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John Krafcik
For human drivers, the mix of winter conditions can affect how well you can see, and the way your vehicle handles the road. The same is true for self-driving cars. At Waymo, our ultimate goal is for our fully self-driving cars to operate safely and smoothly in all kinds of
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Oct 26 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Driverless cars. 390 people are quoted and you can read 698 citations of them about Driverless cars. John Krafcik, Anthony Levandowski and Brian Krzanich, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. John Krafcik said: “For human drivers, the mix of winter conditions can affect how well you can see, and the way your vehicle handles the road. The same is true for self-driving cars. At Waymo, our ultimate goal is for our fully self-driving cars to operate safely and smoothly in all kinds of environments.”.
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Dan Frazier

In the beginning, driverless vehicles that cause crashes will make headlines. But in the end, when most cars are driverless, it will be the human-piloted vehicles that will make headlines when they

Adie Tomer - The Brookings Institution

We know from consumer research that people are scared to get into driverless cars. Hyperloop involves being suspended in the air or being underground in a tunnel and moving at hundreds of miles per hour in a completely new, unproved technology. I'm no behavioural economist but in terms of consumer perception of fear, it is driverless cars on

Noah Ready-Campbell

I've talked to some operators and they've said there are parts of my job that are really dangerous and there parts of my job that are really boring. If you can have a robot do those things and I can focus on the parts that really take human judgment, then that's good for

Noah Ready-Campbell

They announced it and everyone looked at each other and we were like, why are we even talking about this. There's no way it's going to

Michelle Krebs - Auto Trader Group

Safety is one of the most critical elements for winning over consumers. To get people to accept self-driving vehicles, companies will need to convince the public the roadways will be

Makoto Okabe - Toyota Motor

By using AI innovation, we want to expand and improve the driving experience, making automobiles an object of affection

Andrew M. Cuomo

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to save time and save lives, and we are proud to be working with GM and Cruise on the future of this exciting new technology. The spirit of innovation is what defines New York, and we are positioned on the forefront of this emerging industry that has the potential to be the next great technological advance that moves our economy and moves us

Rich Azzopardi

This hyperventilating is more than a little

Eric Phillips

The city wasn't give much notice of this idea and we certainly weren't consulted. We have very real safety concerns. We are obviously looking forward to some detail on this idea before any cars hit the

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

If, in writing some article that's negative, you effectively dissuade people from using an autonomous vehicle, you're killing

Richard Barone

Cities need to play an active role in this. How aggressive it is depends on the

Patrick Doyle

[With] this relationship with Ford and the testing we've been doing on autonomous vehicles, we're figuring out new ways to deliver to people. It's going to take some time, but we're excited about

Brian Kelly

We are excited to take the next step in furthering the development of this potentially life-saving technology in

Colin Langan - UBS

We continue to be surprised by the performance of GM's autonomous vehicle unit. It's doubling its AV fleet and expects to accumulate more than 1 million miles per month by 2018, giving them a competitive

Jean Shiomoto

The department looks forward to seeing those companies and additional companies advance the technology under these new regulations. Today's action continues the department's efforts to complete these regulations by the end of the

Will Taylor

In many parts of the country, car travel is still the key driver of economic growth and so the road network remains critical. New road infrastructure can connect remote areas to population centres, reduce journey times and relieve congestion - all of which have potential to boost demand for homes. With the advent of driverless and electric cars, investment in the UK's road network will remain high on the agenda and will influence Government decisions on the allocation of infrastructure

Finn Murphy

I think this is imminent. Five years or so. This is a space race – the race to get the first driverless vehicle that is viable. My fellow drivers don't appear to be particularly concerned about this. They think it's way off into the future. All the people I have talked to on this book tour, nobody thinks this is imminent except for me. Me and Elon Musk, I

John Krafcik

People who see our self-driving cars on the road often have a lot of questions. This is especially true now in the Greater Phoenix region of Arizona, where the sight of self-driving cars being tested on public roads is commonplace. There's a lot to talk about when it comes to self-driving cars. As with any new technology, there's great enthusiasm and curiosity about self-driving cars – and there's some confusion,

Colleen Sheehey-Church

We must look for new ways to stop old problems. Fully autonomous vehicle technology holds incredible potential to completely eliminate drunk driving and other causes of traffic

Deborah Hersman

Automation holds incredible promise, but as our driving culture evolves, Americans will need to understand what self-driving vehicles can and cannot

Kyle Vogt

Strobe's Lidar technology will significantly improve the cost and capabilities of our vehicles so that we can more quickly accomplish our mission to deploy driverless vehicles at scale. Strobe's Lidar sensors provide both accurate distance and velocity information, which can be checked against similar information from a radar sensor for

Kyle Vogt

Driving in San Francisco is almost nothing like driving in the suburbs, or other places where self-driving cars are

Rod Lache - Deutsche Bank

GM's AV's will be ready for commercial deployment, without human drivers, much sooner than widely expected (within quarters, not years), and potentially years ahead of

John Krafcik

Our hope is to grow this conversation into a national dialogue and provide opportunities for people to learn about, and get up close to, this

Elaine Chao

My challenge to Silicon Valley is in fact supportive of Detroit. We don't want to have rules that may impede future

Jim Hoffa - International Brotherhood of Teamsters

The "safe development of advanced heavy trucking technology must encapsulate the life-and-death issues that are specific to that industry, not consider such consequences as an inconvenient

Joan Claybrook

It puts the federal auto safety agency in the back seat in terms of ensuring industry

Jacqueline Gillan

There are warning signs that this bill puts too much trust in the hands of automakers and places too little importance on consumer safety

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

I was too dumb to realize. I did not think [Bezos] could success on the scale he

Molly Jackson

I like that. We made a good stop there. I stop for them. They say we don't have to, but I

Oliver Cameron

It's preparing us for the sorts of questions many millions have on their mind when it comes to the

Bill Devincenzi

The driverless car would be far less risky than the drivers that we currently

Oliver Cameron

We'd call the Geicos and Progressives of the world and asked them, Do you do self-driving car insurance? The answer was

James Hackett

We believe Ford will achieve its competitive advantage by focusing deeply on our customers – whether they're drivers, riders or cities – and that's where we are playing to

Kyle Vogt

We are making rapid progress toward taking the driver out of the

Kyle Vogt

I'm saying there's almost no comparison between driving in an urban environment and driving in a suburban

Kyle Vogt

Cruise does the majority of its testing, or at least a significant portion of it, in San Francisco, and in particular the most dense part of San Francisco. The big thing that we want to point out today, is that driving in San Francisco is almost nothing like driving in the suburbs or other places where self-driving cars are tested. There's a lot of talk about miles, but really miles are not created

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

Pilot Flying J is built on a longstanding tradition of excellence and an unrivaled commitment to serving North America's drivers. Jimmy Haslam and his team have created an industry leader and a key enabler of the nation's economy. The company has a smart growth strategy in place, and we look forward to a partnership that supports the trucking industry for years to

Wade Newton

Given that human error contributes to nine out of 10 crashes, advancing self-driving technologies right now is critical to enhancing future roadway

Rod Lache - Deutsche Bank

GM does not intend to sell the technology to unaffiliated third parties; and GM appears to have thought through many details of how the [Transportation as a Service] will

Rod Lache - Deutsche Bank

Our takeaway from this meeting [with GM management] was that our key conclusions were spot

Rod Lache - Deutsche Bank

General Motors' autonomous vehicles will be ready for commercial deployment, without human drivers, much sooner than widely expected (within quarters, not years).feedback

Atif Malik

We expect Nvidia stock to grow into its multiple on strong earnings growth over the next three years, and exposure to some of the fastest growth secular end markets likes deep learning, artificial intelligence, and self-driving

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

Our relationship with GM has always been a non-exclusive

Casey Wasserman

It's hard to imagine that the guy who is imagining the future can't imagine what the world is going to be like so I'm not sure how I could possibly do that. To think that in 2006 in Turin there was no iPhone is almost incomprehensible given where we are today. So to try and imagine where we will be in 11 years is almost impossible. The yearly iterations are hard to fathom let alone a decade iteration. From the mundane to maybe there is no more cash or credit cards to everyone having driverless cars and what does that do to the traffic

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

We're focused on partnering with the auto industry because, frankly, we think we can't do this alone and need each other to be successful. It's one thing to do tests with one or two cars. It's a whole different world doing this on a large

Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz - World Economic Forum

What kind of insurance ought a self-driving car to have? If it goes wrong, who's liable?feedback

Terry K. Gettys - Michelin

It's really not an existing product. We don't have all the materials to make this

Terry K. Gettys - Michelin

As vehicles become more automated, the requirements for handling and driving pleasure are greatly diminished. In fact the passengers, when they turn over the driving to the car, they don't even care about the handling feel. And as such, there's going to be a huge shift in customer expectations toward comfort and noise. They'll want to enter the vehicle like a cocoon and have a very pleasurable experience getting to their destination, but that pleasure coming from using their telephone, their PC, discussing, and being totally oblivious to the distractions

Hans Mosesmann - Rosenblatt Securities

The Tesla/AMD move has disruptive implications to the multi-billion self-driving market. AMD has had zero play in the self-driving market. Also, AMD is the only player in the world that can offer both x86 CPU and strong GPU IP and expertise … The net/net here for AMD is that Tesla has confirmed AMD's CPU and GPU roadmaps in a field that nobody was considering as viable; it says that AMD's CPU/GPUs in PC and server markets are the real

Max Warburton

While Tesla has many advantages, we believe its self-driving capabilities are exaggerated. The Germans – who are working closely with suppliers like Nvidia, Intel as well as Conti and Bosch – are probably just as well positioned. We believe they are under-estimated and

Sebastian Thrun

As self-driving cars start taking over the world, everyone should be a part of this

Glen De Vos

You have to have all these pieces together, otherwise what you have is a

Tarin Ziyaee

With autonomous cars, 90 percent of the time, you are trying to infer what is happening. But what if you can just measure it?feedback

Mina Rezk

See how the arms are different? It's measuring different

Tarin Ziyaee

I don't even think of this as a new kind of lidar. It's a whole different

Brian Krzanich - Intel

As Waymo's self-driving technology becomes smarter and more capable, its high-performance hardware and software will require even more powerful and efficient compute. Intel's collaboration with Waymo ensures Intel will continue its leading role in helping realize the promise of autonomous driving and a safer, collision-free

John Krafcik

As the most advanced vehicles on the road today, our self-driving cars require the highest-performance computers to make safe driving decisions in real time. Intel's technology supports the advanced processing inside our vehicles, with the ability to manufacture to meet Waymo's needs at

Brian Krzanich - Intel

Over time we'll both learn we can bring more of the software ... down onto the silicon, because you get performance, cost and power. There will be a regular cadence of new innovation and new silicon that comes out. That's really what we both get out of

Raj Rajkumar - Carnegie

If Waymo prevails after a long suit and a sequence of appeals, the nature of the compensation and fines could be staggering. If Waymo can show that Uber knew that Otto [would] have Waymo's LIDAR designs, I don't see how Uber can attract additional large institutional

Andy Shaudt

We needed to try out this new lighting to communicate the intent of the vehicle, but if you've got a driver behind the seat you still have natural communication between humans like eye-to-eye contact. So we needed to make it look like a driverless car. Then you just pump up the air conditioning a little bit more and head out. They taught us not to accelerate or decelerate too quickly and obey all of the rules of the road, so stopping at stop bars and not going over the speed

John Shutko - Ford Motor

Some people are wary of this technology and if the vehicle is communicating its intent to them they may be more comfortable and accepting of the

Andy Shaudt

The car behind pulled up on the side and the driver started to yell 'come on, get out of my way' before stopping and saying 'oh my gosh there's nobody in that car!'. Because of the Wizard of Oz approach we used; the whole idea was 'don't look at the guy behind the

Andy Shaudt

At first it was a little different and uncomfortable. We first practised on a test track and got used to setting everything up and holding your hands down low [on the steering wheel].feedback

Edzard Overbeek - Nokia

We are expanding our strategy not just in autonomous driving but also in autonomous things. Drones, trucks, advanced

Edzard Overbeek - Nokia

The question is do (we) have the automation ready to scale up when this thing flies. The answer is

Edzard Overbeek - Nokia

Autonomous driving is very much at the forefront of what they are trying to solve. This is not a simple

Eyal Madar

In the last four to five years the technology has become more available and cheaper. Thanks to that, it has become possible to think about the camera for autonomous

Elaine Chao

Those projects that have greater innovation will get a greater share of federal

Elaine Chao

They are not intended to (be). This is the best way to proceed in a field that is changing so rapidly. This is not an enforcement

Troy A. Clarke - Navistar International

I applaud the committee for holding this hearing so that we can begin the dialogue on this important issue. Our industry moves our nation's freight, across multiple state lines on a daily basis, and having a predictable legislative and regulatory environment for vehicle manufacturers to design, test and validate autonomous technology will help ensure that the technology is safe when it is deployed for larger market

Elaine Chao

Since the Department of Transportation was established in 1966, there have been more than 2.2 million motor-vehicle-related fatalities in the United

Missy Cummings

We were already talking about voluntary requirements. Now we're trying to relax the voluntary requirements to be even more

Eyal Madar

The (automakers) are now beginning to understand it's not enough. They need a new sensor ... to help them with edge

Robert Sumwalt - National Transportation Safety Board

In this crash, Tesla's system worked as designed, but it was designed to perform limited tasks. The result was a collision that should not have happened. System safeguards were lacking. I think it's important to clear up a possible misconception. The automobile involved in the collision was not a self-driving

Thomas Struth

My feeling is that somehow, since the 1980s, politics are always running behind the development of technology, and it's very hard to create a legal framework to control what's happening. Maybe artists are looked to because of their freedom and critical analysis, and because in general they are not corrupted. Someone brings up the self-driving car and within no time, someone yells, Hurrah, the self-driving car!' It's like, who needs it? What about more public transport?feedback

Hiroshi Nakajima - DeNA

Smaller towns in Japan are greying even faster than cities, and there are just not enough workers to operate buses and taxis. But there are a lot of service areas around the country, and they could serve as a hub for mobility

John Krafcik

The thing that the industry is struggling with right now is that for the 100 years it's been in existence it's been focused on the number of units built. We are moving to a world where…it has to be miles

John Krafcik

People worry that with the work we're doing…that we're going to take all of the joy out of driving. I don't believe that's true. There's always going to be stuff like

Nick Sugimoto - Honda Motor

They were inflexible. They weren't clear about what they wanted, and they really didn't listen to

Astro Teller

Being able to speak the language of the automotive ecosystem is very important to

Nick Sugimoto - Honda Motor

John was very clear about his intention is not to invade the auto industry or destroy the existing supply

Sebastian Thrun

It occurred to me I could be at Google and build a self-driving car or I can teach 10,000 students how to build self-driving cars. And then I serve humanity so much

Carol Reiley

We want to make sure the experience feels as much like an autonomous vehicle experience as

Taggart Matthiesen - Lyft

We're not looking to vet the technology. We want to do this in a very agnostic way, which is why we built this open

Oren Rosenzweig

When we started out we thought the biggest issue was price. We're working on getting the price down significantly compared to what you have today, but we have to make the performance much

Debbie Dingell

Self-driving cars have the potential to save lives especially when the majority of fatalities are caused by human error. The question is whether we are in the driver's seat and not to cede it to China or

Marc Scribner - Competitive Enterprise Institute

The reason why Congress is doing this is that there was a growing concern of a vacuum created because N.H.T.S.A. hadn't acted and the states were acting in N.H.T.S.A.'s

John Thune

Self-driving technology for trucks and other large vehicles has emerged as a pivotal issue in Congress' attempt to help usher in a new era of

Kevin McCarthy

Self-driving vehicles stand to make our transportation system safer and more efficient. Advancing this technology to road-ready requires government policy that encourages continued testing and development. This formula is the foundation for what makes America the most innovative country in the

Jan Mrosik - Siemens

TASS International is a proven leader in both integrated safety and autonomous driving, two fields of engineering that are increasingly important for the industry. By combining its strengths with Siemens' PLM offerings, we are able to respond even better to today's challenges in the automotive

Danny Atsmon

Each of the sensors used in autonomous driving comes to solve another part of the sensing

Craig Smith

The way cars work today is you have a few sensors. You can see how they work in a lot of commercials: a car is backing up, or parking, it sees a kid in a driveway, and it stops. You have one signal coming in, saying 'I see an object, stop the car'. It's a computer overriding a human. The human is saying 'I'm going to drive, I'm giving it gas', and not only is it ignoring it, the car is doing the opposite of what the human says. That's nice, I'm going to

Craig Smith

One interesting thing about fully self-driving cars is they're unintentionally more secure, which is really not what you would expect at

Craig Smith

I like that Mazda's here, but everybody has a lot of work to do in this particular field, in terms of being more open about their

Danny Atsmon

Lidar can not sense glass, radar senses mainly metal and the camera can be fooled by images, hence, the industry decided on a sensor redundancy and sensor fusion approach to solve that, but each of the edge cases that we present here raises the

Craig Smith

In a self-driving world, fully self-driving, they have to use lots of different sensors. The interesting thing that happens is that each sensor doesn't trust the

Michelle Krebs - Auto Trader Group

We know that some of the early applications of self-driving cars will be in very specific kinds of commercial fleets. Delivery is a perfect

Dennis Maloney

It's going to be a real learning experience. No one really knows what's going to happen when customers walk out to the car. They're faced with a car. There's no human interaction. What happens if they approach the car from the wrong direction? Will people mind coming out of their house? We want to understand all

Russell Weiner

We're interested to learn what people think about this type of delivery. The majority of our questions are about the last 50 feet of the delivery experience. For instance, how will customers react to coming outside to get their food? We need to make sure the interface is clear and simple. We need to understand if a customer's experience is different if the car is parked in the driveway versus next to the curb. All of our testing research is focused on our goal to someday make deliveries with self-driving vehicles as seamless and customer-friendly as

Edmund King

On the new motorways, without hard shoulders, lay-bys are every 1.5 miles. A driver in trouble may encounter difficulties trying to get into a lay-by if it is blocked by a platoon of trucks going

Steve Gooding

Streams of close-running HGVs could provide financial savings on long-distance journeys, but on our heavily congested motorways – with stop-start traffic and vehicles jostling for position – the benefits are less

Michael Ramsey

For these to be a success, people can't get in the car and feel like they don't know what to

Michael Ramsey

The big issue is that people are afraid of being in vehicles where they cannot exercise some

Michael Ramsey

People would still want to know if it would be safe enough to look away, even for a

Alexander Dobrindt

The interaction between man and machine raises new ethical questions during this time of digitization and self-learning systems. The ethics commission has done pioneering work and has developed the world's first guidelines for automated driving. We are now implementing these

Sam Altman

By the time it's completed, we will have new and much better technology, like high-speed self-driving cars, electric airplanes, and maybe even

Bryan Thomas - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

We are concerned about drivers operating these vehicles having a good understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the systems. It's not enough to put it in an owners' manual and hope that drivers will read that and follow

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

While it is possible that this article could be an exception, that is extremely unlikely, which is why I declined to

Ross Gerber

Elon's world is a tough world, and that's fine with me. They're hard-charging, trying to change the world. That's why I invest in

John Krafcik

We are a self-driving technology company. We've been really clear that we're not a car company, although there's been some confusion on that point. We're not in the business of making better cars. We're in the business of making better

Brian Krzanich - Intel

The future of transportation relies on auto and tech industry leaders working together to develop a scalable architecture that automakers around the globe can adopt and customize. We're thrilled to welcome FCA's contribution, bringing us a step closer to delivering the world's safest autonomous

James Hackett

It's about aligning the technology to what the market wants it to do–is it a new station wagon or is it an Uber vehicle? We have work to

James Hackett

There's a marriage of the evolution of the technology of the vehicle and the evolution of the system it works in. In my 100-day review, I'm more convinced that the harmony of that is key to

James Hackett

The biggest leap is the nature of the human interpretation of using it. If you think we're going to take the [autonomous vehicle] and just replace the station wagon, I don't believe that's what's going to happen. The AV will replace and do something that the station wagon can't do–not just drive itself–but other

Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

In order to advance autonomous driving technology, it is vital to form partnerships among automakers, technology providers, and suppliers. Joining this cooperation will enable FCA to directly benefit from the synergies and economies of scale that are possible when companies come together with a common vision and

James Hodgson - ABI Research

There was an expectation Fiat Chrysler was resigned to being a hardware manufacturer for Apple or Google. This is a sign that they are going to take a more active

Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

In order to advance autonomous driving technology, it is vital to form partnerships among automakers, technology providers and suppliers. Joining this cooperation will enable Fiat Chrysler to directly benefit from the synergies and economies of scale that are possible when companies come together with a common vision and

Nasser Zamani - Tesla Motors

An email exchange in May and June between Tesla and Nevada DMV representatives included an agenda for a June 16 meeting, along with the Nevada Department of Transportation, to discuss testing of two prototype trucks in Nevada, according to the exchange seen by Reuters. To insure we are on the same page, our primary goal is the ability to operate our prototype test trucks in a continuous manner across the state line and within the States of Nevada and California in a platooning and/or Autonomous mode without having a person in the

Brian Krzanich - Intel

Car manufacturers will want to imprint their own characteristics on the system, how they want it to feel and how they want it to

Michael Ramsey

Intel now has a very big footprint in all parts of the autonomous vehicle, the brains, the sensors, the information side, the mapping. The acquisition clearly puts Intel in the conversation. It guarantees they will be a

Colin Bird - IHS

In terms of ADAS safety features like automatic emergency braking and blind spot detection, consumers wanted to see these features standard across the board. There is a large subset of consumers who are willing to pay for full autonomy features demonstrating that consumers see this more as a value-add rather than a necessary safety component, at least for

Danny Shapiro - Nvidia

As a human you have senses, you have your eyes, you have your ears, and sometimes you have the sense of touch. You are feeling the road. So those are your inputs and then those senses feed into your brain and your brain makes a decision on how to control your feet and your hands in terms of braking and pressing the gas and steering. So on an autonomous car you have to replace those

Dan Leibfried - John Deere

We have to have the ability to sense everything the human would inside of the system related to the quality of the job. Whether it be preparing the soil, planting the seed, protecting the crop, or harvesting

Patrick McMullan

When we saw it being used by other societies we thought, why not us? Who knew mobile phones would be what they are? Or driverless cars? It's not just doors and self

Nitin Gadkari

We won't allow driverless cars in India. I am very clear on this. We won't allow any technology that takes away jobs. In a country where you have unemployment, you can't have a technology that ends up taking people's

Robert Shiller

A theme that I have been coming back to is that the big worry that's on people's minds – I don't know how active it is in trading – but it's about where the world is going with automation and robotics. We are going to see ships sailing across the ocean with nobody on it, just cargo – like driverless cars. These things keep coming up and I think they make people worry about everything, including even stocks. You don't know how all this automation is going to play out for various kinds of companies. This is what, I imagine, is on people's minds all the time

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

One reason I'm so optimistic about AI is that improvements in basic research improve systems across so many different fields -- from diagnosing diseases to keep us healthy, to improving self-driving cars to keep us safe, and from showing you better content in News Feed to delivering you more relevant search results. Every time we improve our AI methods, all of these systems get better. I'm excited about all the progress here and it's potential to make the world

Luc Vincent - Lyft

[Self-driving cars] will also mean 80% fewer vehicles on the road – opening up more space for all of us in our cities and communities…[and] dramatically reduc[ing] pollution and greenhouse gas

Todd Westby

We think it's the right thing to do for advancing innovation just like the driverless car basically did in recent

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

There are new opportunities that are going to be created for drivers. We're seeing a surge in demand for health care, elderly related assistance services that are there that require drivers. And you'll see whole new ways of transporting. You'll have cafe services in cars as

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

What the consumer cares about the most is having a reliable experience, in addition to safety and that means that when I open up the app, I know that there's a car there in a couple minutes. For that kind of ubiquity, you need to have human drivers. We have over 700,000 drivers now. That's something that any other company would have to replicate

Lee Gutkind

It's a terrific thing to have in Pittsburgh. It's uplifting to see. Red was into self-driving vehicles before anyone. Lawrenceville was in the lost and found, it was really

Luc Vincent - Lyft

Lyft is uniquely positioned to build technology in collaboration with partners in a way that will make it possible to roll out self-driving cars at scale in the fastest, safest, most efficient way. When a passenger requests a ride that a self-driving car can complete, we may send one to complete the trip. If that person needs to go somewhere self-driving cars are unable to navigate, or their needs call for a different level of service, they will have a driver. We aren't thinking of our self-driving division as a side project. It's core to our

Jeremy Carlson - IHS Automotive

It does still take a lot to do this, even if there is lots off-the-shelf technology, to engineer them together and create systems and put them in a

Luc Vincent - Lyft

The one thing that is very, very key is the scale that we

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

We look at this as an opportunity to take what we're developing and give it to others. For self-driving to work as an industry, there has to be more

Luc Vincent - Lyft

We're building a way for third parties to plug their self-driving cars into our

Taggart Matthiesen - Lyft

You're going to see it. You're going to see these vehicles on the

Bryant Walker Smith

Governments have largely focused on the legality of automated driving. They should also pay attention to the broader challenges and opportunities of automated driving – what it means for our lives, our governments, our land use, our cities, our social services, our jobs and how we

Debbie Dingell

These vehicles are going to be developed, and I want to make sure we're developing them in this country, not China, India or the European Union. The challenge for this country, period, is how we stay at the forefront of innovation and

Bryant Walker Smith

It's sexy, and that carries issues a long way. A hot, potentially even bipartisan subject can be more appealing than the

Elliot Katz - DLA Piper

People want to feel like they're in control of their

Elliot Katz - DLA Piper

We need rules and regulations so that the driving public knows this isn't just the Wild

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

Lyft is not getting into the business of manufacturing a car. We're on our way to creating a self-driving system. Then the auto industry can bring it to

Luc Vincent - Lyft

We aren't thinking of our self-driving division as a side project. It's core to our business. That's why 10 percent of our engineers are already focused on developing self-driving technology – and we'll continue to grow that team in the months

Raj Kapoor - Lyft

We want to bring the whole industry together with this, and we think there's a unique opportunity in time right now for Lyft to become a leader while doing

Michael Granoff

Mobileye was far from an outlier, it was just the first major example of Israeli innovation becoming very much desired by the global transportation industry. At the center are technologies such as sensors, software, cyber and the like and these are areas in which Israel has already excelled. Israel has a head start in many of these

Jay Leno

She's basically the brain, heart and soul of the

Jay Leno

You'll no longer have to drive to your therapist, because you'll actually be driving your

Stefan Heck

During that transition period, we need autonomous vehicles that are not just smart, but are able to collaborate with

Stefan Heck

And, in pursuit of the profoundly transformational impact autonomous vehicle technology can have on business and society, we'll now more rapidly be able to gather the billions more miles of real driving experience and data required to get a precise understanding of how the best drivers behave behind the

Stefan Heck

Any (vehicle) manufacturer is better than any startup at building

Anish Athalye - OpenAI

When this paper claimed a simple fix, we were curious to reproduce the results for ourselves (and we did, in a sense). Then, we were curious if a determined attacker could break it, and we found that it was

Kevin Dallas

We're excited to partner with Baidu to take a giant step in helping automotive manufacturers and suppliers fully realize the promise of autonomous driving. Today's vehicles already have an impressive level of sophistication when it comes to their ability to capture data. By applying our global cloud AI, machine learning, and deep neural network capabilities to that data, we can accelerate the work already being done to make autonomous vehicles

Frank Cotton

The threats that the Armed Forces are having to face are becoming more complex as missiles get faster and drones get cheaper. As that complexity grows we need autonomy to counter that threat in a way that means the Navy doesn't need to increase its

Simon Ellgas - Waymo

If you've used your cell phone in the bright sun on a hot day you may have experienced it shutting down. Our self-driving system needs to be much more reliable than your typical home

Mignon Clyburn - Federal Communications Commission

While we enthusiastically harness new technology that will ultimately propel us to a driverless future, we must maintain our focus on safety – and radar applications play an important

Jim Sayer

This combination of research and testing in a controlled facility like MCity, and testing on the street in the real world, on this scale, doesn't exist anywhere else in the

Jim Sayer

If a car is stopped 200 feet from a traffic light, you know there's a long line of cars there. So you could lengthen the green light dynamically to reduce

Jim Sayer

You can get that signal even if the car is braking 1,000 feet down the road, so you can begin to brake even before you see the

Mark Schlissel

We want to provide the research underpinning for the state to succeed in competing in this future of mobility. For the economic future of the state, it is critical that the leadership of automotive technology remains in southeastern

Chris Urmson

In a driver-assistance system, most of the time it's better to do nothing than to do something. Only when you're really, really, really sure that you're going to prevent a bad event, that's when you should trigger. That will guide you down a selection of technologies that will limit your ability to bridge over to the other

Nathaniel Fairfield - Google

People have this curve where they go from somewhat unreasonable but plausible distrust to way, way

Bryan Thomas - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Not all systems can do all things. There are driving scenarios that automatic emergency braking systems are not designed to

Danny Shapiro - Nvidia

It's 30 pictures every second. Each picture, a single frame, is made up of pixels. Each of these pixels or dots is a numerical value that says, What is the color of the light there?' It's just a bunch of

Danny Shapiro - Nvidia

[The GPU] is now powering everything from games to the visual effects you see in Hollywood

Danny Shapiro - Nvidia

You can almost have in-app purchases to add new features that weren't there when you bought

Jon Peddie - Jon Peddie Research

Researchers at universities realized that, Hey, here is this low-cost processor that we can apply to scientific and mathematical applications and get some acceleration for

Jon Peddie - Jon Peddie Research

The original use of GPUs in an automobile was for the instrument panel in the entertainment system. It's only been recently that people have been saying, Hey, we can do this, or that!feedback

Chris Niven - International Data Corporation

The combination of GPUs and a CPU are now available that can accelerate analytics, deep learning, high-performance computing, and scientific

Jessica Caldwell -

Luxury doesn't have to be defined by how many cylinders or how many gears you have. For a lot of buyers, being really high tech and having this self-driving capability is

Martin Magnusson - Volvo

Kangaroos are smaller than these animals and their behaviour is more erratic. This is why it's important that we test and calibrate our technology on real kangaroos in their natural

Martin Magnusson - Volvo

Kangaroos are very unpredictable animals and difficult to avoid, but we are confident we can refine our technology to detect them and avoid collisions on the highway. In Sweden we have done research involving larger, slower moving animals like moose, reindeer and cows which are a serious threat on our

Ashok Vaswani

This is about really automating all the routine … transactions. And then really spending time with customers on what stuff matters. You know, when you want a mortgage, when you want to plan for your retirement … all that kind of good

Carlos Torres Vila - Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria

Really people don't like banking , it's boring, it takes time, causes them stress, and people have bad financial habits. What we can do is leverage data and AI to provide people with peace of mind, really having an almost magical experience that things in their financial life turn out the way they want it. It's almost like a self-driving bank

Wiebe Draijer - Rabobank

AI is a very potent technology that we are applying in many areas. It will also sit in the interface with customers. The funny part is that sometimes you can see that the reliability of an answer of an AI-generated answer to the question of a customer is higher than of the very next person you get on the phone. We see AI as a solution to get more reliable insight, the right answer to the right question at the right time in support of the person sitting in a call center or in the branch. And so AI is extremely potent and we are going to see a revolution in how it's applied

Kevin McCann

Any company that would be working on the autonomous car concept would be having to do the same developmental work. We brought our engineers into Australia to begin the exercise of gathering the data of how the animals can move and behave so the computers can understand it more. Autonomous cars are a continuing development. A driverless car does not yet exist, and developing technology to recognise kangaroos is part of that development. We are developing a car that can recognise

Kevin McCann

The whole development process has to take in as many variations of conditions as possible. It's a fairly drawn-out process. We don't even refer to it specifically as kangaroo detection, it's what we call small animal

Amy Kaa

Although it hasn't been tested in a kangaroo-specific environment, there was an instance where black swans were interfering, and so they had to build into the car the ability to recognise

Robb Bolio - General Motors

This takes driving to a whole new level. Super Cruise lets you do other things, like make phone calls, but it's not tedious or stressful. And on top of all that, it enhances your safety when you are

Robb Bolio - General Motors

How long it takes before the system notices a driver is not paying attention depends on your speed. If you are going 75 miles per hour, it's three or four seconds, depending on the traffic around you. If you are in bumper-to-bumper traffic going 10 miles per hour, it's a little

Michelle Krebs - Auto Trader Group

This is definitely a shot across the bow of Tesla, which already has Autopilot. Cadillac is really trying to take Tesla on in that category of

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Our generation will have to deal with tens of millions of jobs replaced by automation like self-driving cars and trucks. When our parents graduated, purpose reliably came from your job, your church, your community. But today, technology and automation are eliminating many jobs. Membership in communities is declining. Many people feel disconnected and depressed, and are trying to fill a

Frank Pallone

We need to be sure that we get this right and that safety is the first

John Delaney

I think the [tech] industry focuses, as it should, on being at the cutting edge of innovation and creating products and services that enhance productivity and improve peoples' lives. So when they're thinking about driverless cars, do they spend more time thinking about how this will enhance productivity, and how it will [protect] safety, than the jobs that will be affected? I think the answer is probably yes, but I don't think they do it in some of kind of nefarious

Andrew Ross Sorkin - The New York Times

Today there are 35,000 fatalities on the road using cars that we all drive just in the United States. What number does that have to go down to that it becomes politically palatable, to the public, that they get in the car, and there may very well be a fatality as the result of a computer?feedback

Andrew Ross Sorkin - The New York Times

Almost every single person in this room already made that choice, because you got on a plane. Planes fly roughly 99 percent of the miles that they fly by computer. It's now to the place that it is not safe for humans to fly in a lot of conditions. It's mandated that the computer fly because the computer can do it

Chris Agnew - MKM Partners

You've got to have hubs to locate and organize these vehicles and turn them around, and you've got to have the ability to do that and do it at scale and cost effectively. Why would somebody want to develop that from the ground up?feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We're focusing on autonomous systems. Clearly one purpose of autonomous systems is self-driving cars. There are others. We sort of see it as the mother of all AI