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Mohammad bin Salman
We are on track in 2018... but the listing (details) are still under discussion. It will be IPO-ed in 2018. Aramco would prove itself on the ground on the day of the IPO. Actually when I talked about the valuation, I talk about $2 trillion, it could be more than $2 trillion. The idea is not to restructure the economy as much as to seize the opportunities available that we didn't address before. I think now the oil market swallowed the shale oil supply, now we are regaining things
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Oct 26 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Fracking. 162 people are quoted and you can read 206 citations of them about Fracking. Francis Egan, Bjarne Schieldrop, Paul Wheelhouse and Elisabeth Whitebread, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Francis Egan said: “There's a bit of momentum. But it's still in the exploration phase. It's one step at a time.”.
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Jackie Brookes

I thought it was petty bullying, telling us that we could be crushed by that tower when we know darn well it's as strong as it can be. Eddie wouldn't be up there if he thought it was going to fall down. So it's just another way of pushing us around, it's bullying

Nicola Sturgeon

Fracking is being banned in Scotland, end of story. I don't think that position could be any

Paul Wheelhouse

It is our responsibility as a government to make a decision we believe is in the best interests of the people of this country as a whole. We must be confident that the choices we make will not compromise health and safety or damage the environment in which we live. We have a moral responsibility to tackle climate change and an economic responsibility to prepare Scotland for new low carbon

Paul Wheelhouse

The Scottish Government has a moral responsibility to tackle climate change and an economic responsibility to prepare Scotland for new low carbon opportunities. Taking full account of the available evidence and strength of public opinion today, my judgment is that Scotland should say no to

Paul Wheelhouse

There is no social licence for unconventional oil and gas to be taken forward at this time, and the research we have conducted does not provide a strong enough basis from which to adequately address those communities'

Rose Dickinson - Friends of the Earth

With all our nearest neighbours having banned or halted fracking, our government is increasingly out on a limb in pursuing it in

Stuart Haszeldine

The consultation replies from citizens shows they are very clearly prepared to forgo the doubtful possibility of short-term financial gain for the longer-term benefits of moving to a cleaner economy and air quality. This is continuing the decline of fossil fuels, and moving to a different sort of

Francis Egan

There's a bit of momentum. But it's still in the exploration phase. It's one step at a

Phil Davidson

If that money stays on Fylde coast, the majority of it, then I'm for it. If it all goes down to Westminster and into the coffers, then I don't agree with

Richard Robertshaw

It's a bit of a line in the sand as it's the first commercial site to be developed and it's iconic because it's been done against local

Claire Stephenson

The more we're here, the more we see the disgraceful breaches of regulation that go on, the stronger we feel we have to protect our

Dan Huxley-Blythe

It swallows up a lot of free time, it's so important to get involved, [but] you do make sacrifices. You sacrifice spending time with your family, spending time at work. It affects you financially, your relationships. Wherever this industry takes hold, it meets

Bob Dudley - BP

The start of production from Khazzan, BP's sixth and largest major project start-up so far this year, is an important milestone in our strategic partnership with Oman. With further development already planned, this giant field has the potential to produce gas for Oman for decades to come. Khazzan further demonstrates BP's ability to consistently deliver large, complex projects on schedule and within budget while applying the industry-leading skills and technology we've developed

Christine Hughes

It's clear that impacted communities, mostly led by older women, indigenous people, and people of color, are fighting

Roy Thompson

The UK urgently needs a bold energy transition plan, instead of trusting to dwindling fossil fuel reserves and possible fracking. We must act now and drive the necessary shift to a clean economy with integration between energy systems. There needs to be greater emphasis on renewables, energy storage and improved insulation and energy

Laura Fulton

People started looking around saying, where can we find this smaller mesh sand? And it was in the Permian

Ben Bud Brigham

Local sand is a huge disrupter that is beneficial to the shale

Baskut Tuncak

UK regulations on fracking are complex, split between several regulators and do not appear to be sufficiently stringent. Fragmented policymaking allows for

Lindsay Paterson

Some people have said that by asking difficult questions they risk their research grants. These people have been very distinguished scientists, studying highly contentious matters like genetic modification or

Pete Williams

Americans are wedded to their petrol engines and while they have been endeavouring to become more self-sufficient through increased fracking they are now having to buy more unleaded from overseas which is reducing the availability of unleaded for the rest of the world. We have already seen the wholesale price of unleaded increase by 5p in just the last week and the ongoing crisis in the state of Texas could have a prolonged impact on demand and, in turn, the wholesale price – so we may see further price increases on UK

John Underhill

Both sides of the hydraulic fracturing debate assume that the geology is a 'slam dunk' and it will work if exploration drilling goes ahead… but the science shows that our country's geology is simply unsuitable for shale oil and gas production. The implication that because fracking works in the US, it must also work here is wrong. The only question that has been addressed to date is how large the shale resource is in the UK. The inherent complexity of the sedimentary basins has not been fully appreciated or articulated and, as a result, the opportunity has been

Dallas Salazar - Atlas Capital Group

As alternative strategies are optimised, sand density will fall on a foot by foot basis – dramatically in

Duane Scardino

The cases where people were scaling back [sand] usage, that was probably due to logistics problems. It's hard for me to imagine what would be more cost effective than frack

Fawad Razaqzada -

Above all, it is the ongoing fundamental issue of excessive supply that is continuing to weigh on oil prices. On this front, not a lot has changed despite the OPEC and Russia efforts recently. While these producers have tried to limit their oil output, U.S. shale oil continues to

Elisabeth Whitebread

Communities don't want the unnecessary industrialisation of our countryside for shale gas we don't need. More than three-quarters of people support renewables, so the government should listen to their own opinion polls, stay true to their manifesto promise and support offshore wind and solar instead of a new fossil fuel

Rose Dickinson - Friends of the Earth

This makes bad reading for the industry because they know they are desperately fighting an unwinnable battle for support. The extent to which this industry has failed to win over the public is undeniable. Opposition is increasing not only where fracking is proposed, but across the whole

Elisabeth Whitebread

Communities don't want the unnecessary industrialisation of our countryside for shale gas we don't need. And more than three quarters of people support renewables, so the government should listen to their own opinion polls, stay true to their manifesto promise, and support offshore wind and solar instead of a new fossil fuel industry. Concern about climate change is at its highest since 2012, and to meet our climate targets, we must leave fossil fuels in the ground. The fracking industry is pulling UK energy policy in entirely the wrong direction and the public is right to be

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

The Democrats want to continue to use this as a PR stunt and are doing everything they can to keep this story alive and in the papers every single day. The president, the American people, they voted 'America First,' not Russia first – and that's the focus of our administration. If you want to talk about somebody who's been tough on Russia, look at President Trump. He wants more fracking, more coal, more energy, a stronger military, a stronger defense. Those things aren't good for Russia. The distinctions are very clear – and you want to create a narrative that doesn't

Harry Tchilinguirian - BNP Paribas

The simple truth is that OPEC and Russia have to contend with the fact that there is output growth elsewhere diluting their efforts at reducing supply. Nigeria, Libya and U.S. shale oil feature prominently as an offset to OPEC's

Francis Egan

We are very pleased to have taken delivery of the drilling rig to our shale gas exploration site. The drilling of the first horizontal exploration wells into UK shale rock will be an important milestone in unlocking a vital new source of natural gas for the country. With the decline of North Sea gas and our ever increasing reliance on gas imports, including shale gas imported from the US, developing an indigenous source of natural gas is critical for UK energy security, our economy, jobs and the environment. We are proud as a Lancashire company to be at the forefront of that

Polly Steiner - Friends of the Earth

We have repeatedly heard about this supposed shale gas revolution, but so far the fracking industry has only stalled while opposition has

Ellie Groves

While they congratulate themselves, we won't be distracted by today's news, and it will only strengthen everybody's resolve to keep

Arfon Jones - Plaid

I was told last week there would be no further deployments after I made representations around capacity issues in North Wales and questioned how could we justify sending officers to Lancashire in those circumstances. Why should officers from North Wales be sent to police and facilitate an activity where the activity is more or less unlawful in their own country? The decision not to send any more officers from North Wales after this week may be down to a number of factors, my opposition only being one

Arfon Jones - Plaid

It "a danger in many respects but mainly because of potential pollution of water. I was a prominent member of Frack Free Wrexham and campaigned strongly and eventually successfully to prevent [fracking firm] IGas carrying out exploratory drilling at Borras [near Wrexham]. I was also prominent in lobbying the Welsh government to issue a moratorium over fracking in Wales, which they did, and will continue to lobby them to utilise new powers delegated to them over energy to ban fracking in line with other European

Francis Egan

I strongly condemn the increased illegal and aggressive behaviour of activists which has put all road users near our Preston New Road site at serious risk. The majority of these irresponsible individuals are from outside the local area and seem determined to use regular disruption to local road users, and abuse and violence towards police and security staff, as so called direct action

Katrine Lawrie

They've been getting increasingly more violent and aggressive over the last few weeks and every day it seems the aggression and violence seems to ramp up. It's outright

Gary Higgins

Territorians have been blessed with abundant supplies of natural gas, which can form an important part of Australia's energy supply and security into the future. Despite inquiry after inquiry showing this technique can be done safely with appropriate regulation, all we get are more

Michael Gunner

We will make the best decision for the Territory – we will not put at risk existing fishing, farming, tourism and cattle jobs for the possibility of jobs from

Naomi Hogan

The report makes clear that every part of the shale gas extraction process does come with risks, from the chemical transportation, to a grid of thousands of wells and pipelines, to faulty well integrity causing water contamination. The report documents a litany of concerns that have been put forward by Territory families, pastoralists and traditional owners about the impacts surrounding the fracking industry and polluting shale gasfields across the

William Hawk

It's going to happen here. Your water supply is going to be destroyed and your children will have nothing to live

Rick Guest

This is the epicentre of the fracking industry, where it's going to start. If we can stop it here, we can hopefully stop it

Jonathan Bartley

Across the world, environmental protesters, like those in Lancashire, are putting their bodies on the line. In the future we will remember them as heroes• Jonathan Bartley is co-leader of the Green

Donald J. Trump

[W]hen I want a strong military, you know she wouldn't have spent the money on military. When I want tremendous energy, we're opening up coal, we're opening up natural gas, we're opening up fracking, all the things that he would hate, but nobody ever mentions

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

They come here because these are good jobs where people with a high school diploma can make $100,000 a year. The women I met said they feel safe, but they had unique stories. Some told me about finding out their boyfriends had families back home. (They thanked me that Facebook has made it harder for these men to live double lives.) Another woman told me she has never paid for a drink her whole

John Blaymires - IGAS Energy

The most important thing that you have [to do] to ensure that we do our jobs safely, environmentally responsibly, is we construct and design that well [in Nottinghamshire] to ensure the integrity. The fracking is incidental, almost, to the whole of the rest of this

Amin Nasser

If we look at the long-term situation of oil supplies, for example, the picture is becoming increasingly worrying. Financial investors are shying away from making much needed large investments in oil exploration, long-term development and the related infrastructure. Investments in smaller increments such as shale oil will just not cut

Francisco Blanch - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

I don't see a lot of downside below $40/$45 range. Maybe we get a little bit of a dip below but I just think the market is pretty oversupplied. Inventories are finally declining but the real issue is we need to have forward prices low enough to discourage shale. We need to see a slowdown in the fracking industry, and we just added 12 rigs which doesn't help at

Don Beyer

There's the larger environmental issue. In a world where we need to be moving away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible, and where our energy independence is high because of fracking, do we really need to be out there drilling offshore, especially in the wake of Deepwater Horizon?feedback

John Blaymires - IGAS Energy

That is not ultimately a sustainable way if the country decides that shale gas can provide benefits in terms of security of supply, jobs, growth etc, and be done safely and be done environmentally

Michael Stephenson

It's a little bit more terrestrial in origin, so it has more woody material rather than planktonic, marine material. That means probably it's a bit less capable of yielding a lot of gas. It [the gas] is there but what we've found through recent studies in the last two years is it's quite confined to layers within the

Miranda Cox

When your community and family is threatened, you are often left with little choice but to take direct action. As a councillor and member of this community, I have been left with no more alternatives. I feel our way of life locally is under attack by an industry that, backed by a distant central government, is seeking to turn Fylde and Lancashire into the largest gas field in Europe. I cannot stand by and allow this mass industrialisation to

Gina Dowding - Lancashire

It's abundantly clear that when it comes to fracking, local councils have been rendered weak and helpless. I feel I need to be here with the community to say that we won't roll over and accept this. We are putting our bodies on the line because our voices haven't been

Philippe Crouzet - Vallourec

We have kept contacts with people even if they were laid off. We are calling back those former employees and training new ones. There is a race to reduce costs. This has been extremely successful. This was not calculated by oil producing countries that thought that letting the price fall from $100 to $70 a barrel would kill the activity of shale oil and gas in North America. They were completely

Khalid al-Falih

In my opinion, market fundamentals are going in the right direction, but in light of the large surplus in stockpiles over the past years, the cut needs time to take effect, . Current expectations indicate the market will rebalance in the fourth quarter of this year, taking into account an increase in shale oil production. Markets determine prices but are themselves driven by unpredictable variables beyond the control of producing nations. Short-term volatility is mostly a reaction to short-term factors ... as well as the role of speculators in stock markets that increase market

Dallas Salazar - Atlas Capital Group

EQT is a decade behind in fracking technology used by industry leaders in Marcellus/Utica. EQT needs a lot - and Rice offers a lot of what it

Gary Cohn

The price of natural gas because of the technological advances we've had in the United States, and all the fracking development in what we've done to create an abundance of natural gas, has made the price of coal less favorable today. That could change very

Greg McKenna

Libyan and shale oil production seems to have occupied the mind of traders overnight. That's consistent with my sense that this is all about inventories and the associated supply overhang in crude oil markets at the

Anton Siluanov

On the one hand, this should keep prices at the levels they are at present, and on the other it gives a signal to those companies which are extracting shale oil, particularly in the USA, by increasing levels of drilling, by increasing the levels of extraction, and in the final reckoning by the growth of offers on the oil market. At the same it is necessary to be very attentive, it is necessary to be ready for the fact that the possible surplus offers of oil will put pressure to lower the

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

As a consequence of the extension of the cuts, we are likely to see a more supportive oil price and yet more U.S. shale oil rigs being added to the market over the coming nine months. In our view, this is likely to flip the global supply/demand balance for 2018 and 2019 into

Terry Lodge

This is a rather astonishing situation. Our governor is a rightwing Republican who is extremely pro-fracking and extremely

Sushant Gupta - Wood Mackenzie

This (stocks decline) is a bit tricky as production cuts cause higher prices which will incentivize more production for the U.S. shale oil and reduce the impact of the production cuts. So it's a bit

Thomas Linzey

To expect a fully formed legal theory initially out of rights-of-nature is just ridiculous. It takes actual conflicts to build that body of

Fred Carlson

If there's anyone who should be going along with this thing, it's me. But you have to think about the generations to come. And one of the biggest resources that this country has is clean fresh

Chad Nicholson

The regulatory system is cooked. Its DNA does not allow communities to actually say no to things and protect their environment. Communities are then left arguing over the details of a permit granted to a corporation, but what a permit does is allow a certain amount of illegal activity to go on in the community. A permit is about negotiating the rate of destruction, not stopping

Judy Wanchisn

We were novices. We thought someone was going to save us, but what we hadn't yet realized was that no one was going to save us but

Thomas Linzey

Our constitutional structure is an archaic suicide pact. You are looking at a system of law that elevates rights of property and commerce above the rights of communities, people and

William Hamilton

They started drilling without having any idea what they are going to do with the waste. To me, pumping it into the ground seems like a very foolish way to dispose of a toxic material. There are going to be gigantic, unknown and long-term consequences to

Fred Carlson

The only reason that I can see that you gentlemen are here is that Grant Township is a very small township. We're being picked on. We're not happy with

Blaine Lucas

PGE does not want to fight. If it goes to federal court, and I don't want to saber rattle here . . . there's a possibility the township could be required to pay our attorney

Susan Paradise Baxter

Although Defendant wishes it were not so, the development of oil and gas . . . is a legitimate business activity and land use within

Judy Wanchisn

It was like he was talking Greek. We butted

Judy Wanchisn

It didn't matter if they were Democrats or Republicans. People didn't want anyone messing around with their water. They understand 'You poison my water and I don't have a

Leila Conners

Americans are often under the belief that the EPA or their local state environmental agency is going to save them from environmental pollution, and that is simply not the

Fred Carlson

Our ordinance is passed. You boys know where we're at. If there's a problem, go at

Thomas Linzey

We got invited to the White House, and we met Al Gore. But all the liberal progressive community cared about was that we were enforcing existing environmental laws. No one seemed to care that the community we were fighting for still got a new toxic-waste

Majid Jafar

The key issue is actually what's happening in the U.S. The kickstart of the shale oil production there is faster than anybody thought…, you're seeing it in the rig count, you're seeing it in the cost of production, they can drill wells at a third of the cost and in a third of the time now. The key question not always in focus is China. What's really going on with their growth? Indian growth of oil demand is even faster than China's now. There needs to be a little more focus on the demand side as well to truly get a view of the overall

Sam Hall

While stringently regulated fracking could meet the UK's demand for gas for a couple more decades, the Conservatives' priority should be incentivising cheap renewables, which are attracting the majority of new energy investment worldwide, as part of its modern industrial

Yvonne McLellan

Theresa May knows she can rely on self-interested wealthy donors and campaigners who're allowed to break the spending rules without fear of prosecution. Greens don't work that way, and we're not in the pockets of the super-rich. That's why we are targeting our resources to build on our strong support in Glasgow North and in Edinburgh North and Leith, and also build support for the case against fracking in Falkirk. Greens across Scotland will support efforts in these constituencies, offering a bold alternative to the other

Anthony Grisanti

While fracking has come back I don't see production from them increasing much more from these levels–banks won't finance those operations like they used to–and as the price falls some of those new wells become unprofitable once

Tapas Strickland

In the words of ABBA, it seems U.S. shale oil production is presenting a Waterloo moment for

David Leland - Columbus

It is an end run by Republicans in the legislature to facilitate more fracking and drilling in Ohio state

Taylor McKinnon

The Ohio and Little Muskingum rivers provide precious water to millions of people in Ohio and downstream states. Pollution from fracking would be disastrous for the people who depend on this

Michael Saul

This disturbing decision highlights Trump's desire to leave our beautiful public lands utterly unprotected from oil industry exploitation. Backing away from these modest rules is doubly dangerous given the administration's reckless plans to ramp up fracking and drilling on public lands across

Matt Canavan

Hopefully it's a wake-up call to the states and territories to get off their backsides and develop their own resources. Where we've ended up demonstrates the folly of a lot of these

Mark Butler

If I had my time again, I would be arguing back then for the national interest test policy [on gas exports] that we have in place

Francis Egan

We are very pleased that the planning inspector's recommendation and the secretary of state's decision to grant planning consent has been upheld by the high court. We respected the democratic right of those opposed to this consent to challenge the secretary of state's

Francis Egan

We respected the democratic right of those opposed to this consent to challenge the Secretary of State's decision. However we always remained confident that the planning consent would stand, particularly after such a lengthy and thorough review of the application and positive recommendations for approval by both the professional planning officers at Lancashire County Council and subsequently an experienced planning inspector. These could include debt and equity markets as well of course as further funding from our current

Claire Stephenson

Justice and democracy have not been observed in Lancashire. We are truly dismayed at this

Elisabeth Whitebread

Ordinary members of the community have been peacefully opposing fracking for six years and they won't stop

Michelle McGrade

There are some conflicting forces out there. There's OPEC and there's U.S. shale gas and oil. U.S. is making shale oil like crazy and therefore the supply is greater than

Leslie Lewis

We were always for mediation. We had to go to trial because we couldn't get a fair decision. The court was highly critical of me. At Cabot's request, the court excluded critical, relevant evidence, inextricably linked to the facts and claims in this civil

Ted Thomas

You want to know how you bring the coal jobs back? Ban fracking. The chief economist of the Heritage Foundation, Steven Moore, was trying to articulate the position that the problem with coal was Obama regulations, and not gas. When you talk to utility professionals, they're more of them who think Elvis is still alive than believe that. That shouldn't be in the policy discussion–much less the leading

Alexander Novak

It's clear that we are all assessing the situation in a sober fashion, we understand that there will be a rise in the production of shale oil … Again I want to say that we need to look at the situation as a whole throughout the

Stephen Colbert

Repealing environmental regulations will create all sorts of new jobs: oil refining, fracking, clean water historian, keeper of the last six

Andy McConn - Wood Mackenzie

Oil futures prices must recover before producers can lock in prices over US$55 a barrel for next year, which is what we think is needed to organically fund significant (shale) oil production

Ann Bristow

This vote confirms the power of participant democracy. Never believe when someone tells you that an organized movement can't produce change against overwhelming odds. We are proving

Dennis Gartman

This slump is very real ... Fracking has only just begun here in the U.S. and it will be transferred swiftly to other countries abroad, so the supply of crude oil is going to increase rather dramatically in the years to

Jeremy Baker

Global demand for 2017 is expected to remain healthy and surpass long-term average growth in demand of 1.2 million barrels per day by between 0.2 and 0.4 million barrels per day. As such, the combination of robust demand and weaker global supply leading to rebalanced markets will not be de-railed by U.S. shale

Paul G. Pinsky

Taking a stance is crucial. There's an old phrase, Dare to struggle, dare to win,' and I think that applies today. Keep up the

Mike Tidwell - Climate Action Network

We cannot love God with all our heart if we destroy God's creation … nor can we frack and love our neighbor as

Sajid Javid

There will be no assessment of these greenhouse gas emissions arising from the gas being pumped through the gas grid to homes and

Malcolm Turnbull

In Victoria, where there is a huge amount of gas, and, indeed, there is still a very large offshore gas resource in Bass Strait, but there is also an enormous amount of gas onshore that can be accessed by conventional means, without fracking. I can say that the gas companies - I have no doubt - are very well aware they operate with the benefit of a social licence from the Australian people and they cannot expect to maintain that if while billions of dollars of gas are being exported, Australians are left

Judy Stone

Despite the claims in the All Opinions Are Local blog post “Opposition to fracking in Maryland is anti-science” by Thomas Wheatley, most of the more than 900 peer-reviewed studies on hyrdaulic fracturing, known as fracking, confirm increased risks to our health and the environment from fracking. A University of Maryland study in 2014 emphasizes increased health risks, especially to vulnerable children and elderly or others with weakened immune

Clive Grunshaw

It is hard to say how much it has cost, but the bill already goes into the hundreds of thousands of pounds and will go into the millions. The strain on officers is already immense. These officers are going on shift to be abused and being portrayed as the enemy when they really are not. These are Lancashire officers who live and work in the local community and who are at the site instead of dealing with domestic violence or antisocial behaviour and keeping people safe. This is just the tip of the iceberg at the

Jason C. Buckel

We're poor – we're very, very poor. A chance for someone to get a thirty- or forty- or fifty- or sixty-thousand-dollar-a-year job driving a truck might make a little bit of difference in

Wendell Beitzel

There's not a gas or oil company in the world that would want to come in there and

Mike Tidwell - Climate Action Network

If Joan Carter Conway declared today that she too supports a ban, then it's going to go to Hogan's desk, because not only will we have her vote, but several people have said they'll support it if she

Thomas Wheatley

For state Sen. Robert Zirkin (D-Baltimore County), the dangers of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) are so patently obvious that the question itself is pointless to discuss. “This is not one of those issues that lends itself to that debate, ” said Zirkin at an anti-fracking rally in Annapolis on Tuesday. “This is a public health issue, pure and simple.”.feedback

Robert Laycock

Our holiday cottage business, Flamingoland, Castle Howard and all the other tourist businesses in this area, will all be affected by that [fracking]. He says 'please go away' – we are not going to go away, we live

John Dewar

Please go away. We respect their right to protest but they should respect our right to

Ash Hewitson

By taking out the links in the chain we can break the whole industry into

Francis Egan

I think it is irresponsible because people have a right to go about their day to day work. Your right to protest shouldn't be allowed to supersede some business's right to do business with

Barbara Richardson

Cuadrilla are out to exaggerate and make protesters out to be far more aggressive than they are. Yesterday there were six police vans, and every time a van came [to and from the site], 50 officers came out to surround

Francis Egan

There's verbal abuse. They swear at people. One guy [a Cuadrilla worker] had a death threat which he reported to police. You don't think someone's going to follow it through, but it's indicative of how strongly they're feeling. They shout things like 'you mustn't have children because you wouldn't do this if you had children', how can you live with

Qani Rredhi

Since 2010 we have suffered earthquake tremors of high intensity at various times, usually at night, even 30 quakes a

Eugen Weinberg - Commerzbank

OPEC must at some point recognize and understand that they are no more the marginal producers and marginal production will be coming from shale oil so prices will come under massive pressure during this year once investors recognize oil supplies are not going to disappear. The world is awash with oil at the moment and there continues to be endless supply so therefore I don't see a real reason for prices to rise above $60 or $70…so I'm really seeing probably the risks of the prices falling below $50 for a considerable period of time and probably even touching the levels of $40 to $45 this

Dave Ernsberger - S&P Global

There is the shadow looming of new supply coming to market not just from Iran but also from the U.S. and what we're looking at heading into the second quarter is when will that oil come to market and will it begin to take the edge off prices a little bit. One cargo of shale oil is not like another and you don't really know what is going to happen when you put it through your refinery until it lands at your port and that's a little more uncertainty that even the oil refinery industry - which is used to uncertainty - is really willing to embrace right

Paul Wheelhouse

The debate on the future of unconventional oil and gas in Scotland has proven both complex and controversial. It is also an issue that has stimulated intense discussion, motivated by deeply held and sincere views on all sides. The Scottish Government has sought to present impartial, independent information on unconventional oil and gas in order to encourage informed dialogue and debate. This consultation does not set out or advocate a preferred Scottish Government position or policy. Instead, we want to create space for dialogue and allow different perspectives to come

Thomas Pugh - Capital Economics

At the end of the day, U.S. shale oil drilling will depend on the prevailing market prices and there's not much Trump can do about

Ian Simm

Trump is very keen on bringing more economic growth back to the United States. More industrial activity is very good for companies that are solving environmental problems, (including) cleaning up the water supply from fracking water, air quality and

Fatih Birol - International Energy Agency

I expect the U.S. shale oil will go back to increasing production this

Chad Warmington

The commission isn't concerned about it, but wants to give guidelines to make sure they don't grow in magnitude. They're taking it as a proactive approach to this new emerging formation in the SCOOP and

Jackie Cray

I'm obviously disappointed in the verdict but it doesn't end here. There is no support in North Yorkshire for this risky industry. We will continue to campaign on behalf of local communities for the sake of our children and their children's health and well-being and the long-term prosperity of our area. We are not prepared for Ryedale to become a sacrifice zone for the sake of industry

Donna Hume

The High Court has ruled that fracking can go ahead in beautiful Yorkshire, and we must rise to this latest challenge. The judge found that North Yorkshire councillors had assessed the impacts of climate

Thomas Burke

The value of high-quality science has never been more important in helping to guide decisions around our nation's fragile water resources. EPA's assessment provides the scientific foundation for local decision makers, industry, and communities that are looking to protect public health and drinking water resources and make more informed decisions about hydraulic fracturing

John Noel

We are glad EPA resisted oil and gas industry spin, followed the science and delivered the facts. EPA must take action to address these threats

Erik Milito

The agency has walked away from nearly a thousand sources of information from ... technical reports and peer-reviewed scientific reports demonstrating that ... hydraulic fracturing does not lead to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water

Thomas Burke

Data gaps did not allow us to quantify how widespread the impacts

Erik Milito

We look forward to working with the new administration (of President-elect Donald Trump) to instill fact-based science back into the public policy

Amy Mall

With a new administration coming in, this underscores the need for action at the federal level. Now, more than ever, states and communities must use their power to guard against these very real

Katie Brown

If fracking were a major threat to drinking water supplies, the data gathered by EPA would show it. But they don'

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

OPEC knows this dynamic. As such they have been quite clever by only pledging a cut lasting six months to begin with. This tightens up the front end of the market. OPEC would prefer though not to lift forward prices further out on the curve. They don't want to offer shale oil producers a free lunch with the possibility of a guaranteed, high profitability for new projects through a high forward

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

OPEC is putting U.S. shale oil to the test... (and) we will truly see what it can

Harold Hamm

We could take it from 10 [million barrels a day] to 20 [million]. The key here is not to get too much production coming back in – oversupply the market – or prices collapse and that's not a good deal for everybody. We have that potential in this country. That's what's available here. It needs to be done in a very systematic

Peter Thorne

We suggested that they provide a definition of 'systemic,' a definition of 'widespread' and then provide quantitative data to support the conclusion. That is all a way of asking them to put that kind of scientific rigor behind a statement as broad as

Fatih Birol - International Energy Agency

We are seeing shale oil at around $60 or so, for a big chunk of it to be profitable, and we may well see it come to the market and provide more oil to the

Rick Shearer

Our customers are talking about actually adding some crews even in Q4 and certainly adding crews into Q1 2017. We're very bullish, going forward, that our volumes and our pricing will continue to

Charles Foote - Credit Suisse Group

It's a good little pocket of positive activity, but I don't think you can extrapolate it

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

I know that the shale oil industry is very innovative and they have cut costs and adapt but we won't be able, if we continue this way, to fill the

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

The Americans want it most ($US50 per barrel) as the shale oil projects become profitable with such a price. And $US60 (per barrel) will result in more shale oil

Hillary Clinton

So by the time we get through all of my conditions, I do not think there will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take

Helen Rimmer

Instead of shoving us down a dangerous path that inevitably leads to climate change, the government should invest in renewables and energy

Francis Egan

We are very pleased that we can now move ahead with our shale gas exploration plans which will start to create new economic growth opportunities and jobs for people in Lancashire and the UK. As a Lancashire business we are proud that the County will play such a vital role in securing vitally needed home sourced

Hillary Clinton

There will be many places in America where fracking will continue to take

Tetsu Emori

Even if there were no output deal at the informal talks, oil may not fall and could stay around $45 (a barrel) as shale oil production is not

Catherine Reheis-Boyd

Hydraulic fracturing and other well stimulation treatments in California have undergone rigorous analysis and review, culminating in the most stringent environmental standards

Brendan Cummings

This is a huge victory in the fight to protect our water and wildlife from fracking pollution and dangerous drilling. The Obama administration must get the message and end this reckless rush to auction off our public land to oil companies. As California struggles against drought and climate change, we've got to end fracking and leave this dirty oil in the

John Bradley

This ban ... will have nationwide impacts for Australia's energy

Malcolm Roberts

The decision today is short-term politics that will leave Victoria exposed to unnecessarily high energy

Benjamin Salisbury - FBR Capital Markets

We believe the announcement alleviates a significant uncertainty overhang for E&Ps leveraged to the DJ

Diana Best - Greenpeace

Despite the countless hours and the thousands of Coloradans who spoke in support of protecting the health and safety of Colorado communities, the movement faced an unprecedented flow of money from the oil and gas opposition that felt the need to spent $15 million to defeat us. We may be disappointed today, but tomorrow we get back to work empowering communities and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. This fight is far from

Karen Crummy

Colorado voters recognized that these extreme measures would destroy the state's economy and take away private property rights. The voters read the petitions and declined to

Karen Crummy

We are confident that Coloradans will see these measures for what they are: a backdoor fracking ban that would be economically devastating for our

Benjamin Salisbury - FBR Capital Markets

We continue to believe the worst-case scenario, the passage of Initiative 78, affecting up to 90 percent of the state's acreage, is a less likely event. However, we reiterate that the low-probability, potentially high-impact risk warrants concern. We believe this uncertainty overhang could affect E&Ps leveraged to the DJ Basin, especially in urban areas, continuing until Election Day should the initiatives officially make the

Lauren Petrie - Food & Water Watch

This is a good day for Colorado, and it's a good day for democracy. These initiatives will give communities political tools to fend off the oil and gas industry's effort to convert our neighborhoods to industrial sites. This is a significant moment in the national movement to stem the tide of fracking and natural

Lisa Trope - Food & Water Watch

We made it over the hurdle of having the signatures needed to turn into the Secretary of State and now it's in their hands to go through the validation

David Deckelbaum - KeyBanc Capital Markets

Given catastrophic implications for these companies, certain downside persists, though given limited likelihood that initiatives pass based on rational behavior, we would expect rally relief to

David Tameron - Wells Fargo Securities

There's obvious avenues that people would pursue and they would try to get an injunction or try to fight it on the grounds that it's

David Tameron - Wells Fargo Securities

The energy industry is very concerned. Essentially, it would grind drilling development to a halt in the

David Deckelbaum - KeyBanc Capital Markets

This is an issue where the bar for getting something on the ballot in Colorado is

John Christiansen - Anadarko Petroleum

This is bigger than any individual company, as these potential ballot measures would carry massive consequences for Colorado's economy, public education, public services and every

Benjamin Salisbury - FBR Capital Markets

We see the worst-case-scenario (Initiative 78 being approved and passed) as a very low probability but because of the rapid transformation of Colorado's electorate and unprecedented nature of November's election, we believe that the low-probability high-impact risk event warrants investor concern until it can be ruled

Bill Thomas - EOG Resources

The benefits of EOG's premium drilling strategy are beginning to show in our operating performance. We are committed to focusing capital on our premium assets which we are confident will increasingly lead to break-out performance as prices

Harold Hamm

Hillary Clinton would eliminate fossil fuel development in America, she would kill jobs, drive up gasoline prices and increase oil imports from our enemies. President Trump will release America's pent-up energy potential, get rid of foreign oil, trash punitive regulations, create millions of jobs, and develop our most strategic geopolitical weapon: crude

Sara Rasmussen

Residents of communities undergoing (fracking) and those nearby can be exposed to noise, light, vibration, heavy truck traffic, air pollution, social disruption and

Daisy Sands - Greenpeace

Theresa May should not be under the illusion that fracking is the answer to the UK's energy

Kassie Siegel

The Bureau of Land Management clearly has the authority not only to set this weak rule on fracking but to take the much stronger actions needed to truly protect our public

Ryan Sitton

This ruling sends a broad signal about who really does have the jurisdictional authority to regulate this

Lynn Helms

This ruling protects private and state-owned minerals from being subjected to unauthorized federal

Cynthia Lummis

This rule undermined the careful and efficient regulation of fracturing that states have put in place, like the rules written by

Gene McCowan

We would like to see more drilling. But we are caught in a bind because people are concerned about fracking and how that will affect the earth and

Kevin Cramer

The real opportunity for prosperity in this country has been to produce more because you have access to more markets. The last thing we need is more rules. One-third of refining capacity is owned by OPEC countries. How does this fit into his (Trump's) America first policy?feedback

Bernie Sanders

What we are trying to do in this campaign is to differentiate our positions from Secretary Clinton on the war in Iraq, on fracking, on how we raise money. That is what the American people want to hear. And by the way, one other point, Chuck: I would hope very much that as we go into New York State, Secretary Clinton's home state, that we will have a

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

There is thus an increasing risk that the steep decline in U.S. shale oil rigs we have seen for weeks now may soon come to an end show an uptick rather than a further decline in a week or

Igor Sechin - Rosneft

Shale oil production has its limitations in scope and time ... U.S. shale oil production will reach its peak in

Thomas Porcher

What you should know is that the bigger the oil price decline the greater the rebound effect (ie the rise in prices). Because today with extremely low oil prices, investment in non-conventional oil, shale oil, is no longer

Fatih Birol - International Energy Agency

Due to the limited resource base (of US shale oil), it is going to plateau and decline. After 2020 there will be a major dominance of Middle East

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

We're in a bit of a price war at the moment, we've got more supply then we've got demand, and I think this is in part a ploy by Saudi Arabia to I think squeeze the shale oil revolution and US producers more than anything else, but at some point I think we could well hit a floor and that floor is probably around the $80 a barrel

José Bové

I don't feel I've sold my soul to the devil. I'm here where decisions are taken, I'm here to take part. I'm not turning my back on battles in the field, which are also important for me. At the moment, for example, I'm fighting multinational shale oil prospectors. It's crazy to let them do that. For me it's essential to go into battle locally, but also to mobilise at a European level and

Zbigniew Krezel

People say different things: 'The water will turn yellow'… 'The hens will lay no more eggs'… but I don't know if this is true or

Czeslawa Kulbaka

There will be irreversible changes underground because this technique will create fractures. The concrete surrounding the pipes won't last forever so the local water supply will be

Jean-Francois Lalfert

There are already cases of cancer, there are already cases of poisoning. It's been seen in the United States, it's been seen in Canada, in Germany, in Poland, it's been seen wherever shale gas has been extracted from the bedrock. Hydrocarbons which are extracted from the bedrock. All around there is damage to health. It's not worth digging these wells if you're going to make people

Magdalena Piatkowska

Our well is designed in a way which protects underground water against any possible pollution from drilling fluid or in the future against gas which could migrate to the surface. Each casing set is cemented to the surface and I can promise that there is no possibility that gas or drilling fluid reach a point where there is a contact with underground

Karol Kaszczuk

They say that no chemicals will be used. Yet we know that the shale gas is extracted by injecting chemicals and can be dangerous for the

Jozef Siwek

We like the fact that we have found gas here in Syczyn. Maybe more jobs will be created for our

Alicja Struszewska

Most people in the village are in favour of exploiting the shale gas. The village and the community have said

Wojciech Swieton

It is a good time for us at the moment, because shale gas is more popular than before and I hope we keep

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