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Masayoshi Son
When I met with Steve Jobs, before he announced the iPhone, he told me, Masa, Masa, if you see what I'm developing, when I'm finished, I'm going to show you, you're going to piss off your pants.' And when I saw it, I actually almost did.feedback
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Oct 25 2017
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Angela Ahrendts

The way we look at it is building a relationship. It's no different from fashion -- don't you go back to someone who's taken really good care of you, who you trust, to make you a better version of yourself? Internally we said the tagline was 'an iPhone for everyone'. I prefer that we ask you who you're buying it for. If they're 6 or 7 years old, what do they need? If it's someone who's leaning into something else, what do they need? We do that with Mac, we do that with iPad, why wouldn't we do that with [the] phone?feedback

Angela Ahrendts

There is a purpose. People want the human connection, they want a place to pick up their products. I think the onus is on retailers, the onus is on us to continue to evolve.feedback

Joe Natale

Inventory is a question mark in terms of what we will get. The question will be is how much of the iPhone X activity happens in Q4 versus Q1 of next year, and we will kind of be prepared for either overall. On the iPhone side, to your comment, Vince, analysts have said it's more incremental in terms of product evolution rather than transformational. And what we're seeing is sort of, I would say, a more anemic appetite for the iPhone 8 right now. There is lots of anticipation around the iPhone X and what it has to offer.feedback

Jim Cramer

How many times have people sold it on that kind of stuff? It has just kept people out of one of the great runs of all time.feedback

Joe Natale

What we're seeing is sort of ... anemic appetite for the iPhone 8. The iPhone 10 price point is about 75 per cent higher than the iPhone 7. So it's a very expensive device. Inventory is a question mark in terms of what we will get.feedback

C.C. Wei - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

In terms of a lot of fabs (fabrication plants) in mainland China, we don't like it but we are very competitive. We'll continue to compete of course and maintain our market share.feedback

Matt Ellis

I think what you're seeing there is a difference in timing of some of the new devices coming out versus what we've historically seen. Obviously Apple is part of that. We are splitting the new devices between the 8 ... and the X. As we get into the holiday season, some of those new devices come out, we think we will see strong demand.feedback

Jim Cramer

It's not well known among the analysts, who are too old to use this kind of thing, but this app, as of [Wednesday], is topping the '148 Free iPhone Apps' list ahead of Instagram and, more important, ahead of the enemy, Snapchat. Let's just say that [tbh] seems like a gateway to Instagram that detours you from Snap, and for $100 million, once it's blown out in the Facebook ecosystem, it seems like money well spent.feedback

Jason Ware - Albion

Worrying about any small down-tick in margins from the sale of the iPhone 7 or 8 is a wrong-headed way to look at it, as iPhone X is really the flagship device where we're going to see a strong upgrade cycle.feedback

Andy Hargreaves - Pacific Crest Securities

While we remain somewhat pessimistic around multicycle iPhone unit growth, Apple's expanded market segmentation strategy seems likely to drive average gross profit per user above out previous expectations. The potential for Apple to exercise greater pricing power, along with further App Store growth, supports the view of the company as a franchise with subscription-like qualities rather than a regular hardware business.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

In addition to a more robust upgrade in terms of form/function on iPhone X, we believe iPhone units will benefit from a massive iPhone installed base that is ~2 years old (or older). The last time we saw pent up installed base demand and consumer feedback mirroring (or close to) this was around the iPhone 6, which ultimately became a critical and unprecedented successful launch period for Apple. Our model assumes Apple sells more iPhones in the 12 months following the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8+ launch than the peak iPhone 6 upgrade cycle.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

We believe the iPhone X product cycle could be the strongest iPhone product cycle to date. While supply chain issues will elongate the iPhone X upgrade cycle well into FY18, we believe seeing the 'forest through the trees' will translate into this super cycle upgrade being a major growth catalyst for Apple (and its investors) over the coming year.feedback

Neil Shah - Apple

It shows that the rate of R&D (research and development) and commercialization is very fast, and Huawei has caught up to Apple. Huawei is launching the Mate 10 with AI chip ahead of the iPhone. It is a commendable achievement.feedback

Andy Hargreaves - Pacific Crest Securities

Apple's introduction of iPhone X at a $999 entry price, its increase to iPhone 8/8+ prices, and its change to storage step-up pricing collectively represent a more aggressive strategy to segment its customer base and extract incremental gross profit from its users than we previously expected. Apple's most inelastic customers are likely to be the ones who look to purchase the iPhone X first. Assuming supply of iPhone X improves, this should create a favorable initial mix of iPhone X units that is likely to be favorable to investor sentiment over at least the next few quarters.feedback

Francisco Jeronimo

This will give them (Huawei) an edge competing with other players because there are not many players that are able to launch their own AI chipsets. We think about Apple, Samsung, and Google have their own. All other vendors will have to rely on someone else. If Huawei didn't have this capability, they will be a few steps behind Apple and Samsung in a couple years. It's crucial for them to lead. If the experience is better compared to Samsung or an iPhone, then it will give them an advantage in the long term.feedback

Tommy Langnes

It is just like your iPhone. We have built the phone. We have a couple of apps installed. Now the R&D team is working on new apps to install on the digital platform.feedback

Brigitte Madrian

It's like auto-fill on my iPhone. A lot of the time it's great because it helps me type faster, but occasionally it really screws things up.feedback

Mark Delaney

We note that we are explicitly not making a negative call on iPhone sales … However, given what we view as relatively measured initial uptake of the iPhone 8/8+, we note that there could be downside risk to estimates if iPhone X orders are not stronger. We would look to be more positive on the stock if we had more confidence in the sustainability of Jabil's growth, and if customer diversification increased.feedback

Mitchell L. Moss

There was a time when everyone who got on the train had a newspaper. Now they all have an iPhone or an iPad. We're seeing a change in the way in which subway riders behave, and that means newsstands have to change.feedback

Thomas Husson - Forrester Research

They (Eldim) certainly have a top-notch technology. Facial recognition is one of iPhone X's differentiating features.feedback

Amy Gallo - Harvard Business Review

Having a financial buffer will make it more likely that when you find something meaningful, you'll be able to act on it.feedback

Andy Kessler

New smartphones know what you look like. That’s not as scary as it sounds.feedback

John McDonagh

The conversation between drivers and passengers has virtually ended since the invention of the iPhone. Now, people couldn't care less about you.feedback

Brian Rakowski - Google

Because of the dual pixel sensor system and HDR+, even though they're only microns apart, we're able to get multiple right and left images from one camera with each shot, so when combined with a whole bunch of crazy maths we can get a depth map of the scene.feedback

Mario Queiroz - Google

We don't save cool features just for the large device. You get all the goodness with both phones, so the only choice you have to make is what size you want. We can do it with one camera, which means we can do it on the main rear camera, but we can also do it on the selfie camera too, on both phones. Most phones need two cameras to do that, but we can do it with one and do it really well.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

Google has a mountain to climb if it wants to displace Apple's iPhone, and even challenging Samsung, which has a trio of superb Android-powered flagship devices, will be tough; iPhone users are extremely unlikely to defect from their Apple device to an Android product and if they do the most likely device they will consider will come from Samsung.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

At the same time, going head-to-head with other Android phone makers won't go down well. History has shown that companies that compete with their own channels invariably become unstuck. With the Android platform being so strategic to the broader Google business this is a dangerous game to play.feedback

Mario Queiroz - Google

We will do more and more on device, but the capabilities in the cloud will also keep improving, so in the future it'll be a combination of those two that we think will deliver the optimum experience. Sometimes we're going to want to do things on the device because it's very fast, and for privacy reasons, and some things will be done in the cloud for the best experience.feedback

Brian Rakowski - Google

People on Pixel take twice as many pictures as iPhone users, and they're storing around 23GB of images a year. If you were using Apple's iCloud after a few months at that rate you'd be into the paid tier, but with Google Photos on the Pixel you've got unlimited full-resolution backup.feedback

Brian Rakowski - Google

The way Now Playing works is that we have an amazing on-device machine learning model and a database of 100,000 songs updated weekly customised to location that will match the song playing in the background and put a little notification telling you what song and artist is playing on the always-on screen.feedback

Amit Daryanani - RBC

Outlook on units could be less positive in the initial months. On aggregate, 64 percent of prospective iPhone buyers preferred the new generation of iPhones, which is slightly lower than 71 percent for iPhone 7/7+ models last year. We think this is likely due to Apple not phasing out iPhone 6s and giving a wider offering to customers.feedback

David Yoffie

These are two of the largest companies on the planet deeply tied at the hip and directly competitive. That makes this stand out compared with almost any relationship you can think of.feedback

C.W. Chung

Sleeping with the enemy, might be a better strategy for them than hating each other.feedback

Ronil Hira

The elites in both parties have had this Apple iPhone narrative, which is, look, it's O.K. if we offshore the lower-level stuff because we're just going to move up. This is a wake-up call. It's not just low-level jobs but high-level jobs that are leaving.feedback

Richard Watts - Local Government Association

There's a huge disparity between need and want: I need a new phone, I want the new iPhone 8.feedback

Richard Watts - Local Government Association

If you want to upgrade your phone to an iPhone 8, how about making some money so you can afford it?feedback

Ajit Pai - FCC

Apple is the one major phone manufacturer that has resisted [activating the FM chips in their phones]. But I hope the company will reconsider its position, given the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. That's why I am asking Apple to activate the FM chips that are in its iPhones. It is time for Apple to step up to the plate and put the safety of the American people first. As the Sun Sentinel of South Florida put it, Do the right thing, Mr. Cook. Flip the switch. Lives depend on it.feedback

Garrison Keillor

Roy Moore’ s triumph is a ray of sunshine for those of us who’d like to restore stoning to our legal system.feedback

Ming-Chi Kuo - Apple

We previously estimated the production weighting of new 2017 iPhone models at roughly 50% iPhone X and 50% iPhone 8/ 8 Plus. This matches what we believe is Apple's (US) estimate for demand. At first glance, the combined first-week adoption rate for the iPhone 8/ 8 Plus might appear low (about half that of iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus and 7/ 7 Plus). However, this is due to the fact that the iPhone X is not included, not because iPhone 8/ 8 Plus first weekend sales have been weak.feedback

Casey Wasserman

It's hard to imagine that the guy who is imagining the future can't imagine what the world is going to be like so I'm not sure how I could possibly do that. To think that in 2006 in Turin there was no iPhone is almost incomprehensible given where we are today. So to try and imagine where we will be in 11 years is almost impossible. The yearly iterations are hard to fathom let alone a decade iteration. From the mundane to maybe there is no more cash or credit cards to everyone having driverless cars and what does that do to the traffic flows.feedback

Jim Cramer

So, the proximate sell-off cause, at least number one? Apple. Now, I am saying it's been pretty neutralized. Sure, the stock can go lower, but at these levels, it's beginning to reflect the failure of the iPhone 9, and that product doesn't exist.feedback

Ian Fogg - IHS

Our expectation is that Apple will absolutely maintain healthy margins. Apple likes to create the best products and a good return on them. What is remarkable about the iPhone is Apple has persuaded consumers to put more of their income towards their smartphone. At the same time, Apple has maintained historically excellent margins.feedback

Andrew Rassweiler - IHS

The higher total BOM cost for the iPhone 8 Plus can't be tied to a single area or feature. The higher cost is the result of slower annual component cost erosion tied in with additional features. From a teardown perspective, the biggest cost adders would be the increased NAND flash memory content and new wireless charging components.feedback

Jim Suva - Citigroup Global Markets

We do expect volatility ahead as consensus estimates calibrate to a lower than expected September quarter given slightly more tempered demand ahead of iPhone X launch (Nov 3rd) coupled with supply constraints for iPhone X.feedback

Jim Suva - Citigroup Global Markets

We believe Apple can return to sustainable growth post iPhone X. We see growth opportunities in Services (in-app purchasing, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Care, etc.) and India, aka Applewood, as underappreciated. Despite the outperformance this year, shares remain attractively valued relative to the market and can undergo sustainable multiple expansion.feedback

Jim Suva - Citigroup Global Markets

We are reducing our F4Q17 (Sept) to reflect more modest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus demand. Checks in US/Europe indicated similar demand patterns to those observed in Asia and Australia … i.e. modest crowds but definitely thinner than in the past while ship times for the devices ordered online were also quicker. We are not surprised that current ship times are quicker and lines shorter than prior launches, as we believe users will wait to compare to iPhone X before making a final purchase.feedback

Jeffrey Kvaal

Our iPhone 8 shipment time tracker indicates pre-orders are not as robust as during the 7 cycle. We believe slow carrier promotions and relatively modest feature upgrades to the 8 are shifting demand to the X, which is a positive for Apple.feedback

Peter Kenny

The North Korea narrative is not going away and the longer it remains part of the conversation, the more negative it becomes. There has been some disappointment in the reception of Apple's latest iPhone release, and that is driving some concern and that is bleeding through to the supply-chain names.feedback

Darren Aronofsky

… You have other people who basically believe in the power of a iPhone that they can communicate to 35 million people in a blink of an eye, yet they don't believe in science in other ways. It has as many people believe in it as believe in gravity. And it scares me and it's time to start screaming. So I wanted to howl. And this was my howl. And some people are not going to want to listen to it. That's cool.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

The simple reason is this: The stock's up 50-plus percent in the past year because investors have been anticipating the return to growth of the iPhone. As soon as that product comes out, people are going to shift their focus to the March and June quarters of next year. That's when the iPhone cycles are made or missed. So there's naturally going to be some people taking some profits.feedback

Frank Cappelleri - Instinet

As 2017 has shown us time and again, in the healthiest uptrends, capital has a funny way of creeping back toward areas that have lagged just when it is most needed.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

Our users are really smart, so they can decide what they want, and we try to help guide them in our stores and I'm sure the carriers are doing the same thing. But we really like what we're seeing.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

Investors should be comforted – the longer term – that this cycle will yield the growth that they're expecting.feedback

Garrison Keillor

It was exhilarating to get the chance to be useful, which is always an issue for a writer.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

I am thrilled. Here's what we're seeing right now. The watch with LTE –the Series 3 Watch –we are sold out in so many places around the world. And we're working really hard to meet demand. We've sold out of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in some stores, but we've got good supply there. You can see what's going on here this morning --- I couldn't be happier.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We really like what we're seeing. The issue is very minor, it will be fixed in a software update. It has to do with the handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular, and we'll fix that. It only happens in a rare number of cases. I've been using it for quite a while and it works great. So we're very happy about it.feedback

Michael Olson - Piper Jaffray

We recommend owning Apple on potential for a strong overall iPhone cycle, rising ASPs and a favorable services revenue trajectory.feedback

Robert Cihra

If they missed because customers are waiting for a X, that would be a good miss.feedback

Jeremy Kirkland

This will be the first year that a new phone will be out, and I won't have it, and I'll have to be OK with that.feedback

Yang Zheng

The new features of the iPhone X are fresh, but not attractive enough for me to hold the feeling that I have to own it whatsoever.feedback

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Yes there is a new iPhone coming in a couple of months and plenty of people would want that.feedback

Mazen Kourouche

(It) is pretty similar to the iPhone 7 but it shoots 4k 60 frames per second and it's got a new glass back instead of the metal which is apparently more durable. There aren't too many new features to this one.feedback

Francisco Jeronimo

When you have a device that is already highly priced, consumers typically prefer to wait for the best one, rather than buy one that is brand new but not the latest because Apple decided to launch the iPhone X.feedback

Ray Yokoyama

I think it'll be more lively with more people with the iPhone X.feedback

Piyush Shah - InMobi

This was 2012, when the iPhone and Android platforms were still pretty new, and the first set of apps were getting popular. Customers across domains like gaming, social networks, chat, music, etc, wanted to acquire tens of millions of customers in different countries. We offered them the right solution and that was the first wave of huge growth for InMobi.feedback

Mia Huang

Google has found it necessary to have its own hardware team to help bring innovations to Android devices, making them competitive versus the iPhone series.feedback

Joanna Stern - The Wall Street Journal

The Series 3 is the strongest indicator yet of what Apple believes the watch ultimately can be: a standalone tiny wrist computer that doesn't need your iPhone. But if the Series 3 is any indicator of how that's coming along, we should all hold off until, say, Series X.feedback

David Pierce - Wired

You know what definitely won't like LTE? Your battery. I can get a day of battery from the Series 3 with normal use - about the same as the Series 2 - but if I'm on LTE a lot, it's more like four or five hours.feedback

Roger Entner - Recon Analytics

As fewer people upgrade their devices, the pace with which consumers can use new unused parts of the networks on new spectrum slows down and consumers are stuck on congested legacy spectrum.feedback

Roger Entner - Recon Analytics

Consumers clamored to pay more for their devices. And with it comes a whole plethora of negative effects. Ultimately, you've exchanged a service contract for a devised financing contract, so your hand shackles come now in gold instead of steel.feedback

Mike Dano - FierceWireless

From the standpoint of the consumer, it's kind of nice. It gives you a reason to pay off your phone, and then it also gives you a reason to keep your phone longer because your overall bill is lower.feedback

Phil Schiller - Apple

With the iPhone X, your iPhone is locked until you look at it and it recognizes you. Nothing has ever been more simple, natural and effortless. This is the future of how we'll unlock our smartphones and protect our sensitive information.feedback

Trudy Muller - Apple

We're working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issue and will release a fix soon in an upcoming software update.feedback

Sameer Singh

How much impact would a $1,000 iPhone really have on UX (user experience) of WhatsApp, or YouTube, or Snapchat? The most popular apps being available on both platforms (Apple's iOS and Google's Android) really makes the experience a bit of a wash, making it harder to justify the price point based just on features. This isn't all that different from the PC industry 10-20 years ago. At one point, a PC was a PC irrespective of the manufacturer.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

Our estimates are that the number of active iPhones that are three years old or older is now entering about 300 million units. And most of the Street thinks that this next cycle is going to be about 250 million units. And so, at the point of three years, it's less about the features and some of the reviews, and more about, I need my phone to survive and it's just not holding up.' It's not very glamorous – in a baseball term I'd say it's 'manufacturing runs' – but enough to yield the demand to get this to be a nice improvement over the last cycle.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

We've had 40 analysts who've expected this for a year. I tend to still believe we'll get this pullback. Once we get past the excitement of the pre-orders around the iPhone X, I think there'll be naturally some concern about the March quarter and June quarter look like next year. ... But I think as a company, and their position around services, and where things are going longer-term around AR, I think it's exceptional well-positioned. Despite some of these reviews, it's still the best phone in the world.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

We think there will be far less adoption of the most advanced version. Typically, corporate also under-indexes to consumers, because they're usually a little bit tighter on their budget and they want a phone that's been around for a little bit.feedback

Matthew Panzarino - TechCrunch

The marquee feature of the iPhone 8 Plus is 'Portrait Lighting.' Using deep learning and computer vision, this mode finds faces in an image, detects the planes and angles that need to be lit and applies a variety of different lighting styles that a user can choose from either before or after the picture is taken. It works better than it has any right to.feedback

Nilay Patel

If the iPhone X is Apple's bold vision of the future, the iPhone 8 is Apple making sure everyone else at the party has a nice time too.feedback

Nilay Patel

The iPhone 8 might be the most polished iteration of this basic design Apple's ever made, but compared to the Galaxy S8 and other Android flagships like the LG V30, it's just extremely dated. I've already scratched the 8 Plus by carrying it around in my pocket. We'll see what happens when millions of people around the world start dropping these things.feedback

David Pierce - Wired

It may make the iPhone 8 more fragile–Apple says it won't, my history with glass phones says it will–but it definitely makes it classier. Everything works great. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are virtually perfect phones. And yet it's already obsolete.feedback

Matthew Panzarino - TechCrunch

The camera is the best reason to buy a new iPhone this year just as it has been several years running.feedback

Steve Kovach - Business Insider

For the first time in the 10-year history of the iPhone, I can't recommend buying the newest models.feedback

Nicole Nguyen - BuzzFeed

It was amazing to just put my phone down on my side table instead of futzing around with plugging the thing into its port every night. The charge speed was about the same as plugging it in. It was not amazing, though, waking up and finding out that my iPhone didn't charge at all, because it wasn't perfectly centered on the pad.feedback

Nicole Nguyen - BuzzFeed

The Plus has two lenses, which enables 'Portrait Mode,' and makes food look so good. What that means in practice is more detailed photos that really only appear more detailed if you zoom way, way in.feedback

David Pierce - Wired

The combination of a new 12-megapixel sensor, the laptop-grade A11 Bionic processor, and a reworking of the iPhone 8's internals to make everything faster and more efficient.feedback

Kimmie Greene

While this can sound super daunting today, if you're putting that money to work starting in your 20s, it's not as difficult as it sounds.feedback

Matthew Panzarino - TechCrunch

Had Apple not announced the X when it did, the iPhone 8 would be an easy choice for upgraders and about the same amount of take-it-or-leave-it talk by early adopters that we saw at the launch of the iPhone 7.feedback

Geoffrey A. Fowler - The Wall Street Journal

Apple's confusing iPhone family now includes three pairs of practically identical phones: the regular and Plus versions of the iPhone 8, 7 and 6s. Don't buy the spendiest one.feedback

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Innovation-led price increases historically boost, rather than hinder, Apple demand. Apple is an aspirational brand offering high quality, innovative products at a premium price. As a result, the company escapes the typical trend of declining prices that drive demand for other devices. In fact, demand for iPhone is directly correlated to the direction of ASPs - higher prices, higher demand and vice versa.feedback

Mike McCormack - Jefferies

That's been the biggest fear … call it irrational or competitive behavior.feedback

Amy Yong

They said they wouldn't be, but within 24 hours of the announcement you were already seeing promotions hit the tape. Broadly speaking, they moved away from subsidizing to equipment installment plans. The idea is after a few years, you own your own phone. This is literally a three or four-year phenomena. Subsidizing had become an ugly word among the investment community. It just meant there was more cash flow burn among carriers.feedback

Mike McCormack - Jefferies

We're seeing a decline in upgrade rates, and part of that decline in upgrade rates is because people paid off their phones. Your bill will drop by whatever the equivalent payment was … what we're finding is customers are interested in having a lower bill.feedback

Mike McCormack - Jefferies

The margins have been tremendous to the extent customers are paying for their own phone.feedback

Mark Stodden - Moody's

It's really just about promotion activity. When there's a new phone launch, the carriers become very defensive about protecting their market position. They have to respond, and there's so much sensitivity from Wall Street on quarterly subscriber numbers and market share and less on cash flow because cash flow is so noisy. That may have some impact on their behavior.feedback

Mark Stodden - Moody's

That's actually really good for the carriers. One, the phones cost them a lot of money. The fewer phones they need to buy the better, and two, every time you get a new phone it's an opportunity to evaluate whether you want to stay with that carrier. Just yesterday, T-Mobile was talking about this at the Goldman Sachs conference. When they do a high-profile device promotion, the rest of the industry copies them and you don't really get an advantage from it. Device promotions don't really work because the industry is so competitive.feedback

Mark Stodden - Moody's

When you had subsidies, it was opaque. The customer didn't really know how much the carrier was absorbing or subsidizing, as far as the phone cost. Now that you split them apart, you have a more transparent market.feedback

Wayne Lam - IHS

On the original iPhone, yield rates for capacitive touch [screens] were like 80% because it was new technology.feedback

Michael Bonebright - DealNews

The best time to purchase a new iPhone will be over the Black Friday season. Stores like Best Buy will often bundle store gift cards to lower the cost of smartphones. Whatever you do, don't purchase Apple products from the Apple store. They haven't offered Black Friday discounts over the past two years and the store never hosts sales.feedback

Jill Gonzalez

Consumers are asked to pay $1,000 for the new iPhone X at a time when credit card debt is approaching record highs. Still, installment plans and other financing arrangements will help the iPhone remain as popular as ever, even if, from an economic point of view, it's not the best time to indulge in such expenses.feedback

Phil Schiller - Apple

The new iPhone will have the most durable glass ever in a smartphone. Words can't describe how much nicer it is to never plug in a cable again.feedback

Phil Schiller - Apple

This is a simple thing. We do it everyday. We use them every day and charge every night.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

Our intention has always to create something so magical, powerful, that the hardware virtually disappears.feedback

Patrick Moorhead

But if you are someone who has frozen their credit record, you may suddenly discover that you can't afford an iPhone X, after all.feedback

Thomas Lee

We have some data. There's only about 300,000 holders of at least $5,000 of Bitcoin. That's like saying the iPhone was a bubble in 2007, four days into the sale because there were 500,000 iPhones sold.feedback

Jennifer Lawrence

You might think you know me, but when you approach me you're a total stranger to me and I'm scared. I get very protective of my space. It took me a long time to be able to do that. But if I'm eating dinner and somebody comes up and a flash goes off from someone's iPhone camera, I am really rude to that person. Then other people at the restaurant will see and be like, Oh, damn, I don't want to do that.' Privacy is a full-time job and I work very hard at it.feedback

Scott Franklin

Even if they do see it in the theater, the second, third, or fourth time they see it might be on an iPhone, where the film is going to live forever and for eternity. Over time, more people will see all of our films somewhere other than the theater.feedback

Darren Aronofsky

It's closer to what people are actually going to see on a handheld device.feedback

Scott Franklin

We'd love for people to see it in the theater. That's just not the reality of the world.feedback

Scott Franklin

In this day and age, you have such incredible formats created for sound. So much work goes into servicing all of those speakers and all those sounds and to have it reduced to just two speakers, and in some cases one, it's tragic.feedback

Al Franken

Apple has stated that is has no plans to allow any third party applications access to the Face ID system or its faceprint data. Can Apple assure its users that it will never share faceprint data, along with the tools or other information necessary to extract the data, with any commercial third party?feedback

Jim Cramer

I think one of the reasons why there was so little 'Wow, got to have it' about the new iPhone, at least among the analyst community, is that the analysts themselves might be too old to get their heads around the way younger people see these products. When new technology comes out, millennials, who tend to be too young to be senior analysts, are far more likely to figure out how to use them and how to adapt to them.feedback

Jim Cramer

You think any of these post-50-year-old analysts get that? They don't see anything new because they don't understand how 20-somethings use technology to brand or even re-brand themselves. They don't understand silly games. They see everything as incremental. Younger people see everything as the ability to explore the seemingly un-explorable or re-create themselves to friends in a setting that's as compelling as a big-screen movie.feedback

Jim Cramer

If you're a baby boomer like me, then the best way to figure out what's happening or what's going to happen, especially when it comes to this kind of technology, is to watch what your own kids are doing.feedback

Jim Cramer

Cruises are fun, I get that. More important, though, an EDM cruise is a chance to brand yourself via Instagram.feedback

Jim Cramer

One device can do hundreds of things that Wall Street analysts would never want to do or know about. That's why it's 'Blah, blah, blah' instead of 'Wow.' That's why these analysts think the stock should be traded. And that's why they're wrong.feedback

Jim Cramer

Playing Pokemon Go, I suddenly could envision a game that could talk to you in high resolution [and] allow you to communicate with others in real time with much more clever augmented realities. Those are not yet available, but these phones are coming closer and closer, and I want to see very much what the iPhone X can do along these lines. I know my kids will tell me much earlier than I will know myself.feedback

Nate Cardozo - Electronic Frontier Foundation

The legal analysis of Face ID is the same as Touch ID. There is no legal difference between the finger printing and facial recognition.feedback

Andrew Blaich - Lookout

It's going to be a very interesting question for the industry. It wasn't until the tech got implemented into an iPhone that people started to consider the ramifications of this sort of thing.feedback

Mike Sievert - T-Mobile US

Within a few days, everybody had copied it. What exactly does this accomplish?feedback

Lowell McAdam - Verizon

I'm encouraged, frankly, by the discipline there appears to be around promotions for the iPhone.feedback

Terri Kallsen

Wealth is often thought of as a lofty, unattainable number that doesn't apply to most of us, but that's an old-fashioned notion that needs to be retired. It doesn't matter whether you have a lot or a little – what matters is that you think about the money you have as your wealth, and that you pay attention to it. Being engaged is the only way to reach your personal goals.feedback

Marcelo Claure - Sprint

I think we should invite the manufacturers to share a little of the cash flow burden. We're not too excited with the prices going up and also having to finance that.feedback

Lyndon Smith

Everybody's face is slightly different, so it's almost like a 3D fingerprint. Even identical twins, you can differentiate between them when you're applying this kind of technique.feedback

Lyndon Smith

Wherever you go in the world…you could, rather than carrying a card around with a PIN and all this complexity, just simply use your face.feedback

Amarjot Singh

Essentially you've developed an X-ray to look into people's identity, and that I think is very exciting.feedback

Lyndon Smith

Our intention is certainly not to have some kind of Big Brother thing going on; we wouldn't want this system to be used by anybody who didn't want to use it. We're not trying to monitor people–we're trying to help people in their everyday lives.feedback

Marcelo Claure - Sprint

In the case that somebody becomes aggressive, we are going to be the one with the most enticing offer. But so far things seem to be very responsible, which is good.feedback

Marcelo Claure - Sprint

The model is not sustainable where we are buying devices at high prices and then were just basically providing interest-free financing to customers.feedback

Jim Cramer

Why does all of this matter? Go back to the original narrative at the top. Say you bought Apple for a specific event, the iPhone launch. That event occurs. Predictably, there are a ton of analysts who say, Ehh.' That's what they do. So now you're going to be shaken out because you hear 'Ehh' and you know you made a mistake and now you've got to cut and run tomorrow. That's why I say the best thing to do would've been to do nothing.feedback

Thomas Husson - Forrester Research

The iPhone X will not disrupt the smartphone market the way the initial iPhone revolutionised mobile and many other industries. However, coupled with iOS 11 innovations, it will reinforce consumers' and brands' loyalty to the Apple ecosystem as well as illustrate the evolving role of smartphones in an increasingly connected world. With its new iPhone X flagship device, Apple aims to set it apart from competition in the premium smartphone market – a segment that only targets affluent consumers.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

It's great for Apple because they're starting to segment the market more, and now the consumers have more options.feedback

Toni Sacconaghi

If you have consumers that place orders in early November, and they can't get a phone until 2018, then I think it matters. There are other attractive offerings out there. And while ecosystem loyalty is high, if you were hoping to get this great new phone in September, and now you're waiting until 2018, I think you'll get .... switchers.feedback

Toni Sacconaghi

I think if you read reviews, they're unequivocal. The device is highly attractive, the screen is the best screen ever seen ... and ... the phone feels really terrific in one's hands. I think this will be a significant phone. We've believed for a long time that there's pent-up excitement around it, and that there'll be a significant number of upgraders.feedback

Josh Brown

Could you get a 5 percent pullback or 10 percent pullback? Yes, but the same is true for any stock and the overall market. Well, what are you waiting for?feedback

Timothy M. Ghriskey - Solaris

It's sell on the news. They didn't talk about the evolution of Apple beyond the iPhone and into artificial intelligence.feedback

Karl Ackerman - Cowen Group

Our supply chain work indicates a significant increase in iPhone X units for December quarter.feedback

Paul Coster - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The stock reacted favorably on the news and rightfully so. Apple's adoption of Vision on mobile may entice other [manufacturers] to follow suit.feedback

Gregory Passewitz

This gives the psychological impression to the customer that the price is not $0.20 or $0.50 or $20, but less.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

Apple took the iPhone franchise to a whole new level with the iPhone X, pushing the company deep into the ultra-luxury smartphone market with the highest priced iPhone in the company's history. We walked away even more encouraged by this new iPhone cycle, Apple's future in AR [augmented reality] and the company's ability to distance itself from its competitors.feedback

Amit Daryanani - RBC

This year's event marked one of the most highly anticipated product announcements in recent years, and from a product perspective, the company did not disappoint. We think the new form factor and net new features/capabilities (wireless charging, AR enablement, 3-D sensing) added to the flagship device will drive accelerated device upgrades within AAPL's install base combined with increased switching activity.feedback

Ollie Hayler

While we don't expect biometric adoption to happen overnight, the proliferation of biometric technologies in consumer devices such as the Apple iPhone will result in consumers becoming more familiar and comfortable with the technology. As such, biometric verification of identity on a personal device will, in one way or another, become a standard identification process.feedback

Xia Giang - Apple

Maybe I'll buy it. Money isn't an issue, but I want to know if my friends like it. I'll let them try it first and then decide.feedback

Duncan Clark

China is hugely important, both in terms of its market size now and future growth. China is also a global test bed.feedback

Wang Yang

We will continue to stock the cheaper models or we won't sell much.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

No other device in our lifetimes have had the impact on the world that the iPhone has. Nothing else has put so much power in people's hands than the iPhone. It's truly amazing how much the iPhone impacts the world each and every day.feedback

Peter Garnry - Saxo Bank

Against the backdrop of Apple we are seeing a drop in the hardware and semiconductor subsectors, which make up some 40 percent of the EM IT sector. There is some retreat but there were very strong expectations leading up to the iPhone launch -- even Apple shares have fallen -- but we think that overall, the environment for IT stocks continues to be positive.feedback

Jim Cramer

I haven't heard anyone say, Nah, I just bought the [iPhone] 7.' I'm either hearing, Yes, I'll upgrade,' or 'I hope someone will buy it for me. That's incredible. That's what I call consumer product amore. It's the most beloved device I can remember.feedback

Peter Boocvkar

This stock rallied right up into the unveiling of this. There was chatter going into this that there were going to be glitches and delays...We priced this phone in already.feedback

James Titcomb

Power from the mains creates a current at a transmitting coil in the charger. Phones that use wireless charging feature their own receiver coil attached to the battery that picks up the magnetic field. Alternatively, phones can use an adapter or case that features the receiver coil and plugs into the phone's charging port.feedback

Lyndon Smith

With 3D, if you get very high resolution, which is what we're trying to do, it's almost like a 3D fingerprint. Even identical twins have the same genetics but their faces will be slightly different due to experiences in their lives. Maybe they got little scars, or maybe they got moles, or whatever it is on their face. Every face is unique.feedback

Brett Beranek - Nuance Communications

You would be able to increase the levels of accuracy–just by having a stereo view of the face–by several orders of magnitude from where we are today with 2D facial recognition.feedback

David Burke - Dover

Over time, we expect to see DSPs [digital signal processors] specifically designed for neural network inference and training.feedback

Brian Blau

Some of these components are just darned expensive. There's just no doubt about that.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

It's a really big deal for the wearables category for Apple, but it's not a big deal for the company.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Our mission is to make the world more open and connected. We do this by giving people the power to share whatever they want and be connected to whoever they want, no matter where they are.feedback

Brian Merchant - Motherboard

The problem with a phone,' Steve Jobs said in 2005, is that we're not very good going through orifices to get to the end users.' By orifices, he meant carriers like Verizon and AT&T, which had final say over which phones could access their networks.feedback

Brian Merchant - Motherboard

There would be no iPhone if it weren't for the work of people on every layer here – not to mention those who manufacture the device itself in sprawling megafactories in China, but that, I suppose, is for another story.feedback

Brian Merchant - Motherboard

Jobs was a powerful source of inspiration, a fierce curator of good ideas and rejector of bad ones, and a savvy and potent negotiator. But the iPhone began as an experimental project undertaken without his knowledge, became an official project at the prodding of his executive staff and was engineered into being by a team of brilliant, unfathomably hard-working programmers and hardware experts.feedback

Brian Merchant - Motherboard

The issue was never with faith in his staff, and while there were certainly technical concerns – the embryo of the iPhone was basically a prototyped research project for a long, long time – it was with whether entering the market at all was worth the risk. When it became clear enough that smartphones would become competitors to the iPod, it added some pressure and forced his hand a bit.feedback

Brian Merchant - Motherboard

Which, again, was a fair assessment; early smartphones were either indeed kind of geeky-looking or aimed at the email-obsessed business crowd.feedback

Kim Forrest - Fort Pitt Capital

It's great to have a product but we'd have liked it sooner rather than later, more like the beginning of October or mid- October.feedback

Harlan Sur - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We believe Broadcom is a leader in wireless communications, enterprise storage, networking, and broadband with broad-based exposure to positive trends.feedback

Harlan Sur - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Micron and other industry participants should benefit from increased DRAM demand (unit demand and potential increases in content per phone) from Apple in 2H17 and into 2018. We anticipate Micron benefitting from the new iPhone launches and remind investors that the iPhone 7+ contained 3GB of DRAM vs. 2G of DRAM for the iPhone 7 and prior iPhone versions.feedback

Harlan Sur - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

As we have discussed in prior research, we expect Broadcom to benefit from increased dollar content in the forthcoming iPhone models, including the new OLED version that we expect to use Broadcom's touch control technology. In total, Broadcom has pointed to a 40% increase in blended content in the new iPhone models, and we believe the company's non-RF content (wireless charging, touch controller, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, GPS) is increasing by $3-$4 per iPhone versus last year's models.feedback

Brian White - Drexel Hamilton

We continue to believe Apple's stock will not only benefit from the upcoming iPhone cycle but also the company's capital distribution initiative, attractive valuation and potential new innovations. As such, we do not believe Apple's run will end with this week's iPhone event but still has attractive upside potential.feedback

Mo Jia - Canalys

Apple really needs to launch a very innovative product this time around. It has its work cut out.feedback

Geoff Blaber - CCS Insight

What we see with Apple is they may not be first with these hardware features but it tends to be how they are integrated with software. That is what creates the special Apple value.feedback

Ben Thompson

Apple may be a de facto monopolist for most of the world, but in China the company is simply another smartphone vendor, and being simply another smartphone vendor is a hazardous place to be.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

The iPhone X is the blueprint for the iPhone's new hardware direction. An OLED display and the new design is likely to standard on future iPhone models, but Apple must first tackle the challenge of obtaining sufficient supply. A staggered introduction of OLED technology and the new design enables Apple to steadily ramp up scale in its supply chain and maximise profits. The relatively high prices of the iPhone X are a necessary and important mechanism to control demand in the near term.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 models are very strong additions to Apple's portfolio that address increasing competition from Samsung and others. Rivals will be watching how quickly Apple can meet demand for the iPhone X and begin to build margins on a new design with new components.feedback

Phil Schiller - Apple

This is the first iPhone created for AR. The cameras are individually calibrated in the factory which makes a huge difference for AR plus AR benefits from the new A11 Bionic chip.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

It's truly amazing how much iPhone impacts the world each and every day. Our intention with iPhone has always been to create something so powerful, so immersive and so magical, that the hardware virtually disappears. Over the past decade, we've pushed forward with innovation after innovation, bringing us to this moment, when we can create devices that are far more intelligent, far more capable, and far more creative than ever before.feedback

David Pogue

Tapping the skinny little virtual keys on the screen is frustrating, especially at first.feedback

David Pogue

Some of the criticisms are justified. There's no memory-card slot, no chat program, no voice dialing. The browser can't handle Java or Flash, which deprives you of millions of Web videos. Apple says that the battery starts to lose capacity after 300 or 400 charges. Eventually, you'll have to send the phone to Apple for battery replacement, much as you do now with an iPod, for a fee.feedback

Stuart Culverhouse - Exotix

The stiffer sanctions won't change anything in the near-term. The new embargoes are incrementally tougher, but diplomacy meant they had to be compromised to an extent that they are very unlikely to change minds in Pyongyang.feedback

Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management

This sort of brings to light to me at least that underneath the stream of all the bad news, whether it's government, hurricane, geopolitical, nuclear war, underneath that, it's an awful good fundamental underpinning. It's basically an economy that's doing well.feedback

Jack Ablin

I think expectations are very high as they always are for Apple, but they always seem to deliver. It's a company that tended to over-deliver, and I think the 10-year anniversary is meaningful. That's like 70 in tech years.feedback

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

It's Apple-specific. It will only have an influence because of the size of its market cap, nothing more than that.feedback

Paul Hickey

As far as tech is concerned, Apple is cheap relative to the tech sector. If it rallies that would be good for the overall technology sector.feedback

Paul Hickey

As far as the iPhone is concerned, it's been gaining share all year long. It's got solid momentum, so people are moving to Apple even before the iPhone is coming out.feedback

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

We've seen many times when the Apple stock rallies into the unveiling of a new phone, and after that it sells off or consolidates. Apple is up almost 40 percent this year. If history is any guide, it sells off on the news. …The bar is very high here for Apple to deliver. To get a market cap stock up this big, up 40 percent this year, takes a lot. Now it has to deliver.feedback

Jim Paulsen - Wells Fargo Asset Management

I guess the thing with Apple is, I don't think it's going to have a lasting impact, but it certainly could have trader impact, headline impact. There's a lot to like in the sense that we've got very low yields, very low inflation and solid real growth, and the likelihood of it accelerating.feedback

Jim Cramer

In this country, we know that the phone companies will subsidize the purchase. In other countries, the status of the iPhone could increase sales. There's something to be said about a market that views things positively, even as it's no time to celebrate in the real world that is oh-so-different from stocks and bonds.feedback

Amit Daryanani - RBC

This year's September event is easily the most anticipated iPhone launch given expectations for the first major form factor change since the iPhone 6 cycle and excitement surrounding a host of revolutionary features/capabilities alongside evolutionary updates surrounding the flagship device. Although expectations remain high, we think the event still has potential to surprise investors on the upside, particularly as some of the new iPhone features are demonstrated live.feedback

Ben Schachter

We remain bullish on Apple and continue to be in the 'supercycle' camp on the next iPhone, as well as its ability to drive app sales. We expect the next iPhone to include innovations that will be clearly visible, marketable, and useful for the mass-market globally. We think that with expected innovations around AR [augmented reality], wireless charging, viewable screen size, OLED [display], and more, the next iPhone is clearly poised for its largest upgrade cycle yet.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

Fast forward to a few weeks from now – there's going to be some wringing of hands as people start to think about what the March and June quarters of next year look like. The idea of an LTE watch. The watch is 3 percent of Apple's business today and if they allowed it to be untethered to the phone ... it creates a bigger opportunity. We think it will essentially double the size of that business. I believe this phone will deliver on a much higher growth rate for the iPhone.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

But if you look across our product lines, you can buy an iPad today for under $300. You can buy an iPhone, depending upon which one you select, for in that same kind of ballpark. And so these are not for the rich. We obviously wouldn't have over a billion products that are in our active installed base if we were making them for the rich because that's a sizable number no matter who's looking at the numbers.feedback

Steve Troughton-Smith - Apple

It was very clear that iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X were the marketing names. It's theoretically possible that Apple could change that marketing name for the iPhone X, especially if it's not going to be finished for another month as per rumors. But I like to deal with hard evidence, and right now iPhone X calls itself iPhone X.feedback

Jonathan Gruber

As best I've been able to ascertain, these builds were available to download by anyone, but they were obscured by long, unguessable URLs. Someone within Apple leaked the list of URLs to 9to5Mac and MacRumors. I'm nearly certain this wasn't a mistake, but rather a deliberate malicious act by a rogue Apple employee. Whoever did this is the least popular person in Cupertino. More surprises were spoiled by this leak than any leak in Apple history.feedback

Jerry Kang

It will take a few years until Samsung's competitors catch up with Samsung to overcome challenges they're facing now with many materials and components.feedback

Michael Sherwood

Most people are going to think we pay per sensor what people pay per cellphone.feedback

Jony Ive - Apple

That feels, I don't know, encouragingly healthy, because I would be concerned if we lost that sense of anxiety. I think that would suggest that we were not as self-critical, not as curious, not as inquisitive as we have to be to be able to be effective and do good work.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We didn't plan our growth, and then when we saw our growth, we were so engrossed in trying to push things forward that we didn't spend time to really develop the workplace. We've done a really good job of working around it, but it's not the way we want to be working, nor does it represent our culture well.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

[With today's smartphones] we have a dominant form factor of a rectangle, as big a screen as possible and as big a battery as possible. The software [which runs on old devices as well as new] is now as important as the hardware, so there's less need to upgrade.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

It was the first time we'd ever run that particular play, and demand percentage turned out to be different than we thought.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

They are starting to extract additional revenue from users, even if they keep their phone for longer.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

It's a broad overarching trend in the industry. People are keeping their phones longer. Fifteen years ago you had flip phones and candybar phones, there was a real imperative to upgrade every 18 months because things were moving forward at tremendous pace. That innovation has faded off.feedback

Tim Bajarin - Creative Strategies

I think AR is big and profound, and this is one of those huge things that we'll look back at and marvel on the start of it.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

It has to get the balance just right, giving people a compelling upgrade in the successors to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, while also offering up a higher tier. It has to do that without alienating people who can't afford or justify spending the higher price for the new device, but don't want to settle for second best.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

Much of the timing of that growth will depend on the supply constraints.feedback

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

It has to supply the new premium phone in high enough numbers so that if there's a big demand shift from the standard models to the new one, it doesn't end up depressing overall sales while there are supply constraints.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

The trading history over the past four years is a little bit difficult to look at – just what happens when the product's announced to three months after. But the biggest runups it's had going into a product cycle would suggest, typically, that you have a tail-off. And I would expect the same thing.feedback

Jill Gonzalez

If you have poor or no credit, you might be required to pay a down payment before getting your phone.feedback