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Dave Grohl
I like it when you play rock & roll and people get up and dance, like
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Oct 25 2017
Greece has been commented on by 614 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Greece are: Alexis Tsipras, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Pierre Moscovici and Yanis Varoufakis. For instance, the most recent quote from Alexis Tsipras is: “It's clear that our strategic cooperation with the United States becomes more important than ever. We are looking forward to attracting important American investments and more substantial support from the US in our effort to come out of this terrible crisis.”.
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Nicholas Burns

Considering all the problems with Turkey, Greece is a relatively stable ally in south-eastern

Nicholas Burns

This is an important meeting for both countries. Relations are better now than they were in decades past when strident anti-Americanism dominated Greek

Alec Mally

If they can get Trump to say debt relief in public it will be a huge coup. Up to now the Trump administration has been content to leave the debt relief issue totally in the hands of Greece's European creditors and the

Nicholas Burns

A central question for the US is whether to urge long-term debt relief for Greece by its European and international creditors. It is difficult to see Greece climbing back to prosperity and growth without

Ganesh Sitaraman

Ganesh Sitaraman looks at what two recent books – Classical Greek Oligarchy by Matthew Simonton and Oligarchy by Jeffrey Winters – can teach us about defending democracy from oligarchs. A few years ago, as I was doing research for a book on how economic inequality threatens democracy, a colleague of mine asked if America was really at risk of becoming an oligarchy. Our political system, he said, is a democracy. If the people don’t want to be run by wealthy elites, we can just vote them

Martin Puryear

The Phrygian cap represents a brief preoccupation of mine. I noticed that it seems to have been a signifier for the idea of liberty, going back to ancient Greece, but also during the French and American

Alexis Tsipras

Staying in Europe does not mean only applying austerity measures. As the opposition, you choose Europe for its austerity, but on human rights you choose to be anachronistic, you choose to be very conservative. In both cases, you make the worst

Apostolos Staikos - Euronews

In the past, politicians have failed to agree on major, complex issues, like the economy. But even on human rights, the political system is deeply divided. In addition, the absolute denial of the church appears to affect some political

Carsten Nickel

An outlier (candidacy) is that you strike some sort of deal and the job is left with the CDU, and that's something I still wouldn't rule out. In terms of policy, the German finance ministry is basically the European affairs ministry in Germany and the focus will still be focused on not giving away one pesky euro to Greece. There will be no let up for poorer euro zone countries. Merkel has committed to building out the euro zone but I imagine the new finance minister won't get involved in

Anna Apergi

This is a historic moment. For so many years, transgender people were in the dark. With this bill, it's no longer the case. It's important, because finally the state recognises our

Anna Apergi

Opening a bank account, picking up a parcel from the post office, renting a house. All this seems rather simple to most people but for us, transgender people, it is a nightmare. The hardest of all, is to find a job in the

Philippe Leclerc - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR urges action on the islands to ease overcrowding, improve shelter, and stock and distribute appropriate and sufficient aid

Joseph Duggar

It's really an amazing feeling to know it's official and we're really married. Once we were engaged time seemed to move so slowly and now here we are – married! We're just enjoying every bit of

Kendra Caldwell

One of the most enjoyable things about being married to Joe is just being together so much. I can hug him, kiss him, talk with and be with him all the time. Being with your best friend make marriage amazing. Here in Greece, we're looking forward to having dinner in the sky, walking through the market, making sandals, going parasailing and paddle boarding!feedback

Poul M. Thomsen - International Monetary Fund

On the subject of the Greek banking system, let me emphasize that we see no financial stability concerns at all in Greece. The issue is that we need to be sure that there is a strategy to deal with Greece's exceptionally high level of non-performing loans over the medium

Iverna McGowan - Amnesty International

The response by the EU member states has been woefully inadequate and it's also been very misguided. Migrant policy over the last number of years has done away with evidence-based policies that have worked and been very cruel in the way it's left people already fleeing persecution and war literally out in the cold. We're deeply critical of Europe's response to what is a global refugee crisis. The numbers rising in Europe compared to the capacity and population of Europe was not in itself a crisis. But the political response was left

Kelly Holmes

My biggest message to people is that you can get out of that and you can still achieve. There is always a light at the end of the

Nikolaos Kifinidis

It seems like she may have been attacked by other wild animals, like rabid wolves and

Theodoros Chronopoulos

A shoe, bag, hat and passport were discovered by officers alerted to the woman's disappearance by her brother Matthew. They were found near a sheep's pen in the forested region of Kales in Rodopi. All the evidence would lead us to believe that she was savagely

Andrew Otto

Celia was always very friendly. I've only lived here for a year but when we moved in she offered to store boxes for us. She told us she was going to Greece about five weeks ago. That was the last we heard from her. She didn't give a lot away about herself but she was always active in the community and would often go round with

Theodoros Chronopoulos

The dismembered body was found in a very remote area, one that would be difficult to walk, three to four kilometres away from the archaeological site. The region is known to have wild dogs and

Theodoros Chronopoulos

Her brother had informed a police station in Durham in the UK that she had disappeared, which informed the British embassy, which in turn informed us. We have located the taxi driver who took her from the village of Maroneias to the site at around 11am on the 21st. She was never seen

Theodoros Chronopoulos

The investigation is still ongong. This is a horrific incident, and the question we are all asking is how her body was found so far away from a site that was obviously visited by

Damian Barry

In recent years Europe has had its share of problems, a lot of them political. But what we see this year is that the political risks have dissipated and, coinciding with that, the economy is doing much better. We are seeing better numbers out of Italy, Spain and even Greece, as well as Ireland, and there's reason to be optimistic about the

Francesco Drudi - European Central Bank

We fully understand the government's desire for a clean exit. This will require a lot of effort to convince markets, investors and depositors that the momentum for reform will not abate and that no reversal of actions taken during the programme will

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

There is an inconsistency in the message the prime minister is delivering and the actions of the

Boris Rhein

Documenta is one of the biggest strokes of cultural fortune for Hesse, Kassel and beyond. It is our duty to ensure that it

Boris Rhein

It is clear that Documenta is reaching its limits, organizationally, financially and in size. We have to watch out for that. It will be a part of our

Dimitris Dimitriadis - Hellas Gold

Communication (between Greece and Eldorado) started at the beginning of the week…we have exchanged letters and made efforts for a solution. Hopefully, these efforts will be

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

We are very pleased with the constructive dialogue that is underway with the Ministry of Energy and Environment. Furthermore, last week the Ministry issued a number of long overdue routine permits for our Olympias project. As a result of these developments we have decided to temporarily postpone our decision to place our assets in Halkidiki on care and

Vitor Constancio - European Central Bank

Well, I wouldn't say that, especially with hindsight, but during those moments, it was indeed the first big shock of the crisis. Then, of course, we had many other vicissitudes later on, some related to Greece, some related to other countries. 2015 was also a difficult moment, of course, but the beginning, and the big shock, and the surprise of what it could imply was indeed the most difficult

Dimitrios Papadimoulis - European Parliament

Not only Greece, but also Europe and mainly the euro area needs a restart – not only a monetary union, but a more political union, more economic union, a stronger budget, inclusive growth, a stronger cohesion policy (…) It's important to see the rising inequalities between the north and the south, the lack of cohesion between people and between areas and regions, and to invest in our common future in an inclusive

Elli Pantazopoulou

We demonstrate against the neo-Nazis, against Golden Dawn. We have a main goal to fight against them and put them in prison for their crimes and assassinations and at the same time we want to close down their

Donald J. Trump

The European Union is a peace

Giorgos Hadjimarkos

Ambassador, the best way to assure Greece's strategic direction sits right there in the

Caitlin Brodnick

I'm not good at budgets, miniature golf, or handstands, but I am a great friend. As your friend, not only will I tell you everything you could ever want to know about the breast cancer gene and choosing new boobs, but I will also hold your hair back when you are sick, hate your exes without meeting them, and never speak of that one night in

Francesco Drudi - European Central Bank

With regard to the post-programme period, we fully understand the government's desire for a clean

Francesco Drudi - European Central Bank

If any major backtracking or delays occur in the implementation of the key deliverables due so far, this could complicate the completion of the review. Unfortunately, a number of parliamentary bills adopted after the conclusion of the second review may not be in line with programme commitments and will have to be assessed by our

Francesco Drudi - European Central Bank

As far as next year is concerned, we do not have enough elements to assess the risks of a potential negative carry-over to

Stergios Pitsiorlas

It is obvious. Our policies have changed radically, . Being leftwing doesn't mean you are also a fool. It doesn't mean, in the words of Lenin, that we are useful idiots. Let's speak seriously. Those who complain that Greece is being sold off, that Greece will lose out, don't know what they are talking

Christos Spirtzis

We even have problems with sanitation in the WCs, which are worse than can ever be

Stergios Pitsiorlas

They will make it the biggest port in Europe and that will boost other professions, create thousands of jobs, revitalise shipyards, which they are also looking at, pave the way to better trains, roads and logistic centres, and trigger development and

Tim Martin

It is my view that the main risk from the current Brexit negotiations is not to Wetherspoon, but to our excellent EU suppliers - and to EU economies. Juncker, Barnier, Selmayr, Verhofstadt and others need to take a wise-up pill in order to avoid causing further economic damage to struggling economies like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy - where youth unemployment, in particular, is at epidemic

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

This is another positive step forward; however, we are still waiting on the other matters, which we continue to believe can be resolved through good faith negotiations. We again invite the Ministry to engage with us to resolve these

Geoff Lye

We landed perfectly safely, accompanied by a fire engine. At this point we were just delighted to be

Geoff Lye

It makes me embarrassed to be British. We had Americans including a honeymoon couple… they just couldn't believe it, they were

Geoff Lye

I'm an atheist but even I was praying. Our hearts were racing. Passengers behind me said they could see flames kicking out from the

Dionyssis Kalamatianos

The ship owner has called clean-up crews in within a very short period of time – in less than four hours. The operation is sufficient and

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

Eldorado has always sought a constructive relationship and dialogue with all levels of the Greek government. Despite the Greek government's refusal to engage with Eldorado, we believe that this matter could still be resolved through good faith negotiations. We again invite the Ministry to engage with us for such purpose. Nevertheless, we will vigorously defend our rights and employ all legal means at our disposal. We are confident in the completeness of our efforts in Greece, the rigor of our engineering and the vast potential benefit of these projects for regional and national

George Stathakis

Licencing for Olympias...will be concluded in the coming days, today and tomorrow. Three permits will be issued as we announced in August, allowing Olympias to be fully

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

That figure would double if Eldorado were able to fully develop its Olympias, Skouries and Perama Hill assets. However, as a result of the delay in issuing permits by the Greek Government, Eldorado is unable to continue investing in the country. Should the Greek Government wish to work within the framework of its contractual obligations with Hellas Gold, issue permits in a timely manner and support the investment, Eldorado will then be in a position to re-evaluate its investment plans in the

José Mourinho - Manchester United

Even if Bailly and Jones were not suspended, probably I would still play Lindelof and Smalling tomorrow. They are at the same level, they are just different players. Let's see if he can train today. He's a very important player for me, much more important than you can imagine. He had a [calf] problem with his national team and then he played a match against Greece, and after the match he felt the problem. If his condition improves he will be selected, because I need

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

I'm confident these mines will be built ... these are fantastic assets and there is no credible issue in front of us for us not to be moving

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

I am disheartened to state that no additional investments will be made into Greece after September 22. We cannot continue to put capital at risk without these

George Stathakis

It is rather clear that the company is not accustomed to operating in European

Alexis Tsipras

Greece is an opportunity... a real opportunity. You won't regret your

Alexis Tsipras

We are ready to proceed with reforms. We are ready to discuss them with you. We want to hear your

Mathios Rigas

After the approval of the FDP for Karish and Tanin by the Israeli Government in August, we are excited to also receive approval of our development plan for Katakolo from the Greek Government. Katakolo is a previously discovered oil and gas field that has so far remained undeveloped. Energean is now unlocking the value of this very important project for the country as well as revealing the potential for wider exploration of the East Adriatic

Alexis Tsipras

We can live with or without the IMF presence. What we cannot do is live with the IMF setting one foot in and leaving one foot

Spyros Mantzos

A lot of people who might have gone to Turkey have come to buy in Greece. It seems a safer and friendlier prospect. The British, French and Belgians are our biggest

Dimitrios Papadimoulis - European Parliament

I can assure you that Greeks will continue to show their hospitality to the British as if they never left the

Spyros Mantzos

Operators are pushing them hard for more year-round flights. Many services stop between November and March, despite the mild climate of islands such as

Andrew Langton

Corfu has suddenly become a major attraction as nearby countries have become off limits due to safety concerns. But everyone wants a home within steps of the sea and they are as scarce as hens' teeth as no one wants to

Roi Deldimou

You might get a small house on a little complex for €1 million, but most people want large west-facing houses in prime areas within easy reach of Mykonos Town. Prime areas are Agios Lazaros, Agia Sofia, Tourlos and

Georg Petras

We are expecting property prices to rise further in the long

Spyros Mantzos

People either buy resale properties or [find a plot and build their own], which offers a VAT advantage over buying a new

Alexis Tsipras

We ought to be careful in the coming period. But we need to have a full picture of the economy... we are above targets and we will make sure that there will be a dividend for the vulnerable, which we will announce at the right

George Burns - Eldorado Gold

If our differences cannot be sorted out in a friendly manner, I will do whatever it takes to defend our shareholders and our employees' interests. We want a good relationship with the Greek state. We have shown a lot of patience and we will continue to show

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

Investing in Greece is not as simple as that. Labor costs are a bit higher than in eastern Europe, and it's less connected to the German market, large European markets. The Chinese have done it in Africa, they are doing it in the Mediterranean, taking advantage of this

Thibaut Courtois

You have to go little by little I think. We are excited to have him back and I was happy to have him on the pitch with me against Gibraltar and

Emmanuel Macron

The presence of the IMF was a symptom of the lack of trust between European states, between European institutions and the member

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

We expect ratification of the agreement by Greece's parliament by the end of the year to start

Emmanuel Macron

Today in Europe, sovereignty and democracy are under threat. We must not be scared, of this extreme

Alexis Tsipras

Investors are realizing that, after many years of recession, trust is

Stephanie Martinez

We took in seven new students this week. Word spreads too fast. I have had to say no to some, although I'm not very good at doing that. I just cant manage any more people on my

Stephanie Martinez

The worst part about working with these children is not that they will leave: that is the best part, . The worst is the carelessness in the decisions of big NGO's when it comes to moving families over and over again, all over

Elizabeth Collett

Given the tense politics of internal solidarity it might make more sense for the commission to avoid insisting on the commitment, having made its point. Few E.U. member states have actually met their relocation quota, and most were just a lot more passive about

George Stathakis

We have decided to resort to arbitration to stop the tug of war which has been going on for many years and have things cleared

Diogo Teixeira

Any shock in interest rates could endanger the recovery of the country that's for sure because the overall government debt is at about 130 percent, which is the third largest in terms of GDP just below Italy and Greece (in the euro zone).feedback

Roberto Martinez - Anfield

If something official is to be said, you will hear it from me. I'm just disappointed. I have not decided anything at

Costas Douzinas - European Parliament

While the Europeans are acting towards Greece like medieval leeches, the Chinese keep bringing

Costas Douzinas - European Parliament

If you're down and someone slaps you and someone else gives you an alm, when you can do something in return, who will you help, the one who helped you or the one who slapped you?feedback

Panagiotis Kouroumblis

We are sensitive to being viewed as someone else's colony. Nothing can move forward without the agreement of the Greek

Yiannis Mouzalas

I don't know where they will go. It could be Athens, it could be Thebes … they will be accommodated in an apartment scheme. Whatever [happens], conditions will be good, they have improved greatly and will meet EU

Yiannis Mouzalas

The paperwork has begun and we expect returns to begin over the next month. It will start with a symbolic number as an act of friendship [towards other EU nations]. Greece has already accepted so many [refugees], it has come under such pressure, that to accept more would be absurd, a joke if it weren't such a

Yiannis Mouzalas

About 50% of those entering the country are economic migrants, they are not fleeing persecution or

Yiannis Mouzalas

Around 17,000 have been relocated and around 7,000 reunited with their families. It is happening, but if I were them I would want the process to move faster. There was pressure from several EU countries to resume returns. I understand that governments want to show some results to their

Mohammed al-Mahamid

We applied to go to Hamburg, where my brother lives, over a year ago. We are looking after his daughter here because she is ill and he could not take her. Every day we are told 'wait until tomorrow'. Why? The conditions in Greece are very bad. We live in an old school building in Athens, there is no work, the food is not good and there is nothing to

Yiannis Mouzalas

They continue to arrive, albeit in much smaller numbers, on the islands, across the Evros river, across our land border with Turkey, wherever they can. To say the crisis is over depends on the war [in Syria], on Turkey, on Europe. In Greece, we remain very

Ulla Jelpke

The very same party which is running a family-friendly campaign is practising a policy which hurts families, only to gain a few votes from the rightwing

Nour Waez

We don't want to be here, we want to be in Berlin with our father. We don't want to wait any more. We want to continue our education, live normal lives. My father is a doctor. He joined my brother in Germany last year. Every day, me, my two sisters and my mother learn German from the books he has sent us. So much time has been lost. Why all this waiting when they have told us we can go?feedback

Owen Jones

For years we’ve been told that only deep cuts can save our economy. Portugal’s socialist-led government has proved the opposite. Ever since the banks plunged the western world into economic chaos, we have been told that only cuts offer economic salvation. When the Conservatives and the Lib Dems formed their austerity coalition in 2010, they told the electorate – in apocalyptic tones – that without George Osborne’s scalpel, Britain would go the way of Greece. The economically illiterate metaphor of a household budget was relentlessly deployed – you shouldn’t spend more if you’re personally in debt, so why should the nation? – to popularise an ideologically driven

William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

There have been three main routes into Europe for many years, for decades: the central Mediterranean one, the eastern one from Turkey to Greece, and there has always been Spain. What is true is that when efforts are made to clamp down on one route, another tends to open up. We don't have any hard evidence. We could see an increase in the next few

Christopher Bollen

Raina, in Manhattan, was not used to being thrown aside. She had the tidy face of a fox that knew the hole in every

Dave Grohl

We've done some crazy things over the last 20 years, but I think this might be the craziest thing the Foo Fighters have ever

Miguel Herrera

I'd like to go across the pond. Why not? I haven't had any offers from clubs, but, yes, national teams have called, above all Greece, but it wasn't the

Miguel Herrera

Things are going well, everyone's doing their job well. In this business and with this team, you have to get results every week. Every day we're working better. We're gaining confidence and seeing good football from these guys. We're continuing to play

Khloe Kardashian

I absolutely LOVE our family vacations! When I realIy think about it, one of my most favorites was Greece! It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to or seen, and definitely a place that I would go back

Dimitris Kormovitis

If we don't manage to cut it off today, there will be terrible consequences. There has been devastation of a biblical scale in our area, which is one of the last lungs of the Attica

Stavroula Maliri

Today and tomorrow, the prevailing (weather) conditions favor the onset and development of forest fires in several regions across

Kendall Jenner

We also went boating and got to see a better view of the entire island. It really is the perfect place to just relax and let

Kendall Jenner

I found some amazing pieces while there. ChrisP sells beautiful lightweight clothes. I actually bought a lot of stuff there and wore it a ton, since it breathed so

Kendall Jenner

All the food on the island is so amazing and fresh. Katrin is the cutest spot serving authentic Greek food and yummy

Kendall Jenner

It's such a party–the beach is always packed, people are swimming and music is blasting. I even ran into the ocean in all my

Wolfgang Schäuble

Athens must finally implement the needed reforms. If Greece wants to stay in the euro, there is no way around it – in fact completely regardless of the debt

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

We assume that some of the change is due to the fact that the route [to Spain] is considered a safe route up to the coast through Morocco. It's possible that Spain will outperform Greece this year. If so, that's a big

Becca Stevens

They talked about the day they decided to leave. They could tell that story, heading out, and they did talk about how those life vests were a symbol of oppression in many ways. It wasn't a symbol of freedom. One of the women talked about the very first time she went and made it through to Turkey to get to Greece. They charged her 180 euros for the first life vest, and then the boat didn't even make it. She had to buy another vest and another vest. It was on the fourth time that she finally got

Penny Lawrence - Oxfam GB

Outsourcing the policing of our borders to Libya isn't the

Flavio Di Giacomo

Back in January, when we had a surge of arrivals, the migrants said that was because the smugglers told them that the Libyan coast guard would soon start stopping boats. So they are very well

Flavio Di Giacomo

They are prisons. Conditions are unacceptable and the situation must

Alistair Darling

If the plan hadn't worked, I honestly don't know where you'd have gone next, because the IMF even wasn't big enough to help out. I think the reason it worked was we did far more than people expected and we did it far more quickly than people expected - you can contrast that with what's been going on with Greece over the last few

Chelsea Hudson

American travelers are accustomed to air-conditioning in the warmer months. I recently traveled to Athens, Greece, and I expected the weather to be warm. On our first couple of days there, the temperature reached 107 degrees. Even the Acropolis was closed due to the heat

Benjamin Clement

Here we have found objects normally found in Italy and Greece and also related to the oriental world. And that is exceptional. To find pieces more oriented towards the Mediterranean world than the Celtic world found more often in the region of

Rebecca Morris

There was no food or refreshments and there was no representative from

Chryssa Christodoulaki

At first it was a fairly good pension at €1,750 a month. Then it was cut to €1,430 a month and now its €960 a month. Anestis has suffered, too. All his life he worked in a private company only to see his own pension cut

Chryssa Christodoulaki

Greeks can't see any light at the end of any tunnel. They won't believe anything at this point until they see it for real in front of their

Kyriakos Pierrakakis

It is very difficult to see the country being able to make a clean exit [from international stewardship] and raise the sort of money it needs to refinance its debt. It will almost certainly need a new financial credit line, a bailout light, and that will come with new

Marilena Christodoulou

Needs have grown exponentially. The crisis has gone on for so long that those who could once help are also suffering. We have 367 seriously deprived people on our books and the number is rising

Dimitris Avramopoulos

Looking at the results achieved so far, one thing is very clear: relocation works if the political will is there. What we need now is a final push to achieve our common goal of relocating the vast majority of the asylum seekers present and eligible in Greece and Italy by

Giorgos Kyritsis

Life on the island is returning to normal. The infrastructure problems are being

Claus Vistesen - Pantheon Macroeconomics

The Greek return to the market is a big step for the economy and the Eurozone too, but it is also largely staged. Greece is still under strict administration by the EU and IMF, so it is not that they can just issue as much as they

Yanis Varoufakis

Why do I refuse to be impressed by the news of Greece's return to the markets? It is because the Greek state and the Greek banks remain deeply insolvent. And, their return to the money markets is a harbinger of the next terrible phase of Greece's crisis, rather than a cause for

Claus Vistesen - Pantheon Macroeconomics

Then there is the question of QE. The sale means that they are one step closer to being included in the ECB's program, but the ECB is also one step closer to winding QE down. In that respect, the timing is anything but

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

Confidence in Greece is really coming back, but we need to continue the good work. We need to be on the bicycle, and to keep on pedalling. That's the case for Europe, as a whole. If you don't go that way, that bicycle falls. The (debt relief) measures must be implemented at the end of the bailout programme, but the decisions can be taken before that. We must continue to work hard towards completing the

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

To legislate a reform is positive but to implement it is more significant. Returning to the markets is an important first step. It is also a signal to markets that Greece is showing results as far as its commitments are concerned and the reforms which have been decided and is back onto a path of

Benjamin Schroeder

Sentiment is still very positive after the ECB sounded dovish at last week's meeting. It doesn't look like there is an urgent need to tweak

Peter Chatwell

It is normal that you would see the bond that Greece is looking to buy trading firmly in secondary markets. If Greece wants to encourage investors to sell out of the old five-year and buy into the new five-year then it will have to come at a competitive

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