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Sadiq Khan
Providing an innovative service must not be at the expense of customer safety and security. I fully support TfL's decision – it would be wrong if TfL continued to license Uber if there is any way that this could pose a threat to Londoners' safety and
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Sep 23 2017
London has been commented on by 621 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about London are: Sadiq Khan, Cressida Dick and James Dyson. For instance, the most recent quote from Sadiq Khan is: “Providing an innovative service must not be at the expense of customer safety and security. I fully support TfL's decision – it would be wrong if TfL continued to license Uber if there is any way that this could pose a threat to Londoners' safety and security.”.
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Tom Elvidge - Uber

By wanting to ban our app from the capital, Transport for London and the mayor have caved in to a small number of people who want to restrict consumer choice. If this decision stands, it will put more than 40,000 licensed drivers out of work and deprive Londoners of a convenient and affordable form of transport. Uber operates in more than 600 cities around the world, including more than 40 towns and cities here in the UK. This ban would show the world that, far from being open, London is closed to innovative companies who bring choice to

Sean Randall - KPMG

Not only are people deliberately seeking non-residential properties to be part of a deal, but also there's a claims culture building up with these ambulance-chasing reclaim firms contacting individuals and saying 'we think you might have bought some country estate with some farmland, we can get you stamp duty

Sean Randall - KPMG

There are all sorts of niches to this. A buyer says to a seller 'get me a plot of non-residential' specifically to avoid stamp duty. That is pretty aggressive. There should be some kind of apportionment rule, which there actually is in Scotland. There's a big spectrum. Some cases are quite clearly mixed-use, but others are very open to

Lance Batchelor

Saga is on track to deliver a fourth consecutive year of growth. Underlying profits are up again and so is our dividend. Our retail broking and travel divisions are performing well. Saga's new ship, Spirit of Discovery, will arrive in June 2019, and pre-sales are very

Hassan Rouhani

We will increase our military power as a deterrent. We will strengthen our missile capabilities. ... We will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country. All countries in the world supported the nuclear deal in the United Nations General Assembly this year ... except the United States and the Zionist regime (Israel).feedback

Richard J. Edmundson

We won't be a traditional law firm, where legal services are offered in isolation, but one part of a broader offering. There will be five international lawyers and myself, from London. They are Spanish, Canadian, Polish and German attorneys who have been practicing at PwC network member firms outside of the

Donald J. Trump

At least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is 'no reason to be alarmed'!feedback

Sadiq Khan

We're not schoolchildren. He's the president of the United States, so I'm unclear what his beef is with

Tom Elvidge - Uber

To defend the livelihoods of all those drivers, and the consumer choice of millions of Londoners who use our app, we intend to immediately challenge this in the courts. Transport for London and the Mayor have caved in to a small number of people who want to restrict consumer

Cressida Dick

That was a very, very dangerous bomb. It partially detonated. It had a large quantity of explosive, and it was packed with shrapnel. It could have been so much

Alan Miller

This form has been a big problem for venue and promoters and it's stifling certain types of nightlife. Obviously we want events to be policed and to be safe, but it is being used by police to target nights by black artists because they see those nights as being more aggressive and harder to control and more associated with gang

Alan Miller

And if there is an incident at an event where it's a bunch of white lads, it's treated as an isolated incident, but if it's mainly black kids involved then it becomes associated with an entire event or genre of music, so that's how it's decided that grime or garage nights as a whole are too dangerous to put on. The 696 form means that keeps

Walt Burrows

Their standards are not up to scratch. The black cab is an iconic part of London. What you get with a black cab is a metered fare and you know you're

Sadiq Khan

Our city is a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. That’s because it’s renowned as a place where everyone has to play by the same rules. From the steam engine to the web, Britain has a long history of inventing and embracing brilliant new technology, often with London leading the way with the very latest

Jonn Elledge

With demand for properties now urgent, protecting so much land is a luxury Britain can no longer afford. Where I grew up, on the Essex fringe of London, there’s a street that was never finished. The numbering of Goodwood Avenue, Hornchurch, begins at around 350 but before it reaches 200 the road just stops. Beyond, there’s nothing but marshy fields stretching out to the Thames, four miles

Louise Richardson

My own salary is £350,000. That's a very high salary compared to our academics who I think are – junior academics especially – very lowly

Ciaran Carvalho

Optimism about the commercial real estate market remains subdued but the level of pessimism has fallen dramatically and this perhaps indicates that in spite of an ongoing sense of uncertainty around Brexit, investors have recovered from the initial shock of the leave vote and have started to look to the future with greater

Helen Rolle

Touting has been an issue in the past. It's more than just people outside on the street, but people can get hold of them online. These [digital] tickets are locked to your phone and a screengrab won't

Richard Leonard

We are doing everything we can to identify the deceased. A post-mortem examination will establish how they died. Early indications are that attempts were made to dispose of the body. I would like to appeal to those in and around the area to come forward with information. You may well have seen or heard something suspicious in the last few days which could assist our

Roy Smith

The use of the Form 696 enables us to provide advice and guidance on the risk posed by an event and suggest measures which can be taken to manage those risks. So far in 2017 no events have been cancelled at the request of the police following the submission of a Form 696. We welcome the opportunity to work with the music industry and the Mayor's office to review the

Matthew Hancock

London's live music scene needs support. We want to see an end to the use of form 696 which is too often a barrier to live music, and particularly targets acts from ethnic minority

Dean Haydon

This continues to be a fast-moving investigation. A significant amount of activity has taken place since the attack on Friday. We now have six males in custody and searches are continuing at five addresses. Detectives are carrying out extensive inquiries to determine the full facts behind the

Miles Celic - TheCityUK

For our industry, this really is crunch time. Many firms are already moving parts of their operations out of the UK and Europe. When they've gone, it's hard to see them coming back. Even if the UK and EU agree the best possible Brexit deal by 2019, without urgent clarity on transitional arrangements, business will assume the worst and act

Tony Blair

Just as there are no no-go areas for today's Labour party, so I want there to be no 'no-hope'

Tinie Tempah

I just wanted to make something that was very minimal, easy to wear, that you could wear formally or in a relaxed way for the modern man, and more importantly the modern British man for 2017 and

Tinie Tempah

London is a very diverse, very cosmopolitan, very liberal, very welcoming, very accepting

Tinie Tempah

I used to come here when I was 16, 17-years-old. I first came here on a date. A girl took me here on a cheap date and I fell in love with the

Dan Hancox

They changed the form in 2009 to supposedly stop racial profiling but if anything, they are targeting more black music nights now using 696 than they did then. I don't think people understand how this really disproportionately affects smaller promoters, smaller acts, smaller venues, whose livelihoods are really under threat. The use and abuse of form 696 threatens to choke up-and-coming artists and promoters. These are the Skeptas and Wileys of the next generation who are having their ability to perform live stifled, and being prevented from coming

Pamela Emanuel

They were young, you could tell by the way that they behaved. They never gave any trouble; they were friendly

Pamela Emanuel

They were not menacing, they were OK. They were the best neighbours we've had [in that address] since it's been

Suzanne Donnelly

We have a strong record of innovating for the benefit of our customers and we are really excited to be partnering with Seatfrog to offer customers more opportunities to experience First Class. Our innovative partnership with Seatfrog means passengers can get last minute upgrades to First Class seats from as little as £5 and there are real deals to be had. Plus, the live bidding element means you can decide at the last minute if you fancy treating yourself and, if you do, bidding to bag a bargain is great way to go about

Brigid Simmonds

Our latest Stats Handbook shows that the taxes on UK beer are still a huge cause for concern, and we cannot afford another beer duty hike in the November Budget, if we are to keep a pint in the pub affordable for British beer drinkers. However, a wealth of other data, shows that with the right policies, the beer and pub industry, which supports 900,000 jobs, can continue to help grow the economy, creating new jobs and more opportunities for the people who work in our

Tori Rosenbaum

I totally understand the thing of stamping out touting, but this is punishing actual fans and is so easily avoidable by saying bring a copy of the ID or card that bought the tickets, or their confirmation, or anything. It's a shambles. It's not even the money that bothers me, it's knowing that people are having their excitement

Dave Grohl

When I had [ my 2015 leg surgery ] here in London, he was actually one of the first people to come visit me afterwards. And he brought me a little pillow to put my iPad on while I was in

Ryan Phillippe

I am saddened and disgusted by the false allegations being circulated about me. At the time these allegations were initially made, I fully cooperated with law enforcement and a thorough investigation was conducted. As a man, raised by women, in a household where women's rights, feminism, and advocacy were very much at the forefront, I am sickened that my name can be found in any article where domestic violence of any kind is being

Elsie Hewitt

Repeatedly abusing a panoply of legal and illegal drugs, including without limitation: cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms, and steroids ….feedback

Iain Griffin

I'd be really interested in working with any train service in the UK. I see this working perfectly for a business like Eurostar. We're already talking to rail operators in mainland Europe. Outside of rail, we've also got a big airline

Marian Newman

The age of the models is defining which colour they get, it's about the condition of their hands. Polishes with even the slightest shimmer can be very unforgiving, so you have to have good

Robert Hannigan - Government Communications Headquarters

The risks that cyber criminals pose, both to businesses and individuals in the UK, are significant and

Frances Fitzgerald

As we face into the challenges of Brexit, we are determined to pursue and seize new opportunities and the Government has, therefore, been making strenuous efforts to ensure that we have the right conditions in place in Ireland to attract the key knowledge based

Dom Capers

Wayne went overboard and treated it almost like a Super

Eli Manning

It was a rainy, nasty day, and the field was not equipped for 300-pound men. We dug it up. It was a mud-fest. It was a good day to run the football, which we did well, but low

Eli Manning

After the game we stayed in the city, and we had the whole team gathered at one spot, with guys on the mic announcing other guys coming

John Holland-Kaye - Heathrow

Preparing for a post-Brexit economy means this budget must include practical, deliverable and binding plans to support all of the UK. Abolishing APD on domestic flights is a bold move that would supercharge British competitiveness, make it cheaper for British businesses to get to London and beyond and ensure every part of our country can prosper in the

Theresa May

I, of course, accept an apology if that's been given. I must confess I haven't actually read it myself. I don't pay attention to these things. What matters is that I'm getting on with the job and focusing on what the British people want. They look around London and see all the positives of a dynamic, prosperous city. If somebody uses a nail bar, for example, they should ask themselves about the people working there. Do they always cover their faces? Do they appear to be

Joanna Sykes

You can throw these things into a case and they won't crease, you can unzip the dresses and show some cleavage when you go

Joanna Sykes

It's the new suit dressing. The tracksuit suit is essential – it's smart and it's fitted, but it's relaxed because it is made in stretch fabric. We don't want to look like we've come from the gym; it's about taking the functionality of sportswear and putting it into pieces that still look really tailored and slick… It's not so much a trend as a lifestyle shift, as women are just dressing differently. The expectations of what people should wear in the workplace have changed and the lines are so blurred now: you're working freelance, you're travelling all the time, you need to be

Joanna Sykes

I wanted to bring that quality you could find at Céline or The Row, but make it more affordable. I personally want to spend money on something I will wear a lot, and that will last, rather than some high fashion thing that I'll wear to a party once. I see things quite differently this time around. The marketplace has changed and moved on a lot – you don't have to follow that schedule of seasons and cycles like you used to. I shop like that myself; I buy variations of the same things every season. You want a classic but the new version of

Joanna Sykes

I want consistent cuts so that people will say, I love her silk vests' and know they can guarantee they'll find them in my

Joanna Sykes

There are so many brands now, why do you choose to shop with a certain one? It's not just because you like the clothes, it's more than that. You share a point of view with someone like me, the founder. If you have that connection, you'll probably tell your friends about it too. Word of mouth is the most powerful thing, especially for a smaller business like

Mohammad Asghar

Radicalisation is a growing problem in Wales, but it is reassuring that our intelligence services are able to act so quickly to apprehend suspects. Whilst we mustn't jump to any conclusions, we need to have an open and honest conversation about radicalisation in our communities. The law cannot take the place of familial and community responsibility, but our governments have a duty to take the action necessary to protect its

Paul Whiteman - National Association of Head Teachers

We know schools have a vital role to play in promoting pupil wellbeing and in the early identification of children with mental health needs. It is essential that schools are supported by properly funded and well linked-in health and social care services. If support and funding is inadequate and services inaccessible or unavailable many young people could continue to get a raw

Peter Fonagy

The fact that less than half of all the teachers say they've received adequate training is a concern. Early intervention is crucial but for it to be effective we need to ensure that teachers are provided with the training they need to identify these

Peter Fonagy

It's vital that we give children the skills to talk about their feelings at an early age. Not only will this help prevent problems being bottled up, it will give children life-long skills to help them help others as well as helping themselves deal with problems that might emerge later in life. Early intervention is absolutely essential for

Catherine McGuinness

You can hammer out the best possible deal in the world, but it you take too long about it, you may lose some of the assets that you need to make the best future. We really would like to see some progress, putting pragmatism and jobs and the economy above politics and

Caroline Criado-Perez

We should also remember the women who toiled quietly in the background, doing the more boring but no less necessary work of lobbying, petitioning, persuading. It's time Millicent was recovered from

Peter Tutton

The feedback we get is that young people are disproportionately affected by insecure work and zero-hours contracts, which can make their income erratic. The also suffer from recent benefit changes, which can be especially harsh on single parents, and the shift away from homeownership to

Peter Tutton

In the social rented sector we see much higher levels of arrears than in the private rented sector, but that doesn't necessarily mean young people who rent from private landlords in places like London are not struggling. They have much less security of tenure and simply cannot risk going into arrears. They will be in arrears on their council tax and other household bills, credit cards and

Jamie Harrold

In recent years Scotland have played two away friendlies in London, one against Nigeria (2014, Craven Cottage) and the other Brazil (2011, Emirates Stadium). By my calculations Lagos to London is 5,018km as the crow flies, so not far enough away, but Rio to London is 9,

Eddie Curzon

Despite the political uncertainty in the air, London continues to enjoy sound economic health and strong business fundamentals. It's clear Brexit is weighing heavily on minds in the capital though, so it's absolutely vital that substantive progress is achieved during the Brexit negotiations and that comprehensive, time-limited transitional arrangements are agreed with all

Phil Moore

Even within the tech industry, it is still essential to speak to customers and partners face-to-face and being based in London gives us that advantage. If you are focused on delivering excellent customer service and a unique offering, London is a perfect place to be

Abo Zaid Fa

Had a good time with my cousin. He came to visit me in Scotland last year for one week's holiday and I have also visited him in London. But I haven't spoken to him for a while. I don't know anything about what is going on with the

Fiona McCormack

It's a really harrowing scene ... and it takes a finger tip and sieved approach to ensure that we get every remain that we can out of there. It's a meticulous process and now it's becoming harder due to the degree of fire damage and the fragmentation of the remaining people we are

Kenny Jacobs

We are on average all around €400 out of pocket, with one of the grooms still stuck in France until tomorrow. The entire wedding party has been split up, I had to fly to Southampton and make my way to London. Some are in the midlands, some Birmingham and some just decided to hire a car and drive. It feels like it's put a big downer on the

Alex Saunders

We have a problem with fatbergs, both in sewer networks and at our sewage treatment works. Previously, we've either extracted the fatberg out of the pipes and sent it to landfill, or broken it down and put it back through the sewage treatment process. Even though they are our worst enemy, and we want them dead completely, bringing fatbergs back to life when we do find them in the form of biodiesel is a far better solution for

Sam Kazmanli

This is a large fire, cylinders are involved so a hazard zone has been set as cylinders can explode when exposed to heat. There is a lot of smoke in the air. As a precaution, local residents are advised to keep their windows and doors

Joe Hortiz

You look at him play and see the talent in his body when he is there and moving guys off the line of scrimmage. There is definitely a lot of upside. [There is] a lot to be excited about

John Harbaugh

In all honesty, he was pretty raw when he first got here. The song '500 Miles' -- it is one of my favorites. He has come 500 miles. He has come that far. He is about ready to play football for us, so we will see what

John Eluemunor

I've always supported my kids with whatever they wanted to do, even though I didn't like American football. I preferred soccer. But I had to support

Jermaine Eluemunor

It was exciting because I was actually doing what I wanted to do. But it wasn't the same. I wanted to hit and do everything that they were doing on

Jermaine Eluemunor

I had the dream of playing in the NFL -- playing in Wembley Stadium one

Dickon Posnett

We're always looking for new sources. We've done rancid mayonnaise, old soup stock that has been sitting in tanks for years, and now we're playing with

Ryan Phillippe

This is not who I am. I have been a public figure for almost 25 years and many untrue things have been said or written about me in the past. That is something you learn to accept if you choose a profession like mine. This time is different. Domestic violence is a very real and tragic issue faced by many women the world over and should never be used to vengefully slander or as a ploy for monetary gain. This is wrong. This is not who I am. Every one of my accuser's allegations are

Stuart Cundy

The scale of it is something that I personally have never encountered in

Michael Grubb

We're in the midst of an energy revolution and it's happening faster than we thought, which makes it much more credible for governments to tighten the offer they put on the table at

Phillip Lopate

Great waterfronts of the past – Paris, London – always had shops and bars at water's edge. I'm so glad they have a bookstore. That's

Jonathan Grigg

This is a dangerous combination of factors … childhood is a critical time in terms of health. Children should have the right to breathe air that does not cause them

Jonathan Grigg

This is going to have major consequences not just in childhood but over the whole of the life

Saul Billingsley

Children from some of London's most socially deprived areas are not only affected by unacceptable levels of air pollution around their schools, they also face compounding health

Celia Wells

We don't want to blame the worker. We want to get at the corporation, or those involved in making the

Pavlos Panayi

A much larger company will take legal advice before embarking on a new project. All that goes through rigorous

Rebecca Struthers

The watch industry suffers from being incredibly commercial in the 21st century, meaning it is rarely taken seriously as an academic subject. To me, the watch represents the first access humankind had to accurate time measurement. The impact this had on the development of our society through advances in transport, trade and even our everyday working lives cannot be

Rebecca Struthers

For the first time, London makers had serious competition from the

Rebecca Struthers

Before my research, the U.S.A. had been credited with being the first to mass-manufacture

Rebecca Struthers

The watch immediately struck me as being comparatively low-quality for a watch signed as being made in London. The metals were very thin, the decorative detail in the engraving and piercing was more

Rebecca Struthers

It soon emerged that the watch in front of me was something referred to in the trade as a 'Dutch forgery, "with no evidence to support Wilter ever even existed as a real person, let alone a real

Rebecca Struthers

This dwarfs the production of even the most successful London maker at that

Filippos Filippidis

Tobacco companies can load price increases onto premium brands and sell cheaper cigarettes at a loss so that poor people and young people can still take up smoking. This is an effective marketing practice, but it's terrible for public health. We would like to see government make increases in price happen across the

Claire Perry

How is the time to build on our strengths and cement our position as a global hub for investment in clean

Michael Grubb

The smaller constituencies - cities, businesses, states - are just saying they're getting on with it, partly for carbon reduction, but partly because there's this energy revolution and they don't want to be left

Myles Allen

When you are talking about a budget of 1.5 degrees, then a 0.3 degree difference is a big

Dean Haydon

We anticipate that the searches will take some days to complete and may cause further disruption. However, it is important that we continue with these searches and I'd like to thank all those affected for their support, patience and

Finn Brennan

As part of the settlement of the dispute over the introduction of Night Tube, LU agreed to introduce a mechanism to allow drivers to reduce the number of shifts they work, on a pro-rata basis, and 'new ways of working' to reduce the percentage of weekend shifts worked by July this year. They have repeatedly refused to make any detailed proposals to do so. For more than 18 months, management have prevaricated, stalled and

Finn Brennan

For more than 18 months management have prevaricated, stalled and delayed. Deadlines have repeatedly been missed and promises broken while our detailed proposals to resolve these issues have been


Major new Basquiat show opens at the Barbican – a place that is normally very keen to clean any graffiti from its walls. Portrait of Basquiat being welcomed by the Metropolitan Police – an (unofficial) collaboration with the new Basquiat

Charlie Alliston

We collided pretty hard, our heads hit together, hers went into the floor and ricocheted into mine. It is her fault but no, she did not deserve it. I am now determined to do what I can to prevent others from going through the heartache we have had to bear following Kim's needless death. The current law is outdated and has not kept pace with the huge increase in the number of people cycling and the associated increased risk of collisions, nor the attitude of some

Charlie Alliston

I feel bad due to the seriousness of her injuries but I can put my hands up and say this is not my

Max Doelle

For one client, a London property developer, we virtualise their data to visualize the future of this site on hololens and they are using it to show potential clients how this looks like. Hololens enables you to simply place the building on top of the table. And pan around in a map to explore the infrastructure and view more

Amber Rudd

Our particular complaint was an outrageous leak of material following the Manchester inquiry. But that was shut down. It didn't happen

Bronte Masojada

After a long period of price reductions, insurance rates in the affected areas and in specific sectors such as large property are likely to increase. In the wider global insurance market for large risks, we expect rates to stabilize and begin to

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

The more clarity we have, the earlier the better. That goes without saying. But I think, just on a contingency planning basis, it's right to think the

John McFarlane - Barclays

We are all planning for the worst, but hoping for the better. The EU is about 10 percent of our total bank and, therefore, if we were moving all of it, then we would have to move the balance sheet. However, if wholesale activities can remain in London, we don't have to move the balance sheet and therefore, we don't have to move too many

John McFarlane - Barclays

We've given good advice on what is sensible to move, what's sensible to retain and what of the foreign activities in London is sensible to retain and how that should be gone

Jean Lemierre - BNP Paribas

If negotiations are such that there will be new allocation of resources across the continent, it will go to various places. It will go to Frankfurt, to Amsterdam, to Dublin and of course, to Paris. And Paris is well placed. He may be

John Cryan - Deutsche Bank

No I don't think so. Those estimates are difficult to gauge because the scenarios can be different. We're in a happier position because our capital and our bank are already German. So we can designate the London branch to something but only as a booking center. I do think that Frankfurt will benefit the most. I think it will be the clear winner of the other European

Mark De Luca

We bought it as a repossession three years ago. The house had been used as a buy-to-let, split up into bedsits. It was owned by a London property developer who had fallen into difficult

John Thuestad - Sapa

This was the first plant we had to sacrifice, but it is also the first one to be reopened. The auto sector is only 15 per cent of our (global) business, but it is currently driving the majority of our

Barnaby Struthers - Sapa

Our plant is geared up to support the booming automotive industry in the UK and we see the trend absolutely continuing towards aluminium as a solution for their lightweighting

John Healey

Conservative ministers have washed their hands of any responsibility to build the homes families on ordinary incomes need. Ministers try to hide their failure to build more affordable homes by branding more homes 'affordable'. The Conservative definition of affordable housing now includes homes close to full market rent and on sale for up to £450,

David Orr

The prime minister is right that we've not paid social housing enough attention. After the tragic fire at Grenfell, this crisis can no longer be ignored. The government must be bold and make a break with the past by making money available to build genuinely affordable homes. There's more than a billion pounds that remains unspent on Starter Homes. Let's put this money to use and let housing associations build 20,000 of the genuinely affordable homes the nation

John Healey

Public concern about housing is around the highest level for 40 years. Millions of families are struggling with high housing costs. Faced with this, ministers have turned their back on the way they can help most – by building low-cost homes to rent and

Suleman Sarwar

He never seemed like a radical, if anything I thought he was the opposite. He seemed very westernised, he was into American rap music and wore western clothes like jeans and T-shirt. He was very sensible and

Nicola Rider

I know that they got more strict on him after that incident. I don't think they let him out as

Tom Randall

This is a very British area, it's not often you see people from other ethnicities, so I'm sure the boys the Joneses took in had a hard time fitting in. They probably got bored because there's a lot of elderly people here and there's not much to do, apart from drinking at the pub and

Nicola Rider

They have six kids of their own, but they have taken in and helped hundreds of abandoned children over the

Nicola Rider

The police brought him to the house a few weeks ago after he got into an altercation, but I don't think they thought anything of it. I mean, he's 18. We all get into trouble at that

Rick Worth

You didn't really see the boy out and about much. We mainly just saw him coming in and out of the house. He was quiet and kept to himself. You know, head down, never

Charlie Alliston

We collided pretty hard, our heads hit together, hers went into the floor and ricocheted into mine. It's not my fault people either think they are invincible or have zero respect for

Carl Packman

Previous research has been quite clear on what's causing a spike in indebtedness in the area: cuts to benefits and public services directly leading to lower income households in areas of deprivation taking on more debt just to get

Robin Wales

You have fewer people here, that could ease the pressure on rents. Fewer people here, could help us get more local people into work. But not being part of Europe, it could mean less jobs, and less good jobs, and as we're less welcoming [of business], which in turn means less

Wendy Joseph

I am satisfied in some part it was this so-called thrill that motivated you to ride without a front brake shouting and swearing at pedestrians to get out of the way. I've heard your evidence and I have no doubt that even now you remain obstinately sure of yourself and your own abilities. I have no doubt you are wrong in this. You were an accident waiting to happen. The victim could have been any pedestrian. It was, in fact, Mrs Kim

Marcus Samuelsson

Harlem is an aspirational culture for the rest of the world. I wanted to make sure it was built of Harlem but is for

Marcus Samuelsson

You know what? We could do another Red Rooster, but it has to be in another city that has similar DNA as New

Paul Venables

Where there's been a lot of public pronouncements from the banks, we've seen very little action, we're not seeing a large number of jobs go outside of the U.K. to Europe. We're beginning to see tentative signs of that market returning to

Donatella Versace

Versus is about individuality, bravery and pleasure. This is for everyone who dares to express themselves in everything they

Simon Gordon - Spire

Increasingly people's health problems are being dealt with in their domestic market, particularly in the Middle

Adrian Luckman

In the ensuing months and years, the ice shelf could either gradually regrow, or may suffer further calving events which may eventually lead to collapse - opinions in the scientific community are divided. Our models say it will be less stable, but any future collapse remains years or decades