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Sebastian Sons - Council on Foreign Relations
This doesn't mean that Saudi Arabia will turn into some sort of completely pluralist society where followers of different faiths will coexist equally, though. There are no signs that repressions against Shiites will stop or that the country will end its guardianship
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Oct 26 2017
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Albrecht Glaser

Islam is a belief system that does not even recognise freedom of religion and does not respect

Mohammed bin Salman

We were not like this in the past. We are returning to what we were before – a country of moderate Islam that is open to all religions and to the

Mohammed bin Salman

We are returning to what we were before - a country of moderate Islam that is open to all religions and to the world. We will not spend the next 30 years of our lives dealing with destructive ideas. We will destroy them today. We will end extremism very soon. Our interests in Iraq are to have the best ties with them. Iran's interests are to dominate not to provide good. It's completely different

Dan Brown

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all share a gospel, loosely, and it's important that we all realize that. Our religions are much more similar than they are different. We will start to find our spiritual experiences through our interconnections with each other. Our need for that exterior god, that sits up there and judges us … will diminish and eventually disappear. Some form of global consciousness that we perceive and that becomes our

Ranjana Srivastava

In accompanying her from diagnosis to death, I have struggled against unanswerable questions and enormous sorrow but they are insignificant compared to yours. I don't need to tell you how much your mum loved you but please know that it has been my privilege being her

Chris Zeiher

Criminally overlooked Canberra packs a big punch for such a small city. It is a bit of a hidden gem that has been hiding in plain sight. Rich with history, culture and entertainment, it offers something for every kind of

Richard Dawkins

So it is a major evil in the world, we do have to combat it, but we don't do what Trump did and say all Muslims should be shut out of the country. That's draconian, that's illiberal, inhumane and wicked. I am against Islam not least because of the unpleasant effects it has on the lives of Muslims. I think that it is an important part of our culture to know about the Bible. After all, so much of English literature has allusions to the Bible, if you look up the Oxford English Dictionary you find something like the same number of quotations from the Bible as from

Suzanne Moore

Without an analysis of the patriarchy, we will remain powerless to change the abuse of women that is present in varying degrees everywhere. Late at night I gaze upon the faces of the women of the YPJ, the Kurdish all-female military organisation, as they unfurl flags in Raqqa. Isis is not entirely gone. Everything is still complicated. But for a moment these women have won. They vanquished the rapists. They have confronted our worst nightmares. They know what they are doing. In interviews these young women tell us that rape is a planned way to destroy a culture and that this is what Isis fighters were doing to the Yazidis. They tell us they scream with happiness when they go into battle because they know that, according to the Isis interpretation of Islam, to be killed by a woman means a fighter won’t go to

Suleiman Wali

The Taliban is using culture and religion to keep women down, but there is nothing in my religion that teaches keeping women at home, not educating them, starving them and withholding medical treatment from them so they die. Islam teaches us to care for and protect

Omar Shaikh

We're seeing [in Parliament] a lot of discussion around the launch of [sharia-compliant] student loans. We've also seen the UK's only stand-alone sharia retail bank, Al Rayan bank, take its balance sheet over £1bn and into

Annika Larsson

The Quran says that silk is worn in paradise, which together with the inscriptions on the ribbons can explain the widespread presence of silk in Viking graves. Viking burial customs were very likely influenced by Islam and the idea of an eternal life in

Annika Larsson

Presumably, Viking Age burial customs were influenced by Islam and the idea of an eternal life in Paradise after death. Grave goods such as beautiful clothing, finely sewn in exotic fabrics, hardly reflect the deceased's everyday life, just as little as the formal attire of our era reflects our own daily lives. The rich material of grave goods should rather be seen as tangible expressions of underlying values. The negative reactions have come from xenophobes, without any

Annika Larsson

It is a staggering thought that the bands, just like the costumes, [were] made west of the Muslim heartland. Presumably, Viking Age burial customs were influenced by Islam and the idea of an eternal life in paradise after

Renaud Camus

You have a people and then, in an instant, in one generation, you have in its place one or several other

Maurice Barrès

They are in contradiction to our civilization. I defend my

Krzysztof Januszewski

In the past, there were raids by sultans and Turks and people of other faiths against us Christians. Today, Islam is flooding us, and we are afraid of this, too. We are afraid of terrorist threats and we are afraid of people departing from the

Dan Swift

Cherif often quoted from the Quran, the Bible, the Talmud. He liked to build bridges and point to the similarities between the faiths instead of the

Nur Alam

That is why, if you want to know about the essence of Islam, which is peace and tolerance, study the

Sayed Qasim

We are not afraid of these attackers. Their goal is to weaken Islam and sow the seeds of discord among Shiites and Sunnis. But we all worship one God, we have one holy book, and we follow one prophet. We will not let them

Manuel Valls

There's no place for naiveté, nor for fear of Islam which confuses Islamism and

Patricia Crone

The 'no compulsion' verse was a problem to the earliest exegetes. And they reacted by interpreting it

Roy S. Moore

You could say that about America, couldn't you? We promote a lot of bad things. Same-sex marriage. If we're going to file for hormone treatments and medical surgeries, that's not making your military stronger. You've got to have a disciplined military. My opinion is, there is a big question about

Ibrahim Tommy

It's completely wrong what he said, and in some ways even criminal. He should be held fully accountable, but I don't think that the government should shut down a whole church and disband its congregation just because of one person. People have the right to worship where they please, and we're venturing into dangerous territory by limiting that right, even

Ibrahim Tommy

Besides, who says just because some hateful comments were said that suddenly every Muslim in the country is going to jump for an opportunity to destroy the man? By assuming so, the government is just reinforcing that stupid narrative about Muslims the pastor put out in the first

Emmanuel Lansana

Statements like his can bring chaos to whole countries, so of course we're concerned. I come from a family of mixed religion. My father is a Muslim and my mother is a Christian. It's the same with me and my wife, and we have happy homes. It's as if [Ajisafe] wants to divide our country's unique union at a time when the world needs us to lead by example. But I think he will be disappointed. We know how to love each

Fawziah Al-Bakr

All these women are Muslim and yet they are driving. Not being able to drive has nothing to do with

Rehana Khatri

Thankfully, I did not feel any pressure to adhere to any religious customs, as there aren't any in Islam. An Islamic marriage is approached as a contract witnessed by the bride, groom, and their families. The customs I did adhere to were cultural, but not foreign as I grew up attending dazzling Pakistani weddings in Florida. I did have to rebel a little bit and go with a blush pink dress instead of the traditional red dress because I always think it's fun to change what people are expecting the

Roy S. Moore

If you think that's coincidence…go to verse 25: 'There should be up on every high mountain and upon every hill rivers and streams of water in the day of the great slaughter when the towers will fall.' You know, we've suffered a lot in this country, maybe, just maybe, because we've distanced ourselves from the one that has it within his hands to heal this land. Well, maybe Putin is right…maybe he's more akin to me than I

Roy S. Moore

My personal belief is that he wasn't [born in America], but that's probably over and done in a few days, unless we get something else to come

Roy S. Moore

In 1943, we would never have allowed a member of Congress to take their oath on Mein Kampf, or someone in the 1950s to swear allegiance to the 'Communist Manifesto.' Congress has the authority and should act to prohibit Ellison from taking the congressional oath today! Because you have despised His word and trust in perverseness and oppression…therefore this iniquity will be to you as a breach ready to fall, swell out in a high wall, whose breaking cometh suddenly at an instance. Sounds a little bit like the Pentagon, whose breaking came suddenly at an instance, doesn't it?feedback

Roy S. Moore

We have blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting, Democrats and Republicans fighting, men and women fighting. Red, yellow, black, and white they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.' This is the Gospel. If we take it seriously, America can once again be united as one nation under

Jimmy Kimmel

People tell me I should give [Cassidy] the benefit of the doubt, and I do give him the benefit of the doubt. I doubt all the benefits he claims are part of his healthcare bill. At this point, [Trump] would sign anything if it meant getting ride of Obamacare. He'd sign copies of the Quran at the Barnes & Noble in Fallujah if it meant he could get rid of Obamacare. Have you seen some of our states? If Florida could make their own decisions, it would be legal to bring an alligator into a strip

Pierre Bréchon

There is an important … divide around Islam in France, and between people who are, in the name of a certain brand of secularism, open to Islam, and others who, in the name of another secularism, are very closed off to Islam. This debate goes beyond the left/right

Tisa Wenger

This represents a demonization of Islam that is a complete distortion of what it is, and is inventing a spectrum of damage that doesn't actually

Irvan Rivano Muchtar

I didn't come from a pesantren, so I have to learn and follow the culture. I'm ready to recite the Quran, and sing rock 'n'

Sidney Jones

The [Jakarta] governor election turned the FPI into something bigger than it had ever been before. No one would have thought of it as a political power broker, and now that's the role it has

James B. Linder

I sincerely apologize. We have the deepest respect for Islam and our Muslim partners

Muhammad Israr

Islam does not contradict the idea of family planning, but it challenges the Western concept of birth

Shahhussain Murtazawi

The forces in Bagram already apologized for the leaflets. President Ghani is closely following these

Abu Aman

Americans are creating problems for themselves with publishing such leaflets, they should not do this. We will not follow and discuss this issue of leaflets too much, because the security situation in Badakhshan is already not good, and if we discuss it too much it will make the security situation

Zabibullah Mujahid

American invaders are enemies of religion and our word. You may well understand that our mujahedeen are defending Islam and our

Mohammad Zaman Mamozai

It is a very serious violation. The people are very angry. It is a major abuse against Islam. Why they do not understand or know our culture, our religion and history? We lost several million, became refugees, lost our country and government just because of our

Nasser al-Zein

We love this country because it's the cradle of Islam, the land of the revelation and the Prophet, peace be upon him. We'd love to spend our money here, more than in the West. Here, it's an Islamic

Abdullah el-Faisal

Is it sensible for you to be a soldier and you don't know how to shoot a Kalashnikov? And makes a Muslim apostate from

Abu Gharib

The scene today in Arafat confirms that Muslims are not terrorists and that Islam is the greatest religion. God has blessed us with

Jusuf Kalla

They judged him so speedily. This one must die. This one insulted

Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

We grew up being denied this accurate representation of ourselves and the world around us. We were constantly bombarded with very dehumanising, very racist messaging, about who Muslims are, what Islam represents. And that had a tremendous impact on us and the formation of our

Lindsey Graham

I'm proud of the fact that President Trump made a national security decision, not a political decision. I'm proud of the fact that he listened to the generals and most proud of the fact that he shows the will to stand up to radical Islam. I'm relieved that he did not take the advice to withdraw which would've been disastrous, or create a mercenary army. So I'm very pleased, very thoughtful, very inspiring speech, and I can assure you, a lot of people in Congress will be behind the

Ali Yassine

They rarely attended the mosque. They said hello but that was all … I doubt if any of them could tell you the colour of the carpet in the mosque. If they'd come more often, they'd know that what they did – if it was them that did it – has nothing to do with

Qari Asim

This is about providing clarity on some of the sociopolitical issues, whether it be false marriages, FGM, honour killing. These practices are not sanctioned by the faith Islam but they are cultural practices that have penetrated the Muslim community of particular backgrounds. The attempt is to embed Islam in a 21st-century British context. It's about contextualising Islam in

Fadwa Suleiman

The regime portrays Homs as a hub for extreme Islam, but I walk in Sunni neighborhoods distributing fliers, and go like this, without a veil, into the homes of religious families and discuss politics and organizing the next protest. If the Syrian people choose democratically that they want to be ruled by Islamists, then this is their choice. I am not scared of Islamists ruling the country, because if you are in the Syrian street, you will realize that Islam here has never been strict or

David Nirenberg

Ever since St. Paul, Christianity and all the religions born from it–Islam, the secular philosophies of Europe, etc.–learned to think about their world in terms of overcoming the dangers of Judaism. We have these really basic building blocks … for thinking about the world and what's wrong with it … by thinking about

Mike Hookem

I am not a racist and have never campaigned on race issues. While I do believe in controlled immigration, this position is about 'space rather than race'; and I am not prepared to support someone who seeks to single out a section of our society simply due to their religious beliefs. The whole thing was done very rigorously. There was a vetting process. We all had to go through it and if you all get through that then you absolutely have the right to stand. That means Anne Marie should be able to

Mike Hookem

I strongly disagree with the views Ms Waters and Mr Agnew promote and I would like to put as much distance between me and them as possible. If I were to continue in my position of deputy whip, I would be seen as supporting or at the very least turning a blind eye to extreme views and this is not something I am prepared to do. If I'm bluntly honest, I do not feel I can support any candidate in the current leadership race, including my two MEP colleagues. In my opinion none of them measure up to what is, and will continue to be an extremely difficult

Emad Abdel Nabi Mahmoud

Imagine liquor, it is banned by Islamic law … but is acceptable when it belongs to non-Muslims. This is just one of many examples where Islam is building a correct and cohesive society … despite people's differences and

Peter Whittle

What people are seeing more and more is a political establishment which in one way or another is chipping away at the idea of Brexit. We have got to be the guard dogs of

Peter Whittle

The whole thing was done very rigorously. There was a vetting process. We all had to go through it and if you all get through that then you absolutely have the right to stand. That means Anne Marie should be able to stand. There are at least 80 courts that we know about. The problem is that the people who suffer the most in these courts tend to be women because they are often about domestic issues and often women who go before the courts don't actually know their rights as a British

Rich Higgins

You'd sit in these meetings in the Bush administration, and the Muslim Brotherhood guys -- they'd be in the meetings, at the table with you; in the Obama administration, they're running the meetings. You don't have to hate all Muslims -- all right, I have Muslim friends -- but you have to hate

Nir Barkat

My fellow citizens, during the last eight years, the Obama administration has pushed for a settlement-building freeze, has surrendered to the Iranians and radical Islam and abandoned Israel to a hostile U.N.

Peter Whittle

The government itself is having an inquiry into sharia law. This is something that is obviously of great importance. If you have a single legal system then you can have a more united country. You cannot have a situation where there are increasing courts where people can choose. You can't have separate communities with their own legal

Michael Flynn

The stamp of terror is all over Mullah Gülen's statements. Gülen's vast global network has all the right markings to fit the description of a dangerous sleeper terror

Stephen McGown

I see a lot of good in Islam. It has opened my eyes. It's taken me away from

Andreas Harsono - Human Rights Watch

It is growing religious intolerance, making their own interpretation of the Quran and using that hostile interpretation against the Chinese temple. They say that it is showing that China is dominating

Torsten Voss

A friend of his told us that this guy used to frequently drink alcohol, but recently he had noticed a change. They said he started talking a lot about the Quran, stopped drinking alcohol and questioning many

Chris Barron

President Trump is committed to defeating the forces of radical Islam that seek the global extermination of LGBT people. I defer to the military leaders to determine what policies around the question of trans service best allow them to win the war on radical anti-LGBT Islamic

Nigel Farage

If Ukip goes down the route of being a party that is anti the religion of Islam, then frankly it's finished. I don't think there's any public appetite for that. There's some, but it's tiny in this country. The party would be

Seyran Ates

There are more and more people wanting to break the chains. In many countries you can find people who are practising what we're doing, but they are doing it under cover, privately. Liberal and secular Muslims are squeezed out by radical Islam, so they decide to be silent. It's not so easy for liberal Muslims to be 'out'. It's like being homosexual. They are tarnished as the 'enemy of

Lara Kiswani

KPFA is a progressive institution in the Bay Area, and an institution that reflects social justice. It isn't required to give such anti-Islam rhetoric a

Bob Baldock

I could probably do my best at defending Dawkins. I'm very fond of him. I've liked his

Henry Norr

Yes, he's a rationalist, an atheist and an advocate of the science of evolution – great, so am I. But he's also an outspoken Islamophobe – have you done your homework about that?feedback

Richard Dawkins

Many people are saying this is a freedom of speech issue, and of course it is. But it's actually more of a freedom of listening issue. People bought tickets because they wanted to hear

Richard Dawkins

I do think that the business of universities is to expose students to all kinds of views. If somebody objectionable like Ann Coulter comes on, they should argue with

Steven Pinker

Dawkins is one of the great thinkers of the 20th and 21st century. He has criticised doctrines of Islam, together with doctrines of other religions, but criticism is not 'abuse'. People may get offended and hurt by honest criticism, but that cannot possibly be a justification for censoring the critic, or KPFA would be shut down because of all the people it has hurt and offended over the

Barbara Lueke

Linda is an example that shows this radicalization can happen in any part of the country where you have internet access. Here it was a case of radical Islam, but it could have also been right-wing extremism, alcohol or

Shaista Gohir

I'm all for women talking about sex. Why shouldn't they? Talking about sex in Islam is not new, and past scholars highlighted the importance of sexual pleasure for women, which included advice for men to ensure this

Saladin Sharif

They have one of the original Nation of Islam pies. You can't eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it's a healthy

Ludovic Ansel

All this, it's not us. Everyone has a private life, and you don't know what happens behind closed doors. On Facebook, [Saïd] Saouti did write a lot about the Koran, but I never saw hateful messages from either Saïd or

Benjamin Netanyahu

We share the same desire for a peaceful Middle East. Recently we have witnessed a rise of extremist forces that seek to destroy not only the Jews but of course the Jewish state as well [and] well beyond that. ...Your struggle is our struggle. The zealots of militant Islam, who seek to destroy you, seek to destroy us as well. We must stand against them

Yusuf Wehelie

It does not represent Islam. It does not represent my parents, who are the true representatives of Islam and the American

David Ignatius

To resolve the Middle East turmoil over the Qatar boycott, the United States must deal with the anger that fueled

Atef Asker

Allah, peace be upon him, has ordered us to have the prayer led by a man and not a woman. It's not about being strict or not, it's about following an

Amber Rudd

Overseas support has allowed individuals to study at institutions that teach deeply conservative forms of Islam and provide highly socially conservative literature and preachers to the UK's Islamic institutions. Some of these individuals have since become of extremist

Mahmoud Eboo

We've created an island of stability that is plural and all of these people realize that their survival, their future, is

Mahmoud Eboo

If you look at countries in the UN, half are failed democracies. The reason for their failure is that each lacks the notion of pluralistic, secular

Mahmoud Eboo

The only way to counter… the monolithic view of Islam today–of it being an ill-educated and violent faith–is through bringing out these aspects of

Rhodri Philipps

If this is what we should expect from immigrants, send them back to their stinking jungles. A return to Planet of the apes is not acceptable. I would vote for Trump if I could. Makes the job a lot easier for our collective SIS to track down non-conformists, and frankly, shoot them on the spot. The tyranny of Islam and it's ignorant (goat f******) brethren has to be destroyed. My own mother is an immigrant from the very same continent (as Ms Miller). She's left a third-world country to come to Britain. It's not for first generation immigrants to behave the way Gina Miller

Steve Bannon

Make clear to them that the West is under siege, threatened by radical Islam, and for it to survive it must cling ever more closely to its Christian identity. Tell Europeans that we need God, if they even still remember what God is. Force them to understand that the liberal nonsense that prevailed in the Cold War is now making us weak and vulnerable in the face of a world saturated with terrorists and immigrants. Neither a free press nor any quaint separation of powers will protect us in today's world. Even if European leaders can't understand you, the European people

Hassan Chalghoumi

Our Islam does not belong to this minority; it takes us

Marek Halter

I think that for non-Muslims it'll be about discovery, the discovery of another Islam. And for Muslims, they'll have an example, people to

A R Rahman

Islam is an ocean, you know, it has different sects. More than 70. So I follow the Sufi kind of philosophy which is about love. I am what I am because of the philosophy I'm following, my family is following. And of course, many things are happening, and I feel it's mostly

Ismail Royer

I've learned a lot through this whole thing. It would be a critical mistake not to hear what I have to say. It is not the object of Islam to annihilate people, but to guide them to the truth. They're portraying themselves as champions of Muslims when, in reality, they are the criminals. They're

Mitch D. Silber

What's happened now is that there are more people out like Jesse Morton. I think we could see more, and we should. . . . They have a unique credibility that no government official will ever have. They have the street

Ismail Royer

I apologize for raising my voice in our discussion today. But I am somewhat emotional on this issue. . . . The issue of attacks on civilians. The issue of attacks by people who sneak into other lands, or who attack their land of residence, pretending to be law-abiding and at

Ismail Royer

Their idea is getting [Muslims] to wake up to the fact that they need to remove the Muslim rulers. . They think that polarization is success, even though it has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims. War, pain and suffering is a form of cleansing that will shock people

Richard Reid

I don't think America will withdraw its forces from the Muslim world . . . unless its power is severely diminished so it has to busy itself with its own affairs. This is

Ismail Royer

The precepts of Islam, as to conduct in war, and specifically, did not permit the sort of actions against women, children, elderly, churches, etc., undertaken by the extremists, which they somehow allow

Saba Ashraf

He absolutely denies the allegations against him. He wishes to make it clear that he has always been peacefully preaching the message of Islam and denies the videos listed in the warrant have been used to indoctrinate or recruit

Keith Vaz

To lose a child is horrific and yet to use that loss in a way that means there will be positive change so that things can be improved for others is, in my view, nothing short of heroic. Having spoken to Evha's father Muhammed Islam I know he is set on ensuring that no other families are hit by a tragic event like this

Joko Widodo

Pluralism has always been a part of Indonesia's DNA. Despite many challenges, Islam in Indonesia has always been a force for

Lindsey Graham

Leaving radical Islam alone will not make us safe at home. I want every American to know that we will win this thing because the Afghan people do not want to go back to the darkness. They want to pursue the

Efraim Inbar

We have the same enemy – radical Islam. Like us, they live in a difficult

Robert Jeffress

The only argument that makes sense against building that mosque, is that Islam is an oppressive

Peter Whittle

If you look into the integration agenda that was so catastrophic for our party, it was him. His whole purpose in politics is this one issue of

Barack Obama

Indonesia is made of thousands of islands, hundreds of languages, scores of regions and ethnic groups. So my time here made me cherish and respect for people's differences. It is very important here in Indonesia, the United States, Europe, everywhere, to fight against the politics of 'us and

Paul Pogba

It's a very difficult moment but you cannot give up. We can't let them get in our heads, we have to fight for it. Sad things happen in life but you cannot stop living. You cannot kill a human being. To kill a human being... it's something crazy, so I don't want to put religion on it. This is not Islam and everybody knows that. I won't be the only one saying that. I remember when I was talking to my dad and now he's not here. My dad was a very strong man, very stubborn as well, he fought, but at his age it's not easy. He was a very good man, a very good dad and I'm proud to be his

Usman Hayat
Adeel Malik

Because Islam tends not to distinguish between the temporal and the religious, there is a perennial desire among Muslims to live all aspects of their lives, including the financial, in a manner consistent with their

Shivani Kasumra

They are pretty indifferent. They say this is retribution, that they are terrorists, and that they will convert Hindus to Islam. This is a common Hindu sentiment. Somehow they feel

Kieran Vaughan

Aziz spoke of his moderate take on Islam and his desire to be a good father and

Jacky Goris

We try to explain that different interpretations of any religion exist and that you cannot limit yourself to a literal view of the Quran, or of any text. Just like there was with Christianity, beginning in the seventeenth century, the same kind of evolution needs to take place within

Kerem Oktem

Most of these people are those who don't think religion should have such a central place in society. Turkey is still not a deeply Islamic society, and much of the public visibility of Islam doesn't necessarily have a very deep

Zaker Choudhry

This is the true face of Islam. We are sending a message to the whole world that we are united against terrorism, united against

Philippe Couillard

You cannot disconnect this type of event, terrorism, from Islam in general. I think President [Emmanuel] Macron yesterday was very eloquent about this when addressing the Muslim community in France. He told them it's also your responsibility to act on the theological front to explain to your people that this is not part of the religion, that it's contrary to the teachings of the

Talal Malik

During the recent Riyadh summit, three Islamic scholars [from different branches of Islam] addressed a social media conference comprised of largely Saudi young men and women. The new crown prince … was effectively patronising a global and dynamic vision of Sunni Islam in the kingdom, and showcasing it for Saudi youth as representing their

Madawi al-Rasheed

This has been going on since King Abdullah became king in 2005. Since Salman came to power, we see signs that they are trying to redefine Wahhabism [an ultra-conservative interpretation of Sunni Islam] as a limited religious tradition responsible for personal piety, but having no business whatsoever on the way the kingdom is

Ibrahim Hooper

You can't just say, Oh, [the suspect] didn't say anything against Islam, so no hate

Farhad Ahmad

The situation in the country, there is so much more division. You see a change in the tide. The three attacks, Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge, and then this happened here as well. It seems it might be turning into a vicious cycle of revenge attacks. So we have that in the back of our minds. If this person targeted Muslims thinking there is some problem with the teachings of Islam, then it means that there are people who think that on a larger scale as well. So they need to be reached out to, otherwise the divide is going to get bigger and bigger and

Dinesh Verma

After the match, they used firecrackers and raised slogans like 'This is victory of Islam and defeat of Hinduism' and 'Long Live Pakistan,' . We did not allow peace to be disturbed in the area. Muslim community leaders promised to convince their youths not to indulge in such

Omid Safi

This isn't about finding the right verse in the Koran. If our religion is to have meaning and rigor and beauty and depth and relevance, it's got to have something to say to the suffering of these different communities, including their

Mohammad Asif

Sometimes it makes one say, based on the principles of Islam, may God banish them from this

Roy Larner

They had these long knives and started shouting about Allah. Then it was, Islam, Islam, Islam. Like an idiot I shouted back at them. I thought, I need to take the p– out of these b––

Hillary Clinton

A greater understanding of the tenets of Islam in our national consciousness will help us build strength and resilience as a nation. The values that lie at the heart of Ramadan – faith, family, community and responsibility to the less fortunate – resonate with all the peoples of this

Barack Obama

And that's a reminder, along with the generations of patriotic Muslims in America, that Islam – like so many faiths – is part of our national

Barack Obama

Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been a part of America. The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan – making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years

Ian Torres

We heard them shouting 'Allahu akbar' and asking neighbors about religion. We could only hear them. If they could not answer questions about Quran verses, gunfire immediately

Valeria Collina

He was becoming more and more unyielding in his views on Islam. But there was no reason to think it could end in the terrible act that he

Abdul Razak Crais

They have started using microphones to tell people: 'Don't go to the infidels, stay with Islam'. They poured gasoline on the cars of anyone who tried to escape then lit a match and burned the vehicles. I saw them haul people out of their cars and shoot them with

Fatou Bensouda - International Criminal Court

I call on Libya and all other States, if in a position to do so, to immediately arrest and surrender Mr Gaddafi to the

Mak Chishty

We are not trying to defame Islam - that's the last thing that British people want to do. Let's stop being so sensitive about the

Richard Dawkins

It's terribly important to modify [Islam] because of course that doesn't mean all Muslims are evil, very far from it. Individual Muslims suffer more from Islam than anyone else. They suffer from the homophobia, the misogyny, the joylessness which is preached by extreme Islam, ISIS and the Iranian

Jamie Gorelick

We rejected calling what happened a 'clash of civilizations,' . We rejected any notion of a 'war on Islam.' That all came from what I would call the sensible middle. How are you ever going to get that in an environment where people insist on a kind of political purity?feedback

Abdallah Bilhaq

As for the news of the release of Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, he is a Libyan citizen covered by the amnesty

Saleh Hashem

The state has given up the right to prosecute, but people can still sue

Liyakat Takim

The Quran allows slavery, so does the Old Testament. That doesn't mean we allow it today, too. Laws are amenable to

Fahad Khan

Khuram, I know he was inspired by one of the sheikhs who was giving lectures on YouTube, and he belonged to one specific sector of Islam which had very rigid and strict views. Videos about fighting non-Muslims for no reasons, innocent non-Muslims. He wanted to go to Syria, yes. I heard from [an] uncle that he wanted to go to Syria to fight, but because of the family pressure, or it might be the intervention by the authorities who seized his passport or whatever, he couldn't go

Omar Saif Ghobas

We believe we have reached the end of the line in discussing with Qataris how things can get better. They have known for a very long time we have issues with the funding of extremists. Qatar's policy is a dead end and it will only lead to destruction, so essentially what we are asking is for the Qataris to give up on their foreign policy which calls up for an an alliance between a tremendous amount of wealth and extremely radical

Omar Saif Ghobas

They are not devout Muslims promoting a version of Islam. They are taking a bet. They are being very opportunistic; they are making a bet that political Islam will allow them to be the paymaster of the Arab world and they can reap economic

Sadiq Khan

It is sad that officers have been injured very seriously in the attack on Saturday night. That's as a consequence of them running towards danger, encouraging others to flee and risking their lives in the process … Can I just say this? The acts of these three men on Saturday night was cowardly, was evil. I'm angry and furious that these three men are seeking to justify their actions by using the faith that I belong to. The ideology they follow is perverse, it is poisonous, and it has no place in

Charlie Winter

Sectarian rhetoric is catnip for the Islamic State. It gives credit to their ideological position that Sunni and Shia Islam are fundamentally

Charisse O'Leary

Now more than ever we need to work together to stop the actions of the mindless few who claim to be acting in the name of

Sadiq Khan

These three men who committed this act of terror, these terrorists who killed a number of people, injured many others, they believe in a perverse, twisted, poisonous form of Islam, which I don't recognise and doesn't represent the faith that I

Mak Chishty

This terrorist attack is an attack on all communities, including Muslim communities. Every time a terrorist attack takes place Muslim communities either face or fear a backlash against them. The Muslim community appeals to all sections within their own communities to root out the scourge of terrorism which hides amongst their own people and masquerades as

Matthew Gabriele

Recent terrorist attacks in London have sparked a new wave of “clash of civilizations” rhetoric — that brand of political language that characterizes events like those in London as the West vs. the East, Christianity vs. Islam. To defeat the terrorists, this logic holds, we must “obliterate these savages from the face of the earth.” [].feedback

Christopher S. Murphy

A progressive foreign policy isn't just looking at the back-end of terrorism, but is also looking at the front-end of terrorism. And at the front-end of terrorism is bad U.S. military policy in the Middle East, is the Saudi funding of a very intolerant brand of Islam that becomes the building block of extremism, and poverty and political

Sadiq Khan

I think Donald Trump has ignorant views about Islam. It's not just about me. I don't want to be the exception to be allowed to go to America. You can be a Muslim and you can be

Muhammad Abdullah

Well it was absolutely barbaric. It doesn't represent Islam. It has been said countless times before, this isn't the first time something like this is happening in the UK or America as well. But we do reject it completely. We condemn it in the utmost

Yunus Dudhwala

Down on the ground, we have the ear of the community, and people know these killers have nothing to do with Islam. It is written as one of the rules [of Islam] that funeral prayers should be performed. In cases where people have perpetrated heinous crimes against humanity, there are precedents were religious leaders decline to say prayers. But it is

Erica Gasparri

Mummy I want to become a Muslim. He was trying to radicalise the children, he would go down to the park and talk to them about Islam. He also came to the houses and gave the kids money and sweets during

Sadiq Khan

Your perverse ideology has nothing to do with the true values of Islam. As the mayor of London I want to send a clear message to the sick and evil extremists who commit these hideous crimes. We will defeat you. You will not win. And as a proud a patriotic British Muslim I say this: You do not commit these disgusting acts in my name. We stand together tonight to honour the memories of the innocent lives lost and people injured in the barbaric attack in our city on Saturday night. London stands in defiance against this cowardly attack on our city, our people, our values and our way of

Sadiq Khan

If Donald Trump becomes the President, I'll be stopped from going there by virtue of my faith, which means I can't engage with American mayors and swap ideas. What I think the election showed was that actually there is no clash of civilization between Islam and the West. What better antidote to the hatred they spew than someone like me being in this position? While every country has the right to set its own immigration policies, this new policy flies in the face of the values of freedom and tolerance that the USA was built

Katie McHugh

There would be no deadly terror attacks in the U.K. if Muslims didn't live there. You're an Indian. Breitbart News fired me for telling the truth about Islam and Muslim

Malcolm Turnbull

As you know, there are around 130,000 Australians living in the UK at any given time, and many Australian visitors, and there were many Australians in the vicinity of the attack. This corruption of Islam, this blasphemous corruption of millions of Muslims around the world, trying to poison the religion from the inside and threaten all of our way of

Malcolm Turnbull

These criminals, these terrorists, are cowards. There is nothing heroic in what they do. Now, this is a corruption, a disease, within Islam. It is a global phenomenon and it has to be dealt with

Harun Khan

We want to do something about it. That is why we agree with the prime minister that things must change. Enough is enough. We are ready to have those difficult conversations, as equal citizens with an equal stake in this fight. We know that many of these people have previously led a life of delinquency. It is often the case that the path towards extremism is outside of the mosque and at the margins of society. We are all grappling with this hateful ideology. This is an ideology that makes killing and hating cool, and uses the words of Islam as a cloak to justify

Sajid Javid

There's no avoiding the fact that these people [the attackers] think they are Muslims. They identify as Muslims. And they carry out their attacks – ignorantly, offensively – in the name of Islam. That's why, although we all share the responsibility for tackling terrorism, there's a special, unique burden on the Muslim community. We need them to set off on the path to peace rather than the road to

Theresa May

As a mark of respect the two political parties have suspended our national campaigns for today, but violence can never be allowed to disrupt the democratic process, so those campaigns will resume in full tomorrow and the general election will go ahead as planned on Thursday. First thing is all these attacks are bound together by an evil ideology that is a perversion of Islam and perversion of the

Lee Garrett

Guys … when is the last time YOU actually saw a pretty feminist? There is a reason for this. I do hate

Tom Brake

As home secretary at the time, your department was one of those leading on the report. Eighteen months later, and following two horrific terrorist attacks by British-born citizens, that report still remains incomplete and unpublished. It is no secret that Saudi Arabia in particular provides funding to hundreds of mosques in the UK, espousing a very hardline Wahhabist interpretation of Islam. It is often in these institutions that British extremism takes

Ibrahim Hooper

Given all the Islamophobic rhetoric, appointments and anti-Muslim policy proposals, it sends the message American Muslims are not worthy to engage. In Saudi Arabia, President Trump never mentioned the millions of Muslim Americans and their contributions to society. He and his policy people view Islam and Muslims as a foreign issue, or a security

Ayatollah Khamenei

These fools think by spending money they can win the friendship of the enemies of Islam. They are like dairy cows. They will be milked, and when they are out of milk, they will be

Jan Agha

When I come to work, the first thing I do is recite a verse of the Quran at his grave. Then I weep, and then I go to my

Simon Jenkins

We committed armed aggression against sovereign peoples who had not attacked us, claiming our motive was ‘to keep terror off the streets of Britain’Jeremy Corbyn is perfectly right to relate this week’s Manchester terrorist atrocity to British foreign policy in the Middle East. Whenever Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron struggled to explain why British blood and finance had to go on toppling regimes in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, they were explicit: it was “to prevent terrorism in the streets of Britain”. The reason was given over and again: to suppress militant

Salman Abedi

He did what he did in revenge, and in love for Islam. I think he saw children – Muslim children – dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge. Whether he got that is between him and

Suzanne Evans

We will test their social attitudes, and if they do not agree, for example, that women or gay people are equal and not second-class citizens, then quite simply they will not get in. When Ukip launched our integration policies last month they were met with hysteria from leftwing virtue signallers and cowardly politicians, who refuse to admit there is a problem with radical Islam in this

Salman Abedi

We don't believe in killing innocents. This is not us. We aren't the ones who blow up ourselves among innocents. We go to mosques. We recite Quran, but not that. There was nothing worrying at all until two days ago (when) I heard the news that they suspect he was the

Milo Yiannopoulos

Sadly, Ariana Grande is too stupid to wise up and warn her European fans about the real threats to their freedom and their lives. She will remain ferociously pro-immigrant, pro-Islam and anti-America. Makes you wonder whether they bombed to attack her or in solidarity. When will Ariana Grande stop feeling sorry for herself and condemn Islamic terror?feedback

Amber Rudd

She will remain ferociously pro-immigrant, pro-Islam and anti-America. Makes you wonder whether they bombed to attack her or in

Gary Buckman

She's an entertainer and she entertains children. Take a chill pill and post about the lives lost as opposed to assigning blame to the poor

Salman Abedi

There is only one God and the prophet Mohammed is his messenger. We don't believe in killing innocents. This is not us. We aren't the ones who blow up ourselves among innocents. We go to mosques. We recite Quran, but not

David Mislin

President Trump, like his predecessors before him, has discovered the potent language of religious tolerance and interfaith unity when discussing Islam, as he demonstrated in his speech in Saudi Arabia to leaders of some 50 Muslim nations. But unlike previous presidents, he has not linked that rhetoric with recognition of the large, vibrant Muslim community [].feedback

Howard Mankoff

It's not based on religion. It's based simply on the parking needs of the

John Malay

As a religion, Islam owes its size and influence to a tradition from Day 1 of forced conversions through violent

Mehdi Hasan

Donald “Islam hates us” Trump will be back soon. He hasn’t gone

Barack Obama

Civilization's debt to Islam. All people yearn for certain things: the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed; confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice; government that is transparent and doesn't steal from the people; the freedom to live as you choose. Those are not just American ideas, they are human rights, and that is why we will support them

Abdullah Jaffat

He is trying now to change his real face by wearing a mask of the moderate president who takes care of Islam and Muslims. Therefore, what has been said in the summit are just

Nihad Awad

We welcome President Trump's recognition of Islam as 'one of the world's great faiths,' but that recognition does not wipe out years of well-documented anti-Islam animus. The president should also recognize the contributions American Muslims make – and have made for generations – to the betterment of our

Bill Clinton

We both know it is profoundly wrong to equate Palestinians, in particular, and Islam, in general, with terrorism or to see a fundamental conflict between Islam and the West. For the vast majority of the more than one billion Muslims in the world, tolerance is an article of faith and terrorism a travesty of

Ronald Reagan - Challenger

I might add that Colonel Qadhafi's expectation of unquestioned support from the Islamic world strikes me as hypocritical. Nowhere is the slaughter of Muslim people greater than in Afghanistan, and yet Colonel Qadhafi allies himself with those perpetrating this crime on Islam and all of

Bill Clinton

I hope that the next time an American President addresses a nation with a Muslim tradition, he will be able to say that the progress of Indonesia and Nigeria and Morocco, all very different nations, has helped all of us put the lie to the tired claim of an inherent clash of civilizations. We know the traditional values of Islam, devotion to faith and good works, to family and society, are in harmony with the best of American

George W. Bush

Radical Islam [was] the perversion by a few of a noble faith into an ideology of terror and

Mustafa Akyol

You talk about women and women's rights. These are people that push gays off business – off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly, and yet you take their

Shadi Hamid

No one is going into this thinking that Trump is good on Islam. We're all going into it with the opposite idea. Those low expectations might work in Trump's favor because as long as he takes care to avoid saying something terribly offensive, it might be seen as neutral or even

Sadek Hamid

Let's not forgot this is the man who stated last year that 'Islam hates us' and introduced the 'Muslim travel ban' on refugees and restricted visa applications from a list of Muslim majority

Fahad Nazer

I think there is a wide disconnect between the perceptions of casual observers and the assessments of U.S. counterterrorism

David Andrew Weinberg

I don't think there is anything close to convincing evidence proving Saudi Arabia helped perpetrate 9/11. Saudi Arabia certainly has problems with its government's treatment of women and LGBT individuals, but it does not push gay people off of

Dennis Ross

Islamist is an ideology, Islam is a religion. Islamists are using Islam for the purpose of controlling power, policy, and every aspect of one's life. So when you say 'radical Islamists,' that's language that will resonate quite well with his hosts and quite well with his

H.R. McMaster

He will meet and have lunch with leaders of more than 50 Muslim countries, where he will deliver an inspiring, direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology and the president's hopes for a peaceful vision of Islam. The speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world against common enemies of all civilization and to demonstrate America's commitment to our Muslim

Marwa Mohamed

It is important to wake people up and show them that Islam is not that. It's not all terrorism and war. There are lots of dramatic stories in it as

Neal Katyal

Just happened to disappear moments before the Fourth Circuit argument last week. That's the million-dollar question. Is this executive order, viewed from the standpoint of an objective observer, an establishment of a disfavored religion, Islam?feedback

Sohrab Mostaghim

Instead of welcoming the extra visitors and this fun game, he pressured us, claiming our promotional video was against Islam, since at the end the brother and sister hug. Now, he is asking us for bribes to allow us to use the park. We are not even sure if he will really allow us if we pay. But we don't have that

David N. Saperstein

To the extent that you write off an entire religion like Islam and everyone connected with it, it undercuts the ability to achieve the very goals that such rhetoric is hoping to

Paul Nuttall

It is a death cult, born and steeped in fourteen hundred years of violence and bloodshed, that propagates itself by intimidation, violence and conquest. I think he's got his terminology wrong, OK. I think Islamic fundamentalism is a cancer within our society, I don't think Islam itself is a death cult (in) any way, shape or form. I would never personally describe Islam in that way. They obviously were upset, but because it brought the whole thing to the fore again, it was all over the national media and I totally understand

Hugo Brennan - Verisk Maplecroft

The case highlights their concerns about the lack of rule of law and an increasingly fractious political environment. The Jakarta gubernatorial election result and the Ahok trial verdict will embolden hardline Islamists and indicates their increasing political influence. But it is overstating events to equate this with the death of moderate Islam in

Paul Nuttall

They obviously were upset, but because it brought the whole thing to the fore again, it was all over the national media and I totally understand that. I would never personally describe Islam in that

Moazzam Malik

I admire his work for Jakarta. Don't believe he's anti-Islam. My prayers are with his family. Leaders must safeguard tolerance and

Melissa Crouch

Religion has become politicized in local elections, and we saw that emerge in a big way in the election for governor in Jakarta. Democracy gives a greater space to everyone, including greater space for radical

Marine Le Pen

The French are not Islamophobic, but radical Islam is

Sarah Henry

We're trying to reveal the history and the facts. The history is that Islam has been woven into the history of the city for as long as there's been a city here. It's never been monolithic. It's more variegated and

Gerard Batten

[Islam] is a death cult, born and steeped in 1,400 years of violence and bloodshed, that propagates itself by intimidation, violence and conquest. The terrorists are the vanguard of Mohammedanism. They set out to cow the non-Mohammedan population, so that the 'moderate Muslims' can get on establishing sharia courts, forcing halal food in school and works canteens, and making the authorities look the other way regarding criminal activities for fear of being called racist and Islamophobic. A phobia is an irrational fear. A normal non-Mohammedan should have a perfectly rational fear of '

Usman Raja

This is fighting. When you are in the prison environment that these guys are coming from, you are validating yourself in that arena with violence. When I first embraced Islam, the first sense that I got was a sense of brotherhood, you know? And certain individuals, they would exploit

Boulos Halim

After all the pain we have experienced ... we are satisfied and confident that the state is taking strong security measures to prevent terrorism and protect churches. It's in the state's interests to protect its nationals and the Copts are not an independent people, they are part and parcel of the nation

Leonardo Sandri

It's an encounter of consolation, promotion and communion with the small Catholic community. But it's of great importance from an ecumenical point of view. And, of course, it is very important for dialogue with Islam, for the meeting with the sheikh of Al-Ahzar. It is necessary to have a very strong protection of Christians – they are citizens with religious rights. Especially from a point of view of religious freedom, we must consider all citizens the

Samir Khalil Samir

So he simply passed to other things. His knowledge of Islam is limited to the nice discussions he had with the

Layla Yusuf

To me, religion is something intimate and private. Immigrant women struggle more than men to find a place in Italian society, because many of them just stay home with the kids and never learn the language. In my experience working with them, I found that immigrant women from Muslim countries, and especially from the Maghreb, are often pressured to stay home by jealous husbands who use a strict interpretation of Islam as an

Olivier Roy

There is an Arab culture, a Turkish culture, an Indonesian culture and so forth, which of course have been influenced by Islam. But there's no such thing as a Muslim secular

Derek Holloway

Sadly, and dangerously, the right of withdrawal from RE is now being exploited by a range of 'interest groups' often using a dubious interpretation of human rights legislation. The right of withdrawal form RE now gives comfort to those who are breaking the law and seeking to incite religious hatred. Through RE teacher social media forums and feedback from our RE advisers, I am aware that some parents have sought to exploit the right to withdraw children from RE lessons. This is seemingly because they do not want their children exposed to other faiths and world views, in particular

Pope Francis

I hope that it may also offer a valid contribution to inter-religious dialogue with the Islamic world, and to ecumenical dialogue with the venerated and beloved Coptic Orthodox Church. Our world, torn by blind violence, which has also afflicted the heart of your dear land – needs peace, love and

David Cameron

Obviously I regret the personal consequences for me. I loved being prime minister. I thought I was doing a reasonable job. But I think it was the right thing. The lack of a referendum was poisoning British politics and so I put that right. And that was to me the biggest problem with President Trump's travel ban. It would be seen, could be seen, as labelling whole countries as extreme and dangerous because they were predominantly Islamic. It's not a clash between civilisations that we face. That is what the extremists want us to think. This is, if you like, a war within

Tareq Oubrou

It's religion's job to institute reform and to respect the laws of the

Mohammad Iqbal

It's good to be God-fearing no matter how you approach it. Whether it's the Bible, whether it's Koran, whether it's Torah, whether it's some other book. But it should be optional, not enforced. If the parents have no objection and the student has no objection, it is

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