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Blair L. M. Kelley
Until we actively remember the ugliness of this history, people will continue to blacken their faces without recognizing the horror hidden beneath the paint.feedback
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Oct 26 2017
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Karole Armitage

It's liberating. It's reversing power and letting your id out.feedback

Karole Armitage

It's about multiple identities. It's not just daylight identities or straightforward identities.feedback

Camille Saint-Saëns

I wanted to make it gritty and street. It's tough. The imagination is just fantastic, because that's what they've got. These devil characters come up to you during the carnival, and they whack you! It's like the real thing. So I wanted to bring some of that brutal fierceness in.feedback

Karole Armitage

I wanted it to be menacing and thuggish in a way. I didn't want this to be polite and predigested.feedback

Karole Armitage

It's so weird. I call it screwball surrealism.feedback

Megumi Eda

So I'm happy to do this. I like to be stupid onstage a little bit.feedback

Caitlin McHugh - Instagram

I'm very happy – he's super supportive, and I really couldn't ask for anything better. He's very encouraging of anything I want to do career-wise. I really appreciate it a lot. You don't get that with every guy!feedback

Lori Loughlin

And then I approve everyone that he goes out with – and if I say no, he can't go out with them!feedback

Caitlin McHugh - Instagram

It's actually about being an actor in L.A. – it's basically kind of a roast of myself, the whole thing. [Stamos] directed it, I'm in it. We wrote it together and we had a lot of fun doing it.feedback

Jodie Sweetin

Absolutely. Any time somebody new comes in. I remember I told my fiancé, Just so you know, you'll have to meet my family and then you'll have to meet my Full House family. And I'm not sure which is going to be tougher!feedback

Candace Cameron Bure

He's the best with little babies and little kids. So, he should have kids of his own, but if not, there's plenty of TV children to go around!feedback

Caitlin McHugh - Instagram

They say if you can do a film together, you can do anything together. I'm very happy to say we survived the filming process and we're in editing now. We're both still alive, so it's great!feedback

Mike Goslin - Disney

We wanted it to be a great experience and as scalable as possible, but we wanted to do it for under $200. We're trying to break in a new category, and we didn't want to have people sweat the price.feedback

Mike Goslin - Disney

It would be a different kind of AR entertainment. Something that is wearable, but that has open-handed play.feedback

Mike Goslin - Disney

We experimented with a lot of things, But we concluded it was best if we started creating a headset ourselves.feedback

Mike Goslin - Disney

My team comes up with new businesses that are experiences. We wanted to do a light saber experience that hadn't been done before. We ended up partnering with Lenovo because our strategy is complimentary to there's. We went to them for manufacturing and design for manufacturing. We had a prototype, they made it something that would scale.feedback

Mike Goslin - Disney

Obviously there's lots of stuff we can do with AR. But we didn't want to confuse the message so we led with Star Wars.feedback

Mike Goslin - Disney

We are going to learn a lot about the category from this launch. Is there demand for more premium features? Do we need a lot more content? Does it need to be more social or need more multiplayer?feedback

Reed Hastings - Netflix

Disney is a great brand with great content but internationally we only have it in the Netherlands, Australia and Canada. You saw how big our international growth was in most of the world without the Disney content. So although it's got an enormously significant brand, in terms of its significance relative to growth, you can see that we've done very well in international without it.feedback

Bill Nygren

We aren't owning this because they pay a high dividend, we're owning this because we think they can improve earnings. This company is going to show much better than average growth, that they have higher-than-average quality businesses ... We think this is a business that deserves to get back to a market multiple if not a premium.feedback

Emma Slater

He doesn't just try to teach her 5 seconds. We're talking the entire routine, and through the entire thing they're beaming and smiling. It's so cute.feedback

Andrew Scott - Royal Bank of Canada

I have videos of Linda practicing with me. Emma and I work through it and then I actually try to teach it to Linda because it helps me learn the moves more.feedback

Phil McIntyre

Looking back at it, I could connect the dots and see that there was an immense amount of pressure. She was living two lives. Here she was squeaky clean on the Disney Channel, all types of moral clauses and just intensity around behavior. Once the camera stops rolling she's living another life she couldn't really be herself she couldn't be a normal teenager.feedback

Mark Mahaney

They're able to grow with or without Disney in a lot of international markets.feedback

Bruno Tonioli

By the end I felt I was bathing in stardust. You really had that kind of magic going. It really captured this kind of timeless style and elegance. It was almost like Fred Astaire meets Disney.feedback

Lindsey Stirling

The essence of what the song is about is that your dreams can come true. I remember when I was a struggling artist and when I was being told that I would never succeed, I was inspired by the Walt Disney story. Everybody told him he was a failure. And yet, he didn't give up. So, I didn't either.feedback

Lindsey Stirling

I love Disney princesses so much that I really wanted to be one. But, they thought I was more of a Winnie the Pooh. I was devastated.feedback

Frankie Hewitt

The role of Lincoln is probably one of the hardest to play of any historical character. If you try to humanize him, it can get corny and awkward, and if you try to play him larger than life, he is turned into a Disney World mechanical Lincoln. But Roy is such a superb actor, he succeeds where everyone else has basically failed.feedback

Arthur Orduna - Avis

And that sounds very Disney-like. But how do we make it good? How do we make people go, Wow, I want to do that again and tell other people'? Make it all digital, really mobile, reflect what people are expecting already?feedback

Les Wexner - Columbus

Walt Disney invented characters, and I invent businesses. We're constantly inventing, reinventing and spinning off businesses.feedback

Tiffany Thornton

I was a mess yesterday during our wedding ceremony. So many emotions flooded my heart as I walked down those balcony steps to the arms of my gift from God. I thought of Chris watching us and knowing he would have loved the choice I made, for me and for the boys. I thought of Chris's amazing parents sitting front row and how much of a blessing they have been and will forever be in our lives. How happy they are for the boys and I and how much they already love Josiah.feedback

Michael Morris - Guggenheim Partners

Our updated outlook reflects our increased caution toward pay-TV ecosystem trends and concern that investor expectations for the financial contribution from the company's content cycle are too high. While we are optimistic that the company's proposed direct-to-consumer video products will create long-term value, we expect the initial investment and long lead time into the launch of the Disney-branded offering will weigh on sentiment over the next 12 months.feedback

Michael Eisner

He "had no idea he was capable of these horrible actions. I fired (the) Weinsteins because they were irresponsible, and Harvey was an incorrigible bully.feedback

Demi Lovato

Couldn't be happier for you T. Love you so much and so sorry I couldn't be there yesterday!feedback

Charlie Gilkes

A question we ask a lot is, Can we do that or is it a bit Disney?feedback

Demi Lovato

How dare any one of you judge me and say that on a social platform. It doesn't make you any better of a person to cast judgment on others and sit in the seat of mockers.feedback

Rex Ryan

I supported Trump, and I'm appalled at these comments.feedback

Michael Paull - Amazon.com

That's one of the big, big barriers to entry if you want to have a scaled digital video service.feedback

Richard Plepler - HBO

They were nothing short of herculean for us. They understood from the very beginning that eventually we would grow our way to independence.feedback

Donovan Smith

I really have never seen The Lion King. I've seen Matilda. I haven't seen Aladdin. I've seen Toy Story...I haven't seen Winnie the Pooh.feedback

John Janedis - Jefferies

While Disney has less ad exposure than many of its peers, ESPN ratings for its non-live sports programming remains under pressure, and the outlook for the auto/prescription drugs (~30% of ESPN adv.) categories in F18 is weak.feedback

Bob Iger

We thought Twitter had global reach, a pretty interesting user interface, and a compelling way that we might be able to present and sell the content our company makes to the consumer. But we decided, ultimately, not to go in that direction. And we ended up – took us months to do it – buying a platform called BAMTech.feedback

Stephen Miller

Orlando went through a similar episode recently, and evidence suggests that event didn't have a major effect on tourism. But the difference is the nightclub wasn't on Main Street in Disney World.feedback

Bob Iger

I don't really think it has a long-term negative effect on the sport... I would advise everyone to put themselves in those people's shoes and understand what might be going on in those people's lives.feedback

Bob Iger

It's complicated these days because we have employees that feel the need to speak out -- particularly black employees -- who are angered by what they see societally, with prejudice racism or rights that they feel were hard-fought.... We have to take that into account.feedback

Bob Iger

That will give you the ability on the same apps to see content you may not be able to see on the channels, and scores and highlights.feedback

Brad Meiers

Investors are clearly holding their hands up high saying we love the diversification that these issuers are showing to us.feedback

Geoff Castle

For Canadian investors it makes a lot of sense because there has not been a lot of supply of non-financial CAD denominated investment grade debt issuance.feedback

Janice Chambers

We are in shock and devastated. She was a beautiful soul. She lived her life to the fullest, adored her family niece and new nephew. She was a beauty inside and out, loved life and making others smile. She was very adventurous, loved to travel. Heaven gained a beautiful angel.feedback

Janice Chambers

She said there are bodies stacked everywhere. Not any real details as to more, other than she was up front close to stage. She was shot to the left side of her chest and a friend with her was there at her side when she passed.feedback

Jim Cramer

The valuation had been suppressed by these long-term worries. Now it's being advanced by them.feedback

Jim Cramer

This is a market that embraces the simple, and [Disney's] stock is running because Altice basically gave in. In another time, this contract dispute would've been viewed as unimportant. Instead, it's a clarion call to buy shares of this iconic American company. That could be enough to carry the day for him.feedback

Jim Cramer

The stocks rallying the hardest say that things are going great, so we have to note how true believers are frantically putting money to work right into the face of domestic and global uncertainty. Let me go over the examples of what I'm talking about, a lack of cynicism on Wall Street, as these dreamer investors keep dreaming and the hard-nosed traders find areas to exploit to the upside despite all the uncertainty around us.feedback

Catherine Opie

He's incredibly gifted with language. But I have a problem, as with many straight male writers, with the overwrought misogyny of the work. The female characters are angry and bitter. I wonder if when a man writes about a woman like that, it's about an aspect of the mother; the Disney cliché of the dying mother.feedback

Jim Cramer

To use another baseball analogy, it's like steroids – once somebody starts juicing, anyone who wants to remain competitive has to jump on the bandwagon. Artificial intelligence is like steroids for your business.feedback

Joseph Coradino - Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust

We think, clearly, fast fashion, off-price, discount, dining, entertainment [are the] direction that we need to head [in].feedback

Joseph Coradino - Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust

When you're done, you feel better, right? And you get stronger. And that's the way we think about the work that we're doing at our properties, because we sold off the bad stuff and what we've got left is getting stronger.feedback

Jim Cramer

I get the sense that when it comes to the power of artificial intelligence, we're thinking way too small. We don't understand that AI might hold the key to all of sales if we simply learn how to harness it.feedback

Jim Cramer

Normally I don't care about these kinds of things, but I believe this might actually crystallize the debate about cord-cutting and the need for certain programming no matter what. I bet [Disney] can overcome the problem of cord-cutting and be able to grow thanks to the tremendous franchises, top-notch programming and amazing theme parks. No need to pound the table here right now. However, I think this is a terrific moment to gauge the value of Disney's programming because we'll see whether people can live without it.feedback

Nathan Forrest Winters

The film will show my journey from victim to survivor. It is my belief that we as a whole in this country have been too afraid to face such an unspeakable topic and continue to turn a blind eye, which has allowed these predators of our children to go unchecked for too long.feedback

Nathan Forrest Winters

He spent the better part of a year grooming me and my parents. Developing the trust. It was very calculated, and a long process, as it is with most paedophiles. United, victims and survivors and parents and children can make this world safer. Education is prevention, and the more light we shed on this darkest of crimes, the fewer shadows there will be for them to hide.feedback

Melissa Graves

You'll always be Mommy's loving, sweet baby boy. When we were apart you would tell us, I missed you' as we walked through the door. You would always come running with a big hug and kiss. We miss you buddy and we miss those hugs and kisses. We all love you so very, very much.feedback

Paul Gainer

We have been very focused on families and kids. We really want to expand that audience.feedback

Paul Gainer

We really want to learn as we go, especially through the holidays, so we're going to roll the new look out slowly. So far, we're really thrilled with the results.feedback

Jim Cramer

In my view, the best way to make all of this dull personal finance medicine go down is with a spoonful of stock-picking sugar.feedback

Jim Cramer

If you don't want to do this for your children, do it for yourself, because kids who can manage their own finances are kids who won't be begging you for mula even after you have gone into retirement.feedback

Rachel Bilson

I'm a really good girlfriend–I always put all that first in my life. I'm definitely the person who would make [Christensen] his favorite dinner to come home to. I love to cook, so we make dinner at home a lot and watch movies.feedback

Penny Chenery

It's a Disney movie. No, we didn't have a spiritual connection. We had a mutual respect, but he didn't stand still long enough for me to look in his eye and say a prayer. I don't know, and at this point I don't care. It was a tremendous experience for me to go through the Secretariat years, and I just really wanted to let people know what it's like to have a top horse and no one to turn to.feedback

Penny Chenery

In 1973, the country was in an emotional slump. It was the time of the Watergate and Nixon scandals, and people were looking for something wholesome to admire. I've always felt that because he was a chestnut horse and our stable colors were blue and white, he was running in red, white and blue. It's a Disney movie. No, we didn't have a spiritual connection. We had a mutual respect, but he didn't stand still long enough for me took in his eye and say a prayer.feedback

Christine M. McCarthy - Disney

Results in the quarter include unfavorable impacts totaling about $70 million due to Hurricane Matthew. [Matthew] disrupted operations at Walt Disney World and resulted in the closure of our parks for about a day and a half.feedback

Richard Kraft

We have an entire generation that grew up watching Disney animated musicals. They have no problem with the notion that a character breaks into song to express their feelings. All we needed were a few good movies or stage shows.feedback

Jennifer Nettles

Magnus loves musical theater. I want to take him to see Wicked, but so far we've done the two Disney musicals that he already knew the movies of – we've done The Lion King and Aladdin. And Lion King we even did last year when he was 3½ and we were thinking, Ooh is he going to be able to handle this?' And he loved it so much that he cried during intermission because he thought it was over!feedback

Frank Comito

Places like St. Thomas and the Turks and Caicos should rebound fairly quickly. Other areas which were impacted less like Antigua, St. Kitts, Nevis, St. Croix, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and The Bahamas have already rebounded and are open for business, having minimal damage, with airports fully operational.feedback

Dennis Speigel

During this time of the year, particularly with the Halloween events going on, literally millions of dollars can be lost. It's not taken lightly.feedback

Bob Iger

I have described a very rich, treasure trove of content for this app. We're going to launch big, and we're going to launch hot. We've now decided we will put the Marvel and Star Wars movie on this app as well.feedback

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I've taken over a year off now, because of my family situation, to take care of my kids. I look forward to having some fun with that.feedback

Don Garrett

I was his fifth grade drama teacher and cast him in his first show, School House Rock, Jr. He blew the roof off with 'Conjuction Junction.' It was then I realized he needed more than I could give him, so I hooked him up with Red Mountain Theatre Company's youth program, where he was spotted by a talent scout, which led to [a] contract with Disney!feedback

Meg Whitman - Hewlett-Packard

When I graduated from Harvard Business School and went to [ Procter & Gamble ] in Cincinnati, I never dreamed 10 years later I'd be at the Walt Disney Co. . If there's something interesting next to do, it will reveal itself.feedback

Hayley McLean-Glass

I knew that there would be NOTHING he'd love more than to get to wear a pretty dress, put make up on like Mummy does and have his photo taken being one of his beloved Disney Princesses.feedback

Marci Ryvicker

We like the entry point for DIS even if we're early … We view the risk/reward as heavily skewed to the upside. We continue to believe Disney is a premium brand with one of the best management teams in media.feedback

Marci Ryvicker

With Disney's foray into direct-to-consumer (DTC) streaming, we can't help but believe the TV ecosystem will soon embark on an accelerated over-the-top (OTT) path. Thus, investors may need to start thinking about increasing exposure to those media cos. with solid streaming strategies, such as … Disney.feedback

Josette Benchetrit

Rat phobia is an unwarranted social phobia, like spider phobia. Give a rat a beautiful bushy tail and you've got a squirrel – an animal we love. These poor unfortunates are being mercilessly killed because they've been designated by society as scapegoats to be eradicated.feedback

Alyson Stoner

I was a pack mule growing up. Living in that little box? Being part of that little machine? It takes a huge toll on you. I'm done waiting, hoping that the politics are going to change. I want to be able to show you who I am, not giving a damn about whether it matches what you wanted me to be [while] building a true community of people where we can talk about s– that matters. In my generation we sort of let the art speak for itself. We don't disclose our personal private lives. But I'm embracing it. I see a lot of really great potential from having this kind of connection.feedback

Alyson Stoner

I have some really cool bucket list projects and dreams that are coming true right now… [I'm] finally tapping into a life that I want to live.feedback

Hayley McLean-Glass

I was so angry, I literally couldn't stop shaking for half an hour afterwards – I was just so shocked. I mean, I'm his mother and if I'm okay with him doing it, who are Disney to tell me that he can't do that?feedback

Shaun O'Neale

When I was a kid, my parents would really never let me have the turkey leg. When I first got my first taste of freedom, I went straight for one of those turkey legs. It's one of those cave man moments.feedback

Hayley McLean-Glass

We have spent a small fortune in Disney items for [Noah], he wears his beloved Elsa dress all day every day... he even refuses to take it off at bedtime. He knows every single word to Let It Go and all of the other Frozen songs, he'd be able to stand on your stage in the Frozen show and give your Elsa a run for her money I'm sure! If there's such a thing as a Frozen superfan, Noah is it!feedback

Hayley McLean-Glass

He listens to 'Let It Go' all day. It's his absolute favourite thing. He is absolutely obsessed with Frozen, particularly Elsa. He loves all of the Disney princesses really.feedback

Todd Juenger

We believe gaining on-going and future relationships for exclusive content from star creators such as Rhimes/Letterman/Lorre/Kohan, while losing a handful of Disney movies, is a net positive. The only plausible reason this topic has caused such a commotion for NFLX stock (other than a poor understanding of the facts) is the theory that this is just the start of a huge wave of Hollywood studios pulling their content. We don't think they will (Disney isn't, other than a portion movie output), and we don't think it would matter much if they did. It's too late.feedback

Todd Juenger

Almost all of Netflix's future growth will come from international … Investors who were already skeptical (or bullish) on int'l growth will remain so – but Disney's U.S. non-renewal should have no effect on that view. In the U.S., recent news flow has, if anything, made us more bullish.feedback

Andrew Scott - Royal Bank of Canada

I can't wait for premiere night. But what I'm really looking forward to is finale night where I hope Emma and I will be holding up the Mirrorball. I want to make her proud and really want her to be a back-to-back champion.feedback

Hayley McLean-Glass

If a little girl wants to be a superhero, she can be. If she wants to be a Jedi, she can be. She can be whatever she wants.feedback

Nick Jonas

Happy birthday @ddlovato we've seen a lot of life together already.. much more to come as well. I admire you so much and am so grateful to have you in my life. Wish I could be with you today to celebrate! I know you won't ever let me live it down that you're a month older than me.feedback

Nick Jonas

You need some manners 'bruh,' . I didn't need to stop to take that picture with you. Just rude. Very rude.feedback

Kathleen Kennedy - Lucasfilm

Force Friday II is a major milestone in the countdown to 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Star Wars' has always championed new technology, and we are excited that augmented reality will allow fans to experience the universe in a whole new way.feedback

Michael Olson - Piper Jaffray

If anyone can do it from a content perspective, it's probably them, because of their unique brand awareness. But they're coming from way behind.feedback

Doug Creutz - Cowen Group

Disney makes a lot of amazing content, and no one can replicate it. But they're putting a significant revenue stream at risk. If they succeed, they'll capture all the revenue, but may accelerate disrupting the cable bundle. And it may not succeed. Fifteen percent of a big number is a lot better than 100 percent of nothing.feedback

Michael Olson - Piper Jaffray

Anyone who wants to compete directly with Netflix or the full spectrum of competitors who are getting into this space had better be ready for a long, hard fight and have very deep pockets. They have the money to spend on content, and they already have huge direct-to-consumer user bases and traffic. Disney served its purpose.feedback

Will Adams

Power, persistence, a conviction you can't teach that's like: 'I'm here. Watch me dance. We want to see that that potential, that hunger, is already there, and that you are a force to be reckoned with. I felt that way about myself, too. People would tell me, you don't look the way dancers need to look. You're not tall enough, you're darker skinned. It's gonna be hard for you to get eye-candy jobs or Disney jobs.feedback

Richard Morgan-Grenville

Like any great football team; ours got sponsors. We put the main advertiser on the jersey and supporting sponsors went all over the place.feedback

Stuart Forrest

Filmmakers do not look at Africa as a market and aren't particularly interested in the fact that there are 400 million children in Africa. It's the future and I don't think anyone is making content for those children.feedback

Ted Sarandos - Netflix

I don't think we compete with Amazon in the movie space at all. I frankly don't understand their strategy. I don't understand why perpetuating a model that feels more and more disconnected with the population is good.feedback

Ted Sarandos - Netflix

Shonda Rhimes is one of the greatest storytellers in the history of television. Her work is gripping, inventive, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping, taboo-breaking television at its best. I've gotten the chance to know Shonda and she's a true Netflixer at heart – she loves TV and films, she cares passionately about her work, and she delivers for her audience. We're so excited to welcome her to Netflix.feedback

Ted Sarandos - Netflix

I would say that the relationship between studios and networks has always been that of a frenemy.feedback

Jason Earles

I am madly in love with you. I love how every day you open my eyes to beauty and unexpected joys that exist all around us.feedback

Dan Rayburn - Frost & Sullivan

There's no chance of that happening. Companies will do what's best for their bottom line.feedback

Paul Verna - eMarketer

One of the barriers to entry for the consumer right now is simply confusion. The more of these services that are out there, the harder it's going to get for people to make rational, informed decisions about what to subscribe to.feedback

Richard Broughton

Disney's new service is not positioned to compete directly with Netflix, but adds to the mix of options out there for consumers. Disney's move is more about developing new revenue streams than it is about building a Netflix-like competitor.feedback

Bob Iger

Any intellectual property company should be careful about being lulled into supporting a platform that may not serve the customer effectively in a disrupted world.feedback

Mike Vorhaus

What Disney is doing is a really big deal in terms of trying new things, and I don't think it even has answers to some of these questions, including what the services will cost. But it's clearly not the end of linear television. It's not the end of Netflix.feedback

Bob Iger

It's high time we got in this business. The profitability, the revenue-generating capability of this initiative is substantially greater than the business models we're currently being served by.feedback

Bob Iger

The media landscape is increasingly defined by direct relationships between content creators and consumers, and our control of BAMTech's full array of innovative technology will give us the power to forge those connections, along with the flexibility to quickly adapt to shifts in the market. This acquisition and the launch of our direct-to-consumer services mark an entirely new growth strategy for the Company, one that takes advantage of the incredible opportunity that changing technology provides us to leverage the strength of our great brands.feedback

Jason Calacanis

It will be very easy for them to get tens of millions of people to subscribe. If something like poker becomes extremely popular, they could, with a direct-to consumer offering, have a poker channel, and do it with a level of professionalism that other people simply can't. So I think it's going to open up new opportunities for them.feedback

Benjamin Swinburne - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Netflix may be losing content from its most important supplier in Disney, but its strategy to pivot to originals, build its own global content brand, and vertically integrate into self production mitigate this loss.feedback

John Janedis - Jefferies

Disney's decision to end its distribution deal with Netflix (beginning in 2019) supports our long-held view that content owners will increasingly look to retain content for owned platforms. What is unclear is whether or not the largely staggered impact will affect NFLX's growth in net adds. NFLX's content investment likely assumed some non-renewals.feedback

Michael Olson - Piper Jaffray

While this will be a negative headline for Netflix, we expect the actual impact on the subscriber base to be minimal. There is no question Disney content was a 'nice to have,' but we believe Netflix can find ways to re-allocate … to create similarly engaging (and more exclusive) content for its subscriber base.feedback

Bob Iger

But we're mindful of the volume of product that would go into those services, and we want to be careful about that. ... It's all in discussion.feedback

Michael Browne

I think it's late and it's probably arrogant. I have to confess my children are great users of Netflix … They don't watch Disney. They don't see anything of Disney on Netflix. From my point of view sitting there as a consumer I think this is a pretty hollow threat, is Disney content that good that it drives Netflix subscribers? I don't think it is.feedback

Paolo Pescatore - CCS Insight

Disney has been a relatively late player to the online video landscape. The move squashes any rumors of Disney acquiring Netflix. But it is a huge compliment to the success Netflix has achieved within a short period of time and a strong validation of its strategy. Removing Disney content will be a setback for Netflix, but expect other content and media owners.feedback

Marc Chaikin - Chaikin Analytics

We're banging up against resistance and there's a lot of people on vacation. In this type of environment, bad news tends to send the market lower.feedback

Bob Iger

This represents a big strategic shift for the company. We felt that having control of a platform we've been very impressed with after buying 33 percent of it a year ago would give us much greater control of our destiny in a rapidly changing market.feedback

Bob Iger

This will represent a larger investment in Disney branded intellectual property, both TV and movies.feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

We think any near term seasonal pullback of 1, 2, 3 percent should be met with buying interest, and we expect higher over the coming months – through the year end.feedback

Aaron Kohli - BMO Capital Markets

The 10-year is a sweet spot for the Japanese buyers, and this is a seasonally good time for them to be putting money in.feedback

Abigail Summerville

Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell on Tuesday: DIS, NFLX, PCLN more.feedback

Bob Iger

We're going to make a significant investment in original Disney-branded television and motion pictures for just this platform.feedback

Richard Broughton

Some of the Millarworld comics have been made into some big films. There is some latent awareness of its properties. But there is a large range of untapped comics yet to translate to TV or big screen. Netflix has a lot of work to do to raise awareness of this alternative intellectual property that are not household names in a way Marvel or DC Comics characters are.feedback

Mark Millar

This is only the third time in history a major comic book company has been purchased at this level.feedback

Colin Sebastian

We remain encouraged by the company's extensive portfolio of key franchises, and believe growth opportunities remain as new titles, growing esports offerings, and improving monetization trends continue to generate upside potential.feedback

Vicki Dobbs Beck

At ILMxLAB, we want people to step inside the worlds of our stories. Through our collaboration with The Void, we can make this happen as guests become active participants in an unfolding Star Wars adventure. By combining Lucasfilm's storytelling expertise with cutting-edge imagery, and immersive sound from the team at Skywalker Sound, while invoking all the senses, we hope to truly transport all those who experience Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire to a galaxy far, far away.feedback

Faron Kelley - Disney

It is exciting because it isn't just cheer, it's basketball, it's volleyball, it's esports with gaming. We are absolutely looking at esports and it's a wonderful venue for that. We are trying to keep up with what sports are breaking and how we can be involved in them … Esports is a big one we are looking at and are very excited about it. Everyone is learning at the same time about what is the best way to do this. With our unique configuration, we could have an esports event going on at the same time as an eSports conference or expo in one of our other venues. We have got a lot of flexibility.feedback

Stefan Kalmár - ICA

It's essentially outsider art, and yet how can someone who works for one of the biggest global companies do outsider art? How can one man create such iconic images that are a bit like Walt Disney and be known around the globe? You can probably go to a village in China and they will have heard of Tom of Finland.feedback

Freddy Rolon - ESPN Deportes

We brought Messi to the U.S. in 2007, and took him to Disney World. He was able to wander around, go on rides and enjoy himself.feedback

Anika Noni Rose

The uniform and that belt! That belt is so heavy and unwieldy; I had bruises on my hips when I was shooting. But the flip side of that is it really informs the character when she's wearing it. I never wanted to take it off as much as my body wanted me to because it's so much a part of who she is. It informs her movement and how she carries herself and I love that part of her.feedback

Anika Noni Rose

He is an executive producer, he's a co-creator, but he doesn't move through the room like that. He doesn't bowl you over with that; there was always room for anything I had to say. It was really a joy to work with him.feedback

Anika Noni Rose

It has been one of the joys of my career. I really liked the show, I liked writing, I like how New York it is. I get to be completely unhinged and open. I get to be completely against the ties, completely against what we have been brought up to be as good girls. Completely against from what people assume of me when they see me. I had a ball on set with him. He was so lovely and he always has a little twinkle in his eye. He is ready to play and excited about the craft of what we do.feedback

Anika Noni Rose

We learn something new about Jukebox and what she comes from and how she turned into the person that she is. You get to see some different sides of her. You get to see her connection, even though it isn't really a positive connection that she has with Tariq – but where and why they connect. And the connection between she and Kanan … some really, really exciting things happen out of that.feedback

Paul Feig

I rely on test screenings like crazy. I'll try to get in front of a test audience as soon as I can, usually like four weeks in, so that you're not in love with it… You're kind of like I think this is good, let's try it, let's see what's working.feedback

Doug Creutz - Cowen Group

We expect studio profitability to rebound to peak levels in FY18 based on a strong slate that includes Star Wars 8 and Avengers 3. However, we continue to believe that the studio is operating at roughly peak profitability, given its utter dominance of the industry.feedback

Jake Paul

That was just kind of a lesson to teach you guys that not everything you see in the media on a day-to-day basis is real, and that you can basically fake everything and twist anything the way you want.feedback

Jake Paul

Long story short... my team, Disney Channel, and I have come to the agreement its finally time for me to move on from the Disney family and Bizaardvark. . . I love my cast mates and will continue to support Disney but I have outgrown the channel and feel its time to move forward in my career. At this point in time I am wanting to focus more on my personal brand, my YouTube channel, business ventures, growing Team 10 and working on more adult acting roles.feedback

Tetsuya Nomura - Disney

If anything, the biggest challenge [in creating Kingdom Hearts] may be trying to converse with Disney. With Final Fantasy, from a creator's perspective, it's a very free title, free to create. Each title is different, and there's not much in the way of limitations for the numbered instalments in the series. I'd been with the Final Fantasy team for most of my career; I'd always been involved in their production. In my mind, the way to create a Final Fantasy, the formula if you like, is ingrained.feedback

Tetsuya Nomura - Disney

With any Kingdom Hearts game, there are so many different elements. Some players might want to engage with the story. Others might want to enjoy the gameplay experience, or some might like exploring the settings of the world – it depends on where the player wants to put their emphasis. There may be some areas of the story players are not familiar with, but I'm hoping that piques their interest to go back to previous titles to learn more about the world, I do feel that even if you started with Kingdom Hearts III, it would be enjoyable in and of itself.feedback

Tetsuya Nomura - Disney

Just to get Toy Story approved with Disney took a long time. I'd wanted to use the film in Kingdom Hearts for over 10 years, since I was in development on Kingdom Hearts II. It was only a couple of years ago, shortly before we moved on to developing Kingdom Hearts III, that we finally got an opportunity to speak directly with Pixar.feedback

Steve Whitmire

I started out as a major Muppet fan and was able to work that into being contacted by Jim Henson. I met a man named Caroll Spinney, who does Big Bird, at a puppetry festival in Atlanta. I was this 18-year-old kid, and he recruited me onto the Muppets at a time when the Muppets were really one of the biggest things on the planet – I mean, they were huge during The Muppet Show, so it was an incredible time to join. It was still quite a small company, and I got to work with the originators of those characters and then had the opportunity, under Jim, to originate many of my own.feedback

Steve Whitmire

It's not something that can be taught, you know? Or at least not by anyone who hasn't gone through it. In an ideal world, what would happen in my case is what happened with Jim. I know the Hensons have said that I refused to have an understudy – and I don't want to have an understudy, because Jim never had understudies. What an understudy does in the meantime is develop their own characters, and by the time I die or retire, they're really too busy to do it anyway.feedback

Steve Whitmire

It's almost been more than a career – it's a calling for me. And to have that pulled away has been pretty tough to deal with. I've had nine months to begin to put it into perspective, but it still hurts.feedback

Steve Whitmire

I just don't want to launch a counterattack because then it validates what I feel is trying be done here, which is to start a war of words between me and the Hensons. I just don't want to do that. I think people understand that they've been out of the picture for such a long time and that what they're saying is not that imperative to the subject matter, so I'd rather for it to turn back to what happened with Disney.feedback

Steve Whitmire

When I hear that people are doing this via audition processes, where they march a bunch of people through, it tells me that unfortunately the folks making those choices don't have any intuition as to who the character would be. So they have to treat it like American Idol, like a reality competition show with Kermit as the prize, and that's just going to destroy the character.feedback

Steve Whitmire

I've been with the Muppets since 1978, just short of 40 years, and 27 of those were as Kermit, along with many other characters too. It's really been my life's work. It's the only thing I've done throughout my adult life.feedback

Steve Whitmire

What's come down at Disney is that the Muppets have sort of been treated like a box of crayons. They've handed that box of crayons off to a lot of really well-meaning people who just don't understand the characters, and they let those people draw with those crayons.feedback

Steve Whitmire

I love Matt – we've worked very closely together for a long time. But I think it's actually unfair of them to ask Matt to do this – and for him to take it. He's a terrific performer, but the only issue is that he has no connection to Jim in terms of personal relationship. I feel that he's not the right choice for Kermit.feedback

Steve Whitmire

I think that there is a calculated hope on the part of the owners that the audience won't notice [that Kermit has been replaced]. And in some cases, that will be true. But the depth of that character is what makes him who he is, and it's hard to impress upon people who only watch the Muppets from the outside, how important that is and what a hallmark of Jim Henson that was. Consistency is absolutely vital to these characters.feedback

Steve Whitmire

Jim Henson's creative spirit doesn't reside in a puppet. It's in my heart and my mind and the things that I know. So, unfortunately for the fans and for Disney, I'm kind of taking him with me.feedback

Ryan Seacrest

It's genuinely hard to put into words what American Idol means to me. I'm so grateful for the show and all the career and life opportunities it's allowed me to experience. It's been an incredible journey from day one. To be asked to return this year, at my new home at Disney/ABC, is an honor, if not a bit surreal. I believe ABC is the perfect home for Idol, and I've every confidence the show's legions of fans will love it – especially Idol's best traditions of showcasing heartwarming stories, remarkable talent discovery, and, best of all, making dreams come true.feedback

Steve Whitmire

This is my life's work. The only thing I've done my whole adult life, and it's just been taken away from me. I just couldn't understand why we couldn't resolve this.feedback

Steve Whitmire

I've been laying awake at night for nine months trying to empathise with a position of ending somebody's career over issues that seem to me to be so easily solved. Given the opportunity, I'd step right back in.feedback

Steve Whitmire

They were uncomfortable with the way I had handled giving notes to one of the top creative executives on the series. Nobody was yelling and screaming or using inappropriate language or typing in capitals. It was strictly that I was sending detailed notes. I don't feel that I was, in any way, disrespectful by doing that.feedback

Bill Simmons

In 2013, [ESPN management] had no idea that cord-cutting was coming.feedback

Chris Beatty - Disney

It's got to be big. Go big or go home with Star Wars. It's kind of forgotten about. People in the know like Han and Chewie, they knew of this place.feedback

Debbie McClellan

The role of Kermit the Frog is an iconic one that is beloved by fans and we take our responsibility to protect the integrity of that character very seriously. We raised concerns about Steve's repeated unacceptable business conduct over a period of many years, and he consistently failed to address the feedback. The decision to part ways was a difficult one which was made in consultation with the Henson family and has their full support.feedback

Brian Henson

He'd send emails and letters attacking everyone, attacking the writing and attacking the director.feedback

John Lasseter

These characters are really strong, they're really amazing characters and we love to think of them way beyond just the movie that was made.feedback

Frank Lampard

Being a stepmother wasn't something I had ever envisioned happening to me. Disney has done a brilliant job of making out that all stepmothers are evil, but when you find yourself in that situation, you make the best of it.feedback

Mena Massoud

So honoured and grateful for the opportunity to help bring this magical story to life once again. Let's get to work! #Aladdin #Disney.feedback

Mark Hamill

I wish Carrie were here, . She would be making me laugh and be off camera extending her middle finger -- one of her favorite gestures. I really wish she were here, but, she would also want us to be having a good time and not be sad.feedback

Billie Lourd

As far back as I can remember, my mom and I have been Disney fanatics. I was so obsessed with Ariel that I wanted to change my name. We went to Disneyland so much that I now realize she might have even loved it more than I did. Becoming part of the Disney family was truly an amazing moment for her. She secretly always wanted to be a Disney princess, so getting to be a Disney princess and a Disney legend would have been her ultimate dream.feedback

Mark Hamill

The super cool space sis I have in Carrie Francis Fisher. I loved her. And we were like siblings. The good and the bad! What a great thrill it was to come back in The Force Awakens. At that time in our lives, we were comfortable with each other. I know if she would here today, she would have flipped me the bird at least twice already.feedback

John Lasseter

Trust me when I say this, it is harder to think of a title than to get to space. We're not calling it 'Thawed.feedback

John Lasseter

One of the greatest rewards that I have in overseeing these three animation studios is getting to work with young and talented filmmakers, and in Toy Story 4 we witnessed one person rise up and becomes a great leader in front of our eyes.feedback

John Lasseter

Seeing all the princesses together, we wanted them to actually have a nice moment with Vanellope ... she recognizes (them) being real and that does break down the stereotypes.feedback

Bob Iger

She brought her trademark strength, heart and humour to the role, which is a truly legendary performance. Carrie has been an iconic part of the Star Wars franchise from the very beginning and she will always hold a very special place in our hearts and the hearts of fans around the world. We all miss her talent, her wit and her friendship. This December we will release her final film – and as always, Carrie Fisher was an original and there will never be another. Certainly we're fortunate to have worked with her. We're incredibly proud to call her a Disney Legend.feedback

Stan Lee

To me he was more than a man, he was an inspiration. To think that today I'm standing here in the house that Disney built, and we've paid tribute to Jack – it's so thrilling I can't tell you.feedback

Josh Gad

Oh really, it's going to be called 'Frozen 2'? How original.feedback

Ava DuVernay

I felt like this might be my only opportunity to do a film of this size so why not just take a big swing. The interesting thing is these kind of Sci-Fi fantasies have been done traditionally by white men, so to see the Sci-Fi fantasy through the lens of a black woman – and still Disney – I'm trying to keep it Disney but trying to keep it me, and its been a lovely process.feedback

Chen Shujin

The risks brought by asset management will be shifted to Sunac through this arrangement. While Wanda will rest on loan interest income, which is less risky.feedback

Yan Yuejin

Shedding these so far unprofitable assets would not only reduce the company's debt ratio, highlighting the asset-light model, but also raise its chance of being listed as a non-property company.feedback

Kurt Russell

I'm wondering how much trouble I'm in. Everyone is nice. The crew is great. And here comes Walt Disney. And I thought, Oh-oh.' And he came over and he said, Well, young man, I hear you got the game-winning hit. Way to go! Have fun today, guys.' And it was like from that moment on, I knew that guy was cool. He got it.feedback

Kurt Russell

What I learned at Disney was how to make movies, and I learned that from Walt. Mr. Disney took me around and introduced me to many of the animators. I look back on it now and I realize I was this kid, and he was taking the time to pick my brain, because I think that was an important thing for him to do with young people.feedback

Kurt Russell

And in return I got to listen to him talk about arcs of movies and characters. The process of building an audience's expectations. The process of creating a character that the audience really cares about and attaching it to life, so that we can all relate to it. So, in that regard, I was getting lessons that I had no idea I was getting.feedback

Chris Teather

We're thrilled to be publishing The Beatles: Yellow Submarine for the 50th Anniversary of this fantastic movie. We can't wait for Beatles fans to experience this official adaptation.feedback

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

We need a box office super hero. We need him now, and he's here.feedback

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

I think this movie can do for early July what 'Wonder Woman' did for early June, which is get us back on track.feedback

Doug Creutz - Cowen Group

The question is how much bigger can it get? They're over half of total industry profitability already, with industry profitability declining. So while I expect Disney studio to continue to do well, I think the prospects for them to do better than they are now are pretty low.feedback

Doug Creutz - Cowen Group

We've been increasingly bearish for a few years now. Attendance is declining, budgets are going up and studio profitability is shrinking.feedback

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

The sixth movie in the super-hero series is expected to bring in $85 to $110 million this opening weekend.feedback

Kenny Lamberti

I think there's a kind of mythology built around sharing a life with a dog. It's not actually a Disney movie. What we try to do, first and foremost, is to get people as informed as possible before they go to get a dog.feedback

Kevin Feige - Marvel

Now we have the first time Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe where he belongs. I sort of am still pinching myself. I can't believe it. I can't believe we're premiering the movie tonight and I can't wait for people to see it.feedback

Valerie Marino

If you have a Target REDCard, go and stock up on Disney gift cards there. My husband and I use that to buy our annual passes. I'll say, I want the chicken sandwich, but no fries.feedback

Steven Cahall - RBC Capital Markets

Yesterday the NY Post reported that a 'well-placed banker' ... said not to count Verizon out of a potential bid for Disney. Though not fake news, we think the Post's burden of legitimacy for publishing such ideas is below that of publications like the WSJ, Reuters and Bloomberg. But to its credit, we note that it occasionally gets these M&A calls right.feedback

Tom Holland

I think for me I've realized the responsibility of being a role model for young kids everywhere.feedback

Tom Ascheim

In the world of too much, you need to stand out. We've seen Disney do that better than any movie studio in history. Television isn't the movies – it's much more of a daily habit – but some of those principles still work. You need events, you need big shows to make those events feel real.feedback

Adam Grant

Persistence is one of the most important forces in success and happiness. There's the author whose novel was rejected half a dozen times. The artist whose cartoons were turned down over and over. And the musicians who were told 'guitar groups are on the way out' and they'd never make it in show business. If they had quit, Harry Potter, Disney and the Beatles wouldn't exist.feedback

Miley Cyrus

I feel like I proved what I wanted to do. I feel like I have respect, and I feel like my charity, Happy Hippie, has given me that. I feel like I have the respect as an artist that I want, so it's less that I have to prove myself, and that gives me a lot of contentment. I think that makes me have more freedom in my music, because I feel like I can really just be myself, and my fans are so accepting of me. But it's just hard for people that are looking out from the outside inside my life all the time and going through every little thing. They wanted to keep me the same.feedback

Jeff Reitz

The number one thing I tell people is to bring your patience. With the summer time crowds and the heat I tell people to relax and have fun. I've gotten to experience so much of the magic of Disney that it continues to be fun for me. And that's why I've still chosen to keep coming every day.feedback

Ron Howard

It was an honor, but it would've been too daunting. I don't think anybody wanted to follow-up that act at the time.feedback

Stephen Holden

Ms. Chastain's watchful, layered performance helps keep the film on an even keel, but it is not enough to prevent 'The Zookeeper's Wife,' with its reassuringly cuddly critters, from feeling like a Disney version of the Holocaust.feedback

Alex Martins - Orlando Magic

With Orlando as our hometown, Magic has always been a key strand of our DNA. This expanded agreement with Disney brings our story full circle and represents the coming together of two dynamic organizations that have become synonymous with Orlando.feedback

Patton Oswalt

We are at 'Dorky Disney T-shirt Relationship Level', from which no one returns. GREAT CTHULHU WHAT HAVE WE DONE?!?feedback

Barton Crockett - FBR Capital Markets

We were arguing that this was on pace to be the most profitable Disney park globally. I believe we were above [Wall] Street at that time and I think everything's played out pretty close to what we thought.feedback

Barton Crockett - FBR Capital Markets

The theme parks are the main driver of earnings growth right now for Disney, and Shanghai is really propelling a good chunk of that right now.feedback

Bob Chapek

I think those are the sort of right precursors, if you will, for future development. We're very encouraged by what we've seen.feedback

Bob Iger

We have no projections about what's ahead except to say that this is being embraced by China in that 50 percent visiting are actually coming from outside the Shanghai region.feedback

Bob Iger

We're pleased that we're off to such a great start but we've got more to do here first before we really talk about or think about doing more elsewhere in China but I think over time there's an inevitability to that.feedback

Bob Chapek

We're extraordinarily encouraged by the unbelievable result of 11 million guests in the first year and more important than that, the satisfaction scores that we get are extraordinarily high. And I think those are the sort of right precursors, if you will, for future development.feedback

Ben Cavender

With the theme park, films, co-productions, Disney English and retail, they're creating an ecosystem to bring consumers in and foster a broader buzz and awareness. The aim is to recreate that feeling in the U.S. where you have multiple generations who know the characters and cartoons.feedback

Adam Grant

But that's only half the story. For every J.K. Rowling and Walt Disney and Lennon and McCartney, there are thousands of writers and entrepreneurs and musicians who fail not for lack of grit, but because of how narrowly they apply it.feedback

George A. Kalogridis - Walt Disney World Resort

The Lane Thomas Foundation was created to give honor and light to Lane's life. The foundation is dedicated to supporting families of children needing life-saving organ transplants. To provide continued awareness of the foundation and its mission, we've commissioned an original sculpture of the lighthouse the foundation uses as a symbol of love and hope, to be installed on our property this summer.feedback

Kelly Clarkson

We don't generally do a lot honestly, because we're just so tired! [Brandon] manages Blake Shelton, he also manages me, we have four kids, there's a whole career! I had kids older, so I had selfish times when I'd go out and have fun so I don't feel like I've missed anything. I feel like a lot of moms that started at like 21 having kids – no, no. I started at 30, so we're good!feedback

Camryn Manheim

I thought, Oh, why not? What great experience! They'll never cast him as the lead in a Disney musical, he's never really been on camera. And then four months and eight callbacks, he got cast in it. I don't know whether to kick myself or throw a party for us.feedback

George Kliavkoff

We've got nothing to announce, but we're very interested. It's just the right kind of event for us.feedback

Bernard Gershon

It ultimately will change entertainment. VR will be an immersive experience impacting all the senses – sight, sound, motion, touch, smell.feedback

Mark Cameron - Jaguar Land Rover

We constantly strive to create standout experiences for our customers through our partnerships. By using Jaunt's cutting-edge VR technology, we were able to give unprecedented access to the team and America's Cup sailing in a thrilling firsthand experience.feedback

George Kliavkoff

It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation. We intend to offer an immersive technology and the content that will help drive consumer adoption.feedback

Mary Barra - General Motors

Environmental stewardship and sustainability are part of our business model and core to our operations.feedback

Chris Nee

It was important to me to let them know that we see them and they matter.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We are writing to express our strong support for the United States remaining in the Paris climate agreement.feedback

Wayne Balta - International Business Machines

As IBM stated 10 years ago, Climate change is one of the most critical global environmental challenges facing the planet.' That is even truer today.feedback

Indra K. Nooyi - PepsiCo

Combating climate change is absolutely critical to the future of our company, customers, consumers – and our world.feedback

Marlon West

I'm pretty pumped up about what we did. There's nothing, when I look at the final film, that I cringe at. And there usually is.feedback

Marlon West

What made the ocean character look like water to one person, looked too agitated and aggressive to another. You have the ocean often as a chartacter looming over toddler Moana and looming over Moana's grandmother, and at no point do you ever want to be afraid for them. You want to be in awe.feedback

Marlon West

That was a big challenge. They would animate the ocean as almost a sock puppet, and we would take that and fill it full of bubbles and liquid or we'd do a simulation over it and make it full of water to make it look more watery.feedback

Dionne Fonoti

In the Pacific, we don't consider the water a barrier to each other. It's not just the cultures of the people and the islands that connect us, it's also the ocean that connects us.feedback

Marlon West

Water is always hard. Usually, in animation, we have a dozen water shots. They're hard to do.feedback

Erin Ramos

You know it's hard for me to go to the beach nowadays. When I'm there, I'm looking at how foam dissipates, at how the water recedes back into the ocean, the cadence and the rhythm of the little breaks. I'm looking at how the beach itself is modeled to create the reef breaks, how the light affects the water, the clarity of the water itself, the colors. There's just a million things going through my head.feedback