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Ramiro Ramirez
This is slander by the United States. There is an anti-Cuban mafia in Miami and we are victims of their dirty work that involve certain people very close to the governing circles of the United
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Oct 25 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Mafia. 97 people are quoted and you can read 143 citations of them about Mafia. Letizia Battaglia, Nicola Gratteri and Nigel Farage, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Letizia Battaglia said: “I did exhibits against the Mafia, in Palermo, on the streets, in Corleone. I was afraid. There, I said it, I was afraid. It was true.”.
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Nicola Gratteri

Mobsters are where power and money are. Beyond cocaine smuggling 'Ndrangheta mobsters used to be strong on extortion and public bids; now it's gaming and the migrants centers. They are just one of the ways to become richer for the

Henry Wykowski

Things like this sort of take on a life of their own, and somebody who is obviously anti-cannabis has decided to push it. They think that this is the Achilles' heel. It is scary stuff. I just hope that the defendants get really good lawyers, because this could have an effect on the entire

Tarek William Saab

We're talking about a multinational mafia. This was a cartel and I can assure you, there won't be any

Ryan Bethencourt

There's a whole community of us that are building and funding vegan

Fay Vincent

In those days, we were very adamant against betting, because we had just been dealt and were dealing with the Pete Rose case. We saw the risks and the danger of corruption, and we saw that the mafia was involved in some of the things we investigated. It's dangerous, and it's still dangerous. But I think the American public wants to bet, and it's already

Gretchen Wilson

If just being in the Mafia was all that ever happened, that'd be enough. That was making it to us; the rest of this has been business. Those were the good

Ippolita Naso

There was nothing about the Mafia in this

Nicola Gratteri

Wars stop when cash starts flowing in. Then, they no longer have a reason to fight and attract police

Antonio Tata

In Isola, everyone works or knows someone who works for them, so people prefer not to take

Antonio Tata

We couldn't think that he had organized such a business. But we knew that, in small towns like Isola, people consider normal the presence of 'Ndrangheta families. They are historically used to

Jimmy Kimmel

Donald Jr. hired a lawyer yesterday. This lawyer in the past represented members of the Mafia, which actually makes sense. Because the Trumps are like the Corleone family – if all of them were

William Browder - Heritage Capital

Greed, money and corruption. These people are so obsessed with money, that they're ready to kill anyone who gets in the way. It's a mafia, it's a mafia that's running a sovereign state with nuclear

Letizia Battaglia

At the time, I was offered a security detail but I refused it because I would have lost my freedom. It was too important. I felt the duty to continue, the duty not to be

Letizia Battaglia

Sometimes I look at my photos and say, I was in there.' Three people murdered. I look at them and think, What a horror, three people murdered. When I took the photos, no one said to me, Brava,' no

Letizia Battaglia

I still have lots of things to do, I feel a strength inside that I didn't feel when I was 20, 30 or 40. Maybe I feel strong because today, I am my own master, and this gives me strength. Like

Letizia Battaglia

I never thought of myself as an artist, and I am still astonished to enter a museum and see my

Margherita Guccione

Letizia's story is the story of our country, secured in strong images loaded with tension, loaded with pain, and full of

Paolo Falcone

Letizia was a woman who was photographing the Mafia during the period of the bloodiest years of its history, destroying taboos. This makes her a figure that goes beyond being a photographer, a major retrospective of her works for the city of

Letizia Battaglia

I did exhibits against the Mafia, in Palermo, on the streets, in Corleone. I was afraid. There, I said it, I was afraid. It was

Letizia Battaglia

We were always ready, washed and clean – at night, during the day, always ready to race there. Now you have the books, and museum exhibits, but that life as a provincial photojournalist was really

George Stamboulidis - Enron

We cut our teeth in the organized crime section. And the only way you can make those cases is to get people to cooperate, even when the oath of Omerta (a Mafia code of silence and non-cooperation with authorities) was strong and in full

Silvano Tomasi

Our effort is to create a mentality, a culture of justice, that fights corruption and promotes the common

Jairo Popeye Velásquez

I have my mafia soul; this you don't ever forget. I'm looking for my second chance in society [through film]. If I don't find it, the rifle is an option and the mafia is an

Jairo Popeye Velásquez

I like to shoot and I like the mafia. I like the adrenaline and I like crime. I no longer want to do it in the streets; I don't want to kill anyone else. So I'll do it in the movies. They killed people at stoplights, in streets. They dismembered people, beheaded people, took out their eyes, cut off their fingers. Medellín transferred that [experience] to

Viktor Orban

There is an important element in public life in Hungary which is not transparent and not open – and that is the Soros network, with its mafia-style operation and its agentlike organizations. The Hungarian people, have the right to know who represents what and to what end, and what goals they seek to achieve through their

Silvio Berlusconi

He knows that I won't talk, because he knows my character and my abilities…dirty cuckold, you're nothing else, but just tell them how you are in government, that you did shameful and unjust things…. You know that I've done 24 years, my family is're giving wh*res money every

Giuseppe Graviano

Then there were other massacres in '93 but that wasn't the mafia, they say it was the

Silvio Berlusconi

I waited for you up till now…and you are letting me die in jail without me having done

Silvio Berlusconi

I brought you prosperity, 24 years ago they arrest me and you start stabbing me (in the back).feedback

Giuseppe Graviano

When Berlusconi started in the 1970s he started on the right foot, throw in some luck and he ended up what he is. When he found himself with a such a (big) party in 1994, he got drunk and said 'I can't share what I have with those who helped me'. He distanced himself and was a traitor. Berlusconi asked me for this favour…that's why there was the

Giuseppe Graviano

When he found himself with a such a (big) party in 1994, he got drunk and said 'I can't share what I have with those who helped me'. He distanced himself and was a

George Soros

I am full of admiration for the courageous way the Hungarian people have resisted the deception and corruption of the mafia state the Orban regime has established. Most Europeans of my generation were supporters of further integration. Subsequent generations came to regard the EU as an enemy that deprives them of a secure and promising future. This feeling was reinforced by the rise of anti-European, xenophobic parties that are motivated by values that are diametrically opposed to the values on which the European Union was

George Soros

I am full of admiration for the courageous way the Hungarian people have resisted the deception and corruption of the mafia state the Orban regime has established. I'm also encouraged by the energetic way the European institutions have responded to the challenge emanating from Poland and

George Soros

Externally, the EU is surrounded by hostile powers – [Vladimir] Putin's Russia, [Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan's Turkey, [Abdel-Fatah al-] Sisi's Egypt and the America that [Donald] Trump would like to create if he could, but can'

George Soros

This is not who I am. I am the proud founder of the Central European

Francesco Lo Voi

When some people claim the mafia no longer exists or has been destroyed, something always happens to confirm it is still there. When necessary, it shoots again, in a clear and symbolic

Enzo Letizia

Such a murder, so heinous, carried out near a school, on the anniversary of the [Falcone;] massacre, shows how complex the mafia phenomenon is. Tomorrow the state will remember its heroes, slain by the mafia; today the mafia showed its dynamism, by killing once

Francesco Lo Voi

When people say the mafia is finished or has been defeated, sooner or later something happens that shows that the mafia is still

Nicola Gratteri

There were companies set up purposely for food service and with that money they bought theatres, cinemas, apartments, land, cars and luxury

Giuseppe Governale

The welcome center and 'Mercy' were the ATMs of the

Yosef Peretz

That place operated like the Italian Mafia. No one was held to account except for Ms. Ponce de Leon, the one person who tried to stop the fraudulent conduct. Nicha Tabrizi, the manager who fired her, is still at the bank, six or seven years

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

The media has a long history of speaking truth to power with purloined or leaked material - Jack Anderson's reporting on the CIA's enlistment of the Mafia to kill Fidel Castro; the Providence Journal-Bulletin's release of President Richard Nixon's stolen tax returns; the New York Times' publication of the stolen 'Pentagon Papers'; and The Post's tenacious reporting of Watergate leaks, to name a few. I hope historians place WikiLeaks' publications in this pantheon. Yet there are widespread calls to prosecute

Frederick Bernard Lacey

What was only speculation when I last was here is now established. There is such a phenomenon as organized crime. Call it the Mafia, call it Cosa Nostra, call it Organized Crime, it

Edgardo Buscaglia

The governors are the main architects of this mafia-style financing for electoral campaigns. When they become public embarrassments, like Duarte and Yarrington, the prosecutors will act under international pressure, but they have a lot of information that could bring down half of the ruling class. They are negotiating their apprehension, their fortunes. That is why, miraculously, the ex-governors can't be

Nobile Capuani

Whoever knows me and links me to the Mafia or the Ndrangheta does not understand the Mafia or the Ndrangheta [organised crime in Calabria, Italy], I can assure you. If I had something to do with the Mafia or Ndrangheta, don't you think I would have been arrested in Italy? I have done nothing

Nigel Farage

You have been vindictive and nasty. You are behaving like the

Joseph Gioconda

Giving membership to a company who has been accused of being a major enabler of copyright infringement would really question what the purpose is of the organization. If you were going after the mafia, you wouldn't invite them to dinner and have a conversation about how you're going to go about working

Nigel Farage

You are behaving like the mafia. You think we are a hostage. We are not, we are free to go. What you could have done is acknowledge that we have put net over 200 billion sterling into this project, we're actually shareholders… and you should be making us an offer we can't refuse – to go. All I can say is thank goodness we're leaving. If you wish to have no deal, if you want to force us to move from the table, we will. You know we don't have to buy German cars, we don't have to drink French wine, we don't have to eat Belgian

Nigel Farage

What you're saying is that you want to put the interests of the European Union above that of your citizens and your companies and if you continue with that route it won't just be the United Kingdom that triggers article 50, there will be many more to

Nigel Farage

Mr Verhofstadt tells us that we cannot discuss trade deals with any other country in the world until we have left the EU. That has no basis in treaty laws whatsoever. We don't have to buy German motorcars, we don't have to drink French wine, and we don't have to eat Belgian chocolate. We can get these things elsewhere. You will hurt your people and your companies if you continue down this

Nigel Farage

The response to the triggering of Article 50 has been all too predictable. Already you have made a series of demands that are not just unreasonable but in some cases impossible for Britain to comply with. You began by telling us that Britain would have to pay a bill! A cool 52 billion sterling, a figure that has clearly been plucked out of the air, effectively a ransom demand. What you could have done is acknowledge that we have put net over 200 billion sterling into this project, we're actually shareholders...and you should be making us an offer we can't refuse - to

Roberto Saviano

Transparency groups have shown this with irrefutable data. The UK is already the most, without doubt, the most corrupt country in the world, not in terms of politics or police, but in terms of money

Boris Johnson

They are now basically captured by the old Livingstonian mafia, the machine, the London Labour Party- that's who's running the Labour Party now. That's what the Corbynistas

Luis Boudens

"Federal agents have taken down a mafia of businessmen that bribed inspectors ... and politicians to obtain certification to sell meat without any inspections,"feedback

Nienke Bakker

When I saw the damage in the lower left corner of one of the paintings, it was substantial, but I looked at the rest and realized it was the only big damage, and I was very relieved to see that. It was really like being in some weird movie, with all these police officers around me and this strange Mafia story they were telling

Andrea Agnelli

I will defend myself, I will defend my collaborators and I will defend the good name of Juventus, which has already had mud slung at it during some curious experimental sporting justice rulings in the past. I invite you reporters from today to look deeply into the themes of an inquest that has curiously seen the names of those accused of mafia links disappear to be replaced in the headlines by witnesses whose only crime is to work for a very famous club whose name is on everyone's

Andrea Agnelli

I similarly invite you all to be witnesses and not instruments to make prejudiced conclusions that would in my view be wrong and against everything the justice system stands for. I never met with any Mafia bosses. I want to remind everyone that at the time these ultras were, and indeed still are, free of any criminal record. I have met with ultras from various different groups… and always in the clear light of day. This is normal for a president of a football club. I thought it my duty to come here and tell you the situation directly, without any

Seth Meyers

You're so paranoid about wiretapping that you talk like a mafia don, afraid the feds are

Nicolas Maduro

In times of economic war and mafia attacks … we must protect employment and workers'

Debi Goenka

If we were to arrest everyone that is caught and lock them up for two years, it would send out a

Nicolas Maduro

This is a big effort we're doing to tackle so many evils and tricks. ... We're burning the hands of the

Henrique Capriles

When ineptitude governs! Who would possibly think of doing something like this in December amid all our problems?feedback

Nestor Reverol

Through NGOs, US organisations plotted this financial coup to suffocate our country and create general unrest among our people, with an economic

Teolviz Salcedo

It's illogical. This should come out step by step because there's also a new coin and that will devalue this note too much. We ordinary Venezuelan people are the ones who are affected by

Jonathan Gonzalez

It's crazy that from one day to the next, they want to take away this paper currency that is practically 80 percent of the cash that people use on the

Aijaz Altaf Andrabi

There is a land mafia in the area which wants to convert the saffron land into residential colonies and commercial

Aijaz Altaf Andrabi

The reality is that the government has failed to create even a single sprinkler irrigation facility in five and a half years. That is why its officers are fabricating the excuses that the land mafia is stopping them from doing the

Winnie Wong

This is the political revolution. It's here. What we know is that the Bernie Mafia feels confident and

Monica Baltodano

And mafia-style, he picks his wife to give her the kind of institutional power that she already had

Axel Rüger

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the Italian Public Prosecutions Department, the members of the Guardia di Finanza investigation team, the Italian police, the Dutch Public Prosecutions Department, the liaison officers of the Dutch Public Prosecutions Department in Rome and everyone else involved. The paintings have been found!feedback

Bipul Sinha - Rubrik

The deal size shows that we're selling into a market segment that has super high potential to

Vinod Khosla

In backup and recovery, people spend money on it because it's essential, and the best case is you hope you never touch that system at all. That's a pretty wasteful use of

Ragnar Kjartansson

That's why it's in the Panama Papers. We are like Sicily, with volcanic activity and huge family bonds, and a really strong mafia. The Sicilian mafia by comparison is totally amateur, so resorts to violence. Ours just rules. Iceland got one of the best deals out of the second world war and gained its independence from Denmark. Old people would arrogantly call it 'the blessed war', because the economy started booming. Two generations ago, we were the total scum of the earth. Now you go to every border control, and you are white, and from a cute country, with so much

Angelino Alfano

This shows that you cannot run from justice. These are the kind of victories that encourage and support us in the difficult but winnable fight against organised

Federico Cafiero de Raho

The force of the Calabrian Mafia is based on fear and connivance. Having spent 20-years on the run clearly shows he was hiding in a favourable

Virginia Raggi

We must use the systems we have, for example the anti-Mafia statements. The National Anti-Corruption Authority analysed around 1500 contracts, 90% of these contracts were against the law and they also violated the rule of common sense. So it is clear that the administration has malfunctioned for years, and now we must get back on the straight and

Ted Cruz

We're going to do very well in Texas. And we are fighting hard to beat [Trump] across the

Ted Cruz

I don't intend to be third in delegates. I don't believe I

Ted Cruz

We just matched what the opponents did for the last four years, Donald Trump has not released so much as a paper

Pope Francis

It is a crime. It is to kill someone in order to save another. That is what the Mafia

Pope Francis

Abortion is not the lesser of two evils. It is a crime. It is to throw someone out in order to save another. That's what the Mafia does. It is a crime, an absolute

Ferdinando Armeni

In the back of the car where my little daughter usually sits I found a message which asked, who usually sits here?feedback

Margherita Sforza - Euronews

It's more than 20 years since mafia member Carmine Schiavone first admiited to police that illicit dumping was going on in the region. Local residents are now demanding a full investigation into what kind of waste has been buried here and how big a risk does it pose to their

Alfredo Ranavolo

It's also the first time there's a president who's been close to a mafia tragedy, with the murder of his brother Piersanti. Is the value of that symbolic or something tangible?feedback

Julio San Garcia

We contribute professionalism and safety to the transport service. These entities just bring illegality, black economy and even a

Franco Frattini

We've been leading the way in the fight against organised crime and the mafia. So anything needed to fight that, wiretaps included, won't be touched or reduced. But it's something completely different to spread news that should remain

Carmelo Casabona

The N'drangheta deals with lots of criminal activities in our country but I think it is impossible that they could lead such an international

Jean-Noel Lemond

As a foreigner, being an entrepreneur is mission impossible here, if you don't have, let's say, local help. Everyone says yes, Russia, there's the mafia. Well, no, there's no mafia; there's only well organised people. So the organisations are different, organisations are clear or they're less clear, but actually everything works here – in a kind of 'double

Heinz Sprenger

These two men, for whom we have no exact description, entered the area where the shooting took place and then moved away in the direction of the Ludgeriplatz, some 250 metres away as the crow

Sabrina Pisu - Euronews

It's the first time ever that the doors of the presidential palace have been opened to prosecutors. The trial of the so-called 'negotiations between the Italian State and Mafia' is taking place at the Quirinale Palace, hearing some extraordinary testimony by Giorgio Napolitano. The families of the victims have never stopped demanding the truth be told and justice to be

Antonio Di Pietro

I think it's extremely important that the whole of the EU is aware that without a common legal framework to fight mafia organisations and money laundering, there is always going to be the danger that something born in one member state could spread to

Sonia Alfano

Today we handed the European Commission a report which presents a package of proposals: to recognise mafia association as a crime, to seize mafia goods and proceeds and re-use them for social purposes, and to create a temporary anti-mafia parliamentary

Antonino Gatto

I am very surprised because I thought the accusation was

Nicola Gratteri

When I was a child, I used to hitchhike to school, and several times I saw bodies on the ground, and I witnessed scenes of violence in front of my school. I breathed the heavy stench of the '

Nicola Gratteri

What if these people buying real estate, as well as moving into services, also buy into newspapers or television – as they've already started to? It's obvious that the media affect people's way of thinking, culture, ideologies. That lets the mafia circulate without ordinary people being aware of it. For example in the field of construction speculation, information bombardment through a local television station or a local newspaper could be a means of manipulation by the

Sonia Alfano

Not very well – but German colleagues also tried to find obstacles in the way of confiscating funds and goods because to them it's important to defend the rights of suspects. But of course we all want to defend suspects' rights, but although you have the suspect on one side, on the other side you have the victims and our need to guarantee the rights of victims must come

Sonia Alfano

Absolutely, that why in the text we also asked for the abolition of banking privacy. Too often the banks have offered an excessive amount of privacy to organisations which have taken refuge

Sonia Alfano

The mafia in our country have devoured the economy and sadly, they have also damaged social consensus and civil

Luigi Ciotti

A day like today is meaningful only if we keep fighting for the rest of the

Ivo Sanader

There is no need to declare a state of emergency in Croatia, but we will introduce extraordinary

Ilda Boccassini

It's the first time that the swearing-in, with the awarding of roles and tasks, has been

Ilda Boccassini

But nevertheless, during the inquiry we have been able to document and in some cases even to record more than 40 summits made by the 'Ndrangheta over two years in

Loris De Filippi

We have been able to visit these places for the last six summers and winters for the orange harvests and we have realised that the situation has not changed even if governments and officials

José Bové

For me effectively there is a business organising what amounts to fraud. And I would say clearly that this is a mafia at work trying to cheat consumers and of course making a lot of money at the same

Eric Holder

This is one of the largest single day operations against the mafia in the FBI's history, both in terms of the number of offenders arrested and charged and the scope of the criminal activity that is

Nicola Gratteri

Those who until now have been feeding off wealth and power that comes directly from the Church are nervous. For many years, the mafia has laundered money and made investments with the complicity of the Church. But now the Pope is dismantling the poles of economic power in the Vatican, and that is

Giuseppe Pignatone

The big families of the Ndrangheta, those we call the mafia dynasties, now include second, third and fourth generations. So there are the sons of people convicted 20 years ago, who have studied, completed university, integrated themselves into high society. And, more importantly, they can count on professionals, bureaucrats and

Alfredo Mantovano

Not since the 1970s have we had such a complete, comprehensive and detailed insight into the Ndrangheta. This operation really gives us a new snapshot into how they operate in

Roberto Saviano

Today I hate it. I can't take anymore. I don't have the slightest sympathy for my

Rossen Plevneliev

People are still in the streets, shouting Mafia!(...) How do the government and the opposition read this message and what concrete steps do they plan to present as an answer?feedback

Antonio Ingroia

I have received many complaints and this is one of many. The important thing is to have a clear conscience and not to worry; and the tribunal of Palermo has a clear conscience

Michela Monte

Antonio Ingroia, your involvement has led to you being accused of treachery. What's your response?feedback

Fabio Leone

Sicily has always been a place of negative connotations, mafia and unemployment. We wanted to lift up Sicily in our own

Piero Grasso

The inquiry reconstructs the criminal relations in Reggio Calabria. From this has emerged a united management of illicit business, which works in favour of all the gangs sharing the

Piero Grasso

The mafia is now a transnational phenomenon. It commits crimes and carries out operations in several different countries so we have to find the evidence in collaboration with other

Piero Grasso

In the lower Lazio region we started seeing the Caselesi clan working with the Sicilian Mafia, interfering with the fruit and vegetable market in Fondi, one of the biggest distributors in

Rosen Plevneliev

Our institutions need transparency, because it is lacking (…) what we call Mafia is a pathology our democracy must eradicate. If we hide this truth, not only will there not be healing, but we will allow the disease to spread. I remain optimistic because Bulgarian civil society has given a precise diagnosis and will lead us to its

Roberto Saviano

The economic crisis has created huge opportunities for the stronger mafias, the winners, whereas it has had a negative impact on those mafias which are weaker, the losers. But criminal organizations such as the Nigerians, the Russians, the Casalesi from Naples and the Corsicans represent cartels which have brought liquidity to the economy during the crisis, and thanks to that liquidity they have succeeded in many areas such as in big construction and the banking

Sakib Kopic

Someone comes to buy a company for almost nothing, they get one, two three bank loans then they destroy the company, they close it down, and the privatisation-mafia put the money into their own pockets. The people who invented these privatisation schemes should be sent to prison where they should crush stones with a rubber

Angelo Venti

At the time there was a number of amendments and exemptions in the laws, including the law on tenders, which resulted in an easing of controls and this encouraged companies with links to organised crime. Corruption is taking root in the wider society and the proof is we no longer receive complaints. But we have to be careful because the complaints we do receive could be from competing Mafia connected

Angelino Alfano

Often when the mafia wants to discredit adversaries it chooses not to physically assassinate them but to question their

Nicolas Sarkozy

France will not let this crime go unpunished. This is a struggle for all of us, for lawful states against criminal organisations, who are nothing more than a mafia disguised as underground

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