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Steven Pelayo - HSBC
We believe a very large installed base of loyal, yet patient users can't wait to get their hands on iPhone X. We believe unit growth will be driven by the large and loyal installed base of users (approximately 600-700m) that have patiently been waiting for more differentiated products such as the iPhone 8 series, and in particular the iPhone X (and follow-up models).feedback
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Oct 25 2017
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All quotes about HSBC Bank

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

After the most extensive restructuring of the bank in its history and a relentless focus on meeting the evolving expectations of society, I am confident HSBC is in better shape than it was seven years ago. I know that with Mark and John leading the organization, it is in great

Daniel Bailey

If you get rejected for the personal loan it may not necessarily go against you getting a mortgage. However, applying for a lot of credit in a short period can affect your credit score and lenders may not look upon this

Jeremy Light

This research shows that consumers are naturally risk averse and still prefer to go to their own bank for services than go to third parties. It will be interesting to see how that changes over

Catherine McGrath

With screen scraping you have to give someone login details and then they can see absolutely everything; you don't have the ability to discriminate to say just six months worth of transactional data. Our view is the best way for customers is to share their data through APIs, so they are in charge of their

Raman Bhatia - HSBC

I don't see it that way, I see it as utterly vibrant with all sorts of fintech players, whether online or full-service digital challenger banks, trying to make our customers' lives easier. And we are in that

Raman Bhatia - HSBC

This app speaks to what is happening in banking right now. The (European) regulator is shaking up what they see to be a very moribund banking

Raman Bhatia - HSBC

We are an international bank, and that is a unique strength of ours. PSD2 is European, we have a European base, so clearly the learnings we have from the U.K. will travel well overseas, immediately in Europe. But rest assured, open banking as an idea is being embraced by regulators across the

Frank Wohl

In order to understand this case, you have to understand Mark Johnson's world. You can't just snip out a few words here and there, and ignore the

Lauren Elbert

When Johnson heard about the deal, all he saw were dollar signs. He threw his client under the bus, to make more and more

David Bloom

The Bank of England's unexpected hunger to join other G10 central banks in the race to the exit from accommodative monetary policy has given additional impetus to sterling, a currency that has happily ignored the political intrigue of Brexit throughout

Peter Boyles - HSBC

This decision reflects a refocusing of our strategy on those Latin American markets where we have existing scale in our portfolio and where we have identified growth opportunities for our private banking business, in particular Argentina, Brazil, Chile and

Helen Saxon -

They'll need to sit down – and maybe parents can help in these remaining weeks – and work out how much cash they'll have coming in, including their student loan, anything parents are giving them and any earned income from work. If parents impart one tip to their son or daughter, make it this: don't spend everything at the outset. They may want to join every university society, but unless they'll be doing paid work during term the money they have at the outset needs to

Helen Saxon -

That overdraft is a safety net, and needs to last all year. While 0pc overdrafts are useful and should help with cash-flow, they should not be treated as available funds. An overdraft is a loan that must be

Kelly Molson

14.5 years as a @HSBC_UK business customer, I'm utterly disgusted at the way we've been treated. No notification of account

Viraj Patel

With President Trump's support from both within and outside of the White House waning, the uncertain U.S. political environment is likely to keep the dollar pinned down at these low levels. It is difficult to find any other domestic catalyst to more than offset this negative factor and drive the dollar higher in the near

Daragh Maher - HSBC

We expect the JPY and CHF to be relatively stable against the USD unless geopolitical risks intensify. Tactically, the euro is looking vulnerable. The rally this year has been impressive but August has seen some of the upward momentum fade. Positive news is generating less of an impact and the latest batch of ECB minutes show a growing disquiet with EUR

Simon Wells - HSBC

The second consecutive month of sales growth, despite elevated inflation, underlines the resilience of the UK consumer in the face of a modest real income squeeze. But the overall picture is still one of a moderation on the high

Yael Selfin - KPMG

With wages failing to catch up to the rise in living costs and while uncertainty around Brexit remains, households are likely to stay more cautious. July's retail sales figures reveal slightly weaker consumer spending growth in the third quarter than earlier this year but as inflationary pressures subside and wages gradually pick up, consumer spending could accelerate later next

Radhika Rao

Domestic factors are likely to be given a higher weightage in swaying the decision, compared to global factors. The policy committee is expected to shed its innate bias to be cautious and lower rates … Odds for further easing will arise if the other inflation catalysts – better growth, farm loan waivers and imported pressures – turn out to be more benign than

Pranjul Bhandari - HSBC

A lot of people are asking: will a rate cut actually help growth? And my answer is: yes and no. No, if that's the only step we take, but yes if you have a rate cut along with other steps taken to restore the banking sector to health. The RBI is taking the driver's seat in resolving a lot of the corporate debt and banking debt, the stock of non-performing loans that have accumulated in the country … so things are happening. They're not happening very quickly, but they're happening in the right

Douglas Flint - HSBC

The meeting was evidence of that, it was a well-designed meeting with the right people in the room, and each side interested in understanding each

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

In the past 12 months we have paid more in dividends than any other European or American bank and returned USD 3.5 billion to shareholders through share buy-backs. We have done this while strengthening one of the most resilient capital ratios in the

Douglas Flint - HSBC

The essential questions that have to be addressed are whether, at the conclusion of the negotiations, the economies of Europe will continue to have access to at least the same amount of financing capacity and related risk management services, and as readily available and similarly priced, as they have enjoyed with the UK as part of the EU. As digitalisation of commercial activity increases, the risks of confidence-threatening disruption and economic loss, not least from cyber attacks, are

Douglas Flint - HSBC

What is.... clear is that greater cooperation between the public and private sectors, together with a refresh of bank secrecy laws and regulation designed for a different age, would significantly increase the effectiveness of our joint

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

We have made an excellent start to 2017, reflecting the changes we have made since our investor update in 2015 and the strength of our competitive position. Our three main global businesses performed well, generating significant increases in both reported and adjusted profit before tax, and gaining market share in many of the products that are central to our strategy. Revenue grew faster than costs on an adjusted basis compared with last year's first half, and we passed a number of major milestones on the way to completing our strategic

Richard Parris

Biometric authentication is not entirely immune to potential attack and therefore should not be relied on as the sole means of verifying a user. Rather than use biometrics in isolation, instead businesses need to be looking at strong authentication that incorporates three distinct elements – possession (something you have, such as a smartphone), knowledge (something you know, such as a PIN) and inherence (something you are, an iris scan).feedback

Richard Parris

This allows businesses to verify that the person accessing the service is who they say they are, in addition to limiting the amount of times an individual can attempt access if any of these elements are missing or

Raman Bhatia - HSBC

I think the 'David-Goliath' (debate) or the existential crisis debate is overblown. There are many players that will co-exist and there could be many models that could build on top of the bank's model and co-exist with what banks have to

Raman Bhatia - HSBC

We have customers, we have the trust of customers for more than a 100 years and we are investing heavily in and learning from fintech, partnering with fintechs and developing our own digital propositions for our customers, and the customers appreciate

Allan Pearce - Trillium Asset Management

Palm oil supply chains are perhaps the clearest example of where investors have seen the environmental and social impacts translate into financial risks. Investors have seen share prices drop as producers fail to protect

Audrey Versteegen

At the end of the day, money is the only argument everybody understands so [banks] have a huge role to

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

There is about 1,000 jobs out of 43,000 that are employed in the UK that will be unlawful for our activities to be carried out of the UK, if it's hard Brexit. The package of reforms suggested last week is very, very

Gareth Shaw

It's vital that the industry, regulator and government act quickly to do more to protect consumers when they are tricked into transferring money to a fraudster, regardless of whether it meets a technical definition of a 'fraud' or 'scam'. Failure to do so will continue to leave consumers paying the

Dafydd Davies

(There's been) a fair bit of concern regarding the housing sector, what the outlook might be like with the uncertainty caused by the general election and the Brexit negotiations ongoing. However, we do see further upside (to) the housebuilders due to the current shortage of housing stock there is still in the

Wiebe Draijer - Rabobank

There are many many tests and every bank and every fintech is experimenting with use cases of blockchain. We are moving a step further with seven banks, putting together an application based on blockchain where we facilitate small-and-medium-sized enterprises when they export. And the blockchain technology is very powerful and supports that

Wiebe Draijer - Rabobank

We take care of the payment that's still the old payment technology, but the whole infrastructure, the administration is done on the blockchain. And ultimately we will also move the payment into that blockchain solution, when the payment in blockchain is ready to be robust for large scale

David Bloom

You get the boss speaking one day and then his chief economist the next and saying different things… it feels to the market that the chief economist – Haldane – is heading towards a rate rise. I don't know why, I don't know what they think is happening, I'm not quite sure what this is all about. They have been wrong for eight years about this and now they are going to be right? No, no, falling sterling creates inflation, inflation squeezes real incomes, consumption comes down, imports come down and the current account rectifies itself. It's amazing… financial markets can

David Bloom

I don't see it as… 'oh the economy is running so hot and inflation is picking up, we need to raise rates', No, no, no! Is that clear?feedback

Benj Sykes

There is still a long way to go with storage but when I look at the pace of innovation in offshore wind I'm very confident that this will all come, and it'll be faster than I think any of us can

Richard Smith

As Great Britain's energy mix changes, we know that ensuring a safe and stable supply of energy into future will require more flexible services. I'm looking forward to seeing how the DONG Energy solution of storage connected to the offshore wind farm will provide services to help us respond to day-to-day operational challenges and maintain the frequency of 50 Hz on Great Britain's electricity

Antonio Simoes - HSBC

We have had some challenges but today we are ahead of where we thought we would be, with around 53% of the roles filled. We've made the standard package more attractive by offering for example support for housing and children's

Christopher Balding

The only logical explanation for the change is that they are trying to provide greater discretion in managing the yuan's

Chen Long

The decision may institutionalise the authority's window guidance to fix the yuan

Florence Chan

As the property price in Hong Kong is surging, the timely adjustment of mortgage rates could help prudently manage our risk. We will keep the mortgage rates and cash rebate under constant review and do not rule out the possibility of further

James Pomeroy - HSBC

Having too large a share of the population of retirement age will influence government spending, partly for political reasons. With large shares of the electorate in the over-65 age range, there is an incentive for government policy to favour them, be it in terms of fiscal spending or choices for

James Pomeroy - HSBC

For countries with a demographics problem, spotting it is one thing, but trying to tackle it is a much harder task. Given the slow moving nature of populations and the many explanatory factors – birth rates, mortality rates, fertility rates and migration – it is hard to affect both the population size and composition quickly. Policy has to be planned years in advance, as someone born today will not enter the workforce for 15 to 20 years. The domestic solutions of productivity increases, greater participation and raising fertility appear to be ineffective over the short to medium

Charley Cooper

You are going to begin to see the roll out of the enterprise grade Corda platform. You will see the beginning of the network standing up – connecting investors and members on nodes on the software. What is of more interest is that we are partnering with various different companies around the world to build applications to be sold to the world for real world applications that will be out by the end of the

Charley Cooper

We cultivated as broad an investor community as possible so one or two banks weren't controlling the consortium. Now there is a relatively equal investment and relatively equal voting rights, and this is very much a collaborative consortium where the community is driving the conversation rather than one or two

Alistair Cross

There's got to be consolidation in all this because if everyone comes up with their own offering it will be too burdensome, it will kill

Alistair Cross

There's going to come a time that from the wellhead to the gas tank, the physical production to the administrative will not be touched by humans. It's happening and we need to get on

Alistair Cross

The number of phone calls I've had from people in the last month once they heard we had done this has been incredible, . With paper flow, it takes 10 to 20-plus days to get the documentation in order, and we did it in two days, so it's not a stretch to imagine that the working capital cycle can leverage much more

Richard Payne - Accenture

Once you have the transparency, the visibility, the digital means a challenge to the value that they add to that

Vivek Ramachandran - HSBC

We learned that it could be done, but there were quite a few restrictions with the technology itself... particularly around the scalability and

Guy Halford-Thompson

When you start to think about some of the (possible) efficiencies in that environment, it's

Talib Dhanji

If you're a proprietary trader with your specific strategies that make you a lot of money, you're not in the business of sharing that with

Keith Bear - International Business Machines

Clearly it needs a number of banks and a number of buyers and sellers, enough to get a critical mass to make a business network

Kris Van Broekhoven - Citibank

You don't want to give away your intellectual property or your market knowledge, access to clients, to fintech companies for the privilege of paying for that technology for the rest of your life. So it's not an easy

Bill Ackman

We never talked publicly about the company. The question is, why are we talking about it now? The answer is, I think this is one of the most attractive times in the history of the company to

Douglas Flint - HSBC

Having that additional scrutiny is certainly quite consuming, all consuming. I know that's nuanced thing. Of course if you're in a leadership position you bear some responsibility, but as part of a team. I don't think anyone is above the law but people in business shouldn't be subject to different standards of proof than ordinary citizens. Public expectations have changed in terms of policing of the financial system. What we have today is

Douglas Flint - HSBC

We got through the banking crisis relatively well. One has to be honest and say all banks benefited from the actions taken by public authorities to help those that were not in good shape, otherwise it would have filtered though to everyone

Douglas Flint - HSBC

We're an industry that is used to change. The industry will reconfigure, London will reconfigure. The talent pool that is here, the eco-system that exists of lawyers, accountants, trustees, the insurance market, brokers, every kind of financial sector player , the technology sector, legal system, the infrastructure and Greenwich mean time means that it's an attractive place to run any

Douglas Flint - HSBC

We've got a very good management team. You can be large as long as you've got a well articulated business

Jackson Wong - Huarong International Securities

They cleaned up a lot of bad things in the last quarter of last year so this quarter, everything looks pretty decent, even the cost-cutting is on

Gary Greenwood - Shore Capital

Overall we view this as a positive set of results ... with potential to place upward on our own and consensus

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

This is a good set of results. The increase in adjusted profit was driven by strong performances in three of our four global businesses. Global banking and markets had a great quarter, commercial banking delivered higher revenue from our liquidity and cash management activities, and retail banking and wealth management was supported by rising interest rates and renewed customer investment

Iain Mackay

It would be unusual if the DPA's existence did not reflect on the capital

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

Our cost-saving programme remains on track to hit the higher cost-saving target we announced at our annual results. Our pivot to Asia continues. We increased advances to customers and grew mortgages and business lending... all three of our North American businesses delivered material increases in profit before

Simon Gergel - Allianz Global Investors

We have seen a sharp recovery in profits and strong cash flow from Royal Dutch Shell this quarter. The company has generated sufficient cash to cover capital expenditure and the full cost of dividends ... This provides further reassurance about the benefits of the BG deal to the group's cash flow and the sustainability of the company's

Sam Laidlaw - HSBC

Quite rightly, management felt at that time they didn't want to achieve the strategy by taking on more

Kevin Martin - HSBC

We do not intend to compete on a traditional basis in PRD. Absolute branch numbers and footfall will not be our

Hugh Young - Aberdeen Asset Management

It's not an overnight thing, and of course everyone wants it to be faster. The (China) strategy should be pursued – but it is only one of many strategies for

Yi Linfeng

I think they mostly have foreign customers from Taiwan and Hong

Ai Weiwei

I was surprised, I asked him why, he said it was for commercial reasons. He said you just can't open an account here ... It's very hard to imagine it's not due to a political reason. But I have no

Ai Weiwei

I'm in Hong Kong, trying to open an account at HSBC. My request was refused due to a 'commercial decision' from the headquarter (sic). This has not happened to me in Beijing. Maybe 'one country, one system' is

Lisa Robins - Deutsche Bank

We contribute in terms of relationship, we contribute in terms of funding, and we contribute in terms of a steady source of business. I won't say (it) doesn't use capital, because we do use capital, but it's a relatively efficient

Muhammad Aurangzeb - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We are saying (to investment banking clients) we want to go wider and deeper with you. We don't want to just do an M&A trade, or your IPO or your block trade and forget about it till we meet again in a year and a half's

Eric Li

Across the board, we do see most of the traditional investment banks are investing in transaction banking. They realize the investment banking pool is more volatile, and secondly there is very limited room to further

Georges Elhedery - HSBC

We are talking, up to possible 100 IPOs (or) 100 entities to be listed on the stock exchange in Saudi

Verity Mitchell - HSBC

Investors have told us that they believe Drax is conserving cash within the business rather than offering a more generous dividend. This is despite receiving a Contract for Difference for a third unit allowing more financial flexibility. We believe Drax wants to deploy its additional financial firepower in buying more distressed pellet plants as a form of vertical integration into the supply chain but is it time to reward loyal shareholders?feedback

Chelsea Cappellano

This is the worst animal cruelty case I've ever seen or experienced. We are so thankful to these men and the trash company for bringing her in. Many people would turn a blind eye in this situation, but they were proactive in getting her the help she

Kimya Davani

The technicians spent all day bathing and drying her. The gas was so embedded in her fur that she wasn't drying, and because of this her internal body temperature had dropped. We had to shave most of her body in order to get her temperature up again. She is also very underweight and suffering from skin

Diana Cesar - HSBC

Criminals involved in drug trafficking and terrorism use the banking system to transfer about US$800 million to US$2 trillion every year globally. We need to have up-to-date client information to crack down on these money-laundering activities. HSBC has a history of 150 years and many clients had their accounts opened some decades ago when the information requirements were much lower than today's

Heather Williams

We welcome today's announcement by one of high-street banking's biggest players. All too often the trans community feel that their needs are overlooked when it comes to accessing even the most basic everyday services, including banking. It's great to see HSBC take these important steps to being more trans inclusive and we would encourage more institutions to do

Diana Cesar - HSBC

We wish to establish a culture where customers will automatically update their information with us

Antonio Simoes - HSBC

More than 40 percent of the head office roles we are moving from London to Birmingham are now accounted for and we're recruiting internally and externally for the remaining

John McDonnell

Can the minister give us some more specific details about what steps are being taken to address this scandal and can we have the assurance there will be the potential of opening up criminal proceedings to break up what is effectively a criminal network? And can the government also undertake it will not as it has in the past with HSBC attempt to intervene with criminal or other investigations taking place elsewhere in the world?feedback

Antonio Simoes - HSBC

Ten years on from the beginning of the global financial crisis, trust in banks remains the key challenge facing the

Jackson Wong - Huarong International Securities

I don't have any candidates in mind that would do the CEO job, but I think he's going to find someone that would be a little bit more aggressive than (a candidate) from promoting

Jackson Wong - Huarong International Securities

Now, with this new perspective, I think the bank would go up a little bit more to 70 dollars, I think investors should hold. For buying, if it's below 63 dollars, I think investors should get into this stock. I think this is great news for HSBC. With Mark Tucker on board, it's good to bring some new energy. We know AIA is a very aggressive company in Asia and they have been achieving high growth for a very long time… Mark Tucker has the Asia know-how, he knows how to do business in Asia so I think this is

Sadiq Khan

There is growing concern in the business community about the unnecessary uncertainty caused by a real lack of clarity on the government's negotiating position. Some businesses including HSBC, UBS and JP Morgan are already beginning to move small numbers of staff from London to other European and world cities, and many more have announced contingency plans to do so over the coming months. London and Britain's global competitiveness and influence in the world have been built on our nation's historic openness, rich culture, progressive values and flair for

Louisa Cheang - HSBC

The greatest challenges are in those countries where there is a perfect storm of stagnating salaries and rising house prices – for millennials in those countries, the dream, while not dead, looks set to be

Louisa Cheang - HSBC

With four in ten already owning their home, the dream of home ownership for millennials is definitely alive and

George Kuznetzov

One of the main drivers is the 'juniorisation' of the trading floor and some headcount reductions early in the

Jes Staley

The bonus pool is down and performance is up. So that should be a good thing for our

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

It's quite normal for a bank of our size and scale with 37 million customers to find among them instances of money laundering that we have self-identified or the regulator has

Tom Stevenson

The concern with HSBC is possibly the slowdown in trade around the world, that's bad news for banking profitability but I think in the case of HSBC the intra-regional trade, particularly in Asia, could offset that; so the company said today that they were less concerned about the slowdown in

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

We are investing over $2 billion in digital transformation initiatives to improve our offer to customers, and are instigating a further $1 billion buy-back program reflecting the strength and flexibility of our balance

Douglas Flint - HSBC

The Group has improved its productivity, embraced technological change and continues to reinforce its standards of business conduct. It has a strong capital position and is gaining market share in important

Douglas Flint - HSBC

2016 will be long remembered for its significant and largely unexpected economic and political events. These foreshadowed changes to the established geopolitical and economic relationships that have defined interactions within developed economies and between them and the rest of the world. The uncertainties created by such changes temporarily influenced investment activity and contributed to volatile financial market conditions. Against this background, HSBC's performance in 2016 was broadly

David Cheetham

HSBC is the first of several major UK banks to report this week, and given this morning's miss there will likely be greater levels of caution heading into Lloyds, Barclays and RBS's results in the coming

Laith Khalaf - Hargreaves Lansdown

The bank is a shining example of how the decline in sterling has bumped up the price of some of the UK's largest companies, without much progress in underlying profits. Despite an underwhelming set of full year results, HSBC is making progress in de-risking and restructuring, and ultimately the bank's focus on the Far East could be its trump card if the Chinese economy starts to fire on all

Nicholas Garaufis

My problem is I don't know what is going on down in Washington. We're in an extremely volatile situation in terms of immigration. We just don't

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

Any signs of a more chaotic outcome, any signs of a more difficult discussion phase will create downward pressure on sterling. As soon as you get that uncertainty increasing in the UK, it makes it harder for foreign investors to want to finance the current account

Anuj Puri

There is every reason to expect a significant boost for affordable housing in the upcoming

Shivani Chaudhry

The slow rate of implementation of the policy, coupled with the destruction of homes makes the housing for all target seem improbable at this stage. Just giving cheaper loans is not going to solve the problem. What we also need is increased allocations for homeless shelters and social rental housing in urban areas for migrant workers and the

Tobias Kessler - HSBC

For those banks that already have meaningful amounts of debt outstanding that do not comply with the draft European rules, a favourable grandfathering arrangement like that implemented by the US Fed will be crucial. Investors would of course prefer instruments that offer more protection to them but at the same time, if you're investing in a TLAC instrument, it is bail-in-able and the traditional features of senior debt are less relevant, especially if there is a substantial stack of capital beneath

Peter Jurdjevic - Barclays

Some of the historical issuance of TLAC does not fully comply with certain conditions/criteria that are drafted in the legislation. Issuers are hoping that, like the US banks, they will get some relief. However, there are technical hurdles given the CRR is a binding regulation and there are no obvious ways for banks to get

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Raising interest rates influences the exchange rate and inflation in a negative

Ibrahim Aksoy - HSBC Asset Management

The market's concern with regard to monetary policy independence is negatively affecting lira today. After President Erdogan's comments, the market may further question the effectiveness of the CBRT's liquidity and swap operations on the

Antonio Simoes - HSBC

This marks the end of our branch restructuring programme. We now feel we have the right branch network that complements the other ways in which customers now choose to interact with

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

We're not moving this year and maybe not even next year. We will move in about two years time when Brexit becomes

Henri de Castries - AXA Group

Francois Fillon has the best answers for the challenges we face: security, solidarity, competitiveness, education and

Pranjul Bhandari - HSBC

Inflation is in single digits, the twin deficits are under control and foreign exchange reserves are at comfortable

Pranjul Bhandari - HSBC

India is likely to witness two big 'reforms' over the year - the play-out of the demonetization drive and the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill. The hope is that both of these are followed up by necessary actions, which are critical to reaping long-term

Frederic Neumann

For a region highly reliant on credit growth, the resulting tightening of financial conditions is a that may grow over the coming

Frederic Neumann

It appears unlikely that exports will make a sustained recovery this year, or take over as a growth driver at a time when domestic demand continues to slow. Protectionist sentiment is strengthening, not just in the U.S. but elsewhere as well, raising the risk that restrictive measures may be increasingly adopted

Chirantan Barua - Sanford Bernstein

HSBC's foray into the PRD is not a choice but a necessity to stay relevant as Hong Kong connects with the

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

The June update... was prior to changing views on where the renminbi would be, and China's GDP has slowed, so all we are saying is the redeployment will take

Douglas Flint - HSBC

The economic system (in London) is like a Jenga tower. You don't know what will happen if you pull pieces out. There are two risks to jobs. One is we move the jobs, the other is the jobs are simply eliminated because the market opportunity [in Europe] is

Jordan Rochester

Political speeches come and go throughout the year with most having a very limited effect on markets. But when it comes to Brexit and a speech from Theresa May, the impact can be

Fahad al-Hammad

We aim to boost private sector participation in providing educational buildings, which is a model implemented worldwide. This will minimise government burdens, as the private sector will take over building, maintenance and

Elizabeth Martins - HSBC

To some degree, I believe this too. We have seen pretty strong economic data of late, for example upwardly revised GDP (gross domestic product) and 17-month highs for the services sector, so you probably would expect that to support sterling but it has had a pretty weak impact. Pound sterling is a good bellwether for Brexit and that's because it is more of a straight indicator that reflects

Kallum Pickering - Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

The likelihood of messy politics at the start of the Brexit negotiations – likely mid-2017 – will keep the pound down versus the dollar and on a trade-weighted basis during 2017. Cable could easily end 2017 below 1.20. Remember, markets hate uncertainty, and for now, Brexit remains a big black box both economically and politically – for the next couple of quarters at least, sterling will suffer as a result of

Louis Kuijs - World Bank Group

There has been quite a bit of anxiety and speculation because the way many people in China talk about it is 'will the government defend the 7-per-dollar level or the 3 trillion

Jerry Hu

Previously, capital controls had been relatively loose and authorities had turned a blind eye to individual forex purchases because of abundant foreign exchange reserves. But they are now strengthening supervision in order to change

Dwyfor Evans - State Street Global Markets

Chinese officials have few policy options. If they allow faster depreciation, this will only spur pressures for greater outflows. And a one-off devaluation risks a repeat of the market turbulence evidenced twice in the past 18

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

It is not a massive new reason to sell cable and was probably offset by the positive economic data we got yesterday. But the gains in the past few hours are really just a dollar

Dean Blackburn

According to our survey, Europe is home to some of the best destinations for a successful expat career. Six European countries have made their way into the top 10 and are recognized for their strong work culture, great work-life balance and relatively good job

Dean Blackburn

What's clear in our survey, is that working abroad offers a wealth of opportunities to suit many different career needs and personal priorities. Some expats are looking for an accelerated route to the top of the career ladder, some want to put themselves on a firmer financial footing, while others want to improve their work and life balance. There is an ideal destination to achieve one or more of these

James Pomeroy - HSBC

If you've got the Fed, who've (hypothetically) raised another two times and then you've got the European Central Bank still sort of just finished its QE programme, you've got the Bank of Japan still doing whatever they're doing, it becomes very, very hard for the Fed to do even

James Pomeroy - HSBC

We're sort of, of the view that the Fed is constrained by not just its own inflation outlook, it's constrained by wage growth but it's also constrained by the rest of the world. And actually if you're in a world where as the Fed sort of continues to raise rates that you get a stronger dollar, that sort of hurts the emerging world, and actually that's a situation that will constrain what the Fed is able to

Montgomery Ho - HSBC

The target customer will be those (that) are high-end, high- tech start-ups and enterprises... those enterprises that are upgrading the use of technology and ability to innovate, like, for example, using robotics to manufacture more

David Bloom

We have to see disappointment before it comes to an end. There's a belief and you can't stand in the way of people with

David Bloom

The world believes all of a sudden in 'Trumpflation' and there's nothing to stop them - there's a religious belief in

David Bloom

The market's in the mood that everything good he has said he will achieve and everything bad he has said won't happen. When you get a market in that sort of mood, in a market that has faith, you can't stand inits way because you can't stand in the way of a good story. I ain't standing in front of the Trump train now cos you'll just get

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

Today's final decision sends a clear message: banks, like all companies, have to respect EU competition

Ulrik Ross

It's the first time that we are working with a sovereign and have found a way of linking a government balance sheet with the ICMA Green Bond

Zhengsheng Zhong - CEBM Group

Price inflation, rather than a structural improvement, seems to be the main reason behind the recent recovery of the economy in general. The economy may remain stable in the fourth quarter, but it will still face significant downward pressure next

Frederic Neumann

(Price pressure) likely reflects currency moves and the bounce in commodity prices. That can't be good for margins. And at time when financial conditions are tightening, this is bound to weigh on

Henrik Stenson

That's exactly what he did at HSBC Champions, and it was not much to do at that time. And possibly, that could be the same tomorrow. I'll just try to focus on my game and we'll see where it takes

Mihaly Varga

We will table a modification saying that for banks, whose corporate loan stock increase exceeds a given percentage, we see a possibility of foregoing part of the financial transaction

Sunil Subramanian

This is a good opportunity to buy those stocks that you've already been accumulating for the last 1-2 years: those same stocks are now available at a cheaper valuation. Nothing has fundamentally occurred to change the long-term growth prospects of either the economy or the

Sharjeel Azhar

We're obviously hopeful the banks will take a more lenient view, given this is really a systemic

Sharjeel Azhar

If the financiers support the industry, I think things will be fine, but if somebody takes a very hard-line view then you'll start seeing things trip

Yossi Abu - Delek Group

We ... are committed to act in order to pipe gas from Leviathan to the Israeli market and for export already in late 2019. The Leviathan project is taking a significant step forward

Pranjul Bhandari - HSBC

We assume that growth for these components (will) halve on the back of the monetary

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

We still think there is a strong weakness in sterling even though it is relatively lower because the political outlook in the UK is very

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

If you think the euro zone is going to break up then by all means sell the

Janet L. Yellen - Federal Reserve System

You need to be selective in terms of your currency choices. I don't think it's a dollar bull run against everything but I do think if you look at the outlook for emerging market currencies, particularly the high-yield currencies at the moment, it is very hard to have a positive currency

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

In G10, everything is driven by politics. We used to think about economics and cyclical stories and structural stories and balance of payments etc but now all we care about is

Tony Cripps

Australia is a priority growth market for HSBC, and having a private bank office here will complement and enhance our existing retail, commercial and investment banking

Sridhar Chandrasekharan

If we step away from policy uncertainties, the strength of the Asian consumer still

Sridhar Chandrasekharan

These sorts of factors are much longer-term and playing out in a much more secular

Ben Laidler - HSBC

Look out below. Trump's election victory will come as a shock to equity markets which had shown few signs of pre-election concerns, until very recently. We believe it is a clear risk-off event, as it is likely to result in a significant departure from current economic policy if Trump's campaign proposals are

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

I think the view is that the investors wanted to see an outside chairman. I think if you did it the other way around you wouldn't satisfy those governance concerns around the fact that we have always had an internal chairman, because the internal chairman would then be choosing the new group

Laith Khalaf - Hargreaves Lansdown

If you look at the underlying numbers, actually those showed that if you strip out the one-off items, revenues were up, costs were down and profits were up, and those are three things that markets

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

Our third-quarter performance reflected the strength of our network and the deepening impact of our strategic actions. Our global universal banking model generated higher adjusted revenue than for the same period last year, and our cost reduction programmes continued to reduce our operating

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

This is another action forming part of our ongoing capital management of the group that reinforces our ability to support the dividend, to invest in the business and, over the medium term, to contemplate share buy-backs, as appropriate. It also provides us with a significant capacity to manage the continuing uncertain regulatory

Steve McGarry

US DOJ investigation into alleged US generic drug price collusion creates significant uncertainty. We have no view as to the merits of the DOJ investigation, whether there is a case to answer for Teva or any other generics company, or whether Teva will have any liability in terms of fines or penalties. Investors are likely to 'shoot first and ask questions later,'.feedback

Douglas Flint - HSBC

We are thrilled to have secured Clara as chairman of the HSBC UK Board. She brings unrivalled knowledge of the UK's financial markets, systems and regulatory

Mark Carney - Bank of England

The Committee has benefited greatly from Clara's expertise in banking and financial markets and from her unique insights as a market

Rickie Fowler

Always nice to start with 7 under, doesn't matter where you're at. Pleased with that. Felt good in the Pro-Am yesterday and the nine holes that we got to play. I knew with the soft conditions, they were going to try to tuck some pins. It was going to be very score-able if you drove it in the fairways and I was able to do that. Played very well tee-to-green and made things a lot easier from there. Stress-free, simple

Rikard Karlberg

It felt amazing, every part of the game. Everything was so easy. It was just one of those days, a walk in the

Rickie Fowler

For me, finding a way to get a win in a singles match was big. It's a team victory, but I felt like I did my part to help the team. Coming out of that with a 2-1 record instead of 1-2 was important to

Stephen King

The problem here is that the world is still in a kind of longer-term structural Japanese-type story... Central banks want to raise rates but can't do so

Stephen King

There were lots of concerns the Brexit story would undermine the whole global economy…There were lots of worries at the time that things could become very, very bad

Liza Ermolenko - Capital Economics

The bigger picture is that growth weakened over the first two months of Q3 and September's manufacturing PMI suggests that activity remained sluggish at the end of the quarter. All told, it still looks like the Turkish economy slowed substantially following the attempted military

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

We don't think the move in the fix was notable when you look at it in context to the offshore market. It's still around the 6.70 area; it hasn't aggressively broken

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

It's obviously trading as the barometer for the presidential election. The pressure has been on Trump in the past few days and that's coincided with a move down in dollar/

Thomas Schilbe - HSBC

The economy in China has stabilized. This is good for producers of capital

Thomas Gitzel - VP Bank

The light is green for the German economy to thrust into growth in the second half of the year. The overall growth rate in 2016 could come in better than

Thomas Schilbe - HSBC

This is a welcome amendment. But world trade remains very weak. And there are new risks - for instance that of a hard

Stuart A. Levey - HSBC

...Data privacy and bank secrecy restrictions are increasingly tough in a number of

Jose Rasco

In the long-term, emerging markets continue to provide superior growth prospects, good demographics and increasing use of modern technologies, which should boost

Jose Rasco

The emerging market world suffered in the past few years as the U.S. dollar's strength sent emerging market currencies and commodity prices tumbling. Therefore the potential of a flat to falling dollar offers hope to investors that emerging markets may once again provide solid potential

Jose Rasco

First is the continued development and expansion of a middle class in many countries, which previously were mired in the low income strata a few years

Jose Rasco

In this business cycle, economic growth has been muted but wealth creation continues to

Richard Marwood - Royal London Asset Management

The issue is a valid one, as it appears that the capital in the USA is earning low returns. As shareholders we are concerned about where companies deploy capital and what the long term returns on that capital

Richard Marwood - Royal London Asset Management

While we would like to see returns increase, or failing that redeployment of capital into markets outside the U.S., it is for the company to best decide how to achieve this and how to manage its relationship with local

Iain Mackay

Any return of capital would always be subject to receiving a non-objection from the Federal

Oleg Kouzmin - Renaissance Capital

For real-money investors buying the disinflation story, this is a good thing. It's additional confirmation the central bank has become one of the most credible stories in emerging

Murat Toprak - HSBC

The environment is and will remain supportive for emerging

Murat Toprak - HSBC

From time to time the market gets worried about an earlier move from the Fed so it has an impact but we have to trade through the

Ma Xiaoping - HSBC

Micro policies at the local level are expected to be implemented to help grow sales in these cities, but a broad policy by the central government to encourage that is

Ma Xiaoping - HSBC

A property investment rebound means it will continue to contribute positively to gross domestic product this year, albeit probably not as significantly as seen in the first

John Flint - HSBC

We partner with Apple (AAPL.O) in every market that they want to be in. They've provided a technology platform and payment experience which our customers want. They extract a rent from us but we can do more

John Flint - HSBC

I think we probably have but it's because we've been a bit distracted. The industry pretty much failed and then we've been in remediation mode and fix mode ever

John Flint - HSBC

It feels like our industry has woken up to the possibilities of new technology really in the last three or four years. If there hadn't been a crisis, I'm sure we would all have started thinking about it a lot

John Flint - HSBC

There's mutual respect on both sides. If you look at smaller fintech firms, you can see that banks are partnering with them and that benefits both stakeholders'

Raymond Yeung - ANZ

Nonetheless, the size of the pick-up suggests that there may also have been some improvement in import volumes last month which would add to recent positive signs on domestic demand, including better-than-expected PMI

Wang Jianhui

The improvement in imports is mostly a reflection of stronger domestic demand. Chinese companies are restocking (raw materials), and also are now expecting prices to start

Ann Cairns - MasterCard

I think the whole biometric space is a great way of protecting yourself when you are doing

Richard Davies

Through simplifying the ID verification process, we'll be able to save our business customers time and open accounts quicker. We also expect the convenience and speed of a 'selfie' to become the verification method of choice for our customers, who no longer need to visit a branch to complete the

Julia Wang

The two manufacturing gauges again pointed to different directions in August. But on a moving average basis, both indicators suggest that economic activity is still improving, supported by fiscal

Sian Fenner - Oxford Economics

This particularly strong growth rate was a result of the high infrastructure spending and strong domestic demand that benefited from election-related spill overs. But this kind of growth rates can't be

Sian Fenner - Oxford Economics

It's no secret that candidates spend quite a bit during the elections in the form of political ads, rallies, and events ... Many government offices also tend to front-load a lot of their expenditures early in the year prior to the election

Chris Clark - HSBC

The HSBC's brand, particularly 'the world's local bank' and its strapline was an incredibly powerful positioning for us. (However), the reality of our business is that we have to simplify it, so taking out quite a lot of small countries meant we probably weren't really 'the world's local bank' and actually moving away from it is

David Bloom

We've lost our way so we look to central banks, who give us massively loose monetary policy and that's the little bubble we're living

David Bloom

All markets are running – that's what happens when you have ultra-loose monetary policy and the central banks are handing over money. QE distorts markets

David Bloom

They've completely failed us and the market doesn't believe

Carl Weinberg - High Frequency Economics

No matter how you look at it, the economy is slowing. The economic trend is clear. It is not

Marco Baldini - Barclays

Right now, funding levels in sterling are pretty compelling for issuers that swap the funds back to euros or US dollars, and even for those that keep the funds in

Marco Baldini - Barclays

QE is a real game-changer and investors simply can't run the risk of running underweights in sterling

Ben Laidler - HSBC

We're pretty cautious on global equities including the U.S.. You have economic policy uncertainty, which is really high around the

Gary Greenwood - Shore Capital

This reflects the decision by management to return half of the capital gain generated from the disposal of the group's Brazilian operations ... (but it) has dropped its progressive dividend

Terry Torrison - McLaren

Earnings have not been too bad, but I remain bearish on the markets. A lot of companies in Europe are beating estimates, but if you look at the results, most of the companies are not actually growing their sales or

Francois Savary - Prime Partners

European results look quite poor compared to the U.S, which is why a lot of investors are still taking their cash out of

Moshe Asher

Obtaining the list is one of the most significant outcomes of our struggle against dark capital, and it joins our legislative and other efforts for getting information on Israelis that are holding bank accounts and assets

Lonnie Frisby - HSBC Private Bank

Following an information request in April 2016 from US authorities to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (SFTA), the bank has provided certain files, mostly related to former clients, to the SFTA. The Swiss authorities may forward part or all of this information to US authorities in accordance with applicable laws and treaties. Anyone subject to this request has been

Peter Dixon - Commerzbank

When investors realize just how far they are pushing things, they might want to rethink

Peter Dixon - Commerzbank

Valuations are becoming even more stretched relative to fundamentals than they were, and that's not a particularly healthy place to

Paul Bloxham

I do think that the messages from the RBNZ have been a bit more challenging. The RBNZ is between a rock and a hard place at the

Annette Beacher

RBNZ's scattergun approach to forward guidance since the hawkish July 7 Spencer speech has not sat well to

Michael Schweitzer - HSBC

For some, (retirement) is about discipline with some wanting to prioritize outgoings versus incomings and make choices about how they spend their assets. For others it's far more challenging – income levels may not give them the [flexibility] to do such things, while others have commitments they are

Michael Schweitzer - HSBC

Many people, particularly those in their forties are supporting others such as their children and their parents. So people see that and experience that, and there's a recognition there, that they need to take a more active role in planning for retirement and doing all they can to pad their nest egg for the

Shane Oliver - AMP Capital Investors

The end result will be poor prospects for getting government spending and the budget deficit under control over the next three years and for the Coalition implementing its policy to cut corporate taxes, let alone undertaking serious productivity enhancing economic

James Steel - HSBC

The longer the Fed is seen as delaying a rate hike, the better for

Izumi Devalier - HSBC

The fundamental case for additional BOJ easing remains strong. In our view, the longer the board waits to address downside risks to the economy and prices, the more markets will question the central bank's commitment towards its inflation

Kathy Lien - BK Asset Management

Central banks around the world, especially the Japanese, are sitting on their hands waiting to see how global developments over the next week or two are going to

James Steel - HSBC

Basically, the rally has been entirely investment led. It's kind of like having a table with a leg missing. It's heavily investment led. I'd feel better with a longer-term rally if we had a physical component. It does present upside roadblocks further

James Steel - HSBC

As far as the geopolitical element, it's certainly not a chicken little atmosphere. I think there's enough uncertainty facing the global economy and even some geopolitical tensions to keep buying the gold

Georgette Boele

Gold is a bit lower as the dollar is doing (better), especially versus the euro. We need to get the FOMC meeting behind us. I think afterwards markets will further price out the Fed, meaning gold and precious metals will go

Jim Wyckoff

The fact here is just a vote on Brexit, whether it succeeds or not, is not a good sign for the European

Ian Gordon

This deal is important because it adds 60 basis points to HSBC's capital strength which gets them to their target and means they can maintain the dividend in a weak year for

Marcel Thieliant - Capital Economics

The further strengthening of the exchange rate suggests that the drag from falling export prices should persist for now...All in all, therefore, today's figures underline that the BoJ still has more work to do to reach its 2 percent inflation

Frederic Neumann

It's not simply weak demand that's weighing on Asian trade, but structural, and thus far more persistent, factors. A recovery in the West, therefore, may not lift exports by as much as in previous decades. The relationship has

Dominic Hook - Unite

For almost a year staff have been left in the dark about their futures, only to be told that before being shown the door they're expected to train someone in India or China who will do their job for less money. It's a deeply cynical move. Offshoring IT jobs to so-called low-cost economies is extremely short sighted. As IT glitches across the banks continue to prove, it is ultimately the customers who will suffer the

Iain Mackay

On top of that (maturing debt) we have somewhere in the range of US$10 billion to US$30 billion to do to meet the overall TLAC requirement as we presently understand it and in conversation with our

Iain Mackay

We'll be pretty busy every quarter from now through to the end of 2018 in terms of making sure we make that regulatory requirement from a TLAC

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

Progressive' was interpreted by everyone as meaning it is going to go up every quarter notwithstanding what is happening in the world, so what we are saying is we are committed to sustain the dividend at the current

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

Our plans haven't changed in China… but we are saying the redeployment of capital will take

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

There is a lot to do to achieve our targets but we have made a good

Douglas Flint - HSBC

China's slower economic growth will undoubtedly contribute to a bumpier financial environment, but it is still expected to be the largest contributor to global growth as its economy transitions to higher added value manufacturing and services and becomes more consumer

Jurgen Michels - Citigroup Global Markets

We had reasonably good data out of Asia which are supporting markets in Europe this morning but the political front in the region has become more

Gareth Hewett

HSBC has received various requests for information and is cooperating with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation. It would be inappropriate to comment

Douglas Flint - HSBC

China retains the fiscal and monetary tools to cushion the impact in the short-term. Further easing measures and the relaxation of controls on spending will certainly

Ali Miremadi - THS Partners

The board's got big questions to answer; I mean, should HSBC split up? ... You're probably not going to get that decision from an insider who believes in

Bert Lourenco - HSBC

A bear market across multiple risky assets will be positive for high-quality government bonds, inclusive of gilts. In a developed market context, gilt yields still stand out. It does seem as though we have entered a period of structurally lower inflation and real rates. We think investors should target 1 percent for 10-year gilt yields by end Q3

Eric T. Schneiderman

There has to be one set of rules for everyone, no matter how rich or how powerful, and that includes lenders who engage in abusive business

John Gleeson

This case implicates matters of great public concern and is therefore one which the public has an interest in

Gary Greenwood - Shore Capital

You're better issuing (debt) out of a higher tax jurisdiction than a lower tax

Stuart Gulliver - HSBC

Major producers are currently delivering 2.0 to 2.5 million bpd more than demand, so the question is how long they can continue to overproduce at that

Andrew Tyrie

Barely six months after the last glitch in their underperforming IT systems, HSBC is apologising again to its customers. The frequency of these failures across the financial services sector suggests a systemic weakness in IT infrastructure. This is

Dominic Bunning - HSBC

When you think about how little hiking has been priced in and, to some degree, even (rate) cuts, then is another bit of softer data really going to make a huge difference? The bias of the market is already short sterling and is already looking for the Bank of England to remain very

Laurence Mutkin - BNP Paribas

The euro rates market sell-off after the ECB's underwhelming December easing is a chilling reminder that, without incremental central bank easing, bond valuations are unsustainably poor. Treasury valuations are also unsustainable, especially in an environment where the Fed is

Steven Major - HSBC

If there is one thing we can be sure about, consensus bond yield forecasts are unlikely to be right. This follows decades of over-optimism bias and, while history is no guide to the future, it does provide grounds for

Steven Major - HSBC

Looking beyond the widely anticipated start of U.S. tightening, we wonder what will happen if the rate hikes do not

Derek French

The bank closures will accelerate the death of the British high street. This will particularly have a knock on impact on local businesses and the

James Antos - Mizuho Securities

It (the job cuts) is really unlikely to be an answer to their problems. The (HSBC) share price has been dead for several years now. And I think what the market is looking for is something pretty substantial, a new

James Chew - HSBC

We know that under any circumstances it's going to be a very big disruption. There will undoubtedly be some sort of investment

Gareth Hewett

The allegations are historical, in some cases dating back 20 years, predating our significant, well-publicized reforms implemented over the last few

Tidjane Thiam - Credit Suisse Group

We do not condone structures for tax avoidance. Whenever there is a structure with a third party beneficiary we insist to know the identity of that

Tidjane Thiam - Credit Suisse Group

We as a company, as a bank only encourage the use of structures when there is a legitimate economic

Kathy Madison - HSBC Finance

We are pleased to have reached this settlement and believe it is a positive result that benefits American homeowners and the US housing industry. Throughout the housing market downturn, HSBC stayed focused on home preservation and approached foreclosure as a last resort option, and this agreement affirms our commitment to assisting customers who are facing financial

John Hackett - HSBC

We will ensure customers do not lose out as a result of this issue. Any fees customers incur as a result of this outage will be

Andrew Tyrie

The frequency of these failures across the financial services sector suggests a systemic weakness in IT infrastructure. This is concerning. I will be asking the Chief Executive of HSBC, and the regulators, for an explanation of these failures, and action taken to sort them out. They just keep

Robert Halver - Baader Bank

All tax evasion, even old ones, will one day be uncovered. That's the way it is, truth will always prevail. To me, this shows very clearly that the topic of tax evasion, no matter where, is being addressed. There will be more revelations but it's clear that time is

Jawaid Afsar

The rise in the bond yields and the weakness in the U.S. sector is hurting the UK

Atif Latif

There's no doubt that if they were undertaking these transactions then other banks were also. Given the fact that this is an update on old news, then I don't see much material

Tony Greenham

That average is what drives the interest rates paid by hundreds of millions of people on their own mortgages, small business on their loans, student loans, insurance products. It affects a hugely diverse range of financial transactions globally, not just in the

Hans-Rudolph Merz

Yes, we signed a double tax agreement with France. At that time it was apparently already known that the French government had received illegal data. These circumstances have to be clarified thoroughly now. Before it becomes clear what really happened it can't be expected that any decisions to implement this tax agreement will be

Gordon Brown

Not only will we do this in Britain – 250 billion guaranteed – but I talked to my European colleagues over the last few days and I have hopes this can become a wider scheme that other countries will take up, and I hope that we will show that we have led the world in changing the terms and conditions in which we can help renew the flow of money in the

Gordon Brown

We will do everything in our power to maintain our public services and increase jobs in our economy, to protect the savings and deposits of the citizens of this

Stefan Schilbe

Despite the economic dip, the labour market is not suffering a

Stefan Schilbe

Once the economy improves in the course of the year, unemployment too is likely to fall again with a

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