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Pavel Saradin
I voted for SPD because their opinions are close to mine, I am also against migrants arriving
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Oct 21 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about German Politics. You'll find 157 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. You can also see the other popular topics. The 3 people who have been quoted more about German Politics are: Angela Merkel, Martin Schulz and Carsten Nickel. Angela Merkel specifically said: “Whistling and yelling certainly won't ensure the future of our country. What happened in 2015 cannot and will not be repeated.”.
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Paul Mason

Germany’s SPD is not alone – social democracy is in crisis across Europe. As Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour understands, we need a complete break with the neoliberal model. ‘Some of us are beginning to think it is the end of the project.” That was how a senior European social democrat spoke to me of the future of mainstream socialism last week. The German SPD’s abject failure in Sunday’s election will have done little to lift the gloom. After 12 years of playing sidekick to Angela Merkel, it will go into opposition, bereft of a strategy and rightly worried about the breakthrough of the far right Alternative for Germany (AfD).feedback

Richard Falkenhall

Markets don't like uncertainty and the German election results have injected a healthy dose of (that).feedback

Viraj Patel

The impact is limited as the German election results is more of a domestic political story for now rather than a regional European trend and the euro will be more sensitive to any shift in direction from the European Central Bank

Michael Strobaek - Credit Suisse Group

While Germany's leadership as a pillar of stability in Europe is sustained, the strong showing of the populist far-right and setbacks for the SPD are a

Jens Fleischer

I could be convinced to return to the CDU if they became more conservative again. Under Merkel, they have moved too far to the left for me and many

Christin Lerch

The CDU and SPD are simply no longer in touch with the

Matthias Henn

It was wrong to open the borders and let anyone in without checking identities. I am a CDU voter despite all this, but I want this party to handle it

Oskar Niedermayer

They won't have any real effect at all on German politics. No one will form a coalition with them. They'll be excluded. Their motions will be shot down. If they put forward reasonable motions that other parties might agree with, they will be voted down, and the other parties will put forward slightly modified

Alexander Gauland

It must get into the Bundestag lower house so that debates happen again. This Parliament...has become totally

Arsene Wenger

It is for the first time that politically the German Prime Minister came out and the President of UEFA came out and I think politically something will happen in the next 12 months to regulate and limit the transfer

Angela Merkel

Whistling and yelling certainly won't ensure the future of our country. What happened in 2015 cannot and will not be

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

Remember that in the first half of 2017, markets were constantly talking about the populist threat in the euro zone. After the Dutch and French elections, this threat seems to have disappeared. No one seems to have an eye on the AfD. If the AfD manages to come in as third largest party, it could not only be the official opposition leader (in case of another CDU/SPD coalition) with special rights in the German parliament but would also show even Germany is not immune against right-wing

Carsten Nickel

Talks could be prolonged and governance noisy given the two small parties' competition for the same constituency and the conflicts between CSU and the Greens on issues such as migration. Yet, an SPD result below 23 percent might make it clear already on Sunday night that all four have little choice but to meet at Merkel's home turf, the political

Niko Switek

The AfD has already sharply changed the discourse, as can be seen from the election campaign. German politics have become polarized

Klaus Regling

I see a great unity among the EU member states and I don't think the German election is going to derail

Alan Posener - Die Welt

There was this feeling that Schröder betrayed the working class and that Schulz [would] roll back Schröder's reforms and make the SPD great

David Davis

I have my views, but I'm optimistic about it. The outcome of the election will be to accelerate the process [Brexit] once it has

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

I want to reach those undecided people. And if I can do that, then I can win the parliamentary elections. She is using the infrastructure of the state to fly to her campaign events at a bargain price. More and more people are seeing this as a kind of aloofness that is already playing a big role in this campaign and will mobilise my voters. I don't want to continue the grand coalition. If she wants to come in under my leadership with the CDU as junior partner, then we can see. But I don't think they want to continue the grand coalition

Carsten Nickel

The idea with asymmetric demobilization is that you keep political discussion generally at a low-level in order to not provide any point of entry or attack for the opponent. She cashes in on topics that the SPD would otherwise claim for

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I am calling on all my countrymen in Germany... the Christian Democrats (CDU), SDP, the Green Party are all enemies of Turkey. Support those political parties who are not enemies of Turkey. I call on them not to vote for those parties who have been engaged in such aggressive, disrespectful attitudes against Turkey, and I invite them to teach a lesson to those political parties at the ballot

Josef Janning

AfD presence will contribute to moves among CDU and CSU to better cover their conservative wing. The CDU, which has moved to the center with Merkel effectively occupying ground formerly held by conservative SPD, will likely move to the

Guntram Wolff - Bruegel

Most people in Germany think that politics is too close to the auto sector… I mean roughly 80 percent of people polled say this is the case. German politics is far too closely connected to business and ultimately this will be very harmful to the

Alexander Wallasch

What is wrong with German voters? How can it be that the CDU with Angela Merkel at the helm is currently enjoying 40% support? Is it just a lack of alternatives?feedback

Torsten Schneider-Haase

The difference between the CDU and the SPD is quite great. These numbers will not be the same in two months but the difference remains

Stephan Weil

I see my political future with the CDU. It wasn't an easy step, but a necessary

Stephan Weil

Voters have a chance to react now. That is why elections should be scheduled as soon as

Herbert Behrens

Today we can start setting out political guidelines and the framework so the automobile industry and employees know what's in store for

Oliver Wittke

We need to start getting rid of combustion technology in the

Eckhardt Rehberg

Keeping the finance ministry will be most difficult to achieve with the SPD as junior partner because the party has put a strong emphasis on finances and Europe. If we have a similar situation on election night as we did four years ago, the SPD is likely to demand not only the foreign ministry but also the finance

Hans Redeker - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We may have to think about that number if the German election in September really does lead to deeper EU political

Erika Steinbach

It runs against the CDU's own party programme, which sees marriage as being between a man and a woman, so CDU decisions are clearly not worth the paper they are written on. It would be hard to exaggerate how excruciating this

Donald J. Trump

We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & military. Very bad for U.S. This will change. Russian officials must be laughing at the U.S. & how a lame excuse for why the Dems lost the election has taken over the Fake

Armin Laschet

We need more police to secure the security of the people but we want as well to lead a country of

Carsten Nickel

This is a veritable disaster for the party that has controlled the country's industrial heartland for almost half a century. This marks the end of the so-called Schulz effect, the euphoria that surrounded Merkel's popular challenger ever since his surprise nomination earlier this year. His immediate task now will be to relaunch the so-far exclusively personality-driven SPD campaign for the Bundestag elections; the party immediately needs to start focusing on policies to widen the SPD's appeal beyond its core

Karl-Rudolf Korte

They need to develop ideas for the future that ignite enthusiasm and mobilise voters, not just on social

Josef Joffe

Merkel has risen from the ashes of 2016 when she was widely criticized for her open-arms policy on the refugees. All seems forgiven. I have no doubt that her party will come out as the strongest in September, that she will gain a fourth term.... So four more

Katarina Barley

This is a bitter day for the Social Democrats. It is our heartland. Losing it is particularly

Ralf Stegner

The SPD boxer has suffered a body blow, but he's still

Carlo Messina - Intesa Sanpaolo

The position of maintaining (QE) will come to an end, in my view, after the German election… But starting from 2018, it is likely that interest rates can increase and there could be some reduction in the amount of government bonds that can be bought by the

Angela Merkel

I am not an anxious person, I will fight the election on the basis of my convictions. We know cyber criminality is an international challenge .. but we expect that the German election will go ahead unharmed and that we have enough different positions to tackle a range of

Clinton Watts

A contingent of the Trump campaign supporters we believe to be 'bots' and accounts from Russia have shifted to Germany. If I had to estimate, about one-third of previous Trump supporter accounts are now trying to influence the German

Jennifer Williamson

We have been through hell this morning. They detained Aaron for well over an hour at DFW and deliberately kept us from our flight. We are now on an alternate. We were treated like dogs because I requested they attempt to screen him in other ways per TSA rules. He has SPD and I didn't want my child given a pat down like this. Let me make something else crystal clear - he set off NO alarms. He physically did not alarm at all during screening, he passed through the detector just fine. He is still several hours later saying 'I don't know what I did. What did I do?' I am

Hajo Funke

It needs to deliver more. A lot depends on whether the SPD can be convincing when fleshing out its election campaign focused on social issues and

Hajo Funke

Schulz is speaking about the problems - he has talked about making nurseries and education free - but on economic and social issues, the CDU can say that Germany is doing far better than comparable neighbouring

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

We have not reached what we aimed for tonight. But that does not mean that we will not reach our overall goal, which is to change the government of

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

We want the SPD to become the country's first political force via the parliamentary elections, to make this country a better and fairer country so that the people of this country can get the respect they deserve. And, dear members, I want to become Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thank you very

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

We do not need to go to the USA to see the attempt to turn back the clock of freedom . Look at Turkey, look at Hungary, look at Poland! Every day they become bolder against our democracy. You have in the SPD the most decisive enemy that is possible in this

Thomas Oppermann

Martin Schulz is somebody with a clear attitude, with a fantastic authenticity. He is able to talk to the people and to touch

Thomas Oppermann

It is incredible how Martin Schulz has changed the situation of the Social

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

We want the SPD to be the strongest political power in Germany. And I want to be the next chancellor of

David Lea - Control Risks

Schulz has definitely changed the game in the German election. He's still benefiting from the entry boost. Whether that boost can be sustained for the six months, little bit over, left until the election, I doubt it somehow but he is certainly trying his best. The extreme groups have done fairly well in state elections and in municipal elections but they've never been able to push it through in national elections. There is a danger in simple extrapolating a Brexit result or a Trump result to every country

David Tepper - Appaloosa Management

If we are short U.S. bonds we are betting on a stronger economy here. That's the bet. So we are betting on strength one way or the other here, strength around the world in one way or the another. The only thing on the horizon, different things can happen, hopefully nothing happens political but different things can happen in France. But once you get through it, there's nothing else in the year. You'll have smooth sailing. The German election is just upside to

Ralf Stegner

The Greeks have had to make huge reforms, putting a heavy strain on ordinary people. If there is an SPD-led government, there will be a change of course on this point. We want growth and employment in

Achim Post

More must be done for growth and employment. If I push Greece further under water, or Portugal too, how should growth be generated if I cut wages and pensions? He doesn't just want to stand as a candidate, he wants to be

Johannes Kemper

He is authentic. He speaks the language of the streets. He speaks to the worries there are on the

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

If the small baker in Hamburg pays his taxes but the American coffee business next door pays no taxes ... if big businesses make more profits for years but real wages in Germany stagnate or fall, that is not

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

When we have billions in budget surpluses in this country, I don't want this money used for tax relief on big incomes but rather for it to be

Dietmar Bartsch

With Martin Schulz, the SPD has a real candidate for chancellor. A change of government is

Pepijn Bergsen

This is just the first round of attacks from the CDU on what is still quite a new figure in German national

Torsten Schneider-Haase

Martin Schulz is managing above all to win back former SPD voters and to appeal to them emotionally. Such a strong shift in party preferences within a week is a

Markus Soeder

We are going to have a lot of convincing to do in this election with our base and in the community. The CDU and CSU will come together - but perhaps not in

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

Social democracy is about being fair to each other, hand in hand, side by side. In order to have the best for our country, we are seeking practical solutions for people. What a big difference that is to the conservatives' non stop, tiring

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

According to latest opinion polls, Merkel's CDU stands at 37 percent with the SPD trailing far behind with 20 percent. With Schulz, the SPD could be able to close this gap somewhat. However, it would need a significant closing of this gap before a coalition without the CDU as biggest party would become a feasible

Carsten Nickel

Opposition from the far-right alternative for Germany will force the chancellor to put up a fight; Schulz's nomination means that on top of this, she will face a center-left contender with the capacity for emotional messaging and no history in domestic German politics – the advantage of a fresh face in times of anti-establishment

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

There is a deep cut going through society, not just in our country but in other countries in Europe as well. European societies are drifting apart. After the presidential election in the United States one may say that society is drifting apart across the

Sahra Wagenknecht

The stronger we perform, the greater the chance the SPD will correct its course there and, of course, that we can form a joint

Alastair Winter

We know the Italians are eager to lift sanctions, as are several German parties including the SPD. Of course, (Angela) Merkel and her CDU want to retain sanctions but would struggle to hold the line if the U.S. lifts them and it could be a major election

Jens Spahn

Those who are not refugees, who are not fleeing from Iraq or Syria from war and persecution, must return to their homelands - and that needs to be done

Angela Merkel

We do not want any parallel societies, and where they exist we have to tackle them. Our laws have priority over honour codes, tribal and family rules, and over the Sharia… That also means that with inter-human communication, which plays a crucial role (here), we show our face. This is why the full-face veil is not appropriate and should be outlawed wherever it is legally possible – it does not belong to

Larissa Brunner - Oxford Analytica

If Merkel decides to run then yes, definitely, she will win the election. There is no real effective opposition from Sigmar Gabriel and his party (the Social Democratic Party) and besides he is not very popular. Though, it is very unlikely that (Merkel's) Christian Democratic Union (CDU) will emerge as the strongest

KY Lin

Next year, we will have more shutdowns than this year. Normally we have to shut down one CDU and two RDS and sometimes one residual fluid catalytic cracker, but next year we will shut down the delayed coker and vacuum unit

Fredrik Erixon

It was a move by Sigmar Gabriel (Germany's economy minister) in order to appease critics in his own party that wanted the SPD (The Social Democratic Party of Germany) to block CETA … Wallonia (the Belgium region) has just ended up in this fight because Gabriel thought he could solve an internal party problem and that other countries would not have troubles supporting CETA. Now it turns out he was not informed about Wallonian

Carsten Nickel

Berlin's urban politics are hardly a blueprint for developments on the federal level. Still, tonight's (Sunday's) result was the weakest CDU showing ever in Berlin. For Merkel, the loss of yet another regional state government means that pressure from the CDU's Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), will intensify further as of next

Carsten Nickel

The next signpost to watch will be whether the CSU officially backs Merkel in time for the December CDU federal conference. But even if the Bavarians delay their decision until early 2017, the lack of alternatives means that time is on Merkel's

Michael Müller

I remember when Pegida protests took place there was a strong resistance in Berlin and therefore I think that the results of the elections two weeks ago in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania mobilised people here (against the AfD – Alternative for Germany, right wing party). They say we don't want this in our city, we don't tolerate

Horst Seehofer

Without reaching a consensus on that, my appearance (at the CDU congress) would be nothing more than a media

Carsten Nickel

In the capital, the strength of the AfD could force the CDU out of the grand coalition with the

Angela Merkel

Neither vote will be pretty for the CDU. But we will move on. It won't distract her from the challenges we face in Germany and in

Barbara Hendricks

It's proven that glyphosate has negative effects on the environment. That needs to be fully taken into account for the approval. Given that there is still uncertainty about the health risks associated with glyphosate, the SPD-led ministries will not agree to the approval of

Leif-Erik Holm

Finally, there is a credible opposition. Hopefully we will have another one in a year's time in Berlin. Maybe today is the beginning of the end of Angela

Axel Schaefer

The SPD insists that we should quickly meet with Mr Draghi. The impression that Germany is questioning the independence of the ECB should be

Katarina Barley

A cut-back in giving refugees the minimum wage will not be possible with us. Because, to pit refugees against those who are having a hard time on the job market anyway, would put at risk social solidarity in our

Sigmar Gabriel

We want an agreement between the federal and the regional governments as to where entry centers should be built. We believe that instead of one large central facility such as a transit area at the border these entry centers should be set up all over the country as initial reception centres for refugees and waiting areas to carry out entry checks and registrations and to distribute from

Hajo Funke

The situation is becoming tense, , because of a small group of a few thousand neo-Nazis with violent

Angela Merkel

The centre, this is the strength of Germany. The centre, that is us. And that is why 2009 will be our

Angela Merkel

Our theme is 'make way for work.' We believe that only by creating jobs can we create

Franz Muentefering

Our three priorities are work, security and

Olaf Scholz

Many people have given us and myself, their trust. I am taking this very seriously. But it also means that we must keep our

Robert Goebbels

I personally think he is honest when he speaks of the need for social policy, the need for a minimum wage in all countries of the European Union. He says it and believes it, but can't do anything about it now because he's somehow tied down by Angela Merkel. Without Angela Merkel and the support of Germany's CDU- CSU, he wouldn't be the candidate of the

Sigmar Gabriel

I believe a coalition between us is about change in this country, and also in Europe, taking a different route and thinking about tomorrow; what we want to happen to our children and grandchildren. We need to bring that back into politics. Merkel's coalition do politics without

Angela Merkel

And we will not overcome those problems if we do not directly address them – and the CDU has always stood for that

Andrea Nahles

We are not giving a commentary on the ministries, and are not accepting

Daniel Bahr

We disapprove of a general minimum wage imposed by law. End of quote. This sentence is still valid for the

Katrin Göring-Eckardt

I believe that a government must be stable and work in the same direction, because if you're all pulling in different ways you achieve nothing. My imagination doesn't stretch far enough to envision the CDU going so far [with concessions].feedback

Angela Merkel

It is a programme which is measured and centred. It wouldn't charge people anything extra, or charge the economy anything extra, because we think that by opening up areas of liberty and by motivating small and medium-sized companies and family companies as well as big ones, the chances of bringing in revenue are higher doing this than they'd be if we discouraged people by raising

Peer Steinbruck

These aren't only senseless statements and empty promises. We can't help thinking that the CDU-CSU themselves don't take their programme seriously. That's evident in the programme because they don't say how these crazy promises are going to be

Sigmar Gabriel

We need a total open and transparent procedure, and not this hide and seek game and secret diplomacy, that has been performed concerning Gorleben in the

Andreas Scheuer - Csu

The idea cited over the weekend keeps in focus that language is the key to successful

Peter Tauber

It's none of the politicians' business whether I speak in Latin or Klingon at or in a local accent at

Daniel Gros - Centre for European Policy Studies

In a sense German conservatism, has become even more conservative, even more cautious. By governing together with the SPD and sticking very much to the centre it has remained popular, and that ecourages even more conservatism. The SPD in a certain sense has now become more left[ist], and therefore they are focussing more on important schemes like the financial system and saving

Grit Hanneforth

Big parts of the population more and more see the NPD as a normal party, but they are not, it is clearly an extreme-right party which wants to build a dictatorship and maybe abolish the

Holger Apel

Saxony will pave the way for general elections. We are doing everything we can at regional level to boost the NPD's fortunes and I am confident the party's supporters can have the same impact in a general election at national

Angela Merkel

Every single vote counts. And if you want to make sure that there are no political experiments like red-red-green, then you must vote for the Christian Democratic party (CDU) or in Bavaria for our sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU).feedback

Angela Merkel

I want to be everyone's Chancellor, for our country to do better, especially in this

Sigmar Gabriel

There are seven ministers (of the SPD), four woman and three men who will sit at the cabinet table. It starts with Frank-Walter Steinmeier as head of the Foreign Ministry, probably the most high-profile foreign affairs

Thomas Fischer

It's looking like the FDP, the liberals, are going to play the key role. All the polls point to a small majority for a coalition between Chancellor Merkel's CDU and the FDP, and that the recent CDU/SPD grand coalition will be

Hermann Gröhe

We want to help those on a low wage, those who cannot do full-time work and those who have important responsibilities in terms of caring for the elderly or young

Sigmar Gabriel

The party was unable to convince voters on its key competence, which is social

Angela Merkel

I'd like to say to the public that we have to fulfil the electors' decision, and that means that we shall have hard negotiations on our country's problems, but I'm determined to make the way for a grand coalition

Kurt Beck - The Social

This is and remains our goal, and I ask you to put your trust in

Sabine Batzing

Many people are sceptical, including our own politicians. Restaurant owners, particularly, are worried that if a ban comes in then people will stay at

Olaf Bruns

Newcomers are rare in German politics, so many people just can't imagine that an anti-euro party could enter parliament. But this time there could be a big surprise on election

Peer Steinbruck

No little games, no strategic negotiation; the SPD must always take the measure of what it wants to attain for people – what they want from European policies and with our allies, their international ideas, the things we want to accomplish in Germany by linking what is socially fair with what is economically rational. This will the basis for everything, our unity of

Peter Dausend - Die Zeit

The SPD's major error was that the candidate and the programme did not match together and that they did not really find themes and so it was a campaign in which style was decisive and Mrs Merkel was sovereign and played the mother of the nation as Germans

Peer Steinbruck

Because of these touching and enriching experiences that I have made during the campaign I owe much more to the SPD and I will be ready in the future to take

Gerhard Schroeder

I tell you, nothing is decided. Don't be worried, this election will also be decided in the last few

Angela Merkel

The stronger the mandate for me, the better I can create policies for Germany and represent our interests in Europe and also the world. I like my job and I'm asking you to vote for the

Peer Steinbruck

Some people spend time with thinking about the question of whether they should vote or if they should punish the parties. My key plea is: go out and vote on

Angela Merkel

His name stands for euro stability and I'm glad that he's

Angela Merkel

I accept the election result and thank you for your

Angela Merkel

The CDU-led government is the most successful German government since reunification, because we have the lowest jobless rate since 1990 and the highest employment ever. We have created work and security for millions of people and

Angela Merkel

A satirical programme has really said what I feel in my heart when they said: Maybe God created the liberal-democrats only to test us and make our lives

Angela Merkel

The CDU in Lower Saxony – I see the same on a Federal level – said their work was successful and we want that to go on. I'm certain that in the next two weeks we will get that message over. As for the polls – while recognising that polls don't decide elections but votes do – you can see I'm very optimistic we'll be

Angela Merkel

Apparently the CSU did not succeed in gaining people's trust, in strengthening people's trust in an absolute majority, that means in a government formed only by the CSU. If we look into the future for us that means that, regarding the parliamentary election, first and foremost we have to deal with the subjects of the economy, work, education and integration. The CDU and CSU will discuss these matters

Sigmar Gabriel

Twelve state elections without a majority for the chancellor. What we can say today I think is that the Federal election is wide open, dear friends! We will be fighting, we will be using the political concept from lower Saxony

Angela Merkel

You're happy and I'm equally happy. We have succeeded and reached the goal that we fixed ourselves. We've reached our goal – a stable majority in Germany, with a new government between the CDU and FDP, and it feels

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

We have achieved a lot, quite a bit of it since the crisis and we may only have done so because there was a grand coalition. But we haven't managed everything, we fell short of what we could do in a number of areas because the CDU didn't go along with it. For example, on minimum wages and limiting executive

Angela Merkel

And now let us, of course, try to collect a substantial contribution – on a voluntary basis – from private creditors. But you don't do that out in the streets, or in press conferences, you do that decently by talks with all those who can contribute to this bailout

Angela Merkel

We are open for talks of course, I made initial contact with the SPD chairman who – and I want to stress that I understand that – told me that he needs to wait for the SPD convention on

Horst Seehofer

There can't be a dispute, there is agreement between the CDU and the CSU. In July our national party congress will decide our political positions that won't be in conflict with the election

Angela Merkel

I'm telling you, everything is at stake, if the euro fails, then Europe will fail. And with it fails the idea of European values and

Angela Merkel

The disappointment about the start of the Christian Democrat-Liberal coalition government is all the more serious because for 11 years, we waited, we fought, we hoped and we worked toward

Angela Merkel

There are issues that still need to be worked out and no final result will emerge before

Angela Merkel

We lost our majority there and that's painful. It's a deep wound in the history of Baden-Wuerttemberg and also in the history of the CDU. The pain from this loss won't go away in just one day. We'll have to work for a long time to overcome the pain from this defeat, together with our friends in

Angela Merkel

Personally I ask the German people to give me a strong mandate so I can serve Germany for four more years working for everybody, for a strong Germany, for a country which is respected in Europe and which helps

Sigmar Gabriel

The commission charged with the investigation must check if Herr zu Guttenberg told the truth when he affirmed that the German army leadership did not keep him adequately

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