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Donald J. Trump
The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. I will also cancel all wasteful climate change spending from Obama/Clinton. We are going to put our coal miners back to work. They have not been treated well, but they're going to be treated well now.
NEW Mar 28 2017
Climate change has been commented on by 328 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Climate change are: Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump, Ban Ki-moon and Mick Mulvaney. For instance, the most recent quote from Barack Obama is: “Our national interest would be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change. And frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership.”.
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James Delingpole - Breitbart News Network

Is the Great Barrier Reef dying due to climate change caused by man's selfishness and greed? Have they been out there personally – as I have – to check. No of course not.

Bernard Hoffschmidt

We'd need billions of tonnes of hydrogen if we wanted to drive aeroplanes and cars on CO2-free fuel. Climate change is speeding up so we need to speed up innovation.

Ska Keller

We are the first generation to really see the impacts of climate change but we are also the last generation that can do something about it. And if we get this wrong then we have a huge disaster in the future so let's do something about it now while we still can do it.

Joseph Ekimomor

I don't know what climate change is, but I know from all the changes – the constant droughts, the seasons are gone – these are changes happening in our land. Our life is becoming hard, and we can't do anything.

Rod Downie - World Wide Fund for Nature

We need to act now to lower our carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency, switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy and tackling climate change head on.

Mick Mulvaney

As to climate change, I think the president was fairly straightforward: We're not spending money on that anymore.

Shannon Wheeler

A friend suggested the idea. We were having coffee and … he said: 'You should illustrate Trump's tweets'. It might have been a joke to shut me up. I started work that night. I then solicited help, via my Twitter followers, to get a comprehensive Twitter text files. There are over 30,000. I read them sequentially. When I noticed themes, I'd collect them – global warming, windmills, David Letterman, Obama's vacation time and birth certificate, etc. I'd string together tweets to make a narrative arc.

Mick Mulvaney

We're not spending money on [climate change] anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money.

Jose Aguto

Once they accept the reality and science of climate change, we will have reached a tipping point in the political will for solutions.

Stephen Hawking

I would like to visit again and talk to other scientists. But I fear that I may not be welcome. He should replace Scott Pruitt at the Environmental Protection Agency. Climate change is one of the great dangers we face. And it's one we can prevent. It effects America badly, so tackling it should win votes for his second term. God forbid.

Stephen Hawking

Trump was elected by people who felt disenfranchised by the governing elite in a revolt against globalization. His priority will be to satisfy his electorate, who are neither liberal nor that well-informed. We have already seen this in the promise to build a wall along the Mexican border and the sanctioning of two oil pipelines and the appointment to the Environmental Protection Agency of Scott Pruitt, a man who does not believe carbon dioxide causes climate change.

Stephen Hawking

The reaction to the election of Donald Trump may have been overdone, but it represents a definite swing to a right-wing, more authoritarian approach. I have many friends and colleagues there, and it is still a place I like and admire in many ways. But I fear that I may not be welcome. Climate change is one of the great dangers we face, and it's one we can prevent.

Eswar Prasad - The Brookings Institution

The U.S. may have won this battle by forcefully imposing its will on the rest of the G20, but the outcome represents a step backward in U.S. global leadership on issues such as the promotion of free trade and tackling climate change.

Edwin Nelson

Personally I feel the media (and especially the ABC) tends to focus on progressive topics such as climate change, homosexual marriage and feminism – but neglects issues such as Judeo-Christian values, national identity and the problems with multiculturalism.

Julia Olson

Based on evidence we already have, it's pretty clear that Rex Tillerson, Exxon and API all knew that climate change was very significant and was being caused by burning fossil fuels. To the extent that we can get information through Wayne Tracker emails that they were openly acknowledging climate change was a big problem and trying to influence the government on how to deal with it, that helps our case.

Mick Mulvaney

Regarding the question as to climate change, the president was fairly straightforward. 'We're not spending money on that anymore.'.

Mick Mulvaney

You can expect reductions in the EPA that don't line up with the president's view on things like global warming and alternative energies.

Lynda V. Mapes

Climate change, the trees, streams, and puddles, and birds, bugs, and frogs, attest, is not a matter of opinion or belief. It is an observable fact.

Ian Chappell

If it has helped in that regard, to get some publicity in India and give people in India another view on it – and not the view that everyone in Australia is falling head over heels in love with this project – and if it's got that message across, it makes that worthwhile. I've got a wife who is one, intelligent, two, she's got a scientific mind, and three, a very strong social conscience. She's been on about climate change for 20 years, probably before most others, so I'm hearing about it regularly and obviously can make up my own mind.

Mick Mulvaney

You can expect reductions in the EPA that don't line up with the president's view on things like global warming and alternative energies. You will see a reduction in subsidies, a reduction of participation in those types of programs.

Mona Sarfaty

Doctors in every part of our country see that climate change is making Americans sicker. Physicians are on the frontlines and see the impacts in exam rooms. What's worse is that the harms are felt most by children, the elderly, Americans with low income or chronic illnesses, and people in communities of color.

Mona Sarfaty

Here's the message from America's doctors on climate change: it's not only happening in the Arctic Circle, it's happening here. It's not only a problem for us in 2100, it's a problem now. And it's not only hurting polar bears, it's hurting us.

John Gummer

Action to deliver a cleaner, more efficient energy system is already delivering benefits for households and businesses. U.K. emissions are falling – down 38% from 1990 to 2015 – while GDP has risen by almost 65% in the same period. Meanwhile, the typical household energy bill has fallen in real terms since 2012. The U.K.'s progress to reduce emissions, and its comparative advantage in important areas such as the automotive sector, offer opportunities for future growth and employment while delivering vital action to tackle climate change.

Simon Bullock - Friends of the Earth

This report shows we can tackle climate change and have lower energy bills – that's a massive win-win for consumers and our environment. But the U.K. still has some of the most heat-leaking housing in Europe, and measures to help households improve their energy efficiency have been slashed in recent years.

Vicki Arroyo

Cutting scientific research in E.P.A. and NASA and NOAA and other science agencies is not going to help us have more information on the causes and, more important, the effects of climate change.

Mick Mulvaney

As to climate change, I think the president was fairly straightforward: We're not spending money on that anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that.

Mick Mulvaney

You can expect reductions in the EPA that don't line up with the president's view on things like global warming and alternative energies. You will see a reduction in subsidies, a reduction in participation in those types of programs. The core functions of the EPA can be satisfied – beyond the core functions – can be satisfied with this budget.

Scott Pruitt

I would not agree that it's a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.

John Konkus

Administrator Pruitt's comments are perfectly in keeping with the scientific integrity policy. There is an ongoing scientific debate on climate change, its causes and its effect. That debate should be encouraged as the Administrator has done, not discouraged as Sierra Club is attempting to do.

Carlos Curbelo

We cannot ignore these challenges, and every member of Congress has a responsibility to our constituents and future generations to support market-based solutions, investments, and innovations that could alleviate the effects of climate change and make our nation more resilient.

J. Robinson West - Boston Consulting Group

There are two classes of companies – the independents, which are much more influential with this administration, and the global oil companies. The independents are anti-climate change ... all this stuff costs them money. The global companies operate all over the world. They have to operate at one standard - the highest standard - wherever they operate.

Mona Sarfaty

Here's the message from America's doctors on climate change: it's not only happening in the Arctic Circle; it's happening here. It's not only a problem for us in 2100; it's a problem now. And it's not only hurting polar bears; it's hurting us.

Mona Sarfaty

Doctors in every part of our country see that climate change is making Americans sicker. Physicians are on the frontlines and see the impacts in exam rooms. What's worse is that the harms are felt most by children, the elderly, Americans with low-income or chronic illnesses, and people in communities of color.

Tom Lovejoy

The National Academy of Science's review of the U.S. Global Change Research Program's Special Report not surprisingly reaffirms the basic science of climate change. Indeed every national academy in the world has concluded climate change is real and a serious threat to human well being.

Bram Ranzan

People are upset with the political elites because they don't see them offering real solutions to their problems. So shouldn't our leaders be talking more about how European cooperation can be a solution, especially when it comes to climate change, to the military, and big difficulties like that?

Christopher S. Murphy

American values don't begin and end with destroyers and aircraft carriers. American values come by helping countries fight corruption to build stability. American values flow through tackling climate change and building energy independence. American values come through humanitarian assistance whereby we try to stop catastrophes from happening.

Keith Seitter

We understand and accept that individuals and institutions both public and private can reach differing conclusions on the decisions and actions to be taken in the face of this reality [of climate change]. But mischaracterizing the science is not the best starting point for a constructive dialogue. We are not familiar with any scientific institution with relevant subject matter expertise that has reached a different conclusion.

Rex W. Tillerson - ExxonMobil

The risk of climate change does exist. The increase in greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is having an effect.

Alan Jeffers - ExxonMobil

This was not an alias used to discuss only climate change. It was an account used for everyday business by senior executives who needed to reach [Tillerson].

Terry Hughes

The reefs in muddy water were just as fried as those in pristine water. That's not good news in terms of what you can do locally to prevent bleaching – the answer to that is not very much at all. You have to address climate change directly.

Terry Hughes

Climate change is not a future threat. On the Great Barrier Reef, it's been happening for 18 years.

Terry Hughes

It broke my heart to see so many corals dying on northern reefs on the Great Barrier Reef in 2016. With rising temperatures due to global warming, it's only a matter of time before we see more of these events. A fourth event after only one year would be a major blow to the reef. The severity of the 2016 bleaching was off the chart. In its weakened state, the reef cannot afford the Adani mine.

David Kreutzer

No consensus exists that man-made emissions are the primary driver of global warming.

John Constable

Overseas development projects have long been plagued with expensive failures, but the current crop of climate change and renewable energy initiatives are showing strong signs of being the most negligently conducted and scandalously wasteful to date.

Alexey Kokorin - World Wide Fund for Nature

If we better protect the snow leopard from poaching, then we will raise its ability to adapt to climate change.

David Wachenfeld

In total, those extreme weather events and the overall impact of climate change is a major threat to the future of the reef.

Emma Herd

In terms of company reporting, the challenge for companies is that … any statement that is made around climate change as a financial risk is then interpreted through the prism of the political debate. So companies have to be incredibly cautious about statements that they are making and constantly apply that political lens and I think that is creating a level of conservatism that is inhibiting how companies talk about their strategic response to climate change.

David Ellsworth

The world pays a lot of attention to climate change modelling, including predictions on the amount of carbon that will be stored in trees. These reports are based on models and data taken largely from temperate forests where nutrients are in adequate supply, meaning that estimates on carbon absorption do not account for nutrient shortages on forest productivity. Australia's soils are very old and weathered by millions of years of sun and rain, meaning soils are very low in nutrients, and most of the available nutrients are tied up inside wood, leaves and roots.

Caroline Weinberg

The reason why so many people have become enthusiastic is that it's not specific to climate change or vaccinations, genetics or physics. It's a march for science in general, and everyone has a part of that to connect to.

Kathy Mulvey - Union of Concerned Scientists

He is an Exxon Mobil lifer who flew under the radar, but he seems to be following in the footsteps of Rex Tillerson. His line on climate change seems pretty similar. That's not true if we develop alternatives.

Elizabeth Candelario

This will provide a tool for farmers who continue to focus on building healthy soil, and give voice to power about biodynamic agriculture's role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Nikola Casule

The Commonwealth Bank claims to support the Paris Agreement's goal of keeping climate change to well below 2 degrees but it has lent more to fossil fuel projects since the Paris Agreement was signed than any other Australian bank.

Nikola Casule

The Commonwealth Bank knows it has one of the most recognisable brands in Australia, it also knows that most Australians support stronger action on climate change. [Chief executive] Ian Narev ... needs to decide whether he wants that brand associated with dirty coal or a future powered by clean renewable energy.

Julien Vincent

The first step to back up that commitment is to stop expanding the carbon fuel economy. We're not talking small projects, we're talking about opening up one of the largest offshore oil bases in Norway, or a new gas field in PNG. I think it's definitely become a lot harder for banks to fund coal because it's so clearly connected to climate change and other environmental and social issues.

Ken Kimmell - Union of Concerned Scientists

These vehicle efficiency and emissions rules have helped us cut oil use, reduce pollution, save money at the pump and reduce the risk of climate change.

George Divoky

They should have been going out ever since, certainly, the 1990s when climate change got to be an issue, and doing plots and actually measuring the changes in these birds, rather than going out now, and saying, 'Oh, by the way in the future, these things are going to happen,'.

George Divoky

They should have been going out ever since, certainly, the 1990s when climate change got to be an issue, and doing plots and actually measuring the changes in these birds, rather than going out now, and saying, Oh, by the way in the future, these things are going to happen.

Thoriq Ibrahim

Climate change is happening but we are not leaving the Maldives to the waves. We are going nowhere. The dream [of making the Maldives carbon neutral] is over. We are looking to be a low-carbon country.

John Quiggin

The price increases of the past decades and the series of recent breakdowns reflect systemic design flaws, exacerbated by the failure to take appropriate account of the implications of climate change. It is the only coherent response to the failure of neoliberal electricity reform, just as the establishment of a publicly owned national broadband network was the only feasible response to the failure of telecommunications reform.

John Sterman

Those countries with high ambitions for Paris may impose border adjustment tariffs on the US, which would dramatically increase the prospect of a global trade war. That is something that would be very unhelpful. If we withdraw from Paris or the UNFCCC, we make it much harder to limit the potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change. That would create a huge flow of refugees from the Middle East and elsewhere who will look to go to the US and Europe. There won't be a wall big enough to keep out people fleeing floods and crop failures.

Andrew King

Yes, people would have experienced 40C days several decades ago around different parts of Australia and in Sydney but we know that these incidences of very hot days are getting more frequent and we are setting more records for heat. The purpose of the analysis in this report is to raise awareness that climate change is already impacting on weather in Australia. Hopefully it motivates action on climate change, because we know what the solution to climate change is.

Bill Gates - Microsoft

I hope his administration will decide that funding R&D to invent the next generation of energy (clean, cheap, reliable) is a good deal for the U.S. and for the world. Climate change requires cooperation between countries over a period of decades but we don't have much time to waste.

Anthony Leiserowitz

For many Americans, even those that do accept that global warming is real and important, they still tend to think of it as distant.

Liam Goucher

We found in every loaf there is embodied global warming resulting from the fertilizer applied to farmers' fields to increase their wheat harvest. This arises from the large amount of energy needed to make the fertilizer and from nitrous oxide gas released when it is degraded in the soil.

Philip Dennison

If a campfire grows out of control during a wet, cool period, then it probably isn't going to grow into a large wildfire. Climate change loads the dice toward warmer, drier conditions that make it more likely that a fire will develop from human-caused ignitions.

Michael R. Bloomberg

Some of the most disastrous effects of climate change are out of sight – on the ocean floor. In fact, unless we take urgent action, 90 percent of coral reefs are expected to disappear by 2050.

Gabriel Yvon-Durocher

This accelerating effect in ponds, which could have serious impacts on climate change, is not currently accounted for in Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change models.

Gabriel Yvon-Durocher

This is the first experiment to investigate the long-term effects of warming in aquatic ecosystems. Given the substantial contribution small ponds make to the emission of greenhouse gases, it is vital to understand how they might respond to global warming. Our findings show that warming can fundamentally alter the carbon balance of small ponds over a number of years, reducing their capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and increasing emissions of methane.

Robert Murray

There's no scientific analysis either. I have 4,000 scientists that tell me global warming is a hoax. The Earth has cooled for 20 years.

Ben Cardin

He has not been at all committed to the United States' programs on dealing with climate change let alone our international responsibilities to lead other countries to do what they need to do.

Emmanuel Macron

This is your nation, . Your new president now has decided to jeopardize your budget, your initiatives, as he is extremely skeptical about climate change. Please come to France, you are welcome. It's your nation. We like innovation.

Emmanuel Macron

Please, come to France. You are welcome, it's your nation. We like innovation, we want innovative people, we want people working on climate change, energy, renewables and new technologies. France is your nation.

Emmanuel Macron

"I do know how your new president has now decided to jeopardise your budget, your initiatives as he is extremely sceptical about climate change. I have no doubt about climate change and how committed we have to be regarding this issue,"

Adam Matthews

This year promises to be an important year for issues of executive remuneration and climate change. Last year saw a number of high profile votes going against board recommendations and we expect this issue to continue to be high on shareholders' agenda in the 2017 voting season.

Richard Haass

Whether you're looking at terrorists or hackers or disease or climate change, everything gets on the conveyor belt of globalization. That's the problem, in some ways, ... with 'America First.' We need an approach to the world that essentially pushes back against the fact that all over, in every other country, things are happening that could hurt us.

Henrik Poulsen - DONG Energy

When you look at climate change and air pollution from fossil fuel production, it is no longer some abstract discussion about a future threat to the planet, it is quite real. This is something which is changing the lives of millions of people around the planet already today.

Edward J. Markey

For more than a month, Mr. Pruitt has not fully responded to inquiries, questions for the record, or requests for information on his record and views on clean air, clean water, and climate change.

Jeremy Corbyn

President Trump has torn up international agreements on refugees, he's threatened to dump international agreements on climate change, he's praised the use of torture, he's incited hatred against Muslims, he's directly attacked women's rights. Just what more, does President Trump have to do before the Prime Minister will listen to the 1.8m people who have already called for his state visit invitation to be withdrawn?

Richard Levick

On the global warming issue, scientists at the EPA have been copying their files onto thumb drives for fear of a draconian style of leadership in the EPA. It was no accident that within the last full week of the [Obama] administration is when the EPA announced this. And because Fiat Chrysler just announced more jobs in America, it's a favorable time for them to deal with Trump's administration.

Kizito Mazvimavi

About 30 percent of the population derive their livelihoods from small grains - but this could increase as maize continues to fail because of climate change, making small grains the reliant cereal.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Europe is facing a moment of truth. The issue is populism. What we are hearing from the U.S. encourages populism and even extremism. They are saying that Europe should not take immigrants, shouldn't stay together, not believe in climate change. Love thy neighbor' is part of this (American Christian) tradition, the act of helping others. We have signed international obligations, so welcoming refugees fleeing war and oppression forms part of our duties. President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel's southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Europe is facing a moment of truth. The issue is populism. What we are hearing from the U.S. encourages populism and even extremism. They are saying that Europe should not take immigrants, shouldn't stay together, not believe in climate change. We have signed international obligations, so welcoming refugees fleeing war and oppression forms part of our duties. The United States is responsible for the United States' policy on refugees.

Mary Creagh

The Prime Minister has said she won't be afraid to challenge the new President. So she should start by telling him climate change is not 'a hoa.

Georges Benjamin

It was hole in the world that needed to get filled. They were not sure what the new administration's position on climate change would be. This is primarily about health and not about politics.

Ashish Jha

The evidence is clear that climate change is a major threat facing the public's health. Openly discussing these scientific issues will help us prepare for this looming challenge and better protect the American people.

Keith Seitter

Many studies have shown just how strong that level of consensus in the scientific community is that climate change is happening, it's caused by humans and the impacts will be significant. It's not junk science.

Spencer Dale - BP

The actual implications of change in U.S. policy are unlikely to be a big game changer. The U.S. has played an enormous leadership role together with China in galvanizing international support (for action on climate change) .... Much of that improvement in the outlook for carbon emissions isn't happening in America. Improvements within America are due to energy efficiency ... which are still quite valued in an economy that encourages growth and competitiveness.

Theresa May

I recognise the role you have played in looking at this issue of climate change and I hope you recognise the commitment that this government has shown to this issue of climate change with the legislation that we have put through and the changes that we have brought about in terms of the energy sector and uses of different forms of energy. The Obama administration obviously signed up to the Paris climate change agreement. We have now done that. I would hope that all parties would continue to ensure that that climate change agreement is put into practice.

Rex W. Tillerson - ExxonMobil

I came to the conclusion a few years ago that the risk of climate change does exist and that the consequences of it could be serious enough that actions should be taken.

Donald J. Trump

To begin with, the whole push for renewable energy is being driven by the wrong motivation, the mistaken belief that global climate change is being caused by carbon emissions. If you don't buy that – and I don't – then what we have is really just an expensive way of making the tree-huggers feel good about themselves.

Denise Davis

The lawsuit does not challenge any of the provisions of AB 32, including cap-and-trade authority, nor the merits of climate change science.

Georges Benjamin

They had no idea or not whether the new administration would be supportive. I'm very much concerned about the precedent and very concerned about how [the Trump administration will] handle climate change going forward. The truth of the matter is we can pretend like climate change is not here, but ... it's a big issue. So we can put a name to it and try to fix it, or we can not put a name to it, but we're going to have to fix it anyway.

Barack Obama

Our national interest would be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change. And frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership.

Patricia Espionage - United Nations

Action on climate change and water is not only the right thing to do, but the smart thing to do.

Mark Baumer

On day 100 of crossing America barefoot I traveled from Defuniak Springs FL to Mossy Head FL. A tree/does some/thoughts/and/thinks/it doesn't/look good/for us. I am crossing America barefoot to save the earth. Climate change is the greatest threat we've ever faced as a civilization. A lot of scientists agree. I am not a scientist. I am a poet. I am also a regular human being. I don't know when it will end.

Kristie Ebi

In the long run, climate change is affecting the health of Americans. At some point, I hope they will go forward with the conference.

Chris Coons

I believe that climate change is a pressing national security threat. I believe that advocating for human rights, a free press, and democracy around the world advances our own security and economic interests here at home.

Nur Bekri

Today, we are facing climate change, and we know this is caused by our use of energy. That is why the Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of clean energy.

Mary Nichols

Climate change is impacting California now, and we need to continue to take bold and effective action to address it head on to protect and improve the quality of life in California.

Craig Bennett - Friends of the Earth

Donald Trump won't 'make America great again' if he ditches action on climate change and boosts his nation's addiction to dirty gas, coal and oil.

Craig Bennett - Friends of the Earth

The battle to prevent the world spinning towards catastrophic climate change is going to be a tough challenge – and, with a cheer-leader for the fossil fuel industry sitting in the Whitehouse, it's going to be tougher still.

Corinne Le Quere

Of course this is climate change, it's overwhelmingly climate change. Warming (is) nearly everywhere. The Arctic sea ice is collapsing. Spikes in fires from the heat. Heavy rainfall from more water vapour in the air.

Bernadette Woods Placky

If our world did not have human-caused climate change, we would see those temperatures fall back below average or even record cold.

Mark Maslin

Climate change is one of the great challenges of the twenty first century and shows no signs of slowing down. The decarbonisation of the global economy is the ultimate goal to prevent the worst effects of climate change. The hottest year on record is such a clear warning siren that even President-elect Trump cannot ignore.

Petteri Taalas - World Meteorological Organisation

2016 was an extreme year for the global climate and stands out as the hottest year on record. But temperatures only tell part of the story. Long-term indicators of human-caused climate change reached new heights in 2016. Carbon dioxide and methane concentrations surged to new records. Both contribute to climate change.

Jeff Orlowski - Sundance

How do you take climate change and make it emotional? How do we make science the hero, make it accessible to people who don't understand this stuff? There's such a compelling story buried within the numbers.

Ivanka Majic

And you're a man with great responsibilities. May I suggest more care on Twitter and more time learning about climate change.

Ian Simm

The (Paris) climate change agreement is one of the biggest stories of the next decade.

Myles Allen

It's clear they actually accept a great deal more of the science on the human impact on climate change than they're prepared to let on.

Corinne Le Quere

He's not as idealistic as some of the climate change deniers are. He's changed his mind on some topics so far.

Ian Goldin

The state of global politics is worse than it's been in a long time. At a time when we need more coordination to tackle issues like climate change and other systemic risks, we are getting more and more insular.

John Drzik

Artificial intelligence will enable us to address some of the great issues of our age, such as climate change and population growth, much more effectively. With investment into AI now ten times higher than it was five years ago, rapid advances are already being made. However, increased reliance on AI will dramatically exacerbate existing risks, such as cyber, making the development of mitigation measures just as crucial.

Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz - World Economic Forum

Urgent action is needed among leaders to identify ways to overcome political or ideological differences and work together to solve critical challenges. The momentum of 2016 towards addressing climate change shows this is possible, and offers hope that collective action at the international level aimed at resetting other risks could also be achieved.

Song Lianchun

Extreme weather has a certain connection with global warming. In fact, our country's overall climate and weather conditions are not very conducive for the dispersal of fog and smog - that is based on science. Looking at the long-term global warming trends, meteorological conditions are becoming an increasingly important factor in the formation of fog and smog, and furthermore, fog and smog are not unique to China.

Michael Mann

The fact that the U.S. has seen the two warmest years (2012 and 2016) within the past five years cannot be explained by chance. It bears the fingerprint of human-caused climate change.

John Kerry

I'm not going to speculate about the policies that our President-elect and his Secretary of State will choose to pursue, but I will tell you this ... some issues look a lot different when you're actually in office compared to when you're on the campaign trail. The truth is that climate change shouldn't be a partisan issue. It's an issue that all of us should care about, regardless of political affiliation.

Jenifer Kohout

In order to recover polar bears, we believe that we have to address the climate change problem over the long-term.

Donald J. Trump

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. This very expensive global warming bulls*** has got to stop.

John Bolton

I think Ban Ki-moon lived up to our expectations, which is not to say I agreed with every position he took on climate change and things like that.

Joji Carino

Biological and cultural diversity together increase resilience to social, environmental and climate change.

Jim Cramer

Needless to say, this is a tectonic shift versus the Obama administration, which has been a lot more focused on fighting climate change and protecting the environment.

Saleemul Huq

2016 truly marked the year of transition from endless talks and global negotiations on how to tackle climate change to moving into action by governments, provinces, cities, companies, parliaments and affected communities.

Robert Dunham

"America is in the midst of a major climate change concerning capital punishment". "Whether it's concerns about innocence, costs and discrimination, availability of life without parole as a safe alternative, or the questionable way in which states are attempting to carry out executions, the public grows increasingly uncomfortable with the death penalty each year".

Robert Dunham

I think we are watching a major political climate change concerning capital punishment, and it's reflected among reduced death sentences across the country.

Lawrence Nyagwande

We need to educate and train these village elders on the importance of... climate change adaptation measures like conservation agriculture and water harvesting.

Robert Dunham

America is in the midst of a major climate change concerning capital punishment. Whether it is concerns about innocence, costs, and discrimination, availability of life without parole as a safe alternative, or the questionable way in which states are attempting to carry out executions, the public grows increasingly uncomfortable with the death penalty each year.

Robert Dunham

America is in the midst of a major climate change concerning capital punishment. While there may be fits and starts and occasional steps backward, the long-term trend remains clear.

Donna Hume

The High Court has ruled that fracking can go ahead in beautiful Yorkshire, and we must rise to this latest challenge. The judge found that North Yorkshire councillors had assessed the impacts of climate change.

Richard Samans - World Economic Forum

I don't think that the framework for movement forward on climate change rests on any single country or indeed on any single government.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The Paris Agreement on climate change is a precious achievement that we must support and nurture. There is no turning back.

W.H. Karunarathne

The impact of climate change is here and clear. What we need now are measures to adjust to those changes.

Kim Kimmell

It could mean a significant weakening of the climate change regulations and initiatives during the Obama administration that have started us on the path toward lowering our carbon emissions.

Alex Perera

Irrespective of whether Perry believes in the science of climate change, what he is going to find is that the science of economics will drive a lot of these energy investment decisions.

Ben Sanderson

Now the proposal would have to be defensible without referring to climate change explicitly, so to talk about weather risks in general.

Mark Carney - Bank of England

With the right information, you can have optimists and pessimists (on climate change) ... back decisions with capital. This is about giving people the right information.

Mark Carney - Bank of England

The disclosure recommendations will give financial markets the information they need to manage risks, and seize opportunities, stemming from climate change.

Lily Sanya - International Organization for Migration

Due to climate change, Zimbabwe is also increasingly becoming a transit route for migrants from other countries such as the Horn of Africa and Malawi heading to South Africa and other parts of Africa.

Donald J. Trump

I'm still open-minded (about whether climate change is occurring). Nobody really knows. Look, I'm somebody that gets it, and nobody really knows. It's not something that's so hard and fast. I do know this: Other countries are eating our lunch.

Anne Hidalgo

Mayors have already stood up to say that the climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. Today, we also stand up to say we no longer tolerate air pollution and the health problems and deaths it causes – particularly for our most vulnerable citizens. Big problems like air pollution require bold action, and we call on car and bus manufacturers to join us.

Rhea Suh

The mission of the EPA and its administrator requires an absolute commitment to safeguard public health and protect our air, land, water and planet. That's the litmus test. By naming Pruitt, President-elect Trump has flunked. The American people did not vote to return to the country to the dirty old days or to turn a blind eye on dangerous climate change.

Tony Atti

That legislation, or at least agreement to that legislation, is staggering. Now, refrigeration companies and original equipment manufacturers have to find an alternative refrigerant. What's shocking to us is they're transitioning from a global warming emitting refrigerant to the same one used in your lighters – it's flammable.

Bernie Sanders

At a time when climate change is the great environmental threat to the entire planet, it is sad and dangerous that Mr. Trump has nominated Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. Mr. Pruitt's record is not only that of being a climate change denier, but also someone who has worked closely with the fossil fuel industry to make this country more dependent, not less, on fossil fuels.

Terry Tamminen

The President-elect expressed his desire for a follow-up meeting in January, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with the incoming administration as we work to stop the dangerous march of climate change, while putting millions of people to work at the same time.

José Graziano da Silva - FAO

Soils and pulses embody a unique symbiosis that protects the environment, enhances productivity, contributes to adapting to climate change and provides fundamental nutrients to the soil and subsequent crops.

Manuela Carmena

The quality of the air that we breathe in our cities is directly linked to tackling climate change. As we reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated in our cities, our air will become cleaner and our children, our grandparents and our neighbours will be healthier.

Marty Walsh

Warm weather in December (climate change?) caused ice skating path to melt, postponing today's opening. Sad!

Tim Rinne

He's a huge philanthropist, he's an international icon and he's extraordinarily smart. That puts him in an ideal position to make a statement for the entire world about addressing the perils of climate change.

Michael Tippett

It's not what we expected. Either it's not climate change because not everything is, or it is some aspect of climate change we don't understand yet.

Lawrence Haverty

They desperately need to acknowledge that climate change is happening, and that they need to change how they do business.

Gregor Robertson

In Canada and Australia we've had very difficult governments in recent years that have denied climate change and slowed down progress to adapt. We do our best with our national governments regardless of their stripes ... Trump's election certainly affects our overall state of confidence.

Clover Moore

Denial doesn't stop climate change accelerating so it's even more important for cities to do their bit. An important message from Sydney to the U.S. cities is: 'Notwithstanding a Trump–type government, you can get on and do an incredible amount,'.

Angela Merkel

Of course, I will then say that I believe that climate change is absolutely caused by people. We want to see how the positions develop.

Nora Berrahmouni

It's a battle against time, because dryland forests are disappearing and climate change is really happening - and more droughts and floods will not make the work easy.

Suchana Chavanich

Warmer oceans mean that fish don't grow to their full length. Coral bleaching caused by climate change means fish nurseries and their food sources are also under threat.

Suchana Chavanich

Overfishing plays a major role in the decimation of the fish stock in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, but climate change is just as big a threat.

Raul Grijalva

You have climate (change) deniers, industry lobbyists and energy conglomerates involved in that process. The pipeline companies are gleeful. This is pay-to-play at its rawest.

Ana Queirós

We've been looking at impacts (of climate change), but now we also need to look at solutions, for both the short term and the long term.

Danielle Fugere

Despite what the administration may or may not do, I really believe that corporations understand the risks posed by climate change.

Graham Kerr

Metallurgical (coking) coal is attractive long term. Because of uncertainty around carbon prices, because of uncertainties around climate change, we're not going to buy or develop new energy (thermal) coal.

Charles Ebinger - The Brookings Institution

If you believe with climate change there's gong to be more sea traffic of all kinds – not just oil and gas but all kinds – coming down through the Bering Sea and the Bering Strait, it's vitally important that we have a maritime capability to deal with whatever kind of potential disasters could occur.

Rush Holt

We must make clear that an official cannot wish away what is known about climate change, gun violence, opioid addiction, fisheries depletion, or any other public issue illuminated by research. We hope that President Trump will be more grounded in specific facts than was candidate Trump and pay more attention to the process of careful, open vetting of hypotheses and claims.

Keith Ahsoon

This is part of making history. This project will help lessen the carbon footprint of the world. Living on an island, you experience global warming firsthand. Beach erosions and other noticeable changes are a part of life here. It's a serious problem, and this project will hopefully set a good example for everyone else to follow.

Helima Croft - BC Capital

I think ... you could see the U.S. pulling back on renewable fuel standards, pulling back on CAFE standards. I think that could actually be supportive for oil demand. But ... I don't think climate change is going to be a big issue for this administration.

Brooke Barton - Ceres

With climate change, business-as-usual management of the more than 300 million tons of manure produced annually by the U.S. livestock industry is no longer feasible.

Grégoire Lory - Euronews

All the participants at COP 22 see the Marrakesh declaration as a strong positive sign. It shows also that the election of Donald trump hasn't dampened the ambitions of international community – even if the text just repeats the pledges already made by the participants to fight climate change.

Tina Johnson

No one country, no one man, no one person can control the outcome of the destiny that we all see as part of the writing on the wall that climate change is real, we need to act and we are going to do everything we can so I definitely think that the speeches over the past several days had that impact and effect on us as a civil society and over other countries as well.

Jennifer Morgan - Greenpeace

This is a group of countries that are the most vulnerable to climate change, but they are not sitting back and complaining about being vulnerable. They are acting and they are setting the pace for the type of change that we need to see in our world.

Erik Solheim

It is critical we do not reach the tipping point that will see peatlands stop sinking carbon and start spewing it into the atmosphere, destroying any hope we have of controlling climate change.

Liu Zhenmin

I hope the Republican administration will continue to support the process of tackling global warming. We have to expect they will take a right and smart decision.

Nick Hurd

The U.K. is ratifying the historic Paris Agreement so that we can help to accelerate global action on climate change and deliver on our commitments to create a safer, more prosperous future for us all. We are going to use this positive momentum to grow the U.K. low-carbon sector, which is already worth over 46 billion pounds, as we continue to provide secure, affordable and clean energy to our families and businesses.

Liu Zhenmin

We hope that the US will continue to play a leadership role in the climate change process as people are worried about a repeat of the experience of the Kyoto Protocol. We shall have to wait and see what position they will take, but we... expect that they will take a right and smart decision to live up to the world's expectations.

John Kerry

No one, no one should doubt the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the United States who know climate change is happening and who are determined to keep our commitments that were made in Paris.

Barry Parkin - Mars

It is vital that the business community demonstrates its ongoing commitment to tackling climate change. This is an important moment in global political and economic history, and we absolutely must come together to solve the immense challenges facing the planet. Climate change, water scarcity and deforestation are serious threats to society. It is imperative that global businesses, like Mars, do their part to face down those threats.

Donald J. Trump

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive. It's really cold outside, they are calling it a major freeze, weeks ahead of normal. Man, we could use a big fat dose of global warming!

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I hope he will really hear and understand the seriousness and urgency of addressing climate change. As President of the United States I hope he understands this, listens and evaluates his campaign remarks.

David Waskow

Climate change has moved from a silo issue to a core issue of diplomacy. Others will continue to see it this way.

Will Steffen

We need to ensure communities are prepared for increasing risks, as well as tackling climate change by transitioning away from coal, oil and gas, the drivers of climate change.

David Ray

This could be the turning point we have hoped for. To tackle climate change those bonds must be broken and here we have the first signs that they are at least starting to loosen.

Petteri Taalas - World Meteorological Organisation

The extra heat from the powerful El Nino event has disappeared. The heat from global warming will continue.

Petteri Taalas - World Meteorological Organisation

Because of climate change, the occurrence and impact of extreme events has risen. Once in a generation' heat waves and flooding are becoming more regular. Sea level rise has increased exposure to storm surges associated with tropical cyclones.

Stephane Hallegatte

Dealing with climate change and natural disasters and resilience is an important component of poverty reduction policy.

Didier Reynders

I think the debate at the moment is to see how Europe can strengthen its voice in the world. We have already spoken about matters of security and defense. That may also be true for matters of commerce, migration and climate change.

John Kerry

The evidence is mounting in ways that people in public life should not dare to avoid accepting as a mandate for action. Now the world's scientific community has concluded that climate change is happening beyond any doubt. And the evidence is there for everybody to see.

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

It's pretty terrifying when you throw out the list of all these issues. Global warming could be set back almost irreparably. And universal healthcare, that could be set back almost irreparably – help with refugees, all these issues, gay rights.

Greg Small

The public wants to act on climate change, but it wants to have a policy that cuts pollution and invests in clean energy solutions.

Gail Gatton

If not for this initiative, I don't think there would be anybody nationally talking about climate change. This was one really exciting option, but there are plenty of other things we could be doing.

Segolene Royal

If such decisions are taken it would be absolutely catastrophic. I dare to believe that such things are campaign promises to please a certain electorate which has not understood that global warming is a reality.

Narendra Modi

Today's signing of the Agreement for Cooperation in Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy marks a historic step in our engagement to build a clean energy partnership. Our cooperation in this field will help us combat the challenge of climate change. I also acknowledge the special significance that such an agreement has for Japan.

Lim Shuom - Greenpeace

Between the U.S. and China, now climate change has been elevated into not only an environmental issue but a geopolitical one between the most important two countries in the world.

Alex Daue

With at least one-fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions in this country coming from public lands, we know that they must play a role in addressing climate change.

Alden Meyer - Union of Concerned Scientists

It would be going nuclear. It would signal that the United States has no interest in cooperating with other nations on climate change.

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

Hard-earned progress on equality, women's rights, immigration and climate change are at risk. What type of message does Trump's victory send to young people about the behaviors, principles and attitude to others required to succeed in life?

Alden Meyer - Union of Concerned Scientists

It's clear that Donald Trump is about to be one of the most powerful people in the world, but even he does not have the power to amend and change the laws of physics, to stop the impact of climate change, to stop the rising sea levels. He has to acknowledge to reality of climate change. He has a responsibility as president-elect now.

Hilda Heine

President-elect Donald Trump has been the source of a lot of bluster on climate change over the last year. But now that the election campaign has passed and the realities of leadership settle in, I expect he will realise that climate change is a threat to his people and to whole countries which share seas with the US, including my own.

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

President-elect Donald Trump's stance on global warming is well known. Ironically, he contributed to the popularity of our recent 'Turn Down the Heat' report series for the World Bank by attacking it on Twitter. Yet apart from this, science cannot expect any positive climate action from him. The world has now to move forward without the US on the road towards climate-risk mitigation and clean-technology innovation.

Donald J. Trump

President Obama entered the United States into the Paris Climate Accords – unilaterally, and without the permission of Congress. This agreement gives foreign bureaucrats control over how much energy we use right here in America. We're going to cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and stop all payments of U.S. tax dollars to U.N. global warming programs.

Donald J. Trump

If the United States is seen as going rogue nation on climate change, it will have implications for everything else he wants to do - and I think he will understand that.

Simon Schama

Nato will be under pressure to disintegrate, the Russians will make trouble, 20 million people will lose their health insurance, climate change [policies] will be reversed, bank regulation will be liquidated. Do you want me to go on? Of course it's not Hitler. There are many varieties of fascism. I didn't say he was a Nazi although neo-Nazis are celebrating.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

We are going to need to understand what the new president will want to do. What is going to happen to the Paris climate change deal? On the Iran nuclear deal? These are key questions that we are already asking ourselves.

Katie McGinty

Donald Trump says climate change is a hoax by the Chinese, and Pat Toomey's standing with him. We're standing with her, and climate change is on the ballot!

Stefan Rahmstorf

Halting global warming at a manageable level, as the world's nations decided in the Paris Agreement, is now a race against time.

Roger McNamee

There are so many exciting things to invest in right now, like climate change technology. Like various forms of information technology. Medical technology. But people are not going to do that if they believe there is a risk of somebody getting in there and blowing up the system, either through Congress or through the presidency or in the streets.

Marco Springmann

It's clear that if we continue with our diets as projected we have no chance of keeping global warming [under control].

Adjo Bokon

Trump becoming President? I personally don't have problem with it. But what does the guy want to do? Is he conscious of what is going on with climate change?

David Sandalow

Climate change is a marathon, not a sprint, and the agreement sets a course for the marathon in the years ahead.

Erik Solheim

We are moving in the right direction: the Paris Agreement will slow climate change, as will the recent Kigali Amendment to reduce HFCs. They both show strong commitment, but it's still not good enough if we are to stand a chance of avoiding serious climate change.

Amin Nasser

It is a company that will convert Co2 to valuable chemical products. It is very important, especially when we talk these days about climate change. This investment is spot on.

Jackie Farris

They weren't aware that climate change was having this impact on Nigeria.

David Attenborough

Escalating pressures, such as climate change and modern land management, mean that we continue to lose the precious wildlife that enriches our lives and is essential to the health and well-being of those who live in the U.K., and also in its Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. Our wonderful nature is in serious trouble and it needs our help as never before.

Trevor Hutchings

We know the causes of this environmental decline. Things like pollution, it's about overconsumption, it's about habitat destruction, it's about overuse of water, overfishing. And all of that is compounded by the effects of climate change.

Joel Guiot

The Paris Agreement says it's necessary to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), if possible 1.5 degrees. That doesn't seem much to people, but we wanted to see what the difference would be on a sensitive region like the Mediterranean.

Kristen Monsell

This is a huge victory for bearded seals and shows the vital importance of the Endangered Species Act in protecting species threatened by climate change. This decision will give bearded seals a fighting chance while we work to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions melting their sea-ice habitat and keep dirty fossil fuels in the ground.

Petteri Taalas - World Meteorological Organisation

The year 2015 ushered in a new era of optimism and climate action with the Paris climate change agreement. But it will also make history as marking a new era of climate change reality with record high greenhouse gas concentrations. The El Niño event has disappeared. Climate change has not.

Petteri Taalas - World Meteorological Organisation

But it will also make history as marking a new era of climate change reality with record high greenhouse gas concentrations. The El Niño event has disappeared. Climate change has not.

Petteri Taalas - World Meteorological Organisation

The year 2015 ushered in a new era of optimism and climate action with the Paris climate change agreement. But it will also make history as marking a new era of climate change reality with record high greenhouse gas concentrations. The El Nino event has disappeared. Climate change has not.

Hillary Clinton

I think it is imperative that we look at the Keystone pipeline as what I believe it is – a distraction from important work we have to do on climate change. And unfortunately from my perspective, one that interferes with our ability to move forward with all the other issues. Therefore I oppose it.

Anne Finucane - Bank of America

Addressing global issues like climate change and the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future takes collaboration, innovation and investment.

Elizabeth Mpofu

We are growing a diversity of small grains which are doing very well in this climate change.

Jessica Blunden

It's kind of nice to see it cool down a little bit even though it will go back up again. It may not be a record now because we have natural variations in weather and climate. There's always going to be ups and downs but that doesn't mean global warming isn't happening.

Andrew DeWit

Kashiwazaki-Kariwa is of course very symbolic for a lot of people. The sad fact is that without some nuclear restarts, Japan is going to burn more coal and that's not sustainable. Climate change has become a much bigger threat since March 2011.

Kostas Stamoulis - FAO

Climate change is already happening, there is an increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events.

José Graziano da Silva - FAO

There is no doubt climate change affects food security. What climate change does is to bring back uncertainties from the time we were all hunter gatherers. We cannot assure any more that we will have the harvest we have planted.

Erik Solheim

Last year in Paris, we promised to keep the world safe from the worst effects of climate change. Today, we are following through on that promise. This is about much more than the ozone layer and HFCs. It is a clear statement by all world leaders that the green transformation started in Paris is irreversible and unstoppable. It shows the best investments are those in clean, efficient technologies.

Vivienne Westwood

I don't expect the world to change with Hillary Clinton. You know we're all going for climate change. I'm not pro-Trump. If I would be American, I would not vote for either of them except if there's a green person I would vote for a green person.

Cynthia DiVincenti

We seem to be having more and more flooding events, be it climate change or other things. We're seeing areas that are experiencing flooding events that may not have experienced them in the past.

Erik Solheim

Expect more of this extreme weather if we don't fight against climate change.

Brian Fallon

Climate change is one of the issues where the difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is night and day. For many of the core supporters we are seeking to galvanize in the remaining weeks of the campaign, including young voters, communicating the boldness of her plan is important.

Hillary Clinton

Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change right now.

Heather Hargreaves

We've seen throughout this campaign that climate change is an issue that millennials care about deeply.

Gunnar Luderer - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

If the world is serious about tackling climate change, the world's energy mix in 2050 will have to look fundamentally different from the one we have today. Limiting global warming to well below 2°C, as agreed by the international community at the climate summit in Paris last year, requires close to carbon-free electricity supply and a drastic reduction of fossil fuel use in the industry, transportation and buildings sectors.

Gunnar Luderer - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Limiting global warming to well below 2°C, as agreed by the international community at the climate summit in Paris last year, requires close to carbon-free electricity supply and a drastic reduction of fossil fuel use in the industry, transportation and buildings sectors.

John Abatzoglou

We're no longer waiting for human-caused climate change to leave its fingerprint on wildfire across the western U.S. It's already here. Over the last several decades we've seen longer fire seasons, larger fires and more area burned - and those observations led us to ask, Why?' What we found was that human-caused climate change played a resounding role in observed increases in forest fire activity.

Helen Rimmer

Instead of shoving us down a dangerous path that inevitably leads to climate change, the government should invest in renewables and energy efficiency.

John Kerry

It is another significant step in the global movement to take ambitious action to address climate change exemplified by yesterday's action to cross the threshold for the Paris Agreement to enter into force.

Catherine McKenna

This is a really great day ... after 10 years of inaction, of not taking serious steps to tackle climate change, we're finally doing it.

Michael Oppenheimer - O'Neal

There's a lot of hard work ahead to fulfill the main Paris goal, avoiding dangerous climate change. Without focused efforts starting now, we are not going to avoid falling over a very steep cliff.

David Waskow

It's clearly a momentous moment in terms of global action on climate change. This has been much more rapid than anticipated and demonstrates political support for the agreement.

Farhan Haq - United Nations

By the end of the day, we expect the Paris agreement on climate change to have crossed the second and final threshold needed for it to enter into force.

Randall Kosaki

There is a time sensitivity to this exploration because due to climate change and other factors we're at risk of losing species before we even know they exist.

Justin Trudeau

There is no hiding from climate change. It is real and it is everywhere. We cannot undo the last 10 years of inaction. What we can do is make a real and honest effort - today and every day - to protect the health of our environment, and with it, the health of all Canadians.

Lilian Wanjiru Mbuthia

This, in the long term, will mitigate negative climate change effects and result in increased confidence towards attaining food security in East Africa.

Shuman Ghosemajumder - Shape Security

It is like an ecological disaster. But pick the right disaster. It's more like global warming than it is an earthquake. ... It builds up gradually.

John Sterman

The U.S., states and cities will need to adopt more ambitious policies, and soon, to be able to fulfill our commitment under the Paris agreement. To avoid the worst consequences of climate change, the U.S. and all nations must cut emissions sooner and by more than called for under the Paris agreement. There's simply no time to lose.

Anne Finucane - Bank of America

Addressing global issues like climate change and the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future takes collaboration, innovation and investment. The expansion of our operational goals to 2020, achieving carbon neutrality, and the purchase of 100% renewable electricity build on our existing environmental commitment and responsible growth strategy. This demonstrates the measurable actions we are taking to reduce our environmental impacts.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The Earth assails us with rising seas, record heat and extreme storms. With the Paris Agreement on climate change, we are tackling the defining challenge of our time.

Jerry Brown

This bill curbs these dangerous pollutants and thereby protects public health and slows climate change.

Jerry Brown

Cutting black carbon and other super pollutants is the critical next step in our program to combat climate change. We're protecting people's lungs, their health by cutting out the poisonous chemical that comes out of diesel trucks that comes out of many sources in what is known as black carbon.

Mark Serreze

We've always known that the Arctic is going to be the early warning system for climate change. What we've seen this year is reinforcing that.

Mark Serreze

We've always known that the Arctic is going to be the early warning system for climate change. What we've seen this year is reinforcing that… It's a tremendous loss that we're looking at here.

Alice Thomas - Refugees International

States will need to commit to supporting the most climate-vulnerable countries to take concrete measures to avert, minimise and address climate displacement through increased investments in disaster risk reduction, building the resilience of the most vulnerable, and by addressing gaps in the international legal framework for those forced to flee climate change.

Kevin E. Trenberth

This is indeed why the polar bear is a poster child for human-induced climate change, but the effects are not just in the Arctic.

Geir Lode - Hermes

2016 really was the year that responsible investing came of age. From Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, highlighting the risk that climate change poses to financial stability through to the increased adoption of ESG market indices, it seems that the investment world has accepted that factors beyond traditional financial metrics can be material.

Geir Lode - Hermes

From Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, highlighting the risk that climate change poses to financial stability through to the increased adoption of ESG market indices, it seems that the investment world has accepted that factors beyond traditional financial metrics can be material.

Colin Apse

Depending on the green infrastructure investments chosen, a Cape Town Water Fund could lead to a range of climate change adaptation benefits.

Josh Earnest

Italy is one of our closest and strongest allies and we cooperate across a range of shared interests from addressing climate change and the global refugee crisis, to promoting global security and inclusive economic growth.

Laura Tuck - World Bank Group

We hope this study will translate the cost of premature deaths into an economic language that resonates with policy makers so that more resources will be devoted to improving air quality. By supporting healthier cities and investments in cleaner sources of energy, we can reduce dangerous emissions, slow climate change, and most importantly save lives.

Michael Byers

And yet, by actually taking advantage of climate change, it's contributing to the problem because the ship has a very large carbon footprint of its own.

Jerry Brown

These bills today, they keep California on the move, and are far-reaching. Climate change is real – and knowing that, California is taking action.

Brendan Cummings

"This is a huge victory in the fight to protect our water and wildlife from fracking pollution and dangerous drilling". "The Obama administration must get the message and end this reckless rush to auction off our public land to oil companies. As California struggles against drought and climate change, we've got to end fracking and leave this dirty oil in the ground".

Brendan Cummings

This is a huge victory in the fight to protect our water and wildlife from fracking pollution and dangerous drilling. The Obama administration must get the message and end this reckless rush to auction off our public land to oil companies. As California struggles against drought and climate change, we've got to end fracking and leave this dirty oil in the ground.

Alex Doukas - Oil Change International

As more governments take the important step of ratifying the Paris Agreement on climate change, they must stop giving handouts to big polluters, which undermine the spirit and the letter of the Paris deal.

Bounnhang Vorachith - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Multifaceted security challenges have occurred in many parts of the world, such as terrorism and extremism, natural disasters, climate change, migration crisis, trafficking in people, territorial disputes and armed conflicts. At the same time, although the global economy has gradually recovered, growth remains slow and fragile.

Chris Field - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

This experiment really puts to bed the idea of a greener hypothesis where ecosystems save us from the implications of human-induced climate change.

Erich Pica

We'll see what happens, how serious Secretary Clinton is about climate change and energy use based on her appointees and her advisors.

Barack Obama

Our response to climate change bears on the future of our people and the well-being of mankind.

Jennifer Morgan - Greenpeace

This signals a new era in global efforts to address climate change. [China and the U.S.] now need to scale and speed up their efforts in charting a future that avoids the worst impacts of climate change. Today's commitment brings the possibility of the Paris Agreement entering into force early much closer to reality.

Brian Deese

The signal of the two large emitters taking this step together and taking it early, far earlier than people had anticipated a year ago, should give confidence to the global communities and to other countries that are working on their climate change plans, that they too can move quickly and will be part of a global effort.

Brian Deese

For decades, it was as if China and the U.S. were the captains of two opposing teams in a match debating approaches to climate change. And if we were going to find a successful path out of Copenhagen's failure, we were going to have to change that.

Barack Obama

We are here together because we believe that for all the challenges that we face, the growing threat of climate change could define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other challenge.

Alden Meyer - Union of Concerned Scientists

All countries will need to raise the ambition of their commitments under the agreement if we're to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and reach a goal of net zero global warming emissions by mid-century. But this is an important step forward that reinforces the US and China's continued leadership in building a robust, durable international climate framework.

Barack Obama

There are countries that now are at risk, and they have to move as a consequence of climate change. When I grew up, you'd see these turtles all the time. But you'd never see them beaching like this, basking in the sun.

Jack Kittinger

As an island state, Hawaii is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including increased storms, coral bleaching as well as local impacts that place our reefs at risk. CI is grateful to the Governor for committing to protect our natural environment so that it can continue to benefit our communities now and into the future.

Barack Obama

When it comes to climate change, there's a dire possibility of us getting off-course, and we can't allow that to happen.

Jerry Brown

California's combatting climate change on all fronts and this plan gets us the most bang for the buck. It directs hundreds of millions where it's needed most – to help disadvantaged communities, curb dangerous super pollutants and cut petroleum use – while saving some for the future.

Mark Wilson - Aviva

Climate change, in particular, represents the mother of all risks – to business and to society as a whole. And that risk is magnified by the way in which fossil fuel subsidies distort the energy market. These subsidies are simply unsustainable.

Ricardo Lara - Bell

With this bill we prove again that California doesn't shy away from tackling major climate change legislation. We lead.

Seth Horstmeyer

Having the president standing in a place that could disappear would be a powerful message on climate change and ocean health.

Barack Obama

The challenges of conservation and combating climate change are connected, they're linked.

Ann E. Carlson

If you can illustrate how some of the most beautiful places on our planet are potentially jeopardized ... it makes it more concrete and more real. One of the difficulties in getting people passionate about climate change is getting them to be able to mentally picture what's at stake because you can't see carbon dioxide emissions.

Harry M. Reid

He has not backed off. He is somebody who has been unrelenting in recognising that climate change is not a scientific hoax.

Karen Janssens - Veco

Many studies prove that coffee production will move higher up because of global warming. For this reason, cocoa could be an alternative for producers whose estates are in lower zones.

Laura Rehrmann

Climate change is about more than sea ice and polar bears. It is also about whether the air will be safe so your children can go play outside.

John Balmes

Our study using climate change projection shows that there will be very few cities at the end of the century that will be able to hold the summer Olympics as we know them today.

Marshall Shepherd

I honestly believe that low science literacy allows people to fall for things that make no sense. For example, when it is cold or a snowy day, I may get a comment like 'There is 20 inches of global warming in my yard.' While that is a cute, snarky comment, it really illustrates a lack of understanding of weather versus climate.

Diane Cowan - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

I am definitely bearing witness to climate change. I read about climate change. I knew sea level was rising but I saw it and, until it impacted me directly, I didn't feel it the same way.

Kathy J. Willis

I think on the positive (in the report), we're still discovering a lot of new plants. 2,000 new plant species a year on average. And we're finding new plants for food, for fuel, for drugs. On the negative, we're seeing a huge change in land cover type, mainly driven by agricultural activity. A little bit of climate change in there as well.

Louise Bragge

Bamboo can help rural communities become less vulnerable to poverty and climate change impacts when people include the grass in sustainable forestry and agro-forestry systems.

William Colgan

Two generations ago, people were interring waste in different areas of the world, and now climate change is modifying those sites. It's a new breed of climate change challenge we have to think about.

James Cameron

We made this film to show the reality of climate change – how it's directly affecting millions of people each day. As I've said before, to save our planet we need to mobilise like we did during the second world war – the threat to our country and children is that severe.

Jill Stein

We got women's right to choose under that Supreme Court by standing up and refusing to take no for an answer. We see justices change over time, and some of the most progressive judges were appointed by conservatives. So the question is, are we going to throw ourselves over the cliff here? Would you take climate change so that you can have abortion rights?

Tim Smit

I think the replanting of trees, major trees, around the world is absolutely crucial as one of the constituent parts to mediating the impact of climate change.

Lois Galgay Reckitt

The issue for me is I'm a scientist and I live near the ocean. It's absolutely clear to me that climate change is happening, and it worries me. I will fight this tooth and nail.

Julian Poulter

Insurers are specialists in risk management, but while they may understand the implications of climate change in their underwriting, they are failing to join the dots on the investment side.

Rachel Lamb

In an age where the Republicans are particularly interested in winning the presidency, they are not supporting an agenda that reflects that most Americans recognize climate change is a problem.

Rachel Kyte - World Bank Group

There were an extraordinary number of agreements that were reached in 2015 around the future of development, how we see society and the planet, and how we will combat climate change.

Brian Morton

China will take no notice of the Hague ruling. And it will be virtually impossible to restore the reefs given global warming and destructive fishing techniques continuing.

Femke De Jong

So these emissions urgently need to be addressed. So the deal agreed yesterday is a first step to actually regulating these emissions. However it is not sufficient to limit global warming levels that are considered safe.

Mary Robinson

We have to do it differently next time - we cannot have an El Niño aggravated by climate (change) undermine development hugely, drastically. We will never achieve the Sustainable Development Goals unless we address this.

Andrew Dessler

The main lesson is that it shows us how vulnerable we are to climate change. People frequently think that, Oh, we'll just adapt to climate change.' But we're learning that it's going to be a lot harder than people realize to do that. How do you adapt to the amount of rain that West Virginia got?

Jim Yong Kim - World Bank Group

India's plans to virtually triple the share of renewable energy by 2030 will both transform the country's energy supply and have far-reaching global implications in the fight against climate change. The World Bank Group will do all it can to help India meet its ambitious targets, especially around scaling up solar energy.

Donald J. Trump

We do not need a president whose cornerstone of his campaign is -- bigotry, is insulting Mexicans, and Latinos, and Muslims and women; who does not believe in the reality of climate change when virtually every scientist who has studied this issue understands we have a global crisis. This is not somebody who should become president.

Rhea Suh

For years, we heard you can't fight climate change without nuclear power. That's wrong, of course. We're clearly on our way.

John Kerry

There is no mistaking that we are contributing to climate change, we human beings have choices that can undo the damage. There is profound change throughout the Arctic.

Jonathan Overpeck

We should anticipate more and more of this extreme heat, and we're getting to feel it firsthand. It is what global warming looks and feels like.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

National borders do not defend against climate change, emerging diseases or economic shocks. Our challenges are global and universal and it is only as a global family that we can overcome them.

Geert Jan van Oldenborgh

It was very weird weather. It was made more likely due to climate change.

Isaac Smith

All around the ice cap, there is evidence for a climate change from ice age to interglacial period.

Rachel Kyte - World Bank Group

The implications of unmitigated climate change for the UAE make its cities unbearably hot, water even more scarce and the region more unstable. Action alone and collectively to live in balance with the planet is fundamental for UAE's future prosperity.

Robert Glasser - UNISDR

It is artificial, a false dichotomy, to distinguish between environment and conflict because increasingly with climate change we will see that being a contributor to conflict.

Tom Tidwell - Forest Service

This is not weather. This is climate change. That's what we're dealing with.

Ken Paxton

What is Exxon Mobil's transgression? Holding a view on climate change that the Virgin Islands attorney general disagrees with. This is about the criminalization of speech and the criminalization of thought.

Jan van Gils

That makes me very pessimistic that climate change is something that will not stop and the population size is going down rapidly. So I foresee big problems in the future for this species and probably not only for this species. this is likely to happen to other species in the High Arctic.

Jos Lelieveld

Climate change will significantly worsen the living conditions in the Middle East and in North Africa. Prolonged heat waves and desert dust storms can render some regions uninhabitable, which will surely contribute to the pressure to migrate.

Patrick J. Egan

For those of us who are deeply concerned about climate change, our findings are disheartening.

Liu Pengfei

As sea ice has declined due to global warming, Arctic navigation has increasing possibilities. That's why we need guidance for ships with the Chinese flag.

Christiana Figueres - United Nations

We are two minutes to midnight on climate change. If you ask me, the Paris agreement is 10 years too late. The quality of investment today equals the quality of energy tomorrow – equals the quality of life forever. It is not correct to think we are going to deal with climate change tomorrow. We have to deal with it today.

Sarah Palin

I'm very passionate about this issue. We've been told by fearmongers that global warming is due to man's activities and this presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way.

Carlos Rittl

It is very clear that the federal government is struggling for its political survival. As a consequence, the climate change agenda is frozen.

John Roome - World Bank Group

If we don't act, climate change threatens to drive 100 million more people into poverty in the next 15 years. The Action Plan will allow us to help developing countries more quickly, and in the areas where support is most needed, such as disaster preparedness, social protection, and coastal protection.

Bethany Cotton - WildEarth Guardians

Wolverines are incredibly tough animals, but they will need our protection to survive climate change.

Dana Christensen

No greater level of certainty is needed to see the writing on the wall for this snow-dependent species standing squarely in the path of global climate change.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As we all know, the United States and China are the two biggest contributors, and I think that China has made radical movements forward as far as alternative energy and ways to be sustainable. I really think that China can be the hero of the environmental movement, they can be the hero of the climate change movement. They have an opportunity to change the world and I have all the confidence in the world that that is their intention.

Cindy Shogan - Alaska Wilderness League

The administration must take Arctic leases out of the final five-year plan. No place has potentially more to lose due to climate change than the Arctic.

Kate Brown

Oregon is known to be a leader in [stupidity] clean-energy programs, investing in energy efficiency and recognizing the risk of climate change.

Julián Ramírez-Villegas

This study tells where, and crucially when, interventions need to be made to stop climate change destroying vital food supplies in Africa. We know what needs to be done, and for the first time, we now have deadlines for taking action.

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

Removing fossil fuel subsidies would go a long way to cutting consumption. If subsidies were removed and carbon prices set properly now and taxed that would go a long way in addressing the climate change issues the world is facing.

Leonardo DiCaprio

To my parents, none of this parents without you. To my friends, I love you dearly; you know who you are. And lastly, I just want to say this: Making 'The Revenant' was about man's relationship to the natural world, a world that we collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history. Our production needed to move to the southern tip of this planet, just to be able to find snow. Climate change is real. It is happening right now. ... Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take tonight for granted. Thank you so very much.

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

It seems highly likely to me that climate change poses a major problem for the planet. But when you are thinking only as a shareholder of a major insurer, climate change should not be on your list of worries.

Paul Williams

The aviation industry is facing pressure to reduce its environmental impacts, but this study shows a new way in which aviation is itself susceptible to the effects of climate change. This effect will increase the fuel costs to airlines, potentially raising ticket prices, and it will worsen the environmental impacts of aviation.

Mark Parran

But I guess due to global warming it's gotten earlier. It's on track right now. We had a big run on Jan. 31 into the first of February.

Sarah Chappell

Although Africa contributes the lowest share of carbon emissions, it is the continent most susceptible to climate change. Its unique vulnerability is exacerbated by widespread poverty.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Climate change undermines development gains. If we do not properly police this Paris agreement, then the remaining 16 sustainable development goals will be undermined.

Barack Obama

The challenges of conservation and combating climate change are connected. They are linked.

Barack Obama

We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

It [climate change] is the challenge of our era. It's not the cinema world. There are no special effects nor screenplays that can change the ending.

Edward Mason

The resolution is part of a much wider trend following the Paris Agreement for investors to ask companies to improve disclosure on how they are positioned for the risks and opportunities posed by climate change.

Edward Mason

We are delighted with the scale of support this resolution has received so far. The resolution is part of a much wider trend following the Paris Agreement for investors to ask companies to improve disclosure on how they are positioned for the risks and opportunities posed by climate change.

Xi Jinping

Addressing climate change should not deny the legitimate needs of developing countries to reduce poverty and improve people's living standards.

Francois Hollande

We want an agreement to be reached, not just any agreement, but one that is ambitious and binding, an agreement which can be reviewed so as to reach our aim to limit global warming to less than 2 ºC by the end of the century.

Justin Trudeau

I will be engaging with the premiers in the coming weeks to establish a strong position for Canada, so that people know that Canada's years of being a less than enthusiastic actor on the climate change file are behind us.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

The pontiff's visit has not escaped the nasty divisions of political Washington. Democrats believe they now have a pope who is on their side on hot topics like Iran, Cuba, climate change and economics – which makes Republicans angry. The perfect setting for the papal address before Congress this Thursday.

Paul Ekins

I happen to think that food security is too important, especially in an area where global population is growing very fast and we're not certain what is going to happen with climate change. I happen to think it's worth keeping a good farming community and it's worth having subsidies to that effect.

Fabien Farge

Six months ahead of the Paris meeting on climate change, here in Lyon the climate summit for regions and provinces is underway. It's holding events and workshops on topics such as deforestation, land solutions and global warming.

Barack Obama

We're going to discuss our shared future, the global economy that creates jobs and opportunity, maintaining a strong and prosperous European Union, forging new trade partnerships across the Atlantic, standing up to Russian aggression in Ukraine, combating threats from violent extremism to climate change.

John McCain

There is no strategy. And anybody that says that there is, I'd like to hear what it is, because it certainly isn't apparent now and…. right now we are seeing these horrible, reports are now in Palmyra, they're executing people and leaving their bodies in the streets. Meanwhile, the President of the United States is saying the biggest enemy we have is climate change.

Sébastien Pant

The best way of tackling climate change is to fight energy consumption.

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

Let's look at the environmental issues, we have asked our social media audience to send in questions and we have hordes of questions. We received this question from Enoa Agoli who asks, when you look at this issue of the environment and you look at it through a philosopher's lens, what do you think about climate change?

Alain Hubert

Mostly when we talk about climate change in Antarctica we talk about the western peninsula, which has the same problem as we have in the Alps in Europe, or in the Andes, with the melting of the ice. But East Antarctica is a place where you get more accumulation at the moment.

Alain Hubert

Climate change is not a linear phenomenon but it's happening now and the poles are the first witnesses to monitoring this change.

Benigno Aquino

We must not just deal with the aftereffects of climate change but with its primordial causes. In this light, we as a developing country, welcome the countries like France which have emerged as champions in global partnership to address this issue.

Marylyn Haines Evans

Nobody likes to waste energy, and at a time when energy bills are increasing, having appliances designed to be sparing with electricity is definitely a good thing for your household finances. Coffee is one of the many products threatened by climate change, so it's also good to know that when you're making a cup, you're doing your bit to cut down on carbon emissions too.

David Mitchell

Given the choice I'd like astrology to be true because it would make deciding what to do easier and give me something to blame when things go wrong. Life would be a lot easier if astrology was true and climate change wasn't. But it turns out it's the other way round.

Nick Clegg

How on earth does it help anyone in Bristol, or anyone else in the country for that matter, David Cameron, to join together in the European Union with a bunch of nutters, anti-Semites, people who deny climate change exists, homophobes? That doesn't help Britain. Of course we need to change the European Union, but you change clubs of which you are a member by getting stuck in, not standing on the sidelines and complaining about things.

Wangari Maathai

This is an excellent time for Kenya, maybe, to realise, and for the rest of Africa to learn ,what we are talking about when we say that climate change is going to hit Africa very seriously. And it is partly because Africa is completely unprepared for what is coming.

João Vale de Almeida

Listen, I'm not going to make any hasty judgment about the American political framework. That's not up to me. But any man or woman in politics must bear a responsibility in facing global challenges, and climate change is one of the main challenges for our societies. So, I believe debate must continue, including with the new Congress, and we are in close contact with Congress now, and will be with the future Congress, the new majority. I have meetings coming up with representatives of the future Republican majority. I believe this has to be pursued with determination.

Carsten Gruening

Our station is set up for a long-term monitoring of the CO2 flows, so we will be tracking the effects of climate change on the forest ecosystem in the next 10 years. We would have to extend this research at a European and worldwide level to see how forests react to climate change, to global warming, and what their capacity to store CO2 in the future would look like.

Jim Green - Nasa

Maven will tell us a lot about how the atmosphere is evolved. This is very important because we're here now looking at Mars from one stage in its evolution. It looked much more Earth-like billions of years ago. Climate change occurred on Mars and we want to know what happened.

Alison Gannet

I'm extremely excited, we just walked from London to Brussels – 250 miles – and it was a difficult walk in the same way as I think Copenhagen will be difficult but also extremely exciting. It's such an honour to be here. It's like the Super Bowl of climate change.

Kaisa Kosonen - Greenpeace

There is certainly hope. This is the strong message of this report; that we have the solutions; we have still time to prevent dangerous climate change and its not going to cost us money, it's actually going to save us money, and its just about speeding up the good trends that are already happening and accepting the fact that we just have to get rid of fossil fuels in the long term.

Guy Verhofstadt

If we want to solve problems like climate change, like unemployment, like bad financial products coming from the other side of the ocean, we need European cooperation, we need a European Union [that is] stronger, that can defend its model against China, against India, against the US.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Even if emissions stopped tomorrow, we would be living with climate change for some time to come. The good news is that if we act now, immediately and decisively, we have the means to build a better and more sustainable world.

Stephan Singer

WWF is disappointed by many European governments do not speak up loudly and say 'We want a 30% emission reduction by 2020, because this will allow us to combat climate change – to stay below two degrees global warming.

Dave Britton

What we expect from climate change is we'll see weather extremes increase into the future. Now, what exactly that means for the instance of cold winters, or very hot summers, is still not fully understood. But we would expect certainly hot summers to increase and instances of very cold winters to decrease. However, it doesn't rule out the fact that you will still see cold winters despite climate change.

Teng Chye

Singapore is a very dense city and we will probably continue to grow economically, and in population. There will always be new challenges and new problems to solve, and I think urbanisation and climate change are two of the biggest ones that confront us.

Mike Hirshfield

Within 50 years and certainly within a hundred years if we don't change what we're doing. With climate change and acidification we'll have no coral reefs left at all.

Martin Kaiser - Greenpeace

After the EPA announcement to get active against CO2 emissions, President Obama is now able to reduce CO2 levels in America to reach the required targets to tackle global warming. In Copenhagen, we expect President Obama to raise emission targets and with this an historic deal can be reached.

Pierangelo Benorio

The causes of bee disappearance are not always clear. Losing a colony is probably due to several things. Climate change, pollution, illness and other factors contribute to losses.

Pierre Friedlingstein

The time for a quiet evolution in our attitudes towards climate change is now over. Delaying action is not an option – we need to act together, and act quickly, if we are to stand a chance of avoiding climate change not long into the future, but within many of our own lifetimes.

Connie Hedegaard - European Union

More and more people around the planet get to find out the hard way that climate change is no longer a distant threat. Just two weeks ago, floods have hit the areas of Jammu and Kashmir, but whether it is floods here, and droughts there – it's clear that climate change has arrived already.

Margaret Chan - World Health Organization

Our planet is losing its capacity to sustain human life in good health. Earlier this year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its most disturbing report to date, with a strong focus on the consequences for health.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

We must prepare and adapt and to manage the risks we need to address the root causes of climate change.

Johannes Bahrke - Euronews

With its satellites, ESA hopes to understand climate change a bit better; with this exhibition, it hopes to explain it a bit better; and it also wants to help with its data, here in Copenhagen.

Margarita Ventura

We are celebrating the end of a cycle; it's a little like the New Year or Christmas here. We look at today's issues like climate change or wars, and we think a new cycle could allow some positive changes to happen.

Alan Lichtman

I think he should be focusing on two things, and that is obviously the economy. If the economy is poor, it is really hard to do anything else. And secondly, of course, the environment and catastrophic climate change, which may be humanity's greatest challenge of the 21st century.

Kumi Naidoo - Greenpeace

What we have here is not a fair, not a binding and not an ambitious outcome. For two years since Bali we have been working to actually urge our leaders to agree to a kind of set of agreements that will prevent catastrophic climate change to prevent the loss of life that is already happening to the tune of 200-300,000 people annually from climatic impacts, and sadly our leaders have not acted with the urgency that the situation calls for.

Dacian Ciolos

Direct payments have to be reformed, the mechanism for maintaining the market has to be reviewed and adapted to the opening of the EU market to the world. The second pillar, the rural development policy also needs reviewing, because we need to modernise – not only to be more competitive, but also to incorporate measures against climate change.

Laura Robinson

What we've done is dated nearly 1,000 fossil corals already, and we're seeing that the corals come and go over time and it looks like it might be related to times of climate change.

Franco Romerio

We need to understand the link between water running in these mountains and the electric current in our homes. So the climate change is bringing a major change indeed – the problem is that there will be more water in spring, but in July and August its levels will drop, and that will impact production on hydropower plants of this type – so the whole energy sector security needs to be rethought.

Rebecca Harms

High oil prices and global warming indicate that the time is now to go for a smaller, more efficient, climate-friendly cars. And those manufacturers who refuse to accept this will lose on the world market, because the future is with efficient, smaller cars.

Luiz Pinguelli Rosa

Brazil has to decide what's best for the future, because now there's been an important oil discovery here, the so-called 'pre-salt oil', which is huge. I think Brazil should stick to ethanol, and there's another reason for that: climate change. The use of ethanol doesn't damage the atmosphere as much as petrol does. The carbon dioxide emissions are much lower.

Luiz Pinguelli Rosa

Brazil should stick to ethanol, and there's a reason for that: climate change. The use of ethanol doesn't harm the atmosphere as much as petrol does.

Will Steffen

Australia has always had hot weather. However, climate change is loading the dice toward more extreme hot weather.

Will Steffen

It is essential that we understand the influence of climate change on heat waves to ensure that health services, transport providers, farmers and the community are prepared for what is happening now and what will happen increasingly in the future.

Rick Hammond

Our generation, that grew up when Kennedy was president, was about leaving the world a better place, do your part, leave the world a better place. At this point, with global warming, I just want to leave it viable.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Those who love America with its wide-open spaces, its national parks and its protected environment are eager for the country to stand alongside Europe in the fight against global warming which is threatening to destroy our planet.

Daniela Schmidt

There is a large risk of not doing things. So you are absolutely right: we have imminent problems. But a lot of the actions we have called for are things that will make our world better no matter what. There are things like greening our cities, improving water quality. So these are issues which are pressing issues within the light of climate change, but also in general for the world we live in.

Marc Levy

Many of the measures that are required to cope effectively with climate change are going to be difficult. They're going to require that countries engage in broad-based dialogue with their citizens and interest groups, that they come up with a cohesive plan for taking action and they dedicate resources to achieving success.

Rajendra Pachauri - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

We have assessed impacts as they are happening, and impacts on natural and human systems on all continents and oceans. And I would like to emphasise that nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change.

Bernadette Rosati

Most people think climate change means global warming, but climate change can also mean the opposite.

Thomas F. Mentel

We have basically focused on reducing air pollution for a long time, but it seems climate change is much more complex than that alone.

Adam Bandt

Global warming is affecting Australia right now and yes, he is right that we have always been a country prone to bushfires, so I say, why the hell would you wish more of them on us? And that is what is in store, unless we get global warming under control.

Dacian Ciolos

It's about keeping farmers incomes somewhat stable. There has to be an incentive to produce something other than food. The environment has to be taken into account better, including climate change questions. Employment has to be maintained in difficult rural areas. Based on these objectives, we're going to define repartition criteria.

Antonio Tajani

We have fantastic expertise and know-how. Our companies are leading in the fight against climate change and pollution. That's why we are presenting to the Chinese what we have.

Barack Obama

Climate change poses a threat to our way of life. In fact, we are already beginning to see its profound and costly impact. And the spill in the Gulf, which is just heartbreaking, only underscores the necessity of seeking alternative fuel sources.

Lisette van Vliet

What we see is that very high risks both for the environment and for human health because of climate change contributions, because of ground water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, land use issue, workers health.

Mieke Uyttendaele

We should always be aware. And watch out new evolutions, new threats like climate change or globalisation. So keep alert. And reinforce, specially on training and awareness.

Vincent Neirinck

When the technology first came out, people said 'Great, it's a chance to stop the rush to higher stations' which were starting to fit-out glaciers in the search for snow which had been receding because of global warming. Immediately there was a new marketing argument. They had to have more and more snow-cannons, putting them everywhere.

Giovanni La Via

Poorer countries are asking more commitments to support their economies in order to fight against climate change.

Gloria Chang - Greenpeace

Greenpeace is so happy to see that 'Rainbow Warrior' today is going to enter her new phase of life by serving the communities in Bangladesh, which are heavily affected by climate change and extreme weathers.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I think you can move this climate change process much faster. My aim, my priority, is to put all of these locomotives on the right track and let them move so that we will be able to have a very effective and globally legally binding treaty on climate change by 2015, next year.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

This is not only the biggest climate change rally in US history, it also comes as a big boost for President Obama's second term agenda. The message of the protesters is clear: Obama has promised action, now he must deliver.

Hillary Clinton

In the context of a strong accord…the United States is prepared to work with other countries toward a goal of jointly mobilising 100 billion dollars a year by 2020 to address the climate change needs of developing countries.

Barack Obama

We also have a whole range of challenges on which we have to cooperate from North Korea's nuclear missile programmes to proliferation to issues like climate change, international economic order where nations are playing by the same rules, where trade is free and fair and where the United States and China work together to address issues like cyber security and protection of intellectual properties.

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