16 financial year, these figures cover a low point for the sector following the Abbott government's RET

David McVeigh

We've diversified into areas such as oil and gas and renewable energy but the skills are still here. Now we're building 20,000 tonne 'jackets' for offshore wind turbines so we can certainly handle ships of that size. As for complexity, the degree of sophistication of what we are building now is extraordinary in its own way. While it might not be the optimal way of doing it, the penalty is not that big. But establishing a large yard dependent on building warships comes with huge penalties for government - it sits there demanding work all the time that may not be

Duncan Burt

We now have significant volumes of renewable energy on the system and as this trend continues, our ability to forecast these patterns is becoming more and more important. We have an expert team of forecasters who monitor a range of data, to forecast just how much electricity will be needed over a set period. It really is the beginning of a new era, which we are prepared for and excited to play our

Alden Meyer - Union of Concerned Scientists

There have been differences, to be sure, in some past summits, but not a sharp open split like this. President Trump should join these leaders in protecting Americans from the mounting impacts of climate change and reaping the economic benefits of the clean energy revolution, rather than trying to shore up the flagging fortunes of the polluting coal and oil

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

Tesla is a controversial story. People don't understand what this company's mission statement is. Most people think of [Tesla] as an electric car company, but their mission statement is to accelerate the globe's transformation to renewable energy, . When you start thinking about that you can see them grabbing market cap from energy companies which are some of the largest market-cap

Simon Müller - International Energy Agency

Many people think solar energy is very expensive, and this was super true 10 years ago, it was true five years ago, but today it's simply not true

Justin Trudeau

One of the things that we understand in Canada is that investing in clean energy and investing in fighting against climate change is going to help

Yvette Edwards - Unilever UK

It's been an exciting start to the year in the UK where we are on a journey to improve the sustainability of our sites. This latest step in securing an in-country, sustainable supply of wind-generated energy is an important milestone in helping us meet our bold ambition of becoming carbon positive by 2030. It's made all the more significant as any surplus supply will be sold to nearby communities, thereby progressing our vision of making sustainable living

Adnan Z. Amin - International Renewable Energy Agency

Falling costs and enabling policies have steadily driven up investment and employment in renewable energy worldwide since IRENA's first annual assessment in 2012, when just over five million people were working in the sector. In the last four years, for instance, the number of jobs in the solar and wind sectors combined has more than doubled. Renewables are directly supporting broader socio-economic objectives, with employment creation increasingly recognised as a central component of the global energy

Ernest Moniz

The United States played an indispensable role in creating the Mission Innovation initiative, where 22 nations and the have agreed to double governmental investments in clean energy R&D over a five-year period. This administration budget proposal would put us behind China and Europe, blunting our competitive edge in a multi-trillion dollar developing clean energy global

Helen Szoke - Oxfam Intermón

Against the backdrop of an imperilled Great Barrier Reef and extreme weather disasters, Australia's carbon pollution is continuing to climb – the tragic consequence of more than a decade of climate policy paralysis and short-term political opportunism. Renewable energy is set to power the fair economies of the future and Australia can make a choice to be part of that. Through its 2017 review of climate change policies, the Australian government has the opportunity to set a credible long-term goal and plan of

Paul Wheelhouse

The Scottish government remains strongly committed to the development of offshore wind energy, as this key low-carbon technology offers a huge economic opportunity for Scotland. Clearly, protecting Scotland's marine environment is of paramount importance and at the heart of the Scottish government's approach to offshore renewable energy applications, and we are keen to work constructively with the RSPB and renewable energy developers to ensure the sector has a bright future in

Stuart Housden - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

We are hugely disappointed by today's judgment. Whilst we fully support deployment of renewable energy, this must not be at any cost. Combined, these four huge projects threaten to kill thousands of Scotland's internationally protected seabirds every year, including thousands of puffins, gannets and kittiwakes. These could be amongst the most deadly windfarms for birds anywhere in the

David Bywater - Vivint Solar

The choice to work with Mercedes-Benz Energy, a world-class innovator in energy storage, was an easy one. We believe their energy storage system is going to delight our customers and are impressed with their ambitious plans for the future. We look forward to bringing this innovative solution to consumers, beginning in our California markets, and to empowering greater renewable energy

Boris von Bormann - Mercedes-Benz

As Mercedes-Benz electrifies its vehicle fleet, solar-plus-storage is essential to enable those vehicles to be powered by clean energy. With batteries featuring the best in automotive engineering from Mercedes-Benz and high-quality solar energy systems from Vivint Solar, our solution allows customers to take the next step toward a sustainable energy future. The launch of our home battery system in Europe has been successful, and we are thrilled to be working with Vivint Solar to bring a reliable and compelling solar-plus-storage offering to American

Yves Rannou

The MoU with AAiT is a new milestone for GE Renewable Energy in Ethiopia. It enables sharing current industry expertise and experience with students and faculty at AAiT in order to build a highly-qualified workforce that will support the social and economic development of the

Terry McAuliffe

Today, I am proud to take executive action to cut greenhouse gases and make Virginia a leader in the global clean energy economy. The threat of climate change is real, and we have a shared responsibility to confront it. Once approved, this regulation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Commonwealth's power plants and give rise to the next generation of energy jobs. As the federal government abdicates its role on this important issue, it is critical for states to fill the void. Beginning today, Virginia will lead the way to cut carbon and lean in on the clean energy

Ben Warren

Investors are still waiting for clarity around the post-Brexit landscape. Question marks linger around renewable energy targets, subsidies and connections with mainland power markets. Unfortunately, the likelihood of getting complete answers to those questions before the UK exits the EU are slim. The offshore wind sector is showing signs of creating a sustainable industry and driving down costs to provide more value for money for UK plc. The technology is becoming increasingly competitive and we are likely to see offshore wind emerge as the clear winner from this round of

Emma Pinchbeck

It is to the industry's credit that this activity has also made the UK a player in the global clean energy transition. The next Government should throw its weight behind renewables if it wants to secure the benefits of being a global leader in this exciting

Ivor Frischknecht - Arena

This competitive round is the perfect demonstration of how Arena is accelerating Australia's shift to a low emission, renewable energy future. From zero to more than 20 plants in five years, Australia's large-scale solar industry has grown at a tremendous pace thanks to concerted efforts by Arena and the CEFC [Clean Energy Finance Corporation]. This invaluable knowledge from 14 solar farms in total will further accelerate the growth of our large-scale solar

Maya Anjur-Dietrich

On certain DOE (Department of Energy) pages, in particular, we have seen a shift in emphasis away from renewable energy and, in some cases, towards usage of fossil fuels. It is when web pages are changed without transparency, explanation, or careful documentation that the public's access to information – and thus the ability to understand the implications of that information – is

Tim Cook - Apple

One of the things you do is give back. So how do you give back? We give back through our work in the environment, in running the company on renewable energy. We give back in job creation. When I think of civil liberties, I think of the founding principles of the country. The freedoms that are in the First Amendment. But also the fundamental right to

Ketan Joshi

We will meet renewable energy targets largely with wind. But community attitudes and acceptance rely on a number of factors beyond mere aesthetics. A known side-effect of wishing for things is that they tend to come true. Wishing, as most of us do, for the rapid decarbonisation of the machines we use to generate electricity results in physical changes that manifest in Australian communities. Towering stacks of coal-fired power stations collapse. Thin bladed towers rise up on the horizon, and fields of black photovoltaic glass drape themselves over green

Tim Sabol - Ameriprise Financial

Solar, clean energy and innovative technologies are topics we discuss a

James Joaquin

Renewable energy sources are on the way and will soon be cost competitive to fossil fuel

Barack Obama

It's important that big countries that are big emitters like the US and China ... lead the way. The current administration has differences with my administration in terms of environmental policy. The good news is the private sector has already made a determination that the future is clean energy. Those things are locked in now, into the energy sector. Because of the debates taking place in the current administration the steps may be taken more slowly than they would have been done, but I'm

Barack Obama

Over my eight years in office we dramatically increased our generation of clean energy, we acted dramatically to curtail our use of dirty energy, and we invested in energy efficiency across the board. In Paris… we helped to lead the world to the first significant global agreement for a low-carbon future. But here's the thing: even if every country somehow puts the brakes on the emissions that exist today, climate change would still have an impact on our world for years to

Barack Obama

The good news is, in part because of what we did over the last eight years, the private sector has already made a determination that the future is in clean energy. Investments are moving into clean energy. It may be that some of the steps we put in place may move more slowly than they otherwise would have. But I'm confident that the United States will continue to move in the right direction. The Trump administrative made a change. So even if the rules change in Washington, there is not a U.S. automaker that can afford to produce a car that is not fuel efficient enough to be sold in

Pierre Borjesson - Hennes & Mauritz

Using less energy and increasing our economic output is a fundamental part of our strategy. We have long been working to reduce our climate impact and recently launched our new commitment to achieve a climate positive value chain by 2040. This means H&M will support reductions of greenhouse gases to a larger extent than what our value chain emits. Two of our key priorities are leadership in energy productivity and using renewable energy throughout the value

Brian Deese

The race is on for which countries are going to be the 21st century clean energy

Caroline Lucas

After two years of campaigning, I'm glad that more and more politicians from across the political spectrum are now recognising the huge financial risks associated with fossil fuel investments. We should be investing in the clean, renewable energy that we have in abundance, and leading the way in socially responsible

Josh Carmody

Combined renewable energy generation and storage solutions are becoming genuine competitors with fossil fuel base load generation. This will be the real game

Dave Tenny

We are thrilled to see such strong bipartisan support for biomass, which Congress is officially recognizing as the carbon neutral, renewable energy source that it

Shelley Milutinovic

Canada's hydro generation has allowed the country to be one of the global leaders in renewable energy for years. Now, as solar, wind and other technologies become more cost competitive, we expect to see a continuing increase in their adoption in the

Urban Keussen - Tennet

We want to find out how we can reduce the waste of wind power by storing it in Sonnen batteries that we can access in the North while releasing power from solar energy stored at Sonnen batteries in southern

Emily Kirsch

The ultimate mission of Powerhouse is to make solar energy the most accessible form of energy in the world. We're it so

Hans-Martin Aerts

We expect to be able to announce another investment in the Indian renewable energy sector in the coming

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I'm also thankful for your fantastic effort to make COP21 a success and help lead the world to a clean energy future. I look forward to continuing to work together to follow through and make our goals a reality!feedback

Jeff Marschner

This will inevitably help keep the tax burden lower for Northern Virginia while paying for transportation projects and investing in continued research in renewable energy resources through the Virginia Costal Energy Research

Vickie Patton

We are in a race against time to address the climate crisis. Climate progress and clean energy cannot be stopped by the litigation tactics of

Lars Christian Lilleholt

The cost (of renewable energy) is declining steeply. It is the technology that has driven

Steve Sawyer

Wind power is now successfully competing with heavily subsidized incumbents across the globe, building new industries, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and leading the way towards a clean energy future. We are well into a period of disruptive change, moving away from power systems centered on a few large, polluting plants towards markets increasingly dominated by a range of widely distributed renewable energy sources. We need to get to a zero emissions power system well before 2050 if we are to meet our climate change and development

Chong Zhi Xin - Wood Mackenzie

It's all about really moving away from dirty fossil fuels and into clean renewable energy. So if we look in the past, a lot of base load power really came from coal as well as oil, and we're looking at a future where you're looking at zero carbon emissions from solar, from wind. But in order to get there it is difficult today, you can't completely switch your industries to using renewables. And that's where gas really comes in as a bridging fuel: it is clean, and it can provide base load

Steve Sawyer

Wind power is now successfully competing with heavily subsidized incumbents across the globe, building new industries, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and leading the way towards a clean energy future. Offshore wind has had a major price breakthrough in the past year and looks set to live up to the enormous potential that many have believed in for years. We see the technology continuing to improve and spread beyond its home base in Europe in the next five-10

Hannah Martin - Greenpeace

The first day without coal in Britain since the Industrial Revolution marks a watershed in the energy transition. A decade ago, a day without coal would have been unimaginable, and in 10 years' time our energy system will have radically transformed again. It is a clear message to any new government that they should prioritise making the UK a world leader in clean, green technology. They will need to get on with the coal phase-out plan and recognise the economic potential of renewable energy and energy

Nannette Hechler

It is very evident that voters today are demanding change. This is what recent electoral outcomes have been showing, so this got our mind going in terms of what's the policy change that we could be expecting. New governments have to make the middle class again prosperous – less angry, more happy. This means creation of jobs. The areas which are creators of jobs are exactly those where we find policy focus, but also investment opportunities. Water and energy for Europe is an area that is absolutely critical. New voters want clean

Bertrand Piccard - Solar Impulse

Today, if you want to have growth, if you want employment, if you want profits, you should not offer to the customers what you already have, you have to offer something better, you have to offer something more efficient, you need to build new infrastructure for the country. So in that sense, if you want to make America great again, you have to go to renewable energy and clean technologies. There's a small start-up in France that is storing heat up to a thousand degrees in ceramics, there are new systems to desalinate water with solar

Tom Nockolds

Community ownership of renewable energy is so important because we are in the midst of an amazing energy transition. It's no longer a question of if it's going to happen, it's happening all around us. The real question is are we going to take advantage of the opportunity to build fairer systems in the way our energy systems are structured?feedback

Abigail Ross Hopper

There is no power source that doesn't benefit from federal and state incentives, so it's highly unlikely that coal and nuclear are becoming uncompetitive due to incentives for renewable energy. The reason they are becoming less competitive is that they cost more to build and operate. As solar continues to grow now, innovations such as solar and storage will, in the relatively near term, turn the baseload electricity equation on its head, and policymakers will need to account for that

Khalid al-Falih

The energy mix to produce electricity will change, today the kingdom uses large quantities of oil liquids, including crude, fuel oil and diesel. So the percentage of renewable energy by 2023 (will be) 10 percent of total installed capacity in the kingdom. Since the restructuring of the energy sector ... one of our key priorities is to engage with the private

Jochen Homann

Offshore wind is categorically proving its competitiveness. This is good news for all electricity consumers who contribute to funding 'renewable'

Bernie Sanders

We have to transform our energy system away from fossil fuels to clean energy. When we stand up and fight back we can change the country in very positive

David Gallagher

I'd love to have Broken Hill, being the first iconic heritage-listed city, [also be] the most [successful] renewable energy city in Australia. I believe we can do that – I believe we can go

Geoff Cousins

The Adani coalmine will fuel the global warming that is making the reef sick, threaten 70,000 tourism jobs that rely on it, and divert urgent investment from renewable

Jack Darin - Sierra Club

Today's action is a historic step forward in establishing Chicago as a clean energy leader. By moving boldly to repower its public buildings with renewable energy like wind and solar, Chicago is leading by example at a time when local leadership is more important than

Rahm Emanuel

As the Trump administration pulls back on building a clean energy economy, Chicago is doubling down. By committing the energy used to power our public buildings to wind and solar energy, we are sending a clear signal that we remain committed to building a 21st century economy here in

Khalid al-Falih

The market response to the Kingdom's invitation to its first renewable energy projects has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating market confidence in our vast renewable energy potential and investment

Travis Miller - Morningstar

NRG is caught between what we consider the next generation of power supply and the status quo. The move toward renewable energy and gas generation is a trend that won't stop anytime soon so every power generator is trying to develop a strategy where they can benefit from the transition

Ole Thomsen

All in all, this means that we are able to produce green energy for the same price for the customer as when we were using

Ole Thomsen

When we look at the life cycle assessment of the green energy that we are using, the wood pellets and the straw, we are reducing the CO2 emissions by approximately 90 percent compared to when we were using coal. Coal is still a cheaper fuel than wood pellets. But when you're using coal for heat production there is a CO2 tax on it, when you're using wood pellets for heat production there is no CO2

Jenny Hogan

The fact that we're seeing more and more large companies like BT contracting most or all of their power from sources like wind, solar, hydro and biomass shows that renewable energy makes good business sense. Renewables are already Scotland's biggest source of power – ahead of nuclear, gas and coal – and have the potential to provide half of all Scotland's energy – electricity, heat and transport -- by

Marie Pederson

I think we have enough evidence to say we should not shift to coal-burning power plants, and really it could be good to push for more clean energy sources, not only for birth weight but for many other outcomes

Andrew Leigh

We've committed to getting 50% renewables but the mechanism that we've used in the past has been a renewable energy target. That comes to an end and we believe an [emissions intensity scheme] EIS can take us to the point of having 50% renewables ... without the RET. We believe that the emissions intensity scheme does that job ... without a RET. One of the government's favourite backers, Bjørn Lomborg, not somebody Labor would usually support, says that every $1 invested in renewables gives you a pay back of $

Michael Gannon

The Australian Medical Association has clear positions about the risk of providing energy supply through fossil fuels and specifically the risk of brown coal, but somewhere in this we would call for common sense. We need stable base-load power as well, and we need grown-up conversations about gas and nuclear power while technology is developed to deliver renewable energy. The AMA is one of the leading advocates on the issue of climate health. It's just that the AMA has a global view on all of these issues, and I think we can walk and chew gum at same

Jay Weatherill

Projects of this sort, renewable energy projects, represent the

Jos Emeterio Gutirrez

(The regulator review) represents a major milestone toward bringing a new generation of safe, clean energy to the United Kingdom through the Moorside Project. In addition, it expands the global regulatory pedigree of the AP1000 plant design and further confirms Westinghouse's innovative safety

Shane Rattenbury

There's a certain pride in Canberra being a jurisdiction that is doing what the science tells us we need to do – embracing renewable energy and doing it in a way that is

Lawrence McIntosh

It's our flagship project for the Canberra community. That's about enough power for two to three hundred homes and we'll have in the range of 500 to 600 investors, who together own this solar power array. I think we've seen in other countries, in places like Denmark in particular, where I believe every single solar renewable energy installation, within about a 4km radius, about 50% of the ownership comes from within that radius. The reaction from the community to our project has been really

Shane Rattenbury

Canberra has taken on a 100% renewable energy target, delivered by 2020, and it will

Shane Rattenbury

We've achieved the lowest prices ever seen for renewable energy in

Dick Munson

If President Trump doesn't recognize it, we've seen that Republican governors do see an investment opportunity with efficiency and renewable energy. It was a symbol, and an important one, that suggests this is the path that our nation is going to take to tackle this challenge and do it in an investment- focused way. Backing away from that sends the wrong

Michael Gannon

I don't have a puritanical view of renewable energy. We must have secure energy supply in our country. The desire of health groups is to see a greater proportion of power coming from renewables, but we can't be risking blackouts that can also effect

Al Gore

Today's executive order, directing the EPA to begin rolling back environmental protections and policies including the CPP, is a misguided step away from a sustainable, carbon-free future for ourselves and generations to come. It is essential, not only to our planet, but also to our economic future, that the United States continues to serve as a global leader in solving the climate crisis by transitioning to clean energy, a transition that will continue to gain speed due to the increasing competitiveness of solar and

Mindy Lubber - CERES

By taking this backward step, the US risks a stalled transition to a low-carbon economy, thus giving China and other countries the upper hand as they embrace renewable energy and other low-carbon technologies that are proliferating all across the

Thomas E. Perez

At a time when we should be urgently investing in clean energy jobs and technology, Trump is giving the worst polluters free rein and pretending it's all about the

Rhea Suh

This is an all-out assault on the protections we need to avert climate catastrophe. It's a senseless betrayal of our national interests. And it's a short-sighted attempt to undermine American clean energy leadership. Trump is sacrificing our future for fossil fuel profits – and leaving our kids to pay the price. This would do lasting damage to our environment and public lands, threaten our homes and health, hurt our pocketbooks and slow the clean energy progress that has already generated millions of good-paying

John Podesta

This threat alone is no reason to give up hope that we can still avert the most severe impacts of climate change. If the US cedes its leadership in the global movement to curb greenhouse gas pollution, other major powers, most notably China, are primed to dominate the coming clean energy

Travis Nichols - Greenpeace

This proposed executive order gives us further proof that Trump isn't a leader, he's just a fossil fuel industry stooge with a presidential pen. Thankfully, for all his bluster, the best Trump can do is delay America's inevitable transition to clean energy, but he can't stop

Tomás Carbonell

These supporters will turn out in force to oppose the administration's outrageous attack on the United States' only nationwide limits on carbon pollution from power plants – safeguards that are essential to protecting our public health, securing a clean energy economy and yielding a safer climate for our

Stephanie Pfeifer

The pace and scale of change already underway in the global economy is remarkable and irreversible. Renewables have already overtaken coal as a global power source, electric vehicles are the growth segment of the auto industry and jobs are being created very rapidly in clean

Al Gore

There is a growing list of cities in the U.S. that have decided to go to 100 percent renewable energy. Another one just achieved renewable energy, two weeks ago, in Georgetown Texas, a fair sized city in

Johannes Remmel

We need to expand existing technology in practical ways in order to achieve renewable energy targets, but the energy transition will falter without investments in innovative research, in state-of-the-art technologies and in global lighthouse projects like

Marco Smit

We have plenty of space to build such a factory, our two seaports (Delfzijl and Eemshaven) supply infrastructure, we are close to big markets like Germany. In the Netherlands Tesla can make profitable tax deals and most importantly for Tesla, we can supply green

Rod Downie - World Wide Fund for Nature

We need to act now to lower our carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency, switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy and tackling climate change head

Trent McCarthy

We call it the 'nonna effect'. The nonna in the street has her solar on her roof. She's very proud, she tells all of her friends. It's social marketing 101. Solar Savers has been a little bit of a quiet rooftop revolution. We'd love to see this program scaled up but we know that one of the biggest barriers is actually the feed-in tariff. We'd like to see a fair price for solar, which means the power that people are generating on their roof, which is a renewable energy. They're getting a fair price compared to what they would be paying for fossil fuel energy from a power

Ian Chappell

I know very little, I certainly don't have a scientific mind [but] it made sense to me years ago that if you're one of the first uptakers in renewable energy, if you get in early, there's got to be a lot of jobs there. Everyone talks about the number of jobs that [the mine is] going to bring to that area of Queensland, but what about the people who work on the barrier reef in tourism and so on? Their jobs could well go down the

Nancy Pelosi

President Trump is not making anyone more secure with a budget that hollows out our economy and endangers working families. Throwing billions at defense while ransacking America's investments in jobs, education, clean energy and lifesaving medical research will leave our nation

Margie Alt - Environment America

Slashing EPA's overall budget by more than a third means the agency cannot adequately enforce our clean air and clean water safeguards. It is basically a 'get-out-of-jail-free card' for polluters. In addition, Trump's proposed budget underfunds environmental issues that matter to millions of Americans – like climate action, clean energy and our national

Neil Gorsuch

But as far as we know, all fossil fuel producers in the area served by the grid will be hurt equally and all renewable energy producers in the area will be helped equally. If there's any disproportionate adverse effect felt by out-of-state producers or any disproportionate advantage enjoyed by in-state producers, it hasn't been explained to this court. But that's when things took an interesting turn. Trying their hand at a little judicial jiu-jitsu, the plaintiffs sought to turn the defendants' victory against

Tuomas Riski

We are privileged and excited to be collaborating with Maersk Tankers, Shell, and the ETI on this project. We are optimistic that support for this trial from these industry leading organizations will open up the market for our technology to a larger number of long-range product tanker vessels – paving the way for ship fuel efficiencies, and ultimately reducing emissions, including greenhouse gases. As an abundant and free renewable energy, wind power has a role to play in supporting the shipping industry to reduce its fuel consumption and meet impending carbon reduction

Tuomas Riski

We are pretty confident we are in this kind of range. Wind is the only renewable energy available at large scale in the

John Constable

Overseas development projects have long been plagued with expensive failures, but the current crop of climate change and renewable energy initiatives are showing strong signs of being the most negligently conducted and scandalously wasteful to

Andrew M. Cuomo

Our investments in this clean energy resource create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, support economic growth, and help build a cleaner, greener New York for

Thomas Hsu

Renewable energy can reduce and replace a lot of traditional power generation - coal or nuclear power – only during peak electricity consumption

Matt Drum

We're still churning through our carbon budget pretty quickly and, if you run a trend line from when we made our Paris commitment, we're still way over and getting further and further behind. The only thing that's keeping us in the ballgame at all is our renewable energy generation. This makes sense when there's no other feasible carbon policy on the table at the moment. ERF [the emissions reduction fund] isn't doing it. Direct Action more broadly isn't going anywhere near it ….feedback

Alexandre Roesch

We need to build a major industrial project around solar and renewables. To start with, increasing the 2030 renewable energy target to at least 35% [up from 27%] will send a strong signal that Europe is back in the solar

Nikola Casule

The Commonwealth Bank knows it has one of the most recognisable brands in Australia, it also knows that most Australians support stronger action on climate change. [Chief executive] Ian Narev ... needs to decide whether he wants that brand associated with dirty coal or a future powered by clean renewable

Dave Clark -

As our fulfillment network continues to expand, we want to help generate more renewable energy at both existing and new facilities around the world in partnership with community and business leaders. We are putting our scale and inventive culture to work on sustainability–this is good for the environment, our business and our customers. By diversifying our energy portfolio, we can keep business costs low and pass along further savings to customers. It's a

Alan Robinson

The sustainability of our planet is in everybody's best interests. Renewable energy plays a massive role in that and hydropower is a significant contributor both historically and moving forward to the future.