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Christopher Horvers - JPMorgan Chase & Co.
It is clear that [Whole Foods'] pricing would need to narrow substantially to be a threat to COST, while the Whole Foods business model would need to shift away from its 'foodie, organic, and natural' value
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Oct 13 2017
“I am urging you to be careful. At this point, the odds do favor a pullback. It could give you a better chance to buy. Notice I'm not saying, Sell.' I'm just saying I want you to be ready. Here's the CliffNotes version of this call: millennials don't like to go to Costco. They'd rather go to Amazon. Membership growth isn't as robust among younger people, so the aging of its core demographic – 52 is the average – will, in the end, mean that Costco's stock is no longer a bargain no matter what.” said Jim Cramer speaking about Costco. It’s one of the 81 quotes about Costco you can find on this page. 45 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Kenneth Chenault and Matthew Fassler. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Jim Cramer

They're not signing up like they used to be. ... Do millennials still go there? Every question of the undercurrent is

Kelly Bania - BMO Capital Markets

(But) we also see risk these initiatives will weigh on margins over time and may be viewed as

Bill Dreher - Susquehanna

Costco made e-commerce a core part of its earnings call for the first time in memory. We believe this shows a new focus on a key engine of

Daniel Binder - Jefferies

(Costco's) new online delivery initiatives improve its competitive offering and could drive increased engagement with millennials. Provided they don't simply cannibalize store sales, the stronger omni-channel effort could prove accretive to sales and EBIT

Jiyoung Hwang

Costco is well-known for its CSR while Wal-Mart is quite lower in that

Tess Wilkins - Costco Wholesale

It was a very, very good item for us, and to walk away from those sales, you really have to think

Rick Zumpano

I still need my crew. They just spend more time picking and less time walking. I've sort of taken the shovel out of their hand, and given them an end

Chieh Huang

When we used to have those deluge of orders, we used to empty the entire corporate office, get a bus, and bring them here to the fulfillment

Leigh Harlan

We brought this case because we felt a responsibility to protect the value of our customers' purchases and to ensure that Costco's customers were not mislead about their purchases. It is critically important that the Tiffany name not be used to sell any engagement ring that is not our

Chieh Huang

As ubiquitous as the brands of the warehouse clubs are, Costco, BJ's and Sam's, they're not everywhere. If you have less than a million people in your town, or less than 500K, you might never get access to wholesale savings. So we help folks with

Chieh Huang

At the end of the day if you're a manufacturer, if we're not getting a good price, or it's not a great product, we just won't carry it because we're not the everything

Amanda Brotman-Schetritt

I wore the same dress that I wore for his 70th birthday, but redone, for his 80th. That's the best gift I could give

Michael Corbat

If I came in and said, Jim, let me tell you about a deal that we're gonna do. And that deal is going to be with a terrific partner, one of the best retailers in the world. And in that deal we're going to bring in $10, $11 billion of receivables. We're gonna bring in new cardholders. And those cardholders, in a single year, are going to spend $100 billion on that card,' think about it. Costco's a great partner. It's a great company. And the receptivity of our cardholders and the usage of the cardholders has been

Michael Corbat

What people have missed is ... [credit] card usage has actually gone up. Sure, Amazon has benefited, but other online retailers benefit [too]. Today, only about 20 to 30 percent of purchases in stores happen on credit cards. About 100 percent [of purchases] happen online with credit cards. So we benefit from that. And if you think of our partners – Home Depot and American and Costco and all of those – we've definitely got to benefit from

Jim Cramer

Just like with Costco, all of the analysts quickly defended Lowe's and Home Depot intraday, telling us not to worry. However, just like Costco, it doesn't matter. People sold the stocks

Kenneth Chenault

We've been focused on emerging from the transition with a stronger, more diversified mix of

Jim Cramer

Take the stock of Costco, which has been hammered relentlessly since the Amazon-Whole Foods tie-up, falling from $180 to $151. Yet even after this stunning decline, Costco's stock still sells at over 23 times earnings and it has many bulls who remain cheerleaders for the

Kelly Bania - BMO Capital Markets

Despite Costco's significant price gap to Amazon, we believe near-term sentiment and fear of the long-term impact of Amazon on Costco's business (whether or not justified by fundamentals) could continue to create an overhang on COST

Jim Cramer

But it doesn't matter, because even though the sales are terrific, the shares of Costco trade at nearly 25 times earnings and that's too high a price-to-earnings multiple versus what Amazon can potentially do to it down the road when it's bought Whole Foods. After that day we're going to hear that sales were probably up 20 percent versus last year's Amazon Prime, so the day we get the results, every other retailer out there is going to take a header. We've got to get past that day. It just doesn't feel all that safe out

Budd Bugatch - Raymond James & Associates

In addition, the 'treasure hunt' aspect of a Costco shopping trip is unique to its business model and creates a very loyal customer following. Furthermore, there remains a long runway for Costco to drive top-line growth and further market share through new club openings in the United States and

Budd Bugatch - Raymond James & Associates

Admittedly, even with the recent pullback, Costco still trades at a premium valuation to the overall market and its large retail peers. Nonetheless, its business model remains intact with healthy membership growth and strong renewal rates. While Amazon's agreement to buy Whole Foods, when consummated, will add a new dimension to the grocery business, it does not materially impact Costco's unique business model, and we would be buyers on COST's recent

Dan Nathan

If that is an outright bearish bet, it seems pretty peculiar given how far out of the money it is. If you're long the stock, it's not a particularly good hedge

Charlie Munger

I believe Costco does more for civilization than the Rockefeller

Walter Robb - Whole Foods Market

We believe that [employees'] happiness and health is essential, which is why we invest in their personal and professional growth. We encourage team members to seek out opportunities that fulfill their deeper purpose and celebrate individual creativity and

Jim Sinegal - Costco Wholesale

We would never dream of hiring a manager for one of our Costcos from outside the company. It has to be somebody who has worked their way up in our

Monty Moran

The foundation of our people culture, on which everything else stands, is the concept that each person at Chipotle will be rewarded based on their ability to make the people around them

Jim Cramer

Believe me, there's nothing theoretical about what Amazon's about to do to these industries. It's now a reality for everyone from Costco to CVS to Wal-Mart and Target and the pain? It hasn't even begun

Paul Trussell - Deutsche Bank

The WFM acquisition represents a game changer with COST's competitive moat in grocery under greater threat while its digital platform lags peers, putting membership renewal at risk for decline. The pipeline of positive catalysts has played out and the competitive backdrop is intensifying with AMZN & WMT accelerating in-store and online efforts and

Oliver Chen - Cowen Group

Our take is that simple competitive advantages form a defensive moat, for now, vs. AMZN Prime's unstoppable rise. We believe COST's vertical integration capabilities, low price leadership given a fixed low merchandise margin model, & gas and organic food penetration are factors which will drive continued consistency in the generation of positive physical store

Matthew Fassler - Goldman Sachs Group

We see a potential cap on valuation associated with AMZN's ongoing expression of interest in consumables, combined with fading fundamental catalysts. Also, increased expansion by AMZN and online investment by WMT create an imperative for COST to intensify its own investment in

Charlie O'Shea

Amazon's announcement this morning that it had agreed to acquire Whole Foods Markets for around $14 billion is a transformative transaction, not just for food retail, but for retail in general. Implications ripple far beyond the food segment, where dominant players like Walmart, Kroger, Costco, and Target now have to look over their shoulders at the Amazon train coming down the tracks, but also the potential for multi-channel, which Amazon up until now has largely

Anthony DiClemente

In our view, Amazon is likely to grow sales marginally faster than Walmart ... and substantially faster than

Jim Cramer

Costco just gave you a seven dollar special dividend, something I don't think they would do if business weren't

Jim Cramer

A two-year tax cut? That's not going to change much of anything. [It's] kind of like a tax holiday – maybe you get some one-off special dividends like the one that Costco just gave you, but that's

Richard Galanti - Costco Wholesale

Our strong balance sheet and favorable access to the credit markets allow us to provide shareholders with this dividend, while preserving financial and operational flexibility to continue to grow our business

Karen Short - Barclays

This tells us analytically (as opposed to intuitively) that COST is very protected from

Karen Short - Barclays

Given Costco's high-quality merchandise in food, low prices, and the frequency of purchase for these items, we believe that the company's customers will remain loyal and believe Costco's price positioning and quality in food insulates it from AMZN. While COST trades at premium vs. other names in our space, we think this is deserved given the 'scarcity value' of retailers with sustainable and defensible business

Brittany Stinson

I submitted the Costco one to all of the schools as the main essay, and then there are different supplemental essays for each school. But for some of the supplemental ones, there's kind of an overlap where I could write a general supplemental essay and mix and match the right detail for each school. Of all of the commentary and random messages I got on Facebook, about 90 percent were positive. I was actually very surprised, people all around the world contacted me, offering me congratulations for getting into these schools. Some people recognized

Shane Pickup

Costco is busier, you can't go into a restaurant on a Friday night without a 45-minute wait, and developers are trying to keep up. Just yesterday at work, my boss and I were talking about developing a new neighborhood. This is not what Americans think rural America looks

Bill Smith

Everyone's looking to save time and get more out of less time. With Shipt in particular, people love the service and the quality of the experience. If you order ice cream from us, we'll deliver it directly to

Johan Gott

In the long-run, it's not sustainable to absorb these costs. Retailers don't have very large margins to play

Murali Gokki - AlixPartners

If they try to increase ticket prices what they're going to see is [fewer] people buying. Consumers have little appetite to pay a higher

Richard Galanti - Costco Wholesale

We've spent our whole lives driving down prices, and recognizing also that [for] so many items... they don't exist [in the U.S.]. Prices will ultimately have to

Jeffrey White

The facts described in the (complaint) are tragic and 'raise significant ethical

Matthew Fassler - Goldman Sachs Group

We believe the company is on the cusp of the earnings acceleration ... aided by its recent credit card deal. We also like the firm's attractive positioning as a low-cost/low-priced operator in the challenging retail environment. Our estimates stand above

Louis Milione

This settlement demonstrates the accountability and responsibility that go along with handling controlled prescription

Eileen Decker

These are not just administrative or paperwork violations – Costco's failure to have proper controls in place in its pharmacies likely played a role in prescription drugs reaching the black

Jim Cramer

Costco seems poised for a major turnaround in its same-store sales, and when you throw in the potential for higher membership fees and a possible special dividend, this stock gets too attractive to

Jim Cramer

Frankly, if you are a retailer and you can only accept one kind of credit card, it is much better to be on Visa's network than on American

Jim Cramer

Even without these two positives, Costco is suddenly doing very, very

Kate McShane - Citi

We see a clear path to accelerating SSS [same-store sales] growth in FY17 via the abatement of headwinds from gasoline price deflation, food deflation and tobacco SKU reductions as well as the benefit from the new co-branded credit card and potential US tax changes that are likely to be particularly favorable for COST's affluent customer. Given the stock's now-reasonable valuation, we are upgrading

Charlie O'Shea

You go in there, and the classic example [is], I went in to buy this, and I spent 400 bucks. I find it very hard to find anything negative to say about

Leon Nicholas - Kantar Retail

So many people who shop at Wal-Mart are already Amazon Prime members. They waited too

Jim Cramer

People don't want tuna and good taste. They want good taste and tuna. And FANG represents those stocks they know are going to do

Jim Cramer

My problem with these is they're going to have really good earnings and didn't need Trump. I want companies with really good earnings that will be boosted by

Stuart Shamis

We are confident that Costco has complied with the legislation and the regulations and we intend to co-operate fully with the

Greg Melich

We believe BBY has benefited from two secular trends: a mix shift to smartphones away from CE [consumer electronics], and a shift towards higher margin large panel TVs and 4K TVs. With smartphones reaching saturation levels in the U.S. and our thesis that we are at the beginning of another channel shift in TVs towards discounters, clubs and online, we believe the risk-reward on BBY has shifted to the

Jim Cramer

If you project this relationship forward given the recent strength in the dollar, Williams thinks that Costco could be on the verge of a significant

Jim Cramer

When the technical and the fundamentals align, that is often a sign that you've got a good idea on your hands, so if you don't own Costco, I'd recommend buying some at these levels and then waiting for the next market-wide pullback to buy

Bill Carcache - Nomura Securities

[American Express] has always said that you have to spend money to make

Jason DeLeeuw - Piper Jaffray

[American Express] continues to work its way through company-specific challenges, but its high return business model still benefits from the attractive relative growth of the payments/card

Kenneth Chenault

The year-to-date progress gives us greater confidence to substantially increase our investment spending during the remainder of the year and, at the same time, raise our 2016 earnings

Kenneth Chenault

While there's more work and more challenges ahead, the investments we're making are designed to position us for profitable, sustainable growth over the longer term, and we remain on track to earn at least $5.60 per share in

Kenneth Chenault

During the quarter, we again made substantial investments in marketing and technology to help grow the business. At the same time, operating expenses continued to be well

Matthew Fassler - Goldman Sachs Group

Costco has high-visibility catalysts for 2017, and we expect investors to focus on them as we make our way through mid-year. These include the transition to a new credit card and a prospective member fee rate

Chris Donat - Sandler O'Neill & Partners

They sure have a long way to go in terms of replacing the Costco business that's going to go off their books in the second quarter. I think it should trade at a higher multiple than it is now. Right now it's around 12 times forward earnings. ... This is a great franchise. It's a trusted brand. It's well positioned for how the payments world evolves in a lot of

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