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Abdullahi Boru
There has to be some accountability mechanism. They need to exercise maximum restraint. They shouldn't be using excessive and disproportionate force in trying to contain the situation. Their job is to actually facilitate the
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Oct 26 2017
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Jared Jeffery

Clearly the old guard is continuing to play by the old

Jacques Nel

Spending related to the election and re-run election raise some concern (with some estimates putting the total amount to be spent on elections this year as high as $615 million).feedback

Christine Onyango

Today, not a single polling station opened. People have been throwing stones all day at the police. So I don't think people will accept that elections take place. Unless Raila says 'OK', it won't

Yvonne Mwenesi

I had just voted and as I walked out, a group of men who I know attacked me saying I had betrayed them by

Uhuru Kenyatta

I tell all our international partners that we will get through this. We must return to work ..... We cannot remain in a perpetual state of

Raila Odinga

Don't look at your brother or sister with suspicion. He or she is as much of a victim as

George Odunga

For the elections to proceed in the absence of the said officers would in my view be a constitutional crisis of unimaginable magnitude. Simply put, it would be a recipe for

David Maraga

As the two of us cannot form a quorum under the article 163-2 of the Constitution this matter cannot therefore be heard. It's accordingly adjourned to a date to be taken in the registry. Once again my apologies to all of

Paul Muite

It means elections are on tomorrow. There is no order stopping the

Mulle Musau

Kenyans were still very raw from what had happened in the postelection violence. There was much more of a 'let us accept and move on'

Bobby Mkangi

The elections are just a symptom. The real question is addressing the political system and trying to come up with something that is more equitable to all, so that at the end of the election you don't have certain ethnic communities feeling alienated for five

Haron M. Ndubi

It's an anticlimax. This is when we were hoping to see the judiciary's strength play out. We had just started having hope in an independent, strong judiciary, and then suddenly it's

Bobby Mkangi

Our political system still does not deliver what could cool down the temperature of politics in Kenya. Even in the Constitution I participated in, I think we didn't get the state

David Jesso

The same system that bungled the August election will bungle this election … We can't participate in elections and every time our leader is unfairly

George Mbija

We were expecting Maraga to cancel (Thursday's) elections. This means the push for postponement of the election is on. As we wait for Raila to give us the direction, the status quo remains - No reforms, No

John Ngutai

Our trainings were disrupted and officials attacked, so some people

Maina Kiai

Maina Kiai is a human rights lawyer in Nairobi and was the U.N. special rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association from 2011 to

Fred Muvunyi

Kenya's leaders are destroying the country in the name of

Murithi Mutiga - The International Crisis Group

This potentially could have been the election that consolidated Kenya as one of Africa's most vibrant democracies and now what you'll have is an election with no

Mathews Ochieng Owili

There is no way we are going for an election where the referee is

Roselyn Akombe

This election as planned cannot meet the basic expectations of a credible election. Not when the staff are getting last minute instructions on changes in technology and electronic transmission of results. Not when in parts of country, the training of presiding officers is being rushed for fear of attacks from protesters. We need the commission to be courageous and speak

James Mango

People resign from their jobs everyday … it's not a big deal. She had her own challenges, we all experience various challenges in our various places at work. We choose to stay or leave. She chose to

James Mango

Things have to move on. We believe that we will have this elections and we will move forward as

Joe Oketch

Akombe's resignation just shows us that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we may not know, but what is for sure is that as Raila said, we cannot go into the elections with the IEBC as it

Roselyn Akombe

This was met with more extremist responses from most commissioners, who are keen to have an election even if it is at the cost of the lives of our staff and

Roselyn Akombe

It would, therefore, have been logical for the Commission to be frank with the Kenyan people and clearly state the challenges we face in organizing a free, fair, and credible

Trevor Noah Goes

Oh, I get it: When there's shootings, Obama's from Chicago. All the other times, he's from

Edna Ogwangi

This was really a turning point for me–if people in the United States – who don't know Kenyans – can send food aid, I thought they had big hearts and generosity in them. At that point, I told myself that I would someday help and make a difference the way the Americans

Edna Ogwangi

When there isn't any food, it brings financial instability and communities start to struggle. People fight for food and communities fight with each other–I was absolutely

Edna Ogwangi

You don't plan for the future because you're not thinking about tomorrow–you are hungry that day and wondering where food is going to come from. That shatters the dreams you have. When there is hunger and the solutions are short-term, you don't have time to dream

Edna Ogwangi

When we don't have food security, we don't have a secure world, and I've seen it. We have to fight this war to make sure people have access and availability to food. They need to know how to utilize food so they can have a better life, a better future and a stable

Edna Ogwangi

I could literally look at their eyes and see a reflection of who I was when I was in fifth grade. I told them the meals they're getting weren't just to fill their tummies so they're able to work hard, the meals would help them create a future, and it will create

Raila Odinga

As far as we are concerned, that (original Supreme court) ruling is still valid. What we are demanding is that the electoral commission should respect the Supreme Court and carry out elections in accordance with the

Raila Odinga

If it goes ahead it is not an election, it is a selection. This must be done right in the interest of electoral democracy in our country. As far as we are concerned, the elections are cancelled and we expect that the IEBC will return to the process of nominations

Raila Odinga

(The government) are talking about a benevolent dictatorship - we can assure them that the people of Kenya will not take it lying down. The government sending the police to stop the people by throwing teargas and using live bullets, they are basically violating the fundamental rights of the people ... I support the exercise of their fundamental

Martin Kimani

A lot of those provocations or demonstrations taking place is an attempt to create the appearance of a crisis. There is a clear process on how to hold an assembly – it is about maintaining law and

Michelle Kagari - Amnesty International

This ban, announced just two weeks ahead of a fraught repeat presidential election, is likely to become a basis for heavy-handed police crackdowns. This kind of outright ban is only justifiable in the most extreme circumstances where the police would otherwise be unable to ensure public order and

Murithi Mutiga - The International Crisis Group

There's a real atmosphere of confusion and uncertainty. There seems to be dozens of opinions of what should come

Ken Minjire

There was cautious optimism, but now political risk has risen considerably overnight driven by the opposition candidate's

Khan Satchu

I expect the Oct. 26 election to take place ... We should start to see a recovery at the

Raila Odinga

After deliberating on our position in respect of the upcoming election, considering the interests of the people of Kenya, the region and the world at large, we believe that all will be best served by the party vacating its presidential candidature in the election scheduled for 26 Oct.

Uhuru Kenyatta

If you do not want elections, step aside so that the country can move

Raila Odinga

We have come to the conclusion that there is no intention on the part of the IEBC [electoral commission] to undertake any changes to its operations and personnel to ensure that the illegalities and irregularities that led to the invalidation of 8 August, 2008 do not happen again. All indications are that the election scheduled for 26 October will be worse than the previous

Firyal Nur

All the prints come from China or the Netherlands, and they're designed in those countries as an imitation of what they think we think is

Sunny Dolat

Not African enough' is a derogatory term routinely lobbed at artists, creators and thinkers who step outside the narrow confines of what the world–and Africans–think it means to look, talk like, think like and be an African. This questioning of 'Africaness' is a thing all the designers have been up against at one point of their careers. They have reflected about it as individuals and have found answers in their work and in their identity as

Richard David Shepherd

I had one idea only when I was growing up in the 1930s: to go to Africa and be a game warden. I had never even been across the channel, so I had no qualifications whatsoever. So I hop into an airplane and fly out to Kenya in 1949 and knock on the door of the head game warden in Nairobi and say, Can I be a game warden?' And he said, No, bugger off.' And I came back to England with my world in

Philomena Mwilu

This contemptuous disobedience with the court order leaves us with no option but to accept the petitioner's claims that the [IEBC's] IT system was infiltrated and compromised and the data therein interfered with. Or officials themselves interfered with the data or simply refused to accept that it had bungled the transmission system and were unable to verify the

Khan Satchu

Nakumatt is a cautionary and even mind boggling tale. It still remains an enigma wrapped in a conundrum as to how it burned through over $150 million, where their business model was built on

Khan Satchu

I believe the family exerted a strong hold on the business and were simply unable to keep up with a fast moving retail sector. This is a classic case of a family business being unable to institutionalize

David Maraga

The discrepancies were widespread. These discrepancies affected the integrity of the

David Maraga

If leaders are tired of having a strong and independent Judiciary, they should call a referendum and abolish it all together. Before that happens, the judiciary will continue to discharge its mandate in accordance with the Constitution and individual oaths of office. These attacks are denigrating, demeaning and degrading and are meant to intimidate, threaten and cow the institution and individual

Mai Hassan

Now that there is another vote, I'm worried that Raila will rile up his supporters and Uhuru will respond with force. Raila used a lot of war rhetoric in the run-up to the August vote, and Uhuru retaliated by being very clear that his government would not tolerate

Mai Hassan

The Supreme Court criticized the electoral commission's handling of the election, and the lack of faith that it instilled in the citizenry, as opposed to flat-out arguing that the overall outcome – whether Uhuru 'won' – was in doubt. In that way, this is a great step for Kenya. The judiciary is showing its might against the once all-powerful

David Maraga

Since the Supreme Court delivered judgment ... these threats have become more aggressive. Senior political leaders have also threatened the Judiciary, promising 'to cut it down to size' and 'teach us a

Hillary Clinton

What happened in Kenya, which I'm only beginning to delve into, is that the Supreme Court there said there are so many really unanswered and problematic questions, we're going to throw the election out and redo it. We have no such provision in our country. And usually we don't need

Ezra Chiloba - Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission

I honestly believe, save for the setting aside of the presidential elections, people will look back and say it was the best managed election that was nullified by the courts. They will ask why this happened. How come everyone got it so wrong? It only points to one thing, that we did it

Linda Phan

We've all come home with bigger hearts, higher hopes and more fuel in our passion to be part of the change. Aaand some cool souvenirs and

Linda Phan

Eddah's smile sums up the most beautiful week in Kenya. She's holding leaves from an oleleshwa tree, which flourishes even in drought. The perfect symbol of

Dennis Owino

Observers have been cleansing electoral malpractices in Kenya and Africa by basing research on the voting day, yet [an] election is a

Emma Gordon - Verisk Maplecroft

For several years, election observers' main audience has been the international community, rather than the population whose election they are monitoring. Across the continent, there are examples of observers describing elections as broadly free and fair, when there is a perception domestically that rigging

Calestous Juma

It is ironic that it is in Africa that technology is tripping Western election observers. Just like elections have gone digital so must observation be modernized to adapt to modern

Tim Cook - Apple

Dreamers who work at Apple may have been born in Canada or Mexico, Kenya or Mongolia, but America is the only home they've ever known. They grew up in our cities and towns, and hold degrees from colleges across the country. They now work for Apple in 28

Andrew Limo - Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission

If you want to punish people, you must have a basis for it. But the only basis is the full judgement of the Supreme Court, which will not be out until 21 days. Otherwise the commission could get into a position of defending itself in court from people who were

Manoah Esipisu

The Supreme Court gave clear guidance on who will hold the repeat election. You cannot accept one half of the verdict of the Supreme Court and not the

Raila Odinga

With this courageous verdict we put on trial the international observers who moved fast to sanitize fraud. Their role must be reexamined. In a true democracy, all Kenyans are

Warda Sadique

At 2 a.m., our matron came, telling us to get out of the hostel because there was fire in one of the hostels. So most of the people were panicking. Some were jumping through the

Daniella Maina

We were sleeping and a girl woke us up and said that our hostel was burning. We were helped to safety by some

Eric Eugène Murangwa

Again Longin took the matter into his own hands. He went first to speak to Zuzu and few minutes later there Zuzu was, coming out of his house and smiling and greeting me, saying he was going to protect me 'until we go and play in

Uhuru Kenyatta

Let's go back to the people and the Kenyan people will express themselves

Uhuru Kenyatta

I personally disagree with the ruling that has been made today. But I respect it. My primary message today to every single Kenyan is peace. Let us be people of

Ken Minjire

No one likes uncertainty, especially if the uncertainty period is as long as 60

Raila Odinga

The annulment is a historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension, the people of the continent of Africa. For the first time in the history of African democratisation, a ruling has been made by a court nullifying the election of a president. This is a precedent-setting

Emma Gordon - Verisk Maplecroft

Investors will be concerned about the financial implications and the high risk of violence. With the possibility of the new election going to a second round and the result being contested again, political uncertainty could easily last the rest of the year. Even if the process runs smoothly, investors will fear a re-run of 2007-08 violence until a winner is confirmed and the losing side

Emma Gordon - Verisk Maplecroft

The population's lack of faith in the system is one of the reasons why politics often descends into violence. While this decision cements the view that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission was biased, it demonstrates that independent checks and balances do

David Chadwick - Mayer Brown

It is not uncommon, following a change in power, that the new government might seek to declare an investor's contract invalid or revoke key permits or licences issued to the investor. We have also seen numerous instances in the last few years, particularly following the downturn in the commodities market, of governments defaulting on their payment obligations under contracts with traders and other foreign

David Maranga

The declaration [of Kenyatta's win] is invalid, null and void. [The election board] failed, neglected or refused to conduct the presidential election in a manner consistent with the dictates of the

Kevin Ouma

Today is a special today and I will celebrate until I am worn

Faith Mwangi - Exotix

This unprecedented ruling gives a much-needed boost of confidence in the system, with the population suddenly seeing election irregularities being handled correctly via the courts. This will prove transformative for the future. In the short term, we are likely to see the markets weakening as political tension resumes over the next two

Pheroze Nowrojee

The scenario was similar to that of the Bermuda Triangle where no one knows how ships

Njeri Kabeberi - Greenpeace

Plastic bags are highly toxic and damage the ecosystem, they also take hundreds of years to degrade. We urge all Kenyans to know the importance of preserving the environment. Kenyans need to adopt 100% re-usable and eco-friendly alternative packaging materials in the market like the Kiondo baskets (traditional baskets) similar to the traditional tunisian baskets called 'koffa' that are now used for shopping after Tunisia banned plastic bags in March this

Mark Seal

I expected Alan to come walking through his friend's house. Instead, I heard a roar, and he descended into the yard in his helicopter, picked me up and flew me over the wildlife-infested plains of his beloved Kenya. I've crashed two of these,' he advised me

Lu Dong Lin

Normally, we keep them in the barn overnight or sometimes, for much longer, before slaughtering them. This gives us an opportunity to iron out any cases involving thefts reported to

Lu Dong Lin

There are donkeys that are brought in from as far as Somalia. Many of the donkeys that are brought to the slaughterhouse by traders from the border regions actually come from across the border, especially from

Dennis Koskei

Our intention is not to sell them as they are important to our livelihoods but we didn't know somebody could steal and bring them

Chege Kariuki

Waste management in Nairobi will become impossible for all waste

Samuel Matonda

The knock-on effects will be very severe. It will even affect the women who sell vegetables in the market – how will their customers carry their shopping home?feedback

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum

We are talking with Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco – those countries have the facilities. I have very positive sounds from some of them. People said that Africa could not host the World Cup in football, but we did it very

Sylvia Musalagani - Hivos

A lot of them don't have the capacity to run these organizations, and as a result of that, they struggle with

Sylvia Musalagani - Hivos

Hubs are disrupting the usual way of doing business in this country and they are disrupting it in a good way, by incorporating young entrepreneurs who are easily left out by the existing system. These are the kind of thinkers who are able to bring the kind of change that we

Ahmed Maawy

My aim was to make sure that the same opportunity spaces present in Nairobi should and can be brought to

Bob Arnot

If you want to get the most polyphenols (and thus the most benefit) from drinking coffee, choose beans grown at high altitude, such as Nyeri in Kenya. Better still is dark Greek or Turkish roast, as these retain higher levels of polyphenols than lighter French or Italian roasts. But for the very best health, you want varieties of polyphenols. So do drink tea,

Marta Bodi

In 2008, I felt faint on a trip to Nairobi and had to be put on oxygen. I couldn't operate the flight home so I returned as a passenger. I was signed off long-term sick and spent the next two years pretty much bedridden. I had no energy, I couldn't sleep, I felt achy and I couldn't walk without help. If I breathed chemicals, I would vomit straight away. I was then diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity and instructed to wear a carbon-activated mask. I was like a 90-year-old in a thirtysomething's

Raila Odinga

We shall hold vigils, moments of silence, beat drums and do everything else to peacefully draw attention to the gross electoral injustices being meted on our country. We will not accept and move

Raila Odinga

We have now decided to move to the Supreme Court, he told reporters in the capital

Mark Kaigwa

Social media played an increasing role but so did digital strategy as a whole. We've never seen anything like it

Raila Odinga

Whether the court rules in our favor or rule against us, we don't really care. We want this evidence to come out so that people can know how they did it and who did, so they know that it was

Joseph Boinnet

If indeed it was a police officer then the law of the land will apply. As of now, we have strong reasons to believe it was thug with a

Uhuru Kenyatta

We thank them for the good work that they are doing, but we continue to encourage them to use restraint as they exercise their

Vincent Ochieno

What I've learned from my first time voting is you vote, you lose, you get beaten up. Why should I go out and vote again?feedback

Cindy Thairu

Young people are out fighting for people who are up there [in power], drinking together, enjoying together, and who don't care one bit about them in the grassroots. At university, I've made friends from across the country, from all sorts of backgrounds. Don't be poisoned by your parents, just because they keep a hatred. We are new, we want change. Our blood is the

Kevin Omondi

Groups of Kikuyus attacked us with pangas (machetes). We are worried they will come

Khan Satchu

The markets were concerned around a leftist 'Magufuli'-like tilt which would have eroded Kenya's hard won free market credentials. So part of this rally is a relief rally. This means there is a tonne of liquidity that is set to enter the market and underpin

Alice Kachere

I hear there is drought (in Kenya) and the prices we get will be high. I will be in trouble if the ban is not

Joseph Abanja

They started moving and said, let's go. One told me to do first aid and I told him I don't know first

Joseph Boinnet

Our response was lawful and proportionate. We are investigating (the Pendo case). No sane police officer would hit a

Christine Lebo

There were about four policemen on either boy, each beating them up with

Thomas Ogoni

It's only a small portion of people who are working. People need food and

Samuel Mukoma

NASA is not going to pay for our bills, I don't think it's a good move to tell people not to go to work actually ... we have been out of business for us for one week. I think they should tell people, to go back to work and wait for their next

Raila Odinga

Jubilee have spilt the blood of innocent people. Tomorrow there is no

James Orengo

We want peace, but we want peace with justice. When we call you to action, peaceful action, don't stay

Raila Odinga

Jubilee has spilled the blood of innocent people, and they will pay for for the blood of our

Fred Matiang

I am not aware of anyone who has been killed by live bullets in this country. Those are rumors. The impression being created on social media that we have security challenges in this country is

Manoah Esipisu

But sadly, we have seen violent protests, in which property has been damaged, and lives have been endangered. The violent protests are unlawful, so let me be perfectly clear here: The police will not tolerate breaches of the peace; instead, they will protect the lives and property of Kenyans; and they will restore law and

David Orwa

We are sick and tired of these people stealing the country from us. We need to split this country in

Federica Mogherini - European Union

I want to congratulate Uhuru Kenyatta. In line with the African Union, the EU expects the opposition to respect the results and to use legal means available for appeals and

Muthoni Wanyeki - Amnesty International

The Independent Policing and Oversight Authority (IPOA) must immediately launch an independent and effective investigation into reported killings and where there is credible evidence of crimes, those responsible must be brought to justice. Everyone has a right to peaceful protest and they must not be hurt, injured or killed for exercising that right. Police must do everything necessary to protect life in these protests. They should prioritize dialogue and de-escalation, and only use force and firearms if all peaceful means fail, and only where necessary to protect

Calvin Otieng

If the police are coming to beat us, we are ready for

Jebel Ngere

It's a cat-and-mouse game. But this time around, we have made proper arrangements. Everything is

Ken Wamungu

We are angry and we want to demonstrate. But the police are not protecting our right to

Ojwang Lusi

We have one person killed and four others admitted in hospital with gunshot

Felix Oduor

This is just a warm-up. Tomorrow we will go to State House and they can kill us

James Orengo

We have given an offer to the commission and a challenge to the commission that in order to bring this matter to an end we should be given access to their servers – not just us, even Jubilee, religious leaders, the media, that we should look at their servers retaining the raw data coming from the field

Uhuru Kenyatta

As I said to my worthy opponents, especially my brother, the Right Honorable Raila Odinga, I reach out to you; I reach out to all your supporters. I take this opportunity once again to call upon all Kenyans to exercise the same peace and tranquility we have seen before and during these elections. Your neighbor will always be your neighbor and we cannot fight over an

James Orengo

This is a disaster. You do not hold an election for the sake of

David Ndii

We have been able to do a statistically random sample based on more than 1m votes and there is nothing that gives you the number the IEBC is giving. They are off by

James Orengo

These characters look like they are from heaven but they also have a past. Going to court is not an alternative, we have been there before. Every time an election has been stolen, the Kenyan people have stood up to make sure changes are made to make Kenya a better place. No force on earth can go against a people united. Therefore nobody should think this is the end of the matter and nobody should make us feel guilty that we have got constitutional alternatives in interrogating the decision that has been made by this commission that is a great

James Orengo

This has been an entire charade. The Kenyan people have never disappointed … every time an election has been stolen, the Kenyan people have stood up to make sure changes are made to make Kenya a better place,'. Going to court, for us, is not an alternative. We have been there before. The observers largely served the interests of the

Robert Godec

If there are disputes or disagreements, the Kenyan constitution is very clear on how they are to be addressed. Violence must never be an option. Now is the time for leaders, across the political spectrum, to demonstrate their commitment to (the) constitution and to the institutions it creates and the values it sets

Abdi Yakub Guliye

They have done their own additions and they think Raila has 8 million (votes), which is ridiculous, there is nothing. As far as we are concerned, we don't believe they have any credible

John Kerry

The process that was put in place is proving its value thus far. Kenya has made a remarkable statement to Africa and the world about its democracy and the character of that democracy. Don't let anybody besmirch

Thabo Mbeki

It would be very regrettable if anything emerges afterwards that sought to corrupt the outcome, to spoil that

John Kerry

We call on all the candidates whether they are victors or losers in this race, to work within the rule of law and the legitimate dispute process in order to challenge any aspect of this election where they have

Wafula Chebukati

We ask all parties to continue to exercise restraint especially at this critical moment. We are working hard to ensure that we get the final results within the shortest time possible. We expect that all the presidential results ... will reach the national tallying centre by 12:00 tomorrow (Friday).feedback

Murithi Mutiga - The International Crisis Group

If you have a leader that commands only half the country, you will have many disgruntled people and low confidence in public

Murithi Mutiga - The International Crisis Group

A lot will depend on the behavior of the losing candidate. If he calls for sustained protests, we may be looking at a few days, and maybe weeks, of

Sophia Abdi Noor

I leave the dedicated women seats to others and campaign against a handful of men. I will win because people here are tired of men who only think of

Marietje Schaake

Candidates and their supporters must accept that not winning is a natural part of a democratic

Thabo Mbeki

They cast their ballots in conditions of peace and freedom and are able to address their challenges. And we applaud Kenyan people for that, and we applaud what we have seen up to now. It would be very regrettable if anything emerges afterwards that sought to corrupt the outcome, to spoil that

Thabo Mbeki

The IEBC, obviously, together with the parties concerned must conduct that investigation. That's not observation. We're not an African Union election investigation team. We are an African Union Election Observation

John Kerry

We affirm the conviction that the judicial process, the judicial system of Kenya, and the election laws themselves make full and adequate provision for accountability in this election. The streets do

Raila Odinga

These results are fake; it is a sham. They cannot be credible. I don't control the

Wafula Chebukati

We shall have our own investigative system to kick in. We shall come up with a methodology as to finding out whether or not those claims are

Akal Nicholas

Every time we vote in Kenya, our votes are stolen. We can't keep allowing this to happen. We have to do

Wafula Chebukati

This is a watershed moment in the history of election management in the Republic of

Raila Odinga

They are fictitious, they are fake. We have our projections from our agents which show we are ahead by

Raila Odinga

We have our projections from our agents which show we are ahead by far. We fear this was exactly the reason Chris Msando was

Isaiah Nengo

I appreciate just how difficult it is to find something like this. So when we found this, I was over the moon. I still am over the

Wafula Chebukati

As a commission we shall carry out investigations to establish whether or not the (hacking) claims are true. I don't control the

Uhuru Kenyatta

We fear this was exactly the reason Chris Msando was assassinated, so this could

Fred Matiangi

Be very careful of information that is bandied around on social

Abraham Ashidiva

If we lose, then we will wait for our leader Raila [Odinga] to speak. If he says it is OK, then it is OK. If he says fight, we will

Marietje Schaake

We have 130 observers all over the country. And together we can get a sense of what has happened here in Nairobi, what is happening in other parts of the country. And it's a part of our more long term observation, that includes the campaigning, the election day, but also the count, the tallying and the days after the election, which are also an important element of the entire

Nic Cheeseman

It seems almost inevitable that whoever loses will question the result. The question is not whether or not they will accept the result but what they will do when they don't accept

Hasnain Malik - Exotix

Whether the queues at the polling stations are long or short, the technology works or not, the international observers approve or disapprove, really for investors the only part of the election that matters is how the loser reacts to the declared

Wafula Chebukati

We wish to assure you all that for the polling stations that opened late, we will compensate the time by extending the voting period by the same amount of hours that were lost before

Fred Nyakundi

The exercise is very slow, but I am happy with the service I got. I am going home to open the business and wait for

Lydia Gathoni

I have come here to vote because good leadership comes from God. I want to vote because I believe God has kept me alive for so many

John Mahama

There have been no incidents so far. Voting seems to be going smoothly and I think it is a good sign for Kenyan

Ken Okoth

We hope the counting process will be as good as the voting and the results will reflect the true winner. There is concern over voter registration where people who corrected mistakes of their details cannot find their names on the list. I estimate between 500 and 1,000 people are affected by

Silas Owiti

Kenya is sitting on a bombshell. If these elections don't reflect the majority of Kenyans, believe me, the bombshell will

James Corden

The White House does need some work. Apparently that place has a ton of leaks. Your job is to tell the president things he does not want to hear. But you've got to walk them to the truth – you just can't slap them in the face with it and run out of the Oval

Pamela Mwande

[The president] has been a good leader. We should not have change and disruption and

Evelyn Sum

He has done a lot for the country and he must absolutely be re-elected. He has built a lot of infrastructure, like the SGR train (between Nairobi and Mombasa), he has created

Tom Mboya

I voted Raila, because he will be so much better to us. But if he does not win, it's ok. It's a democracy after all. Really, there's no need for

Julius Kirwa

Competition is too high here. Countries have invested heavily in the science of athletics, while we are still using old methods of training hard and depending on foreign coaches handling our athletes out there. I fear that even this (3,000m) steeplechase race may be taken away from us. He (Jager) has emerged as the strongest steeplechaser this season, and we no longer take it for granted (that the gold is ours).feedback

Kwendo Opanga

If people like to read about local news, then they are going to buy local news and, therefore, local editions. This will translate into more sales and more money as well as help build brand identity, strength and loyalty in the

Paul Wafula - The Standard

Regionalism in how a newspaper packages its content has always been the norm in Kenya. People in Central Kenya, for instance, are more interested in news about President Kenyatta, the politicians in the region or on national policies that affect their issues like coffee

Kwendo Opanga

Do regional editions promote ethnicity or does ethnicity drive regional editions? Another way of asking this question is whether news media, which are businesses or corporate citizens, promote ethnicity at the expense of national unity.

Barack Obama

This election is one more milestone for Kenya, and I urge President Kenyatta, Mr. Odinga, and all Kenyans to act with respect for the proverb: 'We have not inherited this land from our forebears, we have borrowed it from our children'. The choices you make in the coming days can either set Kenya back or bring it together. As a friend of the Kenyan people, I urge you to work for a future defined not by fear and division, but by unity and

Murithi Mutiga - The International Crisis Group

Devolution was brought in to deal with the all-or-nothing presidential contest that we had in the past. The president could reward his home of origin and completely ignore other places. Now political patronage has also devolved to the

Barack Obama

In Kenya's election we have already seen too much incitement and appeals based on fear from all sides. But I also know that the Kenyan people as a whole will be the losers if there is a descent into violence. You can make clear that you will reject those that want to deal in tribal and ethnic hatred. As I said two years ago, the voices of ordinary people and civil society can make sure that Kenya will not be defined by divisions of the past, but by the promise of the future. Today, those voices - your voices - are needed more than

Charles Onyango-Obbo

It is the beginning of the end of an era and so it has to be painful and brutal. In part because Kenya has escaped the worst of African coups and wars it has never made the transition from a post-independence leadership. We are approaching a turning

Uhuru Kenyatta

Do not allow anything to drive a wedge between you. You have been good neighbours and I urge you to remain so regardless of your tribe, religion or political

Daniel Mwangi

We sing here in all the languages of our country. Our pastor has been telling us there will be peace so we are not

Willy Fiyukundi

Normally I fill up my matatu (minibus taxi) in 15 minutes but today I've been waiting three hours. It's a disaster. People are

Uhuru Kenyatta

We are here to ask God to give us a peaceful election, and to keep us united as one through the choices that will be made via the votes of Kenyans. We will accept the results bearing in mind that Kenya will still exist after these

Jeff Flake

Republicans are not going to defeat Hillary Clinton in November by insisting that she belongs in prison any more than we defeated Barack Obama by pretending that he was born in

Donald J. Trump

His grandmother from Kenya stated, on tape, that he was born in Kenya and she was there to watch the birth. If he was not born in the United

Raila Odinga

There are attempts to manipulate the results. The only way Jubilee can win this election is by rigging. They have no other way. We are more than confident that we are going to get a decisive victory on

Flora Sindoli

In case the election is contested or is not free and fair, it could turn out like 2007 and I don't want to be caught off

Murithi Mutiga - The International Crisis Group

The potential for a contested outcome to the presidential election in 2017 resulting in inter-communal conflict or violent street protests remains

Khan Satchu

The man on the street has found themselves worse off rather than better off. This is a conundrum the incumbent party is rowing

Henk Hoff

It's like preparing for the big unknown: you just don't know what is going to

Alphonce Shiundu

There is an ecosystem of fake news around this election. Kenyans really don't know what the truth

Boniface Mwangi

When they get even more broke they will start to look at actual

Kwamchetsi Makokha

Devolution has drawn some of the poison out of the system, but it hasn't lanced it completely. There are big appetites out there and not all of that hunger can be satisfied at the county

Nic Cheeseman

There's more accountability, at more levels, than ever before in Kenya. The experience of taking politics closer to the people has been transformative, particularly so in the areas farthest from

Jeffrey Gettleman

Kenya has a land problem. Africa itself has a land problem. The continent seems so vast and the land so open. The awesome sense of space is an inextricable part of the beauty here–the unadulterated vistas, the endless land. But in a way, that is an illusion. Population swells, climate change, soil degradation, erosion, poaching, global food prices and even the benefits of affluence are exerting incredible pressure on African

Ebele Okobi

We take fake news issues seriously because people want to see accurate information on

Uhuru Kenyatta

I'm the man who abides by the wish of the people and I pray that my opponents do the same. I ask Kenyans to look at one another as brother and

Julien Garcier

Yes, they have been around for a long time, but above all, it's a family business and they are now facing a fairly sudden rise in competition and their lack of know-how is making them make expensive mistakes. The biggest trouble I go through is, what next? Always, we're looking for

Thomas Jayne

These ideas of land-abundant Africa are increasingly outdated. Land disputes are going to become more and more common, and more and more severe.

Anne Powys

For the first time ever, you get that vibe that you're a mzungu – what are you doing here? It's a bit grandiose to think we can continue to live like this when thousands of people out there don't have any

Anne Powys

It is Zimbabwe-esque. We're white people in a black country. If we're not welcome, what's the point?feedback

Adil Ray

I feel lucky that Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan and England are all of my house. It's a reminder that you really don't know who you are until you find out what you

Jacque Njeri

The Maasai tribe is synonymous to Kenya and in their own right,

Amika George

I read about the issue of period poverty in March and was bewildered that … [the charity] Freedom4Girls had to redirect sanitary products from Kenya to Leeds. I did some research and no one could believe it was happening in the UK. The work charities are doing is really great, but the government should implement something long-term to change people's lives for the better. It's really tragic that there are children who struggle with the effects of poverty at such a young age … Something like not being able to afford sanitary products has a long-lasting impact on health and also

Kim Zociak-Biermann

Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is

Shigeru Ban

The key thing will be to design and construct shelter where no or little technical supervision is required, and use materials that are locally available and eco-friendly. It's important that the houses can be easily maintained by

Oscar Simanto - Forest Service

People are farming without soil and water conservation structures. Restoration of lands outside forests is a

Fred Kihara

Working with 15,000 farmers, we've increased water to Nairobi by 27,000 cubic metres a day. Most is terracing, sediment trapping, 200,000 trees a season. The deal is you can keep the soil on your land with this good quality Napier grass that we supply you. We aim for three metres of permanent vegetation on banks. What you want is to reduce the pace of the water, get the rivers clean and improve

Jack Ma - Alibaba Group

We want to make sure that everywhere we go we can build companies for the locals not for

Rosie Woodroffe - Zoological Society of London

It's really scary. It is possible that some of these big areas will become too hot for wild dogs to

Rosie Woodroffe - Zoological Society of London

Wild dogs live fast and die young. They have these huge litters [of up to 14 pups] and then the mortality is quite

Rosie Woodroffe - Zoological Society of London

When people think about climate change affecting wildlife, they mostly think about polar bears. But wild dogs are adapted to the heat – surely they'd be fine? So it is shocking and surprising that even right on the equator these effects are being seen. It illustrates the global impact of climate change. If you are an animal who makes your living by running around really fast, obviously you are going to get hot. But there are not enough hours in the day any more that are cool enough to do that. This is something which is genuinely suppressing population

Kim Zolciak-Biermann

I'm very motivated by money. Everything has a price. I'm just giving it to you straight. Given the right amount of money for anything? Yeah, count me in. I like to work. I have six children to support, so for sure!feedback

Ingo Gerlach

Mostly I'm in Europe and in Kenya. This results in images that are unique. And that is saying something in today's flood of

Michael Gerson

The United States was founded on principles of compassion and universal human rights.