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John Cryan - Deutsche Bank
While the revenue environment remained challenging, we have made significant progress on our key initiatives such as the planned merger of Deutsche Bank and Postbank in Germany as well as the preparation for the IPO of our asset management business. We are convinced that the benefits of our efforts will step by step become more apparent in the coming quarters and
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Oct 26 2017
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Nicholas Hyett - Hargreaves Lansdown

In fairness to Jes Staley, who will be hoping that these results refocus attention on the business rather than past misdemeanours, there are signs of progress in the numbers. The wind down of the bad bank is approaching completion, cost control seems to be in hand, and the UK is showing resilience. However, there is disappointment too. Chief among them is the poor performance from the investment bank's markets division, which saw income fall 4% compared with 9% growth at Deutsche Bank and a 15% rise among the big five US

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

I am pleased with the start we have made to 2017. Client engagement is strong, asset flows are returning across the bank and activity is picking up. Our cost-cutting efforts are starting to pay off, while we have reduced complexity significantly. We have laid firm foundations upon which Deutsche Bank can once again deliver good

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

Our goal is to strengthen our position as a leading European bank with global reach, supported by our strong position in our home market, Germany. A solid capital base is essential if we are to succeed in our future strategy and capture growth opportunities for Deutsche Bank. Thanks to a stronger balance sheet, we have the ability to increase business. Prudent growth should be our byword going

Chris Van Hollen

I write to you with great concern regarding conflicts of interest between Deutsche Bank and the President of the United States and how these conflicts may impact ongoing investigations and regulatory oversight of your

Robert Halver - Baader Bank

Selling so many shares for a capital increase is obviously not pleasant but there's no other way, Deutsche Bank has to raise money in order to move on from its problems. They have to have a clean up and that's what they are doing. It's also important for Deutsche Bank, which is very big, to look to the future and make its capital operations functional. So I welcome this capital increase. It has to be

Naeem Aslam - AvaTrade

At the same time, the bank is going to cut its stake in asset management units by focusing more on its core business. Deutsche Bank is going to remain on traders' dashboards as they try to make sense of company's

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

We're aware that some observers are currently skeptical about a combination of Postbank and Deutsche Bank – especially as it represents another change of course in our domestic private client business. However, market conditions and the regulatory environment are more favorable now. That makes retaining Postbank more attractive than might have been expected two years

Ingo Speich

The announced measures are an important signal for the capital market that the bank is now focussing more on its future and its customers after years of dealing with the past. That's to be welcomed, but investors still need more details. In comparison to rivals, Deutsche Bank is poorly capitalised. The legal disputes have cost lots of money and

Aneel Bhusri - Workday

Netsuite was a really good company. All the people that chose NetSuite specifically chose not to be working with Oracle. Oracle is not known for its high levels customer satisfaction. I think it's going to create a great window for us. I think at the high end of the market we're becoming the de facto standard. We have to earn that every day...but there's a reason that Walmart chose us, Amazon chose us, Deutsche

Marcus Schenck

For a global bank as we are and by the way as many of the American banks, this can represent a challenge. Diversity and John Cryan (the lender's CEO) said in his speech today is a core element for why we think our bank is strong and has talented people and hence we also have to do our best that we can offer these people the diversity but also the ability to work in the different places that the bank is offering. We will keep a strong position in that market (U.S.). People were not happy. We certainly targeted to be better in

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

Our results for the year 2016 were heavily impacted by decisive management action taken to improve and modernize the bank, as well as by market turbulence for Deutsche Bank. We proved our resilience in a particularly tough year. We finished 2016 with pleasingly strong capital and liquidity ratios and we are optimistic after a promising start to this

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

The core is really to continue to be this company anchored in Germany with a universal bank there, which is focused on international markets. We've largely withdrawn from Latin America. ... It's that arc from USA through Western Europe and all the way to the Far

Loretta E. Lynch - Justice Department

This resolution holds Deutsche Bank accountable for its illegal conduct and irresponsible lending practices, which caused serious and lasting damage to investors and the American public. Deutsche Bank did not merely mislead investors: It contributed directly to an international financial

Preet Bharara

The government, through this action and settlement, has made Deutsche Bank admit to its actions designed to avoid

Russ Mould

Because they're very difficult companies to understand and you had the Deutsche Bank flap in the autumn, you've got the ongoing Italian situation, lots of fund managers are still fighting shy of them, but they did brilliantly in the second half of the

Ingo Speich

The strategic options open to Deutsche Bank in the U.S.A. are clearly restricted because the profitability of the business will be

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

(Gains for) Deutsche Bank shares suggests relief at a good result and the affair being closed. Credit Suisse shares flat implies an acceptable deal. Barclays' (fall) indicates some uncertainty about what it eventually ends up

Ewen Cameron Watt - BlackRock

If Deutsche Bank doesn't make it, forget European banks as a whole. I think if you look at Deutsche Bank, what John Cryan (CEO, Deutsche Bank) is doing is trying to lead a very long march back to a sustainable model. They have got through a lot of harder stuff but there are still many mountains

Amanda Williams - Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is pleased to have resolved these matters. We believe that all concerns described in the settlements, which do not allege intentional wrongdoing or misconduct, have been

Craig Erlam

We know the Italian banking system is extremely fragile, it's responsible for around one third of the bad loans in the entire euro area region so it's not just a base of what will happen to Deutsche Bank and how can politicians safeguard this. I think there is a domino effect concern here and the worry is if Deutsche Bank fell many would

Jon Peace

We now think it is likely that (Deutsche Bank) will look to raise capital quickly after its DOJ settlement for a number of reasons. These include stabilizing the customer business, satisfying European Central Bank demands for rapid capital action on banks with potential losses plus low corporate profitability and a capital deficit, and reducing political

Bronka Rzepkowski - Oxford Economics

Any reduction in U.S. investment banking operations by Deutsche Bank should be viewed as a proactive way to reduce the risk on its balance sheet (RWAs) to ease pressure on regulatory capital. This announcement may reflect hard negotiations with the DOJ and the expectations that the 5.5 billion euros may fall short of the eventual

Bronka Rzepkowski - Oxford Economics

The length of negotiations suggests that Deutsche Bank must be struggling to reduce any penalty to an amount that would not jeopardize its solvency position. So it would appear that the fines currently proposed by the U.S. Justice Department still exceed Deutsche's 5.5 billion euros ($6 billion) of litigation

Alasdair Warren - Deutsche Bank

All clients would like any bank to be out of the headlines … That being said they've been very keen on continuing to work with us, they want to see a strong Deutsche

Alasdair Warren - Deutsche Bank

It's not a Deutsche Bank issue but across the whole industry, it has to be much broader than just compensation, it's got to be all about the opportunity to develop, the opportunity to really broaden your skills and really be able to take a longer-term view around that, and that's where we've been focusing a lot. Compensation dollars or euros at any bank this year with volumes being down are going to be a

Mandy Grunwald

Maybe you think the Deutsche Bank speech takes the sting out of the Goldman report – but I am concerned that the passage below will exacerbate not improve the

Larry McDonald -

Ultimately we would not be surprised if some of this earnings growth continues, but that is not the broader story. In terms of share price, these stocks will be a lot more concerned with what is going on in Europe. Once we return to a toxic DB [Deutsche Bank] atmosphere that was prevalent just a few weeks ago, US financials will

Francois Hollande

And yet, they quite shamelessly demand 8 billion from BNP or 5 billion to Deutsche

Laith Khalaf - Hargreaves Lansdown

The concern is that it could be another Deutsche Bank-style situation where the fines that come in are higher than the market expects. Litigation is a real Sword of Damocles hanging over the bank at the moment and until that is out of the way it is very difficult to see a reason to invest in

Pascal Boeuf

The reorientation of Deutsche Bank (DE:DBKGn) is without doubt a massive task and will take a lot of

Terry Torrison - McLaren

They had a bit of a bounce up last week, but I would still steer clear of Deutsche Bank. They were never going to sort out the U.S. issues that quickly, and whatever happens, I still think they will need to have a rights

Joe Kaeser

Management is pursuing the right goals and has our full support. Deutsche Bank for us is a long-standing and reliable

Juergen Hambrecht

German industry needs a Deutsche Bank to accompany us out into the

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Here comes the American authorities that says 'Oh, you collected new capital, we'll take that out as a fine'. Don't get me wrong. Deutsche (Bank) has been involved in all kinds of scandals. They need to take their sanctions, but they need to be fair and effective and the last thing we want is for fines to threaten financial stability of the European banking

Manish Singh - Crossbridge Capital

I see the (Deutsche Bank) kerfuffle as a macro issue. Macro guys trying to relive 2008. It's not 2008 for the fact that the bank doesn't have liquidity issues, and the fact that in 2008 the capital markets literally shut down as Lehman and Bear Stearns fear

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

Deutsche Bank, like many other banks, has to look at its business model, which I'm sure it does because it's in the process of selling assets here and there. It has to look at its long-term profitability, given the lower-bound interest rates we have around the world and probably for longer than many expect, and decide what size it wants to have and how it wants to strengthen its whole balance

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

A bad settlement is always better than a good trial. We're not in a trial mode clearly in the case of Deutsche Bank but a settlement would certainly be welcome because it would deliver some certainty as to what weight the bank will have to carry and whether it matches with its provisions or not. So the sooner, the

Art Hogan

Does energy continue to remain firm? Do we get an answer on any of the biggest questions? And that's Twitter and Deutsche

Marcel Fratzscher - European Central Bank

The crucial issue will be how big is this settlement? How is the liquidity situation of Deutsche Bank?feedback

Marcel Fratzscher - European Central Bank

There is now a wait and see strategy if Deutsche Bank has any solution that it is bringing cash in so that regulators don't have to

Marcel Fratzscher - European Central Bank

The question is does Deutsche Bank need to raise additional capital? Of course that has to do very much with the size of the settlement with the Department of Justice in the

Joerg Rocholl

The German government would face stiff opposition if it decided to help Deutsche Bank. I would expect opposition parties to seize on this in a massive way to question the credibility of the government in the run-up to the federal election next

Adam Sarhan - Sarhan Capital

Market participants have a way of separating facts and noise. Right now, the fact is that investors have lost confidence in Deutsche

Jim Wyckoff

Just the better risk appetite in the market this week as Deutsche Bank seems to have stabilized for the moment. We've done some technical damage today near-term to suggest we're going to trade sideways to

Pravit Chintawongvanich - Macro Risk Advisors

What's interesting here is that the options market reacted so strongly to the story of (hedge funds) reducing their credit exposure to (Deutsche Bank), rather than just the stock price going down. The options market 'thinks' the chance of DB stock reaching those low dollar strikes is still high, even after the 14 percent jump in the

Ashish Goyal - Nn

One is, [Deutsche Bank] doesn't have a lot of spare capital. Two, it still holds a very large - among the largest - holdings of Level 3 securities, which a lot of people have doubts about what the true value, true exposure there

Bill Keenan

Overall, it (developments around Deutsche Bank) resolved a systematic risk of what the market was worried about in terms of banking and that is being diluted for

Juergen Hambrecht

German industry needs a Deutsche Bank that accompanies us throughout the world. We stand with Deutsche

Jim Cramer

The truth is Deutsche Bank was never in that much danger. So, why was everyone pretending like this company was the German Lehman, code-name for disaster?feedback

Jim Cramer

If this deal falls apart and it turns out that Justice wants more money, I still think Deutsche Bank will be able to find capital, either from another institution, or in the worst case scenario, the German

Holger Mertens - Nikko Asset Management

I don't see any over-the-weekend rescue looming for Deutsche Bank. What has to change here is the perception of the bank that is out

Adam Sarhan - Sarhan Capital

The fact that investors are buying Deutsche Bank stock is a big vote of confidence from

Mohamed El-Erian - Pimco

Deutsche Bank is not Lehman and does not threaten a 2008-like 'sudden stop' to the global

Ipek Ozkardeskaya

If something happens to a bank as big as Deutsche Bank ... there is systemic risk. But for now, if the negative mood in the market can be managed, it shouldn't lead to anything more serious in the short

Michael Buchanan - Western Asset Management

Deutsche Bank is going through some volatility but their leadership in levered finance has been

Maris Ogg

My guess is the U.S. regulators would (have) called it off if you thought it would really damage Deutsche Bank. You've got to worry about, certainly the U.S. regulators are not going to bring a bank down that's going to jeopardize the

Jaret Seiberg

We see little practical or political upside for the Justice Department to press Deutsche Bank for a penalty that is so large that it could destabilize the bank and provoke a new financial

Thomas Lee

If Deutsche Bank leads to a true ceasing of credit markets and credit access and liquidity then that itself, because of the effect it would have on the underlying economy, it could drive us into a recession and that would be

Michael McCarthy

There are concerns about the European banking system overall. The real reason to be concerned here is the Italian situation and the plight of Monte dei Paschi and the Deutsche Bank exposure to

Oliver Roth

This is not a crisis similar to Lehman [Brothers] because the authorities, the regulators and countries have learned a bank like this cannot default because of its position in the system. Which means that Deutsche Bank is not going to go bankrupt but it has to solve its problems and if the bank cannot do it by itself it must be

Art Hogan

Deutsche Bank sneezing should not cause all of the other financials to catch the flu. The more important point is the uncertainty around the election season. That becomes the clear and present risk. What does it mean to the markets? We're going to assume it's negative either

Larry McDonald -

After being there I am literally sitting here with chills coming down my spine because we're in a very similar dynamic. Deutsche Bank is not Lehman in terms of the overall global risk, but the political situation is almost

Jeffrey Gundlach

It's too binary. The market is going to push down Deutsche Bank until there is some recognition of support. They will get assistance, if need

Markus Stadlmann - Lloyds Bank

Deutsche still has a very strong franchise, I think John Cryan is a very strong CEO who can turn the ship around. It has a lot of clout in European markets but also in the Middle East, some Asian markets ... it's more of a balance sheet, liquidity, capital

William Jackson - Capital Economics

The European markets may have reassessed and maybe some of the fears about Deutsche Bank have faded. More generally, there is a bit of stabilisation after a volatile few

Bill Blain - Mint Partners

Deutsche Bank. It's all about Deutsche Bank – at least that's how it feels. And… maybe it's time to be a cheeky buyer?feedback

Holger Mertens - Nikko Asset Management

For Deutsche Bank as well as all other European Banks, the situation is not a solvency problem or a liquidity problem. It's a problem of

George Friedman

Everyone's focusing on this as an economic problem. The situation of Deutsche Bank is a political problem. The problem is that to bail out Deutsche Bank is to violate every principle she's spoken of since

Angela Merkel

I only want to say that Deutsche Bank is a part of the German banking and financial sector. And of course we hope that all companies, also if they face temporary problems, can develop in the right direction. I don't want to comment beyond

Tom Stevenson

I don't think we should be surprised that the German government is unwilling to step up to the mark and to bail Deutsche Bank out, to send money essentially to the US on behalf of Deutsche Bank. We have got elections next year in Germany and there are simply no votes in supporting a failing

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

At no point did I ask the chancellor for support. Neither did I suggest anything like

Kim Rupert - Action Economics

A lot of the gains in Treasuries are safe-haven trades. We've had bullish momentum ever since the Federal Reserve decided to maintain its policy stance. Stocks are also looking pretty weak with a lot of concerns about financials with Deutsche

Michael Golden

Deutsche Bank has no intent to settle these potential civil claims anywhere near the number cited. The negotiations are only just beginning. The bank expects that they will lead to an outcome similar to those of peer banks which have settled at materially lower

Ingo Frommen - Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

If the final bill is at 5 billion euros or more Deutsche Bank will not be able to avoid a capital hike

Robert Halver - Baader Bank

Deutsche Bank can't pay $14 billion. It only has 5.5 billion set aside. But I'm sure in the end it won't be that high. Because comparable criminal settlements with other banks have been significantly lower. I reckon about five billion, which is bad enough. But the problem is it's facing other criminal trials, and they will also cost

Bill Woodley

The capital adequacy of Deutsche Bank Trust Corporation has never been in doubt. We appreciate the Federal Reserve's recognition of our progress, and we will implement the lessons learned this year in order to strengthen our capital planning process for future CCAR

Charlie Olivier - Deutsche Bank

The easing of U.S. and EU sanctions against Iran has increased expectations on the banking sector to support companies in their planned lawful business activities with Iran. However, certain EU and U.S. sanctions against Iran and additional non-sanctions related restrictions remain. Therefore, Deutsche Bank continues to generally restrict business connected to

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

The beginning of 2016 has seen volatility in the world's financial markets. This has impacted the banking sector. The seasonally strong first quarter might turn out to be challenging for the sector overall. Deutsche Bank is no exception to this. Nonetheless, in this period of market turbulence, Deutsche Bank remains very

Francois Savary - Prime Partners

The rebound in Deutsche Bank is helping to reassure some investors who had been concerned about possible contagion in the banking

Jim Cramer

You know, Deutsche Bank puts out a note saying, listen, don't worry, all good.' Reminds me of JPMorgan saying if you have to say that you're creditworthy then it's already too

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

It feels on the inside that our absolute core business – the backbone of Deutsche Bank – is GTB, global transaction banking – this is not solely focused on

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

We do not worry too much about a possible takeover of Deutsche

Frank Appel - Deutsche Post

Postbank is now in the new and strong hands of Deutsche Bank, a leading company in our country and the world. That means Postbank's future is

Silverio Sica

Father Nunzio had personal money as he had worked for the Vatican Bank for more than 22 years and before being a priest he worked for Deutsche Bank. But a large part of his money, as he told me, came from

Oliver Roth

It's becoming clear that no-one is immune in this financial crisis. Deutsche Bank, which was always one of the bright spots, is now showing weakness, with big, dark storm clouds gathering in the sky over Deutsche

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