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Mohammed bin Salman
We're pursuing (the Yemen war) until we can be sure that nothing will happen there like Hezbollah again. Because Yemen is more dangerous than Lebanon.feedback
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Oct 26 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Lebanon. 310 people are quoted and you can read 508 citations of them about Lebanon. Fouad Siniora, Najib Mikati, António Guterres and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Fouad Siniora said: “The UN's peacekeepers are welcome in Lebanon and we believe they play a vital role in keeping the peace and protecting Lebanon. In co-operation with the Lebanese army they ensure security in the border zone south of the Litani river. We are following the developments very closely, and we would like to salute the serious and constructive collaboration between our army and the UN.”.
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Ayatollah Khamenei

They are angry because the Islamic Republic has foiled their plots in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Egypt. Everyone should know that once again America will receive a slap in its mouth and will be defeated by the people of Iran. The European governments have affirmed [their stance] on the agreement and have condemned the statement made by the American president.feedback

Cesar Abi Khalil

The first licensing round for oil exploration closed.feedback

Hassan Rouhani

OK, if you want to keep Daesh (the Islamic State group) in this region for 20 years and use it as a tool, then OK, it is your right to be angry with the Revolutionary Guards. Because the Revolutionary Guards, by their planning, and support for the nations of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon have humiliated Daesh. We are one society. We are all Iran. There are no differences among our factions in confronting our enemies' conspiracies. The current US president has created a situation where Iran is more integrated than ever, more unanimous, more united.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

I remember when Jordan and Lebanon were impacted by huge refugee inflows. They were finally entitled to receive concessional loans by the World Bank because of the fact that they had these huge external shocks. I think we are facing a similar situation.feedback

Mahmoud Abbas

I will not accept or copy or reproduce the Hezbollah example in Lebanon. Everything must be in the hands of the Palestinian Authority.feedback

Mark East

Don't know where I'm going to end up - I could end up in Beirut. But that's life isn't it? We're just going to have to deal with it. I feel for the people back in the UK that turned up at the airport today but couldn't get on their flights to come out here.feedback

Leila Amineddoleh

This is one of the most remarkable cases I've worked on given the object's incredible journey and the cast of characters. And, although it was looted decades ago, it is just as relevant today.feedback

Leila Amineddoleh

How it ended up in New York is not really clear but what's clear is that Lebanon never issued any authorization for the export of the bull's head and never gave up title of it.feedback

Elias Farhat

If Iran can open this road they will have access through Iraq and Syria all the way to Hezbollah in Lebanon.feedback

Joelle Touma

It would be nice if people think a little bit about what they have wanted to say but they didn't dare.feedback

Joelle Touma

We grew up in opposite camps in the war, and each of us made his own arc to go back and look at the other point of view.feedback

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

Defensive arms, , are not provocative unless you are the aggressor.feedback

Rifaat Mtanos Nasrallah

The Resistance didn't leave us, not even for a minute, and it was by our side during the worst situations. And whatever we asked from the Resistance, they were ready to oblige. They exist only to harm. Six years were enough of the black flags that were on our mountains. Today there are good flags; the Resistance flag and the military flags will bring good fortune to us. We've had enough of black flags.feedback

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

I think to be frank it didn't play well in the general election - I think people didn't understand what we were trying to say. The way I now express it is as a first referendum on the facts, on the evidence, what we will know at the end of the negotiation is the likely path forward.feedback

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

It's a bit like being handcuffed to a radiator in the basement of a flat in Beirut and she is at the mercy of other people. The minute she shows a sign of independence of mind there will be 70 letters that will go into the chairman of the '22 committee [the Tories' influential backbench group of MPs] and she'll be out.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

The last official letter sent by the secretary general to the security council on an issue was in 1989 about Lebanon.feedback

Ziad Doueiri

My mother breastfed me Palestinian milk and the Palestinian cause. Members of my family were killed while fighting with the Palestinians. I struggled for the Palestinian cause before you were born. The Insult is the pride of Lebanon's industry. We in Lebanon do Hummus and Shawerma well, and we do very good movies as well.feedback

Ghattas Khoury

Ziad Doueiri is a great Lebanese director who has been honored around the world. Respecting and honoring him is a must #Lebanon.feedback

Samir Simon

This place, that place – it doesn't matter to me. I go to whichever one. I don't know the difference. It's the same thing.feedback

Nikki Haley

They have thousands of missiles and thousands of trained fighters all beyond the control of the Lebanese government. It is apparent to everyone who cares to see it.feedback

Imad Salamey

This victory will add to Hezbollah's ability to gain influence within its own Shiite community and will also strengthen its Christian allies.feedback

Samy Gemayel

Today, it is Hezbollah that takes the decisions, and the Lebanese state that executes these decisions.feedback

Basem Chabb

Hezbollah has behaved as a parallel state. And now that ISIS is out of the way, even some of its Christian allies may become alarmed.feedback

Kamal Wazne

In Lebanon, it doesn't matter how strong you are, you have to govern by consensus. Otherwise you end up in a place where you don't want to be, and we already tried that during the civil war.feedback

Nikki Haley

For too long UNIFIL's leadership has failed to make sure this goal is realized.feedback

Fawaz Gerges

The Lebanese army has proved itself. It has shown it can take on Islamic State.feedback

Khalil Helou

We would have won. The victory would have been complete and we would have captured senior leaders of Daesh [ISIS]. This didn't happen and the responsibility is of the Lebanese government. Our army did a great job, but its success was overshadowed by this humiliating deal.feedback

Anne Gueguen - United Nations Security Council

UNIFIL, of course, can do better and can do more, but no-one in this council can imagine for one second the environment existing there without UNIFIL.feedback

Ryan Dillon

The coalition, we are not party to this agreement between Lebanon, Hezbollah and ISIS. Their claim of fighting terrorism rings hollow when they allow known terrorists to transit territory under their control. ISIS is a global threat, and relocating terrorists from one place to another is not a lasting solution.feedback

Ibrahim Ali

A lot of people are doing it to get to Europe, the US and Canada. While I plan to stay in Lebanon, I know hundreds who been baptised just to help their applications. They would do anything to have security for their family.feedback

Jonathan Guyer

He's the only cartoonist whose work I've seen in Muslim Brotherhood newspapers and also in a famous communist bar in Beirut. He has this incredible crossover appeal because he was really an independent thinker and a staunch critic of all authority. Whoever you are, there is something in Naji al-Ali's work for you.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

This is something Israel cannot accept. This is something the U.N. should not accept. The victory over ISIS is welcome. Iran's entry is unwelcome, endangering us, and in my opinion, endangering the region and the world.feedback

Avidgor Lieberman

We are determined to prevent any threat to the security of the citizens of Israel.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

I understand the security concerns of Israel, and I repeat that the idea or the intention or the will to destroy the State of Israel is something totally unacceptable from my perspective.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

I will do everything in my capacity to make sure that UNIFIL fully meets its mandate. I dream that I will have the chance to see in the Holy Land two states able to live together in mutual recognition, but also in peace and security.feedback

Hassan Nasrallah - Hezbollah

The remaining ISIS terrorists are completely confused and seek an escape or any settlement to exit the area whiehc they have occupied after being besieged.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

I will do everything in my capacity to make sure that UNIFIL fully meets its mandate. To express that the right of existence of the state of Israel doesn't exist or the wish to destroy the state of Israel is an unacceptable form of modern anti-Semitism.feedback

Alexander Betts

The European refugee crisis was not a crisis of numbers; it was a crisis of politics. Twenty-eight EU member states should have been able to manage an influx of 1 million refugees–a number less than, say, Lebanon or Uganda host by themselves.feedback

Abbas Ibrahim

We believe, almost certainly, that these are the remains of the soldiers.feedback

Abbas Ibrahim

I know this is a difficult moment ... Liberating the land often calls for offering our souls to this country.feedback

Abbas Ibrahim

Those who surrendered from Daesh led us to the soldiers. The rest will be sent into Syria. We do not bargain. We are in the position of the victor and are imposing conditions.feedback

Michel Sleiman

Military victory must be supplemented by chasing down those who executed the soldiers and prosecuting them before international and Arabic tribunals.feedback

Abbas Ibrahim

The return of Daesh militants in air-conditioned cars to their countries is permissible because Lebanon adheres to the philosophy of a state that does not exact revenge.feedback

Toby Iles - Fitch

There's never been a problem with [this system], but it's a high stakes system.feedback

Yassine Jaber

It is definitely toned down compared to the one we saw when we were there, so obviously our arguments have been taken into consideration ... It is more targeted.feedback

Mathias Angonin - Moody's

So far Lebanese authorities have been successful in limiting the fallout of U.S. sanctions on Lebanese banks.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

But the condition is an official Lebanese request, and public coordination, not under the table.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

Iran is already well on its way to controlling Iraq, Yemen and to a large extent is already in practice in control of Lebanon. We cannot forget for a single minute that Iran threatens every day to annihilate Israel. Israel opposes Iran's continued entrenchment in Syria. We will be sure to defend ourselves with all means against this and any threat. I made it clear to Putin that Iran's establishing itself in Syria will not aid stability in the region, and I told him that we want to prevent a future war and therefore it is important to warn in advance.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

The first condition of any deal reached with Daesh will be revealing the fate of the Lebanese soldiers and returning them to their families.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

So far, more than 270 square km have been fully captured on Syrian land (by Hezbollah and the Syrian army). Around 40 square km remain under Daesh control.feedback

James Leonard

We constantly need to strive to adapt our strategies, our tactics, to face the world that we are living in and that is exactly what we are doing here.feedback

Valentin Acosta

I felt sick. I didn't think about what happened here. This is the hospital I've been visiting since I've been in the United States. It's going to be my hospital.feedback

Donna Lee Peterkin

When you think about all the events that occurred, it's still a little bit traumatic. But it's not fear anymore. It's been kind of a long process, but it's coming together.feedback

Doug Reich

What we're going to do is go up there as a team. We'll all go up there and support each other, and we'll make the transition very smoothly.feedback

Magdy Mikhail

The shooting happened on a Friday. The next Monday was a little slow. But after that, it was business as usual.feedback

Donna Lee Peterkin

I couldn't handle being here. You get flashbacks. It was difficult to concentrate on the work.feedback

Ada Colau

Once again, I want to say that Barcelona is still standing and we're not afraid. We're united by the values of democracy, human rights, and co-existence.feedback

Ghida Anani

It's the first step to changing the mind-set and traditions. For us it's the start. Now the awareness and behavioral campaign will start to make women aware that it's no longer an option: He cannot escape punishment.feedback

Nizar Bouchedid

It's rock 'n' roll with an edge. You know the songs. But you kind of don't know.feedback

Hamed Sinno

I think it's the queer brown musician with a mustache thing.feedback

Hamed Sinno

This feels a bit too purple, throw some green in there, so someone will throw in something really synth-y and high-pitched.feedback

Rana Atwan

Valuations have become stupid high, because now there is easy money. We have basically pulled out of Lebanon.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

The American administration, with all available and possible means, will not be able to damage the strength of the resistance.feedback

Hassan Nasrallah - Hezbollah

The Assad regime is here to stay, his army is here to stay, this Syrian state and its institutions are here to stay…President Bashar Assad is here to stay.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Lebanon is on the front lines in the fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hezbollah.feedback

Maha Yahya

It is consolidating its role as a major power broker, both regionally and locally. This is Hezbollah saying, I am a regional player now and I need to be taken into account.feedback

Nadim Houry

Everyone is moving all these civilians to Idlib through these deals, so what happens when the battle for Idlib happens? Idlib is not a safe place right now.feedback

Adam Coogle - Human Rights Watch

I think it is a really a positive step forward towards ending impunity for sexual assault and ending violence against women, but also (for) improving the rule of law.feedback

Amal Clooney - Doughty Street Chambers

My own family is from Lebanon and they also ran away from a war, and were lucky enough to be accepted by a European country in 1982 while the violence there was really bad. I hope that, as you say, you will be able to go back to a safe and free Syria.feedback

Abdallah Nauphal

We were killing each other in Lebanon. Everybody was saying, Oh, it [the civil war] will be done in six months. But it became obvious to me that this was something that was going to last 20 years or something.feedback

William G. Pearlstein

We believe the district attorney's position is ill-founded. The Beierwaltes are bona fide purchasers with clean hands. By contrast, for more than 50 years, Lebanon has failed take any action domestically or internationally to report any theft of the bull's head.feedback

Mohammed Afif - Hezbollah

We are the ones defeating terrorism. The Americans and their allies are the ones who are supporting terrorism, and they are the last ones who should be criticizing Hezbollah.feedback

Mohammed Afif - Hezbollah

The current American president is ignorant of the region. We are the force that fights terrorism while the United States continues to support terrorism in many forms.feedback

Aram Nerguizian

Basically Hezbollah has two strengths when it comes to how it shapes political and military outcomes. It's incredibly media savvy and understands the power of optics. And it has freedom of action that no state actor has, including the Lebanese Army, or any political faction.feedback

Donald J. Trump

I'll be making my position very clear over the next 24 hours. I have meetings with some of my very expert military representatives and others, so I'll be making that decision very shortly. The United States military has been proud to help in that fight and will continue to do so. America's assistance can help ensure that the Lebanese army is the only defender Lebanon needs.feedback

Donald J. Trump

America's assistance can help ensure that the Lebanese army is the only defender Lebanon needs. It's a very effective fighting force.feedback

Saad al-Hariri

We are carrying out contacts in Congress and I'm having a number of rounds in Congress so that we can reach an understanding on the resolution in Congress.feedback

Bani Mustafa - Wafa

The state of impunity will continue, and the interest of the family will be put ahead of the victim's right to justice.feedback

Maya Ammar - Kafa

These are cases that are not discussed in public. They all happen in silence.feedback

Basma Mohamad Latifa

My sister didn't like the deal but I assured to her, it will be temporary.feedback

Rima Koumaira

My husband said, I don't want this for our children. If you heard my daughter speak, you would think she grew up in Venezuela. My children love Venezuela.feedback

Elizabeth Saleh

People who migrated before the establishment of the modern Lebanese state [1943] and who, at the time, lived outside of the parameters of Mount Lebanon, but within today's Lebanese borders, were considered to belong to greater Syria. It was mostly young men who were sent abroad in search of opportunity. They would then send remittances back home and return to find a local bride.feedback

Rima Koumaira

I am very grateful for Lebanon, but I don't feel it's my homeland. If I die, I want to be buried in Venezuela, my beautiful Venezuela that I'm always thinking about.feedback

Emmanuel Macron

I share Israeli concerns on the arming of Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. We seek Lebanon's stability with due regard to all minorities.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

It's high time to end the threat of militant groups in Arsal and little time is left to reach certain reconciliation deals. There are terrorists and planners of attacks in Arsal and this needs a solution.feedback

Rabih Kayrouz

I love glasses –especially Baccarat – and I mix and match them all the time. Tonight's tablecloth is actually two old curtains. I bought them somewhere in the south of France. They must've covered windows in a chateau or something, but now they're the perfect dimensions for a long table. This is what takes time. Really, Lebanese food is quick! We'll put olive oil in water. You can never have enough. We love it in Lebanon! Most of the time we end up dancing. These dinners can last until 2 a.m. I love that.feedback

Sridhar Chilimuri

I want to show him, Yes, I can still do it.' We think that will uplift him. Right now he has no clue what he will end up with.feedback

Sridhar Chilimuri

These are hospitals. They're supposed to be welcoming. We can't build fortresses.feedback

Ali Akbar Velayati

Today the highway of resistance starts in Tehran and reaches Mosul, Damascus and Beirut.feedback

Robert Sancho

I've gone to the Dominican Republic to recruit doctors. We bring in about four Dominican doctors every year.feedback

Robert Sancho

Many of them have already finished their course of study in a foreign country, but they are not recognized in the United States and have to start all over again.feedback

Sridhar Chilimuri

The hospital is their entire support system often. Even things that are wrong in their own families, they look to the hospital to solve them.feedback

Hafsa Abbas

We live in the Bronx. We know our patients, we meet them at the grocery stores, we go to the same places they do.feedback

Sridhar Chilimuri

They're extraordinary physicians, because they know what it is to suffer.feedback

Nilsa Maria

I used to love going there because it was close by, it was in the neighborhood and doctors are good. Now, I'm a little scared of going there. Anybody can go in there and hurt anybody.feedback

Ahmed Baiomi

When we were in the middle of the crisis, one of our doctors from Pakistan brought us Pakistani food. I really liked it, I never ate it before.feedback

Ahmed Salloum

The settlement has turned to ashes. Even the iron melted.feedback

Dana Sleiman - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We've started the assessment as to how many tents have been damaged. As soon as the assessment is done, we will provide the families with all the help they need. Apparently it started with a cooking stove. We are waiting to confirm that.feedback

Sridhar Chilimuri

Nobody targeted him. He's just an individual who's out to harm people.feedback

Bill de Blasio

One doctor is dead, and there are several doctors who are fighting for their lives right now amongst those who are wounded. This is a horrific situation unfolding in the middle of a place that people associate with care and comfort. Even in the midst of his horror, there were many, many acts of heroism. All of the personnel at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, whose day went from normal to horrifying in a matter of seconds – the doctors, the nurses, all the personnel, responded with extraordinary bravery, cool professionalism. They protected each other. They protected their patients.feedback

Errol C. Schneer

Our hospital staff responded heroically in addressing this situation. Many of our staff risked their own lives to save patients, and the fact that we had only one injury to a patient is truly a testament to the work that our staff did in protecting the patients at all costs.feedback

Nelo Vingada

We will have two friendly matches in August to build the understanding between the players.feedback

Nelo Vingada

I can guarantee that the national team will be better in the coming months as compared to the past match against Lebanon.feedback

Henry Bello

This hospital terminated my road to a licensure to practice medicine. First, I was told it was because I always kept to myself. Then it was because of an altercation with a nurse.feedback

William Bratton - New York City Police Department

This would appear, preliminarily, to be a former employee dressed in a hospital jacket similar to what you would see a doctor wearing, who is familiar with the hospital, which makes the situation a lot more problematic. That's a type of weapon that you so often see in these types of situations.feedback

Mike Pompeo

Today, we find it with enormous influence, influence that far outstrips where it was six or seven years ago. Whether it's the influence they have over the government in Baghdad, whether it's the increasing strength of Hezbollah and Lebanon, their work alongside the Houthis in Iran, the Iraqi Shias that are fighting along now the border in Syria -- certainly the Shia forces that are engaged in Syria. Iran is everywhere throughout the Middle East.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

The Israeli enemy must know that if an Israeli war is launched against Syria or Lebanon, it is not known that the fighting will remain Lebanese-Israeli, or Syrian-Israeli. This doesn't mean there are states that might intervene directly. But this could open the way for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of fighters from all over the Arab and Islamic world to participate - from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.feedback

Amir Eshel

The skies of the Middle East are a lot more crowded than before, with lots of players.feedback

Amir Eshel

If war breaks out in the north [of Israel], we have to open with all our strength from the start.feedback

Nelo Vingada

Of course, in the last 15 minutes our players were feeling it (fatigue). But Lebanon are also Muslims, I don't know how they did it. In the game, during both their goals, our team were organised and everyone was behind the ball, so it is not a question of fitness, it is because of concentration.feedback

Lindsey Graham

If you don't think containing Iran and keeping them from toppling Yemen, Iraq, Syria, [and] Lebanon is not in our national interest, you're making a huge mistake.feedback

Nelo Vingada

He was already captain before, so it's not the first time. There are some players who are more older than him and more caps than him but that's not important. He'll be the player starting tomorrow who has more caps. He'll be a good representative of the team. He's the extension of the technical staff because he's in the field and we are not.feedback

Miodrag Radulovic

It is Ghaddar's decision, I don't care about this. If someone doesn't want to play for the country, it's his decision and for us this story is finish.feedback

Miodrag Radulovic

I respect Malaysian team and Malaysian football. Sure we come in to try to win but draw is not a bad result for us.feedback

Safee Sali

It's positive now. The coach gives out a good aura for the team and we are excited for the game on Tuesday.feedback

Giles Duley

It is hard to comprehend the scale of the crisis in Lebanon, a country of 4 million now hosting over 1 million Syrian refugees. The infrastructure of the country is pushed to its limit, and nowhere is that situation more desperate than in the Bekaa Valley.feedback

Giles Duley

Of the NGOs I have documented, none have impressed me more than Beyond. To visit their schools and witness their programs is to see hope – and that is something we have to support.feedback

Subahan Kamal

The choice of the president is correct and I don't doubt the quality of Nelo even though I've only been with him for a short time. He's a coach that has a lot of experience and he's the kind of approachable coach and players are comfortable with that.feedback

Elie Fares

Resist what? A movie about an iconic superhero who's been part of pop culture for over 70 years. A movie in which the lead actress happens to be Israeli or has served in the IDF or who is part of an apartheid state, but who's not portraying ANYTHING related to her 'country' in any way whatsoever.feedback

Tony Chacra

It's very frustrating. It cost money and advertising... Everything was going normally until a few days ago when a campaign began. They are not harming anyone by banning it... except the distributor. They are making the movie theatres lose, the employees, the Lebanese economy... What did they get out of this?feedback

Nelo Vingada

We decided not to have any friendly match because JDT plays and Philippines and they will need time to recuperate. Which is why it wasn't the best condition to have a friendly without the full team available. The players who are quality will be fielded. If the veteran players are fit and have the qualities required, they will be selected. What is important is for us to find the right balance and combination between the players who have experience, quality and talent. That is the toughest part of my job.feedback

Samah Idriss

Thank God the film was banned, and we pledge to work on banning any similar films.feedback

Samah Idriss

The state took the right decision. We now await the implementation. ... Even if it is one hour before the show, they should ban it anyway.feedback

Elie Fares

We don't separate art – even romantic movies – from the role of the artist and the intellectual on the ground.feedback

Nelo Vingada

The main target is the game that is coming soon against Lebanon. There's not too much time but with the support of the staff, I believe we can make a good cooperation and be as strong as we can.feedback

Donald J. Trump

But no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three–safe harbor, financial backing, and the social standing needed for recruitment. It is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in the region. I am speaking of course of Iran. From Lebanon to Iraq to Yemen, Iran funds, arms, and trains terrorists, militias, and other extremist groups that spread destruction and chaos across the region. For decades, Iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror.feedback

Cosette Maalouf

The hotel apologised and said they couldn't provide security for everyone.feedback

Charles Lister

Simultaneously, the U.S. is making no secret of its intent in northeastern Syria, where [the U.S. military] now operate[s] at least two airbases. All of this represents a very serious challenge to Iranian hard-won gains in Syria and the prospect for a contiguous land corridor from Tehran, to Baghdad, to Damascus, and to Beirut. That's Iran's ultimate dream objective in the Middle East and U.S. zones of influence in Syria's north and south threaten that very much.feedback

Muhammad Hussein

The problem isn't finding vacancies. It's getting the job.feedback

Ahmad Dawoud

They were the only ones who seemed honest. Of course, later I figured out they were just like everyone else, too.feedback

Ahmad Dawoud

I don't even think about marrying and getting into those situations.feedback

Mohammad Muwad

If a young boy gets in trouble because he is Palestinian, the prosecutor writes in his note to the judge, He is Palestinian,' meaning: 'Do what you wish to him. Be cruel to him. Forget about his rights. They starve us, so we go back to Palestine. They deprive us, so that we go back to Palestine. Well, go ahead, send us back to Palestine! Let us go to the border, and we will march back into Palestine, no matter how many martyrs we must give.feedback

Abdulrazak al-Hussein

We heard that our home was going to be Qatar, then Lebanon or Macau. I don't know what happened exactly. There shouldn't be all these rejections and non-acceptances.feedback

Hilary Webster

We have students from Arabic-speaking countries (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran), Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Thailand), Pacific Islands (Samoa, Fiji) and various African countries, as well as two students recently arrived from Greece and one Aboriginal student. These children are Australia's future, and their aspirational parents all want them to be successful Aussies.feedback

Sam Gough

There are also lots of children who don't have documents and their families are too scared to get them to Beirut to have medical assessments. That is a huge problem as well.feedback

Masoumeh Ebtekar

But it's natural for the people living in this region to defend themselves, it's very natural for Lebanon to defend itself, Syria, the Palestinians. So defense is another issue.feedback

Zakaria Mahmoud

When they checked on me, they directly knew what I had. I feel that the American doctors [are] better than Arabian doctors … because they have more knowledge.feedback

Mufaddal Hamadeh

The saddest part is the lack of hope. That's the common denominator when you talk to everybody, but the saddest part of all is when you ask a seven or eight year-old kid, What do you want to be when you grow up?' and the most common answer is 'nothing.' We have a lost generation.feedback

Mufaddal Hamadeh

There are a lot of communicable diseases – typhoid fever, skin diseases, scabies, a lot of infectious diseases that go on because of the unsanitary conditions. I don't think it can get any more desperate than this. You come here, and you find [the children] smiling, and laughing. They're all over you, because, basically, they have nothing else. These kids don't have Nintendos, and iPads, and iPhones. Some of them don't even have shoes.feedback

Saad al-Hariri

I urge the UN secretary general to support efforts to secure, as soon as possible, a state of permanent ceasefire. This is long overdue and my government is committed to move this agenda forward.feedback

Rex W. Tillerson

Iran is the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, and is responsible for intensifying multiple conflicts and undermining US interests in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, and continuing to support attacks against Israel.feedback

Mohammed Fairouz

I'm not a classical composer. I hate that word. I'm influenced by way too many things. If I can get off a plane and hear Punjabi music one minute and then go to a club and hear Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, and then I go listen to a band in Beirut and I still sound like Mozart, that would be kind of weird. The musical influences are everywhere, and you just have to listen.feedback

Annia Ciezadlo

BEIRUT — In the summer of 1925, rebels from the Syrian countryside mounted a guerrilla uprising against French colonial rule. The French retaliated by looting, burning and carrying out massacres in villages they suspected of supporting the rebels. That October, French authorities executed around 100 villagers outside Damascus. They displayed 16 of the mutilated corpses [].feedback

Mohsen Milani

Russia is hardly interested in Iran's so-called Axis of Resistance, which stretches from Iran to Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria and essentially consists of Shia forces. Given its ambition to become a great power in the Middle East, it cannot alienate the Sunni countries. Nor is Russia interested in antagonizing Israel. In fact, relations between Israel and Russia are exceptionally friendly.feedback

Volodymyr Topchiy

They passed customs clearance, we have customs declarations. Authorities wanted to confiscate (the cubs).feedback

Marianne Mousalli

Today most of what we see on TV is focused on the idea of a war in Syria. We often forget that there are people who still live there, and that they have stories to tell. It's not that people don't care, but they see a big war, they don't see individuals.feedback

Ong Kim Swee

There will be little changes to the squad, as many of the core players, such as Kumaahran (Pulau Pinang forward Kumaahran Sathasivam) and [Pahang and Malaysia senior team defender] Matthew Davies had played under me when I was still the Malaysia U23 head coach. We will fit the camp around the Ramadhan fasting month (May 27 - June 24), when the M-League takes a break. Tunku Ismail is currently busy after the elections, whereas for me, I left for Beirut right after the elections to watch the match between Lebanon and Hong Kong.feedback

Robert Gates

Think of where our forces have been sent and have been engaged over the last 40-plus years: Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa, and more. In fact, the first Gulf War stands alone in over two generations of constant military engagement as a more or less traditional conventional conflict from beginning to end.feedback

Kushal Das

The AIFF is leaving no stone unturned to provide the best of preparation for the National Team. I hope the two matches would serve as an ideal build-up for future matches in the AFC Asian Cup Qualifiers.feedback

Marcel Ceccaldi

The searches on Monday took place while Marine Le Pen was in Lebanon, a fact of which the authorities were well aware. It was an attempt to get around her parliamentary immunity and, is in fact, an attack on her right to the free exercise of power as head of a political organisation.feedback

Marine Le Pen

You can pass on my respects to the Grand Mufti, but I will not cover myself up. He did not have this demand. But it's not a problem, you can pass on to the Grand Mufti my considerations, but I am not putting the veil on.feedback

Yisrael Katz

If Nasrallah dares fire on the Israel's home front or on its national infrastructure, then all of Lebanon will be hit.feedback

Michel Aoun

Everything that is extracted will be for the Lebanese people.feedback

Wolfgang Spindler - Euronews

We bring the sound of our region, which is the sound of Great Syrian, Levant The Levant is an approximate historical geographical term referring to a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean, which is Palestine, Lebanon and part of Iraq, the music is inspired from the wedding , the ceremonial music that happens in the towns and villages.feedback

Nur Hasan al Faraj

If there had been such a possibility before, yes, I would like to have gone. But now, after Trump has come, no, I think I will never go.feedback

Rami Halloum

Trump's pretext is a fear that there could be terrorists among migrants. This is a lie.feedback

Tanya Chapuisat - UNICEF

Poverty, social exclusion, insecurity and language barriers are preventing Syrian children from getting an education, leaving an entire generation disadvantaged, impoverished and at risk of being pushed into early marriage and child labour.feedback

Saad al-Hariri

In the coming three years, Lebanon needs no less than eight to ten billion dollars worth of new investments.feedback

Mazen Hanna

The first sign of the government's seriousness is if they will pass a new budget. This is the priority now.feedback

Marwan Kheireddine

Today we have all the building blocks required (for) those entrepreneurs to develop locally.feedback

Marianne Hoayek

This has kept the economy growing for the last five to ten years. The government sometimes is not capable of doing what it wants to do.feedback

Mazen Hanna

The solutions are there, today we have a political will. Let's hope it materializes into tangible results for the Lebanese.feedback

Joseph Torbey

The Bank of Lebanon and the country's banks have spent enough time, sometimes at great cost, preserving monetary stability. It is time to support this stability with fiscal and economic policies which favour real growth.feedback

Nicolas Sehnaoui

We can sell, we are creative and we are engineers. Instead of shipping our people out we want to ship our digital products out.feedback

Mathios Rigas

We have full confidence in the Israeli government's ability to protect Israel's territory and the development of its natural resources.feedback

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran and Saudi Arabia were able to actually stop impeding the process of the presidential election in Lebanon. We have a success story.feedback

Diana Kaissy

The oil and gas industry can be a curse or a blessing. Lebanon is blessed with the chance of starting straight from the beginning with its oil and gas industry. It can learn from others' mistakes and best practices.feedback

Sami Atallah

Oil and gas are not the answer. You don't want it to stall reforms ... to be a disincentive for making changes to the economy.feedback

Mona Sukkarieh

It is essential now to do things right, even if not swiftly ... A competitive fiscal regime, in addition to regulatory and fiscal stability are key to gain back investors' confidence.feedback

Mona Sukkarieh

At times, country risk might be high, but that does not entirely conceal Lebanon's energy potential. Oil and gas companies are used to operating in areas where political and country risks are high.feedback

Cesar Abou Khalil

The committee is committed to finalise comments on the tax law [with] the shortest delay. It might take a couple of weeks, and then we will go back to the council of ministers and we will transfer the [draft] law to the parliament, where it is expected to be passed in the first legislative session.feedback

Ayham Kamel - Eurasia Group

Lebanon had to demonstrate that it is extremely business-friendly and that political issues will not represent a real obstacle. The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (regulatory body) is proving responsive to international dynamics but the body needs political support to manage the process and broaden interest in the Lebanese energy sector.feedback

Gibran Bassil

The two oil decrees have been decided in the first achievement for the government.feedback

Zaher Nasser

I was very concerned about this trip. I asked her not to travel in light of the bad security situation there, but she insisted to go with her friends.feedback

Numan Kurtulmus

We are not going to sit by and watch as three to five social media trolls spread discord among the people.feedback

Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya

There are many different nationalities, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya and citizens of other nations.feedback

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Russia and Turkey are guarantors in the agreement being worked on in Ankara. There is nothing final on whether Iran will sign it as a guarantor... All foreign fighters need to leave Syria. Hezbollah needs to return to Lebanon.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Everyone is responsible for looking for ways out, for solutions, and to co-operate for us to reach the necessary conclusion on the government.feedback

Ghida Anani

This is like saying the victim is a victim twice, a daily victim because she has to share her life with a person that violated her, and is hence raped every day.feedback

Hayam Baker

If they don't put themselves in our shoes and feel what we feel, nothing will change.feedback

Ghida Anani

We reject this violation of women regardless of their age, background, environment, whether they have special needs or the circumstances of the rape.feedback

Marwan Maalouf

It's the general problem of public spaces. Drive up the whole coast and you can see there's a violation of the coast law; there are already hotels that are constructed on the beach.feedback

Saad al-Hariri

There are some stumbling blocks. There is someone complicating matters.feedback

Avi Dichter

They view Hezbollah positively as the errand lackey of Iran in Syria and Lebanon, (and) they are backing the Shi'ite militia activity in Iraq and Syria. Russia does not view Iran and its proxies according to the level of threat they pose or broadcast towards Israel.feedback

Hoda Baroudi

Living in Beirut, having to go through the war like we did, 17 years of war, it has really marked us. There is a certain fragility, there is a certain precariousness that brings out your creative juices, it is the only thing that can keep you grounded and keep you going.feedback

Nabih Berri

If there wer no intentions to cooperate we would not have named Hariri.feedback

Alice Mogabgab

We started with a small festival for amateurs. We weren't expecting people to respond so well. This year, it has become national.feedback

Nabil Boumensef

Lebanon is no longer a priority for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia no longer backs its allies in Lebanon, which has led to the weakening of its main ally in Lebanon – former Prime Minister Hariri.feedback

Saad al-Hariri

In our dialogue with Michel Aoun we reached an agreement to revive the state, the institutions, the economy, basic services, job opportunities and to give Lebanese women and men the chance to live a normal life.feedback

Helle Thorning-Schmidt

Child marriage starts a cycle of disadvantage that denies girls the most basic rights to learn, develop and be children. Girls who marry too early often can't attend school, and are more likely to face domestic violence, abuse and rape. They fall pregnant and are exposed to STIs including HIV. They also bear children before their bodies are fully prepared, which can have devastating consequences on their and their baby's health.feedback

Ayman Odeh - The Joint

We have strong objections and criticism to Peres of the occupation, of building the settlements and the crimes in Qana (in Lebanon).feedback

Andrea Tenenti

We had purchased four of these devices and none of them were working. They were objects with no value.feedback

Bassam Khawaja - Human Rights Watch

We are calling on the Lebanese government to immediately revise its residency regulations, specifically by waving the annual 200 US dollar fee for Syrians to maintain their legal status, the requirement to either sign a pledge not to work or to provide a Lebanese sponsor.feedback

Saddam Al Jassem

I don't like school, they don't teach us, and they hit us. I stopped school 7 months ago. I want to work, live, provide money for the house and family. We want to eat. I want to buy and play on my bike, and play football.feedback

Robert Mazur

You have the movement of cash into Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, other parts of the world, and then you have the drugs going up into Europe. This is a very lucrative route. It's a route that relies very much on the longstanding smuggling route in West African nations and countries within the Middle East where there are factions loyal to Hezbollah.feedback

Hassan Nasrallah - Hezbollah

The defense of Aleppo is the defense of the rest of Syria, it is the defense of Damascus, it is also the defense of Lebanon, and of Iraq. We will increase our presence in Aleppo.feedback

Dimitris Avramopoulos

So far, only 7272 people have been resettled, of the the agreed 22.504 under the July scheme, mainly from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.feedback

John Kirby

The justices ruled 6 to 2 that Congress had not violated the separation of powers when it passed a bill making it easier for about 1,300 people to collect money on behalf of those killed or injured in the 1983 bombing of a U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut and other attacks blamed on Iran.feedback

Francois Hollande

France stands by you and France is worried that safety is boosted in Lebanon via army cooperation. We're with you as a result of Lebanon is surrounded by disaster and wars … Lebanon that is aware of the conflict on its border additionally is aware of the specter of terrorism.feedback

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Our aim is to find admission for at least 10 percent of the Syrian refugee population or 480,000 people over three years. This may seem a large number, but it is not, if compared to the number of refugees the neighbouring countries have been hosting. If Europe were to welcome the same percentage of refugees as Lebanon in comparison to its population it would have to take in 100 million refugees.feedback

Filippo Grandi - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We must find a way to manage this crisis in a more humane, equitable and organised manner. It is only possible if the international community is united and in agreement on how to move forward. If Europe were to welcome the same percentage of refugees as Lebanon in comparison to its population, it would have to take in 100 million refugees.feedback

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Who gives Saudi Arabia a right to retaliate Lebanon and a army and Lebanese people vital in Saudi Arabia and a Gulf usually since Hezbollah is vocalization out? We titillate Riyadh to settle accounts with Hezbollah and not all a Lebanese.feedback

Khaled Eissa

You can't neglect a force that controls an area three times the size of Lebanon. We will not respect any decision taken without our participation.feedback

Hassan Rouhani

We want a safe Afghanistan. We want Iraq and Syria to be safe. We want Lebanon to be stable, Libya to be safe and on all of these issues we can collaborate, engage in dialogue together.feedback

Abdulaziz al-Sager

The Revolutionary Guard is part of the Iranian government and their threats should be taken seriously because they control militia in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen and I would not be surprised if they use it to act against the Saudis.feedback

Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya

Thank you. I am giving this prize to my country, Lebanon, my country which, sadly, doesn't believe in us, but in which we will always believe.feedback

Walid Jumblatt

I do not agree, it is neither here nor there. I am responsible for my words and actions. I've heard this from those close to me, the so-called sovereignists, and many others. But I think Bashar al-Assad has got bigger difficulties which are more important than occupying himself with the affairs of Lebanon. What would he gain in Lebanon? It has already Hezbollah which is involved in the fighting taking place in Syria. So it does not profit him. Nothing. As I told you at the beginning, the conflict will continue. So we work on a mutual agreement, politics, you know is a compromise.feedback

Abu Mohammad al-Adnani

Lebanon and France and other places are all part of the operations ordered two months ago.feedback

Ali Mokdad - Hezbollah

Everyone in Beirut and across Lebanon will fight these jihadis at all costs.feedback

Hussein al-Khalil

What happened here confirms that we are on the right path. This battle against terrorism will continue. This is not a short battle but a long war between the people of Lebanon and the forces of terrorism.feedback

Hani Abu Hamdan

We want power, we want water, we don't want rubbish in the streets. We want these politicians to get lost.feedback

Mohammad El Agha

We are here today to say no to corruption, no to garbage. . Garbage is everywhere, health problems are everywhere. We have enough problems, this should not be a problem anymore. We should solve this. Let's wake up, wake up guys, wake up.feedback

Angela Merkel

You know, in Palestinian refugee camps, in Lebanon, there are thousands and thousands of people and if we say they can all come and they can all come from Africa, we can't manage that. So we are caught in this difficulty and the best thing we can do is avoid taking too long to reach a decision about deportation. But some will have to go back.feedback

Nabil Shurafa

Gaza was like a duty-free zone, with Egyptians coming to buy goods brought by merchants from Lebanon.feedback

Gabriel Kino

It's been hundreds of years that we (Syriacs or Assyrians) are being slaughtered or forced to leave Syria, Turkey, Iraq or Lebanon. It is nothing new. The scenario is the same but the actors are different, they want us to lose our lives, our culture and our language.feedback

Benjamin Netanyahu

Those who try to challenge us on our borders will discover that we are prepared to respond with force. Israel views the attack from Syria very seriously. Those who play with fire will get burned.feedback

Saly Greige

Since the first day of my arrival to participate to Miss Universe, I was very cautious to avoid being in any photo or communication with Miss Israel, who tried several times to take a photo with me. I was having a photo with Miss Japan, Miss Slovenia, suddenly Miss Israel jumped in and took a selfie, and uploaded it on her social media.feedback

Doron Matalon

Too bad you can not put the hostility out of the game, only for three weeks of an experience of a lifetime that we can meet girls from around the world and also from the neighboring country.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

I think these measures should make the international community enhance in a very meaningful way the support to host countries, including Lebanon in this case, in order to help them cope with this enormous challenge.feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

We are facing what I really consider the most dangerous crisis for global peace and security since the Second World War.feedback

Karim Bakradouni

We call on all Lebanese across the whole country to go on general strike on Thursday and consider it a day of national mourning.feedback

Marwan Hamadeh

Once more, the Syrian regime is using its terrorist skill to assassinate the MP belonging to the Lebanese Independant Movement majority.feedback

Najib Mikati

We are pretty sure that the incidents in Beirut's southern suburb and Tripoli yesterday were by the same people. We are not calling for reconciliation really, nor are we accusing each other of planting bombs. What we need to do is unite in order to fill any void that might come about.feedback

Fouad Siniora

We face many different challenges – the first of which is rebuilding what Israel destroyed and making up for the losses we suffered from our internal fighting.feedback

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