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Rex W. Tillerson
President Ghani reiterated his support for the new U.S. strategy and emphasized his government's commitment to reforms aimed at ensuring the safety, security, and well-being of all Afghans.feedback
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Oct 23 2017
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Sayed Mohammad Bashir

We didn't want things to go this way, but we had no alternative. We know it could provoke the enemy more, but the population was afraid, and the government resources were too few. So we asked for permission to protect our own sites, and the authorities agreed.feedback

Sayed Mohammad Bashir

Ashoura is supposed to be a time of mourning. If people are riding around the city in convoys and putting on a big display, it seems too much like a celebration. With these new tactics we can not only reduce casualties, but also tell the public we don't want to show off. We just want to be left alone.feedback

Zia Durani

This year, security will be tighter compared to previous years to let people perform the rituals in peace.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

I want to reinforce to the Taliban that the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through a negotiated settlement.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

An attack on an international airport, anywhere in the world, is a criminal act by terrorists. It is a classic example of what the Taliban are up to right now.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

There has been an attack, our special forces are dealing with it. This attacking civilian targets is a sign of weakness, not strength.feedback

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

The "attack on the airport is a sign of weakness, not the sign of strength.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

If in fact there was an attack ... his is a classic statement to what Taliban are up to. If in fact this is what they have done, they will find Afghan security forces against them.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

I don't want to tell the enemy exactly what we are doing but the whole point is to make certain we have a compelling battlefield advantage over anything the Taliban tries to mass against your forces.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

We want to talk with the Taliban, but it is not open-ended opportunity. . . . If the Taliban wants to join peace talks, the Afghan government will allow them to open an office, but this is their last chance.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

Many men wear them. I even bought one – it's so comfortable. I'm looking forward to the winter.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

I wanted to see this sort of young, well-educated group of people, because they would tend to be less traditional in the way of dressing. I also wanted to see the traditional hairdressers and beauty parlors, just to see what people ask for when they get there.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

Before I met her, I was expecting something a bit different. But I think there's also a limit to what you can do as a woman there. For me it was strange how modern this looked – kind of daring. They both have dyed hair and a lot of makeup.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

I interrupted them. I wanted to take a good picture of them because the light was getting nice.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

The sun goes up so early. And even if you go out at dawn, you're amazed by how many people are outside.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

It's going really well, but this was not kite season.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

Their parents decided to dress them as boys.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

I wasn't really sure what to expect. You can't really go anywhere you want and do anything you like. I haven't been anywhere where I've walked so little in three weeks. For families to have a son is very important.feedback

Loulou d'Aki

The colors are beautiful, and they kind of wore pretty princess dresses. This is what you can do until you're a certain age, and then you can't do it anymore.feedback

Bill Roggio

I would guess the U.S. has to plan on being inside Afghanistan for a decade or more in order for there to be any type of resolution. It's definitely past his first term in office, no two ways about it.feedback

Zabihullah Mujahid

It seems America is not yet ready to end the longest war in its history. As Trump stated, Americans are weary of the long war in Afghanistan.' We shall cast further worry into them and force American officials to accept realities.feedback

Jack Reed

The headlines in Baghdad and the headlines in Kabul and the headlines in Damascus would be 'U.S. moves to end engagement,' . Unless we could do something literally next week, we would be running into the reality of American military commanders wondering whether they should begin to plan for the extraction of our forces.feedback

Hugo Llorens

Today we remember how this conflict began but let us also remember how this must end, with Afghanistan never again serving as an ungoverned space, sanctuary or base for those who are bent on attacking us and our allies.feedback

Wahid Wafa

Despite the 40 years of war in Afghanistan she was always hopeful of the future and hopeful for the future of the new generation in Afghanistan.feedback

Wahid Wafa

She called herself an old monument and a lot of Afghans called her the 'Grandmother of Afghanistan'. She understood and knew Afghanistan much better than anybody else.feedback

Wahid Wafa

It was Nancy's aim to preserve Afghanistan's heritage. She was a very funny, interesting person who loved to talk to anyone coming to visit. She was kind, she was very giving with the information she had and she was always lobbying for the Afghanistan she first knew.feedback

Javid Faisal

Our priority was to prevent clashes and casualties. This year we did a lot of work, and if we hadn't it could have been worse.feedback

Abdul Naser

I saw Massoud supporters slapping police officers two or three times.feedback

Mohammed Hafiz

I bought two melons – 30 afghanis each. I heard it's cheap this year, so I came to buy for my children.feedback

Mohammed Ayar

I start the fire an hour before the sunrise, and the tea is boiling by the time the sun comes out.feedback

Siamuden Pasarly

If you transport melons from Kunduz to Kabul, the shipment gets stopped and extorted up to 41 times.feedback

Ahmad Bashir

When we woke up in the morning, the farmer had disappeared – and the truck driver was left with the fruit. We gave his address in Kunduz to the driver and said, You can try to find him there. Maybe he will have some wheat or rice at home to sell and pay you the rest of your money.feedback

Abdul Wahab

In Baghlan, the formal government tax on a truck is 100 afghanis, but the militia commanders ask for 2,000. And when you say, Why, for God's sake, be a little fair,' they say, Don't move your lips, I will smash your mouth.feedback

Khan Mohammed

We will keep these for another few days, so people can have a chance to come get their shoes. After that, what are we going to do with these? We can't take them to people's homes, we can't sell them. We will just take them to the garbage and dump.feedback

Ghulam Sakhi

These weren't my nephew's. It must be some other poor dead or alive person's.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

It is time for the armed opposition of Afghanistan to choose whether they are fed on the milk of the mothers of this country, and are inspired by this nation, or whether they are the tools for disunity, chaos, used by outsiders.feedback

Mikhail Evstafiev

As the years passed, numerous military installations grew up on the territory adjacent to the palace. A compound covered several square kilometers. It was guarded assiduously against the Afghans and, as was to be expected, Soviet power reigned supreme in that one specific part of Kabul.feedback

Ghulam Nabi

Go, father, go. This is our last visit. You did a lot for us.feedback

Sayed Pacha

At first a suicide bomber opened fire and martyred two security guards at the entrance of the mosque and then they entered inside. Some people escaped out of the mosque including women, but there were four attackers who managed to enter the mosque.feedback

Zabihullah Mujahid

We are not involved in today's attack on a mosque in the Khair Khana area of Kabul.feedback

Eidi Muhammad Akbari

Half of the mosque was full of worshipers – women upstairs and men downstairs, hundreds of men and women. They threw a grenade inside and then entered.feedback

Arif Rafiq

I think what Pakistan hopes for is the U.S. to engage it as a partner in Afghanistan, rather than as a contractor deputed to arrest or kill insurgent leaders named by Washington. That requires coordination on border security and a structured dialogue process with the Taliban. I think Islamabad will remain rather firm in steering its engagement with both Kabul and Washington in that direction.feedback

Salem Ehsaas

In this security plan, our priority is the diplomatic area. The highest threat level is in this area and so we need to provide a better security here.feedback

Basir Mujahed

The bomber attacked at one of the busiest times of the day. There were traffic jams with people going to work and to the university and schools. Many of the shops had just opened.feedback

Najib Danish

Right now all we know is that they were all civilians.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

Once again, these terrorist are attacking civilians and targeting government staff.feedback

Asif Mohmand

The foreigners said, It's impossible – you should get in touch with Kabul, once they O.K. it, we will welcome him.' But the central government asked the plane to land in Kabul and not Mazar, then after much commotion Mr. Dostum landed in Turkmenistan.feedback

Sayed Hamed Daqiq

It is really difficult to be optimistic for peace with the Taliban and other armed oppositions when Kabul has witnessed such a tragedy. With the current government leadership, it is nothing more than a dream.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

Half of the body of a person standing less than two meters away from Dr. Abdullah ended up in one hospital, while the other half was taken to a different one.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

There are too many players running too many parallel tracks with too little clarity on who they are and what they represent. We also ask that you respect the integrity of an Afghan-owned and -led consolidated process and not set up separate tracks of your own.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

Terrorist groups plot to sow chaos. Their aim is to create poor governance and disorder in communities. We must not let ourselves fall into the trap that the enemies have brought to our country.feedback

Mohammad Azim

There were sounds of explosions everywhere and I saw my hands and face were on fire. There were parts of human bodies everywhere.feedback

Hassan Shah Frogh

Police also fired, and only one or two protesters may be wounded.feedback

Mohammad Anwar

We are calling on President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani to resign.feedback

Rahila Jafari

Our brothers and sisters were martyred in the bloody attack on Wednesday, and our leaders are doing nothing to stop this carnage. We want justice, we want the perpetrators of the attack to be hanged to death.feedback

Amir Arya

Some of them were beaten by police with sticks and some others detained. This act of police and government proves that peaceful demonstration would not be useful any more.feedback

Abdullah Habibzai

We have transported a large number or a large amount of broken glass and windows.feedback

Abdul Hakim Mujahid

There are movements underway about peace and the making of a peace deal, but I am not hopeful about the current situation.feedback

Mohammad Sarwar

This is the second day that we are searching for my nephew Habibiullah and have been to all Kabul hospitals, still couldn't find him.feedback

Ghulam Sakhi

For God's sake, what is happening to this country? People leave home to fetch a loaf of bread for their children and later that evening, their dead body is sent back to the family.feedback

Michael Kugelman

Let's be clear: This is an intelligence failure, as has been the case with so m any other attacks in Kabul and beyond. There was a clear failure to anticipate a major security threat in a highly secured area. The sad reality is that more foreign troops would not necessarily ensure these attacks happen less. But they could help by supplementing training programs meant to enhance Afghan intel-collection capacities, which have long been a deficiency in Afghanistan.feedback

Angela Merkel

We're united in shock and sadness, but also in determination. All of us together who believe in law, freedom and human dignity in Europe, in America, in Africa and yes, of course also in Afghanistan, we will lead the fight against terrorism and we will win it.feedback

Sigmar Gabriel

Such attacks do not change our resolve in continuing to support the Afghan government in the stabilization of the country. An Afghan security officer involved in the protection of the embassy area has died.feedback

Sushma Swaraj

By God's grace, Indian Embassy staff are safe in the massive # Kabul blast.feedback

Mohammad Haroon

I've never seen such a powerful explosion in my life. Business will be very bad, nobody will come for shopping anymore.feedback

Thomas Pesquet

It takes all of this technology to come up here and understand the simplicity of things. From here, it's really difficult to understand borders, wars and hate. But I will certainly miss the view.feedback

Sigmar Gabriel

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims. We wish those injured a quick recovery. It's particularly despicable that these people were targeted.feedback

Jimmy Kimmel

Let's not throw a parade yet. To say we're better than last year is good, but last year was disastrous, so it's not a great benchmark. This is one weekend.feedback

Marielle de Sarnez

There has been some material damage in the French embassy, as well as in the Germany embassy.feedback

Musa Khan

Every day, children slip and fall down on their way to school and return home with broken arms or broken heads.feedback

Mohammed Gul

People are more interested in the blue and the green color.feedback

Hervé Nicolle

Children are very quickly sent out to beg in the street. Parents, unless they are educated themselves, do not see why there would be a contradiction between work and school. Children can beg for 10 hours and go to school for five. But even if they do, it's uncertain what they get out of it because of psychosocial traumas and the capacity to get something out of school.feedback

Abdul Baqi Samandar

I tell them, Your kid has the right to study. Why must your kid stay in the street for one piece of bread?feedback

Abdul Jalil

They had rented the house, they would leave the house in the morning and return at around 4:30 in the afternoon. They would wear our traditional clothes and headscarves, they were not armed and had two guards.feedback

Hamid Samar

There has been a lot of talk about women's rights and media rights. But we've never seen anything special for women and that's why we've done this.feedback

Khatira Ahmadi

I am so happy that this TV station has been created for women because there are women in our society who are not aware of their rights. So this station represents women and we work to raise the voice of women so they can defend their rights.feedback

Condoleezza Rice

Well, I'd certainly urge the President to look at how we can turn the tide in Afghanistan. I know we've been there a very, very long time and obviously the goal is to have a government that's stable in Kabul that can't be assaulted by the Taliban.feedback

Sayed Malik Maluk

I have always said that it is better to equip Afghan forces. If we are not equipped better, the situation will not improve. I have said this repeatedly to foreign commanders. We need better and more modern gear, especially for the air force.feedback

H.R. McMaster

There was a connection with a criminal underworld and a political upperworld and a political settlement that rested in large measure on criminality and impunity. If we only decide to support Afghan troops, it won't work. We also need to focus on political stability.feedback

Kareem Amin

For 30 years, people only heard the opposition propaganda about us. We are not intransigent warlords. We want to unify and rebuild Afghanistan.feedback

Timor Sharan - The International Crisis Group

Hezb is very fragmented, and it's all about personal interests. We don't know whether these former commanders will unite around Hekmatyar or work against him. This is his last attempt to reach power, this time through elections.feedback

Mirdad Nejrabi

No one is above the law. Being a member of Parliament does not mean one has immunity to do whatever he or she can to disrupt law and order.feedback

Mohammad Gul

We are losing our youths every day in this war. Our government leaders have their families abroad and they are safe in expensive villas. America is doing nothing to stop this war. How long do we have to die? Why are they killing us? Who is there to answer our question?feedback

Ahmad Samir

He was a humble, honest, easygoing person. He had dreams for his life, like all of us. He was saving to buy a small flat for his mom, because their house was old and leaked a lot when it rained.feedback

Vanda Felbab-Brown - The Brookings Institution

We still haven't heard a peep from the Trump administration for what its plans or ambitions or intentions are for Afghanistan. This current levels he cannot break the stalemate. So far no word, no focus, no indication of any kind from the White House.feedback

Theo Farrell

While disturbing, [Wednesday's attack] should not be mistaken for the rise in ISIS. All the evidence suggests that [ISIS has] been contained in Kandahar. And while there are ISIS cells in other parts of Afghanistan, the country is very hostile ground for them.feedback

Obaidullah Barekzai

This is not the first attack by the Islamic States group, they have carried out several bloody attacks in Kabul.feedback

Dawlat Waziri

The attackers are in the second and third floors of the hospital, and right now a gunbattle is underway.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

All women must unanimously stand against such acts. A hospital is a place that is considered immune in any law, any religion and sect. Attacking a hospital is an attack against the entire people of Afghanistan and against all the women of Afghanistan.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

In all religions, a hospital is regarded as an immune site and attacking it is attacking the whole of Afghanistan.feedback

Najib Danish

Right now, police forces have started a clearing up operation inside the police compound.feedback

Abdul Nasir Ziaee

Two terrorists entered a building. One blew himself up and the second was shot by Afghan security forces.feedback

Mohammad Karim

The poor can't dig deep wells, but that doesn't mean they should die of thirst.feedback

Mohammad Karim

The government mustn't allow people to dig deep wells because it has caused many problems.feedback

Aslam Khan

The increase in population and drought has resulted in a shortage of water in Kabul, so more people are demanding deeper wells to get it.feedback

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

Those behind today's bombing and other such despicable acts must face justice.feedback

Nader Khan

I warn my son every day about the cars coming from the Kabul side. The drivers are completely careless and I fear for my son's life. It pains me to see him work, and I would rather see him go to school. But what he earns now is the only income we have in the family.feedback

Ali Madad Nasiri

It was early morning and I was sleeping when four policemen came to my home and arrested me. I didn't have a chance to take my clothes, cellphone and laptop - all left behind.feedback

Pernille Kardel

Religious and ethnic tolerance are values the Afghan people hold strongly. I urge the Afghan authorities to do everything possible to defend Afghans of all faiths.feedback

Ewaz Ali

Suddenly, a huge explosion happened, then everything went dark.feedback

Champa Patel - Amnesty International

The attack on a Shia mosque in Kabul is a horrific and deliberate attack on civilians. The Afghan authorities must investigate this crime immediately and bring the perpetrators to justice. They have a duty to take effective measures to protect Shia Muslims from attacks and end impunity for previous abuses against the Shia community.feedback

John Nicholson

On behalf of the men and women of Resolute Support, we offer our condolences to the families of the innocent men, women and children killed and wounded in today's attack. We will continue to stand with our Afghan partners and do everything possible to secure a peaceful, stable Afghanistan.feedback

Najib Danish

The suicide bomber was on a motorbike and detonated himself in the Pul Mahmood Khan area (in Kabul). The target of the attack is unclear but there were casualties.feedback

Sayed Zia Hussaini

We selected the engineers by only considering their expertise and experience. It was a transparent process and women engineers went through the same selection process as their male counterparts.feedback

Zahra Jafari

Our participation in this important project breaks the taboo that considers women to be too weak to work on construction projects. It's a huge responsibility on each and every one of us. We strive for excellence and work hard to achieve success beyond expectation. And we want to prove that women are capable of implementing national projects.feedback

Sardar Hedayat

People were gathered inside the shrine for worshipping when the attackers arrived, first they shot the policemen at the gate of the shrine and then they entered the compound.feedback

Jawad Peikar

Our goal is to give the women their fair share in the property. Up to 70 percent of residential homes are unplanned constructions in all major cities of Afghanistan.feedback

Mansoor Naderi

In the team we've built here, we've got over 100 young graduates. Twenty percent of the technical engineers you see here are female.feedback

Mansoor Naderi

Obviously, we are looking at other countries with similar experiences to ours.feedback

Sayed Ahmad Gilani

I hope that this is the beginning of a permanent peace in our country.feedback

Timor Sharan - The International Crisis Group

The deal will have little impact on the dynamics of the conflict. The government's rationale is that by luring Hekmatyar on board, other insurgent groups might be encouraged to consider peace too.feedback

Lanny Cordola

Everybody in Afghanistan will pick up a guitar and sing and make music. You know, when people are singing and making music, they are not hurting each other. So it's you know music is a healing force, it's a peace making force, it's a way to communicate things without even having to know languages, it's sort of a transcendent way of communication.feedback

Ahmad Shaheer

We are stuck inside our classroom and there are bursts of gunfire.feedback

Ned Price

We send our thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones of those killed and our heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to those wounded. We further reaffirm the support of the United States for the Afghan government and people as they continue to build a more stable, secure, and prosperous Afghanistan.feedback

Massoud Hossaini - Associated Press

My wife called me from Canada and I just told her that probably I may die here and say goodbye to her.feedback

Sediq Sediqi

There are two gunmen hiding inside the building and a clearing operation is ongoing to eliminate them.feedback

Abdul Kabir

I don't have any other choice. My life is at risk. If Afghanistan returns to peace one day, I'll be able to come back to help rebuild it. But, I don't know when that will be.feedback

Jawad Rezayee

We have lost many of our family and friends here, We have come here to bury our martyred and name the hill the martyred hill.feedback

Ashraf Ghani

I promise you I will take revenge against the culprits. I have ordered the attorney general to set up a commission to investigate this incident.feedback

John Nicholson

Our condolences go out to those who are affected by today's attack. We strongly condemn the actions of Afghanistan's enemies of peace and remain firmly committed to supporting our Afghan partners and the National Unity Government.feedback

Zabihulhah Mujahid

We would never take part in any incident that divides the Afghan people.feedback

Sushma Swaraj

I am happy to inform you that Judith D'Souza has been rescued. Judith D'Souza is with us – safe and in good spirits. She will reach her Motherland at the earliest. Vande Mataram. She has spoken with Judith.feedback

Champa Patel - Amnesty International

Even after fleeing their homes to seek safety, increasing numbers of Afghans are languishing in appalling conditions in their own country, and fighting for their survival with no end in sight.feedback

Champa Patel - Amnesty International

While the world's attention seems to have moved on from Afghanistan, we risk forgetting the plight of those left behind by the conflict.feedback

Thomas Ruttig

It was much quicker than most people expected, including myself. It shows that the Taliban are keen not to have a new conflict.feedback

Bruce Riedel - The Brookings Institution

Prospects for the Afghan peace process remain poor. The Taliban leadership including the new commander Mullah Akhundzada believe military victory is only a matter of time.feedback

Sayed Zafar Hashemi

Latest developments offer Taliban groups opportunity to end violence and resume peaceful life; else they will face the fate of their leadership.feedback

Nicholas Haysom

Attacks against judicial authorities are cowardly and contrary to international humanitarian law. the mission urges "authorities to do everything in their power to ensure adequate protection of judicial officials.feedback

John Kerry

We have had longstanding conversations with Pakistan and Afghanistan about this objective with respect to Mullah Mansour, and both countries' leaders were notified of the air strike. Mullah Mansour, as I said a moment ago, has been actively involved in planning attacks in Kabul, across Afghanistan, presenting a threat to Afghan civilians and to the coalition forces that are there.feedback

Abdul Rauf Safari

We will no longer accept discrimination and there is no way the government can ignore us this time.feedback

Dawlat Waziri

It was a crowded area and it is hard to say now how many of them were from the defense ministry.feedback

Andrew Wilder

The last thing we need is a big political crisis calling into question the legitimacy of the national unity government in September.feedback

John Kerry

Democracy requires credible institutions. Even more than that, it requires a willingness of people ... from different political and ethnic and geographic factions to be able to come together and work for a common good.feedback

Bill Murray

I haven't felt this way about a movie in a very long time. I haven't felt this way in a long time – that something unusual was happening, that we were really jumping over what was written and what was expected, making something much better than what we walked into at 6 o'clock in the morning.feedback

Kate Hudson

I always get a little nervous before movies anyway. But then you work with someone like Bill Murray and you definitely start thinking of all the work that you've admired for so long, you know, I wanted to have good chemistry with him and stuff so… but it was amazing. It was such a great, such a great experience.feedback

Eric Tremblay - NATO

It is planned, anticipated, that right before election day, that there will be a surge of activity by the insurgents.feedback

Mohammad Mukhtar

It is the duty of Muslims to react. When their holy book, the Koran, gets burnt in public, then there is nothing left. If this happens, I think people's first reaction will be to kill any Americans they come across.feedback

Hamid Karzai

We say the same thing; Maybe we won't need a second round and Abdulla won.feedback

Veronique de Keyser

It's a country where everything remains to be done for women – to be conquered. Safety is particularly fragile, the further you get away from Kabul. Then there is the level of education, health, women dying in labour… And the rate of infant mortality is one of the highest in the world.feedback

Mali Khan

They are focusing on the east of Afghanistan but they are spreading their activities into Kabul.feedback

Imtiaz Gul

It doesn't really mean a big, fatal or terminal blow to al Qaeda, because Osama bin Laden has left behind a legacy which he stood for, he propagated and in the process he was able to create a lot of local al Qaedas.feedback

Abdullah Abdullah

I think it is mainly the show of solidarity with mujahadeen in Afghanistan with those millions of people who fought during Jihad against the Soviet Union and also during resistance for liberation of Afghanistan against Taliban and Al Qaeda.feedback

Ghulam Hussain

We have our own national army and national police who can stand against any enemy like the Taliban, Pakistan and Iran.feedback

David Cameron

I am delighted that that rescue attempt has been successful. All four hostages are now safely back at the British Embassy in Kabul. None of our soldiers was injured. A number of Taliban and hostage-takers have been killed.feedback

Farid Ahmad

Believe me, I have cried in my cell, begging that God will punish the people who manipulated me into killing innocent people.feedback

Nasrat Yar

I don't know why I was arrested, on what charge. I was working for the Karzai government in the disarmament programme – on disarming, demobilising and reintegration. I was getting ready for sundown prayers one day when soldiers stormed my house.feedback

Zuhra Alamyar

Every day there is more of this violence and these killings. We want the government to take serious action to stop it.feedback

Sima Samar

We want the government to take serious steps in this case of the killing of women, to bring the culprits to trial.feedback

Kjell Magne Bondevik

The education must be truthful and that means that different groups cannot only reproduce their truth. Peace starts at home, peace starts in school, bringing people together, giving them a shared history, so they can have a shared understanding of the future – that is the key.feedback

Hamid Karzai

The government and people should start this year by realizing that the reality is that defending our the soil is our own responsibility.feedback

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

While he will no longer be the commander, the approach he helped put in place is the right one. The strategy continues to have NATO support and our forces will continue to carry it out.feedback

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

I am very confident. I had an opportunity to observe Afghan special operation forces in action some weeks ago when I visited Kabul. I was very impressed so I feel sure that the Afghan security forces will be able to take full responsibility for the security be the end of 2014 when we have handed over responsibility.feedback

Mustapha Bag - Euronews

Tens of thousands of people live in this Kabul neighbourhood with no water or reliable electricity supply. People collect containers of water here and take them home. There's only water here for a few hours every day. These people want the new president to look after them and provide an adequate infrastructure.feedback

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

We have seen Afghans defying threats of intimidation and violence to exercise their democratic rights and I would like to say that seen from a security point of view, the elections today have been a success, not least thanks to the efforts by the Afghan national security forces.feedback

Hamid Karzai

The Afghan people are yet to see their aspirations realised through strong, effective and accountable national institutions. Chronic under-investment of state capacity building, the existence of parallel structures and the permeation of corruption and a culture of impunity, have undermined the development of institutions in terms of strength and credibility.feedback

Heather Barr - Human Rights Watch

It shows the limited capacity of the government to provide rule of law in areas that are controlled by the Taliban. But what is even more frustrating is that in areas that are under government control we still don't see an approach to dealing with these cases, that really honours the elimination of violence against women.feedback

Georgette Gagnon

It is important to note that incidents of violence against women still remain largely under-reported due to cultural constraints, social norms and taboos, customary practices in discrimination against women. Also, prevailing insecurity and weak rule of law have hampered women's access to formal justice institutions.feedback

Ahmad Ajman

When I got out and started walking, the explosion happened. The same type of car that I was in was destroyed. The target was an American car. A lot people were killed and wounded and I saw them them being evacuated to hospital.feedback

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar

Members of the Hezb-i-Islami has stopped brother killing and will refrain from the destruction of the country.feedback

Hashmat Stanikzai

A suicide bomber detonated his car loaded with explosives in front of a guesthouse used by foreign and Afghan citizens and now a number of suicide bombers are apparently inside. A gunfight is under way. There are no reports of possible casualties.feedback

Anwarullah Khan

There was a big bang which wounded some people. I don't know the exact number of wounded but it was really powerful.feedback

Haroon Mir

If there are any attacks on the day of the election, there is no motivation for the people to go out and take a risk to vote for candidates. Most of them, they don't know them and we have a large number of candidates.feedback

Waheed Omar

While we commend Dr Abdullah for being very brave, for having run a very good campaign, for having been a very good contender in the elections, we believe it is very unfortunate he has withdrawn his name from the second round, but, all that said, we believe that the elections have to go on, the process has to complete itself, the people of Afghanistan have to be given the right to vote.feedback

Josef Blotz - NATO

I think this is a very very tragic incident which is very deplorable because for four, five months we have not had such a tragic incident.feedback

Mohammed Omar Daudzai

In order to return to its main duty – which is to uncover and fight crime and focus on law enforcement – our police force needs training. This is going very well in Afghanistan and abroad. At home, we have one police academy. We have police training centres in the provinces and we have a staff college. In Kabul, we have the security command training centre, and soon we'll open the first police academy for women, in Bamian province with help from Europol.feedback

Mohammed Omar Daudzai

One of my top priorities in the past eight months [since taking on this post] has been to increase the number of women in the ministry at various levels. For example, for the first time, the commander of Kabul police District Number One is a woman. The Deputy Commander of security at Kabul Airport is a woman. In the same way, we have plans to increase the number of women at all the different levels of the ministry.feedback

John Kerry

It is important that whoever is president is recognised by the people as having become president through a legitimate process. The results that were announced on Monday are preliminary, they are neither authoritative nor final. And no one should be stating a victory at this point in time.feedback

Abdullah Abdullah

We will never take part in a puppet government which is controlled by foreign forces. The Kabul government is made of thieves, corrupt people and criminals.feedback

Hamid Rahimi

Yes, that's exactly right, that's what I'm thinking, when you walk across Afghanistan, Kabul, for example, you see the images of the heroes everywhere, people who I won't name, who become important thanks to their military career. I want to change that, I want sporting champions to take the place of the military or the soldier. When I was young my idol was Michael Jordan.feedback

Hamid Rahimi

I know Kabul very well and the inhabitants of this city. The situation has deteriorated compared to the time of the Taliban, there were not as many poor children in the streets as we see today.feedback

Jay Carney

This was a deeply unfortunate incident that does not reflect the great respect that military has for the religious practices of the Afghan people. Our military leaders have apologised, as I mentioned, for this unintentional action and ISAF is leading an investigation to understand what happened.feedback

Francois Hollande

Our withdrawal will be orderly and co-ordinated. More than 2000 of you will be back in France before the year's end. It's a big challenge to organise and in logistical terms. As the General has said, it's a real operation, and there will be risks.feedback

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