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Tunku Ismail Sultan
The football ecosystem in the country needs to be improved on every aspect, and that includes the trophies of our competitions. That includes the FA Cup, but not the Malaysia Cup which we will not change as it has been around for a long time and we respect
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Sep 20 2017
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Donald J. Trump

We're talking about trade – very large trade deals. Malaysia is a massive investor in the United States in the form of stocks and

Donald J. Trump

It's great to have the Prime Minister of Malaysia and his very distinguished delegation with us today. We're talking about trade… very large trade deals. We're working on one deal where between 10 and 20 billion dollars' worth of Boeing jets are going to be purchased, General Electric engines will be purchased, and many other

Nurul Izzah Anwar

Prime Minister Najib doesn't like democracy. Should the U.S. really seek his friendship?feedback

Donald J. Trump

You call places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and you say, you know, how many people do you have? And it's pretty amazing how many people they

Cynthia Gabriel

Territorial influence and geopolitical interests of the United States appears to have hollowed out its commitment to fight international corruption, much to the detriment of the future of Malaysia and the

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

There's little doubt that Najib will use this White House visit to burnish his credentials going into next year's election in Malaysia, and redouble his repression of critics using the stamp of approval from this

Lim Guan Eng

You are going after all sorts of offences, but the biggest one, it stinks to high heaven. Everyone can smell it, except

Azam Baki

No comment on that, we are very fair in investigating anybody here, whoever they

Mahathir Mohamad

I'm not thinking about ruling; I'm thinking about defeating Datuk Seri Najib in the next elections and it would seem that lots of people are responding to what I'm doing. We are confident we will win, but of course we have to deal with a man who's going to stop at nothing in order to stay in

Mahathir Mohamad

(Naming them) will cause a lot of people to go into debate and bring up all kinds of false accusations against them, and we will be preoccupied trying to defend a candidate who may never become the prime

Thuan Pham

When I was 10 years old, I left Vietnam with my mother and younger brother, crammed with 470 other people without life jackets onto an old fishing boat to Malaysia. It was a perilous and terrifying four-day journey – with major storms threatening to sink us, and pirates with guns and knives who robbed us and could kill us as well. We were the lucky ones who survived the 50 percent odds of that sea

Aaron L. Connelly

There will be increasing pressure on the governments of countries with large Muslim populations to take action on this issue. I would not be surprised to see more protests in Malaysia and

Kiko Insa

In my opinion, no [results haven't affected morale]. In the two games, the results weren't positive. But you can see in the games, we do what is asked from us by the coach but unfortunately in the last moments of those matches, we conceded

Rodrigo Duterte

We have agreed that we will talk, the three of us. We are just waiting for the right time. In all probability, it will be a joint... task force. And I will open my borders to the Malaysian authorities and Indonesian authorities. They will be given

Ernesto Abella

Granting Isnilon Hapilon's whereabouts in Basilan is true, it would mean that he chose to abandon his men as the battle of Marawi nears its final stretch. Our forces are hot on their heels and it will only be a matter of time before we get

Bojan Hodak

This is what TMJ wants to do, because in Europe 90 per cent of first team players have trained under youth development when they were young. So TMJ wants to focus on youth development. He gave me a two-year contract and told me what he wants to focus

Wong Chen

I think we could really make a dramatic impact. Bersatu's main role is to take the fight to the rural areas where UMNO is

Kay Van-Petersen - Saxo Capital Markets

Given the fact that the NDF currency market has been effectively shut down for months, it's hard to get a sense of what is truly priced in. I would have expected the MYR to be much stronger, simply given what its [emerging market] cousins have

Gerald Ambrose - Aberdeen Asset Management

This one's going to be close. If there was a victory for the opposition there would be a lot of people who would be concerned about the outlook in the near term. It has been the same administration here for the past 60 years. In the urban areas, it does look as though a lot of people are thinking very seriously about for whom they vote. In the rural areas I think there's still a lot of loyalty towards the ruling

Kay Van-Petersen - Saxo Capital Markets

Overall, the international investment community has a keen interest in Malaysia. However, they want real structural steps towards greater comfort on transparency, shareholder protection, the rule of law and, of course, clarity on the political

Jean-Charles Sambor - BNP Paribas

The political factor is something that we have to monitor. But I would say that, compared to a few years ago, the positioning is much lighter and the risk of massive outflows is much lower and the macro story is in a much better

Ong Kim Swee

Of course, it's not easy for him to concede that type of goal. But it happens to anybody. We can't blame him. At the same time, he's a very young goal keeper and he has a very bright future. He has to push this away and take it as a very good learning

Ong Kim Swee

It's the final game of the tournament and we want to finish on a very, very positive note. Thailand are always a good side on paper, regardless of the age level. But when it comes to final matches, I believe there are no

Nathanael Lim - Euromonitor International

Governments in Asia are actively promoting healthy consumption, such as Malaysia which launched its Healthier Choices Logo in April 2017. Consumers also have an increasing preference for beverages containing natural ingredients with zero

Ong Kim Swee

We should be proud, not just with the gold-medal winning Malaysian athletes and teams. The grand opening ceremony showed everyone that Malaysia are also capable of achieving what other nations can. That's something that motivates us to perform as part of the Malaysian

Engkamat Lading

Those who have obtained their licences from us can start harvesting crocodiles in the

Hilary Lau - Herbert Smith Freehills

We've seen a lot of activities recently in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The whole Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh corridor is also hot as it's connecting the East and

Adam Nor Azlin

One of our strengths is that we can play very well with short passes, but we need to work on our finishing. There's no point of playing well if we can't find the back of the net. We have a lot to work on ahead of the match against Singapore this

Aziz Kaprawi

No decision has been made but we are definitely considering a new search. We will seek input from our

Allan Yeoh

We tried for many years to convince developers to include a proper ice skating rink in their plans, but there were no takers. But we're very happy that we now have a state-of-the-art facility already

Seng Chee

This is the closest we'll get to training like a professional athlete. We've been training 13 times a week and that's basically all we've been

Mohammad Pudzi

We don't have proof but I believe that they (trafficking syndicates) exploit our systems and procedures in these smuggling

Maniam Pachaiappan

My young players can do the job, with the guidance of the more senior players such as Amri, Razman [Roslan] and

Ugo Ukah

Andik and Amri will be on standby as Andik has been complaining of discomfort, but they will be in the team. I'll probably field them for 20

Ahmed al-Sanani

I was the first one to apply for the lottery in my family. I want to come to the United States to learn English and continue my

Tony Fernandes - AirAsia

In some ways, we benefited from the ringgit devaluation as well, though the cost side went up. I think Malaysia became a much cheaper country to come to. Let's get that consolidation done. Let's get the benefits of operating as one company together, to get cost out. And three, if we can persuade the governments to allow us to do that, then we do [a public listing].feedback

Joshua Goldstein

Imagine you get notified you got the golden ticket, only to have it yanked

Mehmet Durakovic

He's a very very good man. He's a very good goal keeper. He plays for us, he plays for Malaysia. I think Hafizul is a fantastic goal keeper and he has a fantastic

Sven Gartung

He's in hospital right now. He has something on the side of his leg, in the bone. It's a pity. Perak played very physical, but we know what we need to prepare for next week's

Sven Gartung

Very proud of the boys. They fighting 90 minutes. But when I took over in the job, we said the focus is on the league, this is the cup. You can see that Perak wants to move on in this cup. They wanted three points, so they came with the full orchestra. We made some changes and I'm very proud of the players that played tonight [Saturday].feedback

Mehmet Durakovic

We came here to win the game. We had a game plan, it worked and we are into the quarter finals. Perak havent been there for nearly 5 years and it was very important for them to qualify. And we did it with class, so I'm very happy

Mehmet Durakovic

I am very happy with the commitment shown by the players in Wednesday's match against Johor Darul Ta'zim (JDT). I am also satisfied with the performances demonstrated by

Chong Zhi Xin - Wood Mackenzie

A rough gauge indicates that Petronas holding a 62 percent stake (in the project) would probably see a write-down of $600-800 million as it has been the lead developer since

Eric Jing - Ant Financial Services Group

To bring digital financial inclusion to more people across the world, Ant Financial takes an approach of collaborating with strategic partners overseas and enabling them with its innovative solutions. Given TNG's leading position in the market and vast customer base, we believe that we can help it to offer exciting and innovative products to Malaysian

Peter Bellew

(Given) the advances in scientific research around the location where the aircraft may have gone down ... I personally would be very surprised if in the next three or four years, we don't get a breakthrough. I think that's the timescale we're looking

Gerald Ambrose - Aberdeen Asset Management

After three years of pretty dismal performance coinciding also with the weak ringgit ... there has been a marked turnaround, slight strengthening in the ringgit recently and the market looks a bit

Zafrul Aziz

We're confident that we'll see more (fund inflows) based on the pipeline. In the capital market this year in Malaysia, we're looking at fundraising in excess of 100 billion ringgit. Last year, it was less than 100 (billion), so definitely we believe there will be funds coming

Ulisses Morais

Besides that, I would like to say I am very happy to be with the JDT family. I am happy with the players, and I am happy to see all the JDT fans. All the players at JDT are incredible players. They always show day-to-day improvement and work hard all the time. Tonight's win was the result of their hard work. Thank you

Anna Olsen - United Nations

In times of crackdowns, migrant workers risk being fired by their employers, which can lead to irregular status or loss of wages. Other employers … might try to 'hide' irregular migrant workers, contributing to further isolation and increased risk of

Joseph Paul

Not everyone who applies can get the card. If you apply for the card, and your worker is found to not be eligible for it, he or she will be sent

Kang Hua Keong

A lot of SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises) paid the agents, but were never able to get E-Cards or the rehiring done. A lot of agents promised – even blacklisted ones – that they can get it done, but actually, it is not true. Agents just want to make the

Joseph Paul

It is unfair that a worker is arrested for something that he cannot on his own

Ong Kim Swee

But my players kept their discipline well, especially in defence. Even though we were on the back foot in the second half, we still managed to create a couple of good chances. The substitutes todays also provided good

Maniam Pachaiappan

I want to thank the supporters who were behind us and gave us the motivation to play

Nova Iriansyah

I think the national government is right that we have to do

Ratna Sari

It will mean nobody will be publicly humiliated any

Gerd Zeise

We need to see some players behind them to see if they are ready for the AFC championships. I can only value the first half. In the first half we shouldn't have been down one zero as we had a few chances. I can live with this result. In the qualifer we will have a different tactic and a different

Andrew Staples

On the one hand, you have Japan, Australia and New Zealand who would like to push ahead with the agreement as is, just with some only technical modifications to allow it to come into force. But countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam, on the other hand, are questioning whether a deal makes sense without getting access to the U.S.

Andrew Staples

Malaysia, in particular, has said they would like to re-open negotiations on contentious issues, such as drug development

Alia Affendy

There is a big fundamentalist movement changing the law, not just at the state legislative level, but also at the federal

Sri Subahan Kamal

We have good people here like Mr Omar [Omar Ali, introduced as the technical director in the press conference], Rauf [team manager Abdul Rauf Ahmad], their job is to develop (young) talents. Even our President's Cup and Youth Cup teams are doing well, and we have a pool of talent. We are a factory. I believe that next year, having a few young talents, we will be banking on more young players. Because the Malaysian FA (FAM) is facing an issue now, for example Vingada [Malaysia head coach Nelo Vingada] recently said that the country doesn't have

Sri Subahan Kamal

We will make sure we have enough strikers. We hope one day they will be a good Selangor striker, a local boy who will be able to score goals like what Vingada is

Sri Subahan Kamal

We will take the lead, Selangor will see how we can support (the country) by having more local players play in the league. Maybe we will not win titles but it's okay, we will sacrifice for the

Seri Subahan Kamal

On the 14th (of August) the team will arrive for the central training camp in

Seri Subahan Kamal

We're trying to get Syria because Syria will play a qualification match against Qatar in Melaka as well. We're trying to talk to Syria to get them to play against us on the 22nd, so coach Nelo (Malaysia head coach Nelo Vingada) has three matches (before the Hong Kong match). This time Melaka will host it as most of the stadiums in Kuala Lumpur will be occupied by the SEA Games which will end on the

Seri Subahan Kamal

There are a few test matches that the national team department is arranging. Rest assured that the one that is confirmed is an away match on the 25th (August), against Macau. On the 26th we will be flying off to Yangon, Myanmar and on the 29th we will play Myanmar. Then we will come back and have a short Aidiladha break on the first (of September), the boys will come back on the second, and we will have the game (against Hong Kong) at the Hang Jebat Stadium in Melaka on the fifth of

Amri Ali

Today our attack was a little lacking and our finishing was not clinical. I hope in the next matches we can work on our

Ulisses Morais

JDT have 29 players in total. I feel the Malaysia Cup can give them playing opportunities because we as the coaching staff believe in them. That is the important

Muhammad Azril Maridzuan - Starbucks

Don't make it such an issue that we have to boycott a company because of one small

Gabriel Guerra

There are no secrets to how I produce an energetic performance every game. I just train every day and follow instructions from the coach. JDT have many great players, so it is easy for me to adapt in every

Yu Heng Yuen

It's a famous university in China, and we figure there would be some advantage to being in the first international

Wang Ruifang

We would like to keep some aspects of our parent university, because it is part of the tradition and culture. We would like to give our students space to

Ulisses Morais

Nazmi and his team-mates played really well against Sarawak. He plays in midfield and JDT have many midfielders with different experience levels. However, it surely is not difficult for Nazmi because he's a talented

Ulisses Morais

The next match against Terengganu on 7th is very important for me. After that we will focus on the game against Pahang on 11th. However I'm not too worried because JDT have many quality players. That's why I can rotate the players frequently. Currently the physical condition of the players is getting

Wei Zheng Kit

Still, we acknowledge rising risks of a delay closer to the mid-2018 deadline, which would imply a significantly slower pace of fiscal

Wei Zheng Kit

Overall, FDI (foreign direct investments) from China may understate the extent of Chinese involvement in the Malaysian economy, but overstate the impact on gross domestic product (GDP) growth or Malaysian ringgit

Irfan Bakti Abu Salim

Either side could have had the three points. We each had many chances, so it's a fair

Issey Nakajima-Farran

We have to plan and aim for which games we should be collecting points, because Malaysia Cup is about collecting points. It's not a league competition, it's a different style of points-accumulation. For this we should be focusing more on our performance rather than collecting points, but it's a home game so hopefully we show a good performance. And if we squeeze in some points, it'll be fantastic obviously, but it won't be an easy

Bert Koenders

This means that the team's cooperation will continue into the prosecution

Ulisses Morais

The physical condition of the players also played a role and there were players who were affected by different injuries. As we knew, Safiq had some problem but in today's match, Safiq received help from other midfielders to control the game such as Natxo Insa and Amirulhadi Zainal. So, Safiq seemed to play a lot

Ulisses Morais

It was a good start. We started off with a win and we know the players can play even better because JDT have many quality players. However it was not the best game as we hoped but it was enough to win the game. The important thing was we got three points from the match. There were some problems with the players such as Mohammed Ghaddar picking up an injury towards the end of the game. We will surely make some changes because we possess several quality players to play in upcoming

Ulisses Morais

We have two games to play next week and we need to work harder. We need to try winning the Super League and it is among our main objectives. For the Malaysia Cup match against Sarawak on Tuesday, we need to observe first the physical condition of our players who will play that

Ulisses Morais

Despite that, there were several negatives in the match, as we did not make full use of our goal-scoring chances. We had as many as nine chances but we missed. That was the negative part of the game but we must remain positive. Getting three points, celebrating victory and players carrying out their roles are the most

Seri Azzuddin Ahmad

We received official protests from VFF (Vietnam Football Federation) four days ago [26 June] and Laos also sent a similar protest letter yesterday [28 June]. The matter has been raised to FAM and Datuk Hamidin, the Secretary-General of FAM. I expect a few more countries to submit similar protest letters in the near future and the possibility is big that the format will be changed before the draw on 8

Seri Azzuddin Ahmad

In my opinion, these are valid protests because in the history of the SEA Games, there hasn't been any host country who have been given the advantage to choose the group they like and this is something out of the

Evita Delmundo

So, I just had to accept this is the body I've been given. Now I'm grateful I didn't change

Evita Delmundo

Some of my Instagram followers have told me that I'm their idol or that they look up to me and see me as an inspiration. Knowing that I have such a positive effect on others really keeps me

Evita Delmundo

It's always been a dream for me to try out for Miss Universe Malaysia. I feel likes it's a good way for me to showcase my uniqueness and newfound confidence, and hopefully I can also inspire others. I think my audition went well, so I'm just hoping to get a callback from the organization

Yannick N'Djeng

Since my arrival here two weeks ago, I have become familiar and follow the team's gameplan, not only during training but also in our three friendly matches previously. In fact, I'm very confident that T-Team will be able to gain more success after seeing the seriousness shown by all the players, in line with its motto 'small team, big

Tom Bason

When Wolves were relegated to League One in 2013, a number of players were loaned out to top flight clubs around Europe. Roger Johnson went to West Ham in the Premier League, while Razak Boukari and Tongo Doumbia went to Sochaux and Valenciennes, both in Ligue 1. Bjorn Sigurdarson went to Norway's Molde on loan and won the league and cup double with them. And finally, Georg Margreitter was sent on loan to Copenhagen, where he played in the Champions League, on loan from a League One

Matt Smith

None of those three are showing signs of a materially tightening market. I think the global market is showing signs of strain simply because you've got floating storage off Singapore and Malaysia close to the highest levels of the year. They're not dropping. In fact, they're tipping

Ong Kim Swee

We were able to put up a fight and attack in the first half, but in the second we lost our focus and conceded two early goals which made things hard for us. The players were also fatigued after a packed schedule in the past two days, which is another factor for the

Ong Kim Swee

The final squad list will only be revealed after the final training session before we depart for Bangkok, on July

Tunku Tun Aminah

I hope HRH Crown Prince of Johor will not remain as the President of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) for too long. It's better to serve and contribute where you are appreciated and

Tengku Sariffuddin

The Malaysian government will fully cooperate with any lawful investigation of Malaysian companies or citizens in accordance with international protocols. So we are concerned that again the DoJ has failed to seek such cooperation from the Malaysian government or 1MDB, the Malaysian company concerned. We are also concerned by the unnecessary and gratuitous naming of certain matters and individuals that are only relevant to domestic political manipulation and interference. This suggests a motivation that goes beyond the objective of seizing

Ong Kim Swee

The win is not a major victory, we are still in the process of building the team. We need to maintain our performance and improve before we take on Melaka United on June

Ong Kim Swee

But the players fielded proved that they can perform well, they did not concede and improved in the second half. Their movements in front of the goal were particularly

Ong Kim Swee

Tomorrow's match will be more challenging than the previous friendly against Guangzhou R&F, as they definitely will field a number of their Super League squad members. My first eleven tomorrow will be among the best players we have so far, and we will be able to assess our strengths better. We will play Melaka in Melaka on June 22, and a few days after I will announce the squad for the AFC qualifiers. We have to prepare early, as the qualifiers will take place in

Nelo Vingada

Of course, in the last 15 minutes our players were feeling it (fatigue). But Lebanon are also Muslims, I don't know how they did it. In the game, during both their goals, our team were organised and everyone was behind the ball, so it is not a question of fitness, it is because of

Ong Kim Swee

I am not particularly happy with their performance. After making seven changes to the lineup that started against China U22 (a 1-0 defeat last Saturday), a number of players did not play at a satisfactory level. But what's important is they played positively to come back from two goals down, which is a good sign. In any case, it (the sending off) should not have happened. My players should know that when they are a man down, our gameplan and system will be disrupted, and our job will be harder. But (thankfully) today they proved that they can come back from

Ong Kim Swee

I did not get to see the incident clearly myself, I'll review the video afterwards and decide for myself whether the sending off was called

Ong Kim Swee

I hope in the last friendly, those fielded will display good cohesion, before I decide whom to drop from the squad once we return

Edgardo Bauza

We had good preparation in the UAE, Malaysia and Thailand. We benefited greatly from the experience of the friendly against Laos and we have been able to formulate a plan to garner three points against

Tommy Reza

Many people from Jambi and even overseas from places like Hong Kong and Malaysia got in touch to ask me where they could donate money. He was very grateful and he was praying. I told him that I was only the messenger. Indonesians are amazing. I'm touched by their compassion towards one

Nelo Vingada

He was already captain before, so it's not the first time. There are some players who are more older than him and more caps than him but that's not important. He'll be the player starting tomorrow who has more caps. He'll be a good representative of the team. He's the extension of the technical staff because he's in the field and we are

Miodrag Radulovic

It is Ghaddar's decision, I don't care about this. If someone doesn't want to play for the country, it's his decision and for us this story is

Miodrag Radulovic

I respect Malaysian team and Malaysian football. Sure we come in to try to win but draw is not a bad result for

Safee Sali

It's positive now. The coach gives out a good aura for the team and we are excited for the game on

Marcello Lippi

It's a very nice training centre with a very good pitch. With all the facilities I like, like the gym, swimming pool and all the facilities. It's not easy to find such a good

Marcello Lippi

I met the owner of the Johor club. I heard that they achieved very good results these few years. I wish all the best to the team and hope they become better and better and become the Juventus of

Thiago Augusto Fernandes

I like Irfan and he's doing a good job at Terengganu. (But) with this coach (Sathianathan) I feel good also. We've only trained for two or three days, but we've chatted and it went well. I hope I'll be able to work hard for him also, to help the

Ong Kim Swee

It's very important. Our (AFC qualifiers) group is like pre-SEA Games, Indonesia and Thailand are both in it. Both teams are preparing for the SEA Games, and we can learn a lot from the AFC (qualifiers), while at the same time trying to qualify for the finals in

Ong Kim Swee

We have three remaining goalkeepers; Ifwat [Akmal Chek Kassim], Haziq [Nadzli] and Amirul [Hakimi Awang]. I will discuss with the goalkeeping coach, whether we need to call up another goalkeeper when we return from

Bhaskaran R Sathianathan

I've taken my previous teams to the final four times, so why not? We'll go as far as

Bhaskaran R Sathianathan

We've signed Dino Djulbic as Mootaz' replacement, and tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll decide on Thiago's partner. But we need to do further checks on their backgrounds

Ong Kim Swee

(They've been making) simple errors, which is very worring. The goal we conceded happened due to our own mistake; inaccurate backpasses. This is a serious matter, as the boys should know that they should not be making those kinds of mistakes at the international level. When they those mistakes happen, the opponents will punish

Azam Baki

We are looking into claims of graft and possible abuse of power involving several

John Strickland

Airlines typically want to recoil but they would do better to get out there and face it head on. They need to explain what happened and how they're handling

Oscar Munoz

The initial focus for me should have been to do what I did a few hours later and

Peter Bellew

We had the first statement out within 14 minutes from the minute I heard about it in the

James Dorsey

The Saudis view Iran as the foremost terrorist threat rather than the Islamic State and a lot of non-Arab Muslims countries ... would probably not agree with

Sri Subahan Kamal

In terms of attendance, at Selayang we can get at least five or six thousand fans every match, our most loyal fanbase. God willing, if we return to Shah Alam our spirit will improve, the players will perform better, and we will try attracting a bigger crowd. Even if we can't fill the Shah Alam Stadium, we'll try to fill half of its capacity. And I had been hoping we could begin our Malaysia Cup campaign this year at our former home ground, but that's not going to happen it seems. So the fans will have to make do with

Peter Bellew

I think you've got 15 minutes or less to say sorry. People were livestreaming on Facebook what was happening, because the aircraft was under 14,000 feet. That's the pressure you're under now. It's

Oscar Munoz

We have to become more flexible and more communicative about things. In a crisis of that magnitude, evolving that quickly, you tend to learn and talk to too many people. My initial response with my name on it would have been

Enrique Beltranena - Volaris

We cannot afford to be mechanised in terms of treating passengers: passengers are people and need to be treated with respect. We learned a lot from [United].feedback

James Dorsey

They (Malaysia) can say either I do business with you, or say I'm not going to make that choice. Then the question would be how would the Saudis or the UAE respond to that. But we're not there yet, and there's no certainty that it will get

Shaukat Qadir

There are rumours flying around that Raheel Sharif is pulling out of the Saudi-led military alliance. I hope they are true and he comes back

Subahan Kamal

The choice of the president is correct and I don't doubt the quality of Nelo even though I've only been with him for a short time. He's a coach that has a lot of experience and he's the kind of approachable coach and players are comfortable with

Ahmad Azriddin Rosli

Beto's condition is quite serious, so we have to be careful, and we have only around one week before we leave for China. So I have made the decision to leave him behind to undergo rehabilitation with the ISN (National Sports Institute).feedback

Robert Fitrakis

The family is mystified by what happened. They're absolutely

Rob Macdonald

We were sitting there and this guy is pinned down now and he had a potential bomb on board, and we sat there for an hour and 10 minutes. Ridiculous. We could see them [the police] all outside, but they weren't coming on the plane and nobody knew

Graham Ashton

I certainly appreciate when you're on a plane in that situation one minute could seem like an hour. Looking at the chronology last night I'm not seeing any time gaps or delays that were

Arif Chaudhery

Some passengers and crew grabbed the man and tackled him to the floor. We were very lucky. It could have been

Ab Aziz Kaprawi

It is believed that the suspect is a Sri Lankan national, and that he was

Michael Oppenheimer - O'Neal

The actions of the United States are bound to have a ripple effect in other emerging economies that are just getting serious about climate change, such as India, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. We will see more extreme heat, damaging storms, coastal flooding and risks to food security. And that's not the kind of world we want to live

Yusoff Mahadi

It's not we take it easy there [AFC qualifiers], we'll still try out best. It's just that since the SEA Games is held in Malaysia, we have to give that a priority because we don't our team to failed on our home

Hamidin Amin

Secondly, regarding the issue of Safiq Rahim, Aidil Zafuan, S. Kunanlan and Amirulhadi Zainal who had previously chose to retire from international football - it is their right to want to play again for the national

Najib Razak

At this time of heartbreak, Malaysia stands united with Britain. We must be firm, determined and ready to confront terror swiftly and decisively wherever and whenever it manifests itself. We must never

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

I want to emphasize here there has been no change to our rules of engagement, and there has been no change to our continued extraordinary efforts to avoid innocent civilian casualties. The foreign fighters are the strategic threat should they return home to Tunis, to Kuala Lumpur, to Paris, to Detroit,

Amri Yahyah

I am not entirely sure about that, I haven't gone through

Amri Yahyah

I want to avoid disrupting the team, and I hope they will be even more motivated in the coming matches. That all depends on my own performance. I can't tell for myself honestly, when the end is going to come. Only time will

Amri Yahyah

Plus these matters can sometimes be a sensitive issue, and even I find it hard to understand

Amri Yahyah

I can't comment much on it, as I'm not sure myself whether I'll be in the new national team plans, which are up to the president and the new head

Nelo Vingada

If you ask me, every player has to focus (on the task), regardless of whether the head coach is a local or foreign one. We have to help the national team reach greater heights. The nationality of the head coach must not be made an excuse. Those picked to play for Malaysia must give their best for the national

Amri Yahyah

I am very happy to be able to rejoin my teammates, I've missed my friends, the management and the fans. I will work my hardest to help Selangor

Eric Trappier

After a contract signed in India, regarding the delivery of 36 Rafale jets, and the order of 24 of these aircraft by Egypt and 24 other by Qatar, we should soon conclude a fourth contract abroad, but it will rather be in

Romain Grosjean

His car came back and that's why we had the big hit. The same thing happened with Rosberg in Malaysia last year when he spun into Turn 1 but was going flat out but you obviously don't want to lose time but when you coming and there's a car is facing you and you don't know the momentum of the car which is facing you makes it a bit more dangerous. I think it's a tricky one because obviously you don't want to lose time when a car is spinning ahead of you. But the on the other hand when you facing an object you know where to go, but when the object is having a move it make it's more

Azman Fahmi Osman

We are waiting for FAM's decision regarding hosting the match at Bukit Jalil. Our original plan of doing up the trek would however still remain. When the stadium officially opens in July, we would welcome FAM to hold any friendly matches

Hamidin Amin

I would like to inform all regarding the speculation on social media of former Olympiakos coach Paulo Jorge Gomes Bento being the new national head coach isn't true at all. Once the matter is approved by HRH Major General Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim, Crown Prince of Johor and President of the Football Association of Malaysia, I will announce the real national head coach from Portugal in the next 3 or 4 days to all Malaysian football fans after both sides complete all documentation and contractual

Hilary Webster

We have students from Arabic-speaking countries (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran), Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Thailand), Pacific Islands (Samoa, Fiji) and various African countries, as well as two students recently arrived from Greece and one Aboriginal student. These children are Australia's future, and their aspirational parents all want them to be successful

Khairy Jamaluddin

The tension between Malaysia and North Korea may be over but the country (North Korea) is facing several issues involving the outside

Tim Adams

I'm all for it. I think supplementing what the [IMF] can do and other institutions is important as long as it doesn't interfere with some of the programs the fund has in place … I think it's such a great idea and I think it helps stabilize the region in times of crisis but having flexible exchange rates is also a shock

Tim Adams

There was a fear late last year and early this year that with the rise in rates in the U.S. and projection of rising rates in the U.S. we'll see massive fly out of capital in emerging Asia, emerging markets. That didn't happen. In fact, we've seen a reversal of flows into emerging

Hassan Yunos

The young man has to understand, he has got a very good team. You got the best players in Malaysia, not only in JDTI but also in JDTII. I made a remark to him that when you beat us 7-0, you didn't have time to shake my hand. And now you shake my hand, you grip it like you want to fight me. And he said next time, we'll beat you 7-0 again. I said, you think a good coach, mate? So listen, come and coach my team. Let's see how good you are. You got the best players in Malaysia, so you should be winning every week anyway. Good luck to you

Muhammad Afiq Imran

So I decided to take the time to attend the match, just for

Muhammad Afiq Imran

They simply came up to me, showed their appreciation and Sunday gave me his kit. I'm definitely keeping the shirt as

Hamidin Amin

Due to that, we need to be thorough in picking a coach who can take on the responsibility of managing Harimau Malaya for the long term. Do take note that our offer isn't huge because the FAM is

Hamidin Amin

For the time being there's a candidate from Portugal, and another will meet with the President (FAM president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim) within the next few days. And His Royal Highness (Tunku Ismail) doesn't want to say too much to the media because the matter cannot be disclosed yet. We can only share with the media once it's confirmed. So, you need to realise that picking the coach is not as easy as buying books, which you can do easily. If the coach is not good and one day we want to get rid of him, we will need to fork out more

Peter Bellew

Business is very good at the moment... business on the international front is extremely strong. We need more pilots, more crew, engineers and

Hairuddin Omar

PFAM would also like to thank Tunku Ismail, the President of FAM, for this swift action against the issue of delayed salary payments. Hopefully there can be a positive change that sees the professionalism of the game being brough to the next

Abdullah Shamshir Abdul Mokti

I refuse to let my wife die in vain. By telling her story, we hope Takata and Honda will do more, particularly in Malaysia, to notify everyone with impacted cars that they are potentially

Eduardo Ano - Army

We consider him the most notorious kidnapper from that bandit group and this is a big setback for the Abu

Steve Okun

The U.S. has 14 different FTAs right now. The U.S.-Singapore FTA has slightly different provisions than the U.S-Korea FTA, which has slightly different provisions than the U.S.-Australia FTA, but that doesn't include countries like Malaysia and

Peter Bellew

We're hoping to come to a good agreement with Airbus on the reconfiguration cost on the aircraft. I'll still need some more help from them on that. I think you've hit the nail on the head

Kiki Taufik - Greenpeace

IOI has come a long way in the past 12 months … There is still a lot of work to be done to clean up the palm oil industry and we expect other traders to respond with action plans of their own. The only way to clean up the industry is for other palm oil traders to follow IOI's lead and start cutting off suppliers that destroy rainforests or abuse

Tan Cheng Hoe

I'm sure they don't want to lose at home again after we defeated them in the FA Cup. I just hope that our players can return to full fitness after our game against PKNP last

Mehmet Durakovic

I am confident that we can still challenge. If at Sarawak we scored three goals, which is something that is not easy to do, that shows that our players are still

Elavarasan Elangowan

We want to improve our position in the table. I can see some positive signs during the game against JDT and Kedah so I hope we can bring back three

David Usop

The players played well to get a win but our failures in finding the finishing touch is the reason why we lost the

Lim Teong Kim

In overall I'm very happy with the performance. The boys played against one of the best teams in the world. Of course it would have been better if it was a draw for us, unfortunately because of one mistake by our centre back and goalkeeper, we conceded. We had our chances in the first half, we could have scored at least two goals in the first

Liam Wee Sin

For this particular project, so far we have been getting about 90 percent local and 10 percent foreigners buying. They come from either China or

Darren Chester - Federal Transport

The CSIRO report has been provided to Malaysia for consideration in its ongoing investigation into the disappearance of MH370. Malaysia is the lead investigator and any future requests in relation to searching for MH370 would be considered by Australia, at that

David Griffin

Testing an actual flaperon has added an extra level of assurance to the findings from our earlier drift modelling work. We've found that an actual flaperon goes about 20 degrees to the left, and faster than the replicas, as we thought it might. The arrival of MH370's flaperon at La Reunion in July 2015 now makes perfect sense. We add both together in our model to simulate the drift across the ocean, then compare the results with observations of where debris was and wasn't found, in order to deduce the location of the

David Griffin

We wanted to see if the genuine flaperon drifted straight downwind like the replicas, or off at an angle, and at what speed through the water. We've found that an actual flaperon goes about 20 degrees to the left, and faster than the replicas, as we thought it might. The arrival of MH370's flaperon at La Reunion in July 2015 now makes perfect sense. Knowing how the flaperon, and the other parts of MH370 that have been found, respond to wind and waves is just as important as knowing the currents of the Indian

Shahril Ridza Ridzuan

Today, we are already one of the larger investors in palm oil production. We are a significant shareholder of some of the very well-run palm oil companies. We are looking at the prospects of taking a more direct exposure, not just through the listed space, but perhaps directly owning or directly having control of some of these planted assets. Palm oil prices and palm oil production are quite synchronised, in terms of the prices moving up when production falls off. The net effect is that cash flow is going to be fairly

David Griffin

Testing an actual flaperon has added an extra level of assurance to the findings from our earlier drift modelling work. We cannot be absolutely certain, but that is where all the evidence we have points us, and this new work leaves us more confident in our

Shahril Ridza Ridzuan

(There is) a trend among our global counterparts...investing in renewable forests (and) farmlands. (It is) yet to be seen whether that is something suitable for us...but I think this is a direction to achieve, in which lot of the pension funds of the world are

Don Thoma - Aireon

Malaysia Airlines has taken a lead role in the industry since the tragic events of 2014. By then, they were looking at hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of search area. With our service . . . as soon as that beacon was turned off, we'd know it and you'd know exactly where that occurred. Then you can pinpoint where to begin

Jeff Wise

This to me kind of feels like a dollar short and a day late. The larger question is, is there a big problem with people stealing airplanes? . . . It's not at all clear that the set of problems that this thing would solve ever

Jeff Wise

It's an impossible question. I think the simplest answer would be like we don't know if it would have helped in that case because we don't officially know what

Rezal Zambery Yahya

Players must not continue the controversy by making statements on their social media because they have the right channels through which to report their dissatisfaction. The explanation to the players is also important so that the players can understand better the punishments handed by the referee. The right explanation can help the players understand their mistakes and will also help them accept the

Don Thoma - Aireon

Malaysia Airlines has taken a lead role in the industry since the tragic events of 2014. Real-time, global flight tracking, anywhere on the planet will further their safety goals, by allowing Malaysia Airlines to track their aircraft anytime,

Rahmad Darmawan

For now I'm just happy that we have qualified for the Malaysia

Hamidin Mohd Amin

Due to the fact that these fixtures are not listed on FIFA's Calendar, the teams are not obligated to release their players. However, if all teams choose not to release the selected called-up players, do not start finger pointing when the U23 national team fails to achieve positive

Reinaldo Lobo

The last two games for the first round of Super League for us are like a do-or-die missions if we want to book a spot in the Malaysia

Koh Yu-Hwan

It wrapped up the matter in such a way that it was hard to believe that it was a legal case handled by a normal country. I think Malaysia was caught unprepared by the North Korean ploy of holding the Malaysians

Hamidin Amin

In a session held this afternoon, the president (Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim) has agreed to the use of professional referees and VAR, and we will begin the pilot project in the semifinals and the final match of the Malaysia Cup this season. The use of professionals referee will also begin next year. But the preparations will begin from now on, and the FAM Referees Committee has already identified 15 to 20 elite referees who will be offered posts as professional referees. The president has agreed to the amount of monthly salaries to be paid to these professional

Windsor Paul

I have mentioned this before, that North Korea will have until April 14th to give us the venue for the

Lee Chol Ho

When people from the Central Committee visited Malaysia, they only met with Han. They didn't even bother to see the ambassador. It was all dollars and

Ismail Sultan Ibrahim

That is up to Kedah, when Kedah want to let him leave and when he wants to leave. That is up to him and up to Kedah, not up to us (FAM). FAM is open to any suggestions that ease the clubs and assist

Ismail Sultan Ibrahim

When FAM pays off what it owes to the teams, they should pay off their debts quickly. If not we will take immediate action (against them). After this don't give excuses that you can't because of FAM. Once they receive the money, I hope they can settle everything in two weeks' time. We can't give them three months' time every single time. This has been going on for so long. Josep Gombau is interested but not now, because of his commitment with the Australia national team. But for a long-term plan, he is the most suitable candidate, but maybe in the

Najib Razak

The Cabinet has agreed to end the contract for hosting the Formula One race ... after considering lowering returns to the country compared to the cost of hosting the

Toto Wolff - Mercedes

It's been a very successful race over 18 years but they have decided to call it a day and we have to respect that decision. I hope we can mark 2017 with a special result in Sepang -- it will be the last grand prix on a really challenging circuit and it would mean a lot to win there for all our fans in Malaysia. Although we will miss the event from the calendar, our long and successful partnership with Petronas means Malaysia will continue to have a world-class presence in F1 in the years

Sean Bratches

It's always sad to say goodbye to a member of the Formula 1 family. Over nearly two decades, the Malaysian Formula 1 fans have proven themselves to be some of the sport's most passionate

Sean Bratches

It is always sad to say goodbye to a member of the Formula 1 family. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Sepang International Circuit for their hospitality and professionalism over the years, and their ongoing commitment to motorsport. Over nearly two decades, the Malaysian Formula 1 fans have proven themselves to be some of the sport's most passionate

David Dollar

I think it actually raises the importance of the North Korea issue. Remember Kim Jung Un recently used a nerve agent to assassinate his half brother, allegedly, in Malaysia, showing the U.S. it is willing to do military action unilaterally… I think it definitely raises the stakes for China in looking at what the states might do about North Korea. I don't think it's deliberately aimed at China but obviously the U.S. felt it didn't need to wait until after that summit. They didn't hesitate to do it in the middle of the summit so that's sending a certain kind of message to Xi

Ismail Sultan Ibrahim

I was informed that Mario Gomez has denied asking for a high salary. We offered him USD25,000 but he asked for USD40,000. Isn't he asking for more than what we have offered? No problem, we will look for another individual who really wants to be the Malaysia

Risto Vidakovic

We will see [if Ceres can maintain top position]. All the teams are strong. We have champions from Vietnam and strong teams from Malaysia and Singapore. You can see from the table it's not big difference from first to last. One win and many things can

Dollah Salleh

We are not safe yet. There's much left to be done in the second leg. Truthfully tonight we did not play well enough, and JDT dominated the game. The only thing deciding the match was the fact that we were more clinical with our chances. Our fans' support gave the team the edge and the motivation to fulfill what I needed from

Khalid Abu Bakar

We have obtained whatever we wanted from them. We have allowed them to go. (The) investigation into the murder is still ongoing. We are still hoping the North Korea authorities will hand over to us the four North Korean suspects we have named earlier on. Legally speaking, Kim Jong Un is the next of

Najib Razak

Following the completion of the autopsy on the deceased and receipt of a letter from his family requesting the remains be returned to North Korea (DPRK), the coroner has approved the release of the

Oh Ei Sun

Faced with a similar situation, even major world powers like the U.S. and Japan will be hapless vis-a-vis North Korea. Malaysia is only trying to make the best out of the situation by securing the earliest release of the

Jerald Joseph

The numbers are too many and are shocking, and it calls for the overhaul of the

Rick Levin - Coursera

In Pakistan, Egypt, Mongolia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Singapore we have relationships with the governments, where we're actually using our courses to help them develop their workforce and 'upskill'. We have one such example in the state of Maine. There's a tremendous opportunity in the United States through state workforce development programs … and there should be some opportunities in the upcoming tax-reform bill, should it

Nur Jazlan Mohamed

I agree there is some overcrowding and the conditions are not ideal. We are always trying to improve the procedures, health conditions and management of these sites. The problem is we hit a budget brick wall. I hope critics won't rely on detainees' testimony, and come up with proper

Najib Razak

This is a discussion with a government and this is very sensitive...What is important for us is the result. What we want to achieve is the safety of the Malaysians in Pyongyang and also maintain the image of Malaysia as a sovereign country which upholds the principle of rule of

Abu Bakar Fadzim

So far in my contact with [Syazwan] Zaipol [who was away with Malaysia U22 at Dubai], he has no injuries. 90% we'll depend on the local and the chances are slim. But we'll try to do the best and gain experience during the

Najib Razak

[F]ollowing the completion of the autopsy on the deceased and receipt of a letter from his family requesting the remains be returned to North Korea, the coroner has approved the release of the body. The diplomatic crisis has ended. I had a deep personal concern about this matter, and we worked intensively behind the scenes to achieve this successful outcome. Many challenges were overcome to ensure the return of our fellow Malaysians. The safety and security of our citizens will always be my first

Najib Razak

... Following the completion of the autopsy on the deceased and receipt of a letter from his family requesting the remains be returned to North Korea, the coroner has approved the release of the body. They took off from Pyongyang today at 7.45pm Malaysian time, and will land in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow around 5am. I had a deep personal concern about this matter, and we worked intensively behind the scenes to achieve this successful outcome. Many challenges were overcome to ensure the return of our fellow Malaysians. The safety and security of our citizens will always be my first

Hua Chunying

We hope that the relevant parties can appropriately resolve the issue via dialogue and

Subramaniam Sathasivam

We have to check with the forensics department if there was any requirement to bring the body out, but as far as we are concerned there is no change in status quo. But the next of kin have not come forward to provide assistance on how the body is to be

Ong Kim Swee

Of course I'd be interested in competing at the SEA games, it was one of my major focuses for the year knowing the SEA games is being held in

Ong Kim Swee

There will be little changes to the squad, as many of the core players, such as Kumaahran (Pulau Pinang forward Kumaahran Sathasivam) and [Pahang and Malaysia senior team defender] Matthew Davies had played under me when I was still the Malaysia U23 head coach. We will fit the camp around the Ramadhan fasting month (May 27 - June 24), when the M-League takes a break. Tunku Ismail is currently busy after the elections, whereas for me, I left for Beirut right after the elections to watch the match between Lebanon and Hong

Ong Kim Swee

The media has described Tunku Ismail's decision as many things, including as a demotion. But truthfully, I'm honoured to be able to continue serving FAM, as I've served the association for a long

Ong Kim Swee

I think I should be able to discuss matters with the president later this

Izham Ismail

For the players, it's a good news for FAM to have a leader who understands the fans, the plight and all the problems that the players have been facing for the last few decades. ...It's very refreshing to have a (FAM) president who understands and has made a commitment to change all this. He has talked about the distribution of image rights to the teams, (which is) contingent to the teams' payment of salaries or due payables to the players, and (for the clubs) to have a solid player development plan and an

Kim Swee

This is the fourth time I will be with the SEA Games team, thus giving me a lot of experience and

Ong Kim Swee

I am still entrusted by the new president and this mandate means a lot to me and there is much that I need to do with the national young squad. I hope I can meet with the president soon to draw up plans to face the Under-22 Asia Cup qualification and the SEA Games in August. This is the fourth time I will be with the SEA Games team, thus giving me a lot of experience and advantage. The approximately five-month period before the SEA Games is not long, but the national Under-22 squad has already started training since early this year and it will be a bit of an

Nick Varney - Merlin Entertainments

For Lego, it's the second- biggest toy market in the world after the US. From Kirkbi's perspective, a Legoland is the single-biggest thing that will grow brand awareness. It's what happened in Malaysia after we opened

Rafael Liu

We felt that it could be a place for my father to go in the

Yeung Kwok-keung

This project is for sale to the entire